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To Return to Poland or Not to Return

- Dr. Mark Ostrowski presents an excellent in depth historical perspective of the dilemma that confronted Poles at the end of WWII. Highly recommended.

The Pianist
Wladyslaw Szpilman

- Book written from the personal accounting of this pianist on his survival in Warsaw (1939-1945).

Warsaw, Unknown Soldier
WWII Remembered

- A tourist's photo/text essay of Poland's memorials. Pictured is the Unknown Soldiers Memorial in Warsaw. (Scrapbook)

Polish Partition
Eye Witness

- Exceptional history site providing photo/text stories from different time periods. Includes accounts of "Passage to America" and "Nazi occupied Poland". Map (1939-1941) showing Poland's partition between Germany and Soviet Union.

Ostrogski Place, Warsaw
Ostrogski Castle, Warsaw

- Ostrogski Castle in Warsaw is the home of the Chopin Museum. This site of the Frederick Chopin Society not only gives some details of the museum but is an excellent source on Chopin's music and life in general.

Jubilee 2000
Poczta Polska

- Jubilee 2000 commemorative stamp to be issued June 6, 2001. You can order and view other Polish postal stamps (Pl/English).

Polish Vodka
Polish Vodka

- This site not only offers up information on their vodka, but provides a wealth of history about other spirits in Poland,i.e.:
-The Drinks of Gdansk
- Lure of Rosoglios

Stanislaw Kowalski:
Born at the end of WWI, Stanislaw was of age to join the Polish Army at the beginning of WWII. He shares the experiences of the war years, a history shared by many of his fellow Poles who found themselves forced to deal with the unthinkable.
-The Town Lost in History
-Kolyma: The Land of Gold and Death
-Na czerwonym szlaku (in Polish)

Royal Castle, Warsaw

- Pictorial online tour presenting exceptional details of exhibits.

Polish Kings/Dynasties

- History of the dyanasties and kings that ruled Poland territories.

Field S.Poland
Ananda Marga Center

- A community located in a corner of Glebock (Karkonozke mountain range of southwest Poland) is practicing a simpler life. (Ananda Marga News)

1865 Matejko painting
Warsaw National Museum

Jan Matejko 1865 painting
- The National Museum of Warsaw has several collection exhibits online featuring the Poland's arts from painting to artifacts.

Polish currency
Polish Paper Money

- If you are not familiar with Polish currency, this site by Rafal Glos, a collector of paper money will be helpful. Included is the history of money which is interesting reading. I have found the site to be slow loading, but worth the patience of waiting.

Gallery of Polish Paintings

- Excellent site with many online masterpiece paintings of Polish artist.

Polish HistoryFirst Nobel Science Award to an American was of Polish descent.Learn More!

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