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Spouse: Albert HISCOTT. Children were: James HISCOTT.


Spouse: Ronald Earl REED.

Florence MONTLE.

Spouse: Ephriam EGGLESTON. Children were: Leo W EGGLESTON.

Cynthia O MOORE was born on 22 Dec 1950 in Carthage, NY. She died on 20 Aug 2013 in Russell, NY at home. She was buried on 26 Aug 2013 in Pleasant View Cemetery, Clare, NY. Cynthia graduated from Harrisville Central School in 1969. She was primarily a homemaker. She was Pitcairn Town Clerk for 8 years. She enjoyed cooking, canning, quilting, researching family history, reading her bible, and spending time with family and friends. Her obituary was in the Watertown Daily Times on 24 August 2013. Parents: Harold MOORE and Ella LAW.

Spouse: Billy Joe HANCE. Billy Joe HANCE and Cynthia O MOORE were married in 2002.

Cynthia Ruth MOORE.

Spouse: Harold OBERG. Children were: Debra Lea OBERG, Brendan Earl OBERG, Daniel James OBERG.

Deborah Lynn MOORE.

Spouse: John Rutherford SCOTT. Children were: Jennifer Lynn SCOTT.

Elizabeth MOORE was born in 1915. She died on 10 Oct 1952.

Spouse: Clifford E REED. Children were: Edward James REED Sr..

Elizabeth Anna (Libbie) MOORE.

Spouse: Orin J BAKER. Children were: Edith BAKER.

Foster Leon MOORE was born on 6 May 1883 in Potsdam, NY. He died on 20 Jun 1974 in Canton, NY.

Spouse: Grace Elnora PARO. Foster Leon MOORE and Grace Elnora PARO were married on 4 Apr 1929 in Watertown, NY.

Harold MOORE.

Spouse: Ella LAW. Children were: Cynthia O MOORE.

James MOORE. Parents: John Stanley MOORE and Ruth Isabelle BECKER.

John Stanley MOORE was born on 2 Jul 1918. He died on 8 Jan 1999.

Spouse: Ruth Isabelle BECKER. John Stanley MOORE and Ruth Isabelle BECKER were married on 8 May 1943 in Guilderland Center, NY. Children were: James MOORE, Nancy MOORE, Judith Anne MOORE, Susan MOORE.

Judith Anne MOORE. Parents: John Stanley MOORE and Ruth Isabelle BECKER.

Spouse: Donald Roy SIMMONS Jr. Donald Roy SIMMONS Jr and Judith Anne MOORE were married on 19 Mar 1966 in Rensselaer Falls, NY. Children were: Vickie Lynn SIMMONS, Kelly Anne SIMMONS, Timothy Paul SIMMONS.

Leota MOORE.

Spouse: Harley K LINCOLN. Children were: Wayne LINCOLN, Dale LINCOLN, Dean LINCOLN, Kevin LINCOLN, Pamela LINCOLN.

Nancy MOORE. Parents: John Stanley MOORE and Ruth Isabelle BECKER.

Robert MOORE.

Spouse: Elizabeth WOODSIDE.

Susan MOORE. Parents: John Stanley MOORE and Ruth Isabelle BECKER.


Spouse: Sharon GAGNON.

Karen Louise MORGAN. Parents: Kermit MORGAN and Marian GREEN.

Spouse: Robert Gordon HOLLAND. Children were: Marianne Elizabeth HOLLAND, Emily Sue HOLLAND, Martha Erin HOLLAND.

Kermit MORGAN.

Spouse: Marian GREEN. Children were: Karen Louise MORGAN.

Andrew MORRILL. Parents: Andrew Brian MORRILL and Eliza Jane VANORNUM.

Andrew Brian MORRILL. Parents: Gerald Asa MORRILL and Shirley Ann LEONARD.

Spouse: Eliza Jane VANORNUM. Children were: Erica Lynn MORRILL, Andrew MORRILL, Ashley MORRILL.

Ashley MORRILL. Parents: Andrew Brian MORRILL and Eliza Jane VANORNUM.

Erica Lynn MORRILL. Parents: Andrew Brian MORRILL and Eliza Jane VANORNUM.

Gerald Asa MORRILL.

Spouse: Shirley Ann LEONARD. Children were: Andrew Brian MORRILL.

Beverly Marie MORRIS.

Spouse: Terry Lyle SATCHWELL. Children were: Joshua Adam SATCHWELL, Jacob Aaron SATCHWELL, Jessica Ashlynne SATCHWELL.

George MORRIS.

Spouse: Lena MACCUMBER. Children were: Marjorie Ellen MORRIS.

Marjorie Ellen MORRIS was born on 24 Aug 1923 in Ogdensbug, NY. She died on 22 Dec 2013 in Town of DeKalb, NY. She was buried on 26 Dec 2013 in Foxwood Memorial Park, Ogdensburg, NY. Marjorie's obituary was in the Ogdensburg Journal on 24 December2013. Parents: George MORRIS and Lena MACCUMBER.

Spouse: Spencer Milford KIRBY. Spencer Milford KIRBY and Marjorie Ellen MORRIS were married on 22 Apr 1940 in Ogdensburg, NY at Second Presbyterian Stone Church. Children were: Dawn Marie KIRBY, George KIRBY Sr.

Marlene Marie MORRISSIEY. Parents: Preston MORRISSIEY and Elaine.

Spouse: David Arnold JENKINS. Children were: Tanya Marie JENKINS, John David JENKINS.


Spouse: Mary JENKINS.


Spouse: Elaine. Children were: Marlene Marie MORRISSIEY.

Elijah Adam MORROW. Parents: Jesse Dean MORROW and Brandi Ann SIMMONS.

Jesse Dean MORROW. Parents: John Arthur MORROW and Barbara Ann HAPEMAN.

Spouse: Brandi Ann SIMMONS. Children were: Kaleb Daniel MORROW, Elijah Adam MORROW.

John Arthur MORROW.

Spouse: Barbara Ann HAPEMAN. Children were: Jesse Dean MORROW.

Kaleb Daniel MORROW. Parents: Jesse Dean MORROW and Brandi Ann SIMMONS.


Spouse: Sarah HOLBROOK. Children were: Polley MORSE.


Spouse: John FRANCIS. Children were: Olive FRANCIS.


Spouse: Kevin Dean BIGELOW. Children were: Adrian Gary BIGELOW, Kevin Dean BIGELOW.

Polley MORSE was born on 5 Sep 1772 in Woodstock, CT. She died on 10 May 1852 in Woodstock, CT. Parents: Abel MORSE and Sarah HOLBROOK.

Spouse: Lieut Winthrop CHANDLER. Lieut Winthrop CHANDLER and Polley MORSE were married on 30 May 1793 in Woodstock, CT. Children were: Winthrop CHANDLER.


Spouse: Archibald BROZZO.


Spouse: Francis Joseph GUCK. Francis Joseph GUCK and Ann May MOSHER were married on 16 Jan 1950 in Rochester, NY. Children were: Beverly GUCK, Francis Joseph GUCK, Charles GUCK.


Spouse: Elizabeth. Children were: Sue Ellen MOSHER.


Spouse: Robert CHASE. Robert CHASE and Irene MOSHER were married. Children were: Michael Charlie CHASE.


Spouse: Frederick A BRESSETTE. Children were: Christina BRESSETTE.

Sue Ellen MOSHER. Parents: Edwin MOSHER and Elizabeth.

Spouse: Robert Homer WAINWRIGHT. Children were: Heather Lynn WAINWRIGHT, Robert James WAINWRIGHT, Christopher Scott WAINWRIGHT.

Adaline MOSIER.

Spouse: John WHITNEY. Children were: Orville Jerome WHITNEY, Dalton WHITNEY, Volney WHITNEY.

Adaline MOSIER.

Spouse: John WHITNEY.

John MOSLEY. Parents: John MOSLEY.

Spouse: Mary NEWBURY. Children were: Mary MOSLEY.


Children were: John MOSLEY.

Mary MOSLEY was born on 1 May 1673 in Windsor, CT. She died in Westfield, MA. She second married Eleazer Weller on 7 Nov 1704. Parents: John MOSLEY and Mary NEWBURY.

Spouse: Isaac PHELPS. Isaac PHELPS and Mary MOSLEY were married on 17 Dec 1690. Children were: Isaac PHELPS.

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