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CHING - BMD's Canterbury Public Library, Church register index.

--------- baptised 8 August 1881 father a settler
Amelia b. 6 September 1877 to Charles & Matilda of Ohoka,
Charles Henry b. 1 June 1886 to Charles & Matilda.
Ethel Matilda b. 16 June 1913 to George Paris & Sarah Ethel of Kaiapoi.
sponsor: Ivy Ching
George Lawrence b. 22 May 1906 to George Paris & Sarah Ethel.
James Edward b. 20 April 1888 to Charles & Matilda
James Maynard Graham b. 27 April 1899 to Ernest & Elizabeth Ann
Lionel Albert James b. 14 February 1904 to Frank William & Annie, Lyttelton.
Lucy Jane b. 2 September 1879 to Charles & Matilda of Ohoka.
Oswald Morris b. 25 December 1905 to Frank William & Anne, Lyttelton.
William b. 17 February 1876 to Charles & Matilda, Hilton St. Kaiapoi.

Marriages: male details/female details
Ernest Ching & Eliza Ann JONES m. 10 April 1897 at house of Rev.
D.J.Murray, Exeter street, Lyttelton, ages: 21/21, bachelor/spinster,
occ: Artillery man, born: Stoke, Nelson/Westland,NZ,
parents: James & Mary Ann Ching nee DOIDGE (butcher)
Edward & Eliza Jane Jones nee MAYNARD (miner)
witnesses: E.H.SAWLE, Lyttelton Artillery man, A.E.SHADBOLT, Lyttelton
Artillery man,

Florence Rose Ching & Leslie Franklin GIBBS m. 17 June 1914 at Methodist
Church, Kaiapoi, ages: 21/19, bac/sp, occ: labourer, b. Woodend/Kaiapoi,
parents: Thomas & Susan Ann Gibbs nee EDLIN (labourer)
Charles & Matilda Ching nee Paris. (labourer)
witnesses: Charles Henry Ching (farmer) Cam Road, Kaiapoi.
Phyllis Henrietta Stevenson, (Mill hand) Sidey Quay, Kaiapoi.

George Paris Ching & Sarah Ethel WATKINS m. 7 June 1905 at the Parish
Church Rangiora, ages: 23/17, bach/sp, occ: butcher/domestic duties,
born: Kaiapoi/Rangiora,
parents: Charles & Matilda Ching nee PARIS (Woollen Mill hand)
Richard & Dinah Watkins nee GEDDIS ( farmer)

Nolan Victor & Elma Alice May THOMSON m. 20 February 1924
at St. Lukes Church, Christchurch, ages: 24/21, bach/sp, occ:
Commercial Traveller,
b. Nelson/Wellington,
parents: James Harris & Frances Ching nee BIRD
Percival & Anne Jane BISHOP (Linotype operator)

Martha bur. 13 October 1883 age 10 days p. Charles & Matilda. Kaiapoi.

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