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2. Polly ARNOLD – (daughter of Hart Pettus Arnold and Nancy Moore) - Married William COBB and lived in the Deadfall area of Greenwood Co., SC, close to their family. (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

1. Henry COBB – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

2. Andrew COBB – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

3. Emma COBB – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

4. Vicki COBB – Married Andrew BUCHANNAN and had four children (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

5. Tom COBB – Married Mattie SIMMONS (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

3. William P. ARNOLD – Married Jane LOGAN, daughter of Francis Logan and Mary Buchanan. (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

1. John ARNOLD – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129). Never married.

2. Samuel ARNOLD – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129). Never married.

3. Rebecca ARNOLD – Married Tom S. SIMPSON and had five children. (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

1. Unknown SIMPSON -

2. Unknown SIMPSON -

3. William Creighton Simpson - Married Maggie JARVIS.

4. Thomas Samuel (Bo) SIMPSON  -

4. Lee ARNOLD – Married his cousin, Mattie Lou RAMPEY, daughter of David and Mary Rothrock Rampey. (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

1. Lorena ARNOLD – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

2. Harold ARNOLD – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

3. Mary ARNOLD – (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

4. Annie Bell ARNOLD - (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

5. Belinda ARNOLD - Married John Blain SAMPLE (src. ARNOLD ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, Vol. 2, No. 2, pg. 129)

2. Mildred (Milly) ARNOLD – b. 1786 Cokesbury, Greenwood County, South Carolina; d. February 20, 1872 Canton, Georgia. Married Unknown WATSON (possibly Lewis Watson). While living in Abbeville/Greenwood County, they lived not far from her parents and her Uncle James Arnold and Aunt Nancy Lumsden Arnold.

3. John Pettus ARNOLD – b. 1790-1810 SC; d. before 1841 Abbeville Co., SC (src. ABSRACTS OF OLD NINETY-SIX AND ABBEVILLE DISTRICT WILLS AND BONDS, pg. 16). Is said to have married Nancy EDDINS but I have found no proof of this marriage yet. Is found on the 1830 Abbeville County Census, page 51 listed as "John P. Arnold". Had one male under 5 yrs. old; one male 15-20 and one female who was between 20-30, most likely his wife. Owned three slaves..

4. William Pettus ARNOLD – b. October 18, 1775; d. November 29, 1832 in Madison Co., Georgia (src. Madison County, Georgia Wills 1812-1896. Will Book A – 1812-1841, p 54-57). Married Elizabeth EDDINS. Is found living in Madison County, GA in 1820 (src. 1820 Madison Co., GA Census, pg. 49). Is an executor to Capt. James Pettus’ LWT in 1811, Abbeville Co., SC (src. ABSTRACS OF OLD NINETY-SIX, pg. 251)

PETTUS, CAPT. JAMES – BOX 74, PACK 1811 - Will dated May 11, 1817. Prov. July 1, 1820. Exrs: John, Geo. Shotwell, Wm. P. Arnold. Wit: Harrison Monday, John P., Jas. Arnold, James. Eddins. Wife, Anna Pettus. Chn: Elenor Lipford, Polly Hart, Lucy Overton, Jas., Wm., Louisa Ann, Susannah Graves, Virginia, Clotilda Pettus. Sett. Made Feb. 7, 1843. Jas. A. Jay married Clotilda. Ed Lipford married Ellenor. H. Owen married Louisa and lived in Miss. John Stone married Susan. Wm. Jones married Lucy. Mary wid.of Peter Lomax decd. John Foster married Virginia.

1. Lucinda ARNOLD – b. 1800 SC. Married Abijah COX on September 22, 1818 in Madison Co., GA (src. "GEORGIA MARRIAGES TO 1850 by Jordan Dodd 1997)

1. William James COX –

2. Park Eddins ARNOLD – b. 1802. Owned property on "Clouds Creek" in Oglethorpe County, GA during the late 1820’s. Lived there until about 1860 then he moved to Coweta Co., GA. (src. 1860 COWETA FEDERAL POPULATION CENSUS pg. 779 and 1860 COWETA CO. SLAVE SCHEDULE pg. 181 and 182) 

3. James ARNOLD – b. October 18, 1804 Coweta, Georgia; d. March 14, 1883 Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia. Married Matilda WARE June 24, 1828 Madison County, GA (scr: GEORGIA PIONEERS VOL. 8, pg. 114)

1. Samuel James ARNOLD – b. 1841; d. 1908. Married Monterey HOUSTON on May 5, 1867 in Newnan, Coweta Co., Georgia.

4. Willis ARNOLD - b. 1807 Georgia.

5. Samuel O. ARNOLD – b. 1811. Married Elender M. JOHNSON in Oglethorpe Co. GA on March 11, 1833 (src. Georgia Marriages to 1850 by Jordan Dodd 1997). Sued for the estate of his father in Abbeville Co., SC in 1833 while living in Madison County, Georgia in 1833.

6. George N. ARNOLD – b. 1814.

7. Hugh P. ARNOLD – b. 1815. Married 1) Elizabeth JOHNSON in Oglethorpe Co., GA on September 7, 1840 (src. Georgia Marriages to 1850 by Jordan Dodd 1997) and 2) Mrs. Nancy H. UNKNOWN in Coweta, GA on July 8, 1851 (src. Georgia Marriages to 1850 by Jordan Dodd 1997)

8. Charles Wesley ARNOLD – b. 1818. Married Mary Evilina BANKS on 27 Aug 1843 in Elbert County, Georgia (src. GEORGIA MARRIAGES TO 1850 by Jordan Dodd 1997). Was in Lowndes Co., GA by Nicholson, James H., Florida. Hambledon County. Indenture between James H. Nicholson and Charles W. Arnold. January 7, 1855. Conveys 490 acres, Lot 25, in Thomas County from James H. Nicholson, of Florida, to Charles W. Arnold, of Lowndes County, Georgia, for $100. Signed by James H. Nicholson, Cader Femel (?), Levi Arnold (his mark), Jared Everitt. Recorded in Book F, p. 641. 13th district of formerly Irwin, now Thomas Co. Matthew M. Caswell, JP. Lowndes County Jared Everitt, Clk., Sup. Ct., Thomas Co. (src. SMALL MANUSCRIPT COLLECTION A-L, at GSU, Russell Library)

9. Francis Emily ARNOLD – b. June 30, 1821 Madison Co., Georgia; d. January 23, 1850 Coweta Co., Georgia. Married Artemus Watson OLGIVIE July 12, 1826 Georgia.

1. William Burwell OLGIVIE – November 25, 1847 Coweta Co., Georgia; d. February 1, 1899 Shreveport, Caddo Co., Louisiana. (src. GENEALOGY OF FRANCIS C. GILL)

2. Martin Davenport – b. abt. 1739 Hanover Co., VA; d. 1815 Burke Co., NC. Married 1) Hannah BAKER abt. 1767 Culpepper Co., VA and had six children. Married 2) Jane BROWNING abt. 1779 Wilkes Co., NC and had six more children (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT FAMILY ASSOCIATION). Martin Davenport was last found in 1803 when he sold his Spotsylvania land to his son-in-law Robert Hackney.

Septr. 15, 1796. John x Hackney, deed of trust to Jedediah Johnston, Thomas Hackney, Thomas Hackett and Jno. Sutton, to secure payment of all just claims, etc., after securing creditors, if negroes should remain unsold, then "to my son Thos. Hackney, 3 negroes; to my son, Richard Hackney, 2 negroes; to my son Robert Hackney, 2 negroes; to my daughter Frances Johnston, 2 negroes." The sd. negroes subject to being hired out "for support of myself and my wife Jane Hackney, during our natural lives," etc., etc. Witnesses, Martin Davenport, Stephen Hackney, Wm. Arnold. April 5, 1797 (src. Virginia County Records - Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, Volume I" edited by William Armstrong Crozier)1. Dorothy DAVENPORT -Married to Robert Boyd HACKNEY, son of John Hackney and Jane Boyd, before 1830 in Wilkes Co., Georgia. Robert Hackney was rejected for his pension in the Rev. War while living in Wilkes Co., GA (src: Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions. Washington, D.C.: n.p., 1852). Robert Hackney was born in Spotsylvania Co., VA. Is found on the 1830 Wilkes Co., GA Census, pg. 301

3. James DAVENPORT – b. 1742 Louisa County, Virginia; d. July 1833 Fayette Co., Kentucky. Married Mary RUTHERFORD January 23, 1781 Goochland Co., Virginia (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT FAMILY ASSOCIATION and VIRGINIA MARRIAGES TO 1800 by Jordan Dodd).

1. James DAVENPORT –

2. William R. DAVENPORT –

3. Elizabeth DAVENPORT – b. 1783 Spotsylvania Co., VA. Married John B. WALLER. Lived in the Deadfall area of Greenwood County.

4. Mary DAVENPORT – Married Unknown MALLORY

5. David DAVENPORT –

6. Absalom DAVENPORT –

7. Archibald DAVENPORT –

8. Ferrill DAVENPORT –

4. Augustine DAVENPORT Sr. – b. abt. 1745 St. Martins Parish, Louisa Co., Virginia. Died before November 1799 Rowan County, North Carolina. Married Mary HARRIS about 1767 Goochland Co., VA (src. FamilySearch Pedigree Resource File, Compact Disc #5, Pin #448014). Migrated to Rowan Co., NC with Mary Harris’ brother, Jesse Harris. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

1. Joel DAVENPORT – d. 1807 Randolph Co., NC (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

1. Jesse DAVENPORT – b. November 15, 1775 Rowen Co., NC; d. June 28, 1826 Wayne Co., Indiana. Married on June 3, 1800 Rebecca FOUTS in Randolph Co., NC. Couple moved to Indiana by 1830. Jesse and Rebecca Fouts DAVENPORT are both buried in the buried Orange Cemetery, Wayne County, IN (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

2. Augustine DAVENPORT, Jr. – Moved to Indiana by 1830 (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

3. William DAVENPORT – Moved to Indiana by 1830 (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

4. Absalom DAVENPORT – Moved to Indiana by 1830 (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

5. Travis DAVENPORT – Moved to Indiana by 1830 (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

6. Sarah DAVENPORT – Married William FOUTS, her sister-in-laws brother. Moved away from North Carolina with her siblings, Jesse and Elizabeth DAVENPORT. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

7. Elizabeth DAVENPORT – Traveled with her siblings, Sarah and Jesse DAVENPORT to North Carolina. Married Amos HIGGINS in Indiana (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

5. Sarah DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1748 Louisa Co., VA; d. 1823 Spotsylvania Co., SC. Married Thomas EADES abt. 1774 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

6. John DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1750 Louisa Co., VA; d. 1807 Laurens Co., South Carolina. Married Mildred UNKNOWN abt. 1775. John was settled in Randolph County, North Carolina, a short distance NE of his brother Augustine (Rowan County, NC), 1779-1797, when he was joined by his brother Thomas (from Spotsylvania County) and moved to Lauren District, SC. (src. THE PAMUNKEY FAMILY CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott Davenport)

1. Ransom DAVENPORT - He was married to Nancy BRADSHAW on 8 Jan 1798 in Oglethorpe Co., Georgia (src. THE PAMUNKEY FAMILY CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott Davenport)

2. Thomas DAVENPORT –

3. William DAVENPORT –

4. Richard DAVENPORT –

5. David DAVENPORT –

7. David DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1753 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. abt. 1830 Hanover Co., Virginia. Married Susan VALENTINE, daughter of Joseph and Polly Valentine (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT). Susan Valentine DAVENPORT is buried in the "Cherrywood Cemetery" in Hanover Co., VA. She died in Hanover Co., VA March 18, 1835 (src. Family Graveyards in Hanover County, Virginia 1995 compiled and published by Helen Kay Yates, Mechanicsville, Virginia 1995, pg. 13).

1. William Patrick Henry DAVENPORT -

8. Nancy DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1755 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. Married James ARNOLD. SEE JAMES ARNOLD IN THIS OUTLINE (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

9. William DAVENPORT – b. August 20, 1757 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. May 1828 Fayette Co. Kentucky. Married Mary BULLOCK April 25, 1787 in Louisa Co., Virginia. The children listed in this family are the ones stated in HISTORY OF WOODFORD COUNTY, KENTUCKY. The children listed in William DAVENPORT' s will are in a different order and less children are listed. When the widow, Mary Bullock DAVENPORT made her will in 1848 (she died after 1850), she named only one son, Richard, and various grandchildren. The widow, Mary Bullock DAVENPORT, and her family moved to adjoining Woodford County after William's death. James DAVENPORT moved to Clay County, Missouri, then to Jackson County, Missouri, and finally to Texas. Colonel Rice B. DAVENPORT settled in Platte County, Missouri.

1. Richard DAVENPORT –

10. Thomas DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1759 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. 1815 Laurens County, South Carolina. Married (1) Sarah (Sallie) PARTLOW (daughter of John PARTLOW) about 1787 in Spotsylvania Co., Virginia and then (2) Letitia WHARTON (daughter of Samuel WHARTON Col.) about 1799 in Laurens Co., SC. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT). Lived around present day Waterloo, Laurens County.

MY NOTE (taken from the GREENWOOD COUNTY SKETCHES, pg. 338): Sarah (Sallie) Partlow Arnold’s brother, John Partlow Jr. married Thomas DAVENPORTs’ cousin, Dr. Archibald (Baldy) Arnold).

Children of Thomas DAVENPORT and Sarah Partlow:

1. Lucy Selena DAVENPORT – Married Edward Champion HARRIS (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

2. Birket DAVENPORT – Married Sophia PARK in South Carolina. Birket died in Laurens Co., SC. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

3. Samuel W. DAVENPORT – born in 1798 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. He died in 1856 in Lauderdale Co., Tennessee (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

Children of Thomas DAVENPORT and Letitia Wharton:

4. Pleasant G. DAVENPORT – born in 1808 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. He died in Jackson Co., Arkansas (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

5. George W. DAVENPORT – born about 1800 in Laurens Co., SC; d. 1864 in Jefferson Co., Alabama. He was buried in George’s Creek Cemetery, Crawford Co., Arkansas. Married Mary Elizabeth WEEMS (daughter of William WEEMS and Martha) on 12 Nov 1821 in Jefferson Co., Alabama (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

1. William Thomas DAVENPORT – 13 Oct 1822 in Shelby Co., Alabama. He died on 3 Dec 1898 in Maumee, Marion Co., Arkansas. He was buried in Stone Cem., Searcy, Arkansas. He was married to Mary Catherine CAUTHORN on 9 Jan 1849. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

1. George Philip DAVENPORT – b. 29 Sep 1849 in Houston, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi. He died on 16 May 1922 in Mull, Marion Co., Arkansas. (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

6. Clarissa H. DAVENPORT – born in 1805 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. She died in 1859 in Lauderdale Co., Tennessee. Married Abel H. POPE (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott DAVENPORT)

7. Martha J. DAVENPORT – born in 1814 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. She died after 1880 in Wayne Co., Tennessee. Married to Jacob LINVILLE about 1836 in South Carolina. Jacob LINVILLE was born in 1806 in South Carolina. He died about 1860 in Wayne Co., Tennessee (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott Davenport)

8. Mary DAVENPORT – d. Lauderdale Co., Tennessee. Married Unknown ROY (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, by Dr. John Scott Davenport)

11. Delphia DAVENPORT – b. abt. 1763 Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. aft. 1820 Louisa County, Virginia. Married (1) Garrett KENNEDY in Louisa Co., VA September 11, 1785 (son of Charles Kennedy and Croatia Davenport). This union had no children. After Garrett Kennedy’s death, Delphia married (2) Dickerson WASH March 14 1809 Louisa County, VA. Again, this union had no children (src. THE PAMUNKEY DAVENPORT CHRONICLES, ,by Dr. John Scott Davenport).

3. Benjamin ARNOLD – (son of Benjamin Arnold and Anne Woodroof) - b. about 1723 King William Co., Virginia; d. March 1796 in Greenville Co., South Carolina. Married Anne HENDRICK, b. Abt. 1725, daughter of Hans (Hance) Hendrick of King William Co., VA, in Virginia.

1. William ARNOLD – b. 1756 Buckingham Co., Virginia; d. 1777 Bedford Co., Virginia. Married Sarah ANDERSON December 25, 1769 in Virginia. Left orphan children with father, Benjamin Arnold who brought down from Virginia to South Carolina and raised. (src. ARNOLD FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, by Hazel Arnold McIvor)

1. Anderson ARNOLD – Married Mary PARISH; Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA. After his parents died, he moved to North Carolina with the Arnold family. Anderson Arnold died before January 3, 1814 Laurens Co., South Carolina. (src. ARNOLD FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH, by Hazel Arnold McIvor)

2. John ARNOLD – Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA

3. William ARNOLD Jr. – b. abt. 1775 Virginia; Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA.

4. Nancy ARNOLD – Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA

5. Mary ARNOLD – Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA

6. Benjamin ARNOLD – b. January 28, 1762 Buckingham Co., VA. Wardened out in 1778 Bedford Co., VA and sent to Laurens Co., SC. Filed for Rev. War pension in Warren Co., Tennessee in 1833. Married Mary Ann HIGGINBOTHAM in Amherst Co., Virginia by 1787 (src. Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume III, Higginbotham Family of Virginia, pg. 36). Was a private in the South Carolina militia for 9 months from 1780. He returned to his grandfather’s with whom he resided in Laurens Co., S.C., his father having died. His grandfather then moved to Henry Co., Va. and he accompanied him. About six weeks after he went to Henry County, he substituted in the Spring of 1781 for three months for a man named Cox who had been drafted. Then he went to Amherst County where his uncle Hendrick Arnold resided. His uncle had just been drafted, and he substituted for him, serving six weeks. After the war he lived in Amherst Co. two years, in Henry Co. about fifteen years, in Rowan Co., N.C. about five years, in Greenville Dist., S.C. twelve years, and then moved to Warren Co., Tenn. He was placed on the West Tennessee pension roll at $31.66 per annum. Cert. 25123 was issued 25 Nov. 1833. (src. TWENTY-F0UR HUNDRED TENNESSEE PENSIONERS - Zella Armstrong. 1937. Lookout Publishing Co.; Chattanooga, Tenn. p.11)

2. Edward ARNOLD –b. Abt. 1755 Virginia; d. 1819 Wayne Co., Mississippi (Buckatony District). Married Catherine WELLS about 1773 in South Carolina. Edward left South Carolina about 1798 and moved to Lincoln Co., Kentucky with his brothers and sisters to help fight a legal case for their deceased brother, John. Edward left Kentucky and returned to Greenville Co., SC only to leave again for the west about 1810.

1. Catherine ARNOLD –

2. Edward ARNOLD –

3. Jesse ARNOLD –

4. Phoebe ARNOLD –

5. Samuel ARNOLD –

6. Daniel ARNOLD – b. abt. 1775. Died near Brazos River, Navasota, Texas. Married Rachel UNKNOWN.

1. Hendrick ARNOLD – b. abt. 1805 Kentucky. Died of Cholera in Texas

2. Catherine ARNOLD – Moved to Texas

3. Holly ARNOLD – Moved to Texas

4. Messena ARNOLD – Moved to Texas

5. Cassandra ARNOLD – b. abt. 1807 Kentucky. Married Walter SUTHERLAND. Moved to Texas

6. Benjamin Franklin ARNOLD – b. abt. 1810; d. about 1848 in Texas. Married Matlilda FULTON on November 16, 1838 Montgomery Co., Republic of Texas, USA.

1. Daniel ARNOLD – b. August 24, 1839 Montgtomery Co., Republic of Texas, USA; d. June 1, 1915 Pearsall, Frio Co., Texas, USA

7. William ARNOLD – b. 1775; d. November 6, 1840 Gwinnett Co., Georgia. Married Mary Ann BROWN October 18, 1802 in Spartanburg Co., South Carolina. Buried at the Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery, Norcross, Georgia. Was in the War of 1812 in the SC Infantry, under Capt. Manly Ford and honorably discharged at Bluefort, SC, March 1814 (src. THE ARNOLD FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF THE SOUTH)

1. Anderson ARNOLD - b. January 20 ,1805 Laurens Co., SC. Was in the Creek Indian Wars (src. National Archives, Washington, DC; #WC133)

2. John ARNOLD –

3. Reuben ARNOLD –

4. Samuel O. ARNOLD –

5. Harrison ARNOLD – b. May 4, 1807 Laurens Co., SC (src. Arnold Family Association and LDS Ancestorial File: AFN: 4TJC-9K). Died May 26, 1897 Arnold Springs, Near Duluth, Gwinnett Co., Georgia. Married Rebecca FERGUSON 1827 Gwinnett Co., Georgia. Buried at the Mt. Carmel Methodist Church, Norcross, Gwinnett, Georgia (src. LDS Ancestorial File: AFN: 4TJC-9K)

1. William Millard ARNOLD – b. May 4, 1828

2. John Wiley ARNOLD – b. abt. 1830

6. Henderson ARNOLD – Was in the Creek Indian Wars (src. National ARchives, Washington, DC; #BLWt58027-120-55)

8. Benjamin ARNOLD – b. 1810 South Carolina. Married *herila UNKNOWN and lived in Pontatoc Co., Mississippi on 1850 census. Died in Clarke Co., Mississippi.

1. James ARNOLD – b. abt. 1834

2. Elvira ARNOLD – b. abt. 1837

3. Richard ARNOLD – b. abt. 1839

4. William ARNOLD – b. abt. 1841

5. Jane ARNOLD – b. abt. 1843

6. Clementine ARNOLD – b. abt. 1846

7. Ann ARNOLD – b. abt. 1849

3. John ARNOLD – b. 1765 Virginia; d. July 1806 Muscle Shoals, Mississippi Territory (body was taken to Logan Co., Kentucky). No will on record. Married (1) Rachel UNKNOWN in South Carolina and then (2) Anna Jean WOODSON in Kentucky. Unfortunately, John Arnold did not divorce wife #1 before marrying wife #2 so wife #1 took wife #2 to court in Kentucky to fight for her husband’s estate. The courts ruled in Rachel Arnold’s favor and she inherited her husband’s estate.

Family #1 John Arnold: Rachel Unknown:

1. John H. ARNOLD – b. abt. 1781 SC.

2. Nancy ARNOLD – b. abt. 1782 SC. Married John CROCKER.

3. Unknown Female ARNOLD – b. abt. 1783 SC

Family #2 for John Arnold: Anna Jean WOODSON:

4. Lemuel ARNOLD – b. 1790-1800 Russellville, Logan Co., Kentucky. Raised by his aunt, Charity Arnold Martin. Married Mary ANN S. WHITAKER. Is found in St. Clair Co., AL in 1837 when he purchased 40.04 acres in that county (DOCUMENT 3597, Section 19, NW Ό, SW Ό, Township 145, range 9E). Is in Blount County in 1840 as "L. Arnold" (src. FEDERAL CENSUS RECORDS – ALABAMA, pg. 80)

1. Robert F. ARNOLD– b. 1845; d. December 22, 1872 Blount Co., Alabama. Enlisted as a private 1 Mar 1864 in Company E by Captain Harrell; on muster roll to June 11, 1864; on muster roll from 1 Jul to 31 Aug 1864 listed as sick; muster roll from 31 Oct to 31 Dec 1864 reported he was on detached service; member of Company E commanded by Captain G.D. Shelton surrendered at Citronelle, Alabama by Lieutenant General R. Taylor, CSA to Major General E.R.S. Canby USA, 4 May 1865 and paroled at Gainesville, Alabama 14 May 1865; residence listed as Blountsville, Blount County, Alabama. Robert F. Arnold married Vienna Jane RHODES, 27 Aug 1868, Blount County. According to his wife's Confederate widow's pension application, Viennie reported her husband died 22 Dec 1872."

State of Alabama, Cullman County: Before me Geo. H. Fannin, a N.P. in and for said county and state, came R. Sandlin being duly sworn deposaith and sayeth that Robt. F. Arnold surved in Louises Battalion Armisted Brigade Co. B. he further sais that he never deserted the army and was honerably discharged. sworn to this 4th day of July 1911, [signed] R. Sandlin.

5. Rickerson ARNOLD – b. 1790-1800. Raised by his aunt, Temperance Arnold Hamilton.

6. Benjamin ARNOLD – b. aft. 1800. Raised by his uncle, Benjamin Arnold.

7. Female ARNOLD – b. 1790-1800

4. Hendrick Thomas ARNOLD – b. 1763 Virginia; d. after July 15, 1795 in Laurens Co., South Carolina. Married Ruth Howard CASH.


Will of Hendrick Arnold of the County of Laurens, State of So Carolina, being weak & Low of wife Ruth Arnold, during her widowhood give negroes (named), and plantation & tract of land whereon I now live; to my son Wm. Arnold, two negroes Dinah & Richard, two cows & calves & bed and furniture; to my daughter Mary Arnold, two negroes Dice & Phile, one bay mare, etc, & land on little Horse creek adj. John Johnson,William Wood; to my daughter Nancy Arnold, two negroes named Rachel & Charlotte, one bay mare, etc, & £ 40, to be paid at the pleasure of mywife; to son Ira Arnold, two negroes Sarah & Jacob, two cows & calves, bed & furniture; to my son William Arnold & Ira Arnold, tract whereon I live to be divided at the decease of their mother…wife Ruth & son William, exrs....15 July 1795. (src. The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume VIII Number 3, Summer, 1980 - Laurens County Estate Book A-1, pg. 144)

Pp. 144-145: 19th of March 1796. A true and perfect Inventory of the Estate of Hendrick Arnold decd., as shewn to us by William Arnold, Exr. includes 5 negroes (named). Total £ 200 1 4, by Reuben Pyles, John Jones, Nathan Camp, appraisers. . (src. The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume VIII Number 3, Summer, 1980 - Laurens County Estate Book A-1, pg. 145)

1. Mary ARNOLD – Married Light TOWNSEND 1796 VA and shortly there after moved to Logan Co., KY. Was the executor of his brother-in-law Wm. Arnold’s estate (src. Genealogy of the Townshend-Townsend family, pg. 15)

2. Nancy ARNOLD – Married Unknown TAYLOR

3. William ARNOLD – b. abt. 1774. Married Elizabeth NEIGHBORS in South Carolina.

Deed Records of Greenville County South Carolina - Book G, pg. 344 - Benjamin Townsend (1759-1824) buying 374 acres on Horse Creek on February 1 1799 from Light Townnsend "of the state of Kentucky" and William Arnold of the state of South Carolina, Laurens County Planters. The Indenture was signed by Light Townsend as an executor of William Arnold’s estate. William was the son of Hendrick Arnold, original owner of the land. It reads in part: This INDENTURE made February 1, 1799 in the year of the independence of the United States of America. Witnesseth: That Light Townsend of the state of Kentucky and Logan County and William Arnold of the state of South Carolina, Laurens County, Planters, of the first part and Benjamin Townsend of Greenville County, South Carolina of the other part for....$300 paid by Benjamin Townsend....374 acres on Horse Creek....." Signed Light Townsend, as an executor of William Arnold. (src. Genealogy of the Townshend-Townsend family, pg. 15)

1. Thomas Jefferson ARNOLD –

2. Hendrick ARNOLD – Married Unknown BRIGGS. Was a Baptist Minister

3. William ARNOLD Jr. –

4. Lewis T ARNOLD – Married Malinda C. ARNOLD on February 4, 1823

4. John ARNOLD –

January 1, 1801-July 8, 1801. Claybourn Sims to John Arnold. Mortgage on crop of corn, black horse, household items, feather bed and furniture, large iron kittle, 200 wt. cotton, large Bible, hymn book, 500 wt. tobacco. Same wit. and Probate. (src. LAURENS COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA DEEDS BOOK G, pg. 238)

January 6, 1801-July 8, 1801. Claybourn Sims to John Arnold for $200. 51 a. on Reedy R. including the Tumbling Shoals, b. on Abraham Box, Samuel Neighbours,Daniel Huger, gr. to sd. Claybourn Sims 1795. Wit: David Ridgeway, Perry Perritt. Reuben Pyles, J.P. (src. LAURENS COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA DEEDS BOOK G, pg. 239)

5. Ira ARNOLD – b. December 25, 1791 Laurens Co., SC; d. 1858. Married Mary Polly SAXON. Was the Justice of the Peace in Laurens Co., SC

1. Ruth Cash ARNOLD – b. August 8, 1815

2. Sarah Saxon ARNOLD – b. August 27, 1817

3. Nancy Taylor ARNOLD – b. September 28, 1819

4. Hendrick Howard ARNOLD – b. January 2, 1822. Married Ann Hendrick J. ROSS on July 19, 1849 in Clarke Co., Arkansas. Died in Arkansas.

1. Edgar Ross ARNOLD – b. July 31, 1852. Married Josephine E. ROSS in 1873

1. Jessie E. ARNOLD – b. August 28, 1874

2. Charles H. ARNOLD – b. October 4, 1875

3. James S. ARNOLD – b. September 23, 1878

4. Hendrick Jackson ARNOLD – b. October 31, 1881

5. Carrie Ann ARNOLD – b. February 14, 1885

6. Cora Inez ARNOLD – b. November 1, 1888

7. Lucius Fay ARNOLD – b. August 31, 1892

2. William Brown ARNOLD – b. April 2, 1871. Married Ollie WELLS in 1892

5. Clarissa ARNOLD – b. April 10, 1824

6. Mary ARNOLD – b. April 28, 182?; d. March 19, 1894. Married Isaac L. HENNING on December 1, 1843 in Greenville Co., SC.

1. Norman Philip HENNING –

2. Howard Hendrick HENNING –

3. Mary Jane HENNING –

4. Charles Saxon HENNING –

5. Emma J. HENNING – b. 1853

6. David ARNOLD HENNING – b. 1858

7. Lily May HENNING – b. 1860

8. Nancy Clarissa HENNING – b. 1863 

7. David Saxon ARNOLD – b. November 11, 1828 South Carolina; d. 1903 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas. Married Temperance Lucinda ARNOLD in 1857 in Lisbon, Union Co., Arkansas.

1. David Saxon ARNOLD, Jr. – b. 1857; d. April 15, 1935 in Marshall, Texas. Married Rebecca Eleanor LEE October 15, 1885 in DeLeon, Texas.

1. Temple Lee ARNOLD – b. December 16, 1886 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

2. Mary ARNOLD – b. May 21, 1888 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

3. Vida ARNOLD – b. August 14, 1890 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

4. Jessie Nadin ARNOLD – b. August 3, 1804 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

5. Harvey Saxon ARNOLD – b. February 8, 1897 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

6. Lucy Margaret ARNOLD – b. March 24, 1900 Sweetwater, Nolan Co., Texas

2. Mary Lucy ARNOLD – b. 1859 Union Co., Arkansas; d. October 13, 1930 Prescott, Arizona. Married James S. REGAN in 1878 Nevada Co., Arkansas

3. William Hendrick ARNOLD – b. February 15, 1861 Lisbon, Union Co., Arkansas; d. 1946 Texarkana, Bowie Co., Texas. Married Jessie Cook (daughter of John Cook)

4. Sallie Temperance ARNOLD – b. March 25, 1863 Union Co., Arkansas. Married A. HARRIS.

5. Carrie Ella ARNOLD – b. September 4, 1865. Married Bud BARROW

6. Robert Esterbrook ARNOLD – b. February 13, 1870

7. Martha Hill ARNOLD – b. December 19, 1871

8. Violet ARNOLD – b. 1873. Married Seab COLE

9. Emma ARNOLD – b. 1875. Married G. M. PAVEY

10. Thomas J. ARNOLD – b. 1877

11. Henry Lee ARNOLD – b. 1885

8. Thomas Jefferson ARNOLD – b. July 4, 1832

9. Joshua Lewis ARNOLD – b. November 19, 1834

10. Susan Elizabeth ARNOLD – b. June 5, 1838

5. Thomas ARNOLD – b. October 5, 1766 Buckingham Co., VA; d. March 23, 1844 Selma, Alabama. Married Mary BIDESTONE on October 26, 1786 in South Carolina. Moved with father, Benjamin, to Greenville Co., SC. Thomas left Greenville and moved to Logan Co., Kentucky with siblings about 1800 to help in a court case regarding his deceased brother, John. Fought in the Revolutionary War under Capt. John Rideway and General Morgan. Was at the Battle of the Cowpens.

1. Temperance ARNOLD – b. November 25, 1789 Rutherford Co., North Carolina; d. September 25, 1870 in Clark Co., Arkansas. Married Peter ROSS on August 15, 1804 in Logan Co., Kentucky

2. William Bidestone ARNOLD – b. July 1, 1791 Logan Co., KY; d. 1847 Hempstead Co., Arkansas. Married Lucinda Powell HARDIN in 1823.

3. John ARNOLD – b. April 4, 1793 Kentucky

4. Thomas Hendrick ARNOLD – b. March 7, 1797 South Carolina; d. 1866 Hempstead Co., Arkansas. Married (1) Mary Ann WILSON in 1819 Shelby Co., Alabama and married (2) Sarah Wilson PRIDGEON before 1860 Census.

5. Sarah (Sally) P. ARNOLD – b. April 27, 1799 South Carolina; d. January 1860 Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS. Married (1) John Fullilove TAYLOR December 12, 1819 in Shelby Co., Alabama. John F. Taylor was the son of Benjamin Taylor and Susannah Fullilove. He was born March 14, 1800 Oglethorpe Co., GA and died September 25, 1833 in Autauga Co., Alabama. Sally’s second husband was (2) William P. KING, June 18, 1837 in Autauga Co., Alabama. He was born 1807 in SC or NC and died aft. 1860 in Poplar Creek, Choctaw Co., MS. Was guardian of Sarah P. Arnold Taylor’s children untilJuly 30, 1842 when all three children selected their Uncle Asberry Cooke Taylor as their guardian.

Children of Sally Arnold and John F. Taylor -

1. Mary Adeline TAYLOR – b. December 25, 1821 Autauga Co., AL; d. May 30, 1856 Carroll Co., MS. Married Thomas G. FULLILOVE April 30, 1835 Autauga Co., AL (son of John Fullilove and Lucy Greer). He was born September 20, 1807 Oglethorpe Co., GA and died October 21, 1888 Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS.

1. John FULLILOVE – b. May 6, 1838 Autauga Co., AL; d. September 8, 1917 Bossier Parrish, LA.

2. Asbury Blanton FULLILOVE – b. November 26, 1842 Autauga Co., AL; d. January 21, 1897 Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS. Married Felistas BRYANT March 29, 1864 Carroll Co., MS. She was born August 13, 1846 in MS and died June 11, 1926 Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS.

2. Martha Eliza TAYLOR – b. 1823 Autauga Co., AL. Married Dr. William P. SHACKLEFORD March 1, 1838 Autauga Co., AL.

3. Susan Francis TAYLOR – b. April 12, 1827 Autauga Co., AL; d. August 10, 1905 Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS.

4. Benjamin T. TAYLOR – b. 1830 Autauga Co., AL; d. aft 1860

5. Temperence Ethilea TAYLOR – b. September 1831 Autauga Co., AL; d. between 1901-1910 Carroll Co., MS. Married James A. S. BRYANT December 15, 1852 Carroll Co., MS.

6. John F. TAYLOR – b. 1833 Autauga Co., AL.

Children of Sally Arnold and William King –

7. Anna KING – b. 1838 Autauga Co., AL; d. 1863-1870

8. Sarah KING – b. May 1838 Autauga Co., AL; d. 1911-1920 Vaiden, Carroll Co., MS

9. Leonidas KING – b. 1841-1842 Autauga Co., AL

10. Eugenia KING – b. 1847-1848 Autauga Co., AL

11. Josephine KING – b. 1847-1848 Autauga Co., AL

6. Ann Hendrick ARNOLD – b. July 22, 1801. Married Hance DUNKLIN on March 11, 1824.

6. Temperance ARNOLD – b. 1764 Buckingham Co., VA; d. July 22, 1849 Lowndes Co., Alabama. Married Thomas HAMILTON on May 28, 1782 in South Carolina. (src. Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama, pg. 47). Thomas Hamilton was the son of David Hamilton or Belfast, Ireland. After the Rev. War, Temperance and Thomas moved to Greenville Co., SC to be close to her father. In 1821, they moved to Butler Co., Alabama and remainded there until 1826 when they moved to Lowndes Co. Buried in the Watkins Cemetery, near Collirene, Lowndes County. The gravesite is marked by a marble obelish, erected to the memory of the family. Thomas Hamilton was with Sumter but not in the regular army. He was at the battle of the Cowpens, Eutaw Springs and King’s Mountain. He was in the brigade commanded by Col. Campbell at the latter place.

7. Charity ARNOLD – b. 1761 Buckingham Co., VA. Married George MARTIN in 1790 South Carolina.

8. Benjamin ARNOLD – b. July 30, 1769; d. January 11, 1858 in South Carolina. Married Kezziah CAMP on February 5, 1795 Greenville Co., SC.

Marriage and Death Notices From the Up-Country of South Carolina as taken from Greenville newspapers 1826 - 1863 compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, C. A. L. S. - Died at his residence in Greenville District on Friday, the 15th of January last, Benjamin Arnold, in the 78th year of his age. The subject of this notice was born in Virginia, and when a small boy his father emigrated and settled near Petersburg in Georgia. Benjamin Arnold, Senr., removed his family and settled on Horse Creek in Greenville County in 1783. Here his son lived and raised a large family. He had the misfortune to lose his wife in 1836. Early in life he was promoted to the command of the Regiment of Militia in the district in which he lived, and served in the office of Magistrate for upwards of thirty years. (ibid.)

1. Ann Hendricks ARNOLD – b. July 10, 1797 Greenville Co., SC; d. October 18, 1879 Princeton, Greenville Co., SC. Buried in the Lebanon Methodist Cemetery. Married Dr. John Creasy SULLIVAN on February 4, 1823 Laurens Co., SC

2. Sarah Moore ARNOLD – b. June 8, 1799 Greenville Co., SC; d. August 1868 Sherman, Grayson County, TX. Married Abijah D. PINSON November 12, 1816 in Laurens Co., SC

3. Temperance Hamilton ARNOLD – b. March 8, 1801 Greenville Co., SC; d. September 25, 1857. Married Joseph Pinckney SULLIVAN April 30, 1820 in South Carolina.

4. Winifred Washington ARNOLD – b. November 20, 1802 Greenville Co., SC; d. July 20, 1868 Campbell Co., Georgia. Married Benjamin CAMP November 2, 1828 Laurens Co., SC

5. Abner Alston ARNOLD – b. June 23, 1804 Greenville Co., SC; d. May 4, 1887 in Campbell Co., Georgia. Married Nancy Ann THOMASON November 12, 1830 in Laurens Co., SC

1. Keziah ARNOLD –

2. Anderson A. ARNOLD – b. December 6, 1832 South Carolina.

3. Abijah ARNOLD – b. abt. 1835 South Carolina

4. Martin ARNOLD – b. 1839 Campbellton, Georgia

5. Mary E. ARNOLD – b. abt. 1840 Georgia

6. Abigail (Abbie) ARNOLD – b. 1845 Georgia

7. Winneford Imogene ARNOLD – b. abt. 1850 Georgia

8. Benjamin ARNOLD – b. abt. 1852 Georgia

6. Malinda C. ARNOLD – b. December 25, 1805 Greenville Co., SC. Lewis T ARNOLD February 4, 1823.

1. William Franklin ARNOLD –

2. Clara ARNOLD -

7. Clara ARNOLD – b. June 24, 1807 Greenville Co., SC. Married (1) James H. GRACE May 6, 18?? And to (2) Milton BRYSON

8. Martin Madison ARNOLD – b. September 8, 1808 Greenville Co., SC; d. December 8, 1890 in Greenville Co., SC. Lived in Dunklin Township. Married Abigail BOLLING on January 2, 1833.

1. Robert Bolling ARNOLD – b. October 13, 1833 Greenville Co., SC (src. LDS IGI #458744). Married Mary C. JOHNSON March 26, 1863 Greenville So., CA (src. LDS IGI# 0884641)

1. Robert ARNOLD -

2. C. W. ARNOLD – Married Molly JOHNSON.

3. Keziah M. ARNOLD -

2. Kezziah ARNOLD – b. 1835 Greenville Co., SC

9. Benjamin Hendrick ARNOLD – b. January 22, 1818 Greenville Co., SC; d. January 1, 1858. Married Mary Gent McDAVID December 3, 1839 in Laurens Co., SC. Mary Gent McDavid is the daughter of John McDavid and Susannah Davenport. (src. LDS AFN: BK9X-55)

1. John Gregory ARNOLD – b. April 13, 1841 Greenville Co., SC

2. Elliot Josephine ARNOLD – b. September 27, 1843 Greenville Co., SC

3. William A. ARNOLD – b. March 26, 1846 Greenville Co., SC

4. James H. ARNOLD – b. July 8, 1848 Greenville Co., SC

5. Benjamin Franklin ARNOLD – b. January 31, 1851 Greenville Co., SC

6. Robert Wilson ARNOLD – b. February 21, 1853 Greenville Co., SC

7. Mary Seline ARNOLD – b. April 20, 1856 (twin) Greenville Co., SC

8. Massena ARNOLD – b. April 20, 1856 (twin) Greenville Co., SC



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