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Greeting Cards

Everyone enjoys receiving a card or note. The internet is an easy way to frequently stay in touch with your family and loves. Why not do it now... it's easy and simple. You only need their email address to do so.

You can even send us a card at! We like hearing from you and what a nice way to tell us what you think about our web site.

We like variety. Therefore, we've given you two different choices to select from. You can use our "Standard Pre made Cards" or our "Design Your Own Card" feature.

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Send an Ecard to family/friends Standard Pre-made Cards

Choose from our large variety of pre made cards. You can customize the words for that personal touch.

Send an Ecard to family/friends Design a Card with optional Voice Message

Have some fun creating your own card. Make it truly personal.

  • Optional voice message can be included.
  • Use your own graphic, family picture, etc.
  • Attach a personal music file.
  • Use one of our pre made cards.
  • Use one our graphics (see examples below)

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Thoughtful Cards

Christmas Cards