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Unless we remember the evil deeds of the past and are vigilant on our watch, we are vulnerable to the few that will spread their evil poison when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

History is abundant with evil directed at groups; nationalities, races, religion and others. Here, we point to tragedies related to the Polish. In doing so, no attempt is made to elevate the importance of Polish sacrifices above those experience by any other group -- numbers are only an echo of each person's painful death. Our kinship is bound by the common sorrow we experience at the loss of someone we love.

In memory of:

Katyn: Stalin's Killing Field
In 1990, the official records were opened revealing the policial massacre of Polish soldiers and citizens. Read Benjamin B. Fisher's findings in 1990 on the political massacre of Polish soldiers and citizens imprissioned by the Soviets.

Katyn Forest Massacre
Visual display of the many memorials dedicated to the memory of the citizens and soldiers whose lives were tragically sacrificed. (This site has an extensive links listing of other sites specific to Katyn.)

Kresy-Siberia Virtual Memorial Wall
In recognition of the Polish citizens who were victims of Soviet aggression during the War years, 1939-1945.

Forgotten Odyssey - The story behind the movie on Eastern Poles shipped to Soviet labor camps, 1940-42.

Shallow Graves in Siberia
"Freedom, wonderful freedom, how precious you are, only those will know who have lost you, millions are dying for you all over the world, only the lucky ones have you and hold you, liFe without you is empty as a shell, and is no better than enduring in hell." -- Michael Krupa 1941

Warsaw Uprising
On 1 August 1944 an armed uprising in Warsaw was launched on the orders of the Polish government-in-exile. Led by the underground army Armia Krajowa, it was given mass support by the city's civilian population. Its aim was to liberate the Polish capital from the German occupying forces before the arrival of the Red Army.

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