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My son's great grandfather, Charles Engel Rowles was born 30 June 1873 Colfax, Jasper Co. Iowa as Challis Engel Ball, the son of Limerick Bazil Ball from Belmont Co. Ohio and Anna L. Stinson of Baxter, Jasper Co. Iowa.

When he was approximately two years old his father had committed a murder and was on trial in 1875, convicted of 2nd degree murder, and sent to the state prison at Ft. Madison, Iowa for 15 years. After his father was sent to prison, his mother divorced Limerick and remarried to Shedric Rowles approximately 1880. Shedric would probably have been the only father he ever knew. In 1880, he was still using his birth surname, as he's listed on the 1880 census in Prairie City, Jasper Co. Iowa as "Chelise E Ball, stepson". He then assumed the name of Rowles, which he used throughout his life.

He apprenticed at the age of 14 and became a stone mason and worked extensively with Shedric Rowles' brother, William M. Rowles and his son Walter Rowles, building courthouses and schools around Iowa and Nebraska. William M. Rowles owned the construction company from Onawa, Iowa that was contracted to build these projects.

Challis married his first wife, Nellie Galbraith in Colfax 27 Feb 1892 and he was going by Challis & Charles Rowles.

Marriage Records Jasper Co. Iowa, Cert 2503

Charles E. Rowles, 20 years old son of J.S. & Ann Stinson Rowls, Colfax, Iowa, transfer business, to Nellie M. Galbraith age 20 born Iowa dau of J.J. and Eliza Lewis Galbraith, married 27 Feb 1892 Colfax, pg 194

They had 6 known children together: Muriel J b 13 Sept 1893, Charles Clifford b 30 Nov 1894 who died before his father on 1 Feb 1923 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co. South Dakota; William Verd b 16 Dec 1896, David J b 28 Dec 1899; Martha abt 1902, and Rex J b 29 Dec 1903. He and Nellie divorced, and she died in Sioux Falls, SD 20 Mar 1926.

His second marriage was to Lillian Margaret Busse who was born 19 Feb 1888 in Minnesota, daughter of William H Busse and Katherine Barnd who both died in McCone Co, Montana. They were married 14 June 1913 Cavalier, Pembina Co. North Dakota. Lillian had been married previously to Frank Dickeson and had two children by him, Virgil & Amy. Virgil died in Carlisle, Iowa and Amy married Leonard Weege and died in California 1975.

By the time Challis and Lillian started their family together they were living in Jefferson, Green Co. Iowa where both children were born. Gerald Joseph, the eldest, was born 25 Nov 1917, and Juanita Madonna was born 1 Dec 1919. Jeff's father, Charles Joseph, was named after his grandfather and his father.

Charles Rowles died 27 Aug 1924, while building the Union Train Station in Chicago. After several years of moving around trying to earn a living for her four children, Lillian ended up in Des Moines, Iowa and met Duke Davis in a flower shop. They were married in Des Moines 1929/1930. Lillian lived to age 92 and died in Des Moines 28 Feb 1980. The Rowles grandchildren always called her Grandma Davis.

We know that Charles was aware of his heritage as he was associated with his Ball relatives. His first cousin, Jed Emmett Ball was mentioned in his obituary. At the time of Charles' death Jed was residing in a small town of Paton, Iowa which was only a few miles north of Jefferson, Greene Co. Iowa.

Charles was contracted as the stone mason foreman for the Jefferson Co. Iowa Courthouse and afterwards built the Jefferson High School, which is now used as a middle school. His obituary mentions many other projects he was involved in building and was well known for his expertise as a stone mason.

Stockyard History, Armour Packing House, Sioux City, Iowa The "big three" packing plants, Cudahy, Armour and Swift, established themselves in the stockyards area. Cudahy came in 1892, Armour in 1901, and Swift and Company began operations in 1917

1901 - Charles works on construction of Armour Meat Packing, Sioux City, Iowa

1911 - Courthouse in Holdrege, Phelps Co. Nebraska built, Rowles & Bailey Construction Company, Charles E. Rowles foreman brick masons

1914 - Courthouse in Red Cloud, Webster Co. Nebraska built, Rowles & Company Constractors, Charles E. Rowles, foreman brick masons

5 Nov 1915 work began on the courthouse in Jefferson, Greene Co. Iowa by Rowles Construction Company of Onawa, Iowa, brick foreman Charles Rowles, nephew of owners - 54 carloads of stone & 730,000 bricks went into the building, 150 tons of plaster - completed 27 Oct 1917

1917 work began Jefferson High School by Geneva Construction Company, brick foreman, Charles Rowles

Summer of 1924 leaves for Chicago to work on building Union Train Station

The Jefferson Bee, Jefferson, Iowa, Wednesday, Sept 3, 1924


End came at post of duty

Body brought from Chicago on Friday and Interment took place on Saturday Charles Rowles, well known local stone mason died very suddenly in Chicago last Wednesday morning while he was working at his trade. Mr. Rowles had been in Chicago about a month, where he had employment upon one of the building projects of the Windy City. He was doing brick work on the second story of the job when suddenly he fell over on the platform, blood streaming from nose and mouth, and was soon dead. The physician's certificate accompanying the remains give the cause of death as "pulmonary hemorrhage and chronic myocarditis," the latter meaning inflammation of the muscles of the heart. Mr. Rowles had not been in the best of health for several months, and at times, had been unable to work. But he was filled with energy, and thought little of his bodily troubles as he continued in his profession. His death comes as a great sorrow to hosts of Jefferson friends, who extend sympathy without stint? to the bereaved family in their sad hour of grief.

Mr. Rowles moved to Jefferson at the time of the commencement of the new court house. He was a nephew of the contractor, and worked upon that structure until it was complete, then upon the new high school building. From time to time he has been on public building work elsewhere, and was well known as an exceptionally fine workman. He was a member of the stone mason's union, which organization, in Chicago, assumed charge of his body and looked after the arrangements for shipping the remains to Jefferson. The union also sent an escort with the body in the person of Mr. Ed Clark, of Ames, who has been in Chicago in the same line of work. Mr. Clark arrived here with the remains Friday morning.

The funeral occurred on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the residence with the last rites in charge of Rev. W. V. Wills. Hosts of friends came to pay their last respects to the departed, and to mourn with those who has lost husband and father. The brick masons union of Ames sent a large delegation to be present at the funeral.

The following was prepared for The Bee by Mr. T. A. Mugan. This community was shocked on last Wednesday, Aug 27, to learn that, on that morning Charles E. Rowles, of East Clark street of this city, came to his death while working on the train sheds of the new Union depot in Chicago. Mr. Rowles learned his trade as a brick-layer, starting as an apprentice when 14 years of age and has worked at it continously since and was a member of the Ames, Iowa, Local of the Brick Masons and Plasters International Union. He came to this city as the brick foreman, for the Rowles Construction Co. and later acted in that capacity for the Geneva Construction Co., on the erection of the Jefferson high school. He acted as brick foreman for the Rowles Construction Co on the court house at Red Cloud, Neb., the public school at Hornick, Iowa, the public school at Moville, Iowa, and as brick foreman Rowles & Son on a public school at Blenco, Iowa; for the Rhoads Construction Co on public schools at Woolstock and Newkirk; for the Armour Packing Co. on packing house at SIOUX CITY and for, Rowles and Bailey, on a court house at Holdridge, Neb., and on other works of importance.

His congenial disposition and easy pleasant ways earned for him the well merited nickname "Happy" by which he was universally known.

Mr. Rowles was born at COLFAX, IOWA, JUNE 30, 1872, and was 53 years, 1 month and 27 days old at the time of his death. He was married to Mrs. Lillian Dickinson (my note: nee Busse) June 14, 1913 at Cavalier, North Dakota, and is survived by the widow and their two children, Gerald 7 years old (my note: this is my son's grandfather) and Juanita 5 years old and by two children Virgil and Amy (my note: these two children are Dickinson's not Rowles), of Mrs. Rowles by her previous marriage and by FOUR OF FIVE SONS AND BY ONE DAUGHTER BY HIS PREVIOUS MARRIAGE, one of the later sons having proceeded his father in death a few years ago.

Numerous other relatives also survive.

Funeral services were held at the residence of the late deceased on Sunday afternoon, at 2:30 p.m. and were in charge of Rev. Wills who preaced an appropriate and touching sermon. Music was furnished by Mr. Dean Barker and Mrs. Fred Osborn. Pallbearers were Ed Clark, Charles Cooney, Frank Cameron, Wm Bodenstein, W.E. DeWitt and Dan W. Mugan, all old friends of Mr. Rowles and all, except Dan W.Mugan, members of the Ames local of the brick-layers Union. His remains were buried in the Jefferson cemetery.

Out of town relatives and friends attending the funeral were: Mrs. ANNA ROWLES, MOTHER, DES MOINES; Mr. and Mrs. John Tipton, cousins, Baxter; Mr. and Mrs. JOHN STINSON, COUSINS, BAXTER; Misses Gertie and Dorothy Stinson, cousins, Newton; Mr. and Mrs. JED BALL and family, COUSINS, PATON; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clark and family, Ames; Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins, Ames, Geo. and Commodore Litchfield, Ames; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cooney and daughter, Ames; Mr. Frank Cameron, Ames; Mrs. George Britt, sister of Mrs. Rowles, Chokio, Minn.

1925 Greene Co Iowa

Lillian Rowles housekeeper 37 widow Minnesota father William Busse ILL age 72 mother Catherine Barnd born New York age 66 parents married Minnesota

Virgil Dickason 17 son Iowa father Frank Dickinson born Iowa

Amy Dickason 14 dtr Minnesota father Frank Dickinson born Iowa

Gerald R Rowles son 7 Iowa father Charles Rowles born Iowa

Juanetta Rowles dau 5 Iowa father Charles Rowles born Iowa

1930 Polk Co Iowa Des Moines household 271 1307 or 9 East Grand Ave

Duke A Davis 56 married age 55 Iowa fa Tenn mo ILL tree surgeon state of Iowa

Lillian M 42 married age 41 Minnesota

Gerald J Rowles son 12 Iowa

Wanetta M 10 Iowa


Limberick was born 1 Nov 1843 in Belmont Co. Ohio, the son of Thomas Ball of Maryland and Eleanor Ridgeway of Prince George's Co. Maryland. Sometime after the Civil War his family moved to Iowa. In 1870 his parents were living near Indianola, Warren Co. Iowa. His father died 19 Feb 1874 in Warren Co.

He served in Company H of the 122nd Ohio Infantry as a private during the civil war. He enlisted as a Private on 27 August 1862 at the age of 18 Mustered out on 26 June 1865 in Washington, DC.

He married Anna Stinson in Jasper Co Iowa 17 Aug 1872, where his sister, Eliza Ball, wife of Jonathan Sells was living. Jonathan gave affidavit for his marriage.

He and Anna had one son, Challis aka Charles Engel Ball aka Rowles.

By Sept, 1875 he was on trial for second degree murder. I have not been able to ascertain who it was that he murdered. But he did go to prison in Fort Madison State Prison until he was pardoned & released in 1882.

Anna divorced him while he was in prison and remarried to Shedric Rowles.

After his release he went to Junction City, Union Co. Louisana where he married again to Mary Ann Pennington Blackman. They had no children. In 1910 he was living in Eddy Co New Mexico, and eventually ended up in Palo Pinto, Texas where he died 24 June 1932 and is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co. Texas.

It is not know if Challis ever knew his father after he was released from prison.

Jasper Co. Iowa Marriages, 1869-1878

Stinson, Anna to Ball, Limerick married by Wm Kimberly, Min 17 Aug 1872 Pg 66

upon affidavit of J. Sells marriage license issue to Limerick Ball and Anna Stinson date of license and marriage 17 Aug 1872, return of cert 8 Sept 1872

Jasper Co. Iowa Dist Court Journal Book H 1877-1880, Case No. 1205, pgs 207, 286, 292 Pg 207 28 May 1878 filed Ann L. Ball vs Limerick Ball, defendant

defendant by default did not appear

Pg 292 4 June 1878 Decree of Divorce, Ann L. Ball vs Limerick Ball

S.C. Cook allowed $3.00 to be taxed as a part of costs

Jasper Co. Iowa District Court Record Book G, Criminal Docket, 1874-1877, Case No 313, State vs Lemrick Ball Pg 194 20 Sept 1875 Deft appears in person and is arraigned; given until tomorrow to plead, lst day of Sept Term of court, said he was indicted by his right name & given until tomorrow to plead

Pg 200 21 Sept 1875 Deft pleads not guilty of the offense charged in indictment

Pg 235 27 Sept 1875 jury impannelled and trial commence. Dist Att. Smith & Wilson for state; Rayn Bros & J.L. Crookham & W. S. Kenworthy for deft jury called: T.H. Cummings, R.A. Rhodes, I. H. Reese, J. W. Woodrow, J. C. Barnes, W. H. Gilbsy?, Isiah Gardner, Smiley Marquis, Daniel Rater, Austin Whitehead, M.B. McKeever and A.E. Jeffries who were accepted by parties

Pg 239 trial continued Pg 241 trial continued pg 245 trial continued Pg 251 1 Oct 1875 trial concluded. Verdict of guilty of murder in second degree, Sat next 10 o'clock a.m. fixed for pronouncing judgt.

pg 253 12 Oct 1875 motion for new trial, deft given 60 days to prepare and file bill. Deft be imprisoned in the penitentiary of Iowa for 15 years and pay court costs of prosecution. bail on appeal fixed $5,000

new trial - overruled, court prounced judgment imprisoned in the penitentiary of the state of Iowa at Fort Madison for term of fifteen years and that they deft pay the costs of prsecution herein taxed at $594.55

Ref: Prairie City News, Jasper Co. Iowa, 8 Oct 1875, pg 2, column 2 The case of the state vs Ball also charged with murder, is on trial as we write.

1880 Census 2nd Ward, Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa Source:FHL Film 1254350 National Archives Film T9-0350 Page 174C, Iowa State Penitentiary at Fort Madison, Img 27

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

Eli C. MC MILLAN Self M M W 41 OHOcc: Warden Fa: PA Mo: PA

Juretta R. MC MILLAN Wife F M W 38 INOcc: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: IN

Mattie H. MC MILLAN Dau F S W 12 IAFa: OH Mo: IN

Jesse A. HAYS Other M M W 34 INOcc: Guard At Prison Fa: TN Mo: NC

Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa

page 178C 1st Ward Fort Madison

Continued from ELI C. MC MILLAN, Warden of Iowa State Penitentiary at Fort Madison, Img 35, 23 June

line 16 Limerick Ball white male age 33 prisoner married farmer born Ohio father Florida mother La maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled "1" in the column

Governor's papers, Iowa Historical Building, Pardon of Limerick B. Ball, 28th October 1882 (click link)

Limerick B. Ball who was on the 4th day of October 1875 by reason of a judgment of the District Court of the County of Jasper committed to the Penitentiary of the State for the term of fifteen years for the crime of murder in the second degree.

This pardon is granted upon the following conditions, each of which shall be considered assented to by the said LIMERICK B. BALL upon his accepting this instrument and being released thereunder, viz: that he will conduct himself in all respects as an orderly, law abiding citizen

Done at Des Moines, this 28th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty two

Buren R. Sherman, Governor

J.A.T. Hull Secretary of State

W. T. Hammond, Depty

I accept this pardon upon the conditions set forth. (signed) Limerick B. Ball

1900 Union Co Louisiana Junction City, pg 91a household 147

Lemerick Ball Mch 1844 46 married 5 yrs Ohio parents xx

Molly Sept 1861 38 2 born 2 living Louisiana fa Louisana mo Ky

Blackman Mary or Maggie Mch 1884 16 Tx

Bill Blackman Jul 1885 14 Tx (name is BEALL)

1910 Eddy Co. New Mexico Artesia, pg 50a, household 214, 18 April 1910, Precinct 6

Basil Limerick Ball 65 Ohio married 1x 22 yrs farmer

Molly wife 50 married 2x 2 born 2 living Louisiana

1920 Census Palo Pinto Co. Texas, Justice Precint 5, Mineral Wells City, Img 32, pg b, ED #197, household #710, 612 NW 9th Street

Ball, Bazil L. 72 Ohio father Ohio mother Ohio house carpenter

Mollie wife 59 Louisiana

1920 Census Palo Pinto Co. Texas, Justice Precint 5, Mineral Wells City, Img 32, pg b, ED #197, household #710, 612 NW 9th Street

Ball, Bazil L. 72 Ohio father Ohio mother Ohio house carpenter

Mollie wife 59 Louisiana

1930 Census Palo Pinto Co. Texas, Mineral Wells City, ED #11, household #442, pg 168a, img 31, 612 NW 9th St, owned value $5000

Limerick B. Ball 82 Ohio father Maryland mother Virginia married age 47 veteran yes CW (Civil War)

Mollie wife 69 Louisiana married age 20

Civil War Pension Index

Limerick Ball Mollie Ball Louisiana and Texas

invalid pension filed July 1 1891 application no 1036a83 certificate no 1147084 Louisiana

widow pension filed July 27 1932 application no 1722450 certificate no A12533 Tex

Texas Death Cert Name: Limerick Ball Death Date: 24 Jun 1932 Death Place: Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas Gender: Male Race: white Death Age: 88 years 7 months 24 days Birth Date: 01 Nov 1843 Birthplace: Belmont Co., Ohio Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Mollie Ball Father's Name: Thomas Ball Father's Birthplace: Mother's Name: Nellie Ridgeway Mother's Birthplace: Virginia Occupation: Carpenter House & Railroad Place of Residence: Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Texas Cemetery: Burial Place: Mineral Wells, Texas Burial Date: 25 Jun 1932 Film Number: 2135919 Digital Film Number: 4163663 Image Number: 1035 Reference Number: 27127 Collection: Texas Deaths, 1890-1976

Palo Pinto Co. Texas Cemetery Records, Elmwood Cemetery, Mineral Wells

BALL, Limerick 01 Nov 1843 24 Jun 1932 Co. H., 122 Ohio Inf.

BALL, Mary Blackman 03 Sep 1860 18 May 1947 wife of B. L.


The Baxter New Era Newspaper, Baxter, Iowa, September 8th, 1932 No. 49, front page


Mrs. Annie Rowles passes away Last Wednesday, Dies 4 a.m., Wednesday morning at the Home of Her Nephew, John Stinson

Mrs. Annie Rowles passed away at 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, August 31, at the home of her nephew, John B. Stinson, south of Baxter, following a few days illness.

Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at two o'clock from the Boyd Funeral Home in Baxter with Rev. B. W. Northrop of the Congregational Church in charge. Interment was made in the Independence cemetery, south of Baxter.

Special music for the services was furnished by a girl's quartette, composed of Misses Louise Kline, Ilo Cammack, Merna Tipton and Etta Boyd. Mrs. D. A. Cammack played the piano accompaniment.

Pallbearers were Charles Burdick, Fred Allan, R. Frank Clark, Frank Sego, Ray Rose, and Carl C. Webb.

Relatives coming from a distance to attend the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burgess of Osceola, Mrs. Rene DeCamp of Colfax and Ray Stinson of Newton.

Mrs. Annie Rowles, daughter of Jeremiah and Delilah Stinson, was born five miles south of Baxter, Iowa, June 26th, 1855 (1856), and passed to the life beyond at the home of her nephew John Stinson, of Baxter, Iowa, August 31, 1932, at the age of 77 years 2 months and 5 days. She was one of nine children, five boys and four girls, all of whom preceded her in death. She was united in marriage with Limrick Ball in 1872. To this union was born one son, Challis, who preceded his mother in death in 1922. (1924) A few years later she was married to Shedric Rowles. To this union was born one daughter, who died in infancy. The deceased spent practically all her life around Baxter and Colfax. She leaves to mourn her loss 6 grandchildren, 12 nephews and nieces and a host of relatives and friends. Mrs. Rowles was a faithful and loving wife and mother, a kind neighbor whose generous spirit was manifest in her willingness to give and to serve to the full extent of her ability. Admist the trials and afflictions that came to her in life she was patient and uncomplaining, and always spoke well and not ill of those to whom she referred in conversation. Having given her heart to Christ in early life, she always maintained a deeply religious spirit, and sought throughout her life to be true in every way to her early profession of faith. By those of the many friends whom she made during her life of more than three-quarters of a century who still survive her death there will be felt a distinct sense of loss in her passing.


We desire to express our thanks to the friends and neighbors who offered their kind assistance and heartfelt sympathy during the recent illness and death of Mrs. Annie RowlesMrs. Thos. Stinson Nephews and Nieces

Jasper Co. Iowa Death Record Book 2, Pg 61

place of death: Independence Twp

Annie Rowles, fem., white, married date of birth June 26, 1855 age 77 yrs 2 mo 5 days

occupation housewife birthplace Jasper Co

name of father Jerry Stinson born Indiana

mother Delila Wyatt born Virginia

Informant: Mrs. John Stinson, Baxter, Iowa

date of death 31 Aug 1932

cause of death lobar pneumonia, astham, valvular heart lesion Dr. L.E. Noble, Rhodes, Iowa

burial Independence Cemetery Jasper Co 2 Sept 1932

undertaker J.H. Boyd, Baxter, Iowa

Register of Births, Greene Co. Iowa, 1909-1940, Pg 179 No. 13 Rowles, Gerald Joseph male legitimate Jefferson Ia 25 Nov 1917 father Charles Rowles of Jefferson, Ia age 44 Born Ia bricklayer mother Lillian Busse of Jefferson age 29 born Minnesota, # of children 3, now living 3 Dr. B.C. Hamilton, Sr, Jefferson, Ia physician

Gerald "Jerry" was first married 18 July 1936 to Winifred Mary Weichman b 26 Mar 1915 Des Moines, iowa died 8 Nov 1982 Des Moines, daughter of William Henry Harrison Weichman and Catherine Mary Toohey. Their marriage ended in divorce in the 1960's. They had 4 children and are the grandparents of my son Jeffery.

Jerry married 2nd Helen Lucille Roberts and had 5 more children. Their marriage also ended in divorce.






Register of Births, Greene Co. Iowa, 1909-1940, Pg 221, No 5, No of Cert 640 filed 6 Dec 1919

Rowles, Juanita Madonna 1 Dec 1919 Jefferson, Ia father Charles E. Rowles mother Lillian Margaret Busse by whom reported Benj C. Hamilton, Jefferson, Ia

Published in the Lincoln Journal Star on 8/24/2004.

Juanita Madonna Myers, 84, died Thursday (8/19/04) at Monarch Hospice House. Born Jefferson, Iowa, (12/1/19). She lived in Nevada, Iowa, and was employed at Reuben H. Donnelley Marketing for 33 years. She retired in 1984 as a department supervisor. She was active at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church.

She moved to Lincoln in 1991 and joined the Legion of Mary at Saint John's Catholic Church, served on the prayer line, Bible study and offertory scheduling. Juanita loved to crochet and garden.

Survivors: son, daughter-in-law, Jim and Ann Myers, Colorado Springs, Colo.; son, John Myers, Nevada, Iowa; daughter, son-in-law, Jill and Tim Welcomer, Lincoln; eight grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; nieces; and nephews. Preceded in death by parents, Lillian and Charles Rowles; husband, James W. Myers; brother, Gerald Rowles; stepfather, Duke Davis; stepbrother, Virgil; stepsister, Amy.

Funeral Mass: 10:30 a.m. Friday, Saint John's Catholic Church, 76th and Vine streets. Saint Patrick's Catholic Cemetery, Nevada, Iowa. Rosary: 7 p.m. Thursday, Butherus Maser & Love Funeral Home, 4040 A St.

The Tribune, Ames, Iowa

Juanita Madonna Myers, 84, of Lincoln, Neb., died Thursday, Aug. 19, at the Monarch Hospice House in Lincoln, Neb.

There will be a rosary at 1:15 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 28, at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Nevada, and a luncheon following the rosary at the church. Juanita was born Dec. 1, 1919 in Jefferson. She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Jim and Ann Myers of Colorado Springs, Colo. and son, John Myers of Nevada; daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Tim Welcomer of Lincoln, Neb.; eight grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and nieces and nephews. Juanita was preceded in death by her parents; husband, James W. Myers; and brother, Jerry Rowles; step-brother, Virgil; and step-sister, Amy. Butherus, Maser and Love Funeral Home in Lincoln, Neb. are in charge of arrangements.

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