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AITKEN, JANET born in East Taieri. died their in Feb 1906. She was married to Samuel Mackay on 12th Sept 1871
ALTOFF, JOHN a early mailman
ANDERSON, ARCHIBALD took up the Beaumont run in 1858
ANGUS, HENRY in Waikouaiti 1886
ANDREW, THOMAS in Roxburgh 1883
ATKIN, ALICIA KATHERINE born 1869 Otago. died 1942 Otago. parents were John Atkin & Rebecca DREW
BAILLE, HENRY in Roxburgh 1890,s
BAIN, WILLIAM ran a Butcher Business in Roxburgh
BARDSLEY, PERCY Postmaster in Middlemarch 1925
BASKETT, W arr NZ 1855 a Carter in the early days.
BASTINGS, HORACE in the Beumont area
BATHGATE, T in the Taeri area in the 1870,s
BEATON, DUNCAN had a Roxburgh Hotel
BEATTIE, JOHN employed as a Shepherd. He later brought land of his own. His sons Robert & Matthew went to the Outram School
BEIGHTON, JAMES lived in West Roxburgh in 1868.
BEIGHTON, ANN married GEORGE BIDGOOD 16-9-1868. These 2 girls were married at the home of James Beighton.
BENNETT, William born in 1837. married Georgina WILSON at Cromwell.he took up land at the Rock & Pillar . BLACKSTOCK, TOM
BOTTING, J.F In the area in the 1900,s
BOWLER, EDMOND in Central Otago in 1858
BOYD, ALLAN & JOHN well known land owners.
BOYD, PETER on the Roxburgh Council in 1874
BREMMER, Brothers in Macraes in 1866
BRENSSELL, CHAS Snr Coach service between 1876-1882. He drove a 10 horse team.from 1866.
BRENT, S.E Bank Manager at Outram 1891-1897
BROADWAY, THOMAS ran a accomadation house in the 1860,s
BROLLY, JOHN in the area in 1907
BROWN , ALEX was issued a liscence to depasture stock in 1872
BROWN, WILLIAM brother of Alex & John . The Browns lived in West Taieri
BURTON, JABEZ Butcher in the 1870,s
CALLERY, THOMAS from Ireland. had been to Ballarat . A gold seeker on the West Coast and Gabriels Gully
CAMERON, ANGUS a Farm Manager in the 1860,s
CAMERON, JAMES in the area in the 1850,s
CAMERON, EWEN born in Scotland in 1842. arr NZ 1865 on the "Bearer". Took part in the Maori Wars before moving to Otago. Married Julia McINNES
CAREW, EDGAR marr Elva Frederica BROWN 1867 in Palmerston
CARGILL, JOHN a Tuapeka run holder in the 1860,s
CARR, ROBERT was a Bullock Driver. Robert settled in Maniototo. He died as a result of the Hyde train disaster.
CHALLIS, JAMES a mail carrier. In 1920 he changed to motor driven mail & passenger service.
CHALLIS, JAMES Jnr also a Mail contractor
CHALMERS, ALEX ran Mt Stoker Station
CHALMERS, GERIT ALEXANDER took up a run at Moa Flat with brother Charles Bonnor Chalmers and I.S McHaffie as Parteners. abt 1858-60.. Charles Bonnor Chalmers had been a doctor in India.. The partnership was dissolved in 1863 when an Australian took over. His name was Joseph Clarke.
CHALMERS, NATHANIEL was at Moa Flat in the 1860,s. He went to Figi in 1868 (I think he was another brother)
CHERRY, THOMAS in Middlemarch in 1891
CHITTY, ROBERT lived in Middlemarch
CLAFFEY, KEARIN Mail Contractor 1887-1892
CLAFFEY, Brothers were Store Keepers. in the 1860,s
CLAFFEY, MARY married ANDREW PHELAN 16th Jan 1901 at Palmerston
CLAPCOTT, BUNTER was from the Molyneux Island in 1858
CLARK, G lived in the Moonlight district
CLARK, GEORGE a Councillor for many years
COAKLEY, J in Macraes in 1866
COATSWORTHY,W a Stonemason
COCKBURN, GEORGE in the Roxburugh- Millers Flat area in the 1860,s
COCKBURN, T Storekeeper in Middlemarch
COCKERELL,GEORGE Snr Ran a Hotel. Also a mail contractor in 1873
COCKERELL, ALF a mine worker
COGAN, JOHN a gold seeker
COLLIER, ROSA a Doctor in the taieri area in the 1900,s
CONNOR, G in the Taieri football team of 1911
CONNOLLY, H in Macraes
COOP, THOMAS a Roxburgh in 1874. He was from London..
CORMACK, DAVID on the Roxburgh Council in 1874
COWIE, ALEX mail Contractor 1883-84
CRAIG, HUGH owner of a Waggon Team
CROSSAN, JOHN ran a Bakery in 1867
CULLEN, ADAM worked on Gladbrook in 1875
DALEY, D a Bullock Driver
DANIEL, RICHARD, M ran a mail coach in 1872
DAVY, WILLIAM in Central Otago in 1858
DEEM, R& J in Macraes in 1866
DEVINE. NED a Coach driver
DEWAR, JOHN in the Millers Flat area in the 1860,s
DICK, JOHN was from ireland. he was a Doctor In 1872 he was Mt Ida Hospitals 1st Surgeon.
DICKIE, JACK & sons JIM & JACK were Shepherds
DIPPIE, PETER arr in the area in 1865. He married Janet Morris. 28th April 1870 in Dunedin. Peter died 29th Jan 1944
DIPPIE, JAMES son of Peter & Janet. born 31st May 1871
DODD, BILL & JACK Farmers. Came to the district seeking gold
DONALDSON, GEORGE owned a mine.
DOWNIE,P & T in the Taieri Football team of 1911
DOWLING, JOHN Hotelier in the 1890,s
DOUGLAS, ALEXANDER a Station Manager 1874-1877 at Poplar Grove
DRAPER, W a Butcher in the 1890,s
DUNCAN, JAMES ran a Coach in the 1870,s
DUNCAN, JOCK a mine worker.
DUNCAN, STEWART died in 1870
DUNNERY, JAMES owned Property.
EADY, JOHN operated a Punt in 1899
EGGERS, JOHN a Store keeper and gold buyer at Macraes
ELLIOTT, CHARLES a landowner
ELLIOT, JOHN born in Scotland in 1844 came to Otago in 1861 on the "Pladda". He was to become a Station Manager.
ELLIOTT, W in the Taieri football team of 1911.
ENGLISH,Miss married A BRAZIL the 1st recorded marriage at Ettrick on the 5th Jan 1869.. Mr Brazil was owner of one of the early Hotels at Ettrick
FALKNER, G in the Taieri Football Team of 1911
FINNEGAN, ELIZABETH a Roxburgh resident
FINNIE, DAVID in the Moonlight district from the 1890 - 1920,s
FISHER, WILLIAM Proprietor of a Hotel
FLETCHER, PATRICK arr in NZ 1874. Eventually lived at Hindon. William was a Doctor
FLETT, JAMES born Nov, 1881 Taieri. died Oct 1954 Naseby. His parents were George Edward Flett & Janet McNeill.
FLYNN, L in the area in the 1860,s
FORD, WILLIAM a Irishman who had been in Victoria and Gabriels Gully
FRASER, WILLIAM a Runholder in 1859
FRASER, DUNCAN arr at Macraes Flat in 1869 with wife & 4 children. Thomas, Duncan, Catherine & Anne.. Duncan was a Shepherd.
FRASER, W.R.F Bank Manager at Mosgeil 1905-1921
FRENCH, HENRIETTA a school teacher in 1910
FULTON, JAMES lived in West Taieri
GARLAND, J was a Baker
GATELY, TOM a farm Manager
GAWN, ROBERT a Clydesdale Breeder in the Taieri in the 1880,s
GEDDES, JAMES owned a Threshing Mill
GELLIBRAND, W owned land in th 1860,s
GILBERT, JAMES a landowner
GILCHRIST, THOMAS and brother GEORGE drove horse drays between Roxburugh and Lawrence for many years.
GILMOUR, J.R a Doctor in Roxburgh for approx 40 years. he died in 1947
GINSBERG, Brothers Gold seekers in the otago area in 1888
GILLIES, JAMES Store manager in 1891
GOLLOP, TOM a mine worker
GORDON, WILLIAM owned a homestead. in the 1870,s went to Auckland to live.William owned Gladbrook Station.
GORDON, ANABELLA married Robert SHAW 9th april 1866
GRANT,D in the Taieri Football Team of 1911
GRAY, A a Blacksmith in the 1890,s
GRAY, ROBERT owned Farm Land in 1867. he died in 1880
GREIG, WILLIAM from Maniototo
GRIEVE, WALTER Station Manager in the 1860,s
GRIFFIN,(or Griffen) W.E Store Keeper & Butcher in the late 1860,s
GRIFFIN, C.E lived at Macraes
GRIFFITHS, JAMES a Mail Contractor 1874-1880
GRIFFITHS, Mrs JAMES was the 1st white woman to settle at Macraes Flat She had 3 sons James, Samuel & Charles and 3 daughters
GROCOTT, a Station master at Middlemarch in 1891
GUNN, FARQUHAR managed a Station from 1860 till abt 1890
GUNN, WILLIAM a Packer who, in 1897 was caught in a storm and perished
HAMILTON, ADAM from Scotland. Manager at Poplar Grove 1877-1891
HAMMOND, W.G a Storkeeper in the 1860,s
HAND, THOMAS a Roxburgh resident
HANLON, DANIEL lived in the Moonlight District
HANSSON, J in the Taieri Football Team of 1911
HARCUS, JOHN born Otago died 24th Nov 1903 Buried at Macraes. Son of Robert and Margaret Harcus
HARCUS, ROBERT died 23rd March 1918 at palmerston. Buried at Macraes.
HART, H in the taieri Football Team of 1911
HART, EDWARD in Roxburgh 1901
HARVIE, ANDREW born 1857 in Scotland. arr NZ at the age of 19
HAYES, JOHN lived in the Moonlight District
HAY, CHARLES SLATER a head shepherd. He was a councillor.
HEFFERNAN, WILLIAM was from Count Mayo, Ireland. came to NZ on the "Wild Deer" in 1878
HERON, HENRY HERBERT married a widow and they established a Butcher shop in Lawrence. He would go gold seeking while his wife ran the shop.
HIGGINS, WILLIAM born at Sea on the "Calcutta"in 1851, while on its way to Hobart Town. In 1878 he, with his brother Charles came to NZ in the "Tararua". In 1891 he Purchased a farm
HOGG, W worked for george McDonald
HOLDEN, CHARLES & ESTHER from Lancashire. arr NZ 1866 and settled in Cromwell.
HOLMES, JAMES owned Property
HONNOR, WILLIAM & JOHN Roxburgh residents.
HOPKINSON, CHARLES a Shag Valley pioneer.
HORE, R a Watchmaker
HOWELL, JAMES a Bullock Driver
HUMPHREYS, E.W in the Taieri area in the 1870,s. also owned land
IMRIE, A from Outram
INGLIS, HUGH was a Doctor who arrived in Mosgeil in 1863. He died in 1877 at the age of 47.
INNES, JOHN a Punt operator who had his Hut near the River. It was washed away in the Floods of 1878
IRWIN, EMMA was a Doctor in the 1900,s her father was Burrows Irwin who had been a Mayor of Waikouaiti
JENNISON, J a Butcher in Middlemarch
JOHNSTONE, W a Manager on Mt Stoker. He arr in NZ 1864 with his wife and children John, Thomas & Isobel. They had travelled from Tasamania. In 1870 , they moved to Balclutha
JOHNSTON, THOMAS opened a Butcher Shop & General Store in 1889. He had been born in Tasmania in 1839. Came to NZ abt 1869. He was alsoa Carter around the Central area till abt 1880, then worked on Various Stations. he married a AITKEN giel at Outram in 1875
JONES, WILLIAM arr NZ as a child. Later purchased land in the Strath Taieri and became one of the largest suppliers to the local Dairy Factory
KETTLE, CHARLES said to be the first European to see the Taieri Plains. abt 1851
KINASTON, G in Roxburgh 1901
KINROSS, W.M a Postmaster
KIRBY, W Hotel Proprietor
KIRK.JOHN landowner in 1893
KIRKLAND, WILLIAM owned land in 1897
KITCHING, JOHN FRY was brought over from Tasmania to manage Moa Flat Station in the 1860,s. John built the first Beaumont Hotel. He later lived in Roxburgh
KITTO, JAMES a Moa Flat Resident.
LALOLI, FREDERICK in Roxburgh 1927.
LAURENSON,T.G in the area in 1893
LESLIE, JIM, JACK & WALLY. all wagon drivers
LIDDELL, JIMMY in the area in the 1880,s
LIDSTON, WILLIAM a Mineworker.
LOCKWOOD, DICK an early wagoner from 1870
LOGAN, ROBERT was a Captain in the Maniototo Mounted Volunteers in 1900
LOW, JOHN from Canada in the area in the 1860,s
LUKS Brothers ran a Post Office in Macraes in 1866. Also owned the Waihemo Hotel
LUMB, T ran a boarding house in the 1860,s
LUNDY, JAMES a Irishman who had been in Victoria , was at Gabriels gully
McAULEY, HUGH gold seeker in 1888
McCANN, CHARLIE & BARNEY were Shepherds..Charlie lived in Outram
McCLINTOCK, THOMAS lived in Middlemarch
McCLINTOCK, A in the Taieri Football Team of 1911
McDONALD, RODERICK managed a Station in the 1890,s
McDONALD, JOHN a pioneer of the traction Engine.
McDONALD, GEORGE was a Blacksmith .Came to Central in 1884. he hired at least half a dozen men in his store
McELWAIN, JAMES a Packer in the 1870.s
McFADYEN, NEIL brought land in the 1880,s
McGLASHEN, EDWARD Purchased Mt Stoker Station in 1862
McINTOSH, MARY married Nathan Copeland Caldwell Oct 1888 at Palmerston
McLEAN, NEILa Boundary keeper
McLEAN, JOHN a Shepherd in the 1870,s. Had 4 sons and 1 daughter
McGREGOR, N.J granted a Cattle licence abt 1859
McHARDY, GEORGE worked on Gladbrook in 1875. was a Drover in 1890
McINTOSH, J S a Bank Manager in Macraes 1864- 1868
McINTYRE, DONALD manager for the Boyd brothers
McKAY, GEORGE on the Roxburgh Council in 1874
McLAY, THOMAS in the area in the 1900,s
McLEOD, MAlCOLM & JANET came to NZ in 1863
cLENNAN, H a Butcher in 1874 at Roxburgh
McMASTER, J a Butcher in Middlemarch
McMILLAN, WILLIAM a Rabbiter in 1888 at Nenthorn
McNEAL, J.W in Moa Flat (Ettrick) 1872
McNEIL, C causal worker in the 1870,
McPHEE, DUNCAN a shepherd in the 1860,s. He arr with his wife in the 1850,s
McPHEE, JOHN & MARGARET children of Duncan.. Hugh ,another child of Duncans died at the age of 3.
MACRAE, JOHN a Shepherd. Macraes Flat is said to be named after him.
MAIDER, GEORGE a Station Manager. married Mary Kirkland BROWN 21st Oct 1889 in Upper Clutha
MAIN, D.A Storekeeper in Middlemarch
MANIGAN, P. a Carter in the 1860,s & 70,s
MANSON, FRANK a Shepherd
MATHER, JOHN worked for Edward McGlashen
MATHESON, MURDO and wife Christina (Elliot) arr in Otago in 1876 where he obtained a job as a Shepherd.
MAXWELL, JESSIE in Moa Flat 1890
MERVYN, DAVID H a Butcher in Roxburgh
MESSENT, E.W ran a Drapery
MIDDLETON, J a shepherd
MILLER, WALTER a Tuapeka run holder in the 1850,s
MILNES, JOHN worked on Gladbrook in 1875
MOORE, J a Shepherd
MORGAN, J.G on the School Committee in 1893
MORRISON, JAMES lived in Palmerston
MOYNIHAN, WILLIAM owned land. William was born in Ireland. and had arr NZ 1876
MOYNIHAN, M & F in the Taieri Football Team of 1911
MULLEN, SARAH (same name as below?) a Roxburgh resident.
MULLIN, W.J a Doctor at Roxburgh from 1894-1904
MURCHISON, FINDLAY was a Shepherd He marr Ann McDonald 26th April 1876 in Dunedin
MURRAY, WILLIAM had land in 1889
MURRAY, JOHN purchased a farm. He died in 1947. In 1917 he married Isabella Fraser
NAPEIR, PETER in the area in the 1850,s
NEILSON, MICHAEL a causal worker in the 1870,s
NEVARD, FRED died 1894. as a result of a accident.
NICHOLSON, CHARLES operated a river dredge near Millers Flat in the 1860,s
NIMMO, JOHN & JANE living in the taieri area in the 1870,s
NOLAN,s came to Hyde in the gold mining days and in 1883 took up land.
NOLAN, JEREMIAH brought land.
NOTTAGE, Mr & Mrs lived in Middlemarch
OLIVER, JAMES married (Mrs) Mary Connor in Lawrence 1888
ORBELL, HENRY his wife was Margaret Scott McGlashen
ORMOND, PATRICK a Baker. married a Miss CARR in Teviot. Later owned the Grand Hotel.
PANNETT, J.A in Central in 1900,s
PATERSON, family arr from Scotland in the "Jura" 1862. had with him wife and 4 sons, Charles, Thomas,Anthony & Alex.. Charles was said to be the 1st person to be buried in the Middlemarch Cemetery in 1889
PAUL, J owned a accomadition House.also a carrier in 1889
PEAT, DAVID & brother Alex were Carters around Outram. Alex was killed when his dray went over a bank.
PEATTIE, ROBERT JAMES born in Naseby 12th July 1900 died in Wellington 1968. Parents were John Albert Peattie & Jane Eady
PEDDIE, THOMAS MOOR b, 2 dec 1866 at Macraes Flat. Parents were Thomas Peddie & Jessie Smith. Thomas ran a Coach/Mail service 1881-1892
PEDOFSKY, J & F in the Taieri Football team 1911
PENROSE, I.H brought abt 800 acres in the 1890,s
PETERS, P.M owned a Hotel in 1891
PHELAN, ANDREW Manager at the Creamery Factory
POGSON, FRANCIS GELLIBRAND marr Laura Lubecki 1877 in Dunedin.
POGSON, G,W leased land.
POPHAM, THOMAS came to the Strath Taieri from Devinshire, England in 1833
PORTER, WILLIAM worked on Gladbrook in 1875
POTTER, TOM worked on Gladbrook in 1875
POWIS, TOM was a Baker
PRICE, W a Dairyman
PROUDFOOT, DAVID born 1881 died 1915
PURDIE, Dr in partnership with a Mr Dick , owned Cottesbrook Station in 1862
QUICK, FRANK & GEORGE ran coaches in Central in 1863
RAMSEY,J.J in Macraes
RATTRAY, JAMES in Central Otago in the 1880,s
REID, DONALD arr NZ on the ship "Mary"
REILLY, L.G a School teacher at Moonlight in the 1900,s
RENDLE, WILLIAM in the Moonlight district
RENWICK, JOHN worked on Gladbrook in 1875
RENWICK, JACK (same as above?) a sheep and Cattle Drover in 1866
RENWICK, WILLIAM was a Manager employed by J Roberts. He died in 1872
RICHARDSON, C.G a school teacher in 1884
RIGNEY, WILLIAM from Dublin. around the Central Otago area for some years. He died in 1912.
ROBERTS, MURRAY held Cottesbrook Station until 1899
ROBERTSON, PETER owned Bullock Teams in the Dunstan area
ROBERTSON, JIMMY born in Scotland in 1848 .. was a Carpenter in Middlemarch
ROBERTSON, BOB lived at Waipori
ROBERTSON, JAMES from Canada in the area in the 1860,s
ROONEY, JAMES,L in Roxburgh 1919
ROONEY, Sgt was Stationed at Macraes
ROSS, JAMES arr NZ 1861 on the "Lady Egidia" employed as a head shepherd on various stations..Mt Ross is named after him.
ROXBURGH,J in the taieri Football Team of 1911.
ROY, JOHN purchased a farm in 1887
SAMUELS,Jim a Bullock driver well into the 1900,s
SAXTON, E.S ownde land in 1862
SCOTT, WALTER was inspector of Rabbits & noxious weeds in 1909
SCOTT, WILLIE a Sheep & CattleDrover in 1866
SCRIMYGEOUR, W.T took up a Run in 1890,s
SHEEHY, JOHN was a Carrier
SHENNAN, Brothers were run holders in the 1850,s
SHEEHY, S.G a Mining Agent
SHEEHY, WILLIAM marr Johanna MURPHY 1880
SHEEHY, MARY JANE married Michael James HANLEY 16th July 1901 at Palmerston
SHEEHY, MARY ANNE married Patrick LAFFEY 7th sept 1891 in Lawrence
SHEEHY, BRIDGET marr George DICK 10th Nov 1890 in Lawrence
SHEEHY, HANNAH marr John LAFFEY 14th May 1888 in Lawrence
SHEETH, Mr a head shepherd
SIDEY, JOHN died of Pneumonia in 1895
SLATER, GEORGE lived at Macraes
SLIGO, J a miner
SMITH, GIDEON in Central in 1868
SOUTER, JAMES a station Manager for Poplar Grove 1872-74. James was from Scotland.. he moved to Australia in 1874
SPEDERI, MARY married James Caldwell april 1883 at Omakau
SPRATT, PATRICK landowner late 1880,s
SPRATT, ALEX a Farm Manager
STACK, W School Teacher 1870
STANLEY, THOMAS & sons lived at Macraes
STANAWAY, JACK was a Boundry keeper on a Station
STEEL, WILLIAM a Stonemason & Bootmaker. He was also the Pound keeper at Middlemarch in 1891
STEEL, JOHN a landowner
STEPHENSON, H a Butcher in Middlemarch
STEWART, DUNCAN & wife ANNE arr NZ on the "Ajax" He set up his sons on various farms in the area.
STREAN, Mrs helped at teaching school in the early days. Her husband was a Constable on the goldfeilds. Dolly Strean a school girl, was proabably one of their daughters.
STRODE, WILLIAM marr Elizabeth Mary MARSLIN 1887 Maniototo
SULLIVAN, JAMES a Irishman who had been in Victoria. Was at Gabriels gully
SUTHERLAND, JOHN born abt 1891 at Shag point. Buried atChCh
SUTHERLAND, MARGARET a School teacherin 1903
SUTTON, TOM a gold seeker
SUTTON, Mrs the widow of John marr E McGlashen
SWANSON, C Brought a Hotel
TALTY, PAT a carrier 1889
TAMBLYN, brothers JOHN, JOSEPH & JAMES planted a Orchard in the 1860,s
TAPLIN, F.H in the area in the 1900,s
THOMPSON, THOMAS was a shepherd. married Mary Frances Todd of Scotland. Arr Otago in 1862 on the "Sevilla". He later had a run of his own
THOMPSON, JOHN a Farmer in the Moonlight District. john was from Scotland
THOMSON, A.R.B held a land title in 1858
THOMSON, CAMPBELL a mail carrier in 1865
THOMSON, WILLIAM was manager at the Middlemarch Creamery for 15 years until 1915.
TISDALL, JAMES was born in County Wicklow in Ireland on 1847. arr Port Chalmers on the "Vicburg" in 1868.. He was a breeder of Clydesdale Horses.
TRAINOR, ANN from Count Wiclow, Ireland was employed at a Palmerston Hotel married William Heffernan
TUBMAN, EDWARD Operated a river Punt near Millers Flat
TURNBULL, J in the Taieri football team of 1911
VEALE, HENRY a Carrier In Roxburgh in 1908
WADDELL, ALEXANDER b, 28th Sept 1883 at Clyde. Parents were Alexander Waddell & Emily Grace BAKER. They were from Scotland.
WAIGTH, JOHN HENRY was school age in the 1860,s
WALKER, FRED & HENRY had a Cattle run in 1859. They were from Dunedin.
WALKER, ROBERT in Palmerston.
WALLACE, BILLY a Carter, then a Hotel Owner
WATKINS, SIMON & wife with 1 child arr Strath Taieri in 1873. Simon started a Blacksmith Shop and also did a lot of the Station blacksmithing. he was also a Storekeeper/ Postmaster in Oct 1876. until 1891 Simon was from Wales
WATSON, BILLIE a Bullock Wagon Driver
WEAVER, ALBERT EDWARD bor 1869 Waikouaiti
WEBB, CHARLIE a Bullock Driver
WELSH, W lived at Macraes
WELHAM, HARRY from Outram
WHELAN, THOMAS Held a Run from 1894 till abt 1915
WHITE, H inthe Taieri Football team of 1911
WHITELEY, A in the area in 1894.
WHITNALL, WILLIAM in the Millers Flat area in the 1860,s
WILLIAMS, A In the Taieri Football team of 1911
WILLIAMSON, JOHN arr NZ in the "Melbourne" 1861. John, wife & children lived near a creek that is known as Williamsons Creek.
WISE, T.W a Store keeper in Middlemarch
WOODHOUSE, JAMES married a Miss FITZGERALD in Teviot
YOUNG, R in the Taieri football team of 1911

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