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       This file is the beginnings of a project that I am working on regarding a John Arnal that I ran across while researching southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina. I was looking for connection between the Mecklenburg County, Virginia Arnolds and the North Carolina Arundells/Arnolds. From what little I have uncovered so far on this Arnold family, it looks like they may be related to the Arundell/Arendale/Arnold family who are found in Colonial Jamestown and who migrated into Bertie/Granville County, North Carolina. Further research will need to be done to prove this theory of mine one way or the other.

     As you can see, I do not have much on this man but I decided to include this on my web page anyways in case there is someone attempting to research the Arnolds from this part of North Carolina. I do not know if this family migrated in the late 1700's into South Carolina like the Arundell/Arendale/Arnold family did (they migrated to Spartanburg County) but it is very possible some did. Many of the families that this John Arnall and his Fussell in-laws knew, migrated into South Carolina with the Arundells/Arendales/Arnolds.


John ARNAL   – b. Abt. 1709 St. Peter's Par., New Kent Co., Va. Married Martha FUSSELL, sister to Aaron Fussell of Warren Co., NC. Martha Fussell is the daughter of Thomas Fussell and she was born abt. 1715 St. Peter’s Parish, New Kent Co., VA (src. Parish Register of St. Peter's, New Kent Co., VA, 1680-1787, National Society of Colonial Dames of America)

FUSSELL, Thomas, parich of Carter, June 4, 1735. Eldest daughter Elizabeth wife of Gilbert Weaver, Mary wife of John Rainwater, daughter Martha wife of John Arnal, daughters Ann and Sarah; son Aaron Exr. Test. Thos. Fussel, William Weaver, Richard Head, John Cork. (src. Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. I, Contents - April, 1900, Page 213)

4 Jun 1735, Bertie Parish, North Carolina - In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Fussell of the parish of Bertie in North Carolina being somewhat sick in body but of a sound, perfect, disposing mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for the same, and calling to mind the uncertain state of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death when it shall please God to call, do make and order in this my last will and testament in the manner following: First of all, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God hoping through the merits of my only Savior Jesus Christ to have full remission of all my sins and to inherit eternal life, and as to my body I commit to the earth from whence it came to be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor named, and as for my temporal estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give and dispose of in the manner following, viz, in the first place, I do give or bequeath to my eldest daughter Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Weaver, six hogs. Likewise to my daughter Mary the wife of John Rainwater, six hogs. Also to my daughter Martha the wife of John Arnal other six hogs more, and to my daughter Ann I do bequeath ten hogs. Likewise to my daughter Sarah, other ten hogs more. Likewise to my daughter Ann, I bequeath the gray horse called Shaver and the gray horse called Squirrel to my daughter Sarah. Also to my daughter Ann, I give the wooling wheel, two cows, two yearlings, one dish, one basin, one blanket, five hundred slay. Likewise to my daughter Sarah, I give two cows, two yearlings, one dish, the pot and cotton cards, the bed and two blankets belonging to the house. Likewise to my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Gilbert Weaver, I give the linen wheel and the four hundred slay. As for my son, Aaron Fussell, I make him my fully and wholly Executor of all the rest of my personal estate, as witness my hand this fourth day of June in the year of our Lord God 1735. Thomas (X) Fussell [Witnesses] William (X) Weaver, Richard (X) Head, John (X) Cook

MY NOTE: The Rainwater family moved to Franklin Co., Alabama and lived near the family of Benjamin Franklin Arnold.

Weaver, William, Bertie, Feb’y Court 1735. Sons Williams and John (land on Fountains Creek), Edward and Thomas (one "Clankibone Pot"). Brother Stephen Weaver. Wife and Executrix: not named. Witnesses: John Cook and John ARNOL. Clerk of the Court: John Wynns. (src. EARLY NORTH CAROLINA SETTLERS, 1700s-1900’s, ABSTRACT OF WILLS, pg. 513)

7 Sep 1745 Aaron Fuzill to John Arnal, 100 acres on Roanoke River, joining the mouth of Little river, Robert Cates and the mouth of Orter branch. Wit: S/John Weaver, S/William Arnoll (Orter branch is Arthurs branch) Thomas Cate son of Robert Cate Jr. married Elizabeth Fussell, daughter of Aaron. (src. 1745 Northampton County Deeds)

4 July 1751 - James Fussell to James Arunell for 30 pds., 300 acres in Granville Co., on Sandy Creek in Christofer Strother's line and Benj. Ward's line. Witnesses: Thos. Fussell, Ephraim Lawler. (Elizabeth, wife of James Fussell, relinquishes dower.)  (src. GRANVILLE CO., NC DEED BOOK D; pg. 324).

DB-l, page 110 1766. JOHN COOK(E) & MARY, his wife, to EPHRIM EASTES. 145 Pds. Va. money (and payment of Quit Rents) for 125 A. in Bute Co. on NS Sandy Creek, Borer Pond Branch. Wit: AARON FUSSELL, DANIEL BARROW, THOS. EASTES. Proved by THOMAS EASTES, Bute July Court 1766, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Reg: 18 November 1766, by WILLM. JOHNSON, P.R.

DB-l, page 245. l0 January 1767. WILLIAM WEAVER & WINNEY WEAVER to THOS. ROWLAND. 19 Pds. Va. money (& payment of Quit Rents) for 150 A. in Bute Co. on SS Sandy Creek, Lick Branch & Waters Spring Branch. Wit: AARON FUSSELL,SR., AARON FUSSELL,JR. Proved by AARON FUSSELL, Bute January Court 1767, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Reg: 2 April 1767, by WILL JOHNSON, P.R.

William Green Entry taker returned into Court a List of Caveats made and Entered in his office and Ordered to be recorded as P List viz Lawrence Lancaster against William Person &c, Philemon Hawkins against William Faulkner &c, Lidia Massey & James Merony against Mary Massey &c, John Arnold against Aaron Fussell, Philemon Hawkins against Solomon Dorsey &c. Thomas Piner, John Gwinn & Morris Railey ag't James Huckaby; John Richards against Drury - &c, Benjamin Cook against Edward Richardson(?); John Hawkins against James Burk & John - &c; James Merony against William Ball &c, Thomas Cook against Benjamin W-; William Morris against Mich'l Coilins &c; John Christmas against Young McLamore &c; Osborn Jeffreys against George Smith &c; Michael Dent, Osborn Jeffreys &c; Enoch Powell against John Hawkins Jun'r; William Ferrill against John Ferrill &c; Osborn Jeffreys against David Mimms &c; Gibson Martin against John Hogg &c; Stephen Beckham against Merryman Thorn &c; Philemon Hawkins against Osborn Ball &c; Samuel Taylor and Peter Brinkley against Thomas Young &c; Joseph Norris against James Cone &c; Rebecca Perry vs 126 against Thomas Arrendell &c; Burwell Perry against Daniel Potter &c; Philemon Hawkins ag't Samuel Morris &c; Osborn Jeffreys against Jesse Mabry &c; Thomas Person ag't Giles Bowers 14 August 1778.

1. John ARNAL – b. Abt. 1735 Bertie Co., NC

2. Aaron ARNAL – b. Abt. 1738 Bertie Co., NC. Is on the 1779 Orange Co., NC Census Records (src. Colonial America, 1607-1789 Census Index). During the Rev. War, Aaron was a private in Halls Company, North Carolina Line. He enlisted April 1, 1782 and served twelve months (src. SOLDIERS OF THE N.C. CONTENANTAL LINE, pg. 128). Is found filing for his pension application in Perry Co., TN

Pension application of Aaron Arnold, S21051 Transcribed by Will Graves State of Tennessee, period County On this 22nd day of October 1834 personally appeared before me Francis Dogherty an acting Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid Aaron Arnold a resident of the County of Perry and State of Tennessee aged about 86 years, who being first duly Sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act o of Congress passed June 7th 1832 – That he enlisted in the Army of the United States about the year 1782 and served in the Regiment (the number of the Regiment he cannot remember) of the North Carolina line. Under the following named officers – Declarant was marched into service from Hillsborough in the County of Orange where he enlisted, by Captain Fanner (or Fenner) who proceeded with the troops enlisted at that place to Bacons Bridge on Ashley River. After our arrival at the Bridge we were placed under the command of Captain Hall. At this place Colonel Archibald Lytle took command of us. While I was at the Bridge I was confined some part of my time to my Bed with indisposition. The time we remained there I do not remember precisely. I think however I remained there six months or perhaps longer. The troops that were stationed at this place were kept there for the purpose of being ready to march against the British as their movements should render it necessary but Cornwallis having Surrendered it checked the British so that they were not so hostile and terrible in their attacks upon the Americans. After I was enlisted at Hillsboro in the County of Orange by one Dickson we remained there three or four weeks before we marched to get Bacon's Bridge under Captain Fenner-- General Greene was our commander in chief in the Southern Army he was with us a short time at Bacons Bridge but was passing from place to place so that he was not with us long at a time. We were in no battles during my Term of service which was Seven months. I entered the Service in the month of May and retired about Christmas following 1782. The troops that was stationed at Bacons Bridge marched to Wilmington, and I was unable to march with them being still sick and Colonel Lytle gave me directions to return to Hillsboro as I was unable to march with the Army to Wilmington. I did so & set out for Hillsboro and could only travel 5 & 6 miles per day. I never received any written discharge because I could not proceed with the Army to the place where they were disbanded. The Eighteen months men were ordered out about this time – I have no record of my age, my Father had one but it got lost. I hereby relinquish every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declare that my name is not on the pension roll or agency of any State. S/ Aaron Arnold, X his mark State of North Carolina, Secretary of States Office.

State of North Carolina, Secretary of States Office I William Hill Secretary of State in and for the State aforesaid do certify that it appears from the muster rolls of the Continental line of this State in the revolutionary war, that Aaron Arnold a private in Captain Hall's company of the 10th Regiment entered the service on the first day of April 1782, for the term of 12 months. That nothing more is said of him on said rolls. Given under my hand this sixth day of March 1835. S/ Wm Hill. (src. Pension Application in Perry Co, TN - 22nd day of October 1834, S21051)   

3. Thomas ARNAL – b. Abt. 1740 Northampton Co., NC

4. Mary ARNAL – b. Abt. 1742 Northampton Co., NC

5. Susannah ARNAL – b. Abt. 1744 North Hampton Co., NC



ABSTRACTS OF WARREN CO., NC DEED BOOK 2 - PART 3 OF 3    From original by Mary Hinton Kerr

DB-2, page 324. 26 November 1768. SAMUEL WORTON & TAMER, his wife, to THOMAS GAY, all of Bute Co. 100 A. in Beute(sic) Co. adj. BENIAMAN ARNOLD & JOHN DENBY & up the swamp, in exchange for 200 A. from THOMAS GAY, land he bought from ROBERT WASHINGTON. Wit: JOHN COOLLEY, BEN ARNAL. Ack: by SAMUEL WORTON, Bute November Court 1769, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Reg: 6 February 1770, by WILLIAM JOHNSON, P.R. Marginal notation: 18 May 1770 Deld. to JAMES ALFORD.

May 16, 1771, Bute Co., NC, Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions: "Ordered that Christopher ROBERTSON, William BAGLEY, Izram COGWELL, Turner HARRIS, John POWNELL, Robert CHEEK, Nathaniel PEEBLES, Aaron FUZZEL, Thomas ESTRIDGE, Henry COOKE, Nathaniel HENDERSON, Urbaine NICHOLSON, James ARNOLD, Mathew DUTY and Roger THORNTON view the way for a road to be cleared beginning where Tabb CLANTONS path turns out of the Shocco Road the most convenient way by Nathaniel PEEBLES' plantation, thence a direct course up to the path that goes from Turner HARRIS to Ephraim ESTRIDGES, and that Nathaniel PEEBLES be overseer of the same and that he open the same with the hands belonging to Turner HARRIS, Izram COGWELL, John POWNELL, Robert CHEEK, Christopher ROBERTSON, Thomas NORMAN and the hands of Bute said Nathaniel PEEBLES."

284. 25 Feb. l800; Feb. Ct. 1800. Div. of property of CATHERINE WORD, dec'd. according to will of her father BENJAMIN WORD, dec'd. Four negroes div. among: SETH WORD, HENRY MACON & REBECCA WORD(a minor). /s/ J.WORD BEST, JOHN WORTHAM, AARON FUSSELL, ATKIN McLEMORE, HUGH JOHNSON & SOLOMON ARNOLD. (src. ABSTRACTS OF WARREN CO., N. C. WILL BOOK 10 From Original by Mary Hinton Kerr)


In the below list for Warren Co., NC, the underlined names are families that have been (or will be) associated with the Mecklenburg/Lunenburg Co., VA Arnolds, the Bedford Co., TN Arnolds and the Abbeville/Laruens Co., SC Arnolds.Warren County North Carolina Will Book 16

Warren County North Carolina Will Book 16  p. 158-161  

persons names - land - w. poll - b. poll - store - tavern  

Solomon Arnold - 425 - - 5

For daughter Elizabeth – 206

Benjamin Griffin - - 1

William Williams - 4314 - - 10

George Allen - 100 - 1 –

for Betty Betty - - - 3

Zachariah Beckham - - 1 – 2

Shoeby Seagraves - - - 1

John Alston - 327 - 1 - 9-  9

John Brodie - 266 2/3 - 1 – 10

John Mills - - - 1

Willie Johnson - - 1

Isaac Hunter - 670 - - 1

Jacob Hunter - 110 - 1 - 21 - - 1&4

for Blount - 72 ½ - - 6

John H. Hawkins - 850 - 1 – 7

Benjamin Sims - - 1

Bute Fuller - - 1

For F. Pugh - 681 - - 7

Richard Duke - - 1

James Patterson - - 1

William Brown - 126 - 1 – 2

for Joseph Green - 300 – 1

James Strandback - - 1

Joseph Fogg - - 1

John Arnold - - 1 

Lott Hazard - 363 - 1 – 3

Joseph Hawkins - 2819 Ύ - 1 – 22

M. T. Hawkins - 896 - 1 – 8

for S. Alston - 100 - - 5

Henry Allen - - 1

Richard Ward - 171 ½ - 1 - 4

Dudley House - 149 - 1 – 1

John C. Green - 1570 - 1 – 16

for Mary Macon - 1368 ½ - - 14

John Wortham - 478 - - 7  

Nichols Alston - 1500 - 1 – 13

for mother - 450 - - 9

Samuel Williams - 2301 - 1 – 27 

Richard Duke - - 1

James Patterson - - 1 

for Mrs. J. Johnson - 1262 - - 13

Caswell Drake - - 1 – 3

Hill Jones - 750 - 1 – 10 

Seth Ward - 400 - 2 – 7

Richard Cock - 550 - 1 – 11

Green Duke - - 1 – 5

Henry Betty - 48 - 1 – 2

John Green - 1030 - - 18

Elizabeth Davis - 161 ½ - - 1

Thomas Green – 220

Thomas Mayfield - 552 - - 10

Henry G. Williams - 2920 – 34

Burwell Davis - 435 - - 7

Martha Cox - 359 - - 4

Gustin Kearney – 209

H. G. Williams for orphans of Alston - 2634 - - 32

for William Williams - 700 - - 4

John Jones Jr. - - 1

Harrison Fussell - - 1 – 4

for Aaron Fussell – 314

Henry Yancey for orphans of William Christmas – 560

Benjamin Ward - 670 - - 11

John Maclin - 1137 Ύ - 2 - 12 - 1 - 1&4

for Elizabeth Alston – 487

for Benjamin Maclin - 562 ½ - - 4

Phillip G. Alston - 4015 - - 42

John L. Ward - 1150 - 1 – 15

Wm. G. Jones for mother - 775 - - 8

R. H. Jones for R. Walker - 200 - - 6

Anthony Dowden - - 1

Reuben Flemming - - 1

John Hazard - 1400 - 1 – 10

Edmund Kimbell - 471 - 1 – 6

for John Jones - 100 -

James Allen - 353 ½ - 2 – 7

James Taylor - - 1

Robert Freeman - 999 - 1 – 15

Whitmil Alston for William Alston - 1165 Ό - - 25

Phillip Alston - 2070 - 1 – 22

Pleasant H. Walker - - 1

John Byers - - 1 

John Kittrill - - 1

Seymour Ransom - 1502 - 1 – 13

William Kearney - 1480 ½ - 1 – 28

Robert Jones - 1140 - 1 – 13

Edward J. Jones - - 1 – 15

The above list of taxable property in Shocco District taken by me for the year 1811. John L. Ward, JP

Warren County August County 1811. This list was returned by J. L. Ward. Test: William Green CCC



1. James Arnold bought Sandy Creek Land from James Fussell in 1751 (AFAS)

Aaron is the son of Thomas Fussell, b 13 Jan 1676, m ca1696 to Sarah ----. He died in 1735, Cartee Parrish, NC. His children listed in his will are:

Elizabeth (m. Gilbert Weaver)

Mary (m. John Rainwater)

Martha (m.John Arnal /Arnold)



Aaron m Elizabeth

Aaron Fussell's will was signed 24 August 1776 in Bute Co, NC and probated in Warren Co, NC July Court, 1783

Children listed were:

Thomas Fussell

Elizabeth Cate

Ann Wooten

Jean Strother

Aaron Fussell

Lucy Floyd

Moses Fussell

William Fussell

Aaron, Jr. died in Warren Co, NC in 1812 and William died in Rankin Co, MS 21 Sep 1836. He was a Revolutionary War soldier.


Aaron Arnold

Colonial America, 1607-1789 Census Index

State: NC

County: Orange Co.

Census/Enumeration year: 1779


Granville County Sch, A List of Taxables for the Year 1755

Richard Upchurch, 1-0-1           (married into the Moseley family)

Arthur Fuller, 1-0-1

Aaron Fussell, Son Thos. & a Negroe, 2-1-3           (brother-in-law to John Arnal)

James Moseley & Son John, 2-0-2           (married into Rev. Zach Arnold’s family)

Wm Berry & a Negroe, 1-1-2           (a Nancy Berry married Wm. Arnold)

Mary Duke, Negroes Will & Nan, 0-2-2      (Related to Robert Arnold, son of Francis and Candace Kent Arnold)

Wm Duke, Negroes Bat & Jeny, 1-2-               ( " " " )                      

William Duke & Negroe Cate, 1-1-2              ( " " " )                                   

Joseph Duke, 1-0-1                  ( " " " )                                                           

Samuel Duke, 1-0-1                  ( " " " )                                                           

Robert Duke & two Negroes, 1-2-3         ( " " " )                                                

Wm House, 1-0-1            (married into Robert Arnold, Bedford Co., TN, family)

Henry & Wm Ivey & Wm Upchurch, 3-0-3           ( Upchurch married into Moseley family)

Benja. Arundale, 1-0-1

Phillemon Hawkins, George, Negroes Adam, Jack, Jemmy, Bob~ Bess & Lester, 2-6-8                        (Phillemon was named in Solomon Arnold’s LWT) (living in Abbeville Co., SC 1820)

John Yarbrough, 1-0-1           (is found in Laurens Co., SC by 1798) 

Joseph Hackney, Negroes Hampshire, Joy, Mingo, Coltrain, Cain, Gallant, Nan & Siller, 1-8-9           (Rachel Hackney married John Arnold, grandson of Robert Arnold, Bedford Co., TN)

James Knot & Son John, 2-0-2          

Francis Davenport, 1-0-1                  (the Davenport family moved to Abbeville Co., SC by the late 1890's)    

George Haselwood(?), 1-0-1           (Hazelwood married into the Mecklenburg Co, VA Arnold family)

Joseph Bridges, 1-0-1

Henry Weaver, 1-0-1  


p. 125 William Arnold sold land in Granville County to William Potter of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, September 10, 1765


Pg 41 - Johnston Co. N.C. Abstracts; Deed Boodks 1759-1771 By Weynette Parks Hun

TR:1:17; 17 Jan. 1763. Wm Avera, JoCo to John Vinson, Brunswick Co. an Parrish of Meburn?. 100 Va. Money, 1/2 track SD William now lives on he purchath of Thos. Avera on the SS of Nuse River near Greens Path in JOCO being part of a track pattant in Frances Betts name Bearing date 22 May 1741 beg at the lower line then up the run 220P to the head line then S60 W60P to a White Oak S30 E220P to a stake from then to the beg laid out for 150 A...Orchards, Houses an C........ Wit: WILLIAM LOWHON, DURY VINSON, WM. ARRENDELL


Chowan County, North Carolina Cross Index to Deeds - Grantees 1696-1878 Vol B

Transaction: Deed of gift

1st Grantee Last Name: Arnell

1st Grantee First Name: Richd

Grantor First Name: Edwd

Grantor Last Name: Arnell

Year: 1775

Book: R1

Page #: 63

Comments: first name was abbreviated in the original text - Edwd is probably Edward and Richd is probably Richard 

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Robert W. Meadows October 16, 2003, 9:20 pm

Written: April 4 1805

Recorded: April 10 1805


Franklin County, Georgia, Deed Book P

This Indenture made the fourth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & five Between Stephen Hues and Yannaca his wife of the County of Franklin and State aforesaid of the One part and Aaron Arnold of the County and State aforesaid of the Other part, Witnesseth, that the said Stephen Hues and Yannaca his wife for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred Dollars lawfull money of said State to him in hand paid by the said Aaron Arnold at or before the sealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged granted bargained, sold, released & confirmed, and by these presents, doth grant, bargain, sell, release and confirm unto the said Aaron Arnold his heirs and assigns, All that tract or parcel of Land, Containing sixty acres more or less, Situate lying and being on the South side of the middle fork of Broad River in the County and State aforesaid it being part of a certain tract of Land granted to William Cawthon, butting & bounding by William Aarons John Forrester, Polley Payne and John Paynes land; Together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereof whatsoever to the said tract of Land, being belonging or in any wise appertaining; and the remainders, reversions rents issues and profits thereof and of every part thereof. To have and to hold the said tract of Land and all and singular the premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging as aforesaid and every part thereof unto the said Aaron Arnold his heirs and assigns forever to the only proper use benefit and behoof of the said Aaron Arnold his heirs and assigns forever, and the said Stephen Hews & Yannaca his wife for themselves and their heirs the tract of Land and premises aforesaid and every part thereof unto the said Aaron Arnold his heirs and assigns, against them the said Stephen Hews & Yannaca his wife, for themselves and their heirs and all and every other Person or Persons whatsoever shall & will warrant and forever defend the said land and premises by virtue of these presents In Witness whereof the said Stephen Hues & Yannaca his wife hath hereunto set their hands & seals the day & year first above written---his Stephen S Hews (seal)  mark - her Yannaca S Hews (seal) mark

Signed sealed & Delivered In presence Of ---  Test John Forrester, Jacob Loughridge Sam'l Payne J. P   Recorded 10th April 1805

[Note: When Stephen "Hews" bought this tract from Amon Ayers in 1802 (Deed Book OO, folio 80), his surname was spelled as Hues and Huse. Probably, his surname would today be spelled as Hughes.]


THOMAS FUSSELL married an unknown person. He was born at Surry, Virginia. He died after 4 Jun 1735 at Bertie, North Carolina. Children of Thomas Fussell.....

A. AARON FUSSELL SR married ELIZABETH (--?--) at Bertie, North Carolina. He was born at Virginia. He died after 12 Aug 1776 at Warren, North Carolina.

1. THOMAS FUSSELL married SARAH (--?--) at of, Granville, North Carolina. He was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

2. JAMES FUSSELL married ELIZABETH (--?--) at of, Granville, North Carolina. He was born at of, Northampton, North Carolina.

3. ELIZABETH FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

4. ANN FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

5. JANE FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

6. AARON FUSSELL JR was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

7. LUCY FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

8. MOSES FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

9. WILLIAM FUSSELL was born at Northampton, North Carolina.

B. ELIZABETH FUSSELL married GILBERT WEAVER, son of JOHN WEAVER JR and MARGARET (--?--), at Surry, Virginia. She was born at Surry, Virginia.

1. AARON WEAVER was born between 8 Feb 1739 and 1740 at Surry, Virginia.

C. MARY FUSSELL married JOHN RAINWATER. She was born at Virginia.

D. MARTHA FUSSELL married JOHN ARNALL SR. She was born at Virginia.

1. JOHN ARNALL JR was born at Bertie, North Carolina

2. AARON ARNALL was born at Bertie, North Carolina. 

3. THOMAS ARNALL was born at Northampton, North Carolina. 

4. MARY ARNALL was born at Northampton, North Carolina. 

5. SUSANNAH ARNALL was born at Northampton, North Carolina

E. ANN FUSSELL was born at Virginia.

F. SARAH FUSSELL was born at Virginia.


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