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James Click was born in Washington County, Tennessee 13 Oct 1802, and the son of Henry Jackson Click, Sr and Ruth Graham. Little is know of James life as he died at the age of 38 yrs 2 mos 21 days in Cocke County, Tennessee.

As a young man of about 21 years old he left Washington County and it is my opinion that he left with his uncle George Lewis Click, and most likely some of his brothers and sisters, and headed for Cocke County around the year 1823 to 1824. James is the first recorded Click I have been able to document in Cocke County. His property is listed in the oldest entry taker's book that has survived the Cocke County Courthouse fires.

The first entry I find is dated 2 January 1826 when land was surveyed on English Creek for WILLIAM FELKER, which was on JAMES CLICK's line. The next entry is dated 11 September 1826 for a survey of land for Tarleton Bryant. The survey was done 29 March 1827 and James was the chain carrier for the survey.

Cocke County Tn. Survey Book A 1822-1854 W.P.A. Transcription


State of Tennessee Cocke County.

By virtue of an entry made in the entry takers for said county at Newport of No. 574 dated the 11th day of September 1826. I have surveyed for TARLETON BRYANT one hundred and seventy five acres of land on the waters of English Creek. Beginning at a gum hickory and chestnut. Running north twenty poles to a stake south seventy five poles to a stake south seventy five poles near a black oak LAXTON CASES corner then with his line east eighty nine poles to a stake on norths line north one hundred and ten poles to a hickory on said BRYANTS line of a 150 acre tract then with ditto south eighty two west one hundred poles to a white oak, hickory and double dogwood north eight west one hundred and thirty poles to a stake south sixty six west one hundred and thirty six poles to a stake thence south forty three east one hundred and sixty four poles to the beginning.

Having such form as is represented by the above platt.

Surveyed 29th day of March 1827.

Laxton Case)

James Click) C.C.

J. Wood Principal surveyor of Cocke county



State of Tennessee Cocke County.

By virtue of an entry made in the entry takers office for said county at Newport of NO -- dated January 2nd 1826. I have surveyed for WILLIAM FELKER fifty acres of land on the waters of English Creek. Beginning ON A STAKE ON Thomas Poles line north eighty eight poles to a stake three poles from a marked post oak bush north fifty eight deg. west ninety four poles to a stake on JAMES CLICK line south forty one poles to a stake south six East seventy two poles to a stake East nineteen poles to a post oak south fifty poles to a black oak on BRYANTS line then with the same East forty poles to the beginning. Having such form as is represented by the above platt.

Surveyed the 4th day October 1828.



John Mullendone Dep surveyor of Cocke County

It is not know, but suspected that he married his wife Ellender in Cocke County as there are no marriage records for him in either Washington or Greene Counties, Tennessee. It is my belief that Ellender's maiden name was Brown. However, on the other hand he could have been married when he left as there are several Brown families living in Washington County around our families and the marriage records have been lost, as many others we have in Washington County. There marriage must have taken place approximately 1826 as he was establishing his home in Cocke County with his new bride.

By 1830 James and Ellender are married and have one daughter, Eliza Jane Click who was born about 1827 in Cocke County. They appear on the 1830 Cocke County census living a short distance from James Click's sister, Rachel Click and her husband Jeremiah Murr. They are living next door to Leannah Brown Lewis and her children, who lives next door to Aaron Bryant. Now this is where the plot thickens and what I have based my assumption of Ellender's maiden name.

1830 Cocke Co Tennessee, pg 260, household 498. All of these familes are on the same page.




CENSUS READS - 000011-0 (no women in household)

LEAH LEWIS 211-200001 (This would indicate she had no husband and widowed, and accounts for 4 males and 2 females)

In 1840 James and Ellender have some other individuals residing in their household and is not known who these individuals are. It appears it may have been some family members perhaps of Ellender's. There is a female 15-20 yrs old and a male 10-15 yrs old. James is living next door to his younger brother, Andrew Click, Jackson Denton, the father of Alpherd Denton who married Dorcas Click, James' sister.

Ref: 1840 Census Cocke Co. Tennessee Pg 288

Click, James

1 male 10 yrs & under 15 yrs (unknown)

1 male 30 - 40 yrs (James)

1 female 5 yrs & under 10 yrs (this would be Eliza Jane)

1 female 15-20 yrs (unknown)

1 female 30 - 40 yrs (Ellen)

James died 3 January 1841 Cocke Co. Tennessee and is buried in the Click family cemetery on English Creek, probably near the land that he owned. He is the earliest recorded burial in the cemetery found to date.

In 1846 Ellender received a land grant in Cocke County. I haven't obtained a copy of the land grant to determine exactly why she got the grant and what it was based on. But in the 1850 census she had a land value of $900, which was a fair amount for the time.

Ref: Tennessee Land Grants, Volume I, Surnames A-K by Byron & Sistler, Pg 186 CLICK, Elender, Cocke Co., 1846 60 acres, East dist, Bk 27, Page 14 Grant #25686

Approximately 1848, Eliza Jane Click marries Hamilton Lewis in Cocke County. On the 9th of June, 1849 her grandfather, Henry Jackson Click, Sr wrote his will and named Eliza as an heir. She is listed as Eliza Jane Lewis formerly Eliza Jane Click, daughter of James Click, deceased.

When Henry died in Monroe County, Tenn in 1856, we have documentation that Eliza Jane had married Hamilton Lewis when the heirs petitioned to sell his land.

Circuit Court Sept 1857 - Pg 196 & 672 Charles R. Hartsell and wife Amanda, Lewis Click, William Click, Jeremiah Murr and wife Rachel, Alfred Denton and wife Dorcas, Hepsaby, Martha & Mary Jane Click VS. HAMILTON LEWIS and wife Jane, Mary Ann, Emaline, Darcas, Andrew J., and Henry Click, minor heirs of Henry Click, dec'd, by their Guardian ad litem S. S. Glenn; petition to sell land.

Now I will explain why I believe Ellender was a Brown. I know it doesn't PROVE anything, but considering all things of how families associated with one another and their locations and interactions, it does make sense.

On the 1850 Cocke County census, page 374a, household 431 Ellender is 52 years old born in Virginia, and a widow living with a girl named CHARITY BAXTER who is 18 years old. On page 375a, household 444 is Leannah Baxter age 51 born Tenn, a widow with children Samuel 16, George 13, Elijah 11, and John Lewis 24. A simple calculation of all the ages confirms the children of Leannah Brown Lewis Baxter.

From the following old records found in Cocke County on the Lewis and Baxter families of John Leith Lewis and Leannah Brown, and Leannah's second husband Aaron Baxter, we know for certain Charity Baxter was her daughter and Hamilton Lewis was her son. And the age fits for Charity Baxter on the 1850 census. It is believed by other researchers and myself that Charity Baxter is the niece of Ellender Click.

I can't determine exactly where this was published, but on pg 66 of the "Ansearchin" News. I believe it was sent to me by Bertha Day as I recall a couple of years ago.

Here's the contents of the article: LEWIS AND BAXTER BOOKLET, contributed by Eva Klare, P.O. Box 119, Bristol, RI 02809

While going through an old house that was soon to be torn down in Cocke County, Tennessee, my brother and I found a handwritten booklet on the Lewis and Baxter families. The booklet may have been written about 1838 since it does not include a son Elijah Baxter who was born abt 1839. The entire text is as follows:

Names and ages of the children of John LEWIS and Leanna his wife:

Hambelton Lewis was born January the 1st, 1820

William Lewis was born December the 4th 1822?

Malden Lewis was born September the 20, 1823

Mary Lewis was born July the 3rd, 1825

John Lewis Junr was born January the 29th, 1827

Elizabeth Lewis was born February the 10th, 1829

Aaron Baxter was born April the 8th, 1783

Leanna Lewis was born July the 11, 1799

Aaron Baxter and Leanna Lewis was married October 1831

Charrity Baxter, daughter of Aaron Baxter & Leanna his wife was born January the 15th, 1831

Samuel Baxter, son of Aron (sic) and Leanna his wife was born October 5th, 1834

George Baxter, son of Aron Baxter and Leanna his wife was born June 15th, 1837

We have further documentation that Ellender was the wife of James Click, when I personally enumerated the Click cemetery in Cocke County on English Creek, took photos of all the tombstones and recorded the information. While I was there I stumbled onto the old tombstone of James Click which was lying face down in the dirt. After digging around the stone and pulling it up, much to my surprise, there I found James Click b. 13 Oct 1802 d 3 Jan 1841 Ellender CONSORT of James Click. This cemetery had been enumerated previously and no one had ever found it lying in the dirt. Researchers had assumed for years that Ellender was James wife, but we had no exact proof of the matter, but this now confirms the fact. The stone was very legible and I was able to obtain a clear photograph of the tombstone. I would imagine had a dug around further, I might have found one next to James of Ellender, but I didn't take the time then to do further digging.

Ellender was born abt 1798 and probably died between 1850 to 1860 in Cocke County. Ellender doesn't appear in the 1860 census records of Cocke County, so one of two things has occurred. She either remarried or died, and we have no further knowledge as to what happened to her.


Thanks to finally finding descendants of our family, we now have a generously contributed photograph by Phillip Ronald Ritchie, Denton Co. Texas, of Eliza Jane Click Lewis, taken in McKinney, Texas. I believe I have now found Eliza Jane in the 1900 census living in Wise Co. Texas. Ron will be digging through his photos and will be sending more later. If any kind of luck prevails, we might get lucky and find one of Hamilton Lewis, as he has a bunch of old tin type photos. Children:

1) Elbert Lewis born Nov 1849 Cocke Co. died 1867 Cocke Co Tenn

2) Darthula Lewis born abt 1853 Cocke Co Tenn married 5 Jan 1876 Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri William J. Copelin

3) Allie Lewis b abt 1856 Cocke Co Tenn married Frank M. Rasure 19 Aug 1877. I believe Allie was divorced from him by 1880

4) Leannah "Lee Ann" Lewis b Oct 1858 Cocke Co Tenn died after 1930 probably Collin or Denton Co Texas married Elbridge W. Kelly 18 Dec 1877 Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri

5) David Andrew Lewis b Feb 1862 Cocke Co Tenn died after 1930 probably Marble Falls, Burnett Co Texas married Rowena E. Thomasson

6) Eliza Lewis b abt 1864 Cocke Co Tenn

7) Amanda Jane Lewis b 8 May 1866 Cocke Co Tenn died 3 April 1953 Anson, Jones Co Texas buried Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co Texas married William Wesley Freeman abt 1892

8) John Hamilton Lewis b Feb 1869 probably Independence, Jackson Co Missouri d after 1930 Collin Co Texas married 1st Julia Francis Brooks 2nd Callie Lee Hinsley

As I had stated previously Eliza Jane Click was born abt 1827 in Cocke County and she married Hamilton Lewis probably around 1848. They first appear together in the 1850 Cocke County census, page 359b, household 221:

Ham Lewis age 30 Tn farmer real estate value $800

Eliza J. 23 Tn

Elbert male 7 mos Tn

They again appear on the 1860 census Cocke County, page 471, household 1456, Taylorsburg (which is now presently called Edwina). Hamilton had acquired a substantial amount of land in that 10 year period, as shown by the real estate value listed in 1860. And he is now listed with the occupation of bricklayer.

Hamilton Lewis age 39 Tn bricklayer real estate value $2500 personal value $800

Eliza J. age 34 Tn

Elbert male age 10 Th

Dorthula female age 7 Tn

Alla female age 4 Tn

Leanna female age 1 Tn

Hamilton and Eliza were members of the Methodist Church at old Sardis on English Creek, where most of the Click family attended.

We have documented records of the old church class records which was recorded by Ronnie Lane of Cocke County. Ronnie gave me permission to put them up on the Cocke County website.




I think they have misinterpreted her middle initial on the church records.

In those records we can see that Hamilton and Eliza lost their oldest son Elbert. His entries are as follows:




These records are what I have based his death date on, however, he may have died a few months earlier than this date because Hamilton and Eliza were preparing to make a move. Then we have the records of the daughters:




So it obvious based on the church records and the following deed that they were preparing to move in 1867.

I found their deed in the ONLY early deed book that has survived the fires of the courthouse in Cocke County where they sold their land on the 20th of February, 1867. The deed abstract follows:

Ref: Cocke Co. Tennessee, Old Deed Book 17,Pg 428, Deed No. 524

We, HAMILTON & wife, LIZER JANE LEWIS has this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to ABRAHAM FINE and wife ELIZABETH FINE and their heirs forever for the consideration of SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS to us paid a tract of land in the state of Tennessee Cocke County, district No 9 containing by estimation SEVENTY FIVE ACRES be the same more or less and bounded as follows:

Beginning on a pine CORNER TO JAMES FINCHUM and HAMILTON LEWIS thence running with said FINCHUM LINE south 36 poles to a white oak sapling CORNER TO SD FINCHUM, thence with SD FINCHUMS LINE south 88 east thirty poles to locust, CORNER TO SAID FINCHUM & JAMES GRAY SNRS DEC'D thence with said GRAY'S LINE North 23 east thirty three poles to a large white oak CORNER TO SAID GRAY thence North 25 West 26 poles to a large white oak CORNER TO A.C. FINE SEN DECEASED -- thence with said FINES LINES north 48 east one hundred and eighty three poles to a pine on GRIGSBY WOODS LINE passing by a large black oak SAID FINE'S CORNER, thence north 87 poles to a chestnut CORNER TO SAID LEWIS thence with SAID LEWIS LINE a conditional line BETWEEN ABRAHAM FINE AND SAID LEWIS north 76 west 48 poles to a pine thence with SAID LEWIS LINE north 5 west 10 poles to a black oak CORNER TO SAID LEWIS thence north 68 west 32 poles to a post oak corner SAID LEWIS thence south 26 east 18 poles to a black oak bush NEAR THE ROAD LEADS TO NEWPORT thence south 60 west 46 poles to a RED OAK IN GRAVEYARD CORNER TO SAID LEWIS thence south 35 east 20 poles to post oak busher CORNER TO SAID LEWIS thence s 5 w 26 poles to a black oak corner SD LEEWIS thence s 48 w 84 poles to a pine CORNER TO SD LEWIS thence s 48 w 84 poles to a pine CORNER TO SD LEWIS thence s 80 w 4 poles to the beginning to have and to hold the CORNER TO THE SAID ABRAHAM FINE and wife ELIZABETH FINE their heirs and assigns forever.

We do covenant with said ABRAHAM FINE and wife ELIZABETH FINE that we are lawfully seized of said land and have a good right to convey it and that and that the same is unincumbered. We do further covenant and bind ourselves and our heirs representatives to warrant and forever defend the title to the said ABRAHAM FINE and wife ELIZABETH FINE there heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatever. Executed and delivered in our presence this `8 DAY OF FEBRUARY 1867. (Note: It doesn't show Hamilton signing, but does verify below that he did sign. It does not list the names of the witnesses either)



State of Tennessee

Cocke County

Personally appeared before me WILLIAM H. WOOD, Clerk of the County Cort of said county HAMILTON LEWIS the FIRST SIGNOR of the within deed and acknowledged the execution of the same. ELIZA JANE LEWIS his wife aside from her husband depose and states she signed the within on the day it bears date and of her own free will and accord not influenced by any person so to do. Given under my hand at office in NEWPORT this 20TH DAY OF FEBRUARY 1867. William H. Wood, Clerk

Recorded in my office in book 6, page 43 February the 20th 1867 William H. Wood, Clerk

I then had lost track of what had happened to them and for years couldn't find them. They were not listed in the 1870 Cocke County census. So thanks to the development of our technology and records being put online, I finally found them about a week or so ago. I found them in the 1870 census living in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. And now I lose track of them AGAIN!!! as I can't find them in the 1880 census. However, I soon discovered they did in fact have more children. This listing in the 1870 shows and confirms that they left Cocke County in the timeframe of 1867 and arrive in Missouri sometime prior to February 1869, when their last son John Hamilton Lewis was born in Missouri.

1870 Jackson Co Missouri, Independence twp, Independence PO, Ward 1 in Independence, 26 June 1870, pg 270a, household 227,

Hamilton Lewis 50 Tenn brick moulder real estate $1,000 personal $100

Eliza 43 Tenn keeping house Tn

Dorthula 17 Tn

Ally 14 female Tn

Lean 11 female Tn

David A. 8 Tn

Eliza 6 Tn

Amanda 4 Tn

John H 1 Missouri

Now again, based on the way the census takers recorded information, AND how others transcribe the information can sometimes make it very difficult to find the records. Until I can do further research in Jackson County, Missouri to see if I can find some land records, cemetery records, and marriage records, I will speculate on these facts. A couple of things could have happened: Hamilton could have died and Eliza remarried or they both died leaving the children orphans. I think I have found son David Andrew Lewis in the 1880 census living in another household at age 19 working as a carpenter in Kansas City.

1880 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Source: FHL Film 1254692 National Archives Film T9-0692

Page 72A Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

John LA PIER Self M M W 34 FRA Occ: Stone Mason Fa: FRA Mo: FRA

living in this household on next pg 72b

David LEWIS Other M S W 19 MOOcc: Carpenter Fa: --- Mo: --

After diligently searching, I have been unable to find Hamilton, Eliza, or the other children who would still be minors in the 1880 census.

So my next quest was to try and find David A. Lewis at a later date. I searched the IGI at the Mormon records and found DAVID ANDREW LEWIS born February 1862 COCKE COUNTY, TENN who had married ROENNA E. THOMASSON in COLLIN CO. TEXAS about 1885. I not only found David but I, also, found the youngest son, JOHN HAMILTON LEWIS and his two wives, JULIA FRANCIS BROOKS and CALLIE LEE HENSLEY. Someone has placed these records here having full knowledge of this family, but they may not know who the parents were of the children. In the 1880 Collin Co. Texas census records I find Roena E. Thomasson living with her parents John and Mary J. Thomasson living right next door to ELIJAH BAXTER, the 1/2 brother of HAMILTON LEWIS. After finding on the IGI that Roena also was born in Cocke County Aug 1863, I knew I had the right family. I quickly checked Cocke County census records to verify that this family had come from Cocke County and they were in fact listed on the 1860 census and then gone in 1870.

1860 Cocke Co Tennessee, pg 216, household 1566

John Thomason 36 Tn

Mary J. 34 Tn

Nancy 10 Tn

Joseph 9 Tn

James 2 Tn

Mary 22 Tn


1880 Precinct 4, Collin, Texas Source: FHL Film 1255296 National Archives Film T9-1296 Page 175A

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace

John THOMASSON Self M M W 56 TNOcc: Farmer Fa: NC Mo: TN

Mary J. THOMASSON Wife F M W 54 TNOcc: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN

Nancy A. THOMASSON Dau F S W 24 TNOcc: Keeping House Fa: TN Mo: TN

James C. THOMASSON Son M S W 22 TNOcc: Works On Farm Fa: TN Mo: TN

Rowena E. THOMASSON Dau F S W 16 TNFa: TN Mo: TN

William HEATH Other M S W 23 TXOcc: Farm Laborer - Servant Fa: --- Mo: ---

From information I have received from other researchers, there was a major migration out of Cocke County to Collin County, Texas in the late 1860's after the Civil War. This was because of so much turmoil and fighting among the union and confederate sympathizers, the confederates left and went to Texas. This happened to many many families in Cocke County during the reconstruction period in Tennessee after the Civil War.

So my next quest was Collin County, Texas which was quite successful. After obtaining what knowledge I had, I contacted another Lewis researcher, JIM LEWIS of Arkansas, who is a descendant of Martin Lewis, the brother of John Leith Lewis, to see if he could help me. So I owe a BIG THANKS to Jim for assisting me with copies of obituaries and cemetery records of Collin County to finally fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

After finding the records on the two boys, I learned their children were born in Collin County. I was able to locate both of them in Collin County in the 1900 census and did confirm their children being born in Texas. So sometime I believe between 1882 and 1885 the family made the move to Collin County where many of their relatives were already living. Now whether Hamilton and Eliza made the move is another story. There are no cemetery records that we've found yet to indicate they are buried there. They may well have been in Collin County earlier than these dates, but I just can't confirm when.

I have now obtained the marriage records for the girls in Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri.

All of the marriage records are in Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri, Book 7.

Page 281 - 5 Jan 1876 recorded 6 April 1876 Darthula Lewis to William J. Copelin

Page 370 - 19 Aug 1877 Allie Lewis to Frank M. Rasure. This name MIGHT be Rasor or Razor

Page 419 - 18 Dec 1877 recorded 8 Mar 1878 Leanne Lewis to Elbridge W. Kelly

After diligently searching the 1880 census I STILL cannot find any of these families anywhere. I will keep searching until I find them!!!! I do know I have seen in the Collin or Denton county census records the name COPELAND OR COPLEN while I was searching for the boys. I will have to go back and do further research to try and track Darthula. We do have Copeland/Coplen family members from the line of Peter Click living there, but I know there are others besides them. I just can't remember which county I saw them in while I was researching!!!


Elbridge W. Kelly furnished by Ron Ritchie

It appears to me the one in front could possibly be David Andrew Kelley, Lee Ann's son. He resembles his sister Minto to me.

Lee Ann "Leannah" Lewis was born Oct 1858 in Cocke County, Tennessee. I have yet to establish her death date, but she died sometime after 1930 probably in Collin or Denton County, Texas. She married Elbridge W. Kelly in Independence, Jackson Co. Missouri.

Lee Ann and Elbridge had 3 children. On the 1900 census she indicated she had 3 born 2 living. I have been able to confirm the names of two children:

Minto Kelly born 3 Oct 1880 MISSOURI died 27 Mar 1912 Denton Co Texas buried Blue Cemetery, near Aubrey, Texas who married Claude N. Jones

David Andrew Kelly born 6 Feb 1882 in MISSOURI died 15 Nov 1926 Texas buried Mount Hope Cemetery, Anson, Jones Co. Texas. I believe he was named for Lee Ann's brother DAVID ANDREW LEWIS.

Elbridge W. Kelly was born Dec 1840/1842 in Estill Co. Kentucky and died Aug 1907 in either Collin or Denton Co. Texas, and is the son of Samuel Kelly and Rachel McFarland of Estill Co. Kentucky, who were married 25 Mar 1822. I find him residing with his widowed mother in the 1850 census of Estill Co. Kentucky age 8.

1850 Estill Co. Kentucky

35 689 Kelley Rachael 43 Kentucky 96a 36 689

Kelley Hiriam 18 Kentucky 96a 37 689

Kelley Robert 15 Kentucky 96a 38 689

Kelley Amelia 13 Kentucky 96a 39 689

Kelley Sidney 11 Kentucky 96a 40 689

Kelley Elbridge 8 Kentucky 96a

During the Civil War he served in the Union Army in Company E of the 1st Kentucky Cavalry. How or when he arrived in Missouri is not known.

After the Civil War, Elbridge married 1st to Nancy "Nannie" J. Offutt in Madison Co. Kentucky 29 Mar 1867. Elbridge and Nannie had 3 sons together, Leonard Thomas; Otho B; and James E. Kelley. In the 1870's they were apparently divorced in Missouri, as they both had 2nd marriages. Nancy remarried to Thomas Jefferson Edwards in 1876 and their family resided in Cooke and Montague Counties, Texas. Among the old photographs that Ron Ritchie has, he found this one of Otho B. Kelley (these boys spelled their last name "Kelley") and on a card found among the belongings of Lee Ann Lewis Kelly that were in the possession of her daughter Minto, was written on the card "stepson of grandma Kelly".

I was able to find that in 1930 Collin Co. Texas census Leannah "LeeAnn" Lewis was aged 72 living with her brother John Hamilton Lewis listed as a widow born in Tenn as "LEE ANN KELLEY". She is listed as an "ant"/aunt, so I think one of the children has given the information stating that she was their aunt when the census taker came around. However, she is NOT the aunt of John Hamilton Lewis, but the sister and the age and location match for Leannah's birth.

After obtaining the marriage record of Lee Ann I then was able to track her and her husband Elbridge W. Kelly in Collin County, Texas in 1900. I still can't find them in the 1880 census, but from the 1900 census their son David is listed as being born 1882 in Missouri. I then find an old newspaper in Collin County where a letter for a WASHAM KELLEY was left at the post office in 1883. I do not know for certain this is them, but I find no other name like this and Elbridge's middle initial is "W". What I would give to have that old letter!!

On the 1900 census Lee Ann listed that she had bore 3 children and 2 were still living. Son David was residing with them. Lee Ann is then a widow in the 1910 census living with son David in Denton County, Texas. I then found Elbridge's civil war service and confirmed he had filed for a pension in Texas in 1890, and Lee Ann filed for her widow's pension in Aug 1907.

Below is the documentation for Lee Ann and her family I have found to date. What I did find so interesting was that in 1900 Lee Ann and Elbridge were living right next door to Callie Lee Hinsley and her parents. Callie later married Lee Ann's brother, John Hamilton Lewis, as his 2nd wife.

Jackson Co Missouri Marriages, Book 7, pg 419

Leanne Lewis to Elbridge W. Kelly 18 Dec 1877 recorded 8 Mar 1878


List of letters remaining in the Post Office at McKinney, May 26, 1883... KELLEY, Washam

Civil War Pension

Elbridge W. Kelley

Widow: Lee Ann Kelley

Company E 1st Kentucky Cav

Invalid Pension Filed 29 Nov 1890 app no 971.408 cert no 986151 filed Texas

Widow Pension Filed 26 Aug 1907 app no 875352 cert no 671119 filed Texas

attorney Jas H. Vermilya & Co XC 2680348


TX 1890 Veterans Schedule


State: TX Year: 1890 County: Denton County Record Type: Township: E.D. 49 Page: 001

1900 Collin Co Texas, Justice Precinct 1, pg 112b, household 326

Eldidge W. Kelly Dec 1840 59 marr 22 yrs Kentucky

Lean wife Oct 1858 41 3 born 2 living Tn

David A. son Feb 1882 Missouri

living next door to John Hinsley, who is father of Callie Hinsley who married John Hamilton Lewis, Leann's brother

The Democrat, July 13, 1905 Collin Co Texas Newspaper

Franklin: D. A. KELLEY is visiting his parents, E. W. KELLEY and wife this week. NOTE: It is my guess David had moved out sometime after 1900 and apparently was living in Denton County and was over visiting his parents.

1910 Denton Co Texas, 7th Justice Precinct, pg 80b, household 119

David A Kelly 27 single father Ky mo Tenn

Lee A mother 52 widow 3 born 2 living Tenn married 1x

I now have found Lee Ann living with son David in Wichita Falls Co. Texas in 1920

1930 Collin Co Texas living with brother John Hamilton Lewis age 72 widowed.

I finally got a breakthrough when I discovered on the guestbook of Jimmy Lewis of Arkansas, a posting by Phillip Ronald Ritchie looking for his great grandmother Lee Ann Lewis Kelly, who had a daughter Minto Kelly who had married Claude N. Jones, and that Minto had died young of typhoid fever in 1912. I have now finally made contact with Phillip Ronald Ritchie and obtained all the photographs shown on this page from Ron.


Minto Kelly was born 3 Oct 1880 in Missouri and died 27 March 1912 and is buried in the Blue Cemetery, Denton County, Texas near Aubrey.

She married Claude N. Jones b. Jan 1880 Texas and they had five children:

Mary Lee Jones born 25 Feb 1900 died 30 June 1961 Quanah, Hardeman Co Texas married John Key Denison 15 Mar 1917

Emily Flossie Jones born 22 Sept 1902 died 6 Jan 1983 Quanah, Hardeman Co Texas married Odis L. Teel b abt 1902 Alabama

Lula Mae Jones born 29 July 1905 Sanger, Denton Co. Texas married Thomas Saulter Merritt

Robert Nelson Jones born 3 June 1909 Denton Co. Texas died Farmers Branch, Dallas Co Texas married Essie Mae Wadkins

Florence Nettie Jones born 30 Jan 1912 Denton Co. Texas whom is still living married Fred Edgar Ritchie b 26 Aug 1900 Denton Co Texas died 31 Dec 1967 Dallas, Texas. Florence and Fred are the parents of Phillip Ronald Ritchie and Jeslyn Sue Ritchie. Ron is the one who posted the query on Jimmy Lewis' website guestbook.


I have now finally found David in the 1920 census, married with a family. He was living in Wichita Falls Co. Texas. Ron Ritchie will be providing more information later on David's family.

David was married to Monie Jessie McCullough born 4 Aug 1890 Cherokee Co. Alabama died 1 Oct 1960 Orange Co. California.

1920 Wichita Co Texas, Wichita Falls, precinct 2, ed 127, pg 15a, household 300

David A Kelley 38 Mo pumper oil fields father Ky mo Tn

Mamie? 29 Ala (couldn't read very well)

Warner son 7

Clifton 5

Izora 3

Lee son 1

all children born Texas

Leann mother 62 Tenn widow

George Wolfeberger lodger Tenn

David died 15 Nov 1926 probably in Wichita Falls, Texas. He is buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery, Anson, Jones Co. Texas

Thanks to a descendant of Elbridge's first family Bill Shults, he sent me a photo of David's tombstone that he and his mother took some years ago.

Tomstone of David Andrew Kelley

His widow is in the 1930 Wichita Falls Texas census and they have another son, D. A. which stands for David Andrew Kelley, Jr.

1930 Wichita Co Texas Wichita Falls city, dist 5, household 506, img 42

Moniton Kelly WF widow Ala 39 quilts

Warnie 17 Tx fa Mo mo Ala farm labor

Clifton 15 Tx fa Mo mo Ala

Ise 11 Tx fa Mo mo Ala

D. A. son 8 Tx fa Mo mo Ala

From information received from April Beverly, who continues to gather information for me on David's family, Monie left Texas with some of her McCullough siblings and a couple of her children. Lee, daughter, married Buddy Milton and is still alive living in Fullerton, California. We are hoping to make contact with Lee (probably LeeAnn named after her grandmother) to see if she can tell us more about the families travels.

A child of David Andrew Kelley Jr also live in California and we're trying to make contact with her as well. I am assuming that David Jr is still alive as well.

Warner Kelley

Below I will give a full accounting and documentation of the families of the boys. The really odd thing is that we cannot find burial records for John or Lee Ann in Collin County to date, but that doesn't mean they aren't buried there.

I am proud to finally be able to carry this family history for James Click and Ellender Brown down to current generations, as Eliza Jane Click was their only child. I believe it is entirely possible that Hamilton and Eliza Jane may have migrated to Collin or Denton County, Texas with their children.


I will first give the family of David Andrew Lewis and then the family of John Hamilton Lewis

1. David Andrew LEWIS was born Feb 1862 in Cocke Co. Tennessee. He died after 1930 probably in Marble Falls, Burnet Co. Texas .

1900 Collin Co. Texas, Precinct 4, sheet 18b, household 351

David Lewis Feb 1862 38 married 13 yrs Tn

Roenna wife Aug 1863 7 born 7 living Tn

Ollie dtr Dec 1887 12 Tx

Myrtle dtr July 1888 11

Oscar R. April 1891 9

Earl L. Feb 1893 7

Carl A. Nov 1895 4

Ada May 1897 3

Georgia dtr July 1899 10 mos

all children born Tx

1910 Denton Co Texas, 4th Precinct, pg 18b, household 289, img 36

David A Lewis 45 Tn married 24 yrs farmer

Rowena E 45 Tn 8 born 8 living

Myrtle 20

Oscar R 17

Leonard E 15

Andrew C 14

Ada 12

Georgia 10

Lela 6

1920 Glasscock Co Tx, Precinct 4, ed 111, sheet 3b, household 19, Lees Community written on side

David A. Lewis 58 Tn

Roena E. 55 Tn

Lenard E. 26

Andrew C. 24

Georgie dtr 20

Lela dtr 16

all children born Tx

1930 Burnet Co. Texas, Marble Falls, ed 9, pg 97a, household 237

David A. Lewis 68 Tn married age 26 proprieter garage

Roena 65 married age 65 Tn married age 23

Leila dtr 24 Tx

Georgia dtr 28 Tx

David married Rowena E. THOMASSON daughter of John THOMASSON and Mary J. (THOMASSON) Abt 1885 in Collin Co. Texas. Rowena was born Aug 1863 in Cocke Co. Tennessee. She died after 1930 probably in Marble Falls, Burnet Co. Texas

Book 5, p. 238 State of Texas County of Collin Know all men by these presents that we, Sarah A. Dunlap formerly Sarah A. Thomason and husband Jacob L. Dunlap Citizens of Perry County State of Missouri by our Attorney in fact John Thomason in consideration of sixty three dollars in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted bargained and sold to R. DeArmond of Collin County the following described land in the State of Texas County of Collin the the City of McKinney. And more particularly described as follows towit. Being one-fifth undivided interest in Lot Number ninety four (94) in Block number fourteen. And also my undivided one-fifth interest in one-fifth of the West half of Block Number Eighty as said Lots and Blocks are known and described in the map and recorded plat of the City of McKinney. Together with all and singular the rights members and hereditaments to the same belonging or in anywise appertaining and we do hereby through our said attorney in fact bind ourselves to warrant and defend the title the premises above described unto the said DeArmand his heirs and assignes against the unlawful claim or claims of all persons whomsoever. Witness our signatures by our said attorney in fact. This the 3lst day of August A.D. l877, Sarah A. Dunlap Jacob L. Dunlap By their Attorney in fact John Thomason Book 5, p.238. The State of Texas, County of Collin. This day personally appeared before me H. Goodner Judge of the County Court of Collin County John Thomason with whom I am well acquainted whose name is assigned as attorney in fact for Sarah A. Dunlap and Jacob L. Dunlap to the above and foregoing deed of Conveyance bearing date Aug. 3lst l877, and acknowledged that he as attorney in fact for Sarah A. Dunlap and Jacob L. Dunlap duly authorized by Power of Attorney from them dated Febry 8/l875 had signed sealed and delivered said deed of Conveyance as attorney in fact aforesaid for the purposes and consideration therein expressed to certify which I have hereto set my hand officially with the seal of my office at McKinney on this the 3lst day of August A.D. l877. H. Goodner Judge Co. Court, Collin Co. Texas Filed for Record December l7th l877 at 3 o'clock P.M. J. M. Benge Clerk by Walton Dpy

David and Rowena had the following children:

+ 2 F i Ollie LEWIS was born 16 Dec 1887. She died 5 Dec 1988.

3 F ii Myrtle LEWIS was born Jul 1889 in Collin Co. Texas.

4 M iii Oscar R. LEWIS was born Apr 1891 in Collin Co. Texas.

5 M iv Leonard Earl LEWIS was born Feb 1893 in Collin Co. Texas.

1930 Los Angeles Co California, National Home twp, Pacific Branch National Military Home, 21 April, ed 19 sheet 46b

Leonard E. Lewis 36 Texas inmate married veteran WW

+ 6 M v Carl Andrew LEWIS was born 13 Nov 1895. He died Aug 1983.

7 F vi Ada LEWIS was born May 1897 in Collin Co. Texas.

8 F vii Georgia LEWIS was born Jul 1899 in Collin Co. Texas.

9 F viii Lela LEWIS was born Abt 1904 in Collin Co. Texas.

Before I continue, I want to point out a major discovery in the marriage of two of the Cocke County Lewis families. For years researchers have tried to determine who the parents of Asa Perry Lewis born 17 Nov 1825 Cocke Co d. 2 Jan 1864 Cocke Co, a union sympathizer, who was supposedly murdered by Felix Grundy Lewis, a confederate sympathizer, his cousin during the Civil War. Between Jim Lewis and myself and the documented facts that we have at hand, we are assuming that he was the son of SAMUEL LEWIS and SUSANNAH LAYMAN. However, he could also be the son of RICHARD LEWIS, who also lived in Cocke County and was living only a few doors from Asa Perry in the 1850 Cocke County census. Asa Perry Lewis was married to NANCY BIRD. They had a son JOHN H. LEWIS b 1847 d 1909 Rhea Mills, Collin Co. Texas who was married to AMANDA MELVINA "Mollie" KYKER. After further research, I was able to determine that John and Amanda had left Cocke County sometime in the early 1870's and moved to Wilson County, Kansas where the rest of their children were born. In about 1890 John and Amanda move to Collin County in the Walnut Grove Community as evidenced by John's obituary.

Courier Gazette, McKinney, Tx., Monday, May 3, 1909

JOHN H. LEWIS, aged sixty-four years, died at 2 o' clock this morning at his home on South Benge Street, after having long been a sufferer from heart trouble.

Mr. LEWIS was sixty-four years of age on the 14th of last December and was a native of Tennessee.

In 1872 he moved to the state of Kansas, moving from that state to Texas and Collin County in 1891, locating in the Walnut Grove Community where he resided until January 19, 1908, when he moved to McKinney which has since been his home.

In his early manhood, while still a resident of Tennessee, Mr. LEWIS married Miss MOLLIE KYKER of that state and is survived by his devoted wife and several children, all of whom have the sincere sympathy of the entire community in the loss of the noble husband and father.

Mr. LEWIS was a consistent member of the C. P. Church, a faithful Odd Fellow, a member of the Prosper Lodge and was a good man and citizen in all that these terms imply.

The funeral will be held under I. O.O. F. auspices tomorrow afternoon, the procession leaving the family residence here at 1 o' clock for the Walnut Grove Cemetery where the interment of the remains will be made at 3 o' clock.

John H. Lewis born 1847 and Amanda Kyker had a son WALTER CHARLES LEWIS born 18 March 1876 in Kansas and died 8 March 1947 Collin Co. Texas and is buried in the Pecan Cemetery, McKinney, Texas. They also had a son, Marion Frank Lewis who was born 5 March 1888 in Neodesha, Wilson Co. Kansas who died 29 Dec 1925 Collin Co Texas and is buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

1900 Collin Co Texas, Precinct 6, pg 159a, household 271

John H. Lewis Dec 1846 53 married 33 yrs Ten

Amanda M. Aug 1847 53 9 born 9 living Ten

George son Mar 1880 20 Ks

Ella Aug 1882 17 Ks

Andrew Jan 1884 16 Ks

Marion Mar 1888 12 Ks

I am still looking for John and Amanda in the 1880 census in Kansas, but as yet haven't found them. However, based on the following obituary, we know that Walter Charles Lewis was the brother of Marion Frank Lewis who died 1925.

Collin Co Tx query board rootsweb

Found this is in Alla Clary scrapbook, believe article is from The Examiner - McKinney, Texas


After a brief illness of double pneumonia, M.F. (Frank) Lewis, died at his home on West Lamar street, McKinney, at 6 o'clock Tuesday evening, Dec. 29, 1925, at the age of 37 years, 9 months and 24 days. The deceased was born March 5, 1888 at Neodasha, Kansas. He came to Collin county about 35 years ago with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lewis and settled in the Walnut Grove community, near Rhea Mills. He married Miss Brook Martin in Missouri. His wife and daughter, Mary Frank, survive him. The father of the deceased died in McKinney fifteen years ago. His mother survives and lives on South Benge street in this city. The following brothers survive: Walter C. Lewis, McKinney, W.J. Lewis, Wheeler, Texas, George Lewis, Lubbock, Texas; Andrew Lewis, Stillwater, Texas. His sisters are Mrs. A.J. Leigh, McKinney, Mrs. Claud Tatum, Lubbock; Mrs. Mollie Barnes, Jones, Ark., Mrs. Ella Chisum. For 16 years Frank Lewis was the trusted, faithful and untiring employee of the J.P. Dowell Company. He was a member of the First Presbyterian church of McKinney. He was such a courteous lovable man that he won and held fast through the years a large circle of friends. Few young men in business life in church and social life was held in such high esteem. The funeral was conducted at the First Presbyterian church Wednesday at 2 o'clock by Rev. J.H. Bone with burial at Walnut Grove cemetery. The Examiner join in the great sympathy for the bereft wife, daughter, mother, and other relatives over the loss of this good man.

Now we have the marriage of Ollie Lewis b. 16 Dec 1887 Collin Co Texas died 5 Dec 1988 McKinney, Collin Co. Texas, who is the daughter of DAVID ANDREW LEWIS and ROENA E. THOMASSON, and WALTER CHARLES LEWIS born 1876 in Wilson County, Kansas, who is the son of JOHN H. LEWIS and AMANDA MELVINA KYKER. This marriage ties the two families together from Cocke County. We not only have a probable first cousin marriage between HAMILTON LEWIS AND ELIZA JANE CLICK, but we now have a third cousin marriage between Ollie and Walter. Their common ancestors are John LEWIS and Milly CANADAY. John Lewis and Milly Canaday are the parents of Samuel Lewis (who married Susannah Layman) and John Leith Lewis (who married Leannah Brown).

And now to continue with the family of David Andrew Lewis and Roena Thomasson.

2. Ollie LEWIS (David Andrew ) was born 16 Dec 1887 in Collin Co. Texas. She died 5 Dec 1988 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas.

1920 Collin Co Tx, Justice Precinct 1, McKinney, sheet 6b, household 160

Walter L. Lewis 41 Tn

Ollie 34 Tx father Missouri mother Tn

Rita 9

Eugene 7

W.C 5

Roena R 3 yrs 6 mos

1930 Collin Co Tx, McKinney, 1004 Oak Street, household 519

Walter Lewis 54 Kansas salesman hardware married age 33 father Tn mother Tn

Ollie 42 married age 21 Texas father Tn mother Tn

Alta dtr (Rita) stenographer abstract office

Eugene 17

W.C. 15

Ruth (Roena) 13

Marion 3 yrs 2 mos

all children born Tx

Social Security Death Index

OLLIE L LEWIS 16 Dec 1887 05 Dec 1988 (V) 75069 (Mc Kinney, Collin, TX ) (none specified) 457-17-2273 Texas

Ollie married Walter Charles LEWIS Sr son of John H. LEWIS and Amanda Melvina KYKER "Mollie" 1 Jan 1910 in Denton Co Texas. Walter was born 18 Mar 1876 in Kansas. He died 8 Apr 1948 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas. He was buried in Pecan Cemetery, McKinney, Collin Co. Texas.

Burial information supplied by Jim Lewis

Walter C. Lewis b. Mar. 18, 1876 d. Apr. 8, 1948 buried in Pecan Grove Cemetery McKinney, Texas

Walter and Ollie had the following children:

10 F i Rita Alta LEWIS was born Abt 1911 in Collin Co. Texas.

11 M ii Eugene LEWIS was born Abt 1913 in Collin Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index

EUGENE H LEWIS 12 Dec 1913 11 Dec 1995 75002 (Allen, Collin, TX ) (none specified) 466-26-8595 Texas

+ 12 M iii Walter Charles LEWIS Jr was born 13 Nov 1914. He died 15 Jan 1997.

+ 13 F iv Rowena Ruth LEWIS was born Abt 1916.

14 M v Marion Frank LEWIS was born 17 Feb 1927 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Tx Births

Lewis, Marion Frank 2-17-1927 M Ollie Lewis Frank C Lewis

6. Carl Andrew LEWIS (David Andrew ) was born 13 Nov 1895 in Collin Co. Texas. He died Aug 1983 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index

ANDREW LEWIS 13 Nov 1895 Aug 1983 78654 (Marble Falls, Burnet, TX ) (none specified) 452-56-9211 Texas

Carl married Ruth Culton ELLIOTT. Ruth was born 27 Mar 1894. She died Nov 1983 in Marble Falls, Burnet Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index

RUTH LEWIS 27 Mar 1894 Nov 1983 78654 (Marble Falls, Burnet, TX ) (none specified) 451-34-9785 Texas

Carl and Ruth had the following children:

15 M i Carlene Elizabeth LEWIS was born 11 May 1940 in Burnet Co. Texas. Burnet Co. Texas Births LEWIS, CARLENE ELIZABETH RUTH CULTON ELLIOTT ANDREW CARL LEWIS 11 MAY 1940 f

12. Walter Charles LEWIS Jr (Ollie LEWIS , David Andrew ) was born 13 Nov 1914 in Collin Co. Texas. He died 15 Jan 1997 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index

W C LEWIS 13 Nov 1914 15 Jan 1997 (V) 75069 (Mc Kinney, Collin, TX ) (none specified) 456-09-1151 Texas

Walter married Tula Kathryn SOCKWELL.

They had the following children:

16 M i Jack Charles LEWIS was born 10 May 1942 in Collin Co. Texas. Collin Co Tx Births Jack Charles Lewis Tula Kathryn Sockwell Walter Charles Lewis 10 May 1942

17 M ii James Patrick LEWIS was born 12 Dec 1946 in Collin Co. Texas. Collin Co Tx Births James Patrick Lewis Tula Kathryn Sockwell Walter Lewis, Jr

13. Rowena Ruth LEWIS (Ollie LEWIS , David Andrew ) was born Abt 1916 in Collin Co. Texas.

Rowena married Jack Houston KNIGHT. Jack was born 27 Feb 1916 in Texas. He died 27 Apr 1994 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index

JACK KNIGHT 27 Feb 1916 27 Apr 1994 75069 (Mc Kinney, Collin, TX ) (none specified) 465-18-8106 Texas

Texas Death Index Knight Jack Houston 04-27-1994 COLLIN M

Jack and Rowena had the following children:

18 F i Alta Joan KNIGHT was born 3 Dec 1938 in Collin Co. Texas.



Amanda Jane LEWIS was born 8 May 1866 in Cocke Co. Tennessee. She died 3 Apr 1953 in Anson, Jones Co. Texas. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Anson, Jones Co. Texas.

1900 Denton Co Texas, Precinct 2, pg 125a, household 128

William W. Freeman Dec 1852 47 married 8 yrs Illinois carpenter

Amanda J. wife May 1866 34 0 born 0 living Tenn parents Tenn

1910 Denton Co. Texas, 4th Dist, pg 172b, household 247, 161 W. Highland, Denton City,

William W. Freeman 57 married 1x 18 yrs Illinois carpenter house

Amanda J. 43 married 2x 1 born 1 living

Marvin W. son 5 Texas

1920 Jones Co Texas, Precinct 1, pg b, household 299

William W. Freeman 67 Ill

Amanda J wife 53 Tenn parents Tenn

Marvin W. son 15 Tx

1930 Jones Co Texas, Precinct 1, household 36, pg 86a

William W. Freeman 71 Ill

Amanda J 63 Ten parents Tenn

living next door

household 37

Marvin W. Freeman 25 Tx father Ill mother Tenn

Varth T 22

Max L son 3 yrs 7 mos

Bettie J dtr 2 yrs 4 mos

Marvin W Jr 7 mos

all born Tx

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co. Texas

FREEMAN Vashti 14 Mar 1908 12 Jun 1986 W/O Marvin

FREEMAN FREEMAN MARVIN W. 25 Aug 1904 13 Mar 1971

FREEMAN Max 19 Sep 1926 12 Sep 1943

FREEMAN Amanda 08 May 1866 03 Apr 1953 W/O W.W. FREEMAN

FREEMAN W. W. 08 Dec 1852 16 Nov 1933

Amanda married William Wesley FREEMAN 1892 in Texas. William was born 8 Dec 1852 in Illinois. He died 16 Nov 1933 in Anson, Jones Co. Texas. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co. Texas.

They had the following children:

Marvin Wesley FREEMAN Sr was born 25 Aug 1904 in Denton Co. Texas. He died 13 Mar 1971 in Jones Co. Texas. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co. Texas.

Marvin married Vashti HAWKINS Abt 1925 in Texas. Vashti was born 14 Mar 1908 in Texas. She died 12 Jun 1986 in Jones Co. Texas. She was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co. Texas.

They had the following children:

3 M i Max Lewis FREEMAN was born 19 Sep 1926 in Jones Co. Texas. He died 12 Sep 1943. He was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Jones Co. Texas.

Jones Co Texas Births Freeman, Max Lewis 9-19-1926 M Vashti Hawkins Marvin Wesley Freeman Jones

4 F ii Bettie Jane FREEMAN was born 17 Dec 1927 in Jones Co. Texas.

Jones Co Texas Births Freeman, Bettie Jane 12-17-1927 F Vashti Hawkins Marvin Wesley Freeman

5 M iii Marvin Wesley FREEMAN Jr was born 15 Aug 1929 in Jones Co. Texas.


6 M iv George Wallace FREEMAN was born 24 Oct 1930 in Jones Co. Texas.

Jones Co Texas Births Freeman, George Wallace 10-24-1930 M Vahsti Hawkins Marvin Freeman


Now I will give the family of JOHN HAMILTON LEWIS and his two wives, JULIA FRANCIS BROOKS and CALLIE LEE HINSLEY. I want to point out that the spelling of Callie's last name in her daughters obituary was written incorrectly. I have been able to confirm that her last name was HINSLEY. I found her living with her parents in the 1900 census next door to John's sister, Lee Ann Lewis Kelly.

1900 Collin Co Texas, Justice Precinct 1, pg 112b, household 327

John Hinsley May 1854 36 Tenn

Reed wife Mar 1852 48 married 26 years 12 born 9 living Tenn

CALLIE Jan 1880 20 Tenn

Lorenzo Mar 1882 18 Tn

Paralee April 1884 16 Tn

Nannie May 1886 14 Tn

Josie female Dec 1888 11 Tn

George Dec 1890 9 Tn

Bessie April 1896 4 Tn

Lula July 1898 1 Texas

Dewey Pitman nephew Feb 1899 1 Tenn

1. John Hamilton LEWIS was born Feb 1869 in Jackson Co Missouri. He died Aft 1930 in Collin Co. Texas .

IGI John Hamilton Lewis to Julia Francis Brooks 1890 Collin Co Tex (no reference)

the IGI also shows all of the children of John Hamilton Lewis and Julia Francis Brooks with exception of Hamilton C. that are listed on the 1910 Collin Co Tx census with John and Callie

IGI lists marriage of John Hamilton Lewis to Callie 1902 Collin Co Texas

These burial records provided from Jim Lewis of Collin County Cemetery Records

E. J. (hus. Gladys) b. 1906 d. 1969 Cottage Hill Cem.

Gladys (wife E.J.) b. 1909 Cottage Hill Cem.

Hamilton C. b. Dec. 3, 1900 d. May 17, 1901 Cottage Hill Cem.

Jesse Guy b. Aug. 15, 1891 d. Jan. 31, 1945 Cottage Hill Cem.

Julia F. b. May 21, 1874 d. Dec. 30, 1900 Cottage Hill Cem.

Infant (J.H & J.F.) b. d. Nov. 28, 1898 Cottage Hill Cem.

1900 Collin Co. Tx, Precinct 6, ed 19, pg 156b, household 277

John Lewis Mar 1869 Missouri parents Tenn

Julia May 1874 26 married 9 yrs 4 born 4 living Illinois parents Tenn

Jesse son Aug 1891 8 Tx

Chelsie son Oct 1893 6 Tx

Malvin son Jun 1895 4 Tx

Clyde son Nov 1897 3 Tx

1910 Collin Co Tx, Precinct 4, pg 6b, household 116

John H. Lewis 41 Missouri married 2x 8 yrs Missouri parents Tenn

Callie 30 married 1x 5 born 5 living Tenn parents Tenn

Jesse son 18 Tx

Charlie son 17 Tx

Melvin son 15 Tx

Clyde son 14 Tx

Emma dtr 7 Tx

Eva dtr 6 Tx

Millie dtr 5 Tx

Eddie son 3 Tx

Marvin son 1 Tx

1930 Collin Co Tx, Precinct 5, ed 38, img 17, pg 279a, 9 April, Parker Rd

John H. Lewis 61 widow marr age 21 Missouri parents Tenn farmer

Nova dtr 19 Tx

Leann dtr 17 Tx

Roy son 15 Tx

John H. Jr 13 Tx

Kelley, Lee Ann ant 72 widow Tenn parents Tn (this is John's sister not his aunt)

John married (1) Julia Francis BROOKS 1890 in Collin Co. Texas. Julia was born 21 May 1874 in Tennessee. She died 30 Dec 1900 in Collin Co. Texas. She was buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas.

IGI shows birth as May 21 1874 and wife of John Hamilton Lewis

John and Julia had the following children:

+ 2 M i Jesse Guy LEWIS was born 15 Aug 1891. He died 31 Jan 1945.

3 M ii Chelsie LEWIS "Charlie" was born Oct 1893 in Collin Co. Texas.

+ 4 M iii Melvin Francis LEWIS was born Jun 1895.

+ 5 M iv Clyde W. LEWIS was born Nov 1897.

6 v Infant LEWIS was born 28 Nov 1898 in Collin Co. Texas. Infant died 28 Nov 1898 in Collin Co. Texas. Infant was buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas.

7 M vi Hamilton C(lick?) LEWIS was born 3 Dec 1900 in Collin Co. Texas. He died 17 May 1901 in Collin Co. Texas. He was buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas. (Note: I have not confirmed that this child is the son of John and Julia, but believe he probably was.)

John married (2) Callie Lee HINSLEY 1902 in Collin Co. Texas. Callie was born 10 Mar 1879 in Tennessee. She died 10 May 1929 in Collin Co. Texas. She was buried in Allen Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas.

Callie b. Mar. 10, 1879 d. May 10, 1929 Allen Cem.

I'm not sure who the following are:

Jackie Perry b. Feb. 13, 1940 d. Nov. 11, 1940 Allen Cem.

Patsy Ruth b. Nov. 27, 1938 d. Feb. 2, 1939 Allen Cem.

John and Callie had the following children:

8 F vii Emma LEWIS was born Abt 1903 in Collin Co. Texas .

9 F viii Eva LEWIS was born Abt 1904 in Collin Co. Texas .

10 F ix Millie LEWIS was born Abt 1905 in Collin Co. Texas .

11 M x Eddie J. LEWIS was born 1906 in Collin Co. Texas . He died 1969 in Collin Co. Texas. He was buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas.

12 M xi Marvin LEWIS was born Abt 1909 in Collin Co. Texas .

This may be one of Marvin's children, but I'm not sure yet.

Collin Co Texas Births Lewis, Charles Marvin 6-27-1941 M Ruby Mozelle Hughes Robert Marvin Lewis

+ 13 F xii Nova M. LEWIS was born Abt 1911.

+ 14 F xiii Lee Ann LEWIS was born 25 Apr 1913. She died 15 Jan 1999.

+ 15 M xiv Roy Addison LEWIS was born 20 Apr 1915. He died 29 Dec 1984.

16 M xv John H. LEWIS Jr "Jay" was born Abt 1917 in Collin Co. Texas .

2. Jesse Guy LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born 15 Aug 1891 in Collin Co. Texas. He died 31 Jan 1945 in Collin Co. Texas. He was buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery, Collin Co. Texas.

1920 Collin Co Texas, Precinct 1, ed 5, pg 54a, household 29

Jesse Lewis 28 Tx father Missouri mother Kentucky

Otie wife 25 Tn

Erma dtr 4 yrs 10 mos Tx

Jno H. son 1 yr 7 mos Tx

I am not certain if this is one of Jesse's children, as the IGI shows him married to Otis Simmons

Collin Co. Tx Births Lewis, Bobbie D 6-11-1931 M Otis Lightfoot J. G. Lewis

Jesse married Otis Caladonia SIMMONS 1912 in Collin Co. Texas. Otis was born Abt 1895 in Texas.

They had the following children:

+ 17 F i Mary Irma LEWIS was born 20 Feb 1915. She died 29 Mar 1993.

18 M ii John H. LEWIS was born Abt 1919 in Collin Co. Texas.

4. Melvin Francis LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born Jun 1895 in Collin Co. Texas.

1930 Collin Co. Texas, Precinct 5, pg 280a, household 182

Melvin F. Lewis 35

Bessie Mae 28

Eugene F. son 5

Melvin married Bessie Mae ROBBINS. Bessie was born 7 Mar 1901 in Texas. She died 21 Apr 1975 in Wylie, Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Lewis Bessie M 04-21-1975 COLLIN F

Social Security Death Index BESSIE LEWIS 07 Mar 1901 Apr 1975 75098 (Wylie, Dallas, TX (none specified) 452-40-3933 Texas

Melvin and Bessie had the following children:

+ 19 M i Eugene Francis LEWIS was born 15 Nov 1924. He died 22 Jan 1986.

20 M ii Charles Edward LEWIS was born 3 May 1935 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co. Texas Births Lewis, Charles Edward 5-3-1935 M Bessie Mae Robbins Melvin Francis Lewis

5. Clyde W. LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born Nov 1897 in Collin Co. Texas.

1930 Collin Co. Texas McKinney city, household 12 , sheet 2b

Clyde W. Lewis 34 Texas barber father Missouri mother Tenn

Katherine 24 Tx

Fay E. dtr 6 Tx

Clyde married Katherine THOMPSON Abt 1922 in Texas. Katherine was born Abt 1906 in Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Lewis Katherine 11-04-1994 COLLIN F

Clyde and Katherine had the following children:

+ 21 F i Faye Evelyn LEWIS was born Abt 1924.

22 F ii Donna Glendene LEWIS was born 8 Oct 1930 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co. Texas Births Lewis, Donna Glendene 10-8-1930 F Katren Thompson Clyde W. Lewis

13. Nova M. LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born Abt 1911 in Collin Co. Texas .

Nova married (1) O.M. SPURGIN.

They had the following children:

23 M i Donald Malcolm SPURGIN was born 6 Sep 1937 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co. Tx Births Spurgin Donald Malcom 9-6-1937 M Collin Nova Lewis O M Spurgin

Nova married (2) W. J. GIBSON.

might be John W. Gibson born abt 1910 who was married in 1930 census to Opal M.

W. J. GIBSON and Nova had the following children:

24 M ii Gerald Wayne GIBSON was born 15 Nov 1944 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Births Gibson, Gerald Wayne 11-15-1944 M Nova M Lewis W. J. Gibson

14. Lee Ann LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born 25 Apr 1913 in Celina, Collin Co. Texas. She died 15 Jan 1999 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas.

Thanks to Jim Lewis for providing me with Lee Ann's obituary, we can confirm this lineage.

McKINNEY - Lee Ann Taylor North, a resident of Gunter, died Jan. 15, 1999, at North Central Medical Center of McKinney. She was 85. Mrs. North was born April 25, 1913, in Celina, Texas, to John Hamilton and Callie Lee (Hinesley) Lewis. She was a member of the College Street Church of Christ in Gunter. Survivors include her sons, Jerry C. Taylor of Dallas, and David L. Taylor of Corbin, Ky.; daughter, Linda Howell of Garland; five grandchildren; one great-grandson; brother, Jay H. Lewis of Fort Worth; and several other relatives. Services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at Ridgeview Memorial Park with Allen Jenkins officiating. The family will receive friends from 3 to 5 p.m. today at the Turrentine-Jackson-Murrow Funeral Home.

Lee married (1) Cecil Odell TAYLOR. Cecil was born Abt 1912 in Texas. He died 3 Oct 1964 in Dallas Co. Texas.

1920 Collin Co. Texas, Precinct 1, ed 7, pg 204a,

Frank L. Taylor 30 Ark

Kate B 30 Tx

Cecil Odel son 8 Tx

Charles Elwood 6 Tx

Lizzie Pauline 4 Tx

Texas Death Index Taylor Cecil Odell 10-03-1964 DALLAS M SEPAR/DIVORCED

Cecil and Lee had the following children:

25 F i Linda Dell TAYLOR was born 14 Aug 1939 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Births Linda Dell Taylor mother Lee Ann Lewis father Cecil Odell Taylor 14 Aug 1939

Linda married Mr. HOWELL.

26 M ii Jerry Cecil TAYLOR was born 29 Jun 1941 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Births Jerry Cecil Taylor mother Reedy Lee Ann Lewis father Cecil Odell Taylor 29 June 1941

27 M iii David L. TAYLOR.

Lee married (2) Mr. NORTH.

15. Roy Addison LEWIS (John Hamilton ) was born 20 Apr 1915 in Collin Co. Texas . He died 29 Dec 1984 in Plano, Collin Co. Texas.

Social Security Death Index ROY LEWIS 20 Apr 1915 Dec 1984 75074 (Plano, Collin, TX ) (none specified) 458-07-1281 Texas

Texas Death Index Lewis Roy Addison 12-29-1984 COLLIN M

Roy married Lois Freda MELTON. Lois was born Abt 1918 in Texas. She died 16 Jun 1978 in Galveston Co. Texas.

1930 Collin Co Texas, Plano

Lawrence Melton 33 SC

Florence 33 Tx parents Tenn

Lois dtr 12

Marie dtr 7

Texas Death Index Lewis Freda L 06-16-1978 GALVESTON F

Roy and Lois had the following children:

28 F i Roy Jane LEWIS was born 6 Jul 1939 in Collin Co. Texas.


29 M ii Jimmie Franklin LEWIS was born 27 Oct 1942 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co. Texas Births Jimmie Franklin Lewis Lois Freda Melton Roy Addison Lewis 27 Oct 1942

30 F iii JoAnn LEWIS was born 22 Jul 1944 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co. Texas Births JoAnn Lewis Lewis Lois Freda Melton Roy Addison Lewis 22 Jul 1944

17. Mary Irma LEWIS (Jesse Guy , John Hamilton ) was born 20 Feb 1915 in Collin Co. Texas. She died 29 Mar 1993 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Connelly Mary Irma 03-29-1993 COLLIN F

Social Security Death Index IRMA CONNELLY 20 Feb 1915 29 Mar 1993 75098 (Wylie, Dallas, TX ) (none specified) 465-80-7771 Texas

Mary married Compton Scott CONNELLY. Compton was born 29 Mar 1913. He died 13 Aug 1991 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Connelly Compton Scott 08-13-1991 COLLIN M

Social Security Death Index C S CONNELLY 29 Mar 1913 13 Aug 1991 75098 (Wylie, Dallas, TX ) (none specified) 467-24-9414 Texas

Compton and Mary had the following children:

31 F i Mary Frances CONNELLY was born 2 Oct 1938 in Collin Co. Texas.


32 F ii Nancy Carolyn CONNELLY was born 9 Jan 1940 in Collin Co. Texas.


19. Eugene Francis LEWIS (Melvin Francis , John Hamilton ) was born 15 Nov 1924 in Collin Co. Texas. He died 22 Jan 1986 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Lewis Eugene Francis 01-22-1986 COLLIN M

Eugene married Jimmie Evelyn RENFRO. Jimmie was born 2 Apr 1924 in Texas. She died 2 Dec 1998 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Texas Deaths Lewis Jimmie Evelyne 12-02-1998 COLLIN F

Social Security Death Index EVELYN R LEWIS 02 Apr 1924 02 Dec 1998 (V) 76871 (Richland Springs, San Saba, TX ) (none specified) 460-22-4434 Texas

Eugene and Jimmie had the following children:

33 M i Ronald Eugene LEWIS was born 15 Dec 1942 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Tx Births Ronald Eugene Lewis Jimmie Evelyn Renfro Eugene Francis Lewis 15 Dec 1942

34 F ii Donna Evelyn LEWIS was born 31 Dec 1947 in Collin Co. Texas.

Collin Co Tx Births Donna Evelyn Lewis Jimmie Evelyn Renfro Eugene Francis Lewis 31 Dec 1947

21. Faye Evelyn LEWIS (Clyde W. , John Hamilton ) was born Abt 1924 in Collin Co. Texas.

Faye married Robert Harold MOORE.

They had the following children:

35 M i Ray Lewis MOORE was born 19 Jun 1949 in Collin Co. Texas.


Here I will show some unidentified photos that Ron Ritchie sent. Maybe someone will recognize who these people are. They were in Minto Kelley's family belongings and passed to her daughter.

I will be continuing research on this family and hopefully will be able to make direct contact with descendants from James and Ellender Click's descendants through the rootsweb database and this webpage. It has been a long awaited and difficult task to track them all down. I just finally got lucky and found Hamilton and Eliza in Missouri and then the two boys and finally Leannah in Collin Co. Texas. I will post further research as I find it.

Respectfully, Carolyn Whitaker, researcher of this material

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