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Evening Post 1908 Nurses and Midwife exam
Painstakingly transcribbed by Elaine& her team
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NURSES AND MIDWIVES. Results State Examinations
Evening Post, 3 July 1908

MIDWIVES. Results State Examinations
Evening Post, 3 July 1908

The following candidates have been successful in passing the State examination under the Midwives Act 1904. The names appear in order of merit: -

Annie MATHIESON-Medical School Maternity Hospital-Dunedin
Emma NEALE-St Helens Hospital-Wellington
Jean LORIMER-St Helens Hospital-Dunedin
Mary BOWIE- St Helens Hospital-Dunedin
Caroline JONES- St Helens Hospital-Dunedin
Dora BERNARD- St Helens Hospital-Wellington
Louie M HEATLEY- St Helens Hospital-Christchurch
Priscilla HAMES- St Helens Hospital-Auckland
Mary BRAKE- St Helens Hospital-Christchurch and
Muriel LINTON- St Helens Hospital-Wellington equal
Edith PRICHARD- St Helens Hospital-Christchurch
Marion KERR- St Helens Hospital-Auckland and
Maud ROUNTREE- St Helens Hospital-Auckland equal
Kate KELLY- St Helens Hospital-Dunedin


NURSES AND MIDWIVES. Results State Examinations
Evening Post, 3 July 1908

Results State Examinations
The following nurses have been successful in passing the final State examination under the Nurses Registration Act, 1901. The names appear in order of merit: -
Rosamund BAILEY-Wellington Hospital
Norah DAY-Palmerston
Ruth HURSTHOUSE-Wellington
Mary EARLY-Wellington =
Alice BAIRD-Auckland=
Margaret BILTON-Napier
Eliz. GOLDSMITH-Wellington
Lily LIND-Wellington
Eliza STUBBS-Christchurch
Annie WESTOBY-Wellington
Nellie GRANT-Dunedin
Christine HUNTER-Christchurch
Ethel WIGGINS-Christchurch
Elsie STRONACH-Dunedin
Grace SISLEY-New Plymouth=
Winifred-SHORT-New Plymouth=
Helen PEARCE-Invercargill
Edith LEWIS-Wanganui
Maggie DALRYMPLE-Wellington
Jane BROWN-Wellington and Olive HILDRETH-Palmerston North=
Mary ALLAN-Dunedin and Florence HART-Wellington=
Ethel PATTERSON-Napier and Isabel M'RAE-Nelson=
Rose FANNING-Christchurch and Wilhemina LYALL-Dunedin=
Ruth MILLER-Nelson
Harriet NEWMAN-Christchurch
Laura TURNER-New Plymouth
Annie M'KAY-Invercargill and Sybil CARMICHAEL-Invercargill=
Lilian BREWER-Auckland
Mary WATERS-Christchurch
Evelyn SHAW-Auckland
Jessie FROUDE-Auckland
Heni WHANGAPERITA-Wellington
Lilian LATIMER-Auckland
Rose NEWDICK-Waihi
Sarah PALMER-Waihi and Jean LITTLEJOHN-Waihi=

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