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Special Edition                                                                                    June, 2004                                                                                                         __________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Truth About

James Coskrey’s Name

By Cathy Wood Osborn


James Coskrey was the father of 1) James William Coskrey who married Amelia Catherine Kinsey and 2) Nancie Elizabeth Coskrey who married Madison Gaines Jacks Kinsey. Amelia and Madison were children of Elisha Kinsey, son of Thomas Kinsey and Sarah McNutt.


James Coskrey was born June 18, 1844 in Troy, Pike County, Alabama to John Coskrey and Sarah Mills. After serving the Confederacy, James married Nancy Dorenthia Vining, and they came to Texas about 1870 to join her brother, John Vining and his family at The Motts near Corpus Christi. On September 12, 1879, James bought land in Guadalupe County. From there, they came to Coryell County where they made their home and became acquainted with the Kinsey family.


            For many years, researchers have been in conflict about James’s given name. In the 1860, 1870 and 1900 census records, his name is shown as James or Jas.  In the deed record for his Guadalupe County land purchase, his name is shown as James. His Confederate service records and pension records show his name as James C. Coskrey. Based in this information, a tombstone was obtained for his grave by Lois Kinsey Blocker more than twenty years ago.


However, uncertainty about James’s name continued among descendants. And what did the “C.” stand for? Some descendants claimed that his middle name was Coke; some said it was Clarence. Others said that

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