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Introduction: The ATPC web site was launched in May of 2000 as a single page to served as an introduction to the newly formed Polish genealogy forum on Since this modest beginning, ATPC has developed into a significant resource community. The web site has become a resource for many individuals wanting to learn more about their family's genealogy and Polish heritage.

Our site is designed around a "community" concept. We want ATPC to be "your" community to enjoy and learn from the contributions of our other viewers. We welcome and encourage your participation by sharing contents for inclusion on our site. Your contributions are important in making ATPC a valuable resource for everyone.

"Our" site has six primary resource centers. Each contains learning materials, links, articles and related items. Several "interactive" boards are available for you to participate in "real time" posting/discussions of your surnames, links, stories or participate in discussions on specific subjects. Our "Features" page serves as an introduction of what's available on ATPC and where you will find it. It is a good starting point to familiarize you with the organization and content of ATPC.

"Thank you for visiting Ancestry - The Polish Connection (ATPC) and taking time to learn more about community."

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create and promote an internet presence for the surnames of community participants in order to increase the possibilities of developing new connections and information on their ancestors.

Content Policy: It is our policy and intent to present only materials that are "in the public domain", "presented with author's permission", or are "original content produced by ATPC". Should you determine that any specific content is otherwise, please notify us at once so that we can address a correction to the matter.

Any articles, pictures, or other materials offered to ATPC for inclusion in our web site are considered "original content" of the individual providing the information unless otherwise stated with the offering. Materials that are later determined to be under copyright of another individual will be removed until permission to use is received.

How to contribute:

We are pleased that you want to share a contribution to our community. Please contact us by email at Include "ATPC Contribution" in the subject line to alert us! Let us know what you would like to contribute. We'll respond promptly to help you make this happen.

How to Join our Community:

Anyone can be a member of our web site community simply by participating in the content of our community.

In addition, there is the "Genealogy/Polish" forum community membership that requires formal registration with This is a simple and quick process and can be accomplished by visiting using our menu tab above. Then choose the "Create a New Account" tab and complete the registration form (You can also browse as a "guest", but you will not be have posting privileges.}. You will notice Ancestry - The Polish Connection is on the top bar indicating you are joining our forum community. However, your membership will allow you to browse and post messages to all open forums on as well.

Membership to the Genealogy/Polish forum is required to have your surnames posted on the Members Community page or to establish a family Ancestral Photo Page.

"Ancestry - The Polish Connection reserves the right to up date, change, remove and manage content at it's discretion and without notice."