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Greene Co. Tennessee Marriages

I have linked the images of the marriage record under the Grooms name. A cross reference is listed under the Brides section. If you wish to take a copy of the marriage record, hold your cursor over the photograph and right click on your mouse, and use the "save photo as" feature to save it to your computer. For some of the marriages I don't have photos, these I have abstracted from the library.

If you have an image of a marriage record you would like to contribute, please contact me. If you know of a specific marriage and would like to have me add it here let me know.



Belt, G.W. to Belle McCoy 15 Dec 1906

Blake, Clarence to Frankie Bowman 30 Apr 1921

Boles, J.R. to Lula Bowman, 13 Aug 1911, Marriages 1910-1914, #282, Roy Boles Sec; L.M. Cobble, JP

Bowman, Francis to Mary Jane "Jennie" Moncier, 16 Jun 1892, Bk 5, #990


Click, Guy Leroy to Martha Sue Brumly, 28 Dec 1912, Marriages 1910-1914, #728, Wallace McDonnel, Bondsman, Jno S. Eakin, Minister

Click, Nathan to Rachel Muncher (Moncier), 3 Mar 1842, Bk 1, Pg 93, #562, Joseph Stonecypher, Sec; Thos Jones, JP

Click, Wm A. to Muncie Gunter, 12 Mar 1912, Marriages 1910-1914, #454, J.M. Thompson, Bondsman; A.F. Morgan, MG

Crum, James to Dolly Bowman, 26 Jul 1922


Davis, Charles F. to Jennie Belle White, 14 Jan 1914, Marriages 1910-1914

Dockery, Solomon to Dora Bowman, 2 Dec 1911, Marriages 1910-1914, #372


Fanning, Aud to Elsie W. White, 13 Aug 1920

Fannon (Fanning), James to Mary C. Moncier, 29 Dec 1885, Bk 4, Pg 214, #1275


Gatlin, Edward G. & Harriett E. Umstead 1844- contributed by Donna Cooper

George, James to Lula Bowman, 12 Jan 1911, Marriages 1910-1914, #112, Ed George, Bondsman; James Broyles, JP

Grubbs, George E. to Mary Ann Armstrong, October 27, 1845, John Crabtree, Justice of the Peace Contributed by Norma Grabbs


Hauff (Huff), Peter & Barbary Welty 1831- contributed by Donna Cooper

Hensley, Chester to Etta Bowman, 10 Mar 1918

Holder, Maburry to Elizabeth Muncher (Moncier), 25 Jul 1862, Bk 2, Pg 245, #1222, John Miller, Sec, J.P. Jane, JP

Hull, Samuel D. to Mary McCoy 29 Dec 1915


Jennings, John to Dora Bowman, License 9 Feb 1914, Chas Moncier, Bondsman, license not returned, Marriages 1910-1914, #1092


Kilday, Roscoe to Mattie Bowman, 2 April 1911, Marriages 1910-1914, #171, W.N. Smith, Bondsman; J.R. Kilday, JP

Kilday, Walter to Ada Bowman, 18 Jan 1914, Marriages 1910-1914, #1070


Lamb, George to Lizzie McCoy, 21 July 1916

Laughters (Laughlin), William a minor to Margaret Muncher (Moncier), 4 Feb 1847, Bk 1, Pg 235, #1272, Thomas W. Pearce & Pleasant M. Craigmiles, Sec; Stephen Johnson, JP

Long, William & Ruthy Graham 1805

Lowe, Phillip to Fannie Mae Whitaker, 5 Aug 1913, Marriages 1019-1914, #923, J.A. Paxton, Bondsman; Rev J.R. Richards


Manmonier, William J or D to Hannah Swaney, 12 Aug 1875, Bk 3, Pg 314, #1605, M.K. Swaney, Bondsman (not sure of spelling of last name, may be another Moncier)

McCoy, Ben to Ona Bowman, 27 Jan 1912, Marriages 1910-1914, #418, John Jennings, Bondsman, J.A. Broyles, JP

McCoy, Ben to Ollie Kimery, License 29 April 1911, Marriages 1910-1914, #201, G.W. Belt, Bondsman, No return, states "Do not publish"

McCoy, Cecil V. to Ota McCoy, 21 Sept 1912, Otis McCoy, Bondsman, Edd Jennings, Esq

Mc Coy, James W.(iley) to Catharine Blake, 20 Mar 1851, Bk 2, Geo B. Moncier, Sec; S.W. Davis, JP (double ceremony with Geo B. Moncier & Mary Caroline Blake)

McCoy, Otis to Molly B. Jennings, 21 Aug 1908 Book 804

McCoy, Sam to Bonnie Hensley, 12 Apr 1913, 1910-1914 Marriages, #622, W.C. Seaton, Bondsman; Edd Jennings, Esq

McCoy, William H. to Anna Muncher (Moncier), 1 Dec 1840, Bk 1, Pg 60, #378, Wm A. McClellan, Sec, J. Prather, JP

McGhee, Nicholas & Polly Click 1831

Moncier, Charlie to Nora Jennings 28 Sept 1912, Marriages 1910-1914, #636, Edwin Jones, Bondsman, Edd Jennings, Esq

Moncier, Clyde to Jessie Broyles, 29 Aug 1920

Moncier, G. (eorge) B. to Mary Caroline Blake, 20 Mar 1851, Bk 2, #1238, Wylie McCoy, Sec; S.W. Davis, JP (double ceremony with James W. McCoy & Catharine Blake)

Moncier, G. (eorge) B. to Mary Catharine Ward, 10 Feb 1859, Bk 2, Pg 124, #619, Jefferson Blake, Bondsman; Thomas Jones, JP

Moncier, G. (eorge) B. to Elizabeth Blake, 27 Aug 1862, Washington Click, Sec; J.P. Jane, Esq

Moncier, G. (eorge) B. to Sarah J. White, 16 Feb 1886, Bk 4, Pg 221, #1316-1/2

Moncier, George B. to Sarah J. Collett, 8 Dec 1892, Bk 5, Pg 189, #1129

Moncier, James to Ethel Mauk, 1 Dec 1912, Marriages 1910-1914, #694, Sam McCoy, Bondsman, Edd Jennings, JP

Moncier, John (David) to Martha E. Cannon, 4 Dec 1873, Bk 3, Pg 245, #1250, M.W. Blake, Bondsman

Moncier, John David to Martha Emma Seaton 9 Dec 1905

Moncier, Robert to Beatie Fanning 23 Feb 1910

Moncier, N.(oah) W.(ebster) to Bessie Ricker 31 Jul 1910, P.J. Click bondsman

Myers, Arthur F. to Addie Bowman, 10 Dec 1910, Marriages 1910-1914, #76, J.A. Broyles, JP


Pearce, Thomas W. to Mary Ann Muncher (Moncier), 9 Jan 1845, Bk 1, Pg 171, #953, Nathan Click, Sec; Thos Jones, JP


Reaves, Fain to Martha McCoy, 9 Sept 1914

Rhea, Thomas V. to Lizzie Bowman, 23 Nov 1913, Marriages 1910-1914, #1008, S.B. LaRue, Bondsman; W.L. Oliver, JP


Shelton, Oakley to Lucy Bowman 6 Jan 1921


Testerman, F.M. to Malissa Moncier, 17 Nov 1878, Bk3, Pg 480, #2440, Solomon Miller, Bondsman

Thomas, B.M. to Catharine Muncher (Moncier), 24 Dec 1861, Bk 2, Pg 229, #1144, Archibald Thomas, Sec; J.P. Jane, JP

Thomas, W. J. to R.(ebecca) J. Mancier (Moncier), 14 Jun 1879, Bk 3, Pg 511, #2604


Umsted, William & Margaret Etherton 1843- contributed by Donna Cooper


Welty, George & Milley Wilson 1820 - contributed by Donna Cooper

Welty, John & Elizabeth Huff 1837- contributed by Donna Cooper

Welty, Martin & Sally Huff 1827 - contributed by Donna Cooper



Armstrong, Mary Ann to George E. Grubbs


Blake, Catharine to James W.(iley) McCoy

Blake, Elizabeth to George B. Moncier

Blake, Mary Caroline to George B. Moncier

Bowman, Ada to Walter Kilday

Bowman, Addie to Arthur F. Myers

Bowman, Etta to Chester Hensley

Bowman, Frankie to Clarence Blake

Bowman, Dolly to James Crum

Bowman, Dora to Solomon Dockery

Bowman, Dora to John Jennings

Bowman, Lizzie to Thomas V. Rhea

Bowman, Lucy to Oakley Shelton

Bowman, Lula to James George

Bowman, Lula to J. R. Boles

Bowman, Mattie to Roscoe Kilday

Bowman, Ona to Ben McCoy

Broyles, Jessie to Moncier, Clyde

Brumley, Martha Sue to Guy Leroy Click


Cannon, Martha E. to John (David) Moncier

Click, Polly (Mary) & Nicholas McGhee

Collett, Sarah J. to Georgge B. Moncier


Etherton, Margaret & William Umsted


Fanning, Beatie to Moncier, Robert


Graham, Ruthy & William Long

Gunter, Muncie to Wm A. Click


Hensley, Bonnie to Sam McCoy

Huff, Elizabeth & John Welty

Huff, Sally & Martin Welty


Jennings, Molly B. Jennings to McCoy, Otis

Jennings, Nora to Charlie Moncier


Kimery, Ollie to Ben McCoy - no return


Mauk, Ethel to James Moncier

McCoy, Belle to Belt, G.W.

McCoy, Lizzie to George Lamb

McCoy, Martha to Fain Reaves

McCoy, Mary to Samuel D. Hull

McCoy, Ota to Cecil V. McCoy

Moncier (Muncher), Anna to William H. McCoy

Moncier (Muncher), Catharine to B.M. Thomas

Moncier (Muncher), Elizabeth to Maburry Holder

Moncier, Malissa to F.M. Testerman

Moncier (Muncher), Margaret to William Laughlin (Laughters)

Moncier, Mary C. to James Fannon (Fanning)

Moncier, Mary Jane "Jennie" to Francis Bowman

Moncier (Muncher), Rachel to Nathan Click

Moncier (Mancier), R.(ebecca) J. to W. J. Thomas


Ricker, Bessie to Moncier, N.(oah) W.(ebster)


Seaton, Martha Emma to Moncier, John David

Swaney, Hannah to William J. Manmonier (not sure of correct spelling)


Umstead, Harriett E. & Edward G. Gatlin


Ward, Mary Catherine to G.B. Moncier

Welty, Barbary & Peter Hauff (Huff)

Whitaker, Fannie Mae to Phillip Lowe

White, Elsie W. to Aud Fanning

White, Jennie Belle to Charles F. Davis

White, Sarah J. White to G.B. Moncier

Wilson, Milley & George Welty

County Administrator Carolyn Whitaker

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