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It is through history that we gain insight on how we got to where we are today and how we can prepare for a better tomorrow. Therefore, we have included this general history section of resource links to some sites that specialize in on subjects related to history.

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World History Photo Stories

World War II - View historical photos of WWII and intelligence about the Nazi's plans to begin their world conquest with the taking of Poland.

World History Selective Topics:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

    WWII: Roosevelt/Churchill - 29 Feb 1944:
    Memorandum: General Patrick Hurley to Roosevelt
    - Roosevelt forwards copy to Church of General Hurley's assessment of the state of imperialism and the detrimental affects it has on the growth of democracies around the world. The subject is British imperialism in Iran, Iran's fuedal system and what the U.S. reponse should be to encourage an independent free nation.

    Photo Collection of FDR Library
    First Listing of 50 Photos

  • World History References:

  • 1848 Revolutions, Encyclopedia
  • America's Story
  • Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
  • Biblelands Project
  • Catholic encyclopedia -New Advent
  • Church, Early History
  • Documents Room, Carrie Libary
  • Ellis
  • Ethnic, Balch Institute
  • Eye Witness,
  • Hall Europe History
  • Heritage Films (Eastern Europe History)
  • History Channel
  • History.Net
  • History Timelines
  • Hyper History Online
  • Immigr. Arrival Records, USINS
  • Making of America -U.Mich.
  • Nizkor Project, The
  • Olden Times (old news items)
  • Our Time Lines
  • Pier21 (Halifax, Ca)
  • PBS History
  • Picturing the Past
  • Primal Source Microfilm - Research
  • Polish History - ATPC
  • Society for Creative Anachronism

    World History Indexes:

  • Black History Pages
  • History Place
  • History Seek(search)
  • History Timelines
  • US Holocaust Museum
  • Virtual Library: History
  • World History Archives -hartford
  • WWW-VL History Catalog
  • Check our Polish America series for history of Poles in America.

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