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*Ayers & Ayres marriages from Canterbury Public Library
*alphabetical index*
*male details/female details
spelling as from the cards in the index
Amy Frances Ayers & John William Richard OAKES m. 27 December 1916 at St. Michaels, Chch ages: 27/25, bachelor/spinster occ: manufacturers cutter/ dressmaker, born: Auckland/Chch parents: John Peter & Lydia Snow Oakes nee KAY
John William & Sarah Susannah nee CHANEY witnesses: Vincent Clarke Chch, Doris BOOTH, Sumner, Ida AYERS 119 Stanmore Rd, Allan H. OAKES Sydenham, engineer

Annie Elizabeth Ayers & Alfred Munt HESTER m. 6 August 1896 at house of George Ayers, Ripon St. Lyttelton ages: 26/25, bach/sp, b. Lyttelton/Lyttelton, parents: Thomas & Mary Ann Hester nee SPEECHLEY (painter) George & Maria Ayers nee REYNOLDS (hairdresser)

Ann Powell Ayers & Francis TEAGUE m. 14 April 1884 at St. Batholomews, Kaiapoi, ages: 25/20, bac/sp, occ: painter b. Victoria/ Kaiapoi
parents: Joseph Dytech & Mary Ann Teague nee DAWS William & Elizabeth Ayers nee GIBB witness: Mary Ann Ayers, Kaiapoi

Anne Fanny Ayers & John Hurley NORTHCOTE m. 29 May 1883 at St. Marks, Greenpark ages: 23/18, b. Sherborne, England/ Whitney, Oxford, England, occ: labourer
parents: James Newbury & Amelia Northcote nee CORRY ( farmer) William & Anne Ayers nee GOUGH witnesses: Elizabeth Harriett Ayers Tai-Tapu

Arthur Desmond Ayers & Pauline Ivy WHALE m. 1 May 1954, parents: Victor Keith & Millicent Ayers nee HANN, Arthur Edward & Mabel Beatrice Whale nee REYNOLDS

Blanche Eveline Ayers & Sydney Reginald Blakeby FORSCUTT m. 8 January 1930 at St. Saviours, Sydenham ages: 21/19 occ: postman, b. Oamaru/Chch parents: Samuel Blakeby & Alice Forscutt nee STACE (electrician) Harvey & Ellen Ayers nee Matthews witnesses: Harry Ayers 75 York St. Opawa, Avis Gordon, Spreydon

Charlotte CHAMMEN (Ayers) & John Francis HOCKING m. 28 December 1916 at St. Andrews Pres.
ages: 28/33, bach/widow 15 September 1916, occ: woodturner, b. Spreydon/ Chch
parents: John & Dorcas Hocking nee COX (carter)
John William & Sarah Ayers nee CHANEY

Christina Elizabeth Ayres & Rowland Spencer WRIGHT m. 26 April 1916 at St. Saviours, Sydenham, Chch ages: 22/22, bach/sp, b. Sydenham/ Masterton, occ: soldier
parents: John & Isabella Wright nee HAMPTON
Rose Ann Ayers tailoress

Eliza Ayers & Henry Joseph ELLIS m. 3 June 1881 at St. Marks Opawa ages: 21 /21 bach/sp, b. Melbourne/Chch, parents: George & Mary Ellis nee CALEY (inspector of Police)
James & Charlotte Ayers nee Clements (bricklayer)

Elizabeth Caroline Ayers & George Alfred LEWIS m. 17 November 1880 at res. Mr Ayers, Cashel St. Chch ages: 29/16, Widower 1 October 1879/sp. occ: medical practioner, b.
Monighan, Ireland/ Chch
parents: John Evans & Margaret Lewis nee SWANEY (clerk holy orders)
Aaron & Isabella Eliza Ayers nee WILLIAMS

Elizabeth Caroline (widow LEWIS) & Thomas BUNTING m. 9 August 1899 ages: 39/ 35, widower 29 December 1896/ widow about 10 yrs ago, occ: manufacturer
b. County Armagh/ Chch
parents: Thomas & Ann Bunting nee ROBINSON (farmer)
Aaron & Isabella Eliza Ayers nee WILLIAMS
witnesses; Aaron Ayers auctioneer, Edward Taylor Bunting

Esther Louise Ayers & William Albert BOAZ, m. 15 January 1919 at St. Saviours, Sydenham ages: 20/19, bach/sp, occ: telegraph linesman/ waitress, b. Papanui/Spreydon Chch
parents: Samuel & Annie Reeve Boaz (coachman)
William & Rose Ann Ayers nee FARRELL
witnesses: Herbert Ayers, Sydenham, bricklayer, William Ayers, Sydenham, bricklayer, Kathleen Farrell, Papanui

Florence Ethel Ayers & George BURROWS m. 26 December 1907 at St. Michaels Chch ages: 23/21, bach/sp, occ: Telegraphist, b. Chch/ Chch
parents: George Drago & Mary Burrows nee WILKINS (railway signalman)
John William & Susannah Ayers nee Chaney

Florence Jane Ayers & Charles Edward BRASSINGTON m. 26 August 1908 at St. Marks, Greenpark, Canterbury
ages: 28/20, bach/sp, b. Staffordshire/Greenpark, usual address: Leeston
parents: Arthur William & Annie Brassington nee DALE
William & Annie Ayers nee GOUGH
witness: Lily Lavinnia Ayers, Greenpark

Frances Clara Ayers & James William MALCOLMSON m. 12 May 1891 at house of Aaron, Opawa ages: 28/23, Bach/sp, b. NZ/NZ, occ: shipping agent
parents: James & Mary Ann Malcolmson nee GREELY
Aaron & Isabella Ayers (auctioneer)
witnesses: Janie Anne Fortescue Williams, W. Malcolmson, accountant, Lyttelton

Frank Frederick Ayers & Susan McGARRY m. 9 January 1912 at Methodist Church, Woolston ages: 28/33 occ: bricklayer born: Woodend/ West Eyreton
parents: Thomas & Elizabeth Ayers nee STEVENS occ: bricklayer
Jacob (soldier) & Louisa nee BLACKMORE
witnesses: George Collins JOWERS fellmonger, Woolston, Louisa JOWERS

Frederick George Ayers & Alice Miriam STRINGER m. 3 June 1890 at St. Lukes, Manchester St. Chch ages: 24/20 bachelor/spinster occ: engineer born Chch/Chch usual
address Melbourne
parents: Aaron & Isabella Eliza Ayers nee WILLIAMS (auctioneer)
William & Frances Mary Stringer nee GEE (Gentleman)

George Ayers & Maria REYNOLDS m. 30 July 1869 at London St. Lyttelton ages: 29/20 bachelor/spinster occ: hairdresser

Harry Edward Ayers & Maud FITZSIMMONS m 9 November 1903 at res. of Mr George AYERS of Lyttelton ages:27/26 bachelor/spinster, occ:hairdresser/domestic servant, born
parents: George & Maria Ayers nee REYNOLDS (tobacconist)
William & Ann Fitzsimmons nee BENNINGTON (labourer.)
witness: James GOWER clerk of Lyttelton & Elsie AYERS of Dublin St. Lyttelton

Harry Gordon Ayers & Louisa Maud LEWIS m. 26 March 1914 at Methodist Church, Rangiora ages: 25/21 bachelor/spinster, occ: bricklayer/shop assistant, born Rangiora/Rangiora
parents: Samuel & Sarah Ann Lewis nee JUDSON (bricklayer)
John & Louisa Elizabeth Ayers nee LUKE (ganger)

Hector Thomas Ayers & Ethel LOADER m. 18 December 1911 at Holy Trinity Church, Lyttelton, ages: 24/21 bach/sp usual addres: Methven
parents: Samuel (brickmaker) & Sarah Ann nee JUDSON
James (carrier) & Elizabeth Loader nee VALLANCE

Iris May Ayers & Alfred James ALLARD m. 22 December 1909 at Holy Trinity Avonside, ages: 36/25, bach/sp, occ: Law clerk, b. Chch/Chch
parents: Alfred & Mary Ann Allard nee RASTRICK (builder)
Aaron & Isabella Ayers nee WILLIAMS (auctioneer)
witnesses: R.C.Bush, accountant, Chch, H. Ayers Comm traveller, Linwood, M. Malcolmson, D. Allard

Isabel Ayers & Forbes BURN m. 14 April 1885 at house of Ayres, Opawa ages: 31/23, bach/sp, occ: station manager, b. Roxburgh, Scotland/Sydenham, Chch
parents: John & Margaret Burn nee ALLISON ( farmer)
Aaron & Isabella Ayers nee WILLIAMS

James Ayers & Elizabeth WARD m. 20 June 1882 at Kaiapoi ages: 25/23, bachelor/spinster occ: tobacconist born: mPapanui/County Down, Ireland, usual address:
parents: William & Elizabeth Ayers nee GIBBS
James (farmer) & Sarah Ward nee RICE

John Arbot Ayers & Mary Ann BROWN m. 8 January 1862 at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton ages: full/minor, bachelor/spinster occ: mason

John Henry Ayers & Edith Gertrude MONK m. 6 March 1901 at St. Batholemews, Kaiapoi, ages: 21/22 born: Belfast, Chch/Kaiapoi,
parents: Randolph & Sarah Ann ASHWORTH
James( farmer) & Jane MILLER

John William Ayers & Mary Thompson ANDERSON m. 21 April 1905 at house of Rev. W. READY East Belt, Christchurch ages: 21/20, bachelor/spinster, occ: polisher, born:
Christchurch/Crromwell, usual address: Christchurch,
parents: John William & Sarah CHANEY
Charles (engine driver) & Barbara Anderson nee NESBET

John William Ayers & Susannah CHANEY m. 12 June 1882, at The Manse, Tuam St. (Presbyterian), ages 22/21, occ: bricklayer, b. Christchurch/Christchurch usual
address: Ferry Road,
parents: James & Charlotte Ayers nee CLEMENTS
William (mason) & Emma Chaney nee FORD
witness: Charlotte AYERS of Ferry Road, householder, Jane DENCH manse spinster

Laurie Stringer Ayers & Mary Sibella ROSS m. 20 January 1926 at St. Barnabas, Fendalton, ages: 26/23 bachelor/spinster, occ: assistant manager, b. Adelaide/Christchurch
parents: Frederick George(engineer) & Alice Miriam Ayers nee STRINGER
Edward James & Jane Wilson Ross nee COX
witnesses: E.ROSS, Alice M. AYERS, M.M. MUSGRAVE (Greta, farmer)

Letitia Ayers & Andrew CALDER m. 29 March 1899 at house of Mr James, North Belt, Chch ages: 26/22, bach/sp, occ: mechanic, b. Melbourne/Melbourne
parents: John & Matilda Calder nee NUTT (compositor)
Frederick & Letitia Ayers nee ROGERS (carpenter)

Lillian Maude Ayers & Francis Patrick COLE m. 24 November 1909 at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton ages: 36/32, bach/sp, b. Lyttelton/Lyttelton, occ: Baker
parents: John & Elizabeth Cole nee MARTIN ( baker)
George & Maria Ayers nee REYNOLDS (hairdresser)

Mary Ayers & Frederick BUTT m. 31 December 1884 at St. Batholomews, Kaiapoi ages: 23/28, bach/sp, b. England/ NZ, usual address: Kaiapoi
parents: Thomas & Caroline Butt nee COURT ( labourer)
William & Elizabeth Ayers nee GIBBS
witness: C. Butt, Kaiapoi, W.K.Ayers

Mary Jane Ayers & Stephen HUBBARD m. 9 July 1896 at St. Andrews Pres. ages: 24/19, bach/sp, occ: Labourer/dom. servant, b: Kent, England/ Lincoln, NZ
parents: Stephen & Mary Hubbard nee HUFFAM (farmer)
William & Elizabeth Ayers nee GOUGH
witnesses: Albert Ayers, Greenpark, Miss Katie ARNST, servant, Greenpark,

Rebecca Ayers & Edgar Stanner COLE m. 4 March 1890 ages: 32/32, bach/sp, occ: blacksmith, b. Chch/ Turvey, Bedfordshire, usual: Hawera
parents: Arthur & Charlotte Agnes Cole nee STANNARD (miller)
Thomas & Elizabeth Ayers nee GIBBS
witnesses: Samuel Ayers Rangiora, Jessie Charlotte Cole, Chch

Rose Ann Ayers & Herbert McFARLANE

Roy Shakespeare Ayers & Floss TUTTON m. 26 March 1929 at parish Church, Rangiora ages: 25/30, bachelor/spinster, occ:bricklayer/ domestic b.Woodend/Rangiora, usual address: Woodend, parents: Thomas (bricklaayer) & Elizabeth Ayers STEVENS
Albert Poole (grain buyer) & Emily Doris Tutton nee BUSCH
witnesses: Mabel Ayers, North Rd. Woodend, S.C.Stokes of Waikuku, farmer

Sarah Charlotte Ayers & Thomas CARMICHAEL m. 9 September 1877 at Holy Trinity, Lyttelton, ages: full/full, bach/sp

Samuel Ayers & Sarah Ann JUDSON m. 16 June 1875 in the house of W. Judson, Woodend, ages: 28/20 bachelor/spinster, occ: bricklayer
witnesses: W. Judson, Rebecca Ayers, Sarah & James STOKES

Sarah Elizabeth Ayers & Robert TINDALL m. 7 March 1900 at 2.30pm house of Thomas Ayers, Woodend ages: 22/21, bach/sp, occ: bricklayer/ domestic servant, b. Stockton
-On-Tees, Yorks, England/Woodend parents: Jacob & Annie Tindall nee MONKMAN (bricklayer) Thomas & Elizabeth Ayers nee STEVENS

Stanley William Ayers & Olive Vera PUGH m. 9 February 1916 at Wesley Church East belt, Chch ages: 24/25 bachelor/spinster occ: clerk, b.Rangiora/Chch
parents: Samuel & Sarah Ann Ayers nee JUDSON
William (tailor) & Jane Stevens nee BLAKELEY

Sydney Herbert Ayers & May Maude HINDS m. 14 October 1903 at St. Saviours, Lyttelton. ages:22/20, occ: hairdresser,
parents: George & Maria Ayers nee REYNOLDS
Frederick Osborne (baker) & Katherine Mary Hinds nee DERBIDGE

Theresa Mary Ayers & James Warwick HARVEY m. 30 August 1911 at St. Saviours. Sydenham ages: 21/21, bach/sp, occ: warehouseman, b:Chch/Reefton
parents: Francis & Mary Harvey nee WARWICK (sailmaker)
William & Rose Ayers nee FARRELL
witness: Bessie Ayers Sydenham

Thomas Ayers & Elizabeth STEVENS m. 27 June 1877 at Weslyan Church, Rangiora, ages: full/minor, occ: bricklayer
witnesses: John Stevens (farmer Woodend) Samuel Ayers (Rangiora) Eliza Stevens

William Ayers & Elizabeth GIBBS m. 6 May 1856, bach/sp, ages: full/minor, occ: bricklayer, witnesses: Kesia Gibb, Charles J. Norton,

William Alex Ayers & Ida Emily WHITAKER m. 17 July 1905 in house of Mr COOKSON, Canal Reserve, Christchurch ages:25/21, bachelor/spinster, occ: groom, born:Chch/Palmeston North
parents: James & Charlotte Ayers nee CLEMENTS
George (carpenter) & Elizabeth Hannah Whitaker nee ROBERTSON

William Edward Ayers & Elizabeth CARTER m. 26 June 1895 at St. Andrews pres. Church ages:22/22, bachelor/spinster, b.Oxfordshire, England/Greenpark,Canterbury, NZ, usual address: Greenpark
parents: William (labourer) & Ann Ayers nee GONGLE
George (farmer) & Caroline Carter nee DODS
witnesses: George Ayers (Greenpark) & Jane Carter of Chch
Alphabetical list of Ayers & Ayres BMD's Canterbury Public Library
*spelling as taken from the index car*ds
Albert Tintern Ayers b. 9 January 1875 to William & Anne AYERS of
Lincoln occ: Labourer

Alfred Arthur Ayers b. 19 September 1885 to William & Anne

Alice Miriam Ayers bur. 10 March 1931 age 60 of Lower Riccarton

Amy Frances Ayers b. 12 April 1890 to John William & Sarah Susannah
res: 176 Peterborough St. West. occ: plasterers labourer

Annie Eliza Ayers age 1yr 10mths funeral 11 November 1875

Annie Elizabeth Ayers b.15 August 1870 to George Maria of Lyttelton,
occ: hairdresser

Araneas Evelyn Ayers b. 15 January 1900 at Te Oranga Home

Arthur Ayers b. 15 April 1877 to James & Charlotte of Ferry Rd,
Phillipstown, Chch, occ: bricklayer

Arthur Ayers bur. 21 November 1899 age 1 and one sixth yrs. N.O.K.
Arthur Charles of 20 Chester St East., Chch occ: jockey, Linwood Cemetery

Arthur John Ayers b. 1 April 1872 to Aaron & Isabella Eliza nee
WILLIAMS of Lincoln Rd. occ: farmer

Arthur John Ayers b. 23 January 1909 to William & Rose Ann of 216
Brougham St. occ: bricklayer

Beatrice Ayers bap. 14 August 1920, age 17 yrs father Joseph mother
dead Strathmore Home

Blanche Eveline Ayers b. 19 June 1910 to Henry & Ellen of 14 Essex St. Chch

Brian Ross Ayers b. 13 May 1927 to Laurie Stringer & Mary Sibella
occ: managers assistant
sponsors: Donald AYERS , Mileone AYERS

Cecil Ayers age 3yrs 4 mths funeral 13 June 1863 denom: presbyterian
plot 90

Charlottina Ayers b. 15 May 1865 to William James & Charlottina nee
CLEMENTS, res: Chch occ: bricklayer

Charlottina Ayers b. 20 June 1882 to William John & Sarah Susannah CHANEY
of Madras St. North occ: bricklayer
sponsors Albert HUTTON & Mary Jane CHANEY

Christina Elizabeth Ayres b. 26 November 1892 to William 7 Rose Anne of
Kaiapoi, bricklayer

Claude Edward Ayers b. 25 May 1904 to Henry Edward & Maud of Lyttelton,
occ: hairdresser

Claude F.Ayers age 2 mths funeral 24 February 1879 denom; Pres.

Christina Elizabeth Ayres b. 26 November 1892 to William & Rose Ann of
Kaiapoi, bricklayer

Daisy Ethel Ayers b. 11 May 1888 to George Maria of Lyttelton, occ:
Daisy Ethel Ayers bur. 24 May 1888 age 14 days

Dorothy Coronetta Ayers b. 19 June 1911 to William & Rose Ann of 171
Brougham St. occ: briccklayer

Dorothy Lois Ayers b. 7 May 1923 to James Thomas & Jane of 171 Brougham
St. occ: shepherd

Edith Minnie Ayers b. 20 August 1880 to William Anne of Lincoln occ: lab.
bur. 12 February 1898, res: Greenpark, age 17, Springston Cemetery

Elizabeth Ayers b. 1 September 1862 to William James & Charlottina AYERS
of Christchurch, occ: bricklayer

Elizabeth Ayres bur. 7 March 1892 age 54 n.O.K. William (hus) of
Kaiapoi plot 683,

Elsie Linda Maud Irene Ayers b. 13 July 1902 to George Harold &
Charlotte Jane AYERS nee CROOKSHANK
of Aldred St. hairdresser
buried 16 January 1903 at Linwood Cemetery age 6mth

Elsie May Ayres b. 24 march 1883 to George & Maria of Lyttelton,

Ernest Robert b. 18 September 1878, to William & Ann AYERS
of Lincoln occ: labourer

Esther Elizabeth Ayres b. 11 December 1859 to William & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi

Esther Louisa Ayres b. 25 September 1899 to William & Rose of Brougham
St. bricklayer

Florence B. Ayers bur. 14 January 1908 age 25 of Union St. Linwood Cemetery

Florence Evangeline Ayres b. 5 May 1887 to Thomas & Elizabeth of Woodend

Florence Ethel May Ayers b. 19 July 1886 to John & Susannah CHANEY
res: Gloucester St. East occ: bricklayer

Frederick b. 1872 to James & Charlotte of Ferry Rd, Avonside occ:

Geraldine Floss Ayres b. 5 May 1925 to Roy & Floss of Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi

George bur. 21 August 1904 age 64 of Lyttelton East occ: hairdresser

George Harold . Ayers b. 2 March 1879 to George & Maria, Lyttelton

George Harold Ayers b. 6 March 1883 to James & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi,
occ: hairdresser

George Herbert Ayers bur. 29 August 1871 age 1 hour of Armagh St. father

Harry Edward Ayers b. 9 November 1875 to George & Maria of Lyttelton

Harry Edward Ayers bur. 16 September 1936 age 62 res. Norwich Quay,

Hazel Barbara Nesbet Ayers b. 26 September 1909 to John William & Mary
of 82 Queen St. occ: electric plater
sponsor Sarah Susannah AYERS

Henry J.Ayers bur. 24 October 1935 age 59 N.O.K. Mrs TOMLINSON of 8
Hopkins St, Woolston
buried Sydenham Cemetery

Henry William Ayers bap. 13 May 1876 to James & Charlotte of Ferry Rd,
Avonside occ: bricklayer

Herbert William Hender Ayers b. 19 April 1911 to Herbert William &
Elsie Marion of 171 Durham St. occ: bricklayer

Horace Henry Ayers b. 31 July 1912 to Henry & Ellen of John St. occ: lab.

Ida Lavender Ayers b. 1 January 1889 to John William & Sarah Susannah
of 176 Peterborough St. occ: plasterers lab.

Ivy Helene Ayers age 4 days funeral 22 January 1887

James Ayres b. 20 April 1857 to William & Elizabeth nee GIBBS Papanui,

James Ayers bur. 8 May 1876 age 9yrs N.O.K. James occ: bricklayer
of Ferry Rd. Avonside

James Ayres b. 8 June 1895 to William & Rose of Kaiapoi
sponsors: Sarah GIBBS, Charles Martin, Edwin Derrett

James Frederick Ayres b. 3 November 1912 to John & Alice Mary of 75
Coleridge St. motorman

James William Ayers b. 1 March 1867 to James & Charlottina nee
CLEMENTS of Chch occ: bricklayer

Jane Ayers b. 9 September 1869 to William & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi,
occ: bricklayer

Joan Avril Ayers b. 1 April 1931 to Claude Edward & Olive Pearl of 33
Forfar St. occ: Bank clerk

Joel Ayers b. 5 October 1867 to William & Elizabeth Kaiapoi

John Alfred Ayers b. 31 May 1866 to John Arbot & Mary Ann of
Lyttelton, occ: Lighterman

John Frederick Ayres b. 3 November 1912 toJohn & Alice Mary 75
Coleridge Street Sydenham motorman

John Henry Ayers b. 18 December 1883 to William & Anne of Lincoln, occ:

John Joseph Ayers b. 12 November 1859 to James & Charlotte nee Clements

John Graham Ayers b. 12 October 1873, to William & Emma of Bingsland

John Ayers bur. 8 April 1875 age one and half years

John Henry Ayers b. 20 May 1879 to Randolph & Sarah

John Henry Ayers b. 26 April 1910 to John Henry & Edith Gertrude, of
Islington, Canterbury

John William Henry Ayers b. 16 October 1885 to John William & Sarah CHANEY
of Gloucester St. East

Joseph Ayers bap. 13 May 1876 to James & Charlotte of Ferry Road,

Leonard Charles Aitken Ayers b. 15 December 1898 to Charles & Elizabeth
Martha of Chch, occ: confectioner

Louiza Ayers b. 26 May 1872 to William Elizabeth of Kaiapoi, occ:

Margaret Jean Ayers, b. 19 March 1922 to James Thomas & Jane of 171
Brougham St. occ: farmer

Maria Ayres bur. 19 January 1924 res. Lyttelton age 74

Mary Ayres b. 20 December 1861 to William & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi

Mary Emma Ayers b. 18 December 1876, to William & Anne of Lincoln

Maud Ayers bur. 25 August 1938 age 60 of Norwich Quay, Lyttelton

Myrtle Irene Ayers b. 20 July 1897 to Arthur Charles & Violet ALLEN of
Princes St. occ: groom

Nancy Patricia Ayres b. 7 February 1927 to Roy & Floss of Kaiapoi

Naomi Edna Maria Ayers b. 23 December 1908 to Harry Edward & Maud of
Lyttelton occ: hairdresser

Olga Doris Ayers b. 24 April 1920 to Roy Shakespeare & Floss of
Kaiapoi, occ: bricklayer

Percy Ayers bur. 13 January 1900 at Linwood aged 9 weeks to Arthur
Charles & Violet Amy 20 Chester St.

Phyllis May Ayers b. 28 October 1909, to Sydney Herbert & May Maude of
Lyttelton occ: barber

Ralph G. L. Ayers age 1mth, funeral 21 August 1881 denom; pres.

Rini Margory Ayers b. 19 March 1923 to Percy Joseph & Catherine Jane of
76 Falsgrave St. occ: lab.

Ronald James Ayers b. 16 May 1918 to Henry & Ellen of John St. occ: lab

Rose Ann Ayres b. 27 March 1897 to William & Rose of Kaiapoi

Sydney Herbert Ayers b. 9 February 1881 to George & Maria of Lyttelton
occ: lab

Sydney Osborne Ayers b. 2 Marcch 1919 to Sydney Herbert & May Maud of
Lyttelton occ: hairdresser

Theresa Martha Ayers b. 7 May 1876 to William & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi,
Theresa Martha Ayers bur. 22 May 1881 age 7yrs of Kaiapoi

Thomas McGarry Ayers b. 22 October 1912 to FrankFrederick & Susan of

Violet Ayers b. 22 July 1903 to George Harold & Charlotte Jane nee
COOKSHANK of Durham St. hairdresser

Violet Jane Ayers funeral 12 October 1885 age 4 hours denom: Pres.

William Ayers b. 21 October 1865 to William & Elizabeth of Kaiapoi,

William b Ayers bap. 13 May 1876 to James & Charlotte of Ferry Rd,

William Baden Powell Ayres b. 25 September 1900 to William & Rose of
Brougham St.

William Baxter Ayers b date omitted approx 1870 to Aaron & Elizabeth,
of Chch

William Edwin Ayers b. 18 January 1873 to William & Anne of Lincoln

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