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Richard (Dick) Eastman, a renowned genealogy expert, may be the most knowledgeable on the subject of computerized genealogy. He has authored a book, "Your Roots: Total Genealogy Planning On Your Computer", published by Ziff-Davis Press. He is a frequent international lecturer. He is manager of the Genealogy Forums on CompuServe. He is a consultant and often appears as a guest on the Ancestors television series on PBS. And, publishes a highly popular weekly newsletter, Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.

We sincerely appreciate Dick's talent in writing which serves him well in covering genealogy. We are grateful for his generous copyrights policy that allows us to share some of his articles here. But, to fully appreciate the range of topics covered in his weekly offerings, we encourage you to get a personal "free" subscription to his newsletter. We've provided the links here for you:


Professional Genealogist (May 2, 2001)
Written about genealogy by professionals for anyone doing genealogy.

How to Tips:

Sending Cash Overseas (April 11, 2001)
Some things to consider when sending money to another country.

Using the Social Security Index (July 30, 2001)
Things to consider when doing look ups.


Clooz: Program (July 26, 2000)
Utility genealogy program for organizing and keep track of most everything.

Clooz: How to use (March 21, 2001)
An instructional video tape the Clooz utility program.

Genelines: Version 1.3 for Windows (June 10, 2001)
Timeline add on for Genealogy Software.

How to Find the Best Genealogy Program (Aug 20, 2001)
Finding the best program for meeting your personal needs.

Legacy 3.0 Genealogy Software (May 10, 2000)
Genealogy software from Millennia Corporation.

PAF Companion: Version 5.0 (June 6, 2001)
Genealogy software from LDS.

Pocket Genealogist: Version 2.0 (May 31, 2001)
Program for hand-held computers using Windows CE.