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index by subject.


This page provides an extensive listing of Polish related link resources. It includes an index menu table for quickly going to a subject listing of links. (Please let us know about any link resources that will help improve this reference.)

Polish Subject Index Menu

  • ADDRESSES & Contacts
  • ARTIFACTS & Products
  • ASSOCIATIONS & Societies
  • CULTURE: holidays, customs, etc.
  • EDUCATION: schools
  • GOVERNMENT: laws
  • HELP: guides, aids
  • IMAGES of Poland
  • IMMIGRATION: ships, help
  • INDEX Sites
  • LANGUAGE & Translation
  • LITERATURES, Publications
  • MAPS: city, country
  • MEDIA: movie, TV, radio
  • POLAND: web sites in
  • POLONIA: web sites
  • RECORDS: archives, libraries
  • REGIONAL: city, provinces
  • SEARCHES = "Poland"
  • SURNAMES: meaning, given
  • TRAVEL: accomodations/services
  • WAR, Conflict:
    ..... Military
    ..... WWI
    ..... WWII
    ..... Holocaust
    ..... Stories
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    Addresses, connections:

  • Address, book
    - Find names/email or add your own.
  • Address, find Pl friend
  • Business, directory
  • Business links
  • Business, Pl
  • Find Friends and Family
  • Churches/Religion - see Religion Index
  • Mailing lists, Pl
  • Phone Book of Poland
  • Postal System, Poland
  • Telephone dir., business
  • Telephone dir.
  • Yellow Pages
    ATPC Search WWW = "Poland directory"

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    Artifacts, books, products:

    Polish Customs (arts)

  • Art, folk guide
  • Art, paintings -Polish American Network
  • Art, -Polish Art Center/USA(MI)
  • Books, index -kasprzyk
  • Books -Language&Lineage Press
  • Books
  • Costumes -Perfekt
  • Lajkoniks, buy, incl. history
  • Maps, -Genealogyunlimited
  • Merchandize,
  • Pottery -AccentsPottery
  • Pottery -CottagePottery
  • Pottery, -Pl PotteryShop
    ATPC Search WWW = "Poland books"

    Associations, societies:

  • American Assoc., Pl
  • American Professionals, Pl, Assoc.
  • Anglo-American-Polish Assoc.
  • Catholic(Roman)Union of America, Pl
  • Confederation of the Polish Nobility
  • Darts, organization
  • Fed. of Poles in Great Britain
  • Gen. Group, Pl/Vohynia, -SGGEE
  • Gen. Society, E.European
  • Gen. Society, Michigan, Pl
  • Geomorphologist, Pl Assoc.
  • Kosciuszko Foundation
  • Nation Union of America, Pl
  • National Alliance, Pl
  • Nobility, confederation
  • Order of St. Stanislas
  • Polish Canoe Federation
  • Polish Ethological Society
  • Polish Global Fund
  • Polish Nobility Assoc. Foundation
  • Red Cross, Pl
  • Rotary, Pl
  • Singers Alliance of America, Pl
  • Womans Alliance of America, Pl

    Index Sites:

    + Organizations, Polish - Polish Folk Resources
    + Genealogy societies, Polish -Distant Cousins
    +See Polonia-USA Links -ATPC

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    Culture - See our special page devoted to the Polish Culture. Features music, dance, art, customs (holidays/traditions/etc.) and Food.

    Heritage Center - Devoted pages on a variety of subjects such as Famous Poles, Pictorial Poland, History, and more.

    Educations, schools, institues:

  • Academic Information Center> -U.Buffalo, NY
  • Adam Mickiewicz University -Poznan
  • Encyclopedia(Pl)
  • Geography, Inst. of -Pl Academy of Sciences
  • Mathematics, institute -Pl Academy of Sciences
  • Paleobilogy, institute
  • Physics, Inst. of
  • Psychology -U.Warsaw
  • Science, in Pl
  • Studies abroad

    Index Sites:

    + Colleges/Universities -MIT Univ.
    + Colleges/Universities -Yahoo
    + Libraries -U.Idaho
    + Studies in US -InfoPoland

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  • (See Music/Dance Page)


    Gen-Database Search
    Genealogy Destinations (incl. Polish sites)

    Government, laws:

    Anthem/Flag History -ATPC

  • Consitutions, -historic/current, Pl (1) (2)
  • Defense, Ministry of
  • Education, Ministry of
  • Embasy, Pl -Washington, DC USA
  • Embasy, US, -Krakow, Pl
  • Embasy, US, -Warsaw, Pl
  • Environment, state of
  • Flag. Pl -Flags of World
  • Inst. of National Remembrance
  • Law, Pl -European Law Students Assoc.
  • Law, Pl -Internet Law Libary
  • National Anthem, words -PolandNet
  • Official Site of Poland, The
  • Orders/Decorations -Lukasz Gaszewski
  • Polish State Mint
  • Postal (Poczta)
  • Prime Minister, Chancellery of, Pl

    Index Sites:
    + Embasies, Pl -Embassy World
    + Government, Pl -Gov. on WWW
    + National Parks, Pl -AMU

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    Help, guides, aids:

  • Abbreviations, genealogy
  • Articles, genealogy(extensive) -FamilyTreeMaker
  • Buying-Renting (books/films/tapes)
  • Certificates, applying for
  • Freedom of Information Act -PGSA
  • Finding records in Pl -GenPoland
  • Genealogy in Pl
  • Locating places in Pl -GenPoland
  • Passenger Lists 1820-1940s, help finding
  • Passenger Records, finding in FHL
  • Napoleanic, reading records
  • Travel

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    History of Poland:

  • Austria-Hungary Poland History
  • Carpathian-Rusyn Knowledge Base
    Chronology of Events -ATPC
  • Chronology (960-1950), -D.W. Koeller
    - Presented in timeline format with links to additional information.
  • Congress of the Slavs in Prague (1848) -Jolanta Pekacz
  • Cracow Revolution 1846 -Jolanta Pekacz
  • Decline/Partition, Pl -Kasprzyk
  • Document, France's Historical Attitude to Pl
  • Events -New Poland
  • Eastern Europe History -Anna Cienciala
  • Eastern Borderlands II Republic
  • Events, dates -Amer. Inst. Pl Cult.
  • Events, decades-4, -Amer.Inst. Pl Cult.
  • Events, Kingdom of Pl 19th Century -genpoland
  • Galicia history
  • Galicia Revolution -Jolanta Pekacz
  • General, -World Encyclopedia
  • General -Poland & It's History
  • General, -Pl Natl. Tourist Off.
  • General, -Polonia Today
  • Great Polish Emigration (1831-1870) -Slawomir Kalembka
    Historical Geography -ATPC
  • Hotel Lambert -Jolanta Pekacz
  • Ind.Day 1918, Pl -Polish Consulate, UK
  • Interwar Years, -Amer.Inst. Pl Cult.
  • Jewish -Mike Rosenzweig, PhD
  • Jewish History Pl -HeritageFilms
  • Jewish History Tour -VitualJewishHistory
  • Jews in Pl -LNT Poland
  • Jews in Lithuania/Poland
  • Kings -Amer. Inst. Pl Cult.
  • Kings/Princes -M.A. Klopotek
  • La Tribune des Peuple by Przemyslaw Matusik
  • Legend of Poland's White Eagle
  • Lithuanian Youth Fraternity -Przemyslaw Matusik
  • National Council (Rada Norodowa) in Lwow -Jolanta Pekacz
    Origins of Poland -ATPC
  • Plebieans' Union (Zwiarzek Plebjuszy) by Przemyslaw Matsik
  • Poland History -citinet
  • Poland History -heritagefilms
  • Poles in European Revolutions -Jolanta Pekacz
    Poles in USA -ATPC
  • Polish Committee in Paris by Urszla J. Lech
  • Polish-Czech-Slavic Solidarity History
  • Polish Democratic Society -Jolanta Pekacz
  • Polish Eagle, it's history
  • Polish League -Witold Molik
  • Polish National Committee (West Prussia) by Jolanta Pekacz
  • Polish Orders of Chivalry History
  • Polish Women -Leszek Kuk
  • Political History of Poland -koby
  • Revolution/Rebirth -Kasprzyk
  • Rise to Power -Kasprzyk
  • Rising in Poznan -Witold Molik
  • Silesia History & Government -silesia2000
  • Solidarity Movement -Brian Kapusta

    Index Sites:
    + Polish Connections
    + Poland
    + WWW-VL, Pl

    Images, pictures, graphics:


  • Auschwitz Today - Photo Essay -HistoryPlace
  • Flrencja, Plock (photos by Josef Taran) -J.Dool
  • Krakow(Pl text) -UCI
  • Lublin -Personal tour
  • Lublin Utica Cemetery -PolandGenWeb
  • Podhale (part of Tatra Mountains)
  • Poznan -Interaktywny Poznan
  • Rzeszow, farm, (rentable)
  • Tatras, Mountain Huts
  • Villages/Towns -Debbie Greenlee
  • Villages, photos -Villages of Pl Project
  • Warsaw, monuments
  • Warsaw, palaces
  • Warsaw -My East European Tour
  • Warsaw, Revisited -Mark Uliasz

    Customs, Art & More
    Culture Center, resources on Polish painting


  • Castles/Palaces
  • Food, Pl -Polana
  • Kwasniewski Photographic Col. -UWM
    Pictorial Poland -ATPC
  • Poland -A.K.Reporters
  • Poland -Images from
  • Poland
  • Poland, trip to, -Scrapbook Pages
  • Poland, trip to (excellent music)
  • Poland, take a Trip, -Personal Homepage
  • Polish Peasantry in Photograph
  • Synagogues, Pl - ISJM
  • Trains -Polish Train Page
  • Trains, electric -Electric Haulage
  • Wooden Churches of So. Poland
  • WWII, holocaust, Pl -History Place
  • WWII, remembered -Rudolf Zbyslaw Pasek

    Index Sites:
    + Pictures of Poland -Yahoo
    + Google Image Search Excellent for finding photos and new sites!

    Immigration, ships:

  • Research, Immigr. History Ctr.-U.MN


  • Great Polish Political Emigration (1831-1870)

    Journey to USA -ATPC

  • Bremen Passenger list(1920-1939)
  • Ellis Island -New York, USA
  • Hamburg Passenger lists (1850-1934)
  • German, Database -Deutsche Auswanderer
  • Hamburg, Link to Your Roots
  • US Immigration Records -NARA
  • US Ports of Entry -INS


  • Manifests, Cimorelli
  • Stefan Batory -peter7000
  • Princess Matoika(Danzig-NY), manefest 1920 -Ellis
  • Immigration ship descriptions -Louis Alfano
  • Ships, immigrants -Transcribers Guild/Searchable
  • Ships, Arrival Records -USINS
  • Ships, records -Odessa Library
  • Ships, records - Olive Tree Genealogy

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    Index Sites:
    + Ship, records -Genealogy Links
    + Passengers Lists -Prost Genealogy
    + Ship lists & resources -Extensive

    Indexes, general:

    + Jewish Web Index
    + Museums, galeries -PolskaOnline
    + Open Directory Project/World: Polska (Pl)
    + Polska
    + Worldwide Web Resources, Polish
    + WWW VL-Poland

    Language, translations:

  • Cyrillic, letters (confusion) table
  • Cyrillic, fonts, software
  • Ethnologue
  • Fonts, Pl free
  • Language, dictionary, etc. -Eleaston
    Language Reference & Tools - ATPC
  • Language, Lineage Press
  • Latin, dictionary/grammar aid -NotreDame
  • Napoleonic aids -Jack Bowman
  • Pronunciation, -NewPoland
  • Proverbs, sayings
  • Soundex conversion -RootsWeb
  • Words/phrases


  • Dictionary -Plukwa
  • Free translations -PolishLessons L
  • Free translations -Learn Polish forum
  • Free translations
  • Translate, online -Ectaco
  • Translator -InterTran
    Words/Phrases -ATPC

    Index Sites:
    + Translate, index to services -PolandGenWeb

  • Literature/Publications:

    Polish Customs/Literature
    - Visit for a large collection of Polish literature sites.

  • Comics in Poland

    Go To Project Gutenberg

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    See ATPC Maps Library


  • Journal, Kuriera Plus
  • Movies, Cinema of Pl -Z.J. Pasek
  • Radio, Pl -Polish World
  • News, Worldwide Gazeteer, Pl
  • News, Warsaw Voice

    Index Sites:
    + News, -Polish Connections
    + Newspapers, -Surrey Public Lib.


  • Archaeological Res. Oslanski -P. Bogucki
  • Archaelogy: Slavia Foundation: Poland History
  • Audio (wav/mp3) recordings of Poles
  • Currency, coins
  • Currency, exchange rate
  • Currency, paper, old/new
  • Database, Poland Network Resources
  • Farming, facts
  • Farming, ecological ECEAT
  • Fishing -AquaPoland
  • Fonts, Pl, install (2)
  • Polish Collection
  • Ration Coupons of Poland
  • Trivia, Polish
  • Video recordings from Poland


  • Allied Prisoners of War Museum, Zagan,Pl
  • Lubuskie Military
  • Oceanographic Museum & Aquarium
  • Polish Museum of America -Chicago-IL
  • Polish Aviation -Krakow, Pl
  • Polish Aviation -Warsaw, Pl
  • Polish Internet Museum
  • Poznan, Applied Arts -Poznan, Pl
  • Poznan Natl. Museum -Poznan, Pl

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    People, distinquished:

  • Biographies of Poles - Polish American Journal
  • Families of Pilzno -JewishGen
    Famous Poles -ATPC
  • Famous, Poles -New Poland
  • Famous, Poles-Discover,Travel,Science
  • Karaims of Poland
  • Kings, Pl -Justyna Spizewska(Pl)
  • Nobel: Pl Origin
  • Nobel: literature, Pl -Thinkquest
  • Nobility: Chronological listing
  • Nobility: Polish Heraldy
  • Polish Philosphers of this Century
  • Saints, Pl
  • Science, contributions, -American Polish Inst.

    Index Sites:
    + Patron Saints, Pl

    Poland, Web Sites in

    Polish Links Library


    See Polonia Center -ATPC

    Records, archives, libraries:

  • Archives in Poland (SEZAM)
  • Census, USA-Genealogy -USA Gov.
    Database Search Resources -ATPC
  • D.E. Goldman Center, Tel Aviv -JRI Poland
  • Jewish Historical Inst., Warsaw -JRI Poland
  • Jewish Microfilms, LDS Polish -JRI Poland
  • Library, U.of Michigan
  • NARA Research Room -USA NARA
  • National Library Warsaw
  • Polish-German localities of Poland & Russia
  • Polish State Archives -JRI Poland
  • Obtain Polish Records -PolandGenWeb
  • Przewodnik Handlowy -PGS, NY
  • Repositories, Primary Sources -U.Idaho
  • Rzeszow Vital Records
  • Social Security Index -Family Tree Maker(Ancestry)
  • Social Security Death Index -Family Tree Maker
  • Vital records -JewishGen
  • WWI Draft Registration Index

    Index Sites:
    + PGSA Database Index -Search
    + Polish Library Listing -U.ID USA
    + RootsWeb Databases


  • Library links in Poland

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    Regional, cities, general:

    Poland Community Links
    See our detailed listing for links to specific locations.

    Index Sites:
    + Cities of Pl -New Poland
    + Database, old cities German/Pl
    + German-Pl/Russian-Pl conversion -ASTNotes
    + Cities/Regions
    + Thom's Pl LDS FHC locality search


  • Archdeacon Krakow
  • Archdeacon Lublin
  • Black Madonna (Our Lady of Czestochowa)
  • Catholic Church(Byznatine)
  • Catholoic(Roman)Church -Klopotek
  • Catholic church list -Opoka
  • Catholic church list -PolandGenWeb
  • Eastern church list
  • Luthern church list
  • Map Link of Diocese
  • Orthodox church list
  • Orthodox Church in Poland
  • Polish Bishops Pastoral on Jewish-Catholic Relations
  • Polish Catholic churches in USA -polhome
  • Polish Parishes in Westerm NYS -PGSNYS
  • Prayers in Polish -RosaryCreations
  • Saint Katherine of Alexandria (gen-service)
  • Saints, Polish -Runge/Sypnewski Family
  • Synagogues in Pl (history)
    ATPC Search WWW = "Poland church"

    Searches = "Poland":

  • Excite
  • Google
  • Jewish Virtual Library
  • Profusion
  • Yahoo!

    Surnames, given, meaning:

  • Customs, naming -PolandGenWeb
  • Dictionary, names, Russian/Slavic
  • Given Names, Eng to Pl,Cz,etc.
  • Immigrant Names, changing -USINS
    Meaning of, -ATPC
  • Meaning of, -GenPoland
  • Meaning of,
  • Meaning of, Pl -Polish Border Names
  • Meaning of, Pl -PolishRoots
  • Russian Poland, alternate
  • Soundex Conversion -Rootsweb

    Genealogy SearchGenealogy Center

    Travel, accomodations/services:

  • Cracow: Hotel Restauracya Kawiarnia

    War, conflicts, military:
    (Note: General references not specific to Poland have been included to help understand the broader tragedy and related consequences to humanity of wars and conflicts.)

  • Battle, 1241-Tartars & Duke Henry II of Silesia
  • Grunwald, Battle of 1410
  • Mongol Invasion of Europe -webchron
  • Rise and Fall of Soviet Union -Anna Cienciala
    Excellent resource on political Europe during the Soviet years. Includes content relevant to Poland which struggled through this period.
  • War, Lithuanian-Pl (1919-1920)
  • War, Russo-Pl(1918-1921)


  • Poland Armed Forces
  • Polish Armour (1918-1939)
  • Polish Army(1550-1683) -Kaspryzyk
  • Polish Army(1500-1700)
  • Polish Aviation History -Pl Aviation
  • Polish Air Force -Linconshire
  • Polish Horse Artillary
  • Polish-Lithuanian Army(1500-1700)
  • Polish Military Page
  • Polish Napolian Army -Chelminski/Malibran
  • Polish Napolian Army(units/uniforms)
  • Polish Parachute Brigade, 1st Ind.

    World War I:

  • 315 Polish Air Squadron
  • Army, Haller, WWI -pond
  • Chronology of Events -WebChron
  • When the Prussians Came to Poland -Laura de Gozdawa Turczynowicz

    World War II:

  • Anniversary Reflection -Amer.Inst. Pl Cult.
  • Army, 2nd Polish Corps
  • Army, Anders, WWII -xpage
  • Army, Dilemma of Pl. end of WWII
  • Army, Home/Underground, WWII
  • Australia, Poles in -terra nova
  • Britain, Poles in -ZP
  • WWII - British War Bluebook:
    - 144 documents pertaining to Germany prior to invasion of Poland in 1939. A part of the Avalon Project.
  • Chamberlain's speech on Nazi invasion of Poland
  • Chronology of Events -WebChron
  • Danzig, Westerplatte Peninsula Battle (2)
  • Enigma machine (1) (2) (3)
  • Forgotten Odyssey
  • French Yellow Pages
    - 370 documents pertaining to Germany prior to invasion of Poland in 1939. A part of the Avalon Project.
  • German/Soviet 1939 Non-aggression Pack
  • History (short) Polish Forces -pca, ca
  • History WWII, Poles in, -Book,A.Suchcitz
  • Hitler Invades Poland
  • Invasion of Poland
  • Jews, Polish WWII
  • Katyn Controversy -CIA (2)(3)
  • Nazi Occupation -Eyewitness
  • Nuremberg Trials Collection -avalon project
  • Persia, Forgotten Exodus to -Anwar Faruqi,AP (2)
  • Poland's history, WWII -Kasprzyk
  • Polish Campaign 1939
  • Polish Underground State -Jean Iwanski
  • Secret History (Five Parts) -BostonGlobe
    ... Part I: The Perfect Spy (Fritz Kolbe)
    ... Part II: Inside the Empire
    ... Part III: Calling Japan to Account
    ... Part IV: The Holocause (early warnings)
    ... Part V: Vengeance at Dachau
  • Siberia, Shallow Graves In
  • Sounds & video, Poland
  • Speech, Neville Chamberlain -Historyplace
  • Spoils of war, Poland
  • Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing of Pl
  • Teheran Conference of 1943 (Chruchill/Roosevelt/Stalin)
  • Those Who Helped
  • Warsaw Ghetto Resistance -Mini Encyc.
  • Wildflecken, Displaced Persons Camp

    WWII, holocaust:

  • Auschwitz, A Tortured Legacy
  • Auschwitz, Dentist of -Nizkor Proj.
  • Dachua, Secret History (Part V) -BostonGlobe
  • Directory of Concentration Camps -VirtualJewishHistory
  • Erek from the Underground -Time
  • Five Million Forgotten -Witness
  • Five Million Forgotten -Time
  • Holocaust, -ISJM
  • Holocaust, Dachau Prisoner List -Cooper
  • Holocaust Education Foundation
  • Holocaust, Forgotten
  • Holocaust Museum (USA)
  • Life&Fall of Wlodowa -Nizkor Proj.
  • Made in Russia: The Holocaust
  • Maps of extermination camps, Pl
  • Poland's Holocaust
  • Shtetl - Bransk, Pl -PBS Online
  • Stutthof Concentration Camp

    War Stories:

  • Barbara Szymanska Makuch: Polish Rescuer
  • Jan Pirog, A Polish Solider
  • Lech Kwasiborski's Parents, Story of
    History Photo Story: WWII
  • John Damski: Polish Rescuer
  • My Dad's Story
  • Poland's Class of 1936
  • Stanislaw Kowalski: Autobiography
  • Stanislaw Kowalski:Jazlowiec- Town Lost in History
  • The Invited by Krystyna Skwarko (WWII, deportation to Russia)
  • When the Prussians Came to Poland
    Wincenty Wojcik: A Lifetime of Service to Poland (WWII distruction)
  • Wolf Lewkowicz Collection

    Index Sites:

    + Books, Polish Military WWII
    + Holocaust links
    + Holocaust Forgotten Stories -Filreis
    + Holocaust Resources -NBCi

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