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Johannes Zopp

Name Johann ZOPP found in -

Census Index, Colonial America, 1607-1789 - CD 310.

Index, Philadelphia, PA Census for 1764 found on LDS Oak CD #020.

Passenger & Immigration Index 1983 Supplement for Philadelphia, PA Year 1764 by William Filby, Ref 1804 page 462. This Index refers to a book also by William Henry Egle: "Names of Foreigners Who Took The Oath of Allegiance", page 462.

List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Brittania, Capt. Thomas Arnot, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia. Qualified September 29, 1764.

Thirty Thousand Names of Immigrants in Pennsylvania, 1727 - 1776" by Israel Daniel Rupp on page 359, paragraph 240) Sept 26, 1764, Ship Brittania, Thomas Arnot, Captain, from Rotterdam to Philadelphia, PA. - 260 passengers.

Other entries may be typographical errors? Name appears as Johannes Zepp or Johannes Sim. Zepp. There are two Zepp spellings listed in the 1790 & 1800 Census for Montgomery Co. Pennsylvania; Jacob w/ wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter; John w/ wife, no children, Philip w/wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters. And in 1754 Philadelphia Co. PA; Phillip w/wife. Is the John Zepp in 1790 Montgomery Co. PA Census is the Johannes who arrived in 1764. There continued to be many Zepp's living in both PA and MD thru 1880.

Still need to look at an actual passenger ship's log to see name spelling and if he had wife and children.

This report assumes Johannes as direct ancestor. Other "childrens names" assume those found in later census'.

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Zopp, Charles Land Records: Arkansas, Florida, and Louisiana, 1812-1907 253

Zopp, Hyram Census Index, United States Selected States/Counties, 1860 318

Zopp, Johannes Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789 310

Zopp, John Census Index, United States Selected States/Counties, 1860 318

Zopp, Joseph Census Index: Eastern Pennsylvania, 1870 286

Zopp, Michael Census Index: Eastern Pennsylvania, 1870 286

Johannes Zopp found in:

Immigration Records: German and Swiss Settlers in America, 1700s-1800s Immigration Records: Immigrants to Pennsylvania, 1600s-1800s Passenger and Immigration Index, 1500s-1900s Passenger and Immigration Lists: New York, 1820-1850

Colonial America, 1607-1789 Census Index

Genealogical Records: Pennsylvania Colonial Records, 1600s-1800s

Received: from, Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Subject: Zopp, To:

Hi: I am not researching any of your surnames but thought maybe some of the burials in Mt Carmel Cem may be a part of your family. You have some of the most difficult letters to transcribe from the old handwriting as you will see in the records below. (The small 'o' in most records was written so that the line came off the top and back down to the line and most often taken for an 'a'.) Even though they are all buried in the same lot you will find three different spellings. The unmarried Katherine, born in 1826 is in the right time period. Included in the list are all those in the same lot with different names than you have on your list. Some of the very young chn who never appear on census lists can give very good clues in their birth or death records. Hope some of this is helpful. Good luck-Pauline

Jul 12, 1867 Catherine Wise Balto 1y Balto Croup u #003-CC 2nd N

Dec 30, 1871 Eliza Taph Balto 3y Balto Catarrh u #003-CC 3rd S

Nov 27, 1872 Lizza Metzman Balto 14y Balto Small pox u #003-CC 3rd S

May 10, 1886 Magdalena Zapp MD 1y 4m 54 N Bond St Lung Congestion u #004-CC S E cor

Jul 2, 1892 May J Zapp MD 2y 9m 119 N Dallas St Inflamed bowels u #004-CC S W cor

Sep 6, 1900 Benjamin E Rieman MD 15h 1423 E McEldery St Convulsions u #004-CC reo 1st S

May 16, 1903 Katherine Zapf GERM 77y 116 N Bond St Cystitis u #003-CC

Jun 28, 1904 Wm Edger Rieman MD 5m 827 N Wolf St Meningitis u #004-CC reo 2nd fr S

7/19/2000 Search of databases;

U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 3; John Zapp Claim: Compensation for revolutionary services Congress: 2 Session: 2 (Philadelphia; 5 November 1792 - 2 March 1793, John Langdon (President pro Tempore of the Senate; Jonathan Trumbull, Speaker of the House) Manner: Petition Journal page: 540 House Disposed: Laid on table

Revolutionary War Muster Rolls, 1775-83; John Zapp Rank: Private Roll Box: 116

10/24/00,, Maryland Census, 1772-1890

1778 Washington Co., MD Census George Zapp, No TWP, Fidelity Oath

1850 Baltimore Co., MD Census: Francis Zapp, pg 221, 17th Ward

1860 Baltimore Co., MD Census: Catherine Zapp, pg 072, 17th Ward Francis Zapp, pg 228, 17th Ward

1870 Baltimore Co., MD Census Ennle Zapp, p 403, 6th Ward Francis Zapp, pg 161, 18th Ward John M. Zapp, pg 466, 6th Ward

1810 Marlborough Twp., Montgomery Co., PA census, ZUPP, John

Jacob Zopp

Jacob's name was taken from the death certificate of his son, Benjamin R.. Abigail, Ben's wife, supplied this information for the certificate. In late census records, Benjamin says his father was born in Maryland and his mother born in Ireland.

Name found! "Pennsylvania German Church Records, From the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Etc." Volume III, page 130 "Church records of the Old Goshenhoppen Reformed Congregation, Upper Sulford Township, Montgomery County, PA, 1764 - 1833, Baptisms 1762 - 1833. ; Jacob Zoepp & Elizabeth Ohl witnesses to the baptism of Johann Jacob Strohman, born 8/30/1780, father is Henrich Strohman. Also on this page; Jacob Zoepp & Anna Maria Schneider witnesses to the baptism of Jacob Eckli born 8/1/1781, baptised 8/26/1781, parents were Joseph & Dorothea Eckli. Both baptisms were performed by Johann Wilhelm Ingold the local pastor. NOTE: Anna Maria Schneider was 19 1/2 years old when she and her brother, Valentin Schneider, age 17 1/2 received confirmation on 3/29/1771, in the "Great Swamp", they being from the Old Goshenhoppen Congregation.


The Old Goshenhoppen Church is located on Church Rd. in Upper Salford Township, Woxall, Pa. If you can find Harleysville, Pa on a map find Rt 63 which runs right through Harleysville. Continue on Rt 63 (Sumneytown Pike)until you see Old Sumneytown Pike on the left side of the road.

Following that road until you come upon an itersection with Burton Rd & Skippack Rd turn left. Follow Skippack Rd for a very short distance and turn right onto Church Rd. The Church & Graveyard are on the left (the parking lot is on the right). Jon Rahn <>

Interesting note here; Another passenger traveling on the ship "Brittania" with Johannes Zopp is Adolph Carl Schneider. There is LDS family history information that Anna Maria Schneider is the daughter of Adolph Carl Schneider."


Today I researched a map of Montgomery Co., PA. I found the town of Woxall looking for the Old Goshenhoppen Church on Church Rd. Nearby (north) I found Zepp Road. Further searches of Mongomery County records produced a burial record for Anna Maria and Jacob Zepp (1855) in the old church graveyard. The baptism records above must have been just prior to the marriage of Anna Maria Schneider and Jacob Zepp.

1/2/2008 The Old Goshenhoppen Church now as a website with burial names/dates

Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:44:55 -0400 From: "Joe Slavin" <> To: Subject: Margaret ZOPP -Reply

Well AL..... you certainly add to an interesting Monday back at work....

First off you are the second person to find my Posts to this Baltimore City page in two weeks... a page so remote now that it is unlinked from every other Rootsweb/genweb connecting page... so congrats for some good sleuthing.... 8-)

Second off, the Zopps/Zopp surname must be a pretty rare one in Baltimore in those days... as Margaret was the only one I had been able to find to date, though I have not pursued this surname with as much vigor as other ones... so I may have missed some somewhere...

My interest in Margaret was she was the first wife of Benjamin Charles.. a man who had at least two, maybe three wives, the second being Eleanor Evans, the third Martha Rhule of York Co., PA may actually be the wife of Benjamin's son Benjamin F. Charles.. but I have nothing to say which Benjamin she married....

I also have no record of death for Margaret, though I do for Eleanor Evans.....Benjamin's second wife....

I know that Benjamin and Margaret were married in the Baltimore Station of the United Methodist-Episcopal Church.... which was located on Light Street and Wine Alley.... there were actually three churches for this one location... the first proved too small and was replaced eventually by a larger one which burned to the ground almost as soon as it was opened.. the third which was the burned church's replacement was torn down in late 1869 to make way for the City's extending German street which also took out Wine Alley as well...

Benjamin Charles was a son of Christopher Charles and Elizabeth Martin who were married in 1808 at St. Paul's P-E Parish church on Liberty Rd in Baltimore...Christopher and wife and family settled on Happy Alley over by Pratt and Gough streets in Fells Point... they were there by 1814... as were their friends John Joaeph Huyghe and wife Ann Hestor who also were married in 1808 at St. Paul's... John Joseph's son Joseph Ald Hayghe Sr. married Christopher's daughter Elizabeth Charles.. the sister of Benjamin who first married Margaret Zopps....

The way I fit in is that John Joseph Huyghe's son the Rev. John L. Hayghe (Protestant-Methodist) a carpenter by trade, and Joseph Ald Hayghe's younger brother, was my own great great grandfather....

Tell me do you know anything more on the two Zopp's you mentioned...?? like if they by chance belonged to St. Paul's ?? where was the marriage ?? what church and religion ??

Sounds to me like we are dealing perhaps with one small family only and two generations of it... and the family doesn't seem to leave much of a trail..... Joe Washington, DC...... Arlington, VA (home)..

Benjamin R. Zopp

James Preston Zopp has a medal enscribed "Ben Zopp - for shooting at the mark" dated 1824. No idea if it was Greenbrier or Baltimore. Stonewall Jackson, Benjamin's youngest son was quoted "He moved from Baltimore, MD around 1825 and married in 1850. He was a harsh, cruel man and insanely jealous of his gay, young wife. As long as he felt that she was frightened of him, he assured himself that he had her completely under his control. She soon learned to pretend great fear and complete subjection. Then when he was sound asleep, and he was a notoriously sound sleeper, she would slip out and have a gala time with other young people in the community. Every one connived with her to keep this secret from her husband and according to the youngest son(Stonewall), whom was interviewed, the cruel father never found out about it."

1850 Census, Greenbrier Co., (W)VA, (page 314, LDS film# 444937; age 46 (1804), single, born in Maryland, property worth $800.00, does not read or write english. 1860 Census, Greenbrier Co., (W)VA (pg 449, LDS film # 0805348), age 56(1804), born MD, farmer with property value of $1800.00. 1870 Census, Greenbrier Co., WV, res # 145, age 67(1803), farmer, b. MD, farm valued at $840, $240 in personal property. 1880 Census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 123, age 78 (1802), b. Maryland, father born in Maryland, mother born in Ireland.

I have found a LDS-transcription of a Will for a Joseph Crane filed in Greenbrier Co. VA in 1839. Listing his wife and seven children, by name, as beneficiaries of his property. There is reportedly (Ludella Seabolt) a Will filed in Baltimore by Joseph Crane leaving half of a property (400 acres) in Greenbrier to his son Edward and the other half to Benjamin Zopp, also dated in 1939. It is porported that Joseph Crane gave the land to Ben Zopp because he was a brother-in-law. Supposedly, Joseph Crane married a Mary Catherine Zopp (Sopp or Sapp) (who died between 1825 and 1833), sister to Ben Zopp? A transcription of Joseph Crane's Will is in his scrapbook.

Name found in the Marriage Index for Greenbrier County, WV in 1850, FTM CD#. Name found in the Index to Marriages, Greenbrier County, WV, Book Led, page 13, 1850. Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 1A, page 70, year 1883, line 38.

Information on father (Jacob), mother (Sarah), age (82) & place of birth (Baltimore,Maryland) was taken from a death certificate in Greenbrier County, WV. His wife Abigail provided information for the certificate. His death certificate lists his occupation as mechanic.

No other records prior to 1850 have been located. It was rumored that Benjamin and Joseph Crane were friends and or related in Baltimore and moved to Greenbrier together. I think, since there is no census record of Ben Zopp prior to 1850, if the rumors are true, Benjamin must have been living/working with Joseph Crane in Baltimore.

June Ann Shawver Lindner has a "time line" which reads "Ben Zopp names a son after Joseph Starr Crane" dated April 25, 1883. This must have been Benjamin Wilson Zopp.

There is a transcription of Ben's Will in this scrapbook. He is buried on the Mill Creek farm.

The 1840 Greenbrier Co., WV census lists a Jeremiah Agon living next door to Edward E. Crane. There are 6 males 30-40 years and 1 male 40-50 years and no females. Benjamin may be one of these males. I have not found Jeremiah Agon elsewhere. 1830 census is an alphabetacal index, no help in locating neighbors. 12/29/2007

Probated Will: Greenbrier Co. WB 5, Pg. 281 (4 Jul 1878)

The Greenbrier Independent, Volume XVII, Number 39, Thursday Evening, March 8, 1883

Benjamin R Zopp, after four years of suffering and confinement to his bed, died on the 13th ultimo, at his residence on Mill Creek mountain, in his 83rd year. He came to this county from Baltimore in 1834, on account of ill health. He leaves a wife and seven children--five boys and two girls--to lament his death. His land was willed to him at the death of Jos. S. Crane in 1839. When the Sheriff's came around, year by year, his taxes were always ready for them. From the time he came to Greenbrier until his death he never owed any man a cent. He never visited his native city after coming to Greenbrier.

Son of Jacob and Sarah Zopp.

Joseph H. Zopp

Named after Joseph S. Crane. 1860 (age 9, born Greenbrier Co.,VA). 1870 census, age 18, living at home. 1880 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., res # 122, white male, age 28, married, farmer, born in Virginia, father born in Maryland, mother born in Virginia. Living with Joseph at this time were; Lycurgus Shawver, married, age 22, step son, born in VA, parents born in VA, Ala F. Shawver, married, white female, age 21, daughter-in-law, born VA, parents born VA, Rosetta Shawver, single white female, age 18, step daughter, Leonard Shawver, single white male, age 20, step son, born in VA. Living next door to his father, Benjamin R. Zopp. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 28, Sep 1867, age , m. 26y, b. WV. 1910 census, age 58 living with Cynthia and mother Abigail. The following excerpt is from The Greenbrier Independent, Thursday, December 29, 1881, "Local Matter." This section of "Local Matters" contained a list of deed transfers which sometimes named the original settlers of the acreage in question. List of Deeds: A deed from Sarah E., Virginia, R. Callison and others to Mitchell Ford, for one-half of lot No. 53 in the plan of Lewisburg, containing one-fourth of an acre. A deed from Chas. L. McClung and wife to Joseph Zopp, for 200 acres of land on Mill Creek mountain. A deed from V. S Rapp and wife to Rebecca J. and Martha A. Hanna, for 32 1/2 acres of land, more or less, on Spring Creek. Listed 1920 census, Greenbrier County, WV. Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z, 1936. Was 89 yrs/11 mo. @ death [b. 1846], died at Charmco, WV, this information conflicts with other records which state 8/27/1938.

Benjamin Wilson Zopp

Name found in the Greenbrier County Registry of Births, 1854, Book 1A, Pg 10, Line 152. 1860 Census Greenbrier Co. VA, age 7, born VA. 1870 census, age 16. 1880 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 124; white male, age 26, farmer, born in Virginia, father born in Maryland, mother born in Virginia. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 39, Sep 1854, age 45, m. 22y, b. WV. Owns the land he lived on and could read and write english. 1920 US Census for Rupert, Greenbrier County, WV: Zopp, B.W., 65 born in VA both parents born in WV, farmer. This was an error given by whomever in the household was surveyed, his father was born in MD. Nickname was "Clott". Have a photo of headstone and photos with family on vacation in Florida. Buried Amwell Cemetery. Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z, 1927. Headstone reads 1923! Reference info on death index provided by James L. Zopp's research. Died of closed pylones age 73 yr 23 da, farmer, info provided by Mrs. Dollie Shawver (daughter).

Charlotte Jane Zopp

1860 Census for Greenbrier Co., (W)VA, age 3, born VA. Nickname was "Dot". 1870 census, age 14, living at home. 1880 census, Meadow Bluff, Greenbrier Co., WV, res # 108, age 27. 1910 census, age 51, widow, 6 children, 6 living. Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z. Died of heart trouble & dropsy age 65 years/7 days.

From : To : azopp~netz&o~net

Subject : Charlotte Jane Zopp McCIung Date : Fri, 2 May 200307:29:55 EDT

Dear Mr. Zopp. I want to thank you for the great information that you have placed into the computer world on the Zopp and Crane families. My Name is John Edward Pomeroy Jr., formally of Quinwood WVA. My mother was Suzanna Smith Pomeroy, Her mother was Mattie Dolore McClung Smith. Her father was Charles Easton Smith. Her grandmother was Charlotte Jane Zopp who married

Clark Brown McClung.

Through the computer, I located the Glentzer family, of the Cornelius Miller Family. They have produced a picture taken in approximately 1914 of Cornelius Miller McClung, Luther McClung, Charolotte Jane Zopp McClung, Her daughters, (Lilly , Vernie and Mattie), also ECK (Little Alex) McClung and his children by Latuna Smith, Xerxie, Xerdie, and Oather. There are twenty four in the picture and we are trying to make POSITIVE identifications of each of them in order to get this into the McClung Journal.

If you want a copy of this for your records, I will be happy to have the Glentzer family to send it to you. They also took recent photos of the Zopp Family heaadstones at The End Of The Trail Cemetary, at Clintonville, WVA. Sincerely John E. Pomeroy 90~ Odom Dr. Fayetteville, N.C. 28304....E-Mail address

From : To : Subject : Re: Charlotte Jane Zopp McClung Descendant

Date : Sat, 27 Sep 2003 05:06:45 EDT

Thank you for your responce. I just received a 46 page story written by Lilly Dure McClung and Orange McClung's youngest daughter Trudie in 1984. Trudie was born in 1922, but by using Lilly's family Bible she was able to describe the lower side of Big Mountain from Rupert to the top of the mountain. This includes Mill Creek on Big Mountain. Lilly had gotten her teaching degree from Lewisburg WVA and rode her horse from her parents house, Clark Brown McClung and his wife Charlotte Jane Zopp McClung, to the log school house on Mill Creek. She describes the Crane family and some of the Zopp family there to include family names and children there. It is a work of love. I have sent this to Judith McClung at the McClung Journal with a request that if the whole story is to be printed that a copy go to Al Zopp and Keith McClung. This is the last of The living Big Mountain and it's story.

The Cemetary at the end of Big Mountain was called the Wilson Cemetary. Oather McClung's daughter Florence and Frances calls it the McMillion Cemetary. This is where Clark Brown McClung and Charlotte Jane McClung have a LARGE tombstone.

Pet And Dee Zopp lived on Mill Creek, but when I lived in Quinwood, they lived behind the town on Sugar Groove Hill. They never married. Behind their home was a smaller home and a field. There was a small grave yard there with about four graves along the dirt road that I was told were Zopps - I lived there from 1952 to 1965.

This may help your research and help me with mine.

James Smith and second marriage Marriage Martha J. Callison

1. John R. Smith born abt 1865 married Sarah Ann McClung-dau of Charley Grig

2. Rachel Elizabeth Smith born abt 1868 married Nathan Calvin Price

Their son Henry married Ollie Trent McClung-dau of Charley Grig

3. R. BUDD Smith born abt 1868 married Emma Thompson McClung-dau of (Charley Grig) CHARLIE LEWIS MCCLUNG.

4. Isaac Smith born abt 1871 Married Martha Lewis McClung-dau of Charley Grig

5. Otey (OATS) Smith born 9 aug 1875 married Eva E. Price. Her father was Nathan Calvin Price's brother.

.. James Smith and first marriage Sarah Jane McClung

You have all of their children names already, however this will help

William (JOSEPH) Smith born abt 1849 married Martha Lucinda Crane

1. Martha Latuna Smith born 11 Nov 1872 married Alexander (ECK) McClung

2. Sidney M. Smith born abt 1874 married Laura (LOCKIE) Havana McClung

3. Estine Smith born abt 1877 may have died early

4. Edward C. Smith born abt 1878

5. Joseph AUSTON Smith born 1881 married Myrtle Amanda McClung-dau of Charles Lewis McClung(Charlie Grig).

6. Charles Easton SMith born abt Mar 1885 married Mattie Dolore McClung-dau of Clark Brown McClung and Charlotte Jane Zopp.

7. Leona D. born abt 1888

8. Lonnie ELLIOT Smith born abt 1889

9. Goldie (MAY) B. born abt 1893. She married a Dorsey, but her daughter Dana Chapman will not tell me much.

NOTES; William Joseph Smith married and lived on Mill Creek. His son Auston got the homestead after his death, but moved to Quinwood on O'Dell hill.

Edward Crane built the first store on Big Mountain. About 7 miles from Rupert. Edward lived on Mill Creek and his daughter Martha Lucinda married William Joseph Smith. There son Charles Easton Smith then got the store. All of his children were born above the store. This is just part of Trudie's story. I have traveled all over the world, but the Rupert side of Big Mountain has been my "God's Church of Nature" in my later years. Sugar Groove Hill behind Pet and Dee Zopps was my early year "God's Church of Nature". Living beside the Quinwood WVA First Baptist Church and seeing the men go from the church to Xerxie McClung's (ZerZee's Hilltop Resteraunt) for a cold one taught me that God was closer to me on Sugar Grooves that down there in Quinwood.

Thank you and your family for such great love and caring by working on genealogy and bringing back to life the past that so many of us miss in our families. 1. A meal with no TV or Music and just CONVERSATION. 2. Someone reading a part of the Bible after the evening meal-SUPPER. Even the Good Lord did not eat at the Lord's dinner. He ate at the Lord's supper. Everyone knows that only daddy got to have dinner. Momma always packed his dinner bucket everyday before he went into the coal mines.

God loves you and so do I. Bud Pomeroy 906 Odom Dr. Fayetteville N.C. 28304

Truslow Zopp

Greenbrier County Registry of Births, 1858, Book 1A, Pg 42, Line 359. 1860 Census, age 2, born VA. 1870 census, age 11. 1880 census, single, living at home and working on the farm, white male, age 21, born in Virginia, mother & father born in Virginia. This would be incorrect, the census taker really messed up, the father was born in Maryland. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 27, Apr 1858, age 42, b. WV. 1920 Census, age 61, farmer. Greenbrier WV Registry of Deaths: Died 70 yrs, 2 mo., 2 days; farmer, cardiac dropsy. Photo of headstone.

Ledonia Zopp

June Ann Shawver Lindner has DOB as 1862 from the Blankenship bible record. 1870 census, age 9. 1880 Census, single white female, age 18, living at home. Deceased prior to 1937 (newspaper clipping).

Beauregard Granville Zopp

Date of birth based on age in death certificate. Headstone DOB is 1866. 1870 census, age 6. 1880 Census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 123, white male, age 14, born in West Virginia. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 26, Apr 1865, age 34, m. 9y, b. WV. 1920 Census, 54, born in WV, Father born in MD, Mother born in WV and farmer. Marriage to Alsona was performed by H.C. Tinsley. Family photo in front of home on Mill Creek Mtn., several other photos of B.G., headstone, etc. Children's dates of birth given by Alma Haynes Zopp. All childrens names start with the letter "L", Benjamin consider his children his Lieutenants. This was done by Cyrus Rupert in naming his children between 1855 & 1890. It is not known why Cyrus Rupert did this. Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z. Died of Arterio Sclerosis; 73 yr, 1 mo, 20 da. Was a carpenter. DOD taken from death certificate. database for Find A Grave: b. 4/19/1865 d. 1/9/1938 buried End of the Trail Cemetery

Stonewall Jackson Zopp

Blankenship bible record has DOB as 18 Aug 1868. 1870 census, age 4. 1880 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 123, white male, age 12, living at home, born in West Virginia. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 29, Aug 1867, age 33, m. 13y, b. WV., owned the land he lived on and could read and write english. Stonewall's mother, Abigail, lived with Stonewall in 1900, also with Stonewall's family is David Broofman, he is 63 years old and works as a farm laborer, he was born in Virginia in 1837 and is widowed and can not read or write english. Henry C. Tinsley, b. 1847, age 53, m. 32y. 1920 Census, 51, farmer. Won several tap dancing contests at age 67. During the 1920's he drove a wagon and delivered lumber for the Meadow River Lumber Co. Sold hard cider for 25 cents a gallon during revival meetings off of an oxen pulled wagon. Died at the home of A.J. Goolsby (daughter) on a Sunday in East Rainelle, WV, age 96. (several newspaper clippings). Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z, died of carcenoma prostate, retired farmer. Buried in Rainelle Cemetery, Rainelle, Greenbrier Co., WV.

Lewingston Gilmer Zopp

Name found in Register of Births for Greenbrier County WV, Book 1A page 281 line 19 and Book 1 page 192 line 69. 1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 26, Nov 1896, age 5, b. WV. Name Gilmer found in the 1920 US Census for Meadow Bluff Dist. Greenbrier County, WV, 25 married with 2 children, machinist.

12/4/1980-document from James Lewingston Zopp; (Moved to Alderson, WV in 1937. Was a supervisor at Meadow River Lumber Co. in Cass, WV. Lived in McRoss & Fairlea, WV after retirement. After his wife died he moved to Florida and was living there with his son Harold at the time of his death.)

Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z. Date listed as 6/26/1965 and differs from SSDI Records.

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: May 3, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Zopp, L Birth date: Nov 16, 1894 Death date: May 1965 Social Security #: 235-05-8580 Last residence: WV State of issue: WV

Lloyd Elmer Zopp

1900 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV, res# 26, Jan 1900, age 5 mo, b. WV. Married and not living at home with parents during the 1920 US Census. Worked for the Meadow River Lumber Company as a carpenter. Have many family photos (headstone reads Elmer L.)

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: May 3, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Zopp, Lloyd Birth date: Feb 15, 1900 Death date: Aug 1970 Social Security #: 235-05-8528 Last residence: WV 25984 State of issue: WV

Meadow River Lumber Co., Author: J. Gillespie, 5 Jun 2001, In Reply to: MRL, Co. by: Anne Lockard

The Meadow River Lunber Co. in Greenbrier Co.started when two brothers by the name of Raine bought 32,000 acres if hardwood in the Meadow River bottoms in 1907. Sawmill construction began in 1909. The first log was sawn on Sept. 10,1910 at 5:00PM. The first mill burned on Agust 28, 1924. A new mill was built and was in operation on March 9, 1925. It was in operation untill 1980 when Georgia Pacific bought the Meadow River Lunber Co.,disassembled the mill, and vacated the property. The Parkcenter shopping mall is now located on the same property

Lobban James Zopp

Name found on 1920 US Census for Rupert, Greenbrier County, WV, 16, single and living with mother and father, laborer. 2nd marriage to Ruth ?. Lived in Florida City, FL in 1970's.

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: May 3, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Zopp, Lobban Birth date: Feb 28, 1903 Death date: Nov 1973 Social Security #: 235-10-2625 Last residence: FL 33030 State of issue: WV

Florida Death Index 1877-1998

Name: Lobban James Zopp Certificate: 83906 Place: Dade Race: W Death Date: 22 Dec 1973 Birth Date: 28 Feb 1903

Lawson Zopp

Name found in 1920 US Census for Rupert, Greenbrier County, WV, 14, single and living with parents.

Name found in the Index to Deaths, Greenbrier County, WV, Book 3, Page Z. Died at approximately 5 pm on Christmas day from gunshot wounds(father B.G shot him), common laborer, , buried @ End of the Trail Cemetery. The bullet hole in the front door of his father's house is still there to this day, 1998.

Lasher Clyde Zopp

Name found in the Register of Births - Greenbrier County, WV Book 2. Name found in 1920 US Census for Rupert, Greenbrier County, WV, 12, single and living at home with parents. Death by suicide. Was farmer in 1931 and miner in 1933. Have photo of headstone (reads Clyde L.) A strong man, once pulled a toilet off it floor mounting.

Lawrance Glasgow Zopp

Name found in the Register of Births - Greenbrier County, WV Book 2 Page 154 line 36.

Name found in 1920 US Census for Rupert, Greenbrier County, WV, 7 and living at home with parents.

Date of death differs 1967 (per Alma Haynes) vs. 1978 (SS Record).

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: May 3, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Zopp, Glasgow Birth date: Jul 12, 1911 Death date: Jul 1978 Social Security #: 235-05-8564 Last residence: WV 25967 State of issue: WV Zip of last payment: 25967

Lorance Cobert Zopp

1920 census, Meadow Bluff Dist., Greenbrier Co., WV. Lived in Maxwelton, WV as of 1985 & 1997. Lived in Thomasville, NC in 1998.

Lorance Cobert Zopp

HIGH POINT, N.C. - Evangelist Lorance Cobert Zopp, 90, went to be with his Lord on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008, at Westchester Manor.

He was born in Greenbrier County on Jan. 28, 1918, the son of Lloyd and Etta Moss [Moses] Zopp.

As a pastor, he served churches throughout Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio for over 53 years. He was a member of Thomasville Church of Christ and was also retired from Union Carbide. Rev. Zopp enjoyed fishing, hunting, gardening, woodworking and was called by many "A Jack of all Trades." He was a friend to everyone he met.

He was preceded in death by his parents, his wife, Emma Mae Zopp in 2006; three brothers, Lloyd Zopp, Alfred [Albert] Zopp and Charles Zopp; and three sisters, Sadie McClung, Louise Tysler [Kiser] and Arleen Houston.

Survivors include his son, C. Eugene Zopp, evangelist, and his wife, Jeanette, of Gallipolis Ferry; two daughters, Lula Mae Rawe and husband, Tony, of Calahan, Colo., and Jackie Lane and husband, Rick, of High Point; a brother, Merle Hayward Zopp of Rupert; five sisters, Loretta Kirks of Michigan, Edith Kezler of Mononouth, Ore., Velma Blackwell of Graflon, Ohio, Ruth Colson of Cartersville, Ga., and Shirley Price of Glen Morgan; seven grandchildren, Ellen, Anthony, Melissa, Mark, Richard, Rebecca and Jeanette; and 20 great-grandchildren.

Funeral service will be 1 p.m. Sunday at Davis Funerals and Cremations Chapel, 976 Phillips Ave., High Point, by David Galloway, evangelist, C. Eugene Zopp, evangelist, and Mr. Richard Lane. Burial will follow in Floral Garden Memorial Park.

The family will receive friends 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home.

Online condolences may be made at

Arrangements by Davis Funerals and Cremations, High Point.?

Lester Albert Zopp

1920 census for Meadow Bluff District, Greenbrier County, WV. This census was taken on 10 January 1920. Lester was 4 months old. This means his mother Etta gave the wrong birth date to the County of Greenbrier who issued a birth certificate in 1944 so he could enter service in WWII. Served in World War II in Germany. After the war he married and owned and operated several coal mines in West Virginia. Has lived in Quinwood, Marfrance, Craig, Danese, East Rainelle and Meadow Bridge, WV. Moved his family to California in Feb 1960. Lived in El Sobrante, CA and worked as a welder for Trailmobile in Berkeley, CA. Moved to Fremont, CA in July 1960 and worked as a welder for FMC Corp. in San Jose, CA. He was the only certified arc welder for the Bradley Armored Tank at FMC. Retired from FMC in 1986. He owned a Television Repair Shop from 1967 thru 1986 in Fremont, CA. He retired, lived, and passed away on his daughter's farm in Byron, CA. Buried Lima Family Cemetery, Warm Springs District, Fremont, Alameda Co., CA.

Lloyd Ermil Zopp

Never married, played football, halfback, during his senior year of high school, nicknamed grayhound, rabbit, flash. Played ever quarter of every game. Served in the US Naval Reserves during WWII. Discharged on October 8, 1943, Seaman Second Class. Killed in car accident. Have several photos.

Charles Elmer Zopp

Killed by a train. His mother, Etta, had a photo of accident site, Junior head was decapitated. (Have photo of headstone, dob reads 14 Feb 1926, this may be confusing, but the records at Lewisburg were destroyed by fire and Etta provided all information to rebuild these family records.)

Murrell Hayward Zopp

Lived in Cleveland Ohio. As of 1997 he lived and built his home on his mother & father's land in Rupert after both had died.


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