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We look back in time to learn what happened today in history and from the Pole's Pulpit, we present a wide variety of topics from various sources, some we hope you may find entertaining or even useful.

Today in History

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    27 Nov 2002: Your Shopping List

    In keeping with the spirit of giving during Christmas, we have a few suggestions for your shopping list -- A new recipe for the "Polish Recipe Box." or a "Christmas Remembered" story of a special Christmas memory.

    23 Nov 2002: Christmas Decorating

    We've put up some decorations on the Home page to call your attention to the holidays and our Christmas page. Christmas a very special time, it's more than the glitter and the bustle of shopping -- it's a time for reflection and recommitting ourselves to the values of the Chirst Child's teachings -- it's a time for being with family and friends rejoicing the message that this season brings -- it's a time for appreciating our ancestors and acknowledging their lives and it's importance to ours. Yes, Christmas is a very special time.

    14 Oct 2002: Panna Maria or Parisville?

    Panna Maria, Texas is generally considered to have been the first permanent Polish community established in the USA. But... wait, it may have been Parisville, Michigan! If you haven't been to the Polonia USA section of ATPC, then you've missed the two pages we have on these historic communities.

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