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Atkinson BDMs Christchurch
These Names have been transcribed by Beverley Evans, and I have been kindly been given Beverley's permission to include them in my site.
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Atkinson information from the Canterbury Public Library NZ

William Henry Atkinson & Eliza Ann Moore marr. 16 January 1889 at St.
Marys Church, Addington, Christchurch. ages 30/23 bach/spinster
occ. farmer born County Down / Cashmere, Chch NZ
parents Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson
parents bride James & Jane Moore nee Connery
witness William John Atkinson Cust, North Canterbury, NZ

John Atkinson & Sarah Ann Porter marr. 5 July 1893 at brides residence
bac/spinster ages 28/21 born County Down / Lincolnshire, England
parents Joseph and Elizabeth
witness Joseph farmer Cust.

Joseph Atkinson & Minnie Lillie Cockburn marr. 3 September 1896 in
Presbyterian church Oxford, North Canterbury, NZ ages 26/20
bach/spinster occ. farmer
parents Joseph & Elizabeth watson
witness Thomas Edward Atkinson, farm lab. Cust.
born Belfast Ireland / West Oxford, North Canterbury
witness Alan Cockburn & Jane McDowall

Thomas Edward Atkinson born 9 June 1874 bap. 30 May 1875
parents Joseph & Elizabeth Cust.

Ann Margaret Atkinson b. 30 July 1876 bap. 26 December 1883
parents Joseph & Elizabeth Cust.

Hugh Atkinson b. 30 July 1876 to Joseph & Elizabeth
marr. Bethia Symons Hendy 12 November 1902 ages 26/23 bach/sp
occ. platelayer born Cust/ Kaiapoi
witness Mary Ann Atkinson Kaiapoi, weaver

Janet Bessie Atkinson b. 29 June 1890 to William Henry & Eliza Ann
Henry Atkinson b. 28 May 1892 to William Henry & Eliza Ann, Bennetts,
North Canterbury, occ farmer
Robert Pierce b. 25 July 1894 to William Henry & Eliza
May Bernice Atkinson b. 20 October 1896 to William Henry & Eliza
Nathaniel Joseph b. 6 September 1898 to William Henry & Eliza

William John Atkinson & Eleanor Ferguson of Summerhill, Cust
Frederick Ashley Atkinson bap. 7 October 1894
William Culbert Atkinson b. 13 April 1896, Purple Hill, Summerhill
Harriett May Atkinson b. 26 August 1902
Harriett May Atkinson bur. 24 May 1903 age 9mths
Mary Bell Atkinson b. 8 October 1899, Summerhill
Ethel Elizabeth Edna Atkinson b. 8 May 1906

Selwyn Alexander Atkinson & Ilsely Catherine Evans m. 27 March 1923
age 25/24 b/s born Cust/Heathcote Valley, Christchurch
parents William John & Eleanor

Selwyn James Atkinson b. 26 May 1928 to Selwyn Alex and Ilsely
17 Wades St. St. Martins, Chch NZ
sponsor Edward Hanmer Atkinson

Margaret Ella Atkinson b. 13 January 1890 to Samuel & Anne Cust. lab.
Margaret Jane Atkinson bur. 15 January 1893 age 60 Purple Hill,
Summerhill, Cust.
Mary Atkinson b. 25 February 1883 to Samuel & Anne, Cust

Robert Dampier Atkinson & Katherina Cowe m. 13 April 1893 at St.
Barnabas Church Fendalton, Chch NZ both full age b/s occ sheep farmer
born Stifford, Essex, England / Berwick on Tweed usual address
Summerhill Cust.
parents John Frank Atkinson ret. Naval Officer & Mary Elizabeth Dampier

Samuel Atkinson & Ann Cook m. 8 December 1878 at St. Pauls, Leithfield,
North Canterbury minor/full age bach/sp/ witness W.H.Atkinson

Thomas Samuel Atkinson b. 28 january 1887 bap. 24 Feb. 1888
to Samuel & Anne Cust

Cust Cemetery gravestone inscription.
Isabella Atkinson died 27 September 1859 age 39, Robert Atkinson died 22
July 1859 age 7yrs Charles Henry died 30 July 1859 age 10mths buried
at sea. Robert died 8 May 1890 age 79 yrs.,

Cust Presbyterian Cemetery
Margaret Jane Atkinson wife of William died January 1893 age 60

shipping "Canterbury"
William Atkinson age 26 Farm lab. County Down
Margaret Jane age 22
William John age 3
Robert age 6mths

Eliza Atkinson 22 "Light Brigade" County Down servant

Margaret Atkinson age 34 dom. servant "Zealandia" 1862
Mary Margaret Atkinson age 14

Robert Atkinson age 58 "Cashmere" joiner Durham
Isabella 38
John 11
Robert 8
Elizabeth 3
Charles W 8mths

ATKINSON - some of the Marriages - Christchurch City Library
Church register index.

marriages -
male details / female details
Cust, Bennetts, Summerhill, Swannanoa, Mandeville, Ohoka, Woodend,
Waikuku, Rangiora,
Flaxton & Kaiapoi, are all in North Canterbury not too far from

Ada Atkinson & Walter CODLING m. 13 October 1873. at St. Andrews
Pres, Church.
Annie Haigh Atkinson & Albert Thomas HAWKINS m. 29 July 1903,
ages: 26/27, bach/sp, born: Doyleston / Waddington.
parents: Thomas & Eliza Ann Hawkins nee KEIR platelayer
Thomas & Mary Jane Atkinson nee JEBSON, farmer.
witness: Clarence F.Bull, Waddington, John Jebson, Sheffield.

Constance Gertrude Atkinson & William Wilson ROBSON m. 23 June 1920
at res.of W. Atkinson, Ohoka, ages: 32 / 22, b/sp, occ: labourer
/ domestic,
born: Orkney Islands / Ohoka,
parents: John & Helen Anderina Robson nee TOMISON
William & Eleanor Atkinson nee WATSON.
witness: May Gladys Atkinson, Ohoka, Charles Stanley Watson, Ohoka.

Cyril Brears Atkinson & Annie Chamber BREARS m. 11 November 1913, at
St Michael's
ages: 27 / 26, occ: Sailor, b/sp,
born: Goole, England / Halkett, Canterbury, usual addres: Wellington
/ Brookside.
parents: Robert & Lucy Atkinson nee Brears, Shipping Agent,
John & Julia Brears nee WARD

Ebenezer Forster Atkinson & Ellen Amelia JOHNSTON m. 9 October 1917
at Pres. Church, Riccarton, Chch.
ages: 31 / 24, b/sp, occ: Soldier / Tailoress,
born: Woodend / Papanui, Chch, usual Address: Featherston / Riccarton,
parents: John Bowman & Lillas Atkinson nee DRYSDALE, farmer,
Hugh Francis & Elizabeth Johnston nee ALLEN farmer.

Eliza Jane Atkinson & Thomas HEYWARD m. 2 January 1888, at St James
Church, Cust.
ages: 32 / 17, b/s, occ: miner/ domestic servant. b.Victoria,
Australia / County Down, Ireland.
usual address: Nelson Creek / Cust.
Parents: John & Philadelphia Heyward, farmer
Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson nee Watson, farmer
witness: William henry Atkinson, Cust, Margaret Beattie.

Elizabeth Atkinson & Bronsby WHITE m 11 May 1865 at Parish Church,
both full age, b/sp, occ: labourer,
witness: Thomas Atkinson, Sarah Elizabeth Dawson.

Esther Atkinson & Samuel MORRIS m. 9 December 1872, at Harewood
Road, Church,
both full age, occ: farmer,
witness: Richard & Margaret Sutcliffe.

Evelyn Louisa Atkinson & James Fforde TIPPING m. 6 June 1906 at
Parish Church, Rangiora.
ages: 25 / 26, b/sp, occ: farmer / teacher,
born: Cust / Marlborough,
parents: James Coburg & Annie Elizabeth FFORDE, farmer,
William & Isabella Atkinson nee YOUNGER, Runholder.
witness: Hanmer Atkinson, Rangiora, L.W. Blunden, Bennetts.

Hannah Atkinson & Edward Arthur YOUNG m. 28 November 1905. at
Methodist Church, Swannanoa.
ages: 31 / 26, b/sp, occ: labourer/ domestic duties.
born: Flaxton / Swannanoa,
parents: Frederick William & Susan nee BRADLEY
Robinson & Maria Atkinson nee BRADLEY
witness: Amos Atkinson, Rose Edith Atkinson.

Hugh Atkinson & Bethia HENDY m. 12 November 1902 at Weslyan Church
ages: 26 / 23, bach / sp, occ: platelayer, usual address: Chertsey,
parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson nee WATSON
Joseph (deceased) & Bethia Hendy nee SYMONS
witness: Margaret Ann Atkinson, Kaiapoi, weaver

John Atkinson & Sarah Anne Porter m. 5 July 1893 at the bride's parents
ages: 29 / 21, bachelor / spinster, occ: labourer, born:
County Down, Ireland / Lincolnshire.
usual address: Cust./ Papanui
parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson, nee WATSON,
Charles & Amanda Porter, nee STAMP
witness: Joseph Atkinson, farmer, Cust.
Eliza HEYWARD housekeeper, Cust

John Atkinson & Agnes TUNSTALL m. 20 April 1878,
ages: 26 / 30, b/sp, occ: labourer,
witness: Josiah Kingdon, Yaldhurst, farmer.

John Bowman Atkinson & Lillas DRYSDALE m. 6 October 1881 at Weslyan
Church, Woodend.
ages: 32 / 26, b/sp, occ: farmer,
born: both in England, usual address: Waikuku.
parents: Robert & Isabella Atkinson, nee FOSTER
Ebenezer & Ann Drysdale

Joseph Atkinson & Minnie Lillie COCKBURN m. 3 September 1896
in Presbyterian Church West oxford, ages: 26 / 20, bach / sp, occ:
b. Belfast, Ireland / West Oxford,
parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson nee Watson
Allan & Jane Cockburn nee McDOWELL, blacksmith.
witness: Jessie Cockburn, West Oxford,
Thomas Edward Atkinson, farmer Cust.

Margaret Atkinson & Richard SUTCLIFFE m. 5 March 1857, at St Michaels
both full age, b/sp, occ: farmer,
witness: Thomas Atkinson, Emma Jenkins, R. Sutcliffe.

Margaret Ann Atkinson & Herbert Marshall WRIGHT m. 13 May 1903 at
Weslyan Church, Kaiapoi.
ages: 24 / 24, b/sp, occ: Grocers assistant / weaver,
born: Kaiapoi / Cust,
parents: Robert & Matilda Ann Wright nee BAKER, surveyor,
Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson nee Watson,
witness: James William Wright, auctioneer's clerk, kaiapoi, Emily
Simon Hendy, Kaiapoi.

Maria Atkinson & Frederick Thomas HUNT m. 30 April 1902, at
Weslyan Church, Swannanoa,
ages: 27 / 24, occ: farmer, b/sp.
parents: George & Emma Hunt nee BLACKWELL
Robinson & Maria Atkinson
witness: Rose edith Atkinson, Swannanoa, Richard Evans, Kaiapoi,

Margaret Atkinson & Dougall George MATHESON m. 2 May 1878 at
Parish Church, Rangiora.
both full age, occ: Station holder
witness: W. Atkinson, Rangiora, runholder.

Mary Ann Frances Atkinson & Peter COUCH m. 17 May 1877 at House of
Mr Joseph Atkinson Dampier's Bay, Lyttelton.
ages: 21 / 17, stationmaster. witness: Joseph Atkinson, Annie
Atkinson, Lyttelton.

Muriel Elsie Atkinson & Arthur Clement ORCHARD m. 8 June 1916 at res.
of Mr S.L.Orchard, at Ohoka.
ages: 22 / 21, b/s, b. Ohoka / Swannanoa,
parents: Samuel Louis & Mary Ann Orchard nee CLIST labourer,
William & Eleanor Atkinson nee WATSON,
witness: H.G.Orchard, Ohoka, R.Ward, Ohoka, J.L.Atkinson, Ohoka.

Robert Atkinson & Sarah GATES m. 13 November 1865 at house of Mrs
Atkinson, Woodend,
ages: 64 / 50 witness: William Gibbs, farmer, George Gibbs, both of
Woodend, farmer

Robert Dampier Atkinson & Katherina COWE m. 13 April 1893, In Church
of St Barnabas,
both full age, bach/sp, occ: sheep farmer, b. Stifford, Essex,
England / Berwick on Tweed.
usual address: Summerhill
parents: John Frank & Mary Elizabeth Atkinson nee DAMPIER ret. Naval
Henry & Isabella Fedis Cowe nee MURRAY

Robinson Atkinson & Maria BRADLEY m. 24 December 1866 at Weslyan
Church, Mandeville,
ages: 27 / 17, b/sp, occ: farmer.
witness: William Bradley, Mandeville, farmer, Thomas Atkinson,
Rangiora, farmer.

Rose Ann Winnifred Atkinson & Sydney Wilfred BEATTY m. 22 June 1921,
ages:24 / 20, bach/sp, born: Coalgate / Woodgrove.
parents: John & Rebecca Beattie nee VERNER, ret. farmer
Samuel & Ann Atkinson nee COOK, ret. farmer,
witness: John Atkinson, farmer, Pleasant Point.

Rose Edith Atkinson & Henry Athol BENNET m. 2 May 1907 at Methodist
Church, Swannanoa,
ages: 22 / 24, bach/sp, occ: farmer.
parents: James& Mary Ann Bennet nee FLINT, farmer.
Robinson & Maria Atkinson nee BRADLEY
witness: Robinson Atkinson, Arthur Bennet, East Eyreton.

Samuel Atkinson & Ann COOK, m. 8 December 1878 at St Paul's Church,
ages: minor / full age, b/sp, occ: labourer,
witness: W.H.Atkinson.

Selwyn Alexander Atkinson & Ilsley Catherine EVANS m. 27 March 1923
ages: 25/24, bach/sp, occ: postal clerk, b. Cust / Heathcote Valley
parents: William John & Eleanor Atkinson nee FERGUSON
William Edgar & Elizabeth Evans nee PETRIE, gardener.

Selwyn James Atkinson & Sarah Ann ATTWOOD m. 8 May 1872, at St. James
Church, Southbridge,
ages: 28 /17, b/sp, occ: labourer/ domestic duties,
witness: Thomas Attwood, Matilda Gamble.

Thomas Atkinson & Agnes Spiers HUNTER m. 3 October 1900, at res. of
Mr J.J.Hunter,
Clare Road, St. Albans, Christchurch, ages: 28 / 24, b/sp, occ:
farmer/domestic duties,
born: Mandeville / Christchurch,
parents: Robinson & Maria Atkinson nee Bradley, farmer
John James & Johan Hunter, nee HUGHES, cabinetmaker,

Thomas Atkinson & Mary Jane JEBSON m. 27 April 1875, at res. of Mr
J.Jebson, Malvern
ages: 34 / 25, b/sp,

Thomas Atkinson & Alice BANKS m. 13 June 1867 at Parish Church,
both full age, bach/sp, occ: farmer.

William Atkinson & Eleanor Pace WATSON m. 25 July 1894 at Methodist
Church, Rangiora,
ages: 24 / 26, occ: farmer,
born: Swannanoa / Southbrook,
parents: Robinson & Maria Atkinson
George & Sarah Jane Watson nee PACE, butcher,
witness: George Watson, Southbrook, Amos Atkinson, Swannanoa, farmer.
James Lee Watson, Southbrook, blacksmith.

William & Louisa TAYLOR m. 5 January 1886 at St. Paul's
ages: 49 / 40, born: England / Scotland,
parents: Ralph & Ann Atkinson nee BURNIP farmer,
John & Ann Taylor nee THOMSON Captain 90th Light Infantry

William Henry Atkinson & Eliza Ann MOORE m. 16 January 1889 at St
Mary's Church, Addington, Christchurch.
ages: 30 / 23, bach / sp, b. County Down, Ireland / Christchurch, NZ
parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Atkinson nee Watson
James & Jane Moore nee CONNERY
witness: William John Atkinson, Cust,
James Moore, Selwyn St, Chch

surname ATKINSON
Ann Margaret b. 30 July 1876, to Joseph & Elizabeth, Cust, farmer.
Annie, b. 28 February 1873, to Thomas & Annie, Killinchy, blacksmith.
Arabella Jessie b. 29 December 1858 to Thomas & Martha Jane,
carpenter, Chch.

Daphne Matilda b. 15 May 1915 to Thomas & Agnes, Waikari,
Derek Hanmer b. 20 September 1914, to William Hanmer & Nina Miriam
nee WYAN, Woodbank, Hanmer
sp.William Harold Atkinson.

Edward Hamner b. 18 April, 1904, to William John & Eleanor, of
Summerhill, Cust, farmer.
Eileen Eva b. 23 January 1907 to William John & Eva, templeton.
Ellen Sarah b. 4 March 1876, to William & Sarah Ann, of Rakaia.
Emily Elizabeth b. 28 June 1874 to William & Sarah, Southbridge.
Ethel Elizabeth Edna b. 8 May 1906, to William John & Eleanor, Summerhill,

Fanny b. 13 July 1868 to Robinson & Maria, Mandeville
Frederick Ashley b. 7 October 1894, to John & Elizabeth, Summerhill.

Gladys May b. 9 February 1908 to William John & Eva, Templeton,

Harriet Mary b. 26 August 1902 to John & Elizabeth, Summerhill.
Hilda Cumming b. 23 November 1885, to William & Isabella, Woodbank.
Hugh b. 30 July 1876 to Joseph & Elizabeth, Cust.
Hugh Allan bap. 6 September 1899 to Jos.

James Henry b. 28 May 1892, to William Henry & Elizabeth Ann,
Bennetts, Cust.
Janet Bessie b. 29 June 1890 to William Henry & Elizabeth Ann,
Bennetts, Cust
Joe Burt Leeming bap. 28 June 1900 to Joseph Atkinson, Cust. (no
mother's name)
John Richard b. 19 September 1898 to Samuel & Anne, Masons Flat, farmer
Joseph b. 19 September 1898 to Samuel & Anne, Masons Flat, farmer.

Margaret b. 29 August 1901, to William John & Eleanor, Summerhill, Cust.
Margaret Ellen b. 13 January 1890 to Samuel & Anne, Cust.
Margaret Ruth b. 9 November 1918 to William Thomas & Ruth Marjorie,
Mason Hills, Waiau, Nth Canterbury
Mary b. 25 February 1883 to Samuel & Anne, Cust.
Mary Ann Frances b. 11 May 1860 to Joseph & Mary Ann, Lyttelton.
Mary Bell b. 8 October 1899 to William John & Eleanor, Summerhill
Mary Ethel Fiddis Dampier b. 4 February 1895 to Robert Dampier &
Katherine, Summerhill.
May Bernice, b. 28 October 1896 to William Henry & Elizabeth Ann,
Bennetts, Cust

Nathaniel Joseph b. 6 September 1898 to William Henry & Elizabeth
Ann, Bennetts, Cust.
Noeline Amuri b. 21 December 1916 to Charles Edward & Mary Moore,
Rotheram, Nth Canterbury

Robert Pierce b. 25 July 1894, to William Henry & Elizabeth,
Bennetts, Cust.

Sarah Elizabeth b. 31 March 1879 to Samuel & Anne, Cust.

Thomas Edward b. 9 June 1874 to Joseph & Elizabeth, Cust,
Thomas Henry b. 23 July 1871 to Thomas & Ann, Southbridge, sp, Joseph
Thomas Samuel b. 29 January 1887 to Samuel & Anne, Cust.
William b. 29 October 1869 to Robinson & Maria, Mandeville.
William Culbert, b. 13 April 1896, to William John & Ellen, Purple
Hills, Summerhill.
William John Salkeld, b. 13 july 1864 to Joseph & Mary Ann, Lyttelton,

Charles Robinson bur. 24 August 1907, Father: William John,
Templeton, age 18mths.
Eileen Eva, bur. 4 February 1907, John & Eva age 12 days. Templeton.
Ellen, bur. 3 May 1939 age 82, spinster, Hewitts Road.
Harriet Mary, bur. 24 May 1903 age 9mths.
James Hope bur. 5 April 1865 late Captain in H.M.Highlanders, age 40
Joseph bur. 22 September 1898, NOK Samuel & Anne Atkinson, farm
labourer. Masons' Flat, age 2 days.
Margaret Jane bur, 15 January 1893, "Purple Hill" Summerhill, age 60
Margaret bur, 17 September 1921 - Springfield, age 21.
Joseph Atkinson bur. Kaiapoi Cemetery 1918.
William John Salkeld bur. 20 August 1863, age 3 weeks, res. Lyttelton.

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