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Many of us enjoy seeing pictures from another time or another place such as Poland, especially if we've never been there. All of the photos we presented are from ATPC viewers. We have three categories that you can participate in.

Your personal Ancestral Photo page will be set up

Ancestors, My Oldest Snapshot
This alblum features the "oldest family picture" of differenct viewers. It is the easiest to participant in. All that is required is to email a digital file of your picture along with the information. The photos are sequenced chronologically with the oldest being displayed first. If even your picture isn't older than the current one, send it anyway and have it displayed for all to see.

Gallery of Viewer's Oldest Photos

Personal Ancestral Pages
Each page represents one person's family's photos along with basic genealogical information on their family. The list is sequenced alphabetically by last name and includes home town location. Having your own family photo page is a great way to share your pictures with other family members and to make potential new contacts to further your genealogy.

Frost (Kusmierz), Amy - Bay City, MI USA
Jarzombek(Kusmierz), Janice - St. Hedwig, TX USA
Johnson, Pat - Las Vegas, NV USA
Kobalka, Roxane - Tustin, CA USA [Newest!]
Kusmierz, Kazimierz (Pastor) - Lublin, Poland
Kusmierz, Marvin - Bay City, MI USA
Walczak, Al - Detroit, MI USA

To have your own photo page, contact us by email.gif

Pictorial Poland
This is a "new" feature that will present photos of Poland, either historic or current, submitted by viewers. The idea is share photos of different scenes and areas of Poland to create an online tour of Poland for those who have not been able to go there themselves. We need you to begin the process of setting this new feature up if this is something you thing is worth while, contact us or send a digital photo file or two and we work on the webpage.


Would you like your own photo page on ATPC? We can help you make it happen!

Personal ancestral photo pages on ATPC are provided as service to our community members. It is another means to create additional exposure of your family surnames. Photo pages take up substantial storage space and is not the primary focus of our community. Therefore, we limit the size to a single page per family.

If you are interested in displaying a substantial amount of your family photos, there are many other resources available on the internet for this purpose. Ancient Faces is one of the nicer genealogy related sites for this. We recommend having your own single page on ATPC and include a link the site you have chosen to house the bulk of your family photos.

The following are requirements for establishing a personal photo page on ATPC:

  1. You need be a Polish descendant and have made a contribution to the content of our site.
  2. You personal page needs to include a profile of your parents and grandparents for the awareness of our viewers.
  3. Photos and family information may not include "living" individuals without their permission.
  4. Your photo page will be limited to a single page of up to ten (10) photos. Photos should include date and location whenever known. And, the individuals present in the photo. Comments about the photo are encouraged but not necessary.
  • Your oldest dated photo will be automatically added to the "Ancestors, My Oldest Snapshot" page.

    Community membership:

    When you contribute content to the ATPC website in any form, you are a member of our community. Making a contribution is very easy. It can be as simple as adding a useful resource link to one of our resource pages, posting of your surnames, sharing an article or other content to our website.

    Once you have established yourself as an community member, simple let us know that you would like to a personal family photo page. The layout and editing will be done for you. All you need to provide is digital files of the photos you want to present along with a written introduction to your photos. Your page will be posted. You can then make changes or up dates when necessary by notifying us.


    1. Do not include living persons in your presentation without their permission. Some may consider this an invasion of their privacy.

    2. Provide us with a digital file.

  • Scan your photos to get a digital image. A scan resolution of 300 dpi or higher is acceptable.
  • We recommend that you scan in color to establish a digital file for yourself, we can convert your photos from color to gray tones for the presentation.
  • Email your digital files to the forum host or use the email box on this page. (zip files are preferred to reduce download time)
  • Your photos can be whatever you want, family members, a favorite pet, buildings (homestead, schools, churches, automobile, etc.). All we ask is the images follow our focus which is memorabilia and not contemporary images.
  • 3. You will be totally responsible for the content of your presentation. ATPC accepts no liability, legal or otherwise for photo content.

    It is through our memories that our love ones live on in the present. And, photos help to stimulate our memories. It is important to preserve your old photos now before it is too late. Digitize them using a scanner and their current quality will be maintained for future generations to enjoy and remember. In many cases, an old photo can be enhanced by using one of the popular imaging software.

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    Even if you don't want your own personal photo page, why not add your oldest photo to our collection as a memorial to your family. email.gif










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