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  • The HELP page is intended to provide you with an overview of the information and features available on Ancestry - The Polish Connection (ATPC) and provide instructions for using some of our features. If you should still have a question, email it to us and we will do our best to answer it.

    It is also noteworthy to mention that ATPC is built using "frames", this simply means the screen consists of more than one window and they are associated to each other. We are using two "frames", one contains the menu system and the other is used for presentation of the materials on our site. The advantages of this is the menu remains constant and consistent for your use, and pages will load slightly faster since the menu system does not require reloading.

    Calendar of Events
    We are using the RootsWeb calendar system which allows users such as yourself to post events to the calendar that may be of interest to other users. Items such as; Holidays for your country and religion, Family Reunions, and Conferences, Special Events, Conventions for your organization.
      It is simple to post to the calendar, just click on it and a new window will open. Choose the "Add Event" and following the instructions remember to set the appropriate date, year and type of event. You'll be asked to enter your name (or alias), email and an additional name should you need to edit your posting later. That's it!
    Now post those events for everyone's awareness.

    Menu System
    There are three menu sytems employed to make your browsing through ATPC as easy as possible. The menu bar contains the "primary page" menu and a "Site Index" menu. The third is the "within page" menu.

    Primary Page: The primary pages contain content that is related to the theme of each page. Each page where appropriate has a Page Index menu (within page menu).

    Site Index: The Site Index menu is ordered by subjects and not specifically pages. It is designed to help you find a specific item quickly.

    Page Index: This menu is specific to the page it is on and will assist you in quickly in going to specific subject on the page. There is also a quick return to the top arrow that takes you back to the Page Index menu.

    Site Index
    The Site Index menu is a calalog of subjects to aid you in finding specific information. This drop down menu system has mulitiple levels, as you click on one a submenu will appear if additional information is available on that item. We are using all CAPITAL letters to indicate a submenu is available.

    Surname Boards
  • Surname Connections Board:

    This is a master listing of Surnames that individuals have chosen to post on ATPC. Below each surname will be one or more email addresses of those who share that particular surname.

      Behind the surname codes are used to identify where you can find further information the person who listed with this surname.

      (F) - Source came from ATPC Discussion Forum
      (M) - Source came from Surname Message Board
      (+) - Surname has or may have more than one spelling

    Surnames mentioned in the Guest Book will not be posted to this board. If you wish to have your surname/s listed on the Surname Connections Board, you need to post them one of the two boards referenced above.

  • Surname Message Board:

    This board is maintained through as a service to ATPC and other sites. This message board unlike the ATPC Discussion Forum, is devoted to surnames postings only. All others will be deleted! When posting your surnames, be sure to include them in the "Subject" field so that they will be visable to viewers browsing the message listing. Provide enough information to help the viewer determine whether or not they may have some useful information to provide you. Viewers will be able to reply directly to your posting or they can send an email to you. Take care typing in your information, especially your email address, as you will not be able to edit your original message. Surnames from this board are posted to the Surname Connection Board.

  • Genealogy/Polish Discussion Forum:

    This forum is hosted by, a major provider of internet forums. requires users to obtain a "free" membership before being allowed to post to the ATPC forum. However, you can enter and see the forum as a "Guest".

    The focus subjects of the ATPC Discussion Forum are genealogy, Polish heritage and culture, and general non-polical topics. It is a "free-play" forum where the moderator (host) plays a background role. Emphasis is placed on members to stimulate interactive discussions with each other. Surnames posted on this forum will be entered on the Surname Connection Board.

    Guest Book
    We hope you will take time to sign our Guest Book. We enjoy hearing comments from our viewers. We've included a "field" for Surnames if you wish to list your's. If your intention is to post only surname data, please use the several boards specifically designed for this purpose. Remember to include the link to your web site because we would like to visit you too.

    Our Guest Book is a hosted service from

  • Featured Subjects
    Subject(Location of page or link to it):

    - Articles (Features): Cover genealogy, history and general subjects.
    - Census 1990 (Features): Graphic distribution of Polish in USA based on 1990 census.
    - Christmas (Christmas/Research): Christmas is here everyday. Let us put your favorite Christmas story here as a way of sharing the spirit of Christmas with others.
    - Cities Tour (News): Links to pictures and information on the major cities of Poland.
    - Credits (Main): Sources used to help build ATPC.
    - Culture (Heritiage/Research): Information and sources on the culture and traditions of the Polish people.
    - Dance (Heritage): Resource links to.
    - Discussion Forum (Surname): Join in the discussions related to genealogy, Polish heritage, culture and other topics.
    - Events Calendar (Main/Menu): Get today's day and date. Post an event to the ATPC calendar for all to see. Read our Timely Thoughts.
    - Famous Poles (Heritage): Features Polish individuals of notariety.
    - Found Items (Found): Board for found items or missing information.
    - Genealogy Articles (Features): Articles to help you in shorten your learning curve in research your family's genealogy.
    - Genealogy Links (Destinations): Resource links to.
    - History Articles (Features): Articles on Poland and Polonia.
    - History Links (Reference): Resource links to.
    - History of Poles in USA (Polish American): View a historical time-line of settlements of the Polish in USA. Includes time benchmarks for US Presidents and other special events.
    - History of Poland (Features): Historical time-line of major events in Poland's history as a country.
    - Hits Counter (Main): Check number of views of this page.
    - Holidays (Heritage/Research): Resource links to
    - Immigration, USA (Features): An overview of immigration to USA from the US Immigration and Naturalizatin Service.
    - Link Resources, Genealogy (Destinations): Complete list of all the popular Genealogy sites.
    - Link Resources, Poland (Destinations): Complete list of all the popular Polish Genealogy sites and other significant sites on Poland.
    - Link Resources, Viewers (Destinations): See what our viewers have posted as interesting and usefull sites.
    - Lost Item (Found): Posting board for lost items or missing information.
    - Maps (Features/Polish American): Current and historical maps of Poland and Europe. Other maps of countries on Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and North America.
    - Members: (Main) Surnames and communities of members. (Destination) Links to member sites. (Forum) Discussion forum and resources.
    - Music (Heritage): Enjoy Polkas, Chopin, and more.
    - News, East Europe (News): Daily headline news articles from East Europe.
    - News, Editorials (News): Editorials from ATPC on a variety of subjects.
    - News, Groups/Letters (Destinations): Sources for recieving news by email.
    - News, Poland (News): Daily headline news articles from Poland.
    - News, Sources (News/Research): Links to various Polish news sources in Poland and Polonia.
    - Photos (Photo/Feature/News/Lost): View the Ancestral Photo Library of our members, Link Photo Gallary, Tour Poland's Cities, and Lost/Found items.
    - Photos, preserve (Photo): Save your ancestral photos for future generations.
    - Poland, facts (Features): Extensive details and statistics on the country of Poland. Also, little known facts about Poland.
    - Poland, origin (Features): Early history of Poland as a country.
    - Quotes (News): Inspiration and thought provoking quotes from prominent personalities.
    - Surname Connections (Surname): Master list of surnames from viewers and members of ATPC.
    - Surname Messages (Surname): Interactive message board devoted solely to surnames. View, post or reply to the surnames that are of interest to you.
    - Surname Search (Surname): Search for information on your surames using our direct connection to GenSource or on InfoPlease.
    - Survey/Quiz (Main): Take our pole so we'll know. Several poles are available but only one is displayed randomly. Take a moment to cast your vote so we can better understand your needs and interest. You can also view that stats for each pole to see how the majority feel.
    - Translations (Menu/Polish American): There are two translation aids to help you. One is a brief conversion of words commonly use and including genealogy. The other is off site as a service from Etaco that will translate a word or phrase you provide to the appropriate language.