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(West Coast) residents from 1866.

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Early census returns do not cover all the people in Charleston and surrounding areas.
Charleston was born in Aug 1866 by the discovery of gold..There were at least 12,000 men in Charleston in the late 1860s. There were 80 Hotels..(Some sources say there were 100,000 people and 94 Hotels,). By 1940 only 1 Hotel, 1 Store, a Post Office, a School and a Police Station.remained ... Here are some of those people .
ABERNETHY, WALTER ran a Punt Service in 1874
AINSWORTH, JAMES Bootmakers & Hoel keeper 1867
ALCORNE,s store 1867
ALDRIDGE, J had the Charleston Hotel for a while.
ALDOUS, GEORGE Tobacconist & Hairdresser
ALEXANDER, ANDREW a Postmaster in 1868
ALLEN, W drowned 19th Jan 1868
ALLAN, RICHARD a Police Officer 1909-1940
ALLMAN, E a Hotel in 1867
AMOS,T a Painter 1868
ANDERSON, WILLIAM went to Charleston from Hyde, Central Otago in 1877
ANDERSON, C.J was a Postmaster in May 1867
ANDREWES, HENRY Iron worker 1868
ANGLIN, EDWARD a Nightwatchman in 1868
ASHTON, ANN there in 1867
BAIN, H.PRESTON in the area in 1869
BAIN, A BRYCE there in 1868
BAIN & Co Auctioneers 1868
BALLAM, WILLIAM a early Coach Driver
BALLAM, DUKE had Stables in 1867
BALLARD, Family arr 1866 on the "Alhambra"
BARBER, WINNIE a Teacher in 1908
BARY, MARY school teacher in 1888
BAULKE, EDWARD played in the town band
BAVAN, GEORGE there in 1873
BEAMISS,Mr in the area in 1869
BEAR, PERCIVAL a Church Organist
BECK, JOHN on the Church Committee in 1871
BEEBIL, NICHOLAS buried at Charleston along with his wife and infant daughter
BEHAN, JOHN in partnership with a Mr Kelly opened the Bank Hotel (later to become the City Hotel)
BELL, J a Hairdresser
BERG, JOHN there in 1873
BEVERIDGE, Capt ALEX Harbourmaster at "Constant Bay" Charleston in 1869
BIRCH,R there in 1881
BIRD, WILLIAM ran a Ferry Service in 1869
BIRD, JOHN a Police Officer 1891-1896
BISHOP & DOLLMAN News agents 1868
BLACKETT, JOHN was the provincial engineer
BLANCHE Brothers there in the gold-rush days.
BLANE, SUSAN a Teacher in 1889 at Cape Foulwind.
BODEN, W.J a school inspector in 1936
BODKIN,J a Jeweller 1867
BOHAN, M a Blacksmith 1867
BOOTH, JAMES Albion Hotel 1867
BOSSELL, HELEN baptised 15th June 1867
BOWMAN, GEORGE.C there in 1869
BOYLE, MARY had a Licensed House
BOYLE, TERESA there in the 1900s
BRADLEY, LYDIA MARY a School Teacher 1889
BRESNAHAN, J there in 1867
BRIDSON, JOHN Grocer 1867
BROAD, CHARLES resident Magistrate in 1869
BROHAM, THOMAS Inspector of Police 1867
BROPHY, EDWARD a Police Officer 1906-1909
BROOKFIELD, S.J there in 1881
BROWN, GEORGE ROBSON . His wife was a Draper in 1869
BRUEN, P.J there in 1869
BUCKLAND, J Butchery 1868
BURKE, infant d, Aug 1868 parents were James and Margaret Burke
BUTLER, HENRY there in 1867
BUTTERWORTH, T there in 1881
BYRNE, J.F Draper 1868
CALLAN, MAT ran the Junction Hotel in 1867
CARR, WILLIAM bought a Hotel for 310 pounds in 1869
CATO, WALTER on the Church Committee in 1869
CHALLIS, CHARLES there in 1877
CHAMBERS, W.L Bootmaker 1867
CHING & RUSSELL Merchants 1867. dissolved the partnership in March 1868
CHRISTENSEN. J.P Jeweller 1867
CLEMENTS, JACK early Coach Driver
CLIFFORD, C.H there in the 1880s
COAKLEY, MICHAEL "Australian Hotel" 1867
CODROW, JOHN went to Charleston School
COLLINGS, W.G there in 1877 ran a Bootshop
COLLINS, FLOYD a medical practioner in 1910. moved to Collingwood 1909
COLLINS, Mrs D a Milliner in 1878
COLREADY, B there in 1867
COLREADY, R.R there in 1869
COOK, JAMES born in Brighton, Charleston
CONNOR, PAT there in 1868
CORBETT, T Draper 1867.
CORCORAN, MICHAEL his Hotel burned down in Nov 1869
COSTELLO, JAMES a mail contractor in the 1870s
COURTNEY, WILLIAM in the area in 1867
CRADDOCK, GEORGE THOMAS Proprietor of the "Watermans Arms" Estab 1867
CRADDOCK, MARIA a Daughter of George Thomas
CRADDOCK, PERCY & ALF gold-miners. Percy played Rugby and was in the 1888 Charleston Rugby team
CRADDOCK, CHARLES drowned 16th Sept 1879
CRAWFORD, JOHN A a Postmaster
CRAWLEY, WILLIAM a Coach Manager in 1867
CREED, J there in 1867
CREWDSON, MOSES had a Hotel & Stables 1867
CROAWELL, C mail contractor in the 1900s
CRONIN, THOMAS granted half an acre of land in 1878
CRUMPTON, THOMAS there in 1875. a Blacksmith
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID appointed HarbourMaster in Nov 1869
CURLE, JAMES died age 77
CURTAYNE, JOHN married 29th June 1872 to a Mary ?. John was from Ireland
CURTIN, CLARKE there in 1868
CURTIS, ELSIE a school teacher in the 1930s
CUSAC, JAMES in the area in 1873
DAKERS, WILLIAM H medial practitioner in 1868 went to Collingwood in 1875
DALGLEIGH ,C in Charleston in 1920
DALKIE, Mrs LUCY postmistress 1925
DALY,P there in 1869
DALY, ELIZA CATHERINE died at Charleston 9th June 1867. Her parents were from Bendigo, Australia
DALY, JOHN FRANCIS b, 30th March 1868 at Charleston
DALY, ESTHER b, 27th July 1870 at Charleston
DALY, JAMES Constable and Goaler 1866
DAY, HENRY a Postmaster in 1870
DELANEY, RICHARDa headmaster at St Patricks Scool abt 1872-1875
DENNEHY, FRANK born at Addisons Flat. in the 1888 Rugby team
DENNEHY, JAS in the 1888 Rugby team
DENNEHY, DAN went to Charleston School
DENT, ALICE a school teacher in 1889-95
DICK, JOHN on the Church Committee in 1870
DICKENSON, CATO there in 1880s
DICKSON, WILLIAM occupied land there in 1879
DIXON, H "Life Boat Hotel" in 1868
DODD, J.E a Solicitor in 1867
DOLLMAN, THOMAS born in England. Arr Charleston in 1867. a mail contractor by horse in 1872 . on several local committees.
DONOVAN, PATRICK Bootmaker 1867
DONOVAN, ROBERT there in 1869
DONNE, GEORGE in the area in 1867
DOOLEY, E had a Hotel 1867
DORAN, THOMAS wine& spirit merchant 1869
DOYLE, TERESA a school teacher in 1907
DRENNAN, EDWARD brought up sections and turned them into a farm.
DRURY, H.V a Constable in 1867
DUGGAN, DICK early Coach Driver
DWAN, THOMAS . Thomas was an Auctioneer.
DWAN, ALONZO WILLIAM b, abt 1857 in N.Z he marr Mary-Ann Lyford 21st Aug 1880 at Charleston. Mary-Ann was born 9th Sept 1860 in Nelson.
DWYER, BRIDGET died at age 74
DWYER, PATRICK died at age 77
EDWARDS, GEORGE in the area in 1869
EDWARDS, HUGH on the Church Committee in 1874
ELLIOTT, N.M ther in 1876
ELLIOTT, P.H had the Nags Head Hotel in 1867.sold it in 1868 for 195 pounds.
ELLIS, J.R Tailor
ENRIGHT, TIMOTHY a chairman on the school committee in 1888.
EVANS, HENRY there in 1868
FAIR, J.W Draper
FAIR, ARTHUR b, Charleston 1885 son of James William & Teresa Fair. Served in the Great War 1914-1918 Later to become a Resident Judge at Auckland.
FAIR, TERESA went to Charleston School
FARIS, JOHN there in 1869
FENTON, JAMES "Empire Hotel" in 1867
FERGUSON, ROBERT C in the area in 1869
FERGUSON ,H Buller Rep Football team 1895
FIFE, MARGARET had the Golden Fleece Hotel in 1867
FINCH, T.W there in 1868
FISHER, F Importer 1867
FITZGERALD, Mr a Constable in 1867
FITZGERALD, JAMES estab a Public-House
FLAVELL, THOMAS Rev. in 1869
FLEMING, PARRY & MURRAY Storekeepers 1867
FLEMING, A in the 1888 Charleston Rugby team
FLEMING, PATRICK there in 1896. he died there at the age of 79
FOLEY, ELIZABETH died aged 75
FOYN, CHRISTIAN had the "Royal Casino de Venice" in 1867
FORDER, WILLIAM in the area in 1869
FOX, EDWARD Bootmaker
FOXCROFT, T Tinsmith 1867
FRANK, JOACHIM a Danish Blacksmith marr Mary Eliza Lenihan (nee Sherlock) in Feb 1875 at Charleston.
FRANKLYN, W.N Inspector of Police Sept 1867
FRASER, JOHN buried 3rd Sept 1869
FRENCH, EMMA had a boarding house 1867
FYVIE, EDWARD Chemist 1868
GALLARD, W.B there in 1873
GALLIGAN, T.J a medical officer in 1910. went to Karamea in 1910
GARDNER, JOHN ther in 1873
GARNETT, CHAS in the area in 1869
GARSIDES, a Brewer
GASQUOINE, C Grocer 1868
GILES, JOSEPH there in 1875
GILHOOLEY & JAMIESON Aerated water factory 1867
GILLESPIE, JAMES EDWARD in the area in 1869
GILMER Brothers owned a punt for passengers in 1872
GIRDWOOD, DAVID shipping agent. 1867
GLENAN, T Bootmaker 1867
GODFREY, T.A a police Officer 1899-1902
GODFREY, J Carriers Arms Hotel 1867
GODSO, CHARLES in the area in 1869
GOLDSTRICKER, JULIUS in the area in 1869
GOODALL, CHARLOTTE SARAH baptised 6th June 1869. dau of Samuel & Mary Goodall.
GOODMAN, C.H Jeweller 1868
GOTHARD& O,NEILL Butchers 1867
GRANT, WILLIAM Blacksmith 1867
GREEN. JOHN A in the area in 1869
GREEN, RICHARD was granted half an acre of land in 1878
GREENWOOD, ALFRED in the area in 1869
GREGORY, DANIEL, JAMES, ALEXANDER , JOHN & JOB all in Charleston in the late 1800s Job died there at the age of 88
GRIFFIN, MARY marr PHILIP ROONEY 1st Dec 1868 at the residence of Mr Daly
GRIFFIN, T.J in the area in 1931
GRIFFIN, P a Painter in 1867
GRIFFITHS, J.W Chemist 1867
GRINLING, JOHN a Medical Practioner in 1911.
GRUMMIDGE, HENRY ran a Hotel in 1868
HADDOW, ANN F was granted a acre of land in 1871.
HAINES, CHARLES in the area in 1869
HALE, JOHN owned a punt
HALL, GEORGE in the area in 1878
HAMILTON, J ran a Hotel in 1867
HAMPTON, W a chairman on the school committee
HAMPTON,J there in 1906
HANNA, WILLIAM an early Coach Driver
HANNA, PAT had a Hotel
HANNAH, ROBERT arr Charleston 1868. He was b, in Belfast, Ireland In 1874 he left the Coast for Wellington where he founded the Hannahs Shoe Stores.He died in Wellington 14th June 1930 aged 84, leaving 3 sons and 4 daughters.
HANNY,S Hotel 1867
HARDLEY, SAMUEL on the Church Committee in 1871. He was a tinsmith
HARE, P store owner 1867
HARLE, JONATHAN had a section of land. He was a mail contractor in the 1880s
HARNEY, PAT had Stables in 1868
HARNEY, H Bootmaker 1867
HARPER, JAMES age 42 arr Nelson on the Caroline in 1875 with his wife MARGARET. with them were 8 children. They arr Charleston in 1876
HARPER, WILLIAM son of above , revisited the Shetland Isles in 1887, marr JOANNA SUTHERLAND and returned to Charleston where they stayed till 1916 before moving to Wellington where he died 14th Dec 1939 aged 80
HARPER, GILBERT born & died at Charleston. did not marry and d, aged 38 in 1882.
HARKNESS, GEORGE A school inspector from 1893-1900
HATCH, JAMES was granted 1 acre of land in 1879. He was a Baker.
HAWKSWOOD, R a Bootmaker in 1867
HAYE, JOHN a boat owner of Charleston
HEARL,J Inspector of Police 1877
HEFFERNAN, JOHN there in 1868
HEGARTY,Mis Milliner 1868
HEIGHWAY, SAMUEL in the area in 1868
HEHIR, P Merchant 1867
HENDERSON, DAVID ran a Hotel in 1867
HENDERSON, BEATRICE a school teacher 1895
HENNELLY, JAMES there in 1868. He was a M.P
HENRY, JOSEPH . He was a medical Practioner in 1876. Moved to Tauranga in 1877. He died in Wellington in 1884.
HENRY, GEORGE a Medical Practioner in 1877
HENRY,WILLIAM there in 1881. Died there at age 78
HERRING, GEORGE there in 1873.
HERRING, Mrs Dressmaker
HERSCH, JAMES Ironmonger 1867
HEWITT, J a Hotel in 1867
HEYWOOD, D a Tobacconist in 1867
HICKEY, JAS & EDWARD in the 1888 rugby team
HIGGINS, FRANK there in 1906
HILL, WILLIAM a Coach Proprietor in the 1880s
HILLYAR, W.H a Chairman on the school committee 1882. he was a Chemist in 1870s
HINDE, A delivered mail by foot in 1876
HODGSON, W.C a School inspector in 1869
HOGAN, DAVID a School-teacher in 1882
HOLMES, GEORGE Tent-maker 1868.
HOOPER, CHARLES White Horse Hotel 1867
HORNE, G.W a Solicitor in 1867
HORNER, LILY, HUGH & FRANCES went to Charleston School
HUGHES, GEORGE & ROBERT in the area in 1869
HUNTER, JAMES in the area in 1867
HUNTER, WILLIAM there in 1868
HURBURGH, GEORGE a Gold-miner. still there in 1873. became a Under-Taker
HURST, C.J Fruiterer 1877
HUTCHENS Store 1867
IRWIN, JOHN there in 1867
ISAACS, DAVID in the area in 1869. He was an Auctioneer.
JACKSON, WILLIAM G in the area in 1869 a Bootmaker
JEFFRIES, JOHN Police Officer 1878-1891
JOHNSON, JOHN arr Charleston from Cenral Otago in 1877
JOHNSON, WILLIAM & DUNCAN in the 1888 Rugby team
JOLLIFFE, J ran a Hotel 1867
JONES, HUGH there in 1869
JONES, B.P a Hotel in 1867
JULIUS, EDITH a Postmistress in 1894
KEELEY, H.T Postmaster 1875
KELLY, THOMAS & DENIS ther in 1868
KELP, CAROLINE school teacher 1906-08
KENNEDY, HARRY in the area in 1869
KENNEDY, G.J Hairdresser 1867
KENNY, GEORGE J hairdresser 1868
KEATING, WILLIAM FORBES medical Practioner in 1878. Moved to Wellington 1878
KIELY, W in the area in 1867
KILMARTIN, J there in the 1890s
KING, ARTHUR. Played in the early town band.
KING, WALTER ran a Hotel in 1867. Still in Charleston in 1874
KING & WEST Fruiterers 1867
KING, JOHN there in 1868
KIRTON, GEORGE a bank-manager
KITTSON, PATRICK was a Newspaper proprietor. In 1893 when he died, his widow Norah took over the business. He is buried at Charleston.
KNUDSON, MAX played in the town band. He died aged 81
KRONGSGRILL, CONRAD on the Church Committee in 1870
KYNE, ROBERT buried 25th May 1869
LAING & KEATING Butchers 1867
LAING, CAROLINE buried there in March 1872
LANDER, THOMAS a school teacher
LANG,H Store 1867
LANGDON, J.N ran a Ferry in 1871
LARSON, HANS ran a Punt Service in 1875
LAVERY, PATRICK there in 1898
LAVERY, MARY born in 1872. Parents were John and Ellen Lavery
LAVERY, HENRY was granted 1 acre of land in 1878
LEGGATT, ALFRED in the area in 1869. died there at age 82
LEOPOLD, FREDERICK. Baptised 24th May 1869. son of Frederick & Mary (Raseniski)
LEWIS, JOHN Ironmonger 1868.Also had the "Dairymans Arms" Hotel in 1867
LINAHAN, TIMOTHY one of a party to dicover payable gold at Charleston in Aug, 1866
LODER, R Constable 1868. He died the same year.
LOFTY, J Stationer 1867
LORING, S.J had a Ferry Service in 1867
LOWE, Mrs WILLIAM Draper 1887
LYNCH, WILLIAM in the area in 1868
McAFFE, J.B died aged 80
McBEATH, DONALD in the area in 1869
McCALDON, J Bootmaker 1867
McCARTHY, PHILIP had the first Hotel and Store at Charleston
McCARTHY, THOMAS GEORGE a business Charleston. born in London in 1833 died at Wellington 19th Aug 1912
McCARTHY, MARY a post mistress in 1896
McCARTHY, ANNIE a School teacher in 1908
McCARTHY, PATRICK was granted 1 acre of land in 1872
McCLATCHIE , SAMUEL was granted 1 acre of land in 1890. He died aged 72
McCLURE, F.C a Post master in 1880
McENROE, PHILIP ran a Punt service. Later owned the Shamrock Arms Hotel and had a store.Also owned freight wagons.
McFETTERISH,S there in 1874
McGEE, TOM an early Coach Driver
McGINN Bros 1868
McGLONE, ROBERT a Police Officer 1902-1906
McGRATH, JAMES ran a Hotel & restaurant in 1867
McHERRON, JOHN there in 1867
McINTOSH, WILLIAM died aged 79
McIVOR,JOHN in the area in 1868. Thomas was a J.P
McKAY, ALEX in the area in 1869
McKEE,s Stables burned down in Nov 1869
McKERROW, R had the Miners Arms Hotel in 1867
McKITTRICK, SAMUEL a mail contractor on horse back.
McHERRON, JOHN in the area in 1869.Still there in 1873
McPARLAND, FRANCIS Baker & Grocer 1867
McPARLAND, AGNES TERESA b, Jan 1876 Charleston. parents were Francis & Margaret McParland.
McMANUS, Mrs AGNES a Post mistress in 1917
McMULLIN,W.K there in 1868
McNAMARA, FRANCIS Saddler 1867
McNORTON, MARY at Addisons Flat in 1869
McNULTY & COLREADY Bootmakers 1867
McRAE,ALEXANDER beachcomber for gold
MACE & DIXON Aerated Water Factory 1867
MADDEN, JOHN beachcomber for gold
MAGOVIN, Brothers there in 1869
MAGEY, HENRY Watchmaker 1867
MALONEY, J went to charleston School
MALONEY, DANIEL mail contractor in 1874. also a Butcher
MANN, HARRY ran a Tramway in 1868.Also had different Hotels
MARNEY, RICHARD Tobacconist & Jeweller 1868
MARRIS, LUCRETIA buried at Charleston in Dec 1972
MARRIS, JAMES, JOHN & ALBERT played in the town band
MARRIS, W& J there in 1868. Later had a large saw-milling business at Cape Foulwind and Westport.
MARRIS, AMELIA b, 12th July 1868. dau of William & Loretta (Hoare) Marris
MASTERS, HENRY in the area in 1869. still there in 1878
MATHIESON, JOHN in the area in 1869
MAY, FANNY marr JOHN CHING 22nd July 1869
MEIN, H there in 1869
MEREDITH, J Iron Worker
MEREDITH, ELIZABETH buried 22nd May 1869
MEYERSTEIN, S.A Ironmonger 1867
MIALL, GEORGE in the area in 1869
MIRFIN, CHARLES HAYTON ran a newspaper in 1867
MITCHELL, JOCK had a saw-mill in 1880
MITCHELL, J.P there in 1881
MOLE, JAMES a mail contractor on horse 1873
MOLLOY, JOHN there in 1873.
MOLONEY, W.J a school-teacher in 1896
MOLONEY, BRIDGET b, at Addisons Flat, Charleston
MOORE, W.J a school teacher 1867-1873
MOORE, HENRY went to Charleston School
MOREL, GUSTAVE a Switz who married in Charleston
MORDAUNT, JOHN in the area in 1869
MORGAN & SMITH Ironmongers 1867
MORGAN, ALF Butcher 1867
MORRISON, JOHN there in the 1890s
MORRISSEY, WILLIAM was granted 1 acre of land in 1875. he was a Blacksmith
MOSS, JOSEPH HENRY Publican. his wife was Elizabeth(Anderson)
MOSS, GEORGE PETER son of above b, 1st July 1868
MOUAT, MAGNUS aged 24 in 1868. He returned to Scotland and marr Cecilia Johnson in feb 1875 and returened to Charleston. Magnus died at Lower Hutt 18th Oct 1934 aged 90. his wife died in July 1926. both are buried at Karori Cemetery, Wellington.
MOUAT, BARCLAY a brother to the above arr wife a wife and 3 children in 1876
MOUAT, JAMES, ANDREW & JOHN (age 20 in 1875) the other brothers. all there in 1876
MOUAT, GILBERT & WILLIAM in the 1888 Rugby Team
MOUAT, MARION taught school 1907-09
MULLINS, JERRY gold-miner
MURPHY, MARGARET ran a Hotel in 1867
MURPHY, MAURICE Bootmaker 1867
MUSON,F Cabinet maker 1868
MYSEN, A had a Hotel 1867
NAHR, WILL in the area in 1869
NASCHELSKI, M Ironmonger 1868
NEAL, R.G there in 1868
NEES, CHARLES estab a saw-mill in 1868
NELSON, C.H had a Hotel & Store 1868
NEWTON, BELLA in the area in 1868
NORRIS, T.M there in 1890s
O,BRIEN, M.F delivered mail by horse back in 1879
O,BRIEN, PATRICK was granted 1 acre of land in 1878
O,CONOR, NORAH There in the 1890s
O,CONNOR, CORNELIUS there in 1868
O,CONNOR, J Blacksmith 1867
O,CONNELL, DAN had a hotel in 1868
O,DONOGHUE , DENIS a Headmaster 1875-1876
O.DONNELL, MARGARET baptised in Charleston 17th June 1867
O,DONNELL, J. there in 1910
O,KEEFFE, JAMES there in 1869
O,LEARY, T.J there in 1881
O,MEARA,M a Constable in 1867
O,REAGAN, PATRICK JOSEPH b, at Charleston 6th Feb 1869 son of Patrick O,Reagan
O,REILLY, MARY born at Addisons Flat
OGG, JAMES went to Charleston School
OVERTON, G.E a school inspector in 1926
PARKE, ROBERT C in the area in 1869
PARSONS, JAMES had the Criterion Hotel in 1867
PARSONS, CHARLES, ALF & BEN in the Rugby team 1888
PARSONS, FRED there in 1894
PASCOE, JACK early Punt owner
PAUL & Co Store 1867
PATTERSON, R a Solicitor in 1867 also a mining agent.
REAGAN, PAT had the Harp& Erin Hotel in 1867
PELL, WALTON in the area in 1869
PERRETT, Edwin there in 1875. He had been granted half an acre of land in 1873
PERRYMAN, G a Signwriter in 1867
PETERS, ALFRED in the area in 1876
PETERS, ALEX there in 1874. died there at age 72.
PHALIN, JOHN there in 1873
PHILPOTTS, T.R.W a Police Officer in 1896-99
PICKERING, JOHN was an accountant in 1868
PICKETT, JOHN a Postmaster in 1878
PITCAITHLY, G a school inspector in 1922
PLOWS, MARTHA baptised 2nd June 1869.dau of Joseph & Margaret Plows.
POOLE, T.A. Mrs. had TeaRooms
POUND, GEORGE in the area in 1869
POW, G.A Blacksmith
POW, FRANCIS. Machinery shop 1867
POWELL, JOHN had a Hotel License
POWELL, GEORGE & ROBERT in the 1888 Rugby Team
POWELL, J.H on the 1895 Buller Rep Rugby team
POWELL, EDITH postmistress in 1920
POWELL, ETHEL postmistress in 1924
QUANE, MICHAEL mail contractor in the 1880s
QUAYNE, MICHAEL an early Coach Driver
QUINN,A there in 1869
QUINN, ELLEN a school teacher
REES, W.L a Solicitor in 1867
REGAN, PAT there in 1868
REID, JOHN had the Ship Hotel & Auld Reekie Hotel in 1867
REID, JACK an early punt owner
RHODES, J.B a Mounted Constable in 1867
RICH, THOMAS a Tobacconist in 1867
RICHARDSON, J.A there in 1868
RICKELBAUM operated a sawmill in 1880 in partnership with Jock Mitchell
RILEY, SAMUEL JOHN Capt arrived here in 1866. He was later Mayor of Westport in 1903.
ROBERTSON & Co Auctioneers 1867
ROBERTSON, JESSIE postmistress in 1937
ROBERTSON, Mrs ELIZA postmistress in 1925
ROCHFORT, T.H Restaurant & Hotel 1867
ROONEY,P there in 1868
ROSENBERG, HENRY played in the town band.
ROSENBERG, Miss buried at Charleston
ROWE, J.W therein 1868
ROWLAND,P a tentmaker 1867
ROWLEY, JAMES in the area in 1867
SALMON, J had a Store in 1867.Postmaster 1877
SAMPSON, W.G a Postmaster in 1870
SANDERSON, D a Shetlander who drowned 30th Jan 1869
SCANLON, PATRICK in the area in 1869
SCANLON, HAROLD a Store owner
SCOTT, WILLIAM GEORGE ( infant) buried 12th March 1870
SEXTON, THOMAS there in 1868
SHANAHAN,s Store 1867
SHARKEY,W there in 1868
SHEEHY, JAMES had a Hotel in 1869
SHEPHERD, ROBERT in the area in 1869
SHEPHERD, BERNARD there in 1881. He died there at the age of 72 as a result of an accident.
SHINE, DANIEL died at the age of 74
SILBY, J had a Hotel in 1867
SIMPSON, JAMES a medical officer in 1878. Moved to Westport in 1908
SIMPSON, ISAAC drowned at Charleston
SMITH, CHARLES in the area in 1869
SMITH, JOSUHA there in 1873
SMITH, MARY ran a Hotel. She arr in the area abt 1869 from Waimea. She died 8th Aug 1912., aged 80
SMITH, Mrs FRANCES postmistress 1923
SOMERVILLE, SAMUEL estab a Market Garden in 1868
STEBBINGS, H.W had a store & Post office in 1867
STEWART, R.B there in 1868
STRACHAN, D.A in Charleston 1900s
STRACHAN, ERNEST there in 1877
STRIKE, GEORGE a wine & spirit merchant in 1869
SULLIVAN, DANIEL died age 78
SULLIVAN, DENIS there in 1867
SUTHERLAND, JOHANNA died at age 70
SUTLEDGE,Mr a Draper 1867
SUTTON & Co Auctioneers 1868
SUTTON, W.W in the area in 1878
SWEENEY, J.P there in 1868
SWEENEY, NICHOLAS died at the age of 85
SYKES, MARTHA JANE marr 3rd Sept 1868 to William Scott a Sadler
TAYLOR, JAMES Draper 1867
THIEL, P.F Store 1867
THOMAS & McBEATH Drapers 1867
THOMPSON, WILLIAM in the 1888 rugby team
TIER, JAMES a survivor of the General Grant. In Charleston in 1873
TREADWELL, RICHARD in the area in 1868. Later became the Under-taker.
TRUMPER, ALBERT played in the town band
TURNER, S Ironmonger 1867
TWOHILL, PAT ran the Brian Boru Hotel in 1867
TYSON, HENRY drowned 15th Oct 1869
VEALE, WILLIAM E there in 1869 WAITE, REUBEN a Trader and Merchant travelling the Coast
VERDON, LIZZIE there in 1902
VORLEY, HERBERT H in the area in 1869
WALKER, ROGER there in 1878
WALMSLEY, D worked in a bank.
WALSH, PATRICK b, 1877 charleston
WALSH, CATHERINE b, 1879 at Charleston
WALSH, ELLEN b, 1886 at Charleston
WALSH, J.C there in 1869
WAREHAM, JOSEPH there in the 1880s
WARNE, RICHARD there in 1868
WARNE, JOHN had a farm
WANDRUM, H.G on the Church commitee in 1868WATERHOUSE, WILLIAM Auctioneer 1867
WAUGH, W Bookseller 1868
WEBSTER, JOHN Carrier 1868
WEIR, TERENCE in the 1888 Rugby team
WHALE, GEORGE b, 25th April 1867 at Charleston
WEITZEL, CHAS 1st Landlord of the "European Hotel"
WEIR Bros & Co China & Ironmongery 1867
WEST, Mrs H.E a school principal 1875-1877
WHITE, ERNEST b, 5th Dec 1868 Charleston
WILLIAMS, EDWARD there in the 1880s
WILLIAMS, J had the Blowhole Hotel in 1867
WILLIAMS, H Chemist 1867
WILLIAMS, A.P draper 1867
WINTERBURN, A.A postmaster in 1880
WILSON, WILLIAM there in 1869
WOODGER, R a chairman on the school committee in 1887. still there in 1897
WOODRIFF, CHARLES buried in Charleston
WORMINGTON, WILLIAM on the Church Committee in 1873
WORSLEY, R on the school committee in 1882.
WRIGHT, W.H 1867
YOUNG, WILLIAM there in 1871
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