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21 Nov 2001 - Found Picture:
Email contact: Judy (Blaszczynski) Ritel

My Uncle, H. Blaszczynski (first person in bottom row), graduated from Weber High School in 1942. He was my Father's brother. He was so impressed with the priests at Weber, that he chose to become a Resurrection Father. He later went on to become principal of Gorden Tech High School in Chicago. Knowing how precious pictures have been to me, it was important to me that these pictures be available for others. This picture is courtesy of my cousin, Dotty Dose.

1942 Weber High School - Chicago, Illinois

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Weber High School was in a predominantly Polish neighborhood. Here is a list of the names behind the pictures. Most are in good condition. A few have some creases through them (pictures are not alphabetical):

Bejrowski, J.J.
Bialek, N.B.
Biercz, J.
Brzdenkiewicz, S.
Bulak, F.H.
Cichon, J.
Ciezadlo, J.V.
Cyza, A.S.
Czarnecki, R.F.
Czeropski, R.S.
Damian, E.F.
Doruff, R.E.
Fulara, E.J.
Furman, T.A.

Gruszka, C.
Handzel, C.
Jarosz, T.P.
Jeske, J.F.
Jozaites, C.J.
Kargol, C.S.
Kosirog, L.B.
Kossowski, E.M.
Koszycki, E.
Kowalski, A.C.
Kozlowski, E.
Krzywicki, J.
Kuzniar, R.

Lange, M.
Legica, R.
Lesniak, H.
Liss, J.
Majewski, T.
Mally, E.J.
Maszka, R.
Milostan, R.
Najdowski, C.J.
Napientek, N.
Parent Lew, T.
Pinkowski, D.
Pomukalski, A.

Raczkowski, L.
Ragan, F. G.
Ruszkowski, F.
Sieracki, M.
Skierka, G.
Skopec, E.J.
Sokol, J.
Swiatnicki, E.
Tenczar, T.
Todczerwinski, J.
Tomaszewski, T.
Urbanski, N.
Walewski, W.
Warz, E.E.
Zajac, C.
Ziejewski, S.

02 Jan 2001 - Found Picture:

Email Contact: Dave Withers
010102withers2 010102withers1

Please contact me if you can help identify these people which also appear on my home web page.

Picture 1: This girl could be the daughter of the woman shown on the right. Possibly taken about 1955. If you know her please get in touch.

Picture 2: 1942-1945: We believe the woman shown here is of Polish descent and that the photograph was possibly taken at a refugee camp near to Karachi, India (now Pakistan) during WWII.

05 Nov 2000 - Found Picture:

Email: Elaine Spann

This photo was found in the home where my husband grew up in Eden, TX. I think it was taken sometime during the early 1900s. Can anyone help identify these individuals for me. (written on the back side is "6-110/ 374")


10 Feb 2001 - Found Picture:


Recently I found an old envelope from Saint Luke's Hospital, Saginaw, Michigan, in the lower cabinet of a travel trailer I purchased in Alabama. The envelope contained two old photographs: (1) a baby picture with "Gertrude Winifred BLANCHARD, five months old, Oct. 28, 1901" written on the back, and (2) an adult female with "my cousin Winifred" written in the top left hand corner in pencil circa 1920. I would like to find a family member who might be interested in having these photos.

The two photos have been merged into one for presenting here.

12 Nov 2000 - Found Picture:


Unknown pictures taken by the W.A. Johnson Photo Studio in Teresa, NY that also appear on the Vanish History Mall website.

001112vanish2 001112vanish1

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