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"Coptic" passenger list from Lyttelton -
London. - Papers Past.*
Coptic R.M.S.S. 4448 tons, Kempson, R.N.R. for London via Rio de
Janiero. Dalgety & Co. agents

These Papers have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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Passengers saloon *-
Mr Herbert Furber, Miss Furber, Miss Eliza Stewart, Mr E.S.Cain,
Mrs Richards, Mr W.C.Norris, Mr F.Webb, Mr V.Carey Elives, Mr
D.Cary Elives, Mrs Catherine Darsh, Miss E. Darsh, Miss Mary
Marsh, Mr Harry E.Ellis, Mr G.W.Burston, Miss Sophy Burston, Mr
A.T.Gresley, Mrs Forbes, Miss Forbes, Mr E.Forbes, Mr Norton
Francis, Mr H.D.Vane, Mrs H.Vane, Captain A.E.Cory, RN, Mr
W.B.Cown, Mr W.R.Yorke, Mrs Yorke, Master H.Yorke, Miss A.Yorke,
Mr J.B.Chambers, Mr Josiah Temple, Mr T.Franks, Mr J.E.Coker, Mrs
Lizzie Coker, Mr S.S.Downes,

*second cabin - *
Mr Walter E.Manby, Mr Charles Lobb, Mr B.Hutton, Miss Bertha
Cligny, Mrs Jane Pattison, Miss Isabel Pattison, Miss Espie
Pattison, Master Lewis Pattison, Miss Doyle, Mr J.E. Robson, Mr
Frederick Hairn, Miss A. Hairn, Mr G. Macquarters, Mrs Rebecca
Corbett, Miss Lizzie Corbett, Mr G.D.Austen, Mrs Austen, Misses
laura, eliza, Alice and Ethel Austin, Master ralph Austen, Miss Mary
Bleaverley, Mr E.C.Normald, mr G.W.James, Mr John W. Connelly, Mr
A.C.croft, Miss K. Finlayson, Miss M. Finlayson, Mr James Le
Trobe, Miss Williams, Mr Lane, Mrs Louisa Lane, Miss Lizzie
Lane, Mr J.Wilson, Mr Samuel Studd, Mrs Mary Studd, Mr J.G.Smith,
Mr J.T.Carson, Mr J.O.Cox, Mr R. Pudney.

*Steerage -*
Mr John McCullough, Masters William and James McCullough, Miss
M.E.McCullough, Mr, Mrs and Miss Murdoch, Mr & Mrs J.Fuller, Mr & Mrs
J.Clayton, Mr H.Beveridge, Mr J.Burke, Mr J.Pattison, Master
Pattison, Misses Mary & Minnie Fuller, Mr T.Macready, Mr Aaron
Chinery, Mrs Chinery, Misses Julia, Emily, Rose, Alice and Jane
Chinery, Masters Charles, Henry & Arthur Chinery, Messers Herbert,
Arthur and William Chinery, Mrs Elizabeth Bates, Mr A. McKenzie, Mr
R. Kirkpatrick, Mr J. Johnston, Mr John Begley, Mrs Jane Gloyne,
Miss Bess Gloyne, Masters W. and Arthur Gloyne, Mrs T.J.Mudge, Miss
Lois Rendall, Mrs M.F.Gregory, Mr J.Dudley, Mr J.Cromie, Mr
Charles Harris, Mr H. Matthias, Mr John Roberts, Mrs John Roberts,
Miss Roberts, Mr George Roberts, Mr Fenwick, Mrs and Misses Fenwick
(2) Mr Rowland Timson, Mr J. Pilleyn, Mr T.Brydone.

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