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Learning about the life and times of our ancestors is equally important to capturing their names and other vital data. Without an understanding of your ancestors history, culture and the times they lived in, it is like hanging a frame on a wall without a picture inside of it. It's the picture that the frame contains that completes the display making it interesting.


Poles and liberty:
  • "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal." Thomas Jefferson & Wawrzyniec Goslick [Learn More]
  • 1600s debate on separation of church and state. [Learn More]
  • 1926, a gift to America from 5,500,000 Poles. [Learn More]
  • Anthem/Flag of Poland
    Play and learn the words to the National anthem of Poland . Includes the history on the Poland's national anthem and flag.

    Origins of Poland
    What were the beginnings of Poland? Poland was quite different in the 800s than the Poland we know today. Learn how it all began. Informational links are included on specific topics.

    Chronology of Poland's History
    View a time-line (966 - 1993) of the major historical events that are a part of Poland's history. Poland's existence as a country has been full struggle for survival. See what events shaped the Poland we know today. Informational links are included on specific topics.

    Historical Polish Life
    Poles who made notable contributions and what life was like for most Poles during different time periods. Includes women in Polish history, nobel laureauts, life of serfdom and more.

    Historical Geography of Poland
    Poland's geography has changed considerably during it's history making it difficult for genealogist to identify the location of their ancestors. This page gives a brief summary of geographic references such as Silesia, Prussia, Galicia, etc. necessary for understanding and locating where your ancestors actually lived.

    Maps of Poland Opens in New Window - Close when done!
    Poland's borders since it's beginning has seen dynamic changes. It's early geography was known as the Kingdom of Poland cover a vast area of Central Europe. In the late Eighteenth Century Poland disappeared from maps until the end of WWI. Review these time line maps and learn about Poland's geograhical changes. (opens new window - close when done!)

    Memorials of Polish Sacrifices
    Poles that history must not forget. Those who died defending their country or died because of being Polish.

    Related materials


    History of Poles in America
    Historical time line of information on the Poles who settled in America.
    Silesia to America: A Heritage
    Article written by Robert Prokott about the history of the Silesians that who settled in central Minnesota.

    Polish Subject Library Indexes:

    History of Poland
    Images of Poland

    History Photo Page: WWII
    Photo history essay of WWII include advance plans of Germany pertaining to Poland and world conquest.

    Other Resources:
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    1. Basic Facts About Poland -
      Provides details such as; size, population, industries, religion, and more.
    2. Constitutions of Poland
      Zbigniew J. Pasek's site provides detailed information on the historic constitutions of Poland.
    3. Poland: World Factbook - CIA
      information Poland from US Central Intelligence Agency.
    4. Did You Know? - Polish American Journal
      little known facts about Poland that may surprise you.
    5. Mineral Industry of Poland 1999 by Walter G. Steblez
      [PDF file], specifics on Poland's mineral deposits.
    6. Library of Congress (USA)
      an excellent research resource for the history and facts on Poland and for other countries as well.


    7. Avalon Project - Yale University
      Search "Poland" on historical documents resulted in 288 findings.
    8. Poland History - Polonia Today
      Excellent 14 part series covering the history of Poland by Polonia Today.
    9. Immigration USA History
      An overview from USINS that provides a wealth of information regarding the history of immigration into USA.
    10. Poland 1980-1981, Solidarity Movement
      Production of PBS on non-violent effectiveness in bring change. Site includes background on the Polish struggle against dominance of the communist USSR. Major players in Gdansk shipyard strike are reviewed and a number of the songs popular in the movement at that time.
    11. WWII - British War Bluebook:
      144 documents pertaining to Germany prior to invasion of Poland in 1939. A part of the Avalon Project.
    12. WWII - French Yellow Pages
      370 documents pertaining to Germany prior to invasion of Poland in 1939. A part of the Avalon Project.
    13. Napoleon in Battle
      Information about Napoleon and the Polish military that fought with him. Includes images of Polish uniforms, cavalry and units.


    14. Poland's Official Home Page
      Structure of Poland's government and various government agencies.
    15. President of Poland - Aleksandra Kwasniewski
      President of Poland.

    Check in the other Resource Centers. There are hundreds of links to further information on Polish and Polish related subjects.

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