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While events are an important part of history, it is also important to understand how events affected the life of those who experienced them. In this section, our focus is on materials that will help to capture what living was like for our ancestors and the Poles who made contribution to history.

Famous Poles
Many Polish personalities made their mark in history. We feature Chopin, Madam Curie and some others. We also highlight the many who have made notable contributions during their life time.

Women in Polish History
Research done by Lenka Vytlacilova that identifies some of the Polish women who are a part of Poland's history.

Peasant's Life of Serfdom
The Polish author, Jan Slomka, provides an account describing the living conditions of peasants during surfdom. This is an extraction from his book written at the turn of the 20th century.

Salt Mines of Wieliczka, 1850
Eva March Tappan, in this extraction from her book, describes what it was like inside the salt mines during the mid-1800s.

Related references:
  • Censorship in Poland: - Three parts by John M. Bates - March 1999
  • Polish Diaspora in Turkmenistan - A Colonial Narrative by Walenty Tyszkiewicz
    (Series appeared in The Sarmatian Review - Rice University)
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