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WAR OF 1812




Born 16 Jan 1788 Virginia Died 3 Jan 1869 Greene Co. Tennessee


Served from 20 Sept 1814 to 9 May 1815

Mobile, Alabama

Researched and Prepared by Carolyn Whitaker

2 May 2011

Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, TN

Regimental Histories of Tennessee Units During the War of 1812

Prepared by Tom Kanon, Tennessee State Library and Archives


· DESIGNATION: 3rd Regiment East Tennessee Militia

· DATES: September 1814 - May 1815

· MEN MOSTLY FROM: Knox, Claiborne, Greene, Jefferson, Anderson, Blount, Carter, Cocke, Grainger, Hawkins, Rhea, Roane, and Sevier Counties

· CAPTAINS: Christopher Cook, Henry Hunter, Joseph Kirk, Andrew Lawson, Elihu Milikin, David McKamy, Benjamin Powell, James R. Rogers, Joseph Scott, James Stewart, James Tunnell


Part of General Nathaniel Taylor's brigade, this unit of drafted militia (about 900 men) was mustered in at Knoxville and marched to the vicinity of Mobile via Camp Ross (present-day Chattanooga), Fort Jackson, Fort Claiborne, and Fort Montgomery. Along the way the men were used as road builders and wagon guards. Many of them were stationed at Camp Mandeville (near Mobile) in February 1814, where there was much disease. For example, the company of Captain Joseph Scott had thirty-one listed sick out of an aggregate of 104 at the final muster.

Pension File No WC 975

From the 18th of December 1814 until 22 March 1815 at Mobile, Alabama, Thomas was stricken with fever and it settled in his hip and leg, leaving him lame.


It is hereby certified, That THOMAS WHITAKER a private in the company of Andrew Lawson in the third regiment of the United States Militia is rendered incapable of performing the duty of a solider, by reason of wounds or other injuries inflicted while he was actually in the service aforesaid, and in the line of his duty, fiz:

By satisfactory evidence and accurate examination, it appears that on the ____ day of December in the year 1814 being engaged in the duties of a soldier at or near a place called MOBILE in the district or territory of ALABAMA he was taken sick which fell ??? his right leg which has since shrunk away or perished away causing permanent lamenefs and he is thereby not only incapacitated for military duty, but, in the opinion of the undersigned, is totally disabled from obtaining his subsitence from manual labor.

John P Cluster? Surgeon

John E Copay? Surgeon

Note: During the War between the States military pensions were suspended in the South

Application for Restoration to the Pension Rolls

27 Sept 1866

Washington County, Tennessee

Thomas Whitaker, aged 81 years, a resident at HAWS X ROADS


War of 1812

Attorney Butler Smith, Knoxville, Tenn

State of Tennessee

County of Washington

On this 5th day of December 1865 personally appeared before me Henry Hoss clerk of the Chancery Court in said state and county, THOMAS WHITAKER, aged 81 years a resident of GREENE COUNTY and State of Tennesse, who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identifical THOMAS WHITAKER who was a pensioner on the roll of the agency at Jonesborough Tenn and whose pension certificate is herewith returned that he has resided since the 1st day of January 1861 in district No 17, Greene County Tenn, that during this period his means of subsistence have been derived from what small means he heretofore possessed and that he has not borne arms against the Government of the U. S. or in any manner encouraged the Rebels or manifested a sympathy with their cause, and that he was last paid his pension on the 4th day of March, 1861.

This application is made for the purpose of securing a restoration of his name to the Pension Rolls and of obtaining a new Pension Certificate such as he may be entitled to under exhisting laws reference being made to the evidence heretofore filed in the Pension Office to substantiate his original claim.


Also personally appeared WM M GRISHAM and JAMES CRABTREE residents of Washington County persons whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit and who being by me duly sworn say that they were present and saw THOMAS WHITAKER make his mark to the foregoing declaration and they further swear that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of the applicant and their acquaintance with him, that he is the identifical person he represents himself to be, and they further swear that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim, and that the applicant has been loyal to the Government of the U.S. during the exhisting or past rebellion.



I do solemnly swear in the presence of Almighty God, that I will henceforth faithfully support protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. and the Union of the States thereunder, that I will in like manner abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the exhisting or past rebellion with reference to the emanciation of slaves, so help me God.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 5th day of December 1865 and I hereby certifiy that I have no interst direct or indirect in the prosecution of the claims

Witness my hand and seal thereof of Office at Officer in Jonesboro this 5tj day of December 1865


No 2922 Restoration

Department of the Interior

Invalid pension

I certify, That in conformity with the Law of the United States, Act of 24th April 1816

THOMAS WHITAKER late, a Private in Capt Lawsons Co of the Tennessee Militia is inscribed on the Pension List, Roll of the Knoxville Agency, at the rate of EIGHT dollars per month, to commence on the SEVENTEENTH day of DECEMBER, one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. No sale, transfer, or mortgage of any description whatever, of the whole or any part of the pension payable in virtue of this certificate, is of any legal or binding force against either the pensioner or the United States.

Given at the Department of the Interior, This THIRTEENTH day of MARCH, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six W. T. OTTO

Acting Secretary of the Interior

Examined and countersigned


Commissioner of pensions

From an unknown source in his file from Nancy O’Neil

Page 149

Thomas Whitaker, Pvt, War of 1812, Data from J E Smith, Jeraldstown, Greene Co, 1935; Cem near FALL BRANCH, Washington Co;

War of 1812

Widow’s Pension Claim No 853



Served in Capt Andrew Lawson’s Co. Tenn Militia

Warrant No 20801 80 55

Required: Abstract of service

Proof of marriage and death of soldier

H. O. Wagoner, Jr Examiner

Served from 20 Sept 1814 to 9 May 1815

8 July 1871

top missing and I don’t have all the pages. This document was filed with the East Tennessee Historical Society, First Families of Tennessee application of Isaac White

Personally appeared before me Clerk of a Court of record in and for the County and State aforesaid, JEMIMAH WHITAKER, aged 77 years a resident of the County and State aforesaid who being duly sworn according to law declares that she is the WIDOW OF THOMAS WHITTAKER, who served the full period of sixty days in the military service of the United States in the War of 1812 and who was identical THOMAS WHITAKER who was drafted in Capt Andrew Lawson’s Company, 23rd Regiment Tennessee Militia, on the ___ day of September 1813 or 14, and was honorably discharged at Knoxville, Tennessee on _____ 1814, dates cannot be given by the old lady she is quite feeble.

That she was MARRIED under the name of JEMIMAH EDGMAN to THOMAS WHITAKER on the 25th day of April 1813, by ISAAC WHITE, a Justice of the Peace of Washington County Tennessee, at the residence of Esqur WHITE, Washington County, Tennessee. There being no legal service to said marriage. That her said husband died in GREEN COUNTY, TENNESSEE on the 3rd of January 1869.

2 May 2011 Copyright Carolyn Whitaker