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Alphabetical list of Chaney from Canterbury Public Library Church
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male details/female details
spelling as from the index cards

Ada CHANEY b. 20 March 1869 to William Francis & Emma FORD, occ: lab

Adeth Mary CHANEY b. 31 May 1884 to Robert William & Mary

Albert Norman CHANEY b. 7 November 1921 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace
of Tuckers Road, Papanui occ: storeman

Alice Lillian CHANEY b. 15 December 1901 to John Henry & Elizabeth Gertrude,
of Islington occ: Lab

Alice Lillian CHANEY & Richard John PASCOE m. 1 March 1923 at St. Peters
ages:26/21, occ: clerk, born: Hokitika, Islington, bach/sp
parents: William & Catherine Chaney nee Larsen (dealer)
John Henry CHANEY & Edith Gertrude Pascoe nee MONK (grocer, Kaiapoi)
witnesses: Rita May Monk, Kaiapoi, Charles Theodore Chaney ,Riccarton,
James Ernest Monk, grocer, Kaiapoi

Alice Wilhemimina CHANEY b. 2 August 1875 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann
of Kaiapoi occ: Lab

Amy Elsie CHANEY b. 15 March 1896 to John & Phoebe Adan nee DOWNEY
78 Lichfield St East bootmaker

Amy Elsie CHANEY & James William GLEN m. 17 August 1921 at St. Lukes
ages: 30/25, bach/sp, b .Invercargill/`Chch,
parents: Frank Heyden & Mary Allen Glen nee Lennie (occ: Baker)
William George & Phoebe Ada Chaney nee Downie (bootmaker)
witnesses: Elsie May Chaney, Victor Henry Chaney 4 Hornbrook St. Opawa

Amy Gertrude b. 20 June 1870 to William & Mary of Christchurch

Annie b. 24 July 1889 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann
of Belfast, Chch occ: lab

Arthur George b. 14 February 1888 to William George & Phoebe Ada nee
of Chester Street, Chch occ: bootmaker

Arthur George CHANEY & Nellie HOGAN m. 2 March 1918 at Catholic Cathedral
Christchurch ages: 30/25 bachelor/spinster occ: soldier born
Chch/Chch usual address Trentham Military Camp
parents: George William CHANEY & Phoebe DOWNIE
James (Labourer)& Ellen COSTELLO

Charles Theodore CHANEY b. 21 January 1897 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann
of Islington occ: chemical worker

Charles William CHANEY b. 27 October 1886 to George & Phoebe Ada nee Downie
of 36 Chester Street East, Christchurch occ: bootmaker

Charles William CHANEY died age 6mths, funeral 7 December 1887
no names of parents

Clarence Alfred CHANEY b. 6 August 1898 to William George & Ada Phoebe
of Oxford Tce Chch occ: bootmaker
bur. 2 February 1899 age 6 mths

Claude Ralph CHANEY b. 6 August 1899 to George & Phoebe Ada nee Downie
of 47 Chester St. Chch
buried 3 September 1899 Addington Cemetery

Colin Ross CHANEY b. 22 December 1915 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace
of 41 Southey street, Chch oc: motorman

Constance CHANEY bur. 10 November 1897 age 3 mths no parents names

Dorothy Grace CHANEY b. 21 December 1918 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace,
Southey St. occ: storeman

Edith CHANEY b. 26 June 1878 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann
of North Road, occ: farmer.
bur. 13 July 1878 age 2 weeks

Elizabeth CHANEY & Michael Raymond CONNOR m. 5 November 1863 at Holy
Trinity, Lyttelton
ages: full/minor, bach/sp,
witnesses: William George Chaney, stonemason, Lyttelton
Emma Rhodes wife of Alfred Rhodes marriner of Lyttelton

Elizabeth widow CONNOR & Harry SMITH m. 17 October 1914
at the house of Mr Henry Smith, Stanmore Rd, ages: 80/68 occ:
parents:Henry & Mary Ann nee Murphy
William George & Sarah Susanah Chaney nee Palmer
witnesses: Randolph Theodore Chaney Riccarton, Sarah Ann Chaney

Elizabeth Jane CHANEY b. 22 June 1877 to Randolph & Sarah Ann, North Rd,

Elizabeth Violet CHANEY b. 24 August 1914 to James William & Violet
of Islington occ: factory employee

Emma CHANEY b. 13 July 1894 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann of Islington

Emma Rebecca CHANEY b. 13 January 1878 to William Francis & Emma
of Bingsland (now Richmond Chch) occ: stonemason

Emma Susannah CHANEY & Alfred RHODES m. 4 January 1853 the Temporary
Church, Lyttelton
ages: full/ minor, occ: boatman bach/sp
witnesses: William Chaney, Lucy Harnlett

Ethel Constance CHANEY b. 17 August 1897 to William George & Ada Phoebe
of Oxford Tce Chch

Ethel May CHANEY b. 18 March 1881 to William Francis & Emma FORD
of Tuam St. Chch occ: mason,
bur. 15 September 1882, age one and half years

Ethel May CHANEY b. 17 November 1912 to James William & Violet of Islington

Evelyn Jane CHANEY b. 4 October 1882 to William George & Phoebe Ada nee
of Peterborough st East, bootmaker

Evelyn Jane CHANEY & Richard James BRIGHT m. 4 Aapril 1901 at St.
Michaels Chch
ages: 23/18, bach/sp, occ: storeman, b. Otago/ Chch
parents: John & Jeminia Bright nee SHEA (gardener)
William George & Phoebe Chaney nee HAYDER

Florence Ada Chaney bur. 21 December 1884 age 6 weeks

George CHANEY & Phoebe Ada DOWNIE m. 11 July 1882 at St. Lukes
ages 23/16 bach/spinster occ: shoemaker b. Lyttelton/ Melbourne
parents: William & Emma Chaney nee FORD (stonemason)
Charles & Jane Downie nee BURGESS (fellmonger)

George CHANEY b. 31 October 1886 to Randolph & Sarah Ann
of Papanui labourer

George CHANEY bur. 5 December 1913 of Islington age 5mths
parents Randolph & Sarah Anne Papanui

George Theodore CHANEY b. 1 July 1919 to Joseph Francis & Ivy Iris
of 23 Barbadoes St. occ: lab.

Gladys Gertrude CHANEY b. 19 February 1895 parents William George &
Phoebe Ada
of 114 Armagh St. East bur. 14 February 1896 age 1 year

Harriett Mary CHANEY b. 30 August 1884 to Randolph & Sarah Ann

Hector Francis CHANEY bur. 10 January 1908 age 3mths

Herbert Ernest CHANEY b. 10 May 1914 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace,
motorman of Southey st. Chch

James CHANEY b. 17 August 1923 to William & Violet of Kaiapoi occ:

James William CHANEY b. 3 January 1882 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah
Ann, North Road

John Alfred CHANEY b. 31 May 1866 to John Arbot & Mary Ann
of Lyttelton occ: Lighterman

John Arbot CHANEY & Mary Ann BROWN m. 8 January 1862 at Holy Trinity
Church Lyttelton.
bach/sp, full age/minor, occ: mason
witnesses: W.G.Chaney, mason Lyttelton, Jane Burrell, Lyttelton single

John Graham CHANEY b. 12 October 1873 to William Francis & Emma nee Ford
of Bingsland

John CHANEY bur. 8 April 1875 age one and half years

John Henry CHANEY . b. 20 May 1879 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann

John Henry CHANEY b. 26 April 1910 to John Henry & Edith Gertrude of

John Henry CHANEY & Edith Gertrude MONK m. 6 March 1901 at
St.Batholemews Kaiapoi,
b. Belfast/Kaiapoi ages 21/22
parents: Randolph & Sarah Ann Chaney nee ASHWORTH
James & Jane Monk nee MILLER occ: farmer

John Henry CHANEY bur. 14 July 1921 age 42 res: Riccarton

Joseph Francis CHANEY b. 20 July 1899 to Randolph Theodore & Sarah
Ann of Islington

Joseph Henry CHANEY b. 9 September 1848 at Canterbury, Kent, England
to William George & Sarah Susannah , occ: mason bap. 10 November 1850

Joseph Henry CHANEY b. 6 October 1869 to John & Mary of Kaiapoi, stonemason

Joseph Horatio CHANEY b. 1 June 1863 to William Francis & Emma of Lyttelton

Leslie Charles b. 21 July 1912 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace 41
Southey St.

Leslie Robert Burgess & Halcyon Beryl MEEKING m. 12 April 1919 at St.
Peters Riccarton
ages: 27/21 occ: Leading stoker b. South Dunedin/ Victoria, Australia
parents: William & Phoebe Chaney
Edwin & Mary Meeking nee CHERRY occ: horticulture exporter

Mary Eliza Potter CHANEY bur. 29 March 1880 age 29 hus. Henry res:

Mary Elizabeth CHANEY b.18 January 1865 to John Arbot & Mary Anne of
Lyttelton, stonemason

Mary Ellen CHANEY b. 30 June 1910 to Albert Ernest Victor & Grace, 41
Southey St.

Mary Jane CHANEY b. 1 June 1865 to William & Emma nee Ford

Mary Jane & Albert HUTTON m.24 June 1883 or 1885 at St Lukes, Chch
ages: 22/18, bach/sp, occ: Tailor born: Jersey/Lyttelton
parents: father unknown Mary Ann nee CARTER
William Francis & Emma Chaney nee FORD
witnesses: W.F.Chaney, Chch, mason, Ada Chaney, Chch

Myrtle Ada b. 16 September 1901 to William George & Phoebe Ada, Tuam
St. bootmaker

Patricia b. 17 March 1923 to William & Violet of Kaiapoi, butcher

Phoebe Ann CHANEY , bur. 15 May 1916 age 49 bur. Addington Cemetery

Randolph CHANEY & Sarah Ann ASHWORTH m. 22 July 1874 at Kaiapoi
ages: full/minor, witnesses: Richard & James ASHWORTH of Kaiapoi

Randolph CHANEY bur. 8 November 1928 age 78 res: Riccarton

Randolph Theodore CHANEY b. 10 September 1850 on board "Randolph" to
William & Sarah Susannah CHANEY late of Canterbury, Kent

Royal Edward CHANEY b. 7 January 1924 to Victor Henry & Elsie May,
of 55 Rutland St. occ: Lab

Sarah Isabel CHANEY b. 8 January 1892 to Randolph Theodore & Mary Ann of
Belfast, Chch

Sarah Isabel CHANEY & Albert Stanley BUSH m. 26 October 1915 at St
Peters, Riccarton
ages: 29/23, occ: labourer/dressmaker, born: Sydenham/Belfast
parents: Charles & Matilda Elizabeth Bush nee COLEMAN
Randolph Theodore & Sarah Ann Chaney nee ASHWORTH (foreman
freezing works)
witnesses: Emma Chaney, Riccarton, Ceceil Charles Bush, butcher, Riccarton

Sarah Susannah CHANEY b. 6 october 1861 to William Francis & Emma of

Sarah Sussanah CHANEY bur. 6 December 1894 age 85 res: Chaneys
Corner, Belfast

Sidney Randolph CHANEY b. 25 November 1921 to Joseph Francis & Iris Ivy
of Glentunnel occ: lab

Victor Henry CHANEY b. 3 September 1889 to William George & Phoebe Ann
nee Downie

Violet Ruby CHANEY b. 25 January 1894 to George & Ada DOWNIE
bur. 13 February 1894 age 2 weeks, Addington Cemetery

Wilhelmina CHANEY & Andrew SIMPSON m. 12 November 1873 at St Michaels
ages: full/minor, bach/sp occ: Blacksmith
witnesses: W. Chaney farmer North Road. Sarah Ann Ashworth, Kaiapoi

Willar CHANEY b. 25 August 1875 to William & Emma of Bingsland occ: mason

William Alfred CHANEY b. 28 July 1863 to John Arbot & Mary Ann
Lyttelton, mason
bur. 30 June 1864 age 11 mths

William Francis CHANEY & Emma FORD m. 27 May 1858 at Lyttelton
ages: 25/19 occ: stonemason,
witnesses: W.C.Chaney, Susannah FORD, Emma RHODES

William George CHANEY b. 5 April 1859 to William Francis & Emma, Lyttelton

William George CHANEY b. 14 November 1867 to John & Marianne of Kaiapoi

William CHANEY bur. 13 March 1883 age 80 of Chaneys Corner occ: stonemason

William George CHANEY bur. 6 August 1940 age 81 of 135 Strickland St.
Addington Cemetery

Willimina CHANEY b. 16 October 1853 to William & Sarah of Lyttelton

Violet Ruby CHANEY bur. 13 February 1894 age 5 weeks

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