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Aleksandra and family.
Aleksandra with husband, Norman and son, Thomas.

Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm

Daughter, wife, mother and author...

Born on April 15, 1949 in the city of Lodz, Poland, Aleksandra Ziolkowska would grow up loving words and the stories they could tell. Today, Aleksandra's desire to tell a story is a source of pleasure to many readers around the world.

As an accomplished author, Aleksandra has written many magazine articles and a long list of published books. A listing of her books is available at where they may be purchased online.

She studied at the University of Lodz where she received a Masters Degree in Literature. This was followed by a Ph.D in Humanities from the University of Warsaw. And, she tutored under the well known Polish author Melchior Wankowicz as a private assistant for four years.

I'm sure you will agree me when I say how fortunate we are that Aleksandra became a story teller. You can learn much more about Aleksandra at her personal website (

Interesting family information about Aleksandra.....

- Aleksandra's genealogy gives her a connection to South Dakota and the monument of Chief Crazy Horse being carved from a mountain. Korczak Ziolkowski who initiated this great monument is Aleksandra's great uncle. It is not surprising that she has published a book about this next of kin who also worked on Mount Rushmore for a time before taking on Chief Crazy Horse.

- The famous actress Ingrid Bergman became even more popular for Aleksandra when she married her husband Norman. Norman's grandmother and Ingrid's father were brother and sister making him Ingrid's cousin.

- Aleksandra's son, Thomas Tomczyk share's his mother's talent but in other areas of interest. He is a professional architect who enjoys photography and some good humor. He shares his photo stories and cartoons on his website ( for all to enjoy.

Aleksandra's lastest book.....

A Polish Partisan's Story
Hubal, Auschwitz, and Beyond

The Hubal partisans have earned a place in the hearts of the Polish people and their tale is just becoming known in the English speaking world. The story of Major Henryk “Hubal” Dobrzanski and his men in their desperate fight against the Nazis led to their immortalization in Melchior Wankowicz’s 1946 novel Hubalczycy (The Hubal Partisans).

This biography details the fascinating life of one of the Hubal partisans, Roman Rodziewicz, as told to author Aleksandra Ziólkowska-Boehm. Roman’s life story is a true odyssey, ranging from his childhood in Manchuria, his youth as a cavalryman in the Polish army, coming of age with the Hubal partisans, his incredible survival in the death camp at Auschwitz, and his expatriate life in London. The difficult history of the Polish people finds a variety of expressions in the lives of her heroes, and this story is emotionally compelling and beautifully rendered

This book is available through the Military History Press.

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    More about the author.
    Member of the Polish Writers, Warsaw and the PEN American Center. She has been a productive writer having written over 17 books, and numerous articles for magazines and other publications.
    The Polish American Radio Network has devoted a page in the Polish language regarding the literary works of Aleksandra.
  • [Polish American Radio Network]
    In 2006 Aleksandra was awarded the Individual Artist Fellowship by the Delaware Division of the Arts, branch of the Delaware Department of State. The following links to the award citation:
  • [State of Delaware]
    In 2006, Aleksandra received a Fulbright Grant Award to spend nine months in Poland. She She will be affiliated as a resarcher at the Institute of History of the University of Warsaw.
    Many of Aleksandra's books are available on The following link provides a listing of these books.
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