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There are many ways for sharing family surnames on ATPC. Please take time to learn what each one of them has to offer in helping you make connections with other individuals that may lead to an exchange of family information. Also, review our "Guest Book" which has a field for entering surnames. Some viewers post their surnames here, but not to the other resources.

Gen-Database Search
An indexed system by database type (census, vital records, etc.) and location (country/region) of the link resource for searching/researching family information. Internet surname searches can also be done from this page.

There are several ways that you can add your surnames to this board. Each method requires that you include your "email address" so that others interested in your surname can contact you directly. We also request that you type your surnames in all CAPITAL LETTERS and sequence them alphabetically as this helps us in up dating the Surname Connections Board.
Guest Book
The guest book includes a surname field for viewers to share their family surnames. It was not intended to be an alternative to the above source for posting family surname information. However, many viewers are using it to enter details about their family. So, it is good to check the guest book for surnames that may not be found in the other resources mention above.

Polish Surname Connections Board
This is our master surname listing. It is up dated from postings to the "Surnames Message Board", "Surnames Folder: of the "Genealogy/Heritage Forum", or your "email" notification. Surnames (with email contact and web site) are listed alphabetically. If your surname already exists, your email address will be added to it.

Polish Surname Message Board Opens in New Window, Close when done!
This board is the normal method for including your surnames. The board has a message reply feature so viewers can add/respond to your posting. It is important to list your surnames in the "subject field" so that others can easily view them while browsing the board. (This is an off site service provided by and limited to 150 message with the oldest being dropped with each new posting.) (View "Old" Message Board)

Surname Findings!!!
Postings from viewers who have notified us of a successful connection they made through ATPC. We hope there will be many more and that you will be among them.

Polish Surname Meanings Board
Most everyone would like to know more about their surnames. We encourage you to post the meaning of your surname so those who share it will also know it's meaning.

Surname Family Web Sites
Board listing of websites of those who contributed to the Surname Connections Board or requested that their family genealogy site be included on this page.

ATPC Discussion Forum Opens in New Window, Close when done!
Surnames may be posted in the forum's "Surname Folder", but an Email address must be included for posting to the Surname Connection Board. The forum serves as our community board operating similar mailing list group. Comments and questions are posted for a response from viewers. A text/voice "real-time" chat feature is available for members use. Members may also create opinion poles. (This is a service of and requires a "free" membership in order to post messages. However, Guests may viewed messages that are posted.)

Genealogy Articles
Articles and resources to help you with your genealogy.

  • Table: Month Names in Foreign Languages
  • Polish Glossary/Guide..... Quick help index reference.

    Resource information on Surnames: Opens in New Window, Close when done!

    Surname Meanings, Polish Language and Alphabet
    Resources from the Learning Center for learning more about the Polish language and Polish naming conventions.

    Polish Naming Conflicts
    Article for understanding how Polish surnames may have changed, and the importance of knowing the Polish alphabet and using the Soundex system.

    Given Names Cross Reference (PDF File)
    English given names cross-reference to equivalent names in Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Russian or Yiddish. This file was compiled courtesy of Paul M. Kankula from index cards over 25 years old that was maintained by a friend. The data may or may not be fully accurate. (The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file. For further information or to download the reader, visit Foreign Name Cross-Reference)

    Names: A Logic for Understanding
    Article for understanding Polish given names as related to English ones our ancestors may have used.

    Resource Centers with addition materials:

    Heritage Center
    History, Culture, Articles

    Learning Center
    Polish/English language tools, Tutors for learning, Articles

    Polonia Center
    Polonia USA History, Links to World Polonia.

    Research Center
    Maps Library and Links to Polish Only, History and Genealogy Sites.

    Other resources: Opens in New Window, Close when done!
    Genealogy popularity has grown considerably in recent years thanks to internet access to records. We've listed a few major sites here for doing genealogy. Check the Genealogy Resource page in the Research Center for an extensive listing.

    • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
      The US government's NARA has a special section devoted to genealogy. Besides advising you on what records are available from them, they also provide tips for doing genealogy.
    • PolishRoots
      As the title implies, PolishRoots is devoted to genealogy related to Poland. It is the largest single resource for Polish genealogy on the internet and it a trip you will want to make to learn more about Poland and other Polish subjects on genealogy.
    • RootsWeb
      This is considered the largest pure genealogy sites on the web. RootsWeb was a pioneered of the online genealogy concept and it has grown into an extensive community of associated specific interest genealogy sites by regions and subject. RootsWeb is a part of the another large resource site for genealogy that you will soon learn to appreciate.
    • Cyndi's Genealogy List
      This is the largest links resource site on the internet for genealogy. It's mammoth size can be a little overwhelming to even experienced genealogist. However, it is well worth the patience to learn how to get around this site as it will be valuable in helping you locate specific genealogy sites on the internet.
    • Glossary of Genealogy Terms by
      - Ancestry Quest has an excellent reference section regarding terms you'll find on old documents and what they mean today.

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