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Swedish Genealogy Links =Best Bets

  • Locations in Sweden
    • Maps

·          Search for the location at Eniro (next to "Sök") or zoom & recenter

·         Zoom and recenter Lantmäteriet maps

    • Typing Swedish special characters:

With Num Lock on, hold the Alt key down while using the small keypad for the numbers

 To create Ä -- use Alt 142

 To create ä -- use Alt 132

 To create Å -- use Alt 143

 To create å -- use Alt 134

 To create Ö -- use Alt 153

 To create ö -- use Alt 148

o    To type other characters that might appear from other languages see the Augustana College page for typing Swedish vowels


Minnesota area regional resources:

o    Swedish Genealogy Society of Minnesota

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