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Family of Ellenora Bolch, dtr of Henry Bolch & Sarah "Sally" Hunsucker

Ellenora Bolch was born March 1835 Lincoln Co. now Catawba Co. North Carolina. In the beginning I wasn't sure if she was a daughter or daughter-in-law of Henry & Sally's, but have now been able to confirm she definitely is a daughter, who had married one of her Bolch cousins, Wallis Alexander Bolch, son of Solomon Bolch and his wife & cousin Elizabeth Bolch, dtr of John and Christina Bolch, who were also cousins. Wallis was born 6 Sept 1825 in Lincoln/Catawba Co NC and died 19 Feb 1857 Catawba Co North Carolina. He is buried in the Bolch Cemetery.

I finally found her on the 1850 census as a 15 year old daughter in Buncombe Co. North Carolina. Ellenora then listed herself as a "widow" in the 1860 census of Cocke Co. Tennessee with a 4 year old daughter, Carnellus Bolch. This would indicate Carnellus was born in Catawba Co. North Carolina 1856. Ellenora with her daughter, Carnellus migrated in the early 1870's with her parents from Cocke County, Tennessee to Webster Co. Missouri. They had left Cocke county with a migration of other families by wagon train. East Tenn at that time was filled with a lot of problems resulting from the Civil War. Many families simply packed up and left the area & headed for free land in Missouri where they could start a new life. They only had to built improvements and live there for the next 5 years and the land was then there own. Ellenora continued to live in Webster Co. after the death of Henry & Sally and was found living in the home of her daughter and husband, Alexander A. Butts. Ellenora died sometime after 1910 and is buried in the old St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery near Marshfield, along with her parents brother, Hartwell Bolch, and her sister Candus Bolch Miller, wife of Hiram A. Miller.

Later records indicate that her full name is Ellen Carnellus Bolch. She was born 12 April 1856 & died 16 June 1913 Webster Co. Missouri and she is buried in the Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery near Marshfield. She married Alexander Butts 11 June 1876 in Webster Co. Missouri. From this marriage there were three daughters, one of which died in infancy, Izora M. Butts. Two of the girls, Myrtle & Emma lived to maturity. It is the descendants  from Myrtle's family, I have so desperately been looking to find.

On January 11, 2002, my heart soared when I finally received a long awaited email from descendants of our Ellenora Bolch cousins from Webster Co. Missouri, that read "WE'RE RELATED"This is the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Opal and Paul Murphy, son of Myrtle Butts. Who are you? We are so excited because we practically stumbled upon your page. We would really really appreciate it if you could email us back so we can talk. Thanks a lot!!! Sherry Osborn and Jamie Portell. It wasn't just Sherry & Jamie, but Jamie's mother Beverly as well. They were all at Bev's house near St. Louis & had stumbled onto my Bolch family pages.

The next thing you know, I started getting telephone calls from my dear cousins and the bonding with our family began. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about our initial contact, I've waited sooo long to find them. And now we finally get to present our Bolch cousins from Webster Co. Missouri. The following photographs have been graciously provided by our cousin, David King, who is grandson of Mary Louella Murphy, dtr of Paul & Opal. Sherry & Beverly Osborn, who are daughters of Evelyn Ruth Murphy, will also be forwarding new photographs and information which I will update as soon as I receive it.

Myrtle Beatrice Butts was born 15 June 1877 Webster Co. Missouri the daughter of Alexander A. Butts and Ellen Carnellus Bolch. Myrtle grew up in the Marshfield community of Webster Co. with her sister, Emma who married a Mr. Bowlin. After speaking with Mary Louella Murphy she did indicate Myrtle had a sister Emma, but didn't think she had any children, and died young. Myrtle would therefore have been left as an only surviving child of her parents.

Mary Louella did remember when she was a small child, a family by the name of Sugg's coming to their home to visit from Springfield. She remembered them as quite elderly. They would have been first cousins of Myrtle, through her great aunt Euphema Bolch Suggs.

About 1901 Myrtle married Charles Zeb Murphy b. 1874 d. 1927 Webster Co. Mo. They had one child, Paul C. Murphy born 5 Aug 1902. Myrtle lived to be 90 yrs & 5 months.  Death came upon her the 15 Nov 1967. She is buried in the Old St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery near Marshfield with many members of our family. However, her tombstone is in error, marking her birth for the year of 1899 instead of 1877.

Zeb died in 1927 leaving her quite early in their lives.  Zeb is also buried in the St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery. It must have been difficult for Myrtle to sustain herself another 40 yrs after Zeb's death, but she never remarried.

Photo of Zeb taken while in Oklahoma farming.

Home of Paul & Opal Murphy, which was the original home of Zeb & Myrtle.

Paul married Opal Marie Robinson, & they had three daughters; Evelyn Ruth; Mary Louella "Lou", & Geneva Lorene Murphy. Lou is the only surviving daughter & resides in Rolla, Missouri.

Mary Louella Murphy

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