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Click on a photo to begin your tour of Poland. Each photo is linked to a resource that will provide information on that specific location. We would like to add more sites to see in Poland to this page. You can help by sharing your photos of Poland with us?

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Gdansk homes
Architecture & Preservation

Excellent photo presentation of Poland's architecture. (Scott Demel)

Castles of Poland
Castles of Poland

Present by Features the famous castles of Poland with historic background information. Pictured is the Ksiaz Castle near Walbrzych built about 1292.

Debbie's Photos of Poland

Over 25 towns and villages are presented from her own tours of Poland.


Pictures by Paul Jozwiak taken during his visits to Gdansk and Gdansk-Oliwa. Photography is very good and includes major sites to see such as the Armory building dating back to 1605.

Images of Poland
Images of Poland

A.K.Reports is another "must see" tour of Poland with a variety of pictorial subjects to enjoy.

Kings of Poland

Never thought you would see a Polish King! Well thanks to these folks you can see them all. Pictured here is King Mieszko I (960-992)


Presentation by Stanislaw Markowski. Excellent series of photos of the Krakow community. (Polish text).


A city of beauty and a rich history.

Lublin (1)
(2)Visit the Old Town of Lublin (slow loading though).(3)Lublin Utica Cemetary.
Use a clickable map of the city to view various major sites. (Polish text)

Gallery of Polish masterpieces
Painting Masterpieces

Simply "excellent"! View a large collection of Polish paintings index by subject or the painter. Then spend the rest of the day enjoying these works of beauty.


A City Guide that includes general information, accomodations, entertain, map, photos and other points of interest.

Tatra Mountains
Tatra Mountains(1)
(2)Tatra from a mountain climber's perspective.
Virtual tour of these beautiful mountains in southern Poland.


A menu with a long list of sites to view. Included map and guide.

Warsaw (1)
(2)Places of Warsaw - More sites to see.(3)Warsaw's monuments.
An excellent presentation by Poland Now. Use the link to the left to see what other cities they feature.


Wroclaw is another Polish city rich with historical architecture and other sites to see. This sites loads a little slowly, but the wait is worth it.

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