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Descendants of Andrew Brown, Sr.
of Black Point, ME

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(Alley), she (marriage to Alexander Jesse Alley Sr) (i18219)


(Beverage), she (marriage to Alton Beverage) (i87741)


(Brown), Cora (marriage to Clement (Clem) Winthrop Brown) (i90802)
(Brown), Mary (marriage to William Brown Sr) (i6391), b.1661-d.1741
(Brown), Mary Ellen (marriage to Edward Brown Jr) (i933)
(Brown), Sally (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i35530)
(Brown), she (marriage to Clyde Brown) (i90796)
(Brown), Susanna (marriage to Andrew Brown) (i10086), b.1676-


(Dixon), Mary Ann (marriage to Peter Alan Dixon) (i25843)


(Fogg), she (marriage to Dominicus Fogg) (i92415)


(Goodwin), Florence (marriage to Richard Goodwin) (i47069)


(Hanscom), Mary (marriage to John Hanscom) (i39279)
(Hanscom), she (marriage to Pvt Tobias Hanscom) (i25628), d.1786


(Hanscome), Eva H. (marriage to Alpheus Leon Hanscome) (i38839)


(Harmon), Peggy (Molly) (marriage to Richard Harmon) (i76457), b.1789-


(Hart), she (marriage to Albert H. Hart) (i40760)


(Huff), Abbie S. (marriage to Nathan W. Huff) (i69357), b.1858-
(Huff), Eleanor (marriage to Jacob Huff Jr) (i69349), b.1840-
(Huff), Eliza (marriage to John William Huff) (i69377), b.1844-
(Huff), Nancy A. (marriage to Benjamin M. Huff) (i11695), b.1840-
(Huff), she (marriage to Nathan W. Huff) (i69358)
(Huff), Sophronia S. (marriage to Henry Frank Huff) (i11690), b.1834-


(Hutchins), Martha H. (marriage to Warren A. Hutchins) (i76002), b.1892-d.1978
(Hutchins), Martha I. (marriage to Warren C. Hutchins) (i76004), b.1917-


(Jose), Eunice (marriage to Nathan W. Jose) (i33747), b.1798-


(Knight), he (marriage to Eunice Knight) (i28756)
(Knight), she (marriage to Zebulon Knight) (i28757)


(Ladd), Abbie L. (marriage to Royal E. Ladd) (i15714), b.1877-
(Ladd), she (marriage to Richard Elmont Ladd) (i15802)
(Ladd), Susan B. (marriage to Samuel A. Ladd) (i15745), b.1850-
(Ladd), Susan B. (marriage to Samuel A. Ladd) (i15745), b.1850-


(Lassell), Sarah (marriage to Ellison Lassell) (i10292), b.1758-d.1790


(Libby), E. E. (marriage to Veranus Warren Libby) (i12144), b.1872-d.1918
(Libby), Sarah (marriage to Josiah Libby) (i64045)
(Libby), she (marriage to Andrew Libby (11-11-6-4)) (i13975)
(Libby), she (marriage to Irving Chester Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2)) (i63985)
(Libby), she (marriage to James Ernest Libby (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1)) (i79677)


(Littlefield), Fannie H. (marriage to Robert Frank Littlefield) (i46920), b.1877-d.1927


(March), Stella M. (marriage to Charles Daniel March) (i40744), b.1858-d.1916


(McCulloch), Susanna (marriage to Capt Hugh McCulloch) (i83543)


(Meserve), Patience (marriage to Silas Meserve) (i35986)


(Mitchell), he (marriage to Harriet Farrar Mitchell) (i12128)


(Plaisted), Abigail (marriage to Andrew Plaisted Jr) (i33746)
(Plaisted), Abigail (marriage to Andrew Plaisted Jr) (i33746)


(Skillings), Charlotte (marriage to Everett Winfield Skillings) (i75862)
(Skillings), Ruth (marriage to Ralph Wendell Skillings) (i91711)


(Smith), Elizabeth (marriage to John Smith) (i12434)
(Smith), Rhoda (marriage to Daniel Smith) (i47154)


(Taylor), Ella E. (marriage to James Hill Taylor) (i79563), b.1855-


(Tyler), Sarah (marriage to Humphrey Tyler) (i11371), b.1763-d.1848


Abbott, Lydia B. (marriage to Josiah Waterhouse) (i29512), d.1849
Abbott, Mary Priscilla (marriage to Chester William Walker) (i12597), b.1854-d.1928


Acker, Hannah (marriage to Moses Smith) (i12442), b.1813-


Adams, Esther Brown (marriage to Lafayette Waterhouse) (i29527)
Adams, Sarah (marriage to Pierce Murphy Jr) (i11161)
Adams, Victor Hugo (marriage to Cora Frances Hanscom) (i25823)
Adams, William (marriage to Elizabeth McCulloch) (i83546)


Addison, Mary B. (marriage to Tristram Sawyer) (i29073)


Akerman, Laura J. (marriage to George Wilbert Skilling) (i37623), b.1865-


Aldous, Charles (marriage to Olive Elzaday Cheney) (i29031)


Aleman, Andrew Laurence (i1765) (still alive)


Alexander, Rose L. (marriage to Percy A. Nelson) (i63763)


Alford, Marie (marriage to David Lawrence Rairden) (i92938)


Allard, Dana (marriage to Martha Tyler) (i11606)


Allen, Charles (i37659)
Allen, Dorothy L. (i37660)
Allen, Ernest (marriage to Melinda Lemont Tarbox) (i85267)
Allen, Ethan A. (marriage to Anna A. Sawyer) (i79751)
Allen, Harry E. (marriage to Alma Skilling) (i37658)
Allen, Myrtle Marie (marriage to James Lee Davies) (i47321), b.1930-


Alley, Abigail (i18196), b.1794-
Alley, Abigail (i18215)
Alley, Alexander (i18203), d.1821
Alley, Alexander A. (i18192), b.1817-
Alley, Alexander Jesse, Jr (i18210), b.1837-
Alley, Alexander Jesse, Sr (i18198), b.1793-d.1875
Alley, Andrew (i18189)
Alley, Andrew Martin (i18212)
Alley, Andrew W. (i18193), b.1785-
Alley, Ansel (marriage to Nellie J. Tyler) (i11619)
Alley, Betsy (i18188)
Alley, Caroline Chander (i18223), b.1825-
Alley, Cpl Joshua (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i10124), b.1756-d.1817
Alley, Deborah (i18207)
Alley, Eldad (i18182)
Alley, Elizabeth (Betsy) (i18170), b.1780-d.1830
Alley, Ephraim (i18220), b.1800-
Alley, George Washington (i18190)
Alley, Hannah Brown (i58293), b.1812-d.1893
Alley, James (i18216)
Alley, Jesse A. (i18209)
Alley, John (i18180), b.1782-d.1854
Alley, John (i18183)
Alley, John Wesley (i18224), b.1827-
Alley, Joseph (i18186)
Alley, Joseph (i18218)
Alley, Joshua (i18184)
Alley, Joshua (i18194), b.1790-
Alley, Joshua (i18202)
Alley, Joshua Franklin (i18222), b.1824-
Alley, Levi (i18191)
Alley, Louisa (i18201), d.1821
Alley, Louisa (i18211)
Alley, Lucy (i13012), b.1787-d.1856
Alley, Lucy Ann (i18187)
Alley, Lydia (i18168), b.1778-
Alley, Margaret Harriman (i18213)
Alley, Mary (i18200), d.1821
Alley, Nathaniel (i18208)
Alley, Ruth (i18217)
Alley, Sarah (i18214)
Alley, Sarah Ann (i18225), b.1828-
Alley, Zebediah (i18185)


Allison, Anne (marriage to Lt Andrew Brown Jr) (i6377), b.1660-d.1697


Altman, Marie (marriage to Edgar Eugene Skillings) (i91696)


Ames, Nellie (marriage to Vernon Beverage) (i87708), b.1891-d.1961


Amidon, Charles H., Jr (marriage to Eva Maude Polk) (i47035)


Anderson, Casey Arden (i25864) (living status unknown)
Anderson, Corin (Corey) (i25865) (living status unknown)
Anderson, Edward (marriage to Olive Waterhouse) (i12884), b.1786-d.1876
Anderson, George (marriage to Martha Waterhouse) (i12890), b.1793-d.1879


Andrews, Dorothy (i51982)
Andrews, Eliza Ann (marriage to James Hanscom) (i25813)
Andrews, Howard Percy (marriage to Mabel Jane Rumery) (i51979)
Andrews, James (marriage to Rebecca Brown) (i10078), d.1739
Andrews, Margaret Jennie (marriage to Frank Henry Brown) (i92664), b.1881-d.1961
Andrews, Mary (marriage to Wentworth Tyler) (i11611), b.1827-
Andrews, Paul Albert (i51980)
Andrews, Robert (i51983)


Angerman, Brittany (i80576) (still alive)
Angerman, Lindsay (i80574) (still alive)
Angerman, Samantha (i80575) (still alive)


Annis, Frank (marriage to Minnie L. Scammon) (i17927)


Arey, Florent (marriage to Vernita Beverage) (i87723)


Armstrong, Frank (i51754)
Armstrong, Hattie (i51753)
Armstrong, Minnie Rose (i51755)
Armstrong, William (marriage to Sarah Augusta Eugenia Skillin) (i51752)


Arrowsmith, Alice (marriage to Everette Haswell Skillings) (i90689), b.1884-
Arrowsmith, Helen (Nellie) (marriage to Herbert J. Skillings) (i64952), b.1874-d.1947
Arrowsmith, Sarah Ann (marriage to Alpheus Haswell Skillings) (i64943), b.1866-d.1955


Ashe, Mary E. (marriage to Edmund Merritt Sawyer) (i79721), b.1861-d.1907


Atkins, Rheuben (marriage to Anna T. Warren) (i12531), b.1797-


Atkinson, Susanna (marriage to George Waterhouse) (i29429)


Atwater, Almira (marriage to John Yeaton Drew) (i47294), b.1803-d.1857
Atwater, he (marriage to Sally Libby Drew) (i47292)
Atwater, Louisa (marriage to Lemuel S. Drew) (i47296), b.1819-d.1909


Auld, Abba (i92980), b.1850-
Auld, James (marriage to Adelaide Randall Tarbox) (i42368)
Auld, Zebulon J. (i92979), b.1848-


Auten, Floyd (marriage to Alma Ella Hanson) (i12500), b.1882-


Averill, Benjamin (i70101), b.1734-
Averill, Ezekiel (i24542), b.1754-d.1850
Averill, he (marriage to Miranda Perkins) (i19267)
Averill, James (i70103), b.1736-
Averill, Jane (marriage to Matthew Brown) (i9304), b.1793-d.1828
Averill, Job, III (i70100), b.1732-
Averill, Job, Jr (marriage to Sarah Carr) (i10106), b.1707-d.1797
Averill, John (i70108), b.1753-d.1838
Averill, Samuel (i70104), b.1739-d.1821
Averill, Sarah (i24541), b.1748-
Averill, William (i24540), b.1748-d.1839


Ayer, Abigail (i69723), b.1793-d.1879
Ayer, Andrew T(yler) (i69725), b.1795-d.1882
Ayer, Elizabeth (i69705), b.1782-
Ayer, Hannah (i69719), b.1791-d.1840
Ayer, Hannah (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29384), d.1823
Ayer, Helen (marriage to Norman A. Plummer) (i12118), b.1893-
Ayer, Jennie Bell (marriage to Irving Chester Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2)) (i63982), b.1879-d.1954
Ayer, John (i69709), b.1783-d.1805
Ayer, Moses, Jr (i69729), b.1797-d.1860
Ayer, Pvt Moses (marriage to Mary (Molly) Tyler) (i69704), b.1757-d.1815
Ayer, Ruth (marriage to Thomas Waterhouse) (i29447)
Ayer, Sarah (i69715), b.1786-d.1859
Ayer, she (i69714), b.1785-d.1785
Ayer, she (i69718), b.1789-d.1789
Ayer, Susan (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29383), d.1797
Ayer, Tristram (i69733), b.1799-d.1850


Babb, Jane W. (marriage to Gardner Waterhouse) (i29500), d.1850
Babb, Martha (marriage to Levi Libby) (i63600), d.1885
Babb, Mary Ledoit (marriage to Nathan Libby (10-5-3-4-6)) (i3690), b.1802-d.1876


Bachelder, Betty (i51771)
Bachelder, Calvin (marriage to Winifred Fuller) (i37646)
Bachelder, Cecile (i37653)
Bachelder, Donald (i37647)
Bachelder, Loys (i51770)
Bachelder, Mandel (i37649)
Bachelder, Russell (i37651)
Bachelder, Winifred (i37654)


Bacom, Ida (marriage to Samuel S. Hanson) (i12484), b.1849-


Bagley, he (marriage to Sarah Fickett) (i64157)


Bail, Alvah (Allis) Ellsworth (marriage to Minnie Rose Armstrong) (i51756)
Bail, Roger Jason (i51757)


Bailey, Anna (Hannah), (Bayley) (marriage to Joshua Lassell III) (i10193), b.1717-d.1786
Bailey, Charles Winthrop (marriage to Minnie Myrtle Taylor) (i79567), b.1857-
Bailey, Clarence (marriage to Gladys Nason) (i89414)
Bailey, Curtis (marriage to Dolly Warren) (i12543), b.1819-
Bailey, Emeline (marriage to Leonard Burnham) (i36879)
Bailey, Olive (marriage to Wilbert Washburn Skilling) (i37632)
Bailey, she (marriage to Andrew Brown Sr) (i6375), b.1630-d.1696


Bakeman, Eliza C. (i18230), b.1807-
Bakeman, Hannah N. (i18226), b.1820-d.1909
Bakeman, Henry (i18231), b.1808-
Bakeman, Henry (marriage to Lucy Alley) (i13013), b.1778-
Bakeman, Jesse (i18234), b.1815-
Bakeman, Juliann (i18232), b.1810-
Bakeman, Lucy (i18233), b.1819-
Bakeman, Oliver M. (i18235), b.1818-


Baker, Rebecca (marriage to Matthew Brown) (i87824), b.1798-
Baker, Zebulon (marriage to Rebecca Waterhouse) (i29409)


Baldwin, Bertha (marriage to Carl Orville Brown) (i92656)


Ballard, James (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Brown) (i35045)


Ballem, Priscilla Jane (marriage to John Mason Loring) (i10725), b.1869-d.1949


Bancroft, Rhoda (marriage to Joseph Waterhouse) (i29357), d.1882


Banks, Cassie L. Banks (i22922), b.1877-
Banks, Elizabeth (marriage to Cpl John Waterhouse) (i24354), b.1735-d.1838
Banks, Everett A. (i22920), b.1874-
Banks, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Stackpole) (i47284)
Banks, Joseph Warren (marriage to Elsie E. Brown) (i22915), b.1838-d.1908
Banks, Samuel (marriage to Phoebe Stackpole) (i47283)
Banks, Stella K. (i22919), b.1869-d.1928
Banks, William A. (i22918), b.1867-d.1935


Barbour, Alice A. (marriage to Perley C. Dresser) (i76413), d.1951


Barclay, Robert (marriage to Helen Beverage) (i22972), b.1891-


Barker, Mrs Susannah, Drown (marriage to Edward Libby) (i36131), d.1852


Barnard, Sarah (marriage to Jeremiah Waterhouse) (i29413)


Barnes, Frances Weaverette (marriage to John Clarence Cowan) (i35679)


Barrett, Mary (marriage to Dana Hansen Beverage) (i22979), b.1847-


Bartlett, Arthur Henry (marriage to Lillian Ethel Reed) (i51936)
Bartlett, Benjamin Franklin (marriage to Cynthia Emaline Hanscom) (i25829)
Bartlett, Caroline M. (marriage to Stephen P. Webber) (i19958), b.1829-d.1907
Bartlett, Celia Pearl (marriage to Reuel Henry Reed) (i51910)
Bartlett, Laura E. (i29979), b.1854-
Bartlett, Silas (marriage to Pemela Libby) (i64093)
Bartlett, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Staples) (i48151)


Barton, Anna (marriage to Daniel Fickett) (i64149), b.1800-d.1876
Barton, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Waterhouse) (i29374)


Basford, Rosetta M. (marriage to William Frederick Beverage) (i87698), b.1886-


Battson, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Nason Waterhouse) (i29516)


Bayley, Noah (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i10201), d.1738


Beal, Ammi Barnabas (marriage to Hannah Brown Alley) (i58309), b.1809-d.1879
Beal, William (marriage to Eliza Jane Hardy) (i29009), b.1825-


Beals, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Libby (10-2-4-3-2)) (i47692), d.1848


Bean, he (i12625) (living status unknown)
Bean, he (i12627) (living status unknown)
Bean, Herbert Edgar (marriage to Harriette Elizabeth Walker) (i12610), b.1876-d.1968
Bean, Lydia (marriage to Robert Libby (11-2-3-1)) (i36103)
Bean, Marion Elizabeth (i12623), b.1914-d.1950
Bean, Myrtle (i12620), b.1905-d.1986
Bean, Ralph (i12622), b.1907-d.1976
Bean, she (i12626)


Bearce, Annie E. (marriage to Allison Libby) (i78133)
Bearce, Annie E. (marriage to Allison Libby) (i78133)


Beckford, Lt Leo (marriage to Margaret McCulloch) (i83541)


Beede, Clarissa A. (marriage to Phineas Libby) (i63573)


Bell, Gertrude A. (i39884)
Bell, he (marriage to Helen Louise Hanscom) (i39408)
Bell, James Henry (marriage to Olive Josephine Tarbox) (i39883), b.1840-d.1925


Bemis, Angie L. (i12352), b.1853-d.1932
Bemis, Ava Ethel (i12359), b.1861-
Bemis, Clymenia (Minnie) (i12354), b.1855-d.1877
Bemis, Delia Mary (i12372), b.1877-
Bemis, Dr Orion Irving (i12367), b.1869-d.1931
Bemis, Elwin Rynell (i12374), b.1880-
Bemis, Ezra Holden (i12365), b.1867-d.1938
Bemis, Ida Jane (i12355), b.1856-d.1938
Bemis, Jacob William (i12357), b.1859-d.1939
Bemis, Jacob, III (marriage to Lovina Manson Staples) (i12338), b.1820-d.1907
Bemis, Lora Ethel (i12363), b.1865-
Bemis, Maynard (marriage to Marcy (May) Beverage) (i87680), b.1869-
Bemis, Rausalie (i12361), b.1863-
Bemis, Wendell W. (i12370), b.1873-


Benson, Elizabeth (Betty) (marriage to Charles Walter Skilling) (i37638)
Benson, John (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i10092)


Benway, Alice (marriage to Frank Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5)) (i64000)


Berry, Anne (marriage to Richard Hubbard Libby) (i38194), b.1766-d.1859
Berry, Caroline G. (i47120), b.1838-d.1911
Berry, Catherine (marriage to Alden Keen Libby) (i78140)
Berry, Cortez F. (marriage to Emma Eudora Libby (10-5-4-1-8-2-2)) (i3730)
Berry, Cortez F. (marriage to Emma Eudora Libby (10-5-4-1-8-2-2)) (i3730)
Berry, Daniel (marriage to Keziah Foss) (i47111), b.1776-d.1860
Berry, Eliza (marriage to John Skillings Libby Jr (10-5-3-4-10)) (i3695), d.1877
Berry, Eunice Getchell (marriage to James Jose) (i46109), d.1806
Berry, Floran (marriage to Emily Libby) (i3652)
Berry, Forest Clifton (marriage to Zelpha Anna Libby) (i63964), b.1901-d.1938
Berry, Freeman (marriage to Lydia Foss) (i47142), b.1794-d.1870
Berry, George (marriage to Lucy Hunnewell) (i42738)
Berry, George Stillman (i47118), b.1818-d.1905
Berry, Hannah (marriage to Theophilus Libby) (i41338), b.1750-d.1803
Berry, Hannah Knight (i47113), b.1823-d.1894
Berry, Joel Knight (i47145), b.1822-
Berry, John Otis (i47134), b.1819-
Berry, John, III (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Foss) (i47117), b.1794-d.1870
Berry, Joseph (marriage to Mary Libby) (i36093), b.1774-d.1823
Berry, Joseph Fogg (i47112), b.1818-
Berry, Josephine M. (i47132), b.1852-d.1916
Berry, Josiah (marriage to Sarah Waterhouse) (i29381), b.1762-d.1844
Berry, Lewis (marriage to Lucy A. Libby) (i78135)
Berry, Lewis (marriage to Lucy A. Libby) (i78135)
Berry, Lucinda S. (i47131), b.1872-d.1934
Berry, Lucinda S. (marriage to Lee Martin Getchell) (i47131), b.1872-d.1934
Berry, Mary (marriage to Demas Libby (10-5-4-16)) (i48943)
Berry, Mary Ann (marriage to Horace Burnham) (i36872)
Berry, Phillip Paul (i63972), b.1932-
Berry, Priscilla (i63971), b.1930-
Berry, Ralph Clayton (marriage to Martha Eveline Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-3-2)) (i64036), b.1905-d.1971
Berry, Relief (marriage to Mark Libby (10-5-2-1)) (i48921), d.1844
Berry, Richard (marriage to Eleanor Sawyer) (i29058), b.1770-
Berry, Robert Mansel (i63970), b.1928-
Berry, Ronald Cressey (i63973), b.1933-
Berry, Rufus King (i47143), b.1817-
Berry, Ruth Hellene (i63974), b.1935-
Berry, Simon Elwill (i47144), b.1818-
Berry, Thomas Fred (marriage to Laura T. Foss) (i47140), b.1844-d.1898


Beverage, Albion Pierson (i22974), b.1907-d.1951
Beverage, Alton (i87696), b.1917-d.1965
Beverage, Amelia (i22965), b.1833-d.1908
Beverage, Amelia (i87682), b.1870-
Beverage, Amy Lee (i87817) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Arnold Pierson (i22964), b.1903-d.1987
Beverage, Barbara Jill (i87780) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Barbara L. (i87764) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Benjamin C. (marriage to Amelia Beverage) (i22966), b.1822-d.1875
Beverage, Bonnie (i87793) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Carl (i87692), b.1901-d.1970
Beverage, Carole (i87770) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Charles H. (i87678), b.1862-d.1938
Beverage, Clarence (i87777) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Curtis (i87773) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Dana Hansen (i22978), b.1847-d.1908
Beverage, David (i87760) (living status unknown)
Beverage, David (i87779) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Dorothy (i87697), b.1918-
Beverage, Edith (i87683), b.1873-
Beverage, Edward M., III (i87816) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Edward M., Jr (i87769) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Edward M., Sr (i87695), b.1912-
Beverage, Eliot Pierson (i93383), b.1908-d.1982
Beverage, Elsie Marion (i87699)
Beverage, Ernest (i87684), b.1874-
Beverage, Forrest Evans (i87707)
Beverage, Frances (i87734) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Frances (i87759)
Beverage, Gary (i87786) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Gertrude (i87730) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Gladys Vale (i87700)
Beverage, Harriet N. (i87677), b.1858-
Beverage, Helen (i22971), b.1895-d.1984
Beverage, Hugh (i87735) (living status unknown)
Beverage, James (i87743) (living status unknown)
Beverage, James C. (i87762) (living status unknown)
Beverage, James N. (i22968), b.1866-d.1922
Beverage, Jemima (Mima) H. (i22969), b.1866-d.1894
Beverage, John William (i87766) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Kieth (i87718) (living status unknown)
Beverage, LaForrest (i87711), b.1917-
Beverage, Lawrence, Jr (i87784) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Lawrence, Sr (i87713), b.1921-
Beverage, Linda (i87782) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Lowell Pierson (i93382), b.1905-d.1991
Beverage, Lyford (i22977), b.1845-
Beverage, Lyford Hurl (i87706)
Beverage, Lyford Pierson (i93381), b.1900-d.1999
Beverage, Marcy (May) (i87679), b.1869-
Beverage, Marjorie Lehave (i87701)
Beverage, Mary Christie (i87742) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Milton (i87710), b.1915-
Beverage, Norwood (marriage to Hannah Grant) (i22912), b.1810-d.1868
Beverage, Norwood Pierson (i93384), b.1911-d.1980
Beverage, Norwood Rock (i87704)
Beverage, Olive Amelia (i22970), b.1890-d.1968
Beverage, Orris (i22962), b.1836-d.1849
Beverage, Orris Lyford (i22967), b.1860-d.1921
Beverage, Patricia (i87758) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Paul (i87790) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Peter (i87778) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Ralph (i87712), b.1919-d.1936
Beverage, Ralph (i87788) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Ray (i87690), b.1896-d.1954
Beverage, Ray Jasper (i87715) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Raymond (i87792) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Robert (i22975), b.1835-d.1850
Beverage, Robert (i87693), b.1904-d.1952
Beverage, Robert (Win) (i87681), b.1872-
Beverage, Roberta (i87732) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Rosetta (i87772) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Sharon (i87739) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Stuart (i87818) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Theodore (i87676), b.1857-
Beverage, Theodore (i87703)
Beverage, Theodore (Ted), Sr (i87694), b.1908-d.1965
Beverage, Theodore, Jr (i87737) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Thomas (i22976), b.1845-
Beverage, Vernita (i87691), b.1899-d.1955
Beverage, Vernon (i87688), b.1890-
Beverage, Victor (i87720) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Viola (i87717) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Virginia (i87774) (living status unknown)
Beverage, Wayne (i87795) (living status unknown)
Beverage, William (i87757) (living status unknown)
Beverage, William Frederick (i22980), b.1872-


Beye, John C. (marriage to Annie Belle Skillings) (i19928)


Bickford, Aaron (marriage to Betsy Warren) (i12518), b.1773-d.1861
Bickford, Alvah (i47302), b.1818-
Bickford, Ann, Lord (marriage to Rufus Libby) (i76682)
Bickford, Eliza (i47298), b.1804-
Bickford, Ephraim (i47301), b.1811-
Bickford, Ireney (i47299), b.1806-
Bickford, John (marriage to Elizabeth Tyler) (i46321)
Bickford, Maj Eliakim (marriage to Mary Brown) (i20697), b.1771-
Bickford, Mary (i47300), b.1809-
Bickford, Nat W. (i47297), b.1804-
Bickford, Phebe (Phoebe) (marriage to Abner Huff Jr) (i11541), b.1792-d.1832


Bickmore, Mary Ann (marriage to William Reed Hardy) (i29014)


Bigley, Mary Jane, (Higley) (marriage to Nephi Preston Hardy) (i29022)


Biglon, Mabelle (marriage to Arthur Eugene Hanson) (i12503), b.1897-


Billings, John J. (marriage to Hannah Sawyer) (i29067), b.1788-d.1865


Bimson, Frances Harriet (marriage to Irving Clarence Libby (11-7-11-8-6-5)) (i64755), b.1871-d.1936


Bingham, Lenore Ruth (marriage to James Lee Davies) (i47322)


Bischoff, Joyce (marriage to John Daniel Davies) (i47320), b.1934-d.1994


Bishop, Kristin Elyse (i75939) (living status unknown)


Black, Jane Doughty (marriage to Moses D. Skillin) (i51719), b.1828-
Black, Joab (marriage to Lucy Jane Gray) (i23002), b.1852-d.1904
Black, Mary Cordelia (marriage to James Milton Merrill) (i12025), b.1869-d.1954


Blackwood, Vera Bertha (marriage to Edward (Eddie) B. Brown Sr) (i45), b.1897-d.1980


Blake, George Davenport (marriage to Emma Chase Waterhouse) (i29518)
Blake, Mary (marriage to Ephraim Libby) (i3747), d.1866


Blanchard, Edith Bessie (marriage to Robert Leroy Skillings) (i51838)
Blanchard, Lorinda (marriage to Luther Sawyer) (i29100), b.1816-d.1886
Blanchard, Maude Lucia (marriage to Colby Rich Skillings) (i51854)


Blank, Marie H. (marriage to Melvin E. Crandall) (i40790)


Bloode, Ann Eliza (marriage to Alexander McCulloch) (i83549), b.1827-d.1861


Blossom, Sarah Ann (marriage to William H. Hunnewell) (i36075)


Blumenschein, Donald Rae (i51797)
Blumenschein, Harold Lyle (i51798)
Blumenschein, Rollie (marriage to Maggie Mabel Skillings) (i51796)


Boaden, Rebecca (marriage to John Brown) (i6389), b.1661-d.1725


Bohannon, Amelia (marriage to Elijah Brown) (i63674), b.1820-


Bond, Lucy (marriage to John Herbert Hodgins) (i47094)


Bonney, Weston (marriage to Hattie G. Tarbox) (i84793)


Booker, Harold Eugene (marriage to Jennie Brown) (i35595), b.1901-d.1972
Booker, Lydia Helen (i35599), b.1924-
Booker, Rowena Ella (i35598), b.1923-d.1999


Boothby, Diana R. (marriage to George Osgood Libby) (i76721)
Boothby, Diana R. (marriage to George Osgood Libby) (i76721)


Boulton, Ann (marriage to Samuel Smith Waterhouse) (i29496), d.1861


Bowdon, Betsy (marriage to Alexander Jesse Alley Sr) (i18199)


Bowman, Constance Gale (i47983), b.1939-
Bowman, Minot (i47981), b.1937-d.1984
Bowman, Minot G. (i47977), b.1908-d.1954
Bowman, Ralph (marriage to Grace Marie Glidden) (i47960), b.1885-d.1927


Boyer, George (marriage to Mary Susan Ramsdell) (i6427), b.1865-


Boynton, Alexander (i47936), b.1804-
Boynton, Ann (i79855)
Boynton, Asa (i47924), b.1774-
Boynton, Asa, Jr (i47935), b.1802-
Boynton, Benjamin F. (i47946), b.1829-d.1912
Boynton, Bertha (marriage to Wendell W. Bemis) (i12371)
Boynton, Betsey (i79860), b.1814-d.1886
Boynton, Bradford (i47937), b.1806-
Boynton, Charles E. (i47948), b.1830-
Boynton, child (i79888)
Boynton, Clara (i79856)
Boynton, Daniel (i79858)
Boynton, David T. (i47945), b.1828-
Boynton, Franklin J. (i47949), b.1832-
Boynton, Harriet (i47941), b.1821-
Boynton, Hartley (i47939), b.1809-
Boynton, Hiram (i79854)
Boynton, Ivory (i79857)
Boynton, Jacob (i79859)
Boynton, James (i47928), b.1779-d.1872
Boynton, James (i47929), b.1795-d.1871
Boynton, Jeremiah (i47933), b.1797-
Boynton, John (marriage to Hannah Miller) (i19308)
Boynton, Lucy M. (i47944), b.1826-
Boynton, Mehitable (i47938), b.1808-
Boynton, Nathaniel (i47934), b.1800-
Boynton, Oliver (marriage to Sarah Fletcher) (i47921), b.1743-d.1815
Boynton, Oliver, III (i79853)
Boynton, Oliver, Jr (i47927), b.1778-d.1866
Boynton, Samuel (i47926), b.1777-
Boynton, Sarah T. (i47940), b.1819-
Boynton, Susan (i47942), b.1822-


Brackett, George W. (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29510)
Brackett, James (marriage to Rachel Waterhouse) (i29466)
Brackett, Sarah (marriage to Zebulon Libby (11-9-8)) (i11922), b.1742-d.1825


Bradbury, Christopher C. (marriage to Charlotte Stackpole) (i47254), b.1821-
Bradbury, Granville M. (marriage to Lucy Ann Libby (10-5-3-4-7-1)) (i3701)
Bradbury, John (marriage to Hannah Hanscom) (i36171)


Bragdon, Bets (i65089), b.1786-
Bragdon, Daniel (marriage to Dorothy Larrabee) (i65181), b.1788-
Bragdon, Eleanor (marriage to Nathaniel Larrabee) (i65166)
Bragdon, James (i65094), b.1788-
Bragdon, Jeremiah (i65090), b.1786-
Bragdon, Mehitable (marriage to Lemuel Libby (10-2-4-2)) (i48916)
Bragdon, Solomon (marriage to Olive Libby (10-2-4-5)) (i48918)


Brawn, Charles Elmer (i85772)
Brawn, Harry Willard (marriage to Margaret Manning Cousins) (i46945), b.1899-d.1951
Brawn, John Henry (i85773)
Brawn, Malcolm Willard (i85768)
Brawn, Margaret Elizabeth (i85769)
Brawn, Mary Louise (i85770)
Brawn, Priscilla Iva (i85767)
Brawn, Ruth Alice (i85771)


Bray, William (marriage to Maria (Mariad) Ramsdell) (i6415), b.1845-


Brazier, Charles John (i76742), b.1862-
Brazier, Grace Isabelle (i76743), b.1866-
Brazier, John E. (marriage to Julia A. Libby) (i76741)


Bridges, Benjamin Vernon (i12420), b.1885-d.1958
Bridges, John Merrick (marriage to Eunice Channey Frye) (i12405), b.1846-d.1931
Bridges, Lena Isa (i12408), b.1879-d.1943
Bridges, Lora Judith (i12422), b.1889-d.1982
Bridges, Moses (marriage to Miriam Lassell) (i11020)


Brooks, Izze (marriage to Elmore Judson March) (i40799), b.1868-d.1950


Brown, Abiel (i9303), b.1818-
Brown, Abigail (i23994), b.1718-
Brown, Abigail (i35525), b.1755-
Brown, Abigail (Abbey) (i63666), b.1844-
Brown, Ada (i90803)
Brown, Ada L. (i287), b.1862-d.1946
Brown, Adalinda (Addie) M. (i886), b.1852-d.1916
Brown, Adam (i6400), b.1802-
Brown, Alice (i887), b.1854-d.1877
Brown, Alice (i35577), b.1901-d.1901
Brown, Alice Louise (i69115), b.1913-d.1972
Brown, Alice Sophia (i63671), b.1857-d.1939
Brown, Allison (i10121), b.1749-d.1790
Brown, Allison (marriage to Elizabeth Tyler) (i10121), b.1749-d.1790
Brown, Amanda Hannah (i63679), b.1841-
Brown, Amos (i63655), b.1848-d.1930
Brown, Amos (i63946), b.1890-
Brown, Andrew (i6392), b.1691-d.1722
Brown, Andrew (i10085), b.1690-d.1740
Brown, Andrew (i35520), b.1742-d.1752
Brown, Andrew Jackson (i35550), b.1831-
Brown, Andrew, Jr (i63332), b.1799-d.1883
Brown, Andrew, Sr (i6374), b.1619-d.1710
Brown, Andrew, Sr (i9352), b.1721-
Brown, Ann L. (i63732), b.1852-
Brown, Arlene Louise (i51) (still alive)
Brown, Arthur Elijah (i63925), b.1893-
Brown, Avis Mary (i92661), b.1910-d.1996
Brown, Barbara Louise (i63760), b.1922-
Brown, Benecia Vallejo (i35556), b.1854-d.1924
Brown, Benjamin (i10083), b.1706-d.1744
Brown, Benjamin (marriage to Ruth Libby) (i63566)
Brown, Benjamin F(ranklin) (i39), b.1833-d.1914
Brown, Burton Belmont (i35563), b.1868-d.1950
Brown, Calvin (i63682), b.1846-d.1847
Brown, Capt Joseph, Jr (i35535), b.1791-d.1879
Brown, Carisa Anne (i75886) (living status unknown)
Brown, Carl Herbert (i69087), b.1907-d.1967
Brown, Carl Herbert, Jr (i69091), b.1940-
Brown, Carl Orville (i63928), b.1893-d.1970
Brown, Charles (i6382), b.1656-d.1708
Brown, Charles (i10087), b.1688-d.1756
Brown, Charles Edwin (i63733), b.1859-d.1929
Brown, Charles Ephraim (i63669), b.1853-
Brown, Charles Michael (i81293), b.1960-d.1960
Brown, Chauncey (i63945), b.1888-
Brown, Cheryl Ann (i92690) (still alive)
Brown, child (i63631), b.1833-
Brown, child (i69094) (living status unknown)
Brown, child (i92667), b.1905-d.1905
Brown, Christina Marie Boyd (i108) (still alive)
Brown, Clarence Lee (marriage to Margaret Ella Winn) (i69127)
Brown, Clement (Clem) Winthrop (i63670), b.1854-
Brown, Clifford (i892), b.1892-
Brown, Clyde (i63877)
Brown, Clyde Earl (i92662), b.1913-d.1987
Brown, Coleman (i63577), b.1827-d.1899
Brown, Coleman (marriage to Joanna H. Libby) (i63577), b.1827-d.1899
Brown, Colleen Alice (i62) (still alive)
Brown, Corabelle (i69100) (living status unknown)
Brown, Daniel (i63594), b.1803-
Brown, Daniel (i92985), b.1833-
Brown, Davis Douglas (i35575), b.1897-d.1977
Brown, Davis Edward (i69103) (living status unknown)
Brown, Della (marriage to Victor Hodgins) (i47100)
Brown, Dorcas (i63634), b.1839-
Brown, Dorothy (marriage to Lloyd Haswell Skillings) (i90691)
Brown, Dr Andrew, III (i6395), b.1790-d.1877
Brown, Dr Ellison (Allison) (i1135), b.1788-d.1866
Brown, Dr Ellison (Allison) (marriage to Elizabeth (Eliza) Huff) (i1135), b.1788-d.1866
Brown, Earle Wesley (i306) (still alive)
Brown, Edgar Belmont (i69095), b.1910-
Brown, Edgar Richard (i69107) (living status unknown)
Brown, Edna (i90804)
Brown, Edward (Eddie) B., Sr (i44), b.1867-d.1955
Brown, Edward, Jr (i48), b.1918-d.1978
Brown, Edwin (i87810)
Brown, Elias (i36407), b.1779-
Brown, Elijah (i63326), b.1744-
Brown, Elijah (i63597), b.1813-
Brown, Elijah R. (i63659), b.1859-d.1921
Brown, Elijah Wellington (i63681), b.1844-d.1849
Brown, Eliphalet (i36399), b.1745-
Brown, Eliza (i63678), b.1839-d.1845
Brown, Eliza (i70427), b.1809-
Brown, Eliza Helen (i65105), b.1857-d.1946
Brown, Eliza S. (i63739), b.1864-d.1917
Brown, Elizabeth (i6385), b.1666-d.1743
Brown, Elizabeth (i9289), b.1695-d.1759
Brown, Elizabeth (i9350), b.1720-d.1786
Brown, Elizabeth (i10075), b.1698-
Brown, Elizabeth (Betsey) (i6397), b.1796-d.1849
Brown, Elizabeth (Betsey) (i9313), b.1770-d.1859
Brown, Elizabeth (Betsey) (marriage to Andrew Stackpole Sawyer) (i29062), b.1789-
Brown, Elizabeth W. (marriage to Josiah Waterhouse) (i29513)
Brown, Ella (marriage to Theodore (Ted) Beverage Sr) (i87736)
Brown, Ella Wilhelmena (i69136), b.1912-
Brown, Ellison (Allison) Huff (i879), b.1827-d.1892
Brown, Elmer Everett (i35572), b.1889-d.1893
Brown, Elsie E. (i22914), b.1843-d.1914
Brown, Elsie Gertrude (i69133), b.1911-d.1995
Brown, Elsy (marriage to William Grant) (i22897)
Brown, Emilie (i63629), b.1841-d.1925
Brown, Emma J. (i63747), b.1853-
Brown, Engleberth Everson (i63931), b.1883-
Brown, Enoch C. (i41351), b.1809-d.1886
Brown, Ephraim (i10094), b.1684-
Brown, Ephraim (i47026), b.1811-d.1874
Brown, Esther (i63939), b.1895-
Brown, Esther Furber (i64626), b.1786-
Brown, Ethel (i63935), b.1884-
Brown, Ethel (i90801)
Brown, Eunice (i36398), b.1743-
Brown, Eva G. (i893), b.1888-d.1948
Brown, Eva Mae (i63944), b.1886-
Brown, Everett L. (i63930), b.1881-d.1942
Brown, Frances (marriage to Charles T. Thomes) (i65196), b.1826-d.1893
Brown, Frances Adelaide (i63680), b.1842-
Brown, Frank (i63948), b.1894-
Brown, Frank A. (i888), b.1859-d.1924
Brown, Frank Henry (i63929), b.1876-d.1926
Brown, Fred Allison (i889), b.1862-d.1924
Brown, Frederick (i63648), b.1833-
Brown, Gage Grindle (i69152) (living status unknown)
Brown, George (i92986), b.1836-
Brown, George (marriage to Virginia Joyce) (i87808)
Brown, George Amos (i63923), b.1882-
Brown, George Edwin (i35578), b.1903-d.1905
Brown, George Edwin (i63757), b.1916-
Brown, George Washington (i35538), b.1809-
Brown, George Washington (i35552), b.1837-
Brown, George Washington (i63677), b.1837-d.1845
Brown, George Washington (i63683), b.1847-
Brown, Georgia A. (i285), b.1861-d.1902
Brown, Georgianna (i930), b.1859-
Brown, Grace Claire (i92704) (still alive)
Brown, Hampden (Ham) C. (i63672), b.1860-
Brown, Hannah (i10091), b.1680-
Brown, Hannah (i10123), b.1754-d.1826
Brown, Hannah (i23992), b.1713-d.1760
Brown, Hannah (i35523), b.1749-
Brown, Hannah (i35534), b.1787-
Brown, Hannah (marriage to Daniel Fickett) (i64148)
Brown, Harriet (Hattie) M. (i288), b.1874-
Brown, Harriet Sawyer (i35547), b.1823-
Brown, Harry Warren, III (i69145) (living status unknown)
Brown, Harry Warren, IV (Townes) (i69149) (living status unknown)
Brown, Hartley Wood (i9302), b.1813-
Brown, he (i11790)
Brown, he (i11791)
Brown, he (i63331), b.1778-
Brown, Helen Louise (i35574), b.1895-d.1922
Brown, Henry (Harry) Warren (i35573), b.1891-d.1975
Brown, Henry Warren (i35551), b.1834-d.1871
Brown, Herbert Howard (i63738), b.1892-d.1962
Brown, Hugh Belmont (i35571), b.1888-d.1964
Brown, Irene (i87809) (living status unknown)
Brown, Isaac S. (i35544), b.1816-d.1900
Brown, Isabella (i35558), b.1861-d.1862
Brown, James (i63578), b.1798-d.1866
Brown, James (marriage to Lucy March Libby) (i63578), b.1798-d.1866
Brown, James Frederick (i65104), b.1856-d.1930
Brown, James P. (i63748), b.1854-
Brown, James R. (i35585), b.1797-
Brown, Jeffrey Paul (i75885) (living status unknown)
Brown, Jennie (i35576), b.1899-d.1986
Brown, Jennie Lind (i35562), b.1861-
Brown, Jennie Lind (i69108) (living status unknown)
Brown, Jeremiah (i12279), b.1703-
Brown, Joanne (i69105) (living status unknown)
Brown, Joanne Noel (i69106) (living status unknown)
Brown, Joe (i63938), b.1891-
Brown, John (i6383), b.1652-d.1695
Brown, John (i6398), b.1799-
Brown, John (i35521), b.1745-
Brown, John (i35528), b.1763-
Brown, John Adams (i35539), b.1809-
Brown, John Meserve (i42822), b.1831-
Brown, John, Jr (i10073), b.1696-
Brown, John, Jr (marriage to Mary Wakefield) (i47898)
Brown, Jonathan (i63327)
Brown, Joseph (i6384), b.1654-d.1681
Brown, Joseph (i35527), b.1761-d.1838
Brown, Joseph (i35557), b.1858-d.1858
Brown, Joseph (i64625), b.1784-
Brown, Joseph, III (i35545), b.1818-d.1910
Brown, Joshua (i6381), b.1662-d.1721
Brown, Joshua (i23993), b.1715-d.1800
Brown, Joshua (i63329)
Brown, Joshua, Jr (i35522), b.1747-
Brown, Joshua, Jr (marriage to Esther Dam) (i35522), b.1747-
Brown, Judith (marriage to Burton Michael Seymour) (i69194)
Brown, June (marriage to Wilbert Washburn Skilling) (i37633)
Brown, June Marie (i81291) (living status unknown)
Brown, Katherine (i9294), b.1689-d.1731
Brown, Laura Eliza (i63684), b.1851-
Brown, Lavina A. (i35549), b.1828-
Brown, Lawrence (i69104) (living status unknown)
Brown, Lemuel (i35546), b.1821-d.1890
Brown, Lemuel, Jr (i35560), b.1875-d.1876
Brown, Lena (i894), b.1895-d.1951
Brown, Leon F. (i891), b.1886-d.1963
Brown, Leonard Frank (i63658), b.1856-
Brown, Leslie Lynne (i69151) (living status unknown)
Brown, Lewis Amos (i63737), b.1889-d.1943
Brown, Linda Jean (i386) (still alive)
Brown, Louisa (i10119), b.1750-d.1812
Brown, Louisa (i63632), b.1834-
Brown, Lt Andrew, Jr (i6376), b.1658-d.1723
Brown, Lt Matthew (i9361), b.1693-d.1734
Brown, Lt. Allison (i9296), b.1698-d.1728
Brown, Lynn Elizabeth (i69093) (living status unknown)
Brown, Mable (i63936), b.1886-
Brown, Mahala (i35537), b.1796-
Brown, Manda (i63942), b.1892-
Brown, Margaret (i69121), b.1916-
Brown, Margaret Owens (marriage to Eugene Prescott Webber) (i19960)
Brown, Margy (i63924), b.1889-d.1920
Brown, Marie Althea (i63762), b.1929-
Brown, Marilyn Rae (i92674) (still alive)
Brown, Mary (i9292), b.1688-d.1742
Brown, Mary (i10090), b.1682-
Brown, Mary (i10095), b.1688-
Brown, Mary (i10113)
Brown, Mary (i10125), b.1765-d.1836
Brown, Mary (i48415), b.1714-
Brown, Mary (i93380), b.1693-
Brown, Mary (Mercy) (i11793), b.1730-
Brown, Mary (Polly) (i6394), b.1786-d.1848
Brown, Mary A. (i35559), b.1865-
Brown, Mary B. (i63596), b.1807-
Brown, Mary E. (i92984), b.1832-
Brown, Mary E. (marriage to Horace D. Ladd) (i15743), b.1843-
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (i881), b.1831-
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (i885), b.1850-d.1885
Brown, Mary Jane (i63665), b.1842-d.1920
Brown, Mary Jane (marriage to George W. Yates) (i63665), b.1842-d.1920
Brown, Mary Relief (i63654), b.1846-d.1912
Brown, Mary Susan (i35548), b.1825-
Brown, Matthew (i6396), b.1792-d.1851
Brown, Matthew A. (i92983), b.1830-
Brown, Maud (i63941), b.1899-
Brown, Melinda W. (i880), b.1829-
Brown, Merle Francis (i63758), b.1917-
Brown, Michael (i92719), b.1846-
Brown, Michael Earle (i110) (still alive)
Brown, Michael Timothy (i75888) (living status unknown)
Brown, Mildred (i63947), b.1892-
Brown, Mills (marriage to Esther Meserve) (i42821)
Brown, Moses (i148), b.1961-d.1986
Brown, Myra Ella (i69109), b.1911-
Brown, Nancy (marriage to Edwin Manson Skillings) (i51866)
Brown, Nancy Marie (i147) (still alive)
Brown, Naomi Marie (i934) (still alive)
Brown, Nathan William (i92691) (still alive)
Brown, Nellie Augusta (i63334)
Brown, Nellie Frances (i63735), b.1886-
Brown, Nely (i63940), b.1897-
Brown, Olive (i64607), b.1781-
Brown, Oliver (i92403), b.1835-
Brown, Orrington (Ott) Cutts (i63667), b.1849-d.1928
Brown, Oscar William (i63932), b.1883-d.1939
Brown, Pearl (i90805)
Brown, Pearl Annette (i63761), b.1926-
Brown, Phebe A. (i63656), b.1850-
Brown, Phyllis Ella (i69253) (living status unknown)
Brown, Pvt Andrew, Jr (i9986), b.1760-d.1842
Brown, Rachel (i63598), b.1816-d.1899
Brown, Rachel (i90797)
Brown, Rachel Marion (i63756), b.1915-
Brown, Rachel Taylor (i47028), b.1846-d.1914
Brown, Rebecca (i10077), b.1700-d.1739
Brown, Rebecca (i12278), b.1700-
Brown, Rebecca (i23991), b.1711-
Brown, Rebecca (marriage to Cpl Josiah Waterhouse) (i29340)
Brown, Richard (Dick) (i63664), b.1840-
Brown, Richard (marriage to Eliza J. Grant) (i22910), b.1808-d.1900
Brown, Richard Laurence (i92663), b.1920-d.1986
Brown, Robert Alvah (i63759), b.1920-
Brown, Roger Belmont (i69098) (living status unknown)
Brown, Roland D. (i87811) (living status unknown)
Brown, Ronald Clyde (i92675) (still alive)
Brown, Rosco (i63917), b.1873-
Brown, Ruel (i90800), b.1863-
Brown, Ruth (i63731), b.1837-
Brown, Sally (i35531), b.1780-
Brown, Samuel (i6387), b.1662-
Brown, Samuel (i10079), b.1702-
Brown, Samuel (i10088), b.1686-
Brown, Samuel (i63328)
Brown, Samuel (i70428), b.1811-
Brown, Samuel "Bog", Sr (marriage to Dorcas Libby) (i41344), b.1774-d.1851
Brown, Samuel B. (i12277), b.1691-
Brown, Samuel, Jr (i63595), b.1805-
Brown, Sarah (i9307), b.1823-
Brown, Sarah (i10081), b.1704-d.1739
Brown, Sarah (i10093), b.1681-
Brown, Sarah (i35529), b.1767-
Brown, Sarah (i36034), b.1720-d.1817
Brown, Sarah (marriage to William Libby) (i10093), b.1681-
Brown, Sarah (Sally) (i6399), b.1800-
Brown, Sarah J. (i41346), b.1842-d.1910
Brown, Sarah J. (marriage to Charles H. Yates) (i41346), b.1842-d.1910
Brown, Sarah, Hanscom (marriage to John Hanscom Jr) (i25809), b.1807-d.1835
Brown, Sharon Gay (i92677) (living status unknown)
Brown, Simon (i64097), b.1782-d.1853
Brown, Sol Andrew (i35524), b.1752-d.1838
Brown, Stephen (i35587)
Brown, Stephen Edward (i106) (still alive)
Brown, Steve Everson (i63933), b.1886-
Brown, Susan Deborah (i63653), b.1844-d.1890
Brown, Susan Deborah (marriage to Osgood Yates) (i63653), b.1844-d.1890
Brown, Susan Viola (marriage to Amos Brown) (i63914)
Brown, Susanna (i23995), b.1720-
Brown, Susannah (i35526), b.1758-d.1797
Brown, Susannah (i63633), b.1835-
Brown, Sylvester (i9306), b.1821-
Brown, Taylor Richard (i75887) (living status unknown)
Brown, Theophilus (i63663), b.1838-d.1863
Brown, Theophilus R. (i63673), b.1863-
Brown, Therza (i35536), b.1793-
Brown, Tim (i90806)
Brown, Turner Washington (i63657), b.1853-d.1928
Brown, Walter M. (i383), b.1891-d.1968
Brown, Warren (i9305), b.1818-
Brown, Weston (Wes) H. (i63668), b.1851-d.1936
Brown, William (i35543), b.1814-
Brown, William Edson (i63736), b.1887-d.1974
Brown, William Edson (i63749), b.1859-
Brown, William Hodge (i9301), b.1816-
Brown, William T. (marriage to Lydia Libby (10-5-4-10-10)) (i65103)
Brown, William, Jr (i10096), b.1688-
Brown, William, Sr (i6386), b.1661-d.1740
Brown, Willie (i63937), b.1889-
Brown, Winslow (i63628), b.1839-d.1919


Browning, Ronnie Jay, Jr (i10792) (living status unknown)


Bryant, Hannah (marriage to Ephraim Bryant Sawyer) (i79692), b.1800-d.1854
Bryant, Joseph (marriage to Charlotte Libby (10-5-4-14)) (i48941)
Bryant, Lucinda (marriage to John N. Ladd) (i15696)


Buchanan, Annie Rowena (i69334) (living status unknown)


Buchholz, Justin Daniel (i9287) (still alive)
Buchholz, Karen Arlene (i1114) (still alive)
Buchholz, Robert Edward (i1128) (still alive)
Buchholz, Trudy Emma (i1129) (still alive)


Buck, Leonard W. (marriage to Priscilla Knight) (i47091), b.1913-d.1952


Bugbee, Ruth M. (marriage to Ens Edward Deering Skillin) (i51760)


Burbank, Anna (marriage to Lt Lemuel Miller) (i11131), b.1756-d.1843
Burbank, Hannah (marriage to Matthew Lassell) (i10245), b.1727-
Burbank, Olive B. (marriage to Lemuel Miller) (i19277)


Burke, Mary (marriage to Orrin Manson Skillings) (i51975)


Burnal, John (marriage to Martha Libby (10-5-2-7)) (i48925)


Burnell, Carole Marion (i63780) (living status unknown)
Burnell, Francis William (marriage to Rachel Marion Brown) (i63776), b.1910-
Burnell, Sandra Jeanne (i63779) (living status unknown)


Burnham, Aaron (i29682), b.1830-
Burnham, Alexander (i29680), b.1827-d.1854
Burnham, Allen (marriage to Olive M. Hanson) (i12456), b.1804-
Burnham, Belford (i20819)
Burnham, Blanehard (i36874), b.1854-
Burnham, Charles (i29678), b.1820-
Burnham, David (marriage to Ruth Lassell) (i10264), b.1801-
Burnham, Ebenezer (marriage to Abigail Hubbard Libby) (i64048)
Burnham, Elizabeth (i20815), b.1781-
Burnham, Frances E. (i36873), b.1848-
Burnham, George O. (i29681), b.1826-
Burnham, Horace (i29679), b.1822-
Burnham, Israel (i20817)
Burnham, James (i20816), b.1783-
Burnham, John (marriage to Olive Cousins) (i46948), b.1803-d.1834
Burnham, Jonas (i20823), b.1798-
Burnham, Leonard (i20820), b.1790-d.1809
Burnham, Leonard (i29683), b.1834-
Burnham, Lydia (i20818)
Burnham, Owen (i20822), b.1795-
Burnham, Rev Jonas (marriage to Jane Merrill) (i19318)
Burnham, Royal (i29685), b.1836-d.1859
Burnham, Seth (marriage to Lydia Lassell) (i10226), b.1760-d.1846
Burnham, Seth, Jr (i20821), b.1793-d.1805
Burnham, Susan (marriage to Caleb Lassell) (i10267)
Burnham, Theresa A. (marriage to Earl Frederick Skillings) (i75979)
Burnham, Thomas (i29684), b.1834-


Burns, Miriam (marriage to Andrew Libby Jr) (i28912), b.1737-d.1827


Bushnell, Lavina (marriage to George Warren Drew) (i47340)


Butcher, he (marriage to Gertrude Sawyer) (i29137), b.1863-


Butler, Mary Agnus (marriage to Ira Francis Sawyer) (i29118), b.1844-d.1906


Butterfield, Miriam (marriage to Isaiah Libby (10-5-3-4-7)) (i3689), d.1872
Butterfield, Olive A. (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby (10-5-3-4-7-5)) (i3712)


Butterworth, Esther Jane (marriage to Harrison Alonzo Mason) (i51953)


Buzzell, Eunice Flora (i71234), b.1869-
Buzzell, Frederick (i46276), b.1861-
Buzzell, George Henry (marriage to Frances E. Jose) (i46275)
Buzzell, George Irving (i71233), b.1867-
Buzzell, Helena Fnnie (i71232), b.1865-
Buzzell, Lottie Mabel (i71235), b.1873-
Buzzell, Orin Colby (i71231), b.1863-


Cain, Elizabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Waterhouse) (i29319), b.1760-d.1840


Callahan, Bessie (marriage to Raymond Dewey Glidden) (i47970)


Camp, Diamond Marie Loring (i10797) (living status unknown)
Camp, Robert Malcolm Loring (i10798) (living status unknown)


Campbell, Margaret (marriage to Colby Rich Skillings) (i51792)
Campbell, Marion (marriage to Ezra Holden Bemis) (i12366)


Capen, Ernest Floyd (marriage to Grayce Ernestine Littlefield) (i45600), b.1876-d.1947


Card, Bertrum (marriage to Elsie Gertrude Brown) (i69134)
Card, James (i69135) (living status unknown)


Cardenas, Addie Mae (Lucille) (marriage to Minot G. Bowman) (i47978), b.1918-d.1999


Carl, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Harmon IV) (i76392)


Carle, Elizabeth (marriage to Hampden (Ham) C. Brown) (i63955)


Carleton, Addie J. (marriage to Francis Albert Libby) (i3670)
Carleton, Addie J. (marriage to Francis Albert Libby) (i3670)


Carll, Lillian A. (marriage to Albert Edgar Ladd) (i15764), b.1871-d.1956
Carll, Willis Gardner (marriage to Lena May Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-3-1)) (i64031), d.1980


Carlozzie, Melva (marriage to Roswell Kenneth Skillings) (i52119)


Carlton, Ella I. (marriage to George Elmer Hanscom) (i39417)
Carlton, Mar (marriage to Ralph Wendell Skillings) (i91710)


Carpenter, Adam (marriage to Alma Ella Hanson) (i12501), b.1882-


Carr, Anna (i10109)
Carr, Cora I. (marriage to Albert Libby) (i78127)
Carr, Elizabeth (i10111)
Carr, Mary (i10107), b.1719-
Carr, Samuel (marriage to Mary Brown) (i9293), b.1686-d.1742
Carr, Sarah (i10105), d.1774
Carr, William (i79839), b.1717-


Carsley, Hayward Burbank, Jr (i65120), b.1921-
Carsley, Malcolm Bernard (i65121), b.1924-
Carsley, Pvt Hayward Burbank, Sr (marriage to Florence Ethel Cushing) (i65116), b.1892-
Carsley, Renton Brown (i65122), b.1928-


Carter, Dora (marriage to William Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-8)) (i64007)
Carter, Dr Alta Lillian (i51739)
Carter, Dr Mary Elizabeth (i51733)
Carter, Ephraim (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29302), b.1742-d.1826
Carter, James (i47146), b.1787-d.1862
Carter, Kathryn (i51745)
Carter, Mary (marriage to Isaiah Franklin Libby (10-2-4-3-2-3-1)) (i47704)
Carter, Nellie Martita (i51735)
Carter, Otto Losen (i51734)
Carter, Rachel Gertrude (i51738)
Carter, Sarabelle Edna, R.N. (i51737)
Carter, Ula Ada (i51736)
Carter, Warren Wesley (marriage to Catherine (Katie) Rachel Skillin) (i51732)
Carter, Wilson Chamberlain (i47148), b.1825-


Cartland, Annette (Nettie) (marriage to Granville Libby) (i12194), b.1838-


Cartwright, Alice (marriage to Elias Banks Waterhouse) (i29423)


Carver, Fred (marriage to Jemima (Mima) H. Beverage) (i87675), b.1860-d.1939


Case, Simeon (marriage to Olive M. Hanson) (i12455), b.1804-


Cavender, Chad Michael (i92701) (still alive)
Cavender, Lee Allen (i92686) (still alive)
Cavender, Morgan Leigh (i92702) (still alive)
Cavender, Rhonda Gaye (i92685) (still alive)


Chadborn, Geneva C. (marriage to Henry Clifford Ladd) (i15792)


Chambers, Nora (marriage to Melvin E. Crandall) (i40791)


Chapman, Charles F. (i45585), b.1841-d.1903
Chapman, Daniel Cousens (i45588), b.1849-
Chapman, Edward (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i64073)
Chapman, Emmeline E. (i45589), b.1854-
Chapman, Florence Eugenia (i45590), b.1856-d.1929
Chapman, Hannah E. (i45602), b.1862-d.1904
Chapman, Lydia (marriage to Fifer Samuel March Jr) (i11982), b.1750-d.1799
Chapman, Mary Isabel (i45587), b.1846-
Chapman, Olive Frances (i45584), b.1839-
Chapman, Robert (marriage to Hannah Cousens Crediford) (i45576), b.1815-d.1872
Chapman, Sarah Francena (i45586), b.1843-


Charest, Margaret E. (marriage to Kenneth James Skillings) (i75931) (living status unknown)


Chase, Edith (marriage to Veranus Warren Libby) (i12143), b.1873-
Chase, Effie Laurel (marriage to Oscar William Brown) (i92658), b.1888-d.1978
Chase, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Waterhouse) (i29354), d.1832
Chase, Phyllis Marion (marriage to Ralph Gordon Skillings) (i90745)
Chase, Robert (marriage to Alice Henrietta Libby (10-5-3-4-2-8)) (i76635)


Chatman, John (marriage to Lydia Miller) (i19307)


Cheney, Aaron Hardy (i29044), b.1870-d.1872
Cheney, Bathesheba Ezelphia (i29041), b.1868-d.1941
Cheney, Eliza Ann (i29027), b.1849-d.1920
Cheney, Elvira (Elviry) (i29033), b.1856-d.1856
Cheney, Ezekiel Wells (marriage to Lucy Elzada Hardy) (i29011), b.1828-d.1886
Cheney, Lucy Ann (i29045), b.1876-d.1950
Cheney, Mary Jane (i29034), b.1857-d.1938
Cheney, Nancy Ellen (i29032), b.1853-d.1869
Cheney, Olive Elzaday (i29029), b.1851-d.1946
Cheney, Wells Ezekiel (i29036), b.1862-d.1957
Cheney, William Dewey (i29039), b.1865-d.1931


Christy, he (marriage to Olive Waterhouse) (i29400)


Chute, Marion (i64014), b.1916-
Chute, Raymond (i64013), b.1915-
Chute, Sidney (marriage to Bessie B. Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-9)) (i64010), d.1967


Cilley, Clarence Adelbert (marriage to Effie (Euphemia?) May Clifford) (i79880), b.1895-
Cilley, Norman Clifford (i79883), b.1917-d.1973


Clark, Abraham (marriage to Elizabeth Ayer) (i69706), d.1843
Clark, Clara Emma (marriage to Wells Ezekiel Cheney) (i29038)
Clark, Elizabeth (marriage to William Libby) (i36056), d.1830
Clark, George Henry (marriage to Abigail (Abbey) Brown) (i63951)
Clark, Herbert F. (marriage to Virginia Mae Hodgins) (i47096)
Clark, Jane, Baker (marriage to Richard H. Libby) (i63592)
Clark, Lydia (i45573)
Clark, Thomas (marriage to Ruth Lassell) (i10287)
Clark, Valentine (marriage to Abigail Ayer) (i69724), b.1785-d.1855


Clifford, Effie (Euphemia?) May (i79879), b.1879-d.1953
Clifford, Ferdinand Palmer (i79877), b.1867-d.1919
Clifford, Lizzie (marriage to Rufus Fickett) (i85737)
Clifford, Mary (marriage to Daniel H. Warren) (i12537), b.1821-
Clifford, Walter J. (i79878), b.1875-d.1936
Clifford, William Henry (marriage to Annie Lucretia Spear) (i79873), b.1840-d.1910
Clifford, William Reed (i79876), b.1865-d.1936


Cline, Doris (marriage to Roswell Blanchard Skillings Sr) (i51856)


Closter, Marietta, (Webster?) (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Tarbox) (i42372), b.1836-d.1925


Clough, George P. (marriage to Ann M. R. Huff) (i11676)


Cobb, Ann J. (marriage to Cyrus Edwin Libby (10-5-3-4-6-4)) (i76309)
Cobb, Anna F. (marriage to Emmet E. Crandall) (i40786)
Cobb, Emery (marriage to Leonora Hanscom) (i39522)
Cobb, Henrietta A. (marriage to Henry True Libby) (i76336), b.1830-
Cobb, Mary (Polly) (marriage to David Libby (11-7-1-10)) (i18254), b.1779-d.1833


Coburn, Ebenezer (marriage to Mary (Molly) Lassell) (i11018)


Cody, Alice Marie (marriage to Robert Edward Seavey) (i47076)


Coffin, Clinton H. (marriage to Emma Almanza Skillin) (i37637)


Colby, Gerald Enrique (i12414), b.1921-d.1944
Colby, he (i12416) (still alive)
Colby, Roger Austin (i12417), b.1928-d.1929
Colby, she (i12415) (still alive)
Colby, she (i12418) (still alive)
Colby, she (i12419) (still alive)


Cole, Amy Marie (i75860) (living status unknown)
Cole, Frances A. (marriage to Roscoe Libby (10-2-1-2-3-9-2)) (i63831), b.1850-d.1911
Cole, Joseph Green, III (i93996), b.1871-d.1872
Cole, Joseph Green, Jr (marriage to Helen Augusta Davis) (i93993), d.1871
Cole, Phebe (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29455)
Cole, Tracy Ellen (i75861) (living status unknown)


Coleman, Carolyn June (i10801) (living status unknown)
Coleman, Frederick Charles (i10802) (living status unknown)
Coleman, Jacqueline Jean (i10804) (living status unknown)
Coleman, Shawna Renee (i10805) (living status unknown)
Coleman, Susan Jean (i10806) (living status unknown)


Collins, Elizabeth Frances (marriage to Capt Bradstreet Stinson Rairden) (i92926), b.1864-d.1942
Collins, Marion I. (marriage to Richard Charles Polk) (i47033)


Colyard, Mary (marriage to Obadiah Littlefield) (i46932), b.1825-


Cook, Jennie (marriage to Charles H. Ladd II) (i29963)


Coolbroth, James F. (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (11-6-5-5-5)) (i12094), b.1814-
Coolbroth, James F. (marriage to Elmira Libby (11-6-5-5-11)) (i12094), b.1814-
Coolbroth, Sophia (marriage to David Waterhouse) (i29438), d.1854


Coolridge, Ripley (marriage to Anne Libby) (i63719)


Coon, Alfred A. (marriage to Orpha Almeda March) (i40766), b.1850-d.1924


Cooper, Melanie (i87823) (living status unknown)


Corson, Calla H. (marriage to Myron Leslie Reed) (i51925)


Corthell, Gilbert William (marriage to Elizabeth Abigail Waterhouse) (i29520)


Cote, Emily V. (marriage to Harvey F. Hanscom) (i39516), b.1907-d.1953


Cottel, Dolly, (Cottle) (marriage to Richard (Dick) Brown) (i79543)


Cottle, Alice, (Cottel) (marriage to Charles Ephraim Brown) (i79548)
Cottle, Nancy Boulton, (Cottel) (Cottell) (marriage to Ephraim Brown) (i63660), b.1819-d.1896


Cotton, Jacob H. (marriage to Jennette N. Skillin) (i78096)


Cousins, Abner (i28969), b.1780-d.1834
Cousins, Albert (marriage to Ella Myrtle Ladd) (i15769), b.1880-
Cousins, Anna (i46935), b.1826-
Cousins, Catherine (i28967), b.1777-d.1847
Cousins, Elmer Ellsworth (i46942), b.1861-d.1923
Cousins, Grace Evelyn (i46941), b.1888-d.1959
Cousins, Horace (i46936), b.1828-d.1897
Cousins, Horace Edgar (i46938), b.1857-d.1910
Cousins, John (i46933), b.1803-d.1839
Cousins, Joseph (marriage to Mary Cousins) (i21903), b.1779-
Cousins, Joshua (i28965), b.1770-
Cousins, Mabel (i46946), b.1896-d.1896
Cousins, Maj Nathaniel, Sr (Cousens) (marriage to Catherine Lassell) (i10199), b.1739-d.1832
Cousins, Margaret Manning (i46944), b.1896-d.1952
Cousins, Marion L. (i46940), b.1887-d.1975
Cousins, Mary (i21904), b.1784-
Cousins, Nathaniel, Jr (i28963), b.1768-
Cousins, Olive (i28972), b.1782-d.1845
Cousins, Olive (i46947), b.1809-d.1889
Cousins, Ruth (i20588), b.1776-d.1866
Cousins, Sarah Ann (marriage to Alonzo Small Ladd) (i15747), b.1853-d.1932
Cousins, Susanna (Susan) (i28971), b.1782-


Cowan, John Calvin (marriage to Ernestine Isabelle Rankins) (i35676), b.1857-d.1926
Cowan, John Clarence (i35677), b.1889-d.1961
Cowan, Mildred Bryant (i35678), b.1896-


Coy, Caroline Ring (marriage to Levi Haskell Waterhouse) (i29494)


Crandall, Emmet E. (i40785), b.1864-d.1929
Crandall, Ernest C. (i40788), b.1865-d.1867
Crandall, Frank L. (i40793), b.1874-d.1875
Crandall, Joseph Eldridge (marriage to Elizabeth Murch March) (i11990), b.1838-d.1907
Crandall, Martin H. (i40792), b.1870-d.1906
Crandall, Melvin E. (i40789), b.1867-d.1925
Crandall, Myrtle Harriet (i11993), b.1876-d.1968
Crandall, Nettie (i40784), b.1863-


Crawford, Clarence Carl (marriage to Marie Althea Brown) (i63786)


Crediford, Catherine (i45581), b.1806-
Crediford, Daniel (marriage to Ruth Cousins) (i20587), b.1771-d.1830
Crediford, Hannah Cousens (i45575), b.1820-d.1862
Crediford, May (i45582), b.1808-
Crediford, Olive (i45580), b.1795-
Crediford, Susan (i45583), b.1811-


Crocker, Simeon (marriage to Catherine (Katy) Waterhouse) (i29396)


Crockett, Carrie (marriage to Hartwell P. Libby) (i63723), d.1877
Crockett, Ethel (i63882)
Crockett, Isabelle (i63883)
Crockett, Joshua (marriage to Emilie Brown) (i63878), b.1837-
Crockett, Rose (i63880)
Crockett, Stephen A. (i63879)
Crockett, Willard (i63881)


Crosby, Ada Belle (i41315)
Crosby, Daniel (marriage to Mary Brown) (i10126)
Crosby, Ephraim C. G. (marriage to Fannie Brown Yates) (i41313), b.1857-d.1884
Crosby, Lucy J. C. (marriage to Stillman Taylor) (i79553), b.1847-
Crosby, Mahala McKeenan (marriage to Charles M. Libby (10-2-1-2-6-2-6)) (i63956), b.1848-d.1869


Cross, Henry F. (marriage to Harriet Faxon (Hattie) Hanscom) (i25826)
Cross, Lois (marriage to Allison Libby III) (i12236)


Crowell, Harold Williams (marriage to Frances Rosella Cushing) (i65123), d.1954
Crowell, Richard Cushing (i65127), b.1928-
Crowell, Robert W. (i65126), b.1924-


Crowson, Charlotte Sophronia (marriage to James Elmore March) (i40796), b.1842-d.1914


Cummings, Albert Willis, Jr (i35606) (living status unknown)
Cummings, Albert Willis, Sr (marriage to Rowena Ella Booker) (i35604) (living status unknown)
Cummings, Heather Ann (i64736) (living status unknown)
Cummings, J. G. (marriage to Lora Ethel Bemis) (i12364)
Cummings, Lydia H. (marriage to Sumner Waterhouse) (i29503)
Cummings, Paul (i64737) (living status unknown)
Cummings, Rhoda (marriage to Pvt John Skillings Libby) (i19930), b.1763-d.1849
Cummings, Sarah (marriage to Andrew Libby Jr (11-7-1-8)) (i28213)
Cummings, Terry Ann (i35605) (living status unknown)


Curen, Clarence Allison (marriage to Ruth E. French) (i63767), d.1938


Curran, Annie (marriage to Frederick Buzzell) (i46277)


Currier, Elsie Amilia (i12392), b.1890-d.1982
Currier, George Franklin (i12399), b.1892-d.1960
Currier, he (i12401) (still alive)
Currier, Letha Sarah (i12404), b.1896-d.1914
Currier, Lewis E. (marriage to Sophie Libby Frye) (i12385), b.1860-d.1921
Currier, she (i12402) (still alive)
Currier, Vina Judith (i12403), b.1892-


Curtis, Adam Gregory (i69188) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Albert George (i69221) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Alison Louise (i69223) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Amanda Nicole (i69237) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Amy Lynn (i69244) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Andrea Marie (i69247) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Andrew Nathan (i69236) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Bethany Marie (i69190) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Beverly Marie (i69157), b.1935-d.1994
Curtis, Bradley Crawford (i69238) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Burton Belmont (i69180), b.1918-d.1995
Curtis, Cathrine Lee (i69233) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Cindy Lou (i69161) (living status unknown)
Curtis, David Wayne (i69214) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Edith Estelle (i69191), b.1920-d.1995
Curtis, Edward George (i69249), b.1964-d.1964
Curtis, Elwyn Chase (i69225) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Gary Michael (i69234) (living status unknown)
Curtis, George Everett (i69155), b.1914-d.1995
Curtis, George Leander (marriage to Helen Louise Brown) (i35592), b.1889-
Curtis, Glendon Arthur (i69231) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Gregory Thomas (i69186) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Hannah (marriage to Josiah Thomas Sawyer) (i29105), b.1817-d.1894
Curtis, Helen Louise (i69168), b.1916-
Curtis, Janet Lea (i69217) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Jannett Mary (i69250), b.1936-d.1936
Curtis, Kacie Leigh (i69248) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Laurel Anne (i69189) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Laurel Lynn (i69207) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Levi Allan (i69229) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Linwood Gordon (i69205), b.1921-
Curtis, Lucinda M. (marriage to Leason Sawyer) (i79762), b.1823-d.1891
Curtis, Maria (marriage to Leason Sawyer) (i79761), b.1811-d.1839
Curtis, Mary Ellen (i69164) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Mary Jannett (i69251), b.1936-d.1936
Curtis, Mary Kimberly (i69162) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Matthew Chase (i69224) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Michael Ryan (i69243) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Rodney Everett (i69159) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Roland Chase (i69215), b.1929-
Curtis, Samuel Chase (i69230) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Scott Charles (i69245) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Stacey Bradley (i69240) (living status unknown)
Curtis, Terry Burton (i69184) (living status unknown)
Curtis, William Allan (i69227) (living status unknown)


Cushing, Andrew Peters (i18178), b.1820-d.1851
Cushing, Betsy Alley (i18177), b.1816-
Cushing, Deborah (marriage to James Tyler) (i11595), b.1791-d.1871
Cushing, Florence Ethel (i65115), b.1893-
Cushing, Frances Rosella (i65117), b.1895-
Cushing, Franklin Spofford (i18179), b.1822-d.1880
Cushing, Hannah (marriage to Nathan L. Skillings) (i90665)
Cushing, John (i18172), b.1802-d.1854
Cushing, Leander (i18175), b.1809-d.1884
Cushing, Lemuel (i18176), b.1812-d.1879
Cushing, Louisa (i18173), b.1804-
Cushing, Nathaniel, III (i18174), b.1807-
Cushing, Nathaniel, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsy) Alley) (i18171), b.1769-d.1833
Cushing, Roswell S. (marriage to Eliza Helen Brown) (i65112), b.1849-


Dagworthy, William (marriage to Sarah Brown) (i10082), d.1739


Dam, Esther (i36080), b.1757-
Dam, Esther (marriage to Joshua Brown Jr) (i36080), b.1757-
Dam, John (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i12251)
Dam, Sarah (i12250), b.1760-d.1849
Dam, Sarah (marriage to Pvt Allison Libby Jr) (i12250), b.1760-d.1849


Davidson, Thomas (marriage to Laura Henrietta Hart) (i40751)


Davies, James Lee (i12570), b.1930-
Davies, John Daniel (i12571), b.1928-d.1989
Davies, May Valentine (i12568), b.1925-
Davies, Ruth Lorene (i12566) (still alive)
Davies, Thomas Rees (i12567), b.1922-d.1990
Davies, Thomas Rees (marriage to Ruth Fannette Leick) (i12560), b.1900-d.1999


Davis, Abigail (i3636), b.1767-d.1848
Davis, Alice (i94015), b.1870-d.1870
Davis, Amos (marriage to Abigail Alley) (i18197)
Davis, Ben Frank (marriage to Cora Elizabeth (Lida) Libby) (i77498)
Davis, Charles A. (marriage to Ella Gertrude Libby) (i77453)
Davis, Charles Arthur (i93999), b.1862-
Davis, Edith (i94000), b.1865-d.1934
Davis, Eliza Ann (marriage to Ivory Libby) (i64061)
Davis, Ella Mary (marriage to Burton Belmont Brown) (i35568), b.1866-d.1959
Davis, Florence (i94016), b.1870-d.1870
Davis, he (marriage to Emily Libby) (i3653)
Davis, Helen Augusta (i93992), b.1849-d.1872
Davis, Leah, Stewart (marriage to Davis Douglas Brown) (i35594), b.1894-d.1967
Davis, Lelia Marble (marriage to Reuel Henry Reed) (i51922)
Davis, Mary (i36053), b.1810-
Davis, Mary (marriage to Andrew Stackpole) (i10102), b.1723-d.1772
Davis, Phebe J. (i77449), b.1838-d.1913
Davis, Pvt Michael (marriage to Sarah Libby (11-1-8)) (i36050)
Davis, Sarah Libby (i36052), b.1769-
Davis, Walter Edward (i93997), b.1857-
Davis, Walter Goodwin (i47153), b.1885-d.1966
Davis, Walter Goodwin, Sr (i47151), b.1857-d.1918
Davis, William (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (11-7-1-1)) (i36154)
Davis, William (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29360), b.1796-d.1864
Davis, William Goodwin (i47149), b.1825-d.1903
Davis, William H. (marriage to Elizabeth J. Haynes) (i77448), b.1803-
Davis, William Neal (i93998), b.1860-d.1898


Day, Clarence Raymond (marriage to Ethel Mae Reed) (i51933)
Day, Francis, Emery (i63999)
Day, Ralph (marriage to Mattie Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-4)) (i63997)


Dayley, James (marriage to Caroline Alvira Hardy) (i29019)


Dearborn, John (marriage to Sarah Ladd) (i15739)
Dearborn, William (marriage to Maria Littlefield) (i46887), b.1830-


Dearing, Judith, (Deering) (marriage to Andrew Lassell) (i19404), b.1722-


Debevoise, Aletta (i94011) (living status unknown)
Debevoise, Edith (i94013) (living status unknown)
Debevoise, Louise (i94008) (living status unknown)
Debevoise, Randolph Foster, Jr (marriage to Helen Louise Files) (i94005)


Deering, Abby Fives (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Skillings) (i19926), b.1844-
Deering, Caroline S. (i47387), b.1834-d.1920
Deering, James (marriage to Elizabeth Stackpole) (i47290)
Deering, James L. (marriage to Louise Eliza Libby) (i28209), b.1811-
Deering, Martin V. B. (i47391), b.1837-
Deering, Nellie R. (marriage to Charles Edwin Skillin) (i51758)
Deering, Samuel (i47393), b.1839-d.1849
Deering, Theodore (i47394), b.1849-


Deis, Frances (marriage to Louis Warren Harris) (i90311)


DeMallie, William W. (marriage to Louise Storer) (i45598)


Dennis, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Brown) (i10084), d.1744


Derry, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Lassell) (i10309)


DeWitt, Francis Wilton (i51985)
DeWitt, Jacob (marriage to Mabel Jane Rumery) (i51984)
DeWitt, Philip (i51986)


Dickson, Helen Frances (marriage to Frederick Dow Rumery) (i51993)


Dill, Harrison (marriage to Sarah E. Skillings) (i76241), b.1849-
Dill, Josiah (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i64095)
Dill, Lucy (i78164), b.1875-
Dill, Martha (marriage to John McCausland) (i23701), b.1802-d.1889


Dingley, Charles (marriage to Mary Ann Stackpole) (i47279)


Dixon, Ainsley Mann (i25860) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Brady Joseph (i25845) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Catherine Ruth (Cathy) (i25862) (living status unknown)
Dixon, David Michael (i25840) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Dylon Leiros (i25868) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Elizabeth F. (i29639), b.1816-
Dixon, Henry T. (i29633), b.1799-
Dixon, Jessica (i25844) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Jessica Amber (i25871) (living status unknown)
Dixon, John (i29634), b.1800-
Dixon, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (11-2-4-5)) (i11851)
Dixon, Joseph Allen (marriage to Claudia Florence Ross) (i25836), b.1883-
Dixon, Joseph Allen, Jr (i25837) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Joseph, Jr (i29635), b.1801-
Dixon, Linda Marie (i25873) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Lisa (i25856) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Lucinda (i29637), b.1810-
Dixon, Mark Brian (i25869) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Mary H. (i29636), b.1807-
Dixon, Matthew Allen (i25872) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Michael (i25857) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Nancy (marriage to William Hanscom) (i25694)
Dixon, Nathaniel L. (i29638), b.1813-
Dixon, Paul (i25859), b.1929-d.1929
Dixon, Peter Alan (i25842), b.1956-
Dixon, Philip Bruce (i25866) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Russell Woodworth (i25854) (living status unknown)
Dixon, Ruth Frances (i25846), b.1925-d.1982
Dixon, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Ann Hanscom) (i25832), b.1836-d.1914
Dixon, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Ann Hanscom) (i25832), b.1836-d.1914
Dixon, Shadrach (marriage to Hannah Hanscom) (i25701)


Dodge, Abby Peverly (marriage to William Wallace Hanscom) (i39418)


Doe, Ezekiel (marriage to Eliza Lassell) (i10273)


Dolby, George (marriage to Hepzibah Sawyer) (i29060), b.1770-


Dolloff, George R. (marriage to Ruby Nason) (i89412)


Donnell, Mrs Sarah T. (marriage to Pvt William Harmon Waterhouse) (i29334)


Door, Eliza (i42811), b.1804-
Door, John (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i42810), b.1779-


Dopkins, Eulalah (marriage to Talbot Roswell Goddard) (i51824)


Doran, Ruth (marriage to Milton Beverage) (i87775)


Dorman, Charles (marriage to Abigail Libby (11-2-3-5)) (i36112), b.1767-d.1857
Dorman, Clarissa (marriage to Benjamin Libby) (i36129)
Dorman, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Miller) (i11096)


Dorr, Elizabeth R. (marriage to Jonathan Littlefield) (i46923), b.1819-d.1856


Dory, Ruth (marriage to Emmet E. Crandall) (i40787)


Doughty, Mary (marriage to Joseph Libby (11-7-1-9)) (i36162), b.1775-d.1838


Douglas, John Henry (marriage to Jennie Lind Brown) (i69084)


Dow, Carol Ann (i12630) (living status unknown)
Dow, Edward (marriage to Ada Belle Crosby) (i41316)
Dow, Edythe Jane (i12631) (living status unknown)
Dow, Philip Edward (i41319)
Dow, Philip Yates (i41317)
Dow, Ruth Elizabeth (marriage to Ellison (Allison) Huff Brown) (i884), b.1830-d.1899
Dow, Vernon E. (marriage to Myrtle Bean) (i12621), b.1898-d.1965
Dow, William (marriage to Isabella Libby (5-7-8-2-5)) (i49015)


Downing, Amy (marriage to John Wakefield IV) (i87845), b.1797-
Downing, Elizabeth (Lizzie) (marriage to Benjamin F(ranklin) Brown) (i40), b.1833-d.1922
Downing, Elizabeth (marriage to John Murphy) (i11150)
Downing, Harrison (marriage to Hannah Murphy) (i11178)
Downing, John (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Miller) (i19299)


Drake, Daniel Newell (marriage to Mary Jane Cheney) (i29035)


Dresser, Anne (i87754) (living status unknown)
Dresser, Helen M. (i76410), b.1902-
Dresser, Ira H. (i76406), b.1878-d.1957
Dresser, Jane (i76425) (living status unknown)
Dresser, Leon W. (i76409), b.1893-d.1957
Dresser, Mary Rosetta (i87755) (living status unknown)
Dresser, Perley C. (i76408), b.1885-d.1960
Dresser, Peter (i76424) (living status unknown)
Dresser, Ralph Clayton (marriage to Gladys Vale Beverage) (i87753)
Dresser, Richard Wilbur (i76415), b.1924-d.1973
Dresser, Thomas Leon (i76423) (living status unknown)
Dresser, Wilbur F. (marriage to Sarah McLaughlin) (i76403), b.1848-d.1924
Dresser, William W. (i76407), b.1881-d.1946


Drew, Alice (i47337), b.1848-
Drew, Enoch (i47333), b.1811-
Drew, George Warren (i47339), b.1823-d.1888
Drew, Gertrude (i47336), b.1846-
Drew, Henry (i47334), b.1815-
Drew, Jedediah (marriage to Anna T. Warren) (i12524), b.1786-d.1838
Drew, John (i47330), b.1807-
Drew, John Yeaton (i47293), b.1808-d.1864
Drew, Lemuel (marriage to Polly Warren) (i12516), b.1774-d.1839
Drew, Lemuel S. (i47295), b.1824-d.1907
Drew, Maria G. (i12533), b.1812-d.1855
Drew, Maria G. (marriage to Nathaniel Warren) (i12533), b.1812-d.1855
Drew, Mary (i47335), b.1844-
Drew, Sally Libby (i47291), b.1804-d.1870
Drew, Sophronia (i47338), b.1816-
Drew, William Chapman (i47331), b.1808-d.1894


Drinkwater, Lucy (marriage to William Philbrook III) (i29001)
Drinkwater, Thomas (marriage to Margaret Stackpole) (i11580), b.1734-d.1766


Drohan, Amy Frances (marriage to Elmer Alonzo Mason) (i51959)


Drury, Bessye L. (marriage to Raymond Loring Libby (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-1)) (i76361) (living status unknown)


Dudley, Annie (marriage to Milton Libby (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-1)) (i64039), b.1873-d.1960
Dudley, Benjamin (marriage to Clarissa Libby (5-7-8-2-4)) (i49013)
Dudley, Mary (marriage to Isaac Waterhouse) (i29436)


Duke, Laura Ruth (marriage to William Chester Walker) (i12612), b.1891-


Dumas, Bernice Irene (marriage to Burton Belmont Curtis) (i69181)


Dunn, Jessie S. (i29557), b.1891-
Dunn, John Newton (marriage to Julia Josephine Jordan) (i29548), b.1855-d.1928
Dunn, Julia Arvilla (i29551), b.1887-d.1949
Dunn, Lewis (i29556), b.1889-


Dunnell, Abigail (marriage to Pvt Joshua Smith) (i12452), b.1763-
Dunnell, John (marriage to Eleanor Libby) (i36138)


Dunnells, Sarah (marriage to Charles Libby (11-2-3-1-4)) (i42817)


Dunning, Mary A. (marriage to Washington Libby) (i12169), b.1833-


Dunton, Florence (marriage to Edward (Eddie) B. Brown Sr) (i932), b.1870-
Dunton, Lucinda (marriage to Bradford Boynton) (i52247), b.1819-d.1895


DuPuis, Cathy Ann (i65) (still alive)
DuPuis, Joseph Edward (i149) (still alive)
DuPuis, Nicole Renee (i4789) (still alive)
DuPuis, Robin Marie (i109) (still alive)


Durrell, Maude (i29692)
Durrell, Oliver Bourne (marriage to Betsey Gooch Peabody) (i29689), b.1821-d.1856
Durrell, Oliver Heber (i29690), b.1847-d.1900


Dyer, Anna (marriage to Col Zebulon Waterhouse) (i29532), b.1798-d.1833
Dyer, Corabelle, Carll (marriage to Hugh Belmont Brown) (i35589), b.1880-d.1953
Dyer, Isabel E. (marriage to Willis B. Skillin) (i76660)
Dyer, Mercy (marriage to Samuel Marr Libby) (i64091)
Dyer, Nancy (marriage to Elihu Libby) (i76729)
Dyer, Nancy (marriage to Elihu Libby) (i76729)
Dyer, Reuben (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i64096)
Dyer, Reuben (marriage to Sally Hanscom Libby) (i64090)


Eaton, Sophia Gertrude (marriage to Oliver Heber Durrell) (i29691), b.1851-


Ebler, Andrew Joseph (i10586) (still alive)


Echols, Chester Madison (marriage to Florence Bessie Skillings) (i91703)


Edgar, Matthew (marriage to Nancy Hanson) (i12470), b.1819-


Edgecomb, John (i87635), b.1793-d.1870
Edgecomb, Maj Nicholas, Jr (marriage to Sarah Tarbox) (i87514), b.1766-d.1847
Edgecomb, Mark (i87639), b.1800-d.1803
Edgecomb, Nicholas (i87643), b.1805-d.1805
Edgecomb, Oliver (i87638), b.1798-d.1800
Edgecomb, Rev Joseph (i87640), b.1803-d.1892
Edgecomb, Sarah (i87632), b.1790-d.1814
Edgecomb, Shuah (i87634), b.1791-d.1794
Edgecomb, Susanna (i87637), b.1796-d.1803


Edgerley, Thirza (Theresa) A. (marriage to Orrington (Ott) Cutts Brown) (i63952)


Edgerly, Ella Nora (i63886)
Edgerly, Gilman Davis King (marriage to Olive Sprague) (i63884)
Edgerly, Hannah (marriage to Noah Staples) (i12330), b.1734-
Edgerly, Olive Augusta (i63887)
Edgerly, Sarah (marriage to John Edgecomb) (i87636), b.1789-d.1882
Edgerly, Teresa (marriage to Theophilus R. Brown) (i79542)
Edgerly, Wilbert (i63885)


Elam, Alex Xavier (i90229) (still alive)
Elam, Christopher Jason (i1116) (still alive)
Elam, Darryl Joseph (i1117) (still alive)


Elden, Emma (marriage to Jeremiah Libby Jr) (i64058)
Elden, Ruth (marriage to Josiah Libby) (i64046)


Eldrich, Sarah Plummer (marriage to Daniel Libby) (i28917), d.1842


Elliot, John (marriage to Charlotte Libby) (i28228)


Elliott, Lucy Elizabeth (marriage to Walter Harry Messer) (i29120), b.1875-


Ellis, Jennie F., Runnels (marriage to Merton Zachariah Fickett) (i85750), b.1867-
Ellis, Patty (marriage to John Stackpole) (i47281)


Ellsworth, he (marriage to Ruth Fickett) (i85740)


Elwell, Addie F. (marriage to Hewitt Chandler Skillings) (i76239), b.1852-d.1915


Emah, Mary (marriage to Almon L. Skillin) (i51725)


Emerson, Nathan (marriage to Elizabeth Lassell) (i10312)
Emerson, Nathan (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i10312)


Emery, Abigail (i35632), b.1778-
Emery, Abigail (marriage to Allison Harmon) (i35632), b.1778-
Emery, Alice Chase (marriage to Squire Levi Libby Jr (10-2-1-2-3-8-3)) (i63825), d.1932
Emery, Ann C. (marriage to Thomas Burnham) (i36878)
Emery, Bert (marriage to Mattie Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-4)) (i63998)
Emery, Franklin (marriage to Alice Charles Waterhouse) (i29522)
Emery, Jeremiah (marriage to Margaret Smith) (i35629), b.1747-
Emery, Samuel (marriage to Mary Cousins) (i45578), b.1770-
Emery, Sarah S. (marriage to William L. Hanscom) (i25662)


Emmons, Samuel, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth Miller) (i11103)


Erskine, Frederick J. (marriage to Mary Jane Walker) (i12604), b.1858-d.1931
Erskine, Inez M. (i12635), b.1895-d.1960
Erskine, Maude Ethel (i12634), b.1889-d.1970
Erskine, Rose M. (i12636), b.1899-d.1899
Erskine, Walter (i47326), b.1886-d.1886


Estes, Miriam (marriage to Thomas Smith Waterhouse) (i29489)


Evans, Jack (marriage to Gertrude Sawyer) (i29138), b.1863-


Everett, Emma (marriage to Albert S. Littlefield) (i46908), b.1857-


Faber, Herman (marriage to Ruth Myrtle McCrady) (i30061)


Fairweather, Maude E. (marriage to Fred Sawyer Messer) (i29122)


Fancy, L. Hayden (marriage to Margery E. Milliken) (i64929)


Farley, Hiram B. (marriage to Susan Jane March) (i40782)
Farley, Walter (i40783), d.1900


Farnham, Capt John (marriage to Anna March) (i40812)
Farnham, Lillian Mary (marriage to Walter Irving Stone) (i76436), b.1885-d.1962


Farrar, Harriet Ann (marriage to Thomas Jason Libby) (i12083), b.1846-d.1931


Farrer, Phoebe Ann, (Farrow) (marriage to Ephraim Brown) (i47027), b.1816-d.1848
Farrer, Sophronia (marriage to Enoch C. Brown) (i41352), b.1822-d.1884


Farris, Elmer Lee (marriage to Ruth Myrtle McCrady) (i30060), b.1889-d.1951
Farris, Florence Mae (marriage to Ralph Clinton Skillings) (i90742), b.1879-d.1953


Ferguson, Dorothy Azelda (i35584) (living status unknown)
Ferguson, Edward (marriage to Benecia Vallejo Brown) (i35564), d.1933
Ferguson, Harold Joseph (i35582), b.1906-
Ferguson, Joseph (i35567), b.1881-d.1926
Ferguson, Marian Mabel (i35583), b.1909-


Fernald, Adah (marriage to Charles R. Hanscom) (i39442)
Fernald, Charles (marriage to Mary Libby (11-11-6-3)) (i11877)
Fernald, Mary (Betsey?) (marriage to Nathaniel Hanscom) (i39315)
Fernald, William S. (marriage to Sarah Ann Hanscom) (i25664), b.1802-d.1848


Ferrar, Augusta (marriage to William L. Hanscom) (i39406)


Fickett, Abba (i64154), b.1788-
Fickett, Anna (i85722), b.1808-d.1884
Fickett, Annie (i85743), b.1864-
Fickett, Annie M. (marriage to Merton Zachariah Fickett) (i85745), b.1867-
Fickett, Clarise (i64624), b.1783-
Fickett, Cpl Abner (marriage to Abigail Brown) (i64797), b.1743-
Fickett, Daniel (i64147), b.1784-d.1862
Fickett, Hannah (i64152), b.1786-
Fickett, Hannah (i85735), b.1858-
Fickett, Herbert (i85742), b.1863-
Fickett, Joseph (i64608), b.1781-d.1785
Fickett, Joseph (i64631), b.1785-
Fickett, Joshua (i64140), b.1780-
Fickett, Merton Zachariah (i85744), b.1866-d.1944
Fickett, Obed (marriage to Jane Sprague) (i63895)
Fickett, Pvt Nathaniel (marriage to Susannah Brown) (i63324), b.1761-d.1832
Fickett, Pvt Vincent (Vinson) (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i64202), b.1758-
Fickett, Rishworth (i65095), b.1788-
Fickett, Rufus (i85736), b.1860-
Fickett, Ruth (i85739)
Fickett, Sarah (i64156), b.1790-
Fickett, Sumner (i85741), b.1862-
Fickett, Susie M. (i85738)
Fickett, Thomas (i64142), b.1781-d.1848
Fickett, Zachariah (i85734), b.1830-d.1894
Fickett, Zachariah (marriage to Mary Wilbur) (i85734), b.1830-d.1894


Files, Elizabeth (marriage to Ai Libby (10-5-4-1-8)) (i3721)
Files, George Taylor (marriage to Edith Davis) (i94001), d.1919
Files, Helen Louise (i94004), b.1899-


Fisher, Harry K. (marriage to Harriet (Hattie) M. Brown) (i289)
Fisher, Kenneth (i710)


Fisk, Dr Moses (marriage to Elizabeth Banks Waterhouse) (i29418)


Fitts, Eda (marriage to Leon F. Brown) (i87903), b.1893-d.1964


Flake, Lou (marriage to Edith Nancy Skillings) (i75925)
Flake, Lou Ann (i75926) (living status unknown)


Fletcher, Anna (marriage to Joseph Young Stackpole) (i47288)
Fletcher, Cora E. (Nellie) (marriage to Walter Edgecomb Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2)) (i63810), b.1860-d.1943
Fletcher, Elizabeth (i24536), b.1744-
Fletcher, Hepsibah (i24537), b.1746-
Fletcher, Mary (i24534), b.1740-
Fletcher, Samuel (i79889)
Fletcher, Samuel (marriage to Mary Carr) (i10108), b.1718-
Fletcher, Sarah (i24538), b.1748-d.1826
Fletcher, Sarah (i24539), b.1754-
Fletcher, Sarah (marriage to Andrew Stackpole) (i47287)
Fletcher, William Carr (i24535), b.1749-
Fletcher, William Carr, Jr (i79892), b.1778-


Fly, Isaac (marriage to Joanna Libby (10-5-2-5)) (i48923)


Flynn, Jack (marriage to Ruth Frances Dixon) (i25853)


Fogg, Clara May (marriage to Oscar Hubert Yates) (i51944)
Fogg, Daniel (marriage to Eunice March) (i12005), b.1766-d.1829
Fogg, Desiah L. (i29898), b.1813-
Fogg, Dominicus (i64890)
Fogg, Dorcas (marriage to Thomas Libby) (i12062), b.1747-d.1799
Fogg, Elisabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Libby Jr) (i11920)
Fogg, Elizabeth (i29891), b.1793-
Fogg, Esther (marriage to Elisha Libby (10-5-1)) (i3404), b.1729-
Fogg, Eunice (i12009), b.1791-
Fogg, Georgie A. (marriage to Frank Lewellyn Libby) (i78148)
Fogg, Georgie A. (marriage to Frank Lewellyn Libby) (i78148)
Fogg, Hannah Jane (i64891)
Fogg, Hannah Jane (marriage to Samuel Manson Libby) (i64891)
Fogg, Hiram (i12010), b.1793-
Fogg, Ivory (marriage to Ruth Libbie Sprague) (i63891)
Fogg, Ivory Small (i29893), b.1803-
Fogg, Jane (i12011), b.1795-
Fogg, Jonathan (marriage to Phebe Curtis Waterhouse) (i29416)
Fogg, Louisa (i29897), b.1810-
Fogg, Lucy M. (i12013), b.1800-d.1829
Fogg, Lucy March (i12008), b.1790-
Fogg, Lydia March (i29894), b.1807-d.1871
Fogg, Margaret E. (i29895), b.1808-
Fogg, Mary (i29892), b.1794-
Fogg, Mary (marriage to William Libby (11-7-1-4)) (i36151), b.1760-
Fogg, Miriam (i29896), b.1809-
Fogg, Miriam (marriage to Zenas Libby (11-6-5-8)) (i12107), b.1795-
Fogg, Ruth (i47108), b.1761-d.1844
Fogg, Seth, Jr (marriage to Ruth Waterhouse) (i29293), b.1729-d.1820
Fogg, Susan (i12012), b.1799-


Follansbee, Abigail (marriage to William Stackpole) (i47267)


Foltz, Malisa (i87814) (living status unknown)
Foltz, Mathiew (i87813) (living status unknown)


Forrest, John (marriage to Alelaide Paulina Ramsdell) (i6424), b.1855-


Foss, Evalina (marriage to Rev Joseph Edgecomb) (i87641), d.1849
Foss, Ira Calvin, Jr (marriage to Annie Maria Libby) (i12078), b.1856-d.1919
Foss, Ira Calvin, Jr (marriage to Annie Maria Libby) (i12078), b.1856-d.1919
Foss, Joseph (marriage to Ruth Fogg) (i47109), b.1768-d.1853
Foss, Joseph, Jr (i47137), b.1803-d.1865
Foss, Keziah (i47110), b.1792-d.1850
Foss, Laura T. (i47139), b.1849-d.1917
Foss, Lydia (i47141), b.1796-d.1835
Foss, Nabby (i47136), b.1800-
Foss, Sarah (Sally) (i47116), b.1794-d.1873
Foss, Selina (i47135), b.1798-
Foss, Shirley (marriage to LaForrest Beverage) (i87781)
Foss, Walter (marriage to Alice Perle Peterson) (i47194), b.1908-d.1986
Foss, William Andrews (marriage to Nellie Martita Carter) (i51742)


Foster, Abigail (marriage to Thomas Hanscom) (i25654), b.1793-d.1878
Foster, Hannah (marriage to Pvt Tobias Hanscom) (i25629), d.1809
Foster, James E. (marriage to Edith Muriel Skillings) (i51901)
Foster, John (marriage to Hannah Hanscom) (i39278)
Foster, Sgt Parker, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Hanscom) (i39322)
Foster, Sgt Parker, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Hanscom) (i39322)
Foster, Waite (marriage to Joel Hanscom) (i39327)


Fourget, Robert (marriage to Marybelle Skillings) (i91693)


Foy, Olive B., (Foye) (marriage to Patrick Libby) (i64931), d.1880


Franco, Madison Renee (i83828) (still alive)


Frausing, Anna M. (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby Jr (10-5-3-4-7-5-4)) (i76329)


Freeman, Lottie Ingalls (marriage to Harry Dudley Skillings Sr) (i90763)


Freiderick, Catherine Ann (i69255) (living status unknown)
Freiderick, Larry (i69257) (living status unknown)
Freiderick, Roy Douglas (i69256) (living status unknown)


French, Albert Lincoln (marriage to Eliza S. Brown) (i63741), b.1859-d.1942
French, Ruth E. (i63746), b.1907-


Frenette, Carol A. (F.?) (marriage to Walter Alpheus Skillings Jr) (i75960)


Frost, Francis S. (marriage to Rebecca Libby) (i28896)
Frost, Francis S. (marriage to Rebecca Libby) (i28896)
Frost, Rebecca (marriage to John Brown Jr) (i10074), b.1695-
Frost, Sarah (Sally) Cutts (marriage to Isaiah Hanscom) (i25668), b.1812-d.1860
Frost, Sarah P. (marriage to Rev Larkin Lassell Jordan) (i84723), b.1800-d.1859


Frye, Benjamin Franklin (i12382), b.1864-d.1877
Frye, Bessie (i12389), b.1875-
Frye, Ebenezer, Jr (marriage to Betsey Hanscom) (i25576)
Frye, Eunice Channey (i12379), b.1858-d.1926
Frye, Frances Anna (i12381), b.1862-
Frye, Horace (i12383), b.1866-d.1887
Frye, Huldah (i12380), b.1860-d.1861
Frye, John H. (i12386), b.1869-
Frye, Judith (marriage to John Libby) (i42813), b.1785-
Frye, Julia (i12387), b.1871-
Frye, Lucinda Hunt (i12378), b.1857-
Frye, Rev Franklin T. (marriage to Judith Ann Staples) (i12340), b.1833-d.1894
Frye, Sophie Libby (i12384), b.1867-d.1957
Frye, William Nicholas (i12388), b.1873-


Fuller, Asa Rich (i51831)
Fuller, Davis Calvin (i51836)
Fuller, Edith Hannah (i51834)
Fuller, Ethel Ersell (i51835)
Fuller, Frank Elmer (marriage to Elizabeth Ethel Skillings) (i51827)
Fuller, Frank P. (marriage to Martha Hunt Whitehouse Skillin) (i37639)
Fuller, Harry Munroe (marriage to May Belle Skillings) (i51851)
Fuller, Harry Munroe, Jr (i51852)
Fuller, Jane (i51833)
Fuller, Leslie Bruce (i51853)
Fuller, Mabel Irene (i51830)
Fuller, Mason Munroe (i51832)
Fuller, Myrle Margaret (i51828)
Fuller, Winifred (i37640)


Furber, Esther (marriage to Lt Andrew Libby) (i10376), b.1710-d.1756


Furbush, Noah L. (marriage to Betsey Stackpole) (i47252), d.1891


Gabriel, Alice (marriage to Harold Edward Goodwin) (i47064), d.1965


Gambee, Florence (marriage to Edmund James Hanson) (i12491), b.1881-


Gardiner, Hilda (marriage to Norman A. Plummer) (i12119), b.1893-


Garland, Abigail (marriage to Stephen Hanscom) (i25695), b.1792-d.1849


Garrison, Addaline Lucinda (marriage to Eugene Murray Hanscom) (i25828), b.1867-


Gaskill, Sarah D. (marriage to Cyrus Edwin Libby (10-5-3-4-6-4)) (i76310)


Gelles, Wilhelmina (Minnie) Joanna (marriage to Henry (Harry) Warren Brown) (i35591), b.1891-d.1974


Gerrish, Augustus F. (marriage to Caroline Elizabeth March) (i40827)
Gerrish, Caroline Maria (i46246), b.1849-
Gerrish, Frank Scott (i46247), b.1853-


Gerry, Orrin (marriage to Alelaide Paulina Ramsdell) (i6425), b.1855-


Getchell, Amanda (i47123), b.1854-
Getchell, Anice (i47129), b.1866-
Getchell, Bernice (i47127), b.1862-
Getchell, Demont (i47125), b.1858-
Getchell, Edna (i47122), b.1852-
Getchell, Evans (i47124), b.1856-
Getchell, Horace W. (marriage to Caroline G. Berry) (i47121), b.1838-d.1917
Getchell, Jacob Oscar (marriage to Josephine M. Berry) (i47133), b.1851-d.1927
Getchell, Lee Martin (i47130), b.1868-d.1941
Getchell, Lee Martin (marriage to Lucinda S. Berry) (i47130), b.1868-d.1941
Getchell, Sabine (i47126), b.1860-
Getchell, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Foss Jr) (i47138), b.1807-d.1879
Getchell, Sherman (i47128), b.1864-
Getchell, Susan Parsons (marriage to Jotham Hill Stackpole) (i47282), d.1879


Gibbs, Abigail (marriage to Enoch Waterhouse) (i29394), b.1785-d.1851


Gilbert, Charles D. (marriage to Emma F. Sawyer) (i79750), b.1850-


Gillis, Dorothy (marriage to Percy Wallace Rairden Sr) (i92932), b.1895-d.1991


Gilman, George E. (marriage to Lucinda A. Libby) (i76745)


Gilpatric, Robert Slemons (marriage to Lillian Ethel Reed) (i51937)


Gilpatrick, Miriam (marriage to Nathaniel Libby (11-2-4-1)) (i36117)
Gilpatrick, Rebecca (marriage to John Stackpole Jr) (i47285)


Gilson, Alice Lillian (marriage to Lloyd Lester Libby) (i12150), b.1874-d.1938


Ginn, James (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Jose March) (i40819)


Giroux, Jeffrey Alan (i75883) (living status unknown)
Giroux, Melony Anne (i75882), b.1964-d.1966
Giroux, Michelle Jean (i75881) (living status unknown)
Giroux, Timothy Mark (i75880) (living status unknown)


Given, John (marriage to Hannah Libby (10-5-2-10)) (i48931)
Given, Stanwood (marriage to Harriet (Hattie) L. Libby) (i76705)
Given, Stanwood (marriage to Harriet (Hattie) L. Libby) (i76705)


Glaser, Margaret (marriage to Amos Brown) (i63918), b.1853-d.1914
Glaser, Margaret (marriage to Enoch C. Brown) (i63652)


Glazier, Franklin (marriage to Julia Tarbox) (i47214)


Glidden, Clarence Atwood (i47961), b.1889-
Glidden, Clinton Floyd (i47971), b.1900-
Glidden, Earl Leon (i47964), b.1894-
Glidden, Ella (marriage to Clarence Colby Skillings) (i51804)
Glidden, Elmer R. D. (marriage to Susan Turner) (i47956), b.1861-d.1941
Glidden, Estella Nina (i47963), b.1892-
Glidden, Gladys (i47972), b.1903-d.1980
Glidden, Grace Marie (i47959), b.1887-d.1908
Glidden, Iola (i47974), b.1905-
Glidden, James (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i10211)
Glidden, Lawrence Elwood (i47962), b.1890-
Glidden, Leon Earl (i47967), b.1925-
Glidden, Maurice Edwin (i47968), b.1896-
Glidden, Merton T., Brann (i47976), b.1906-
Glidden, Raymond Dewey (i47969), b.1898-
Glidden, Virginia (i47966), b.1923-


Goddard, Dorothy Ellen (i51825)
Goddard, Joseph C. (marriage to Edith Jane Skillings) (i51819)
Goddard, Joseph Henry (i51821)
Goddard, Robert Bruce (i51822)
Goddard, Sarah Crosman (marriage to Henry Warren Brown) (i35561), b.1835-d.1905
Goddard, Talbot Roswell (i51823)


Golding, Linwood Eugene (i69210) (living status unknown)


Goldsmith, Mercy, Chick (marriage to Walter Warren) (i47329)


Goodwin, Andrew (marriage to Esther Miller) (i19303)
Goodwin, Andrew (marriage to Hannah Stackpole) (i47203)
Goodwin, Daniel Page (marriage to Hannah Waterhouse) (i29460)
Goodwin, Dorothy (i47066), b.1902-d.1903
Goodwin, Ephraim (marriage to Miriam Libby (11-9-3)) (i36058)
Goodwin, Hannah (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29316), d.1842
Goodwin, Harold Edward (i47063), b.1897-
Goodwin, Harry Lee (marriage to Lillian Amelia Hodgins) (i47062), b.1876-
Goodwin, James Burton (i47070), b.1914-d.1916
Goodwin, John (marriage to Mary Miller) (i11115)
Goodwin, John Sidney (i47065), b.1900-d.1915
Goodwin, Richard (i47067), b.1905-


Googin, Alonzo (marriage to Hannah Louise Libby) (i12087), b.1839-


Googins, Fred Burton (marriage to Amy Ada Skillings) (i90711), b.1895-d.1970


Gordon, James (marriage to Sally Tyler) (i12324), b.1794-d.1873
Gordon, Robert (marriage to Stateria Ladd) (i29964)


Gorham, Huldy Irene (marriage to Arthur B. Sawyer) (i29109), b.1825-
Gorham, Sarah Jane (marriage to James S. Marrett) (i46239)


Gott, Dorothy Phyllis (i51898)
Gott, Howard A. (marriage to Dorothy Evelyn Skillings) (i51897)


Gould, Capt Alexander (marriage to Betsey Miller) (i19275)
Gould, Capt John Hovey (marriage to Elizabeth (Eliza) Lassell) (i10285), b.1765-
Gould, Capt Thomas J. (marriage to Cynthia Miller) (i19285)
Gould, Dorothy M. (marriage to Milton Wallace Loring) (i10726) (living status unknown)
Gould, John H. (marriage to Olivia Libby) (i49010)


Gowell, John (marriage to Elisabeth Libby) (i11925)


Gowen, Anne Louise (marriage to Robert Alvah Brown) (i63783)


Gower, Aaron Elwood (i75870) (living status unknown)
Gower, Diane Jean (i75858) (living status unknown)
Gower, Donald Elwood (i75867) (living status unknown)
Gower, Joanne Marie (i75868) (living status unknown)
Gower, Leon E. (marriage to Marion Jane Skillings) (i75857), b.1919-d.1990
Gower, Rose Marie (i75871) (living status unknown)


Graffam, Abigail (marriage to Pvt Samuel Libby III) (i63579), d.1856
Graffam, Josiah (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i10398)
Graffam, Sarah (marriage to Sargent Waterhouse) (i29444)


Graham, John (i36006), b.1788-
Graham, John (marriage to Hannah Hunnewell) (i35975)
Graham, Mary (marriage to Edward Elmer Ramsdell) (i6423), b.1854-
Graham, Samuel (i36005), b.1787-


Grant, Abigail Dyer (i22932), b.1837-
Grant, Adaline (i22992), b.1847-
Grant, Almeda Oroville (i22937), b.1848-d.1928
Grant, Andrew (i22905), b.1804-d.1868
Grant, Andrew N. (i22987), b.1835-
Grant, Ann C. (i22927), b.1827-
Grant, Catherine (i22989), b.1839-
Grant, Clara A. (i22993), b.1850-
Grant, Dama (i22990), b.1842-
Grant, Daniel (i22985), b.1830-
Grant, Diadama (i22904), b.1803-
Grant, E. Raymond (i22991), b.1844-
Grant, Elisha (i22900), b.1799-d.1869
Grant, Elisha G. (i22936), b.1846-
Grant, Eliza J. (i22909), b.1808-d.1892
Grant, Hannah (i22911), b.1811-d.1875
Grant, Harriet (i22930), b.1833-
Grant, Harriet (i22983), b.1826-
Grant, Isaac N. (i22988), b.1837-
Grant, Jason R. (i22984), b.1828-
Grant, Joseph W. (i22933), b.1839-
Grant, Joseph W. (i22935), b.1844-
Grant, Lois (i22907), b.1807-
Grant, Lucinda (i22931), b.1835-
Grant, Lydia (i22894), b.1794-d.1887
Grant, Margaret W. (i22934), b.1842-
Grant, Molly (marriage to Theophilas Smith Jr) (i21368), d.1836
Grant, Rachel (i22898), b.1797-
Grant, Ruhama (Ruamy) (Jerusha) (i22902), b.1808-
Grant, Silvina (i22986), b.1832-
Grant, Solomon (marriage to Catherine Lassell) (i10323), b.1773-d.1850
Grant, Sophronia W. (i22928), b.1829-
Grant, William (i22924), b.1795-
Grant, William Henry (i22929), b.1831-


Grave, Lena Alice (marriage to Clarence Colby Skillings) (i51794)


Gray, Abigail (marriage to William Averill) (i52315), b.1751-d.1800
Gray, Frederick B. (marriage to Julia A. Gray) (i22995), b.1832-
Gray, Jesse (marriage to Eliza C. Bakeman) (i18236)
Gray, Julia A. (i22994), b.1839-d.1877
Gray, Lucy Jane (i23001), b.1866-d.1961
Gray, Mary Ann (marriage to Alexander Jesse Alley Sr) (i18204)


Greathouse, Inga I. (marriage to Carl Orville Brown) (i92657), b.1902-d.1995


Green, Daniel (marriage to Harriet N. Beverage) (i87685), b.1859-
Green, Dennis Libby (marriage to Lydia Ellen Libby (10-5-3-4-8-3)) (i76323)
Green, Hazel (i87686)
Green, Mary (marriage to Daniel Brown) (i63627), b.1820-
Green, Thomas (marriage to Mary Brown) (i10114)


Greene, Aaron (marriage to Mary Miller) (i19291)
Greene, David (marriage to Cynthia Miller) (i19286)
Greene, Jane W. (marriage to Jeremiah G. Miller Esq) (i19289)
Greene, Mary (marriage to Jeremiah G. Miller Esq) (i19288)


Greenlaw, Martha (marriage to Elias Waterhouse) (i29392), d.1860


Greenleaf, Andrew Parkman (i35035), b.1839-
Greenleaf, Ann Maria (i35034), b.1837-
Greenleaf, Emily W., (Auld) (i92978), b.1840-
Greenleaf, Everett O. (marriage to Lora Judith Bridges) (i12423)
Greenleaf, Phebe Fowl (i35033), b.1828-
Greenleaf, William S. (i87574), b.1849-
Greenleaf, William Wigglesworth, Jr (marriage to Louisa McCulloch Tarbox) (i35032), b.1804-
Greenleaf, Wilmot H. (marriage to Sarah P. Tarbox) (i37471)
Greenleaf, Zebulon (i35036), b.1843-
Greenleaf, Zebulon (marriage to Adelaide Randall Tarbox) (i42367), d.1846


Griffin, he (marriage to Iola Glidden) (i47975), b.1900-
Griffin, Nancy (marriage to Benjamin F. Boynton) (i47947), b.1833-
Griffin, Ralph (marriage to she Loring) (i11821)


Griggs, Delos W. (marriage to Lois Monica March) (i40764), b.1852-d.1922


Grindle, Annette (marriage to Alexander Jesse Alley Jr) (i83559)
Grindle, he (marriage to Hannah N. Bakeman) (i18227)


Grotton, John (marriage to Gladys Glidden) (i47973), b.1900-


Grover, James H. (marriage to Maude Durrell) (i29693)
Grover, Mildred E. (marriage to Ira H. Dresser) (i76411), d.1957


Groves, Marguerite (marriage to George Everett Curtis) (i69156), b.1913-d.1989


Gulifer, Autumn Joy (i75891) (living status unknown)
Gulifer, James Dick (i75890) (living status unknown)


Gunderson, Evelyn Marie (marriage to Lawrence Wayne McCrady) (i40794), b.1925-


Guptil, Alice (marriage to Stephen Libby (11-9-7)) (i36059)
Guptil, Lydia (marriage to Ichabod Stacy) (i36503)


Gustafson, Glennis (i51882)
Gustafson, Harry N. (i51883)
Gustafson, Harry W. (marriage to Gertrude Ermine Skillings) (i51881)


Hacy, he, (Hasy) (marriage to Julia Ann Ramsdell) (i6414), b.1823-


Hadley, Susannah B. (marriage to Samuel Brown Jr) (i63630), b.1815-


Hagan, Louisa, (Hegan) (marriage to Capt Andrew Tarbox) (i35025), b.1809-d.1895


Hagerty, Charles C. (marriage to Alma M. Sawyer) (i77452)


Haines, Hannah (marriage to Silas Jason Libby (11-6-5-5-1)) (i12079), b.1814-d.1843
Haines, James L. (marriage to Olive Adelaide Libby (10-5-4-1-8-2-1)) (i3728)
Haines, James L. (marriage to Olive Adelaide Libby (10-5-4-1-8-2-1)) (i3728)


Haley, Alice (marriage to Charles Polk) (i90799)
Haley, Catherine (marriage to Sewall Libby) (i23724), b.1798-d.1871


Hall, Earl M. (marriage to Avis Mary Brown) (i92668), b.1904-d.1972
Hall, Joann Mary (i92669) (living status unknown)
Hall, Mildred (marriage to George H. Sharp Jr) (i51769)
Hall, Susan Laurel (i92670) (living status unknown)
Hall, Tom (marriage to Lucy Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-11)) (i64016)


Halladay, Melbourne S. (marriage to Ella Florence Libby (10-2-4-3-2-3-4)) (i47714)


Hallock, Isaac (marriage to Sarah Hanson) (i12472), b.1821-


Ham, Ellen Cecilia (marriage to Winfield Percy Skillings) (i73612), b.1894-d.1955


Hamblet, Hannah (i36046), b.1810-
Hamblet, John (i36045), b.1805-
Hamblet, John (marriage to Phebe Hunnewell) (i36043)
Hamblet, Justus (i36048), b.1815-
Hamblet, Lucinda (i36047), b.1812-
Hamblet, Rebecca (i36049), b.1821-
Hamblet, Silas (i36044), b.1803-


Hamilton, Catherine (marriage to Carl Nelson Harmon) (i64915)
Hamilton, Samuel (marriage to Shuah Hanscom) (i39309)
Hamilton, Samuel (marriage to Shuah Hanscom) (i39309)
Hamilton, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Henry Sawyer Messer) (i29125), b.1903-d.1981


Hammond, Catherine (marriage to James Hanscom) (i39312)
Hammond, Joseph (marriage to Mary Staples) (i14100)
Hammond, Pvt Elisha (marriage to Mary Libby (11-11-9)) (i11865)
Hammond, Pvt Elisha (marriage to Sarah Libby (11-11-8)) (i11865)
Hammond, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Libby) (i11875)
Hammond, William (marriage to Mary Jane Hanscom) (i39386)
Hammond, William (marriage to Mary Jane Hanscom) (i39386)


Hancock, Susan (marriage to Phineas Libby) (i63570), d.1879


Haney, William, (Hinney) (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i18167)


Haniak, Mike (marriage to Priscilla Knight) (i47092)


Hankerson, Elinor (marriage to George M. Hanson) (i12460), b.1816-


Hanscom, Abigail (i25621), b.1779-
Hanscom, Abigail (i25655), b.1813-
Hanscom, Adelaide Marquand (i39428), b.1875-
Hanscom, Adeline Proctor (i25648), b.1826-
Hanscom, Ai (i25707), b.1836-d.1837
Hanscom, Ai (i25710), b.1841-
Hanscom, Albert (i39397)
Hanscom, Albert (i39449), b.1835-
Hanscom, Albert W. (i25711), b.1842-
Hanscom, Alexander (i39400)
Hanscom, Alva (i39398)
Hanscom, Ann (i25636), b.1788-
Hanscom, Ann (marriage to John Hanscom Jr) (i25636), b.1788-
Hanscom, Ann Maria (i39387), b.1811-
Hanscom, Anna (i25623), b.1754-
Hanscom, Anne (i25561), b.1773-
Hanscom, Apphia (i39313), b.1786-
Hanscom, Asa J. (i39525), b.1871-d.1933
Hanscom, Bernard Whitman (i25653), b.1837-d.1871
Hanscom, Betsey (i25575), b.1797-
Hanscom, Betsey (marriage to William Hanscom) (i25693), d.1820
Hanscom, Carrie Scammon (i39414), b.1860-
Hanscom, Catherine (i39305), b.1760-d.1775
Hanscom, Charles H. (i25712), b.1844-d.1844
Hanscom, Charles H. (i39523), b.1869-d.1927
Hanscom, Charles Parker (i39328)
Hanscom, Charles R. (i39441)
Hanscom, Clarence Dean (i39433), b.1894-
Hanscom, Cora Frances (i25822), b.1860-
Hanscom, Cynthia Emaline (i25652), b.1834-d.1864
Hanscom, Daniel Garland (i25698), b.1817-
Hanscom, Dependence (i39317), b.1791-
Hanscom, Edmund Hyde (i39425), b.1872-
Hanscom, Edwin C. (i25713), b.1846-
Hanscom, Edwin Cutts (i39419), b.1867-d.1869
Hanscom, Elisabeth Plummer (i25649), b.1828-d.1863
Hanscom, Eliza J. (marriage to Stephen Hanscom) (i25696)
Hanscom, Elizabeth (i39331)
Hanscom, Elizabeth (i39437), b.1820-d.1879
Hanscom, Elizabeth (Betsey) (i25641), b.1793-d.1816
Hanscom, Elizabeth (Betsey) (i28840), b.1763-
Hanscom, Ellen A. (Nellie) (i25818), b.1859-
Hanscom, Esther (i39319), b.1796-d.1813
Hanscom, Eugene Murray (i25827), b.1872-
Hanscom, Eunice (i25590), b.1746-
Hanscom, Everett M. (i25714), b.1848-
Hanscom, Frances (i39401)
Hanscom, Frances Gertrude (i39430), b.1880-
Hanscom, Frank (i39450), b.1841-
Hanscom, Franklin (i39448), b.1832-d.1836
Hanscom, George Elmer (i39416), b.1862-
Hanscom, George Henry (i39329)
Hanscom, Gideon (i39324)
Hanscom, Hannah (i25613), b.1729-
Hanscom, Hannah (i25700), b.1819-
Hanscom, Hannah (i36170), b.1787-
Hanscom, Hannah (i39300), b.1760-
Hanscom, Hannah Augusta (i39404)
Hanscom, Hannah M. (i25665), b.1810-d.1888
Hanscom, Harriet C. (i25669), b.1817-
Hanscom, Harriet Faxon (Hattie) (i25825), b.1868-
Hanscom, Harvey F. (i39515), b.1895-d.1958
Hanscom, Helen Louise (i39407), b.1836-d.1871
Hanscom, Hepsibah (Hipsabeth) (i25610), b.1725-
Hanscom, Humphrey (marriage to Esther Libby) (i36165), b.1754-d.1836
Hanscom, Isaac (i39303), b.1762-
Hanscom, Isabel (i39435), b.1814-d.1824
Hanscom, Isabel (i39446), b.1830-d.1859
Hanscom, Isaiah (i25667), b.1815-
Hanscom, Isaiah Clifford (i39431), b.1870-
Hanscom, James (i25612), b.1729-d.1767
Hanscom, James (i25645), b.1784-d.1785
Hanscom, James (i25702), b.1822-
Hanscom, James (i25812), b.1799-d.1826
Hanscom, James (i28841), b.1766-d.1800
Hanscom, James (i39306), b.1767-
Hanscom, James (i39311), b.1784-
Hanscom, James (i39444), b.1825-d.1898
Hanscom, Jane (i25582), b.1810-d.1848
Hanscom, Jeremiah (i39318), b.1794-
Hanscom, Joel (i25577), b.1799-
Hanscom, Joel (i29886), b.1793-
Hanscom, Joel (i39326)
Hanscom, John (i25592), b.1748-d.1810
Hanscom, John (i25616), b.1737-
Hanscom, John (i25659), b.1805-d.1832
Hanscom, John (i25811), b.1795-d.1797
Hanscom, John (i29889), b.1799-
Hanscom, John (i36172), b.1791-d.1880
Hanscom, John (i39302), b.1761-d.1774
Hanscom, John (i39308), b.1774-
Hanscom, John (i39511), b.1816-d.1892
Hanscom, John Forsyth (i25833), b.1842-d.1912
Hanscom, John Ostinall (Ostinelli) (i29976), b.1837-
Hanscom, John P. (i39316)
Hanscom, John Willis (i39519), b.1862-d.1927
Hanscom, John, Jr (i25644), b.1797-d.1840
Hanscom, John, Jr (marriage to Ann Hanscom) (i25644), b.1797-d.1840
Hanscom, Jonathan (i25557), b.1762-
Hanscom, Jonathan (i25573), b.1795-
Hanscom, Jonathan (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (11-11-3)) (i24157), b.1733-d.1806
Hanscom, Joseph (i25614), b.1731-
Hanscom, Joseph (i39310), b.1782-d.1853
Hanscom, Joseph (marriage to Dorcas Staples) (i25614), b.1731-
Hanscom, Joseph Preston (i39517), b.1860-d.1925
Hanscom, Joseph, Jr (i28837), b.1756-d.1780
Hanscom, Joshua (i36167), b.1782-
Hanscom, Joshua (marriage to Abigail (Nabby) Libby) (i36167), b.1782-
Hanscom, Justin Van Ness (i25650), b.1830-d.1905
Hanscom, Keturah (i36168), b.1784-
Hanscom, Leonard (i25708), b.1838-
Hanscom, Leonora (i39521), b.1866-
Hanscom, Levi (i25697), b.1812-d.1840
Hanscom, Lillian Frost (i39421), b.1872-
Hanscom, Lois (i25622), b.1754-
Hanscom, Lois (marriage to Matthew Libby) (i25622), b.1754-
Hanscom, Luther (i38837), b.1852-d.1930
Hanscom, Lydia (i25581), b.1806-d.1853
Hanscom, Lydia (i39390), b.1817-
Hanscom, Maniah (i39388), b.1813-
Hanscom, Margaret (i39330)
Hanscom, Margaret (i39391), b.1819-
Hanscom, Marion Louise (i39427), b.1873-
Hanscom, Martha (i25584), b.1815-d.1843
Hanscom, Martha (marriage to Thomas Hanscom V) (i39294)
Hanscom, Martha J. (i25709), b.1839-
Hanscom, Mary (i25587), b.1722-
Hanscom, Mary (i25638), b.1786-d.1820
Hanscom, Mary (i39307), b.1771-
Hanscom, Mary (i39436), b.1817-d.1846
Hanscom, Mary (marriage to Samuel Hanscom) (i25638), b.1786-d.1820
Hanscom, Mary (Molly) (i28842), b.1773-
Hanscom, Mary A. (i25705), b.1827-d.1852
Hanscom, Mary Jane (i39385), b.1809-
Hanscom, Meldon Isaiah (i39423), b.1869-
Hanscom, Meldon Leroy (i29978), b.1843-
Hanscom, Mercy (i39277)
Hanscom, Michael (i29890), b.1801-
Hanscom, Nathaniel (i25632), b.1792-d.1862
Hanscom, Nathaniel (i28838), b.1758-d.1830
Hanscom, Nathaniel (i39314), b.1789-
Hanscom, Nelson G. (i39513), b.1864-d.1940
Hanscom, Olive (Alice?) (i25585), b.1812-
Hanscom, Olive (Alice?) (marriage to Stephen Hanscom Jr) (i25585), b.1812-
Hanscom, Olive Ann (marriage to James Hanscom) (i25703)
Hanscom, Oliver (i25689), b.1797-d.1854
Hanscom, Peter (i25594), b.1758-
Hanscom, Pierpont (i39439), b.1822-
Hanscom, Pvt Tobias (i25593), b.1751-
Hanscom, Rev William Cutter (i25656), b.1815-d.1838
Hanscom, Ridgely Fernald (i39443)
Hanscom, Robert (i39299), b.1758-
Hanscom, Sally (i25579), b.1804-
Hanscom, Samuel (i25639), b.1785-d.1852
Hanscom, Samuel (i25646), b.1804-d.1853
Hanscom, Samuel (i39298), b.1756-
Hanscom, Samuel (i39389), b.1815-
Hanscom, Samuel (marriage to Elisabeth Shapleigh) (i25646), b.1804-d.1853
Hanscom, Samuel (marriage to Hannah Libby) (i10371), b.1698-
Hanscom, Samuel (marriage to Mary Hanscom) (i25639), b.1785-d.1852
Hanscom, Samuel Willard (i25651), b.1832-d.1904
Hanscom, Samuel, Jr (i25608), b.1725-
Hanscom, Sarah (i25559), b.1769-
Hanscom, Sarah (i39392), b.1820-
Hanscom, Sarah (marriage to Matthew Libby (10-5-2)) (i23727)
Hanscom, Sarah Ann (i25663), b.1807-d.1864
Hanscom, Sarah Ann (i25831), b.1839-d.1926
Hanscom, Sarah DeForest (i39429), b.1877-
Hanscom, Sarah Jane (i25704), b.1824-d.1834
Hanscom, Sarah M. (marriage to Justin Van Ness Hanscom) (i25816)
Hanscom, Sarah M. (marriage to Justin Van Ness Hanscom) (i25816)
Hanscom, Shuah (i28843), b.1775-
Hanscom, Shuah (Susan?) (i39321), b.1800-
Hanscom, Simon (i25583), b.1814-d.1864
Hanscom, Simon (i29887), b.1795-
Hanscom, Simon (i39320), b.1798-
Hanscom, Simon H. (i25558), b.1763-d.1833
Hanscom, Simon Parker (i25657), b.1817-
Hanscom, Stephen (i25688), b.1792-
Hanscom, Stephen (i28839), b.1760-
Hanscom, Stephen, Jr (i25586), b.1815-d.1852
Hanscom, Stephen, Jr (marriage to Olive (Alice?) Hanscom) (i25586), b.1815-d.1852
Hanscom, Susan (i39399)
Hanscom, Sylvester (i25706), b.1829-d.1852
Hanscom, Sylvester (i39445), b.1827-
Hanscom, Thomas (i25631), b.1775-
Hanscom, Thomas (i25640), b.1788-d.1834
Hanscom, Thomas, IV (marriage to Mary Hanscom) (i23987), b.1719-
Hanscom, Thomas, V (i25589), b.1748-
Hanscom, Tobias, Jr (i29888), b.1797-
Hanscom, Waldo (i25715), b.1850-
Hanscom, William (i25637), b.1783-d.1859
Hanscom, William (i25643), b.1814-
Hanscom, William (i25687), b.1786-
Hanscom, William (i39332)
Hanscom, William (i39396)
Hanscom, William F. (i38826), b.1815-d.1900
Hanscom, William L. (i25661), b.1812-d.1881
Hanscom, William Wallace (i29977), b.1839-d.1888
Hanscom, William Wallace, Jr (i39420), b.1868-
Hanscom, William, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Hanscom) (i25642), b.1787-d.1861
Hanscom, Williard (i25824), b.1864-d.1890


Hanscomb, Elizabeth (i12305), b.1781-d.1840
Hanscomb, Gideon (marriage to Mehitable Lassell) (i11022), b.1756-d.1825


Hanscome, Alpheus Leon (i38830), b.1874-
Hanscome, Humphrey (i38828), b.1848-d.1905
Hanscome, Robert (i38836), b.1907-d.1988
Hanscome, William H. (i38834), b.1899-


Hanson, Albert H. (i12474), b.1828-d.1898
Hanson, Allen (i12473), b.1828-d.1908
Hanson, Alma Bernice (marriage to Charles Polk) (i47031), b.1884-d.1921
Hanson, Alma Ella (i12499), b.1886-d.1965
Hanson, Arthur Eugene (i12502), b.1893-d.1959
Hanson, Catherine Stone (i12497), b.1883-d.1934
Hanson, Dolly (marriage to Walter Warren) (i12520), b.1785-
Hanson, Edmund James (i12490), b.1877-d.1942
Hanson, Ellen Catherine (i12485), b.1850-d.1854
Hanson, Emma Janet (i12492), b.1878-d.1963
Hanson, Eunice S. (marriage to William F. Hanscom) (i38827), b.1820-d.1854
Hanson, George M. (i12459), b.1812-d.1889
Hanson, Harold Brace (i12504), b.1895-
Hanson, he (i12510) (still alive)
Hanson, Hiram H. (i12486), b.1854-d.1924
Hanson, Joseph Henry (i12506), b.1898-d.1903
Hanson, Joshua (i12477), b.1834-d.1902
Hanson, Laura Jane (i12476), b.1832-d.1844
Hanson, Leon Kendall (i12494), b.1881-d.1955
Hanson, Lucy (i12457), b.1811-
Hanson, Mary Ann (i12466), b.1819-
Hanson, Nancy (i12469), b.1823-d.1899
Hanson, Olive M. (i12454), b.1808-d.1886
Hanson, Peter S. (i12467), b.1821-d.1913
Hanson, Samuel S. (i12483), b.1849-
Hanson, Sarah (i12471), b.1825-d.1902
Hanson, she (i12511) (still alive)
Hanson, Stuart Leon (i12512), b.1926-d.1927
Hanson, Susan (i12462), b.1815-d.1884
Hanson, William Henry (i12481), b.1847-d.1905
Hanson, William, Jr (i12464), b.1817-d.1854
Hanson, William, Sr (marriage to Susannah Smith) (i12440), b.1787-d.1867


Harding, Elizabeth (marriage to Andrew Brown Sr) (i10115), b.1717-d.1803
Harding, Joseph D. (marriage to Mary Ella Trafton) (i29090), b.1885-d.1920
Harding, Naomi S. (marriage to Jotham Stackpole) (i47271)


Hardison, Lydia Jane (marriage to William Carr Fletcher) (i79890), b.1760-


Hardy, Alfred D. (i29020), b.1842-d.1843
Hardy, Caroline Alvira (i29018), b.1840-d.1930
Hardy, Elisha Philbrook (i29016), b.1837-d.1920
Hardy, Eliza Jane (i29008), b.1827-d.1881
Hardy, Elmira (i29007), b.1824-d.1825
Hardy, Lucy Elzada (i29010), b.1828-d.1913
Hardy, Mary Ann (i29023), b.1846-d.1937
Hardy, Nephi Preston (i29021), b.1844-d.1920
Hardy, Serena N. (i29012), b.1831-d.1834
Hardy, Sophrona D. (i29015), b.1836-d.1843
Hardy, William Reed (i29013), b.1834-d.1916
Hardy, Zachariah (marriage to Eliza Ann Philbrook) (i29006), b.1799-d.1846


Harmon, Abigail (marriage to John Waterhouse) (i29464), b.1785-
Harmon, Allison (i35620), b.1774-d.1850
Harmon, Allison (marriage to Abigail Emery) (i35620), b.1774-d.1850
Harmon, Betsey (marriage to William Waterhouse) (i29449), b.1788-d.1831
Harmon, Capt Samuel, III (marriage to Mary Smith) (i13636), b.1743-
Harmon, Carl Nelson (i64904), b.1893-
Harmon, Clarence Willard (marriage to Jenny Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-12)) (i64025), b.1905-d.1961
Harmon, Clinton Stephen (marriage to Olive Louise Skillings) (i64953), d.1976
Harmon, Daniel (i35619), b.1772-
Harmon, Daniel (marriage to Lydia S. Tyler) (i11623), b.1825-
Harmon, Delona Y. (i64923), b.1924-
Harmon, Doris Nellie (i64917), b.1925-
Harmon, Elinor Frances (i64907), b.1900-
Harmon, Elver Avon (i64906), b.1897-
Harmon, Esther (i35618), b.1770-
Harmon, Esther (marriage to Simeon Skillings) (i76207), b.1812-d.1894
Harmon, Frank Manson (i64903), b.1892-
Harmon, Gladys Linda (i64920), b.1913-
Harmon, Hannah (marriage to John L. Tyler) (i11608), b.1825-
Harmon, Hannah (marriage to Rodney Libby) (i28905)
Harmon, Hannah (marriage to Rodney Libby) (i28905)
Harmon, Henry (i35628), b.1793-
Harmon, Janet Bethea (i64916), b.1923-
Harmon, Leon Libby (i64905), b.1896-
Harmon, Lida Ella (i64902), b.1890-d.1957
Harmon, Louisa C. (marriage to George Stillman Berry) (i47119), b.1808-d.1871
Harmon, Lydia (marriage to Josiah Skillings Libby) (i48938), b.1780-d.1870
Harmon, Lydia (marriage to Sgt Joseph Waterhouse Jr) (i20189), b.1757-d.1836
Harmon, Margaret (i3663), b.1808-
Harmon, Mehitable (marriage to John Waterhouse) (i29462), b.1782-
Harmon, Merle L. (i64913), b.1920-d.1922
Harmon, Nellie Margaret (i64922), b.1917-
Harmon, Nelson C. (marriage to Lydia Eleanor Libby) (i64899), d.1926
Harmon, Parmela (marriage to Nehemiah Libby) (i36096)
Harmon, Rebecca (i35624), b.1782-d.1816
Harmon, Rebecca (marriage to Enoch Libby Jr) (i35624), b.1782-d.1816
Harmon, Richard (i35626), b.1786-
Harmon, Robert (i35625), b.1784-
Harmon, Ruth (marriage to Henry Harmon) (i17727), b.1798-
Harmon, Samuel, IV (i35621), b.1776-
Harmon, Sarah (marriage to Capt Theodore Libby) (i28205), b.1788-d.1860
Harmon, Sarah Ann (i17725), b.1835-d.1915
Harmon, Sol William, Jr (marriage to Jane Waterhouse) (i13588), b.1740-d.1832
Harmon, Sol William, Jr (marriage to Olive Waterhouse) (i13588), b.1740-d.1832
Harmon, Stephen (i35622), b.1778-d.1779
Harmon, Stephen (i35623), b.1780-
Harmon, Thomas (i35627), b.1791-
Harmon, Thomas Nelson (i64918), b.1927-
Harmon, Wade L. (i64914), b.1923-
Harmon, Zachariah (marriage to Lydia Waterhouse) (i29472)


Harnden, William A. (marriage to Abigail H. (Abby) Tarbox) (i85251)


Harris, Barbara L. Ester (i90317) (living status unknown)
Harris, Frances Bea (i90314) (living status unknown)
Harris, James (marriage to Emily Caroline Skillings) (i28661), b.1817-d.1895
Harris, James Warren (i90308), b.1850-d.1930
Harris, Jessica Anne (i1283) (still alive)
Harris, Jo Ann Louise (i90315) (living status unknown)
Harris, Joseph Warren (i90316) (living status unknown)
Harris, Levi (marriage to Betsey Waterhouse) (i29433)
Harris, Louis Warren (i90310), b.1876-d.1941
Harris, Matthew Alan (i75909) (living status unknown)
Harris, Warren Deis (i90312), b.1911-d.1973


Harrison, Rev George (marriage to Rachel Taylor Brown) (i79609)


Hart, Albert H. (i40759), b.1866-
Hart, Alfred Reuben (i40752), b.1856-d.1927
Hart, Frederick Eugene (i40749), b.1851-d.1851
Hart, James Wellington (i40754), b.1859-d.1936
Hart, John Gardner (marriage to Phoebe March) (i40748), b.1813-d.1876
Hart, Laura Henrietta (i40750), b.1853-d.1919
Hart, Milan John (i40757), b.1863-d.1930
Hart, Milo John (i40758), b.1863-d.1864
Hart, Samuel (marriage to Susannah (Susey) Miller) (i19302)


Harton, Abigail J., (Horton) (marriage to Albert H. Hanson) (i12475), b.1832-


Harvey, John (marriage to Lydia Miller) (i11147)
Harvey, Minnie May (marriage to Maj Edward Sweetsir Libby) (i3686)


Harwood, Sarah (marriage to Charles Henry Stone) (i76431)


Haseltine, he (marriage to Betsey Jewett Libby) (i36133)


Haskell, Aaron (marriage to Almira Skillings) (i35428), b.1812-d.1870
Haskell, Abbie F. (i76260), b.1856-
Haskell, Charles H. (i76256), b.1844-d.1868
Haskell, Edwin T. (i76258), b.1850-
Haskell, George E. (i76257), b.1848-
Haskell, Levi Quimby (marriage to Abigail Waterhouse) (i29350)
Haskell, Roscoe G. (i76259), b.1854-


Hassall, Rudy (Ruby?) (marriage to John Clarence Cowan) (i35680)


Hastings, Elizabeth (marriage to Albert Stuart Rairden) (i92941), b.1900-


Hasty, Dorothy (marriage to Daniel Libby) (i13577), b.1748-d.1805
Hasty, Georgianna (marriage to Charles Sylvester Libby) (i12196), b.1840-
Hasty, Hannah (marriage to Matthew Libby (10-5-2)) (i13579), b.1752-d.1818
Hasty, Robert (marriage to Mary Libby (11-2-3-4)) (i36110)


Hatch, Elizabeth (marriage to Mark Libby) (i76736)
Hatch, Nancy (marriage to Nathaniel March) (i40828), d.1862
Hatch, Phyllis (marriage to Paul Albert Andrews) (i51981)
Hatch, Sadie Mabel (marriage to Everett Sherman Reed) (i51939)


Hatfield, Margaret (marriage to James Wellington Hart) (i40756), b.1866-d.1898


Hathorn, Rowena Marion (marriage to Benjamin Vernon Bridges) (i12421)
Hathorn, Sally (marriage to Lemuel Brown) (i35553), b.1834-d.1886


Haugen, Austin Grant (i37682), b.1982-d.1982
Haugen, Craig David (i37680) (still alive)


Hawkes, Benjamin (marriage to Lucy M. Fogg) (i12014), b.1795-d.1861
Hawkes, Maraba (i12019), b.1826-
Hawkes, Martha (i12018), b.1824-
Hawkes, Mary (i12017), b.1820-d.1837
Hawkes, Timothy (i29989), b.1828-


Hawkins, Elizabeth (marriage to Elias Libby) (i28217)


Hayden, Rebecca (marriage to Rev Tristram Jordan Jr) (i84721), b.1774-d.1835


Hayes, Elizabeth R. (marriage to Edward Skillings Jr) (i76209), b.1815-d.1888
Hayes, Emma Alice (marriage to Edmund Hyde Hanscom) (i39426)
Hayes, Hattie B. (i46894)
Hayes, John (marriage to Almira Littlefield) (i46893), b.1835-
Hayes, Willie G. (i46895)


Hayford, Sarah A. (marriage to Isaac Sawyer) (i79690), b.1795-


Haynes, Elizabeth J. (i77447), b.1812-d.1897
Haynes, John (marriage to Sally Libby (1-1-2-2-3- )) (i77446)


Heald, Abby P. (marriage to Franklin Skillings Libby (10-5-4-1-8-4)) (i3734)
Heald, Hannah Jane (marriage to Francis D. Scammon) (i17923), b.1846-d.1913


Heath, Tryphena (marriage to John Alley) (i18181), b.1784-d.1872


Hendry, Robert (marriage to Elizabeth Hanscom) (i39438)


Henley, Alyson Elizabeth (i64968) (still alive)
Henley, John Edward, Jr (i64962), b.1937-d.1937
Henley, John Edward, Sr (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Shaw) (i64961), d.1976
Henley, Sarah Ann (i64964) (still alive)
Henley, Thomas Shaw (i64963) (still alive)


Hennessy, Archibald J., Jr (i88035) (living status unknown)
Hennessy, Archibald J., Sr (marriage to Lena Brown) (i87904), b.1902-d.1970
Hennessy, Robert Allison (i87912) (living status unknown)


Hermon, James, Jr (marriage to Lucy Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-11)) (i64017)
Hermon, Patricia (i64019), b.1928-
Hermon, Phyllis (i64020), b.1930-


Herrick, Rufus (marriage to Elizabeth Emily Skillin) (i51963)
Herrick, she (i51964)


Herrmann, Mary Christine (marriage to Frank Willard March) (i40801), b.1872-d.1948


Hersey, Louise Laurestine (marriage to John Malcolm Loring) (i10730) (living status unknown)


Hewes, Grace Conley (marriage to Nathaniel Waterhouse) (i29470)
Hewes, Hannah (marriage to Isaac Waterhouse) (i29478), d.1840
Hewes, Rebecca (marriage to Joseph Waterhouse) (i29481)


Hibbard, Nancy Ann (marriage to Dr Andrew Brown III) (i9300)


Higdon, Grace Evalynn (marriage to Thomas Rees Davies) (i47316), b.1922-d.1942


Higgins, Veda (marriage to Winfield Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-10)) (i64015), b.1899-d.1963
Higgins, Wyman Stevenson (marriage to Alice Perle Peterson) (i47193), b.1904-d.1929


Higley, Freeman Dewey (marriage to Eliza Ann Cheney) (i29028)


Hill, Abiah (Abiel) (marriage to Capt James Stackpole) (i23733), b.1737-d.1808
Hill, Abigail (marriage to Israel Lassell Esq) (i10232), b.1768-d.1801
Hill, Alice (marriage to Alfred Willis Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-8)) (i63863), b.1873-d.1948
Hill, Clara E. (marriage to Lorenzo Ladd) (i15705), b.1855-d.1943
Hill, Jesse (marriage to Mary Angeline Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-6)) (i63862), b.1858-d.1941
Hill, Mary C., Small (marriage to Davis Douglas Brown) (i35593), d.1953
Hill, Sarah (marriage to Lt Andrew Brown Jr) (i9288), b.1661-d.1726


Hilton, Cora (marriage to Andrew Valentine Tarbox) (i85275)
Hilton, Onie M. (marriage to Everett A. Banks) (i22921)


Hinckley, Addie (marriage to George W. Libby (10-2-4-3-2-3-3)) (i47709)
Hinckley, Eliza (marriage to John Cushing) (i30038), b.1809-


Hitchcock, John Drennen (marriage to Mabel Olivia March) (i40774), b.1863-d.1942


Hoag, Danny (i75878) (living status unknown)
Hoag, Deborah Ann (i75876) (living status unknown)
Hoag, Jason (i75894) (living status unknown)
Hoag, Kristina Marie (i75895) (living status unknown)
Hoag, Langley (marriage to Frances Mary Skillings) (i75875), b.1926-d.1981
Hoag, Terry (i75877) (living status unknown)


Hobbs, Hulda (marriage to Daniel Sawyer) (i29070)
Hobbs, Huldah (marriage to David Staples) (i48156)


Hodgdon, Lucretia (marriage to Oliver Boynton Jr) (i79852), b.1788-d.1846
Hodgdon, Olive Parsons (marriage to Samuel Tarbox Jr) (i35029), b.1817-d.1863
Hodgdon, Sophia (marriage to Thomas Libby) (i11873)


Hodgins, Harrison Morton (i47087), b.1888-d.1972
Hodgins, John Herbert (i47093), b.1894-d.1972
Hodgins, John Herbert, Jr (i47097)
Hodgins, John Nason (marriage to Abbie Lane Libby) (i47060), b.1856-d.1949
Hodgins, Joseph (i47081), b.1879-d.1944
Hodgins, Kenneth John (i47101)
Hodgins, Lillian Amelia (i47061), b.1875-d.1937
Hodgins, Margaret Mary (i47102)
Hodgins, Mildred Evangeline (i47088), b.1893-
Hodgins, Nina (i47071), b.1877-d.1963
Hodgins, Sarah Eliza (i47082), b.1881-d.1967
Hodgins, Victor (i47099), b.1895-
Hodgins, Virginia Mae (i47095)
Hodgins, William Ernest (i47086), b.1883-d.1960


Hodson, Oliver P. (marriage to Julia Ann Ramsdell) (i6413), b.1823-


Holmes, Adelaide Waldron (marriage to Samuel Brown Sprague) (i63892)
Holmes, Keziah J. (i47115), b.1851-
Holmes, Trustum (marriage to Hannah Knight Berry) (i47114), b.1823-d.1902


Holt, Casey (i61721) (still alive)
Holt, Clifford (i61719) (still alive)
Holt, Eric (i61718), b.1964-d.1964
Holt, Melanie (i61717) (still alive)


Hook, Ruth E. (marriage to Nelson G. Hanscom) (i39514), b.1874-d.1949


Hooker, Sarah (marriage to Abraham Sawyer) (i79767)


Hooper, Hannah Jane (marriage to George O. Burnham) (i36875), b.1823-d.1878


Hornafius, child (i47324)
Hornafius, he (marriage to Ruth Fannette Leick) (i47323)


Hosemann, Audree Maydia (marriage to Warren Deis Harris) (i90313), b.1918-


Houston, Rebecca (marriage to Robert Littlefield) (i46914), b.1814-d.1902


Howard, Delbert (i87749) (living status unknown)
Howard, Faye (i87748) (living status unknown)
Howard, Katherine (i87821) (living status unknown)
Howard, Kimberly Lynn (i69202) (living status unknown)
Howard, Leslie (i87746) (living status unknown)
Howard, Merton, Jr (i87820) (living status unknown)
Howard, Merton, Sr (i87745) (living status unknown)
Howard, Norma (marriage to Edward M. Beverage Sr) (i87768)
Howard, Ray (i87750) (living status unknown)
Howard, Rose (marriage to George Henry Mason) (i51970)
Howard, Wendell (marriage to Dorothy Beverage) (i87744), b.1914-d.1964


Howell, Florence (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby III (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-2)) (i76366), d.1979


Hoyt, Benjamin (marriage to Mary (Polly) Waterhouse) (i29398)


Hubbard, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Libby Jr) (i10389), b.1725-d.1796
Hubbard, Keziah (marriage to John Libby) (i10375), b.1704-d.1788


Huber, Lyle Raymond (i37683) (still alive)
Huber, Nancy Rae (i37678) (still alive)
Huber, Raymond Fred (marriage to Eunice Louisa (Lovisea) Smith) (i37673)
Huber, Robert John (i37684) (still alive)
Huber, Ruth Elaine (i37677) (still alive)


Huff, Abbie Frances (i11687), b.1856-
Huff, Abner (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Brown) (i10118), b.1767-d.1852
Huff, Abner, Jr (i11540), b.1791-d.1857
Huff, Albertus (i69360), b.1865-
Huff, Ambrose (i11670), b.1823-
Huff, Ann M. R. (i11675), b.1839-d.1910
Huff, Anna P. (i69350), b.1863-
Huff, Benjamin M. (i11681), b.1832-
Huff, Berton (i69381), b.1872-
Huff, Carrie E. (i69365), b.1864-
Huff, Carrie H. (i69354), b.1873-
Huff, Charles E. (i69353), b.1871-
Huff, Clement (i11544), b.1798-d.1881
Huff, Clement O. (i69034), b.1879-
Huff, Clement T. (i11671), b.1826-
Huff, Edgar G. (i69368), b.1872-
Huff, Edwin (i69380), b.1876-
Huff, Elizabeth (i11669), b.1819-
Huff, Elizabeth (Eliza) (i1136), b.1796-d.1859
Huff, Elizabeth (Eliza) (marriage to Dr Ellison (Allison) Brown) (i1136), b.1796-d.1859
Huff, Ella M. (i11692), b.1864-
Huff, Elmer S. (i69355), b.1877-
Huff, Elvira Mitchell (i11684), b.1839-
Huff, Emily (i11702), b.1846-
Huff, Etta Lucy (i11688), b.1859-
Huff, Eunice (marriage to William Jose Jr) (i46273)
Huff, Fred (i69362), b.1878-
Huff, Gertrude E. (i69352), b.1867-
Huff, Hannah (marriage to Jeremiah Miller) (i19252)
Huff, Hannah F. (i69356), b.1880-
Huff, Harry (i69379), b.1867-
Huff, Henry Frank (i11683), b.1837-
Huff, Henry L. (i11691), b.1860-
Huff, Herbert W. (i11694), b.1872-
Huff, Isaac (i11672), b.1830-
Huff, Jacob (i11543), b.1794-d.1803
Huff, Jacob (i11547), b.1803-
Huff, Jacob, Jr (i11700), b.1839-
Huff, James (marriage to Olive Staples) (i48163)
Huff, John William (i11697), b.1832-
Huff, Juliett (i11699), b.1837-
Huff, Leroy (i69382), b.1874-
Huff, Lillie H. (i69367), b.1870-
Huff, Lydia A. (i11698), b.1834-
Huff, Mary A. (i11679), b.1828-
Huff, Mary E. (i11701), b.1841-
Huff, Mary E. (i69351), b.1865-
Huff, Mary Etta (i30022), b.1857-
Huff, Matilda (i11667), b.1815-
Huff, Myrtie E. (i69363), b.1880-
Huff, Nathan E. (i69359), b.1861-
Huff, Nathan W. (i11696), b.1830-
Huff, Nellie M. (i69366), b.1867-
Huff, Octavius P. (i11682), b.1834-
Huff, Payson T. (i11680), b.1831-
Huff, Phebe (i11674), b.1836-
Huff, Ruth (i11546), b.1801-
Huff, Sarah (i11673), b.1834-
Huff, Sarah B. (i11668), b.1817-
Huff, Selden (i69378), b.1862-
Huff, Sophronia A. (i11693), b.1868-
Huff, Willie E. (i69361), b.1867-
Huff, Winfield S. (i69364), b.1861-


Hughes, William L. (marriage to Clara E. Libby) (i63729)


Hunnewell, Abigail (i35955), b.1738-
Hunnewell, Abigail (i35971), b.1752-d.1809
Hunnewell, Andrew (i35954), b.1736-
Hunnewell, Anna (i35828), b.1750-d.1789
Hunnewell, Anna (i36067), b.1791-
Hunnewell, Benjamin (i35958), b.1744-
Hunnewell, Charles H. (i36012), b.1827-
Hunnewell, Edgar (marriage to Alice Flora Loring) (i924), d.1953
Hunnewell, Edwin (i36011), b.1820-
Hunnewell, Elijah (i36010), b.1816-
Hunnewell, Elizabeth (i35972), b.1738-d.1754
Hunnewell, Elizabeth (i36037), b.1763-d.1813
Hunnewell, Hannah (i35974), b.1735-
Hunnewell, Hannah (i36070), b.1798-
Hunnewell, John (i35953), b.1734-
Hunnewell, John (i36040), b.1767-
Hunnewell, John, Jr (i36076), b.1808-
Hunnewell, Jonathan (i35956), b.1740-
Hunnewell, Joseph (i36066), b.1789-
Hunnewell, Josiah (marriage to Rebecca Brown) (i35951), b.1702-
Hunnewell, Leah (i35959), b.1746-
Hunnewell, Lucy (i35976), b.1746-
Hunnewell, Lucy (i36065), b.1787-
Hunnewell, Lydia (i35977), b.1741-d.1754
Hunnewell, Mary (i35952), b.1732-
Hunnewell, Mary (marriage to Joshua Fickett) (i64141), b.1773-d.1861
Hunnewell, Mary (Polly) (i36071), b.1800-
Hunnewell, Melville (i48553), b.1839-
Hunnewell, Narcissa (i36072), b.1804-
Hunnewell, Phebe (i36042), b.1771-
Hunnewell, Richard (i36078)
Hunnewell, Richard (marriage to Hannah Brown) (i35962)
Hunnewell, Richard (marriage to Sarah Brown) (i35962)
Hunnewell, Richard, III (i36068), b.1792-
Hunnewell, Richard, Jr (i35978), b.1743-d.1754
Hunnewell, Richard, Jr (i36039), b.1765-
Hunnewell, Sarah (i3698), b.1769-d.1851
Hunnewell, Sarah (i35960), b.1748-
Hunnewell, Sarah (i35961), b.1750-
Hunnewell, Sarah (i36073), b.1806-
Hunnewell, Sarah (marriage to Amos Libby) (i3698), b.1769-d.1851
Hunnewell, Susannah (i35970), b.1734-d.1754
Hunnewell, Theodosia (i36069), b.1795-
Hunnewell, William H. (i36074)
Hunnewell, Zerubbabel (i35957), b.1742-


Hunt, Minnie L. (i76230), b.1865-d.1872
Hunt, Samuel (marriage to Emeline A. Skillings) (i76229), b.1837-d.1906


Hunter, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Averill) (i70102)
Hunter, William (marriage to Rachel Taylor Brown) (i79606)


Hurd, Ella May (marriage to Reuel Henry Reed) (i51923)


Huston, Anna, (Hustin) (marriage to Simeon Libby (10-5-4-1)) (i12241), b.1767-d.1849


Hutchins, Alden (i75108), b.1841-
Hutchins, Clement (marriage to Isabella Smith) (i75093), b.1796-d.1878
Hutchins, Clement, Jr (i75106), b.1828-d.1903
Hutchins, Eli (marriage to Catherine Crediford) (i24125), b.1801-
Hutchins, Frank M. (i75107), b.1835-
Hutchins, Grenville (i75104), b.1826-d.1896
Hutchins, Joanna (Hannah) (marriage to George Murphy) (i11176), b.1771-
Hutchins, Joshua (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i47396)
Hutchins, Lewis (i75105), b.1838-d.1864
Hutchins, Lottie E. (i76000), b.1886-
Hutchins, Lucinda E. (marriage to James Berry Insley Libby (10-5-3-4-2-1)) (i76626)
Hutchins, Mark (marriage to Nancy Ann Sawyer) (i79754)
Hutchins, Mary (i75103), b.1832-d.1914
Hutchins, Mary J. (marriage to Payson T. Huff) (i11686), b.1838-
Hutchins, Olive A. (i75102), b.1825-d.1902
Hutchins, Sarah (marriage to Abner Huff Jr) (i11542), b.1808-d.1862
Hutchins, T. S. (marriage to Lavina A. Brown) (i69080)
Hutchins, Warren A. (i76001), b.1871-d.1914
Hutchins, Warren C. (i76003), b.1915-d.1977


Hyde, Louisa DeForest (marriage to Meldon Leroy Hanscom) (i39422)


Imne, Ryan (i75874) (living status unknown)
Imne, Scott Wayne (i75873) (living status unknown)


Ingalls, William (marriage to Margery Libby (10-5-2-6)) (i48924)


Inman, Ida E. (marriage to Charles H. K. Skillings) (i90671)


Irish, Benjamin (marriage to Jane (Jennie) Libby (10-5-1-8)) (i47686)
Irish, Esther (Mary?) (i47685), b.1805-d.1881
Irish, Isaac C. (marriage to Mary Maria(h) March) (i40821)
Irish, Judson G. (marriage to Angie L. Bemis) (i12353)


Irvine, Doris B. (marriage to Ralph Stackpole) (i47237)


Jackson, Lucy T. (marriage to Randall E. Skillings) (i4591)
Jackson, Thomas (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i28915)


Jameson, Eunice H. (marriage to Abraham Waterhouse) (i29483)
Jameson, Lillian (marriage to George Henry Mason) (i51966)


Jamison, Addie (i79652), b.1914-
Jamison, Chester Leon (i79644), b.1887-d.1976
Jamison, Chester Leon (marriage to Maud Polk) (i79644), b.1887-d.1976
Jamison, Edward E. (marriage to Martha E. Taylor) (i79612), b.1833-d.1917
Jamison, Edward Everett (i79614), b.1862-
Jamison, Elsie Lena (i79648), b.1903-
Jamison, Flora R. (i79603), b.1872-d.1899
Jamison, Flora R. (marriage to Oscar Yates) (i79603), b.1872-d.1899
Jamison, Flora R. (marriage to Oscar Yates) (i79603), b.1872-d.1899
Jamison, Frank Ernest (i79616), b.1878-
Jamison, Gertrude Lena (i79650), b.1908-
Jamison, Grace (i79651), b.1907-
Jamison, Grover Cleveland (i79617), b.1885-
Jamison, James Leslie (i79613), b.1866-d.1937
Jamison, James Leslie (marriage to Addie D. Yates) (i79613), b.1866-d.1937
Jamison, Josiah Hill (i79615), b.1868-
Jamison, Marvin E. (i79649), b.1906-d.1924
Jamison, Mary M. (i79646), b.1895-
Jamison, Nina Emeline (i79647), b.1898-
Jamison, Nina May (i79645), b.1892-
Jamison, Winifred (i79653), b.1925-


Jenkins, Martha A. (marriage to John Ostinall (Ostinelli) Hanscom) (i39413)
Jenkins, Mary (marriage to Seth Libby) (i11861), b.1749-
Jenkins, Ruth (marriage to Gideon Hanscom) (i39325)


Jenness, Leverett P. (marriage to Rutha Emelia Tim Whitney) (i51749)
Jenness, Rutha Elizabeth (i51750)


Johnson, Charles (marriage to Martha Libby (10-5-4-1-8-5)) (i3744)
Johnson, Eleanor (marriage to Nathaniel Libby Jr) (i11923), b.1751-
Johnson, Ella Lousie (marriage to Roswell Reed Skillings) (i51781)
Johnson, Elmira Geneva (marriage to George Franklin Skillings) (i90791)
Johnson, James (marriage to Hannah Fickett) (i64153), b.1759-d.1838
Johnson, Lewis B. (marriage to Sarah Ann Stackpole) (i47259)
Johnson, Mary (marriage to George Skillings) (i51872)
Johnson, Mary (marriage to Leander Cushing) (i30040)
Johnson, Matthew (marriage to Rose Ann Libby (10-5-4-1-8-6)) (i33441)
Johnson, Nabby (marriage to James Libby) (i11928)
Johnson, Phebe O. (marriage to Nathaniel Cushing III) (i30039)


Johnston, Mary Jane (marriage to Roswell Reed Skillings) (i51780)


Jones, Albert (i63889)
Jones, Albert L. (marriage to Alice Sophia Brown) (i63954)
Jones, Annie (marriage to Merton Zachariah Fickett) (i85748)
Jones, Benjamin H. (marriage to Ellen Sophronia Waterhouse) (i29524)
Jones, Betsey (marriage to Rufus King Libby (10-5-2-11)) (i48934), d.1867
Jones, Boyd M. (marriage to Betty Seavey) (i47080)
Jones, Cyrus (i35651), b.1791-
Jones, Eunice (marriage to Elisha Libby Jr (10-5-1-1)) (i76669)
Jones, Gloria Tecial (marriage to Theodore Beverage) (i87756)
Jones, Hannah (i35655), b.1802-d.1888
Jones, Hiram (i35653), b.1797-
Jones, Israel (i35654), b.1800-
Jones, James (marriage to Esther Libby (10-5-1-3)) (i76671)
Jones, John (i12263), b.1798-
Jones, John (marriage to Maranda Sprague) (i63888)
Jones, Lillie (marriage to Dr Orion Irving Bemis) (i12369)
Jones, Margaret (marriage to Veranus Libby (11-6-5-5-4)) (i12092), b.1820-
Jones, Margaret Frances (marriage to Roswell Blanchard Skillings Jr) (i91888) (living status unknown)
Jones, Mary (marriage to Jonathan Lassell) (i10216), b.1755-
Jones, Roxanna (marriage to Rufus King Libby (10-5-2-11)) (i48933), d.1842
Jones, Roxanna L. (i12265), b.1822-
Jones, Sally (i35650), b.1789-
Jones, Simeon (marriage to Phebe Hunnewell) (i36079)
Jones, Vilona (i63890)
Jones, Wealthy B. (i35652), b.1793-
Jones, William (marriage to Hannah Libby (10-5-4-9)) (i12262), b.1765-d.1836


Jordan, Annah E. (i29539), b.1850-
Jordan, Bartholomew (i24543), b.1765-
Jordan, Chandler (marriage to Sarah Dyer Waterhouse) (i29536), b.1820-d.1909
Jordan, Emma E. (i29540), b.1852-
Jordan, Enos L. (marriage to Eveline L. Skillings) (i76247)
Jordan, Enos L. (marriage to Eveline L. Skillings) (i76247)
Jordan, Hannah (i24548), b.1783-
Jordan, Jacob Osborne (i84724), b.1826-d.1911
Jordan, James K. (i24549), b.1786-
Jordan, Julia Josephine (i29547), b.1861-d.1907
Jordan, Lizzie A. (i29558), b.1863-d.1868
Jordan, Luna Ada (i84726)
Jordan, Lydia Baker (i29545), b.1855-
Jordan, Mary (marriage to Richard Libby (11-6-4)) (i12055), b.1768-d.1809
Jordan, Mial (i24544), b.1768-
Jordan, Nathaniel (i24546), b.1774-
Jordan, Rev Larkin Lassell (i84722), b.1798-
Jordan, Rev Tristram, Jr (i24545), b.1770-d.1826
Jordan, Ruth (i24550), b.1791-
Jordan, Simon (i24547), b.1778-
Jordan, Tristram, Sr (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i10207), b.1743-
Jordan, Warren (i29546), b.1858-d.1858


Jose, Abigail (marriage to Isaac Libby (11-6-2-3)) (i36141), b.1767-
Jose, Alice Laura (i46210), b.1870-
Jose, Amos (i15686), b.1789-
Jose, Amos (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Sawyer) (i15686), b.1789-
Jose, Benjamin (i46198), b.1809-d.1815
Jose, Benjamin Besse (i46201), b.1818-
Jose, Betsey (i46196), b.1802-
Jose, Charles Henry (i46218)
Jose, Clara Harriet (i46204), b.1843-
Jose, Daisy (i46211), b.1878-
Jose, Daniel (i15688), b.1791-
Jose, Dorcas (i15690), b.1796-
Jose, Edwin Henry (i46205), b.1845-
Jose, Edwin Henry, Jr (i46212), b.1890-
Jose, Ella Josephine (i46216)
Jose, Ernest Parlin (i46209), b.1869-
Jose, Eunice (i46197), b.1807-
Jose, Fannie Gertrude (i46217)
Jose, Frances (i29082), b.1829-
Jose, Frances E. (i46274)
Jose, Freedom (i29080), b.1825-
Jose, Hannah (i15684), b.1787-d.1842
Jose, Harriet (i29077), b.1816-
Jose, Isaac Albert (i29078), b.1819-
Jose, James (i15680), b.1781-
Jose, John (i46200), b.1814-d.1815
Jose, Lillian Elizabeth (i46219)
Jose, Lois (i15683), b.1785-
Jose, Lydia (i15681), b.1782-
Jose, Mark L. (i29074), b.1812-d.1880
Jose, Martin (i15682), b.1784-
Jose, Mary A. (i29085), b.1846-d.1912
Jose, Nathan W. (i15689), b.1793-
Jose, Oliver (i29079), b.1824-
Jose, Richard Jordan (i29076), b.1814-
Jose, Sally (marriage to Col James March) (i30054), b.1779-d.1863
Jose, Samuel (i46195), b.1801-
Jose, Sarah Charlotte (i29081), b.1827-
Jose, Simon (i46199), b.1811-
Jose, Ursula (i46203), b.1841-
Jose, William (marriage to Dorcas Libby (10-5-3-1)) (i12221), b.1756-d.1822
Jose, William, Jr (i15691), b.1798-


Joseph, William A. (marriage to Vera Virginia Merrill) (i12041), b.1897-


Joy, Carlene (i87805) (living status unknown)
Joy, Charlotte (i87803) (living status unknown)
Joy, Elizabeth (i87797) (living status unknown)
Joy, James (i87798) (living status unknown)
Joy, Jennifer (i87800) (living status unknown)


Joyce, Harold (i87725) (living status unknown)
Joyce, Virginia (i87724)
Joyce, Walter Manning (marriage to Vernita Beverage) (i87722), b.1892-d.1939


Junkins, Nathan, (Jenkins?) (marriage to Hannah M. Hanscom) (i25666)


Jurgens, Frederick William (marriage to Edith Frances Sawyer) (i29140), b.1855-d.1928


Justice, Cecilia (i12048), b.1923-d.1923
Justice, he (i12046) (still alive)
Justice, he (i12047) (still alive)
Justice, John Alfred (marriage to Inez Elizabeth Merrill) (i12043), b.1895-d.1968


Justison, Anna Louise (marriage to Richard Goodwin) (i47068), b.1918-d.1978


Kelly, John Thomas (marriage to Olive Elzaday Cheney) (i29030)
Kelly, Nancy C. (marriage to Andrew T(yler) Ayer) (i69726), b.1795-d.1880


Kennedy, Lola Montase (marriage to Frederick St. Clair Sawyer) (i29142), b.1883-d.1954


Kennison, Lydia, (Smith?) (marriage to John Hanscom) (i25660)


Kent, Maralee (i75855) (living status unknown)
Kent, Robyn Ray (i75856) (living status unknown)


Kesterson, Daniel Murray (i12576)
Kesterson, he (i12588) (living status unknown)
Kesterson, he (i12589) (living status unknown)
Kesterson, he (i12590) (living status unknown)
Kesterson, he (i12591) (living status unknown)
Kesterson, he (i12592) (living status unknown)
Kesterson, Margaret Anne (i12574) (still alive)
Kesterson, Melvin (marriage to May Valentine Davies) (i47319), b.1923-
Kesterson, virginia Maxine (marriage to Thomas Rees Davies) (i47318)


Kidder, Sarah (marriage to Ephraim Alley) (i18221)


Kilbourn, ELizabeth (Lizzie) (marriage to Addison Libby) (i12188), b.1834-d.1856


Kimball, Irene (marriage to Nathaniel Cushing III) (i29975)
Kimball, Nancy H. (marriage to Ivory Skillings) (i90666)


Kimbley, William Marshall (marriage to Julia Maria(h) Ramsdell) (i6428), b.1867-


Kincade, James (marriage to Elizabeth Carr) (i24577), d.1748


King, Edwin J. (marriage to Lucy M. Ladd) (i15771), b.1886-
King, he (i12412) (still alive)
King, he (i15783) (still alive)
King, he (i15785) (still alive)
King, Irville (i15784), b.1923-d.1988
King, Meredith (marriage to Harold Earle Prosser) (i69171)
King, Raymond Bridges (i12413), b.1909-d.1980
King, she (i12410) (still alive)
King, she (i15786) (still alive)
King, Sidney Perham (marriage to Lena Isa Bridges) (i12409), b.1879-d.1938


Kingsbury, Capt Joseph (marriage to Hannah Miller) (i19301)
Kingsbury, Love (marriage to John Miller Jr) (i19281), d.1854


Kinney, Rhoda A. (marriage to Roscoe H. Stackpole) (i47249), d.1929


Knapp, Eliza Almeda (marriage to Christopher C. March) (i40762), b.1830-d.1904


Kneeland, Althea M. (marriage to John Hanscom) (i39512), b.1837-d.1918
Kneeland, Jennie (i63912), b.1870-
Kneeland, Mary (marriage to Andrew Brown) (i6393), b.1692-d.1780


Knight, Daniel (marriage to Katherine Sawyer) (i79765)
Knight, Daniel (marriage to Mehitable Libby) (i10385), b.1707-d.1779
Knight, Earl W. (marriage to Mildred Evangeline Hodgins) (i47089), b.1888-d.1958
Knight, Eunice (i28755), b.1736-
Knight, Frances Jackson (marriage to Lothrop L. Libby) (i76352), b.1809-d.1882
Knight, Frances S. (marriage to James H. Littlefield) (i46897), b.1848-d.1932
Knight, Hannah (marriage to Joel Libby) (i64052)
Knight, Lydia (i28758), b.1736-
Knight, Miriam (marriage to Nathaniel Libby) (i10378), b.1708-d.1757
Knight, Pauline (marriage to Russell Lewelmer Skillings) (i90759)
Knight, Phebe (i28759), b.1739-
Knight, Priscilla (i47090)
Knight, Priscilla (marriage to Zachariah Libby) (i64050)
Knight, Sarah Johnson (marriage to Charles Emerson Skillings) (i28663)
Knight, Zebulon (i28754), b.1735-


Knoph, Bessie (marriage to Clyde Earl Brown) (i92671) (living status unknown)


Kracke, Kathryn Homan (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby III (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-2)) (i76367) (living status unknown)


Kranz, Harriet (marriage to Henry Willard Skillings) (i91691)


Ladd, Albert Edgar (i15763), b.1874-d.1943
Ladd, Alonzo Small (i15746), b.1847-d.1911
Ladd, Amanda (i29958), b.1860-
Ladd, Annie R. (i15759), b.1876-
Ladd, Ara Edna (i15758), b.1866-d.1866
Ladd, Boyd (i15712), b.1873-
Ladd, Charles H., II (i29954), b.1848-
Ladd, Charles W. (i15748), b.1851-
Ladd, Clara E. (i15710), b.1859-d.1921
Ladd, Dorcas (i15736), b.1824-
Ladd, Drucilla (i29957), b.1858-
Ladd, Edna E. (i15718), b.1877-
Ladd, Edwin Grant (i15749), b.1855-d.1937
Ladd, Edwin Grant (i15765), b.1884-
Ladd, Edwin Llewelyn (i29948), b.1838-
Ladd, Ella C. (i15708), b.1855-
Ladd, Ella Myrtle (i15767), b.1884-
Ladd, Eva Maud (i15720), b.1879-
Ladd, Everett Carll (i15779), b.1907-d.1992
Ladd, Florence D. (i15760), b.1878-d.1893
Ladd, Francis Warren (i29951), b.1839-
Ladd, George F. (i15724), b.1881-
Ladd, George T. (i15751), b.1855-
Ladd, Guy Turner (i15725), b.1881-d.1966
Ladd, H. Plummer (i15702), b.1849-
Ladd, he (i15723), b.1880-
Ladd, he (i15799) (still alive)
Ladd, he (i15803) (living status unknown)
Ladd, Helen Mildred (i15761), b.1880-d.1892
Ladd, Henrietta (i29952), b.1846-
Ladd, Henry Clifford (i15791), b.1918-d.1990
Ladd, Horace D. (i15742), b.1842-
Ladd, James E. (i15715), b.1881-
Ladd, James H. (i15700), b.1822-d.1883
Ladd, John N. (i15695), b.1816-d.1882
Ladd, Kenneth Elwood (i15793), b.1921-d.1969
Ladd, Kenneth Zelma (i15772), b.1892-d.1952
Ladd, Laura E. (i15706), b.1852-
Ladd, Laura E. (i29953), b.1847-
Ladd, Lawrence Raymond (i15789), b.1913-d.1982
Ladd, Lena (i15728), b.1892-
Ladd, Lona Clair (i15774), b.1892-
Ladd, Lorenzo (i15704), b.1850-d.1896
Ladd, Lorna Mildred (i15726), b.1890-
Ladd, Lucy Ann (i15740), b.1840-d.1917
Ladd, Lucy M. (i15770), b.1886-
Ladd, Marcellus (i29956), b.1855-
Ladd, Mirtle F. (i15717), b.1886-
Ladd, Perley Albert (i15777), b.1899-d.1961
Ladd, Richard Elmont (i15801), b.1942-d.1992
Ladd, Robert (marriage to Ethel M. Peters) (i23012)
Ladd, Royal E. (i15713), b.1873-
Ladd, Sadie Albertha (i15762), b.1872-
Ladd, Samuel A. (i15744), b.1846-d.1882
Ladd, Samuel E. (i15697), b.1818-d.1889
Ladd, Sarah (i15699), b.1820-d.1826
Ladd, Sarah (i15738), b.1826-
Ladd, she (i15797) (still alive)
Ladd, Silas (i15693), b.1814-d.1890
Ladd, Silas (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Sawyer) (i15693), b.1814-d.1890
Ladd, Stateria (i29955), b.1852-
Ladd, Stephen Elmer (i66644), b.1871-d.1956
Ladd, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Jose) (i15685), b.1766-d.1837
Ladd, Wallace (i15752), b.1860-
Ladd, Walter S. (i15753), b.1863-d.1936
Ladd, Warren (marriage to Eleanor Meador) (i12310), b.1818-d.1861


Lake, Daniel Dill (i35665), b.1829-
Lake, Enoch (marriage to Hannah Jones) (i35656), b.1797-d.1860
Lake, Enoch Henry (i35669), b.1839-
Lake, Ephraim Wily (i35664), b.1827-
Lake, Hannah Jones (i35660), b.1820-
Lake, James Barbour (i35666), b.1832-
Lake, Joannah Barrett (i35671), b.1843-
Lake, Joseph (i35663), b.1825-
Lake, Lucretia Tukesbury (i35667), b.1834-
Lake, Maranda Harriman (i35670), b.1841-
Lake, Mary Jane (i35661), b.1821-
Lake, Sarah Libby (i35668), b.1836-d.1886
Lake, Wealthy Gooding (i35662), b.1823-
Lake, William Jones (i35659), b.1818-


Laman, he (marriage to Hannah Perkins) (i19269)


Lamb, Cathryn Ruth (marriage to Harold Earle Prosser) (i69172)


Landman, Nina F. (marriage to Thomas Harmon Scammon) (i17734), b.1876-d.1958


Landon, Howard P. (marriage to Carrie Scammon Hanscom) (i39415)


Lane, Hattie (marriage to Jesse W. March) (i40769), b.1869-d.1904
Lane, Sarah B. (marriage to Rev James Knight Libby (10-2-1-2-6-2)) (i47040), b.1820-d.1869


Larman, Kate (i69213) (living status unknown)
Larman, Kenneth Kirk (i69211) (living status unknown)
Larman, Matthew (i69212) (living status unknown)


Larrabee, Betsey (i65178), b.1778-d.1855
Larrabee, Cyrus (marriage to Sarah Ann Libby) (i47105)
Larrabee, Deborah (i65176), b.1775-
Larrabee, Dorothy (i65180), b.1779-d.1825
Larrabee, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Waterhouse) (i29365), b.1776-d.1801
Larrabee, Hannah (marriage to Deacon Joshua Libby) (i12158), b.1734-d.1818
Larrabee, John S. (marriage to Lucy Tyler Libby) (i12180), b.1819-
Larrabee, John S. (marriage to Lucy Tyler Libby) (i12180), b.1819-
Larrabee, Josiah (i63588), b.1772-
Larrabee, Josiah (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i63588), b.1772-
Larrabee, Louisa H. (marriage to Joseph Ralph Libby) (i64065)
Larrabee, Lydia (i63584), b.1771-
Larrabee, Lydia (marriage to Jonathan Libby) (i63584), b.1771-
Larrabee, Nathaniel (i65165), b.1774-
Larrabee, Phebe (marriage to Benjamin Hunnewell) (i35973)
Larrabee, Pvt Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Hunnewell) (i65162), b.1753-
Larrabee, Sarah (i65177), b.1776-
Larrabee, Thomas A. (i65163), b.1773-d.1850


Larson, Gladys Wilhemina (marriage to Leland Marty McCrady) (i11998), b.1904-d.1954


Lassell, Abby Jane (i29838), b.1844-
Lassell, Abigail (i10239), b.1793-d.1800
Lassell, Abigail (i10265), b.1796-d.1814
Lassell, Abigail (i10279), b.1798-d.1798
Lassell, Allison (Ellison) (i10288), b.1726-d.1801
Lassell, Ambrose Pendleton (i29831), b.1826-
Lassell, Amy (Emma) (i10218), b.1750-d.1834
Lassell, Andrew (i11025), b.1717-d.1754
Lassell, Anna, (Lazzel) (i11015), b.1741-d.1830
Lassell, Anna, (Lazzel) (marriage to Peter Libby (11-6-2)) (i11015), b.1741-d.1830
Lassell, Asa (i10269), b.1762-d.1846
Lassell, Asa (i10275), b.1791-d.1807
Lassell, Betsey (i11027), b.1740-
Lassell, Byantha Gordon (i29841), b.1824-
Lassell, Caleb (i10266), b.1798-d.1838
Lassell, Catherine (i10198), b.1741-d.1832
Lassell, Catherine (i10322), b.1769-d.1860
Lassell, Charlotte (i10229), b.1789-
Lassell, Cordelia L. (i29832), b.1830-
Lassell, Cynthia C. (i29835), b.1836-
Lassell, David Philbrook (i29822), b.1809-
Lassell, David Zeletus (i29844), b.1831-
Lassell, Deborah (i10220), b.1752-
Lassell, Deborah (i11765), b.1803-
Lassell, Diadama (i10302), b.1760-
Lassell, Edwin (i10243), b.1800-
Lassell, Eliza (i10272), b.1787-
Lassell, Eliza Carlton (i29845), b.1834-
Lassell, Elizabeth (i10194), b.1739-
Lassell, Elizabeth (i10261), b.1791-
Lassell, Elizabeth (i10318), b.1802-
Lassell, Elizabeth (i11032), b.1719-d.1790
Lassell, Elizabeth (i29673), b.1843-
Lassell, Elizabeth (Eliza) (i10284), b.1765-
Lassell, Elizabeth Ann (i29663), b.1822-
Lassell, Ellison (i10291), b.1754-d.1850
Lassell, Ellison (i10294), b.1780-d.1856
Lassell, Emeline Mary (i29664), b.1824-
Lassell, Ephraim (i29827), b.1820-
Lassell, Ephraim (i29834), b.1834-
Lassell, Fannie (i29677), b.1849-
Lassell, Frances Augusta (i29666), b.1829-
Lassell, Francis Marion (i29670), b.1837-
Lassell, George (i10298), b.1786-d.1823
Lassell, Hannah (i10206), b.1742-
Lassell, Hannah (i10249)
Lassell, Hannah (i10255), b.1784-
Lassell, Hannah (i10280), b.1801-
Lassell, Hannah (i10311), b.1793-d.1842
Lassell, Hannah (i11035), b.1728-
Lassell, Hannah (i29674), b.1845-
Lassell, Harriet (i11764), b.1797-
Lassell, he (i10224), b.1760-
Lassell, he (i11024)
Lassell, he (i11829)
Lassell, he (i11830)
Lassell, he (i11831)
Lassell, Huldah (Hulda) (i10213), b.1746-
Lassell, Israel (i10237), b.1791-
Lassell, Israel, Esq (i10231), b.1764-d.1831
Lassell, James Monroe (i29661), b.1817-
Lassell, Jeremiah (i10202), b.1715-d.1790
Lassell, Jeremiah (i10315), b.1797-d.1877
Lassell, John (i10257), b.1786-d.1861
Lassell, John (i10295), b.1782-
Lassell, John (i10299), b.1756-
Lassell, John (i10310), b.1791-d.1836
Lassell, John (i11031), b.1723-
Lassell, John Swinton (i10282), b.1805-d.1890
Lassell, John Swinton (marriage to Louise (Louisa) Whitten) (i10282), b.1805-d.1890
Lassell, Jonathan (i10215), b.1748-d.1790
Lassell, Jonathan (i29825), b.1818-
Lassell, Joshua (i10306), b.1765-d.1852
Lassell, Joshua (i10313), b.1795-d.1887
Lassell, Joshua, III (i10192), b.1711-d.1771
Lassell, Joshua, Jr (marriage to Katherine Brown) (i9295), b.1686-d.1750
Lassell, Lois (i10300), b.1754-d.1816
Lassell, Louisa (i29675), b.1845-
Lassell, Louisa (i29676), b.1847-
Lassell, Lucy (i10276), b.1793-
Lassell, Lucy (i29668), b.1833-
Lassell, Lydia (i10225), b.1756-d.1832
Lassell, Lydia (i10293), b.1778-d.1826
Lassell, Lydia Calderwood (i29843), b.1829-
Lassell, Mary (i10200), b.1713-
Lassell, Mary (i10208), b.1744-
Lassell, Mary (i29672), b.1840-
Lassell, Mary (i29824), b.1817-
Lassell, Mary (Molly) (i10251), b.1755-d.1787
Lassell, Mary (Molly) (i11017)
Lassell, Mary (Polly) (i10304), b.1763-
Lassell, Mary Porter (i10268), b.1800-d.1866
Lassell, Matthew (i10244), b.1721-d.1760
Lassell, Matthew (i10259), b.1789-d.1860
Lassell, Matthew (i10317), b.1798-
Lassell, Matthew (i29840), b.1822-
Lassell, Mehitable (i10278), b.1795-d.1797
Lassell, Mehitable (i11021), b.1757-d.1847
Lassell, Mehitable (i29669), b.1835-
Lassell, Miriam (i11019)
Lassell, Nancy (i10321), b.1804-
Lassell, Nancy Ellen (i29826), b.1821-
Lassell, Nehemiah (i10242), b.1798-d.1810
Lassell, Olive (i10235), b.1789-
Lassell, Phebe (i10319), b.1803-
Lassell, Phebe Ann (i29828), b.1821-
Lassell, Polly (i10274), b.1789-d.1802
Lassell, Priscilla (i29829), b.1823-
Lassell, Priscilla Pendleton (i29836), b.1838-
Lassell, Pvt Bartholomew (i10227), b.1758-d.1818
Lassell, Pvt Caleb (i10253), b.1761-d.1846
Lassell, Robert (i10308), b.1790-d.1826
Lassell, Robert Elwell (i29830), b.1824-
Lassell, Rosewel (i11766)
Lassell, Rosilla Cross (i29837), b.1840-
Lassell, Ruth (i10222), b.1754-
Lassell, Ruth (i10263), b.1794-
Lassell, Ruth (i10286), b.1767-d.1847
Lassell, Ruth (i24559), b.1757-
Lassell, Ruth (Rutha) (i10240), b.1796-
Lassell, Samuel Crabtree (i29833), b.1832-
Lassell, Sarah (i29671), b.1839-
Lassell, Sarah Maria (i29667), b.1831-
Lassell, Servillius Milt (i29842), b.1826-
Lassell, Susan Sweetland (i29846), b.1837-
Lassell, Tabitha (i11023)
Lassell, Theodore Lyman (i29662), b.1819-
Lassell, Theodore Lyman (i29665), b.1826-
Lassell, Thomas (i10271), b.1785-d.1809
Lassell, William (i10296), b.1784-d.1852
Lassell, William (i29823), b.1810-
Lassell, William Hayden (i29839), b.1819-


Laurence, Abigail (marriage to George M. Hanson) (i12461), b.1816-
Laurence, Imyra (i80583) (still alive)
Laurence, Makaila (i80582) (still alive)
Laurence, Mandell James (i80581) (still alive)


Lawrence, Herbert (marriage to Ida Jane Bemis) (i12356)
Lawrence, Marcia (marriage to Addison Libby) (i12189), b.1834-


Lawson, Christa Nicole (i75929) (living status unknown)
Lawson, Kelly Ann (i75930) (living status unknown)


Leach, Barbara Louise (i10770) (living status unknown)
Leach, Douglas John (i10775) (living status unknown)
Leach, Elizabeth Edna (marriage to Norwood Rock Beverage) (i87705)
Leach, George (marriage to Mary (Molly) Hanscom) (i25680), b.1771-d.1833
Leach, George (marriage to Mary (Molly) Hanscom) (i25680), b.1771-d.1833
Leach, Glenn Andrew (i10774) (living status unknown)
Leach, Richard Vernon (i10772) (living status unknown)


Leadbetter, Annie (marriage to Charles H. Beverage) (i87687), b.1863-d.1960


Leavitt, Eliza (marriage to Silas Waterhouse) (i29487)
Leavitt, John (marriage to Anna Carr) (i10110)
Leavitt, Jonathan S. (marriage to Harriet Waterhouse) (i29345)


Leeman, Sally (marriage to James Carter) (i47147), b.1791-d.1845


Leick, Albert George (marriage to Caroline (Carrie) H. Warren) (i12555), b.1864-d.1932
Leick, Alberta Edith (i12562), b.1899-d.1975
Leick, George (i12561), b.1894-d.1894
Leick, he (i12558), b.1890-
Leick, Ruth Fannette (i12559), b.1892-d.1969


Leighton, Daniel (marriage to Eliza Libby) (i18290)
Leighton, Dorcas (marriage to Ebenezer Cobb Libby (11-7-1-8- )) (i28219)
Leighton, George (marriage to Isabel Hanscom) (i39447)
Leighton, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah Ann Hanscom) (i39409)


Lemont, Aramede Snow (marriage to Capt Henry Clay Tarbox) (i85261), b.1846-d.1934


Lenfest, Lois (marriage to Oliver Boynton Jr) (i79887)


Leonard, Edgar W. (i51892)
Leonard, Elmer (i51889)
Leonard, Elmer B. (marriage to Ruth Genevieve Skillings) (i51888)
Leonard, Herbert (i51890)
Leonard, Kenneth R. (marriage to Helen Bernice Skillings) (i51894)
Leonard, Mildred S. (i51895)
Leonard, Ruth G. (i51891)


Lermond, William (marriage to Lois Lassell) (i10301), b.1751-


Lewis, Charles (marriage to Ella Frances Libby) (i76322)


Libby, Aaron (i65106), b.1818-
Libby, Abbie Helen (i30026), b.1855-
Libby, Abbie Jane (i3718), b.1847-
Libby, Abbie Lane (i47059), b.1857-d.1913
Libby, Abigail (i10397), b.1733-
Libby, Abigail (i20187), b.1779-
Libby, Abigail (i28805), b.1762-
Libby, Abigail (i28830), b.1738-
Libby, Abigail (i28894), b.1794-d.1872
Libby, Abigail (i29910), b.1799-
Libby, Abigail (i29923), b.1791-d.1882
Libby, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Waterhouse) (i20187), b.1779-
Libby, Abigail (marriage to Edward Libby) (i64633)
Libby, Abigail (marriage to Enoch Libby Jr) (i28894), b.1794-d.1872
Libby, Abigail (Nabby) (i36166), b.1783-
Libby, Abigail (Nabby) (marriage to Joshua Hanscom) (i36166), b.1783-
Libby, Abigail Hanscom, (10-7-1- - ) (i29653), b.1801-
Libby, Abigail Hubbard (i64047), b.1775-
Libby, Abigail, (10-5-1-5) (i76674), b.1763-
Libby, Abigail, (11-2-3-5) (i36111), b.1778-d.1874
Libby, Abigail, (11-2-4- ) (i36124), b.1776-d.1865
Libby, Abner (marriage to Lucy Hunnewell) (i36062), b.1739-
Libby, Abram (i63705), b.1835-
Libby, Ada Antoinette (i65110), b.1852-
Libby, Addison (i12187), b.1830-
Libby, Adelaide (i46336), b.1873-
Libby, Affa Maria (i76319), b.1841-d.1847
Libby, Ai (i4394), b.1837-
Libby, Ai Henry (i3737), b.1855-d.1856
Libby, Ai, (10-5-4-1-8) (i29917), b.1799-d.1837
Libby, Albert (i12215), b.1856-
Libby, Albert (i78126), b.1851-
Libby, Albert Francis (i30017), b.1849-
Libby, Albert Francis, (10-5-4-1-8-2-3) (i3731), b.1858-
Libby, Alberta (i3666), b.1848-
Libby, Alden Keen (i78139), b.1851-
Libby, Aldenezi Ernest Millard (i3684), b.1850-d.1873
Libby, Alexander, (1-1-3-9-1) (i48650)
Libby, Alexander, (10-5-4-11) (i12260), b.1774-
Libby, Alfaretta (i64637), b.1850-
Libby, Alfred Willis, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8) (i63623), b.1869-d.1955
Libby, Alice Emery, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-7) (i63819), b.1891-d.1976
Libby, Alice Helena, (10-2-1-1-9-1-1-5) (i64072), b.1879-
Libby, Alice Henrietta, (10-5-3-4-2-8) (i76634), b.1848-
Libby, Alice Inez, (10-5-4-1-8-2-5) (i3733), b.1869-
Libby, Allison (i3751)
Libby, Allison (i4223), b.1733-d.1813
Libby, Allison (i78132), b.1839-
Libby, Allison, (10-5-4-7-8) (i47716), b.1807-
Libby, Allison, III (i29921), b.1787-
Libby, Alma Louise (i29601), b.1821-
Libby, Almer (i18286), b.1810-
Libby, Almira (marriage to Isaac S. Brown) (i69077)
Libby, Alonzo (i78136), b.1843-d.1847
Libby, Alonzo D. (i78138), b.1848-d.1864
Libby, Alvin (i11874)
Libby, Alvin B. (i30007), b.1822-
Libby, Amanda (i46344), b.1860-d.1861
Libby, Amnie (i47103), b.1859-
Libby, Amos (i4279), b.1794-d.1826
Libby, Amos (i28392), b.1763-d.1840
Libby, Amos (marriage to Sarah Hunnewell) (i28392), b.1763-d.1840
Libby, Amos Fred (i76752), b.1863-
Libby, Amos, Jr (i76733), b.1807-
Libby, Andrew (i3750)
Libby, Andrew Burns (i18284), b.1803-
Libby, Andrew Jackson (i28897), b.1829-
Libby, Andrew, (11-11-6-4) (i11878), b.1782-
Libby, Andrew, (11-7-7- ) (i47184), b.1783-d.1863
Libby, Andrew, Jr (i28827), b.1732-d.1801
Libby, Andrew, Jr (11-7-1-8) (i28212), b.1771-d.1855
Libby, Ann Maria, (10-5-3-4-2-7) (i76633), b.1842-
Libby, Anna (i17919), b.1798-
Libby, Anna (i28952), b.1765-
Libby, Anna (i36099), b.1788-d.1814
Libby, Anna (Annie) (i29559), b.1785-
Libby, Anna (marriage to Jeremiah Libby) (i40947), b.1751-d.1826
Libby, Anna Maria, (11-6-5-5-8) (i12099), b.1824-d.1853
Libby, Anna, (1-6-5-11) (marriage to Hanson Libby) (i11910), b.1763-d.1823
Libby, Anna, (10-5-1-7) (i48936), b.1767-
Libby, Anna, (10-5-1-7) (marriage to Mark Libby(10-5-4-7)) (i48936), b.1767-
Libby, Anna, (10-5-4-7-1) (i65099), b.1788-
Libby, Anna, (11-6-1) (i11968), b.1734-d.1815
Libby, Anna, (11-7-1-2) (i36150), b.1759-
Libby, Anna, (11-7-1-2) (marriage to Moses Libby (10-5-1-2)) (i36150), b.1759-
Libby, Anne (i11930), b.1772-
Libby, Anne (i63718), b.1839-
Libby, Anne, (11-11-7) (i11862), b.1747-
Libby, Anne, (11-2-4-2) (i11847), b.1768-
Libby, Anne, (11-6-2-7) (i28851), b.1776-
Libby, Annie Bell, (10-2-1-1-9-1-1-4) (i64071), b.1877-d.1877
Libby, Annie Louise (i12147), b.1874-d.1899
Libby, Annie Maria (i12077), b.1854-d.1876
Libby, Annie Maria (i46326), b.1851-
Libby, Anthony, (1-1-2-7) (marriage to Lucy Libby (10-2-4-1)) (i42860), b.1738-d.1809
Libby, Arthur (i63726), b.1876-
Libby, Arthur A., (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-4) (i63712), b.1872-
Libby, Aubrey Frank (i3675), b.1879-
Libby, Azariah, (11-2-4-4) (i11849), b.1770-
Libby, Barbara Jeanne, (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-1-1) (i76364) (still alive)
Libby, Barbara, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2-2) (i63987), b.1938-
Libby, Benaiah, (11-6-5-5-3) (i12089), b.1814-d.1878
Libby, Benaiah, (11-6-5-5-3) (marriage to Keziah Libby (11-6-5-4-2)) (i12089), b.1814-d.1878
Libby, Benjamin (i29993), b.1821-
Libby, Benjamin (i36128), b.1781-
Libby, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Smith) (i11891), b.1736-
Libby, Benjamin Franklin (i29594), b.1819-
Libby, Benjamin, (10-5-1-4) (i76672), b.1760-
Libby, Benjamin, Jr (i28958), b.1777-
Libby, Bessie B., (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-9) (i63821), b.1895-
Libby, Bethel Stella, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-6) (i63871), b.1908-
Libby, Bethia (marriage to Samuel Brown) (i10089)
Libby, Betsey (i28901), b.1804-
Libby, Betsey (i28953), b.1767-
Libby, Betsey (i36121)
Libby, Betsey (i36139), b.1794-d.1816
Libby, Betsey Cobb, (10-5-4-1-1-10) (i3726)
Libby, Betsey Cobb, (10-5-4-1-1-10) (marriage to Wilder Mack Libby (10-5-4-1-8-2)) (i3726)
Libby, Betsey Jewett (i36132), b.1825-
Libby, Betsey, (10-5-4-8) (i12258), b.1767-
Libby, Betsy (i29626), b.1771-
Libby, Betty (i29650), b.1796-
Libby, Betty, (10-5-3-2) (i28389), b.1758-
Libby, Bryant (i29927), b.1802-
Libby, Caleb, (5-7-8-2-2) (i49008), b.1794-d.1812
Libby, Capt Jonathan (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i42953), b.1752-d.1805
Libby, Capt Joshua, Jr (i12164), b.1768-d.1831
Libby, Capt Joshua, Jr (marriage to Ruth Libby) (i12164), b.1768-d.1831
Libby, Capt Moses (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i49000), b.1769-d.1869
Libby, Capt Reuben, (10-5-2-1-1) (i70165), b.1772-d.1877
Libby, Capt Reuben, (10-5-2-1-1) (marriage to Dorothy Libby (10-5-5-12)) (i70165), b.1772-d.1877
Libby, Capt Sewall, (11-7-7-6) (i49003), b.1779-
Libby, Capt Sewall, (11-7-7-6) (marriage to Sarah Libby (1-1-6-5-2)) (i49003), b.1779-
Libby, Capt Theodore (i29606), b.1773-d.1825
Libby, Capt Thomas (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29426)
Libby, Caroline (marriage to Stephen Harmon) (i76394)
Libby, Catherine (i12209), b.1847-
Libby, Catherine (i30012), b.1831-
Libby, Charles Bacon (i46351), b.1866-
Libby, Charles Badger (i65191), b.1848-d.1851
Libby, Charles Davis (i47188), b.1863-d.1944
Libby, Charles Edgar Bean (i64641), b.1861-
Libby, Charles Edwin (i63699), b.1851-
Libby, Charles Elmer, (10-2-1-2-3-11-10) (i63625), b.1876-d.1906
Libby, Charles Henry, (10-5-3-4-2-4) (i76629), b.1837-d.1837
Libby, Charles Johnson (i3741), b.1859-d.1859
Libby, Charles M., (10-2-1-2-6-2-6) (i47048), b.1848-d.1871
Libby, Charles Sumner (i64895), b.1859-
Libby, Charles Sylvester (i12195), b.1836-
Libby, Charles William (i29598), b.1833-
Libby, Charles Zebulon (i30000), b.1855-
Libby, Charles, (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1-4) (i79681)
Libby, Charles, (11-2-3-1-4) (i42816), b.1806-d.1846
Libby, Charles, (11-6-2-6) (i28850), b.1774-d.1778
Libby, Charlotte (i12182), b.1826-
Libby, Charlotte (i28227), b.1808-
Libby, Charlotte (Lottie), (10-2-1-2-3-8-4) (i63606), b.1861-d.1903
Libby, Charlotte (marriage to Zebulon Tyler Libby) (i12182), b.1826-
Libby, Charlotte, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5-2) (i64002), b.1919-
Libby, Charlotte, (10-5-1-10-3) (i76690), b.1803-d.1827
Libby, Charlotte, (10-5-4-14) (i29618), b.1783-
Libby, Chester Morrill (i30024), b.1893-
Libby, child (i12213) (living status unknown)
Libby, child (i76311), b.1830-d.1831
Libby, child (i76312), b.1832-d.1833
Libby, child (i76714), b.1831-d.1831
Libby, Christiana (i28214), b.1794-
Libby, Clara E. (i63728), b.1862-
Libby, Clara Jane (i12101), b.1828-
Libby, Clara Jane (marriage to George Washington Libby) (i12101), b.1828-
Libby, Clara Jane (marriage to George Washington Libby) (i12101), b.1828-
Libby, Clara L. (i30020), b.1858-
Libby, Clarence Eugene, (10-5-3-4-7-2-1) (i3705), b.1860-
Libby, Clarissa, (5-7-8-2-1) (i49007), b.1791-d.1792
Libby, Clarissa, (5-7-8-2-4) (i49012), b.1799-
Libby, Cora Elizabeth (Lida) (i28537), b.1868-
Libby, Cordelia (i30011), b.1831-
Libby, Cornelius, (10-5-1-10-7) (i76695), b.1813-
Libby, Cornelius, (10-5-1-10-7) (marriage to Lucy Ann Marr) (i76695), b.1813-
Libby, Cyrus (i28207), b.1809-d.1881
Libby, Cyrus (i29909), b.1794-
Libby, Cyrus Edwin, (10-5-3-4-6-4) (i76308), b.1828-
Libby, Daniel (i28832), b.1742-d.1828
Libby, Daniel (i29915), b.1792-
Libby, Daniel F. (marriage to Roxanna L. Jones) (i12266), b.1823-
Libby, Daniel, (1-1-5-9-1) (i64750), b.1785-
Libby, Daniel, (10-2-1-2-6-2-2) (i47045), b.1842-d.1842
Libby, Daniel, (10-5-4-10-1) (i77416), b.1807-
Libby, Darius Small (i12205), b.1840-d.1864
Libby, David Bailey, (10-5-3-4-6-1) (i76305), b.1823-
Libby, David Bailey, (10-5-3-4-6-1) (marriage to Sarah Maria Libby (10-5-3-4-8-1)) (i76305), b.1823-
Libby, David Franklin (i12202), b.1833-
Libby, David, (11-7-1-10) (i18253), b.1776-d.1864
Libby, Deacon Joseph (i28831), b.1740-d.1813
Libby, Deacon Joshua (i12157), b.1734-d.1813
Libby, Deacon Mark (i13968), b.1771-d.1842
Libby, Deborah F. (i76726), b.1843-
Libby, Demas, (10-5-4-16) (i48942), b.1787-
Libby, Demas, Jr (10-5-4-16-4) (i29619), b.1815-
Libby, Demas, Jr (10-5-4-16-4) (marriage to Mehitable Libby (1-1-3-9-2-6)) (i29619), b.1815-
Libby, Dennis (Dennice), (11-6-2-11) (i28855), b.1785-
Libby, Dennis M. (i30010), b.1829-
Libby, Dennis, (11-11-6-6) (i11880), b.1788-
Libby, Dexter (i3661), b.1816-
Libby, Dexter (i30009), b.1826-
Libby, Dexter (marriage to Eliza Libby) (i3661), b.1816-
Libby, Dominicus (i46379), b.1799-d.1836
Libby, Dominicus, (10-2-4-3-2-4) (i47715), b.1813-d.1835
Libby, Dominicus, (10-5-6-2) (i42936), b.1764-d.1836
Libby, Dorcas (i10380), b.1706-d.1742
Libby, Dorcas (i41343), b.1785-d.1868
Libby, Dorcas (i63609)
Libby, Dorcas (i76707), b.1796-
Libby, Dorcas (marriage to Pvt George Waterhouse) (i29312)
Libby, Dorcas (marriage to Stephen Libby (10-2-1-2-3-9)) (i63609)
Libby, Dorcas, (10-5-3-1) (i12220), b.1755-d.1822
Libby, Dorcas, (11-6-5- ) (i12108), b.1795-d.1822
Libby, Dorothy (i36134), b.1785-d.1803
Libby, Dorothy (i48515), b.1806-
Libby, Dorothy, (10-5-1-6) (i76676), b.1765-d.1805
Libby, Dorothy, (10-5-5-12) (i29632), b.1787-d.1874
Libby, Dorothy, (10-5-5-12) (marriage to Capt Reuben Libby (10-5-2-1-1)) (i29632), b.1787-d.1874
Libby, Dorothy, (11-7-7- ) (i64751), b.1786-
Libby, Drusilla (i76717), b.1834-
Libby, Earl Isaac, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-5) (i63870), b.1905-
Libby, Ebenezer Cobb, (11-7-1-8- ) (i28218), b.1800-
Libby, Edith Emma, (10-2-1-1-9-1-1-1) (i64068), b.1872-
Libby, Edna Belle (i3677), b.1861-d.1876
Libby, Edward (i28833), b.1743-d.1773
Libby, Edward (i36130), b.1783-d.1866
Libby, Edward (i64634)
Libby, Edward L. (i30019), b.1854-
Libby, Edward Thomas (i28536), b.1872-d.1876
Libby, Edward, (11-7-8-2) (i36157), b.1770-
Libby, Edward, (11-7-8-2) (marriage to Jane Libby (11-7-1-5)) (i36157), b.1770-
Libby, Edwin A. (i78128), b.1880-
Libby, Edwin Ruthin (i29596), b.1831-
Libby, Eleanor (i36137), b.1789-
Libby, Eleanor (marriage to Lt Andrew Libby) (i10362), b.1705-d.1781
Libby, Eleanor, (10-5-2-4) (i29612), b.1756-
Libby, Eliakim, (10-5-3-4-4) (i33438), b.1793-d.1857
Libby, Elias (i28216), b.1796-
Libby, Elias, (11-6-2-4) (i28848), b.1768-
Libby, Elias, (11-6-2-9) (i28853), b.1780-
Libby, Elihu (i76728), b.1800-
Libby, Elisabeth (i11924), b.1769-
Libby, Elisabeth (i13970)
Libby, Elisha, (10-5-1) (i12216), b.1725-d.1791
Libby, Elisha, (10-5-4-7-7) (i47719), b.1805-d.1868
Libby, Elisha, Jr (10-5-1-1) (i76668), b.1754-
Libby, Eliza (i18288), b.1812-
Libby, Eliza (i28445), b.1818-
Libby, Eliza (marriage to Dexter Libby) (i28445), b.1818-
Libby, Eliza Ann (i12177), b.1822-d.1875
Libby, Eliza Ann (marriage to Thomas P. Skillings) (i12177), b.1822-d.1875
Libby, Eliza Ann, (10-5-4-10-2) (i77417), b.1809-
Libby, Eliza Elenette, (10-5-3-4-2-2-2) (i76639), b.1865-
Libby, Eliza Ella (i64898), b.1866-
Libby, Eliza Esther, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-1) (i63813), b.1878-d.1944
Libby, Eliza Frances (i76751), b.1849-
Libby, Eliza J., (10-2-4-3-2-3-2) (i47707), b.1841-d.1845
Libby, Eliza Jane (i76739), b.1839-d.1853
Libby, Eliza May (i30028), b.1860-
Libby, Eliza, (10-2-1-2-3-11-2) (i63617), b.1858-d.1933
Libby, Eliza, (10-5-1-10-5) (i76691), b.1807-d.1829
Libby, Eliza, (11-2-4-1-2) (marriage to Joshua Small Libby) (i36136)
Libby, Elizabeth (i12425), b.1714-
Libby, Elizabeth (i28828), b.1736-
Libby, Elizabeth (i28920), b.1740-
Libby, Elizabeth (i29561), b.1791-
Libby, Elizabeth (i29932), b.1828-
Libby, Elizabeth (i36097), b.1785-
Libby, Elizabeth (i48935), b.1767-
Libby, Elizabeth (i49001), b.1772-d.1844
Libby, Elizabeth (i63587), b.1785-
Libby, Elizabeth (marriage to George Mathias Libby) (i64636)
Libby, Elizabeth (marriage to Josiah Larrabee) (i63587), b.1785-
Libby, Elizabeth (marriage to Pvt Edward Libby) (i48935), b.1767-
Libby, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Harmon) (i76456)
Libby, Elizabeth Dam (i29934), b.1832-
Libby, Elizabeth Ellen, (10-5-3-4-2-5) (i76630), b.1838-
Libby, Elizabeth M. (i29990), b.1816-
Libby, Elizabeth Small (i12203), b.1835-
Libby, Elizabeth, (1-4-1-6-5) (marriage to Alexander Libby (1-1-3-9-1)) (i48657), b.1776-
Libby, Elizabeth, (10-2-4-2-4) (i42861)
Libby, Elizabeth, (10-2-4-6) (i28804), b.1759-
Libby, Elizabeth, (11-1-6) (i28750), b.1733-d.1818
Libby, Elizabeth, (11-11-3) (i11854), b.1739-
Libby, Elizabeth, (11-2-4-5) (i11850), b.1772-
Libby, Elizabeth, (11-6-5-5-5) (i12093), b.1818-
Libby, Elizabeth, (11-7-1-1) (i36152), b.1757-
Libby, Ella F., (10-2-4-3-2-3-3-1) (i47711), b.1873-
Libby, Ella Florence, (10-2-4-3-2-3-4) (i47713), b.1849-
Libby, Ella Frances (i76321), b.1846-
Libby, Ella Gertrude (i28535), b.1866-
Libby, Ella Olivia (i29903), b.1852-
Libby, Ellen Maria (i30015), b.1845-
Libby, Ellen Preble (i65192), b.1850-
Libby, Ellen, (10-2-1-2-3-11-11) (i63626), b.1878-d.1895
Libby, Elliot, (10-2-4-3-1) (i64632), b.1784-
Libby, Ellison L., (10-5-4-7-7-2) (i47722)
Libby, Elmira (Almira) (i4272), b.1790-d.1870
Libby, Elmira, (11-6-5-5-11) (i12095), b.1830-d.1855
Libby, Elmira, (11-6-5-5-9) (i12100), b.1826-d.1826
Libby, Elsie (i29651), b.1797-
Libby, Emeline (i76358), b.1845-
Libby, Emeretta (i78125), b.1879-
Libby, Emily (i3640), b.1802-
Libby, Emily (i28449), b.1826-d.1840
Libby, Emily Frances (i12204), b.1836-
Libby, Emily Frances (i29996), b.1827-
Libby, Emily Jane (i76749), b.1841-d.1871
Libby, Emma Etta (i12210), b.1848-d.1854
Libby, Emma Eudora, (10-5-4-1-8-2-2) (i3729), b.1855-
Libby, Emma Leona, (10-2-1-2-3-11-9) (i63624), b.1873-d.1894
Libby, Emma Pearl, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-3) (i63868), b.1899-
Libby, Enoch (i10395), b.1721-d.1794
Libby, Enoch, (10-2-4-3-3) (i47693), b.1787-
Libby, Enoch, Jr (i28806), b.1765-d.1843
Libby, Enoch, Jr (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i28806), b.1765-d.1843
Libby, Enoch, Jr (marriage to Rebecca Harmon) (i28806), b.1765-d.1843
Libby, Enos (i76731), b.1805-
Libby, Enos (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i3639)
Libby, Ephraim (i29920), b.1784-d.1866
Libby, Ephraim (i63585), b.1781-
Libby, Ernest Arthur, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-7) (i63872), b.1911-
Libby, Ernest Merrill, (11-7-11-8-6-6) (i42845), b.1878-
Libby, Ernest, (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1-1) (i79678)
Libby, Erving (i48514), b.1805-
Libby, Estella, (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-1) (i63709), b.1865-
Libby, Esther (i12160), b.1757-d.1830
Libby, Esther (i28835), b.1750-d.1753
Libby, Esther (i29609), b.1777-
Libby, Esther (i64616), b.1781-
Libby, Esther (i65097), b.1788-
Libby, Esther (i76667), d.1841
Libby, Esther (marriage to Mathias Libby) (i47397)
Libby, Esther (marriage to Rufus Libby) (i76667), d.1841
Libby, Esther P. (i28224), b.1803-
Libby, Esther, (10-5-1-3) (i76670), b.1758-
Libby, Esther, (10-5-5-10-3) (i77418), b.1811-
Libby, Esther, (11-7-1-3) (i36155), b.1760-
Libby, Ethel Blanche, (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-2) (i63835), b.1885-d.1954
Libby, Eugene Ernest, (10-2-1-2-3-8-5) (i63607), b.1869-
Libby, Eunice (i4274), b.1791-d.1829
Libby, Eunice (i64055), b.1787-
Libby, Eunice H. (i30013), b.1836-
Libby, Experience (i28954), b.1770-
Libby, Fannie Orabell (i64642), b.1864-
Libby, Fernald (marriage to Lucy Ellen Skillings) (i19943), b.1838-
Libby, Florence Mabel (i78144), b.1876-
Libby, Frances (Fannie) (i64593), b.1779-d.1797
Libby, Francis Albert (i3669), b.1854-
Libby, Frank Lewellyn (i78147), b.1857-
Libby, Frank Russell (i46343), b.1856-d.1859
Libby, Frank S. (i3740), b.1880-
Libby, Frank Wilber (i46350), b.1863-
Libby, Frank, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5) (i63817), b.1888-d.1946
Libby, Frank, 10-2-4-9-3-5 (i64897), b.1864-
Libby, Frank, Jr (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5-3) (i64003), b.1921-
Libby, Franklin Skillings, (10-5-4-1-8-4) (i28497), b.1831-
Libby, Fred Williston (i30004), b.1859-d.1861
Libby, Freddie L. (i76333), b.1883-
Libby, Frederic C., (10-2-4-3-2-3-1-1) (i47705), b.1861-
Libby, Frederick Charles, (10-5-3-4-2-1-4) (i76641), b.1870-
Libby, Gardner (i3637), b.1797-d.1797
Libby, Geneva, (10-5-3-4-7-5-1) (i3715), b.1871-d.1940
Libby, George (i12198), b.1812-
Libby, George (i42823), b.1787-
Libby, George (marriage to Lydia Libby (10-5-1-10-4)) (i42823), b.1787-
Libby, George Albert (i29597), b.1833-
Libby, George Henry (i12207), b.1843-d.1862
Libby, George Hobart (i64643), b.1866-
Libby, George Mathias (i64635), b.1823-
Libby, George Osgood (i46327), b.1857-
Libby, George Osgood (i76720), b.1839-d.1881
Libby, George W., (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-7) (i63715), b.1879-
Libby, George W., (10-2-4-3-2-3-3) (i47708), b.1847-
Libby, George Washington (i12102), b.1825-d.1879
Libby, George Washington (i12172), b.1888-
Libby, George Washington (i30029), b.1867-
Libby, George Washington (i30030), b.1870-
Libby, George Washington (marriage to Clara Jane Libby) (i12102), b.1825-d.1879
Libby, George Washington, (1-1-5-9-3) (i65096), b.1788-
Libby, Georgia Ellen, (10-5-3-4-7-5-3) (i3717), b.1878-
Libby, Georgianna (i3668), b.1852-d.1852
Libby, Gertrude Lillian, (10-5-4-1-8-2-4) (i3732), b.1865-
Libby, Gertrude, (10-2-4-3-2-3-1-2) (i47706), b.1869-
Libby, Grace A. (marriage to Frank Manson Harmon) (i64912)
Libby, Grace Allison, (11-7-11-8-6-5-1) (i64756), b.1893-
Libby, Grace Edwina (i46334), b.1870-
Libby, Grace Evelyn (i47190), b.1884-d.1964
Libby, Grace, (10-2-1-2-3-11-10-1) (i63874), b.1900-
Libby, Grace, (10-2-4-3-2-3-3-2) (i47712), b.1879-
Libby, Granville (i12192), b.1824-
Libby, Granville Linwood (i46345), b.1862-
Libby, Greenleaf (i78120), b.1844-d.1844
Libby, Hannah (i4382), b.1814-
Libby, Hannah (i10370), b.1696-d.1750
Libby, Hannah (i28942), b.1772-
Libby, Hannah (i29595), b.1821-
Libby, Hannah (i76689), b.1800-
Libby, Hannah (marriage to John Hunnewell Jr) (i36077)
Libby, Hannah (marriage to Parker Libby) (i76689), b.1800-
Libby, Hannah E. (i76713), b.1829-d.1851
Libby, Hannah L. (i29607), b.1775-
Libby, Hannah Louise (i12086), b.1843-
Libby, Hannah, (10-5-2-1-2) (i64596), b.1779-
Libby, Hannah, (10-5-2-1-3) (i65081), b.1782-
Libby, Hannah, (10-5-2-10) (i48930), b.1783-
Libby, Hannah, (10-5-4-9) (i12261), b.1769-d.1845
Libby, Hannah, (11-11-4) (i11856), b.1741-
Libby, Hannah, (11-9-13) (i28926), b.1752-
Libby, Hanson (i28950), b.1760-
Libby, Harriet (i28960), b.1784-
Libby, Harriet (Hattie) L. (i76704), b.1844-
Libby, Harriet Babb (i76317), b.1839-
Libby, Harriet, (10-2-4-3-2-1) (i47696), b.1810-
Libby, Harriet, (10-5-4-10-4) (i77419), b.1813-
Libby, Hartwell P. (i63722), b.1851-
Libby, Hattie Frances (i46333), b.1868-
Libby, Hattie Lawrence (i46335), b.1871-
Libby, he (i12153) (still alive)
Libby, he (i12154) (still alive)
Libby, he (i12156) (still alive)
Libby, he (i29931), b.1827-
Libby, he, (1-1-3-9-2) (i47717)
Libby, he, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2-3) (i63988), b.1940-
Libby, he, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2-4) (i63989), b.1942-
Libby, he, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2-5) (i63990), b.1944-
Libby, Henrietta, (10-2-1-2-6-1) (i47038), b.1815-
Libby, Henry (i28829), b.1737-d.1737
Libby, Henry Sylvester (i30003), b.1856-
Libby, Henry True (i76335), b.1826-
Libby, Henry, (10-5-4-2-8) (i29924), b.1795-
Libby, Herbert Appleton (i65193), b.1853-
Libby, Herbert Burton (i3676), b.1856-
Libby, Herbert J. (i63730), b.1864-
Libby, Herbert Johnson (i30005), b.1869-d.1869
Libby, Herbert Lawrence (i46332), b.1866-d.1867
Libby, Hezekiah, (11-1-4) (i28748), b.1729-d.1798
Libby, Hiram (i77425), b.1815-
Libby, Homer, (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1-2) (i79679)
Libby, Horace (i29588), b.1820-
Libby, Horace B. (i12183), b.1827-d.1901
Libby, Horatio Thomas (i29599), b.1818-
Libby, Horatio Thomas (i29604), b.1830-
Libby, Hosea Decatur, (10-5-3-4-2-1-3) (i76640), b.1867-
Libby, Hosea Insley, (10-5-3-4-2-2) (i76627), b.1834-
Libby, Howard (i3742), b.1860-d.1860
Libby, Howard Joseph, (10-2-1-2-3-11-7) (i63622), b.1868-d.1871
Libby, Hugh, (10-5-4-2-7) (i23953), b.1793-d.1872
Libby, Huldah (i64053), b.1784-
Libby, Ichabod (i28955), b.1771-
Libby, Ira (i28946), b.1788-
Libby, Irving Chester, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2) (i63814), b.1881-
Libby, Irving Clarence, (11-7-11-8-6-5) (i42844), b.1872-d.1938
Libby, Isa May (i12113), b.1867-d.1931
Libby, Isaac, (11-6-2-3) (i28847), b.1764-
Libby, Isabell (i47057), b.1852-
Libby, Isabella, (5-7-8-2-5) (i49014), b.1803-
Libby, Isaiah B., (10-2-4-3-2-3) (i47699), b.1813-d.1858
Libby, Isaiah Franklin, (10-2-4-3-2-3-1) (i47703), b.1838-
Libby, Isaiah, (10-5-3-4-7) (i4281), b.1799-d.1872
Libby, Ivory (i64060), b.1816-
Libby, James (i11927), b.1772-
Libby, James (i13972)
Libby, James (i29621), b.1766-
Libby, James Benjamin, (10-5-3-4-2-1-1) (i76638), b.1858-
Libby, James Berry Insley, (10-5-3-4-2-1) (i76324), b.1832-
Libby, James Ernest, (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1) (i63957), b.1867-
Libby, James Harrison (i12206), b.1841-
Libby, James Robinson, (11-7-11-8-6-1) (i42840), b.1864-d.1864
Libby, James Small (i29992), b.1820-
Libby, James Willard (i64640), b.1856-
Libby, James, (10-5-4-2-10) (i29926), b.1800-
Libby, James, (11-2-4-6) (i36118), b.1774-
Libby, Jane (i29563), b.1797-
Libby, Jane (i63567), b.1782-d.1819
Libby, Jane (i63701), b.1825-
Libby, Jane (Jennie), (10-5-1-8) (i47687), b.1769-
Libby, Jane (marriage to Mark Libby) (i76735), d.1842
Libby, Jane, (11-11-5- ) (i11867), b.1784-
Libby, Jane, (11-6- ) (i28814), b.1746-d.1766
Libby, Jane, (11-6-2-8) (i28852), b.1778-
Libby, Jane, (11-6-5- ) (i12109), b.1798-d.1799
Libby, Jane, (11-7-1-5) (i36158), b.1765-
Libby, Jane, (11-7-1-5) (marriage to Edward Libby (11-7-8-2)) (i36158), b.1765-
Libby, Jason Merrill Carleton (i3674), b.1876-
Libby, Jeanne (marriage to Gene Frederick Skillings Sr) (i90769)
Libby, Jededia Cobb (i18281), b.1796-
Libby, Jemima (i29625), b.1769-
Libby, Jennett, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5-1) (i64001), b.1918-
Libby, Jenny, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-12) (i63824), b.1899-
Libby, Jeremiah (i28808), b.1746-d.1816
Libby, Jeremiah Noyes (i29929), b.1808-
Libby, Jeremiah, Jr (i64057), b.1791-
Libby, Jerusha (i11839), b.1731-
Libby, Jerusha, (11-2-3-2) (i36104), b.1771-
Libby, Jesse (marriage to Keziah March) (i11971), b.1747-
Libby, Joanna H. (i63576), b.1827-d.1899
Libby, Joanna H. (marriage to Coleman Brown) (i63576), b.1827-d.1899
Libby, Joanna, (10-5-2-5) (i29613), b.1759-
Libby, Joel (i64051), b.1780-
Libby, Joel, (10-7-1- ) (marriage to Sarah Hanscom) (i25560)
Libby, John (i10374), b.1698-d.1756
Libby, John (i11932), b.1776-
Libby, John (i12063), b.1771-d.1841
Libby, John (i12064), b.1776-
Libby, John (i28939), b.1764-
Libby, John (i42812), b.1784-d.1838
Libby, John (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i10356), b.1697-d.1764
Libby, John Adams (i42836), b.1833-
Libby, John Francis (i29930), b.1834-
Libby, John Franklin, (10-5-3-4-2-3) (i76628), b.1835-d.1862
Libby, John Hancock, (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-3) (i63711), b.1869-
Libby, John Herbert, (11-7-11-8-6-2) (i42841), b.1865-
Libby, John Irving, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-5-4) (i64004), b.1924-
Libby, John James Kercheval (i12110), b.1865-d.1940
Libby, John Robinson, (10-5-4-10-7) (i77422), b.1821-
Libby, John Skillings, (10-5-3-4-7-2) (i28696), b.1828-
Libby, John Skillings, Jr (10-5-3-4-10) (i3694), b.1807-d.1877
Libby, John Tyler (i12190), b.1832-d.1895
Libby, John, (11-9-9) (i28922), b.1744-
Libby, John, Jr (10-5-7) (i12238), b.1744-
Libby, Johnson (i11934), b.1792-
Libby, Johnson (i12173), b.1797-d.1845
Libby, Johnson (i29991), b.1819-
Libby, Johnson (i29994), b.1824-
Libby, Johnson (marriage to Eveline Tyler) (i12173), b.1797-d.1845
Libby, Jonathan (i63583), b.1774-
Libby, Jonathan (marriage to Hannah Hunnewell) (i36061), b.1735-
Libby, Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Larrabee) (i63583), b.1774-
Libby, Joseph (i11933), b.1777-
Libby, Joseph (i12104), b.1790-d.1822
Libby, Joseph (i28220), b.1801-
Libby, Joseph (i29627), b.1773-
Libby, Joseph Cutts (i29912), b.1785-
Libby, Joseph Patrick (i29593), b.1816-
Libby, Joseph Ralph (i64064), b.1845-
Libby, Joseph, (1-1-5-9-2) (i65088), b.1786-
Libby, Joseph, (10-5-4-2-9) (i29925), b.1797-
Libby, Joseph, (10-5-4-5) (i12255), b.1763-
Libby, Joseph, (11-7-1-9) (i36161), b.1773-d.1843
Libby, Joseph, (11-7-7- ) (i64621), b.1782-
Libby, Josephine (i76359), b.1847-
Libby, Josephine E. (marriage to John Edward Skillin) (i76655)
Libby, Josephine, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-6) (i63818), b.1890-d.1891
Libby, Joshua (i12166), b.1793-
Libby, Joshua (i29997), b.1832-
Libby, Joshua (i30008), b.1824-
Libby, Joshua Clement (i12170), b.1862-
Libby, Joshua Small (i36135), b.1787-
Libby, Josiah (i64044), b.1774-
Libby, Josiah Hanson (i65109), b.1847-
Libby, Josiah Skillings (i12259), b.1773-d.1841
Libby, Josiah Skillings (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i12259), b.1773-d.1841
Libby, Josiah Skillings (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i12259), b.1773-d.1841
Libby, Josiah, (1-1-6-5-3) (i49004), b.1776-
Libby, Josiah, Jr (10-5-4-10-8) (i77423), b.1824-
Libby, Julia A. (i76740), b.1841-
Libby, Julia E. (i30016), b.1847-
Libby, Julia, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1) (i63616), b.1856-d.1929
Libby, Kate Douglas (i63807), b.1907-
Libby, Katie T. (marriage to Haswell M. Skillings) (i64942)
Libby, Keziah (i12066), b.1780-d.1821
Libby, Keziah, (11-6-3) (i12052), b.1738-d.1827
Libby, Keziah, (11-6-5-4-2) (i29589), b.1823-d.1876
Libby, Keziah, (11-6-5-4-2) (marriage to Benaiah Libby (11-6-5-5-3)) (i29589), b.1823-d.1876
Libby, Laura (marriage to Franklin Tyler) (i11615)
Libby, Lawrence Richards (i46346), b.1865-
Libby, Lemuel (i36087), b.1770-
Libby, Lemuel, (10-2-4-2) (i28800), b.1749-
Libby, Lena May, (10-2-1-2-3-8-3-1) (i63828), b.1900-
Libby, Lendall Washington (i29605), b.1832-
Libby, Leonard (i28908), b.1810-
Libby, Leonard Cross (i65187), b.1817-
Libby, Leonard Wilson (i12145), b.1871-d.1962
Libby, Leonice Bradley (i76356), b.1840-
Libby, Letia (Lettice), (10-5-2-8) (i48926), b.1778-
Libby, Levi (i63599), b.1814-d.1875
Libby, Levi Norton (i63809), b.1913-
Libby, Levi, (11-9-8-7) (i28945), b.1786-
Libby, Lewis Chester, Jr (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-2-1) (i63986), b.1909-
Libby, Lewis F. (i3738), b.1857-
Libby, Lewis, (10-2-1-2-6-2-4) (i47047), b.1846-
Libby, Lewis, (10-5-4-1-8-3) (i28500), b.1829-
Libby, Lillian May (i30021), b.1867-
Libby, Lizzie (i63716), b.1837-
Libby, Lizzie Gertrude (i46331), b.1865-d.1865
Libby, Llewellyn (i78145), b.1852-d.1857
Libby, Lloyd Lester (i12149), b.1876-d.1931
Libby, Lois, (10-5-3-3) (i28390), b.1759-d.1832
Libby, Lora, (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-5) (i63713), b.1874-
Libby, Loretta (marriage to Mandel Bachelder) (i37650)
Libby, Loring Barrett (i30025), b.1895-
Libby, Lot (i28898), b.1800-
Libby, Lothrop L. (i29928), b.1804-d.1882
Libby, Louisa (i76357), b.1842-
Libby, Louise Eliza (i28208), b.1811-d.1850
Libby, Lt Andrew (i10363), b.1700-d.1773
Libby, Lucinda (i28226), b.1805-
Libby, Lucinda (i76719), b.1836-d.1838
Libby, Lucinda A. (i76744), b.1843-
Libby, Lucy (i36089), b.1773-
Libby, Lucy (i36116), b.1788-d.1805
Libby, Lucy (i36125), b.1778-d.1800
Libby, Lucy (i63704), b.1832-d.1852
Libby, Lucy (i76320), b.1844-
Libby, Lucy A. (i78134), b.1841-
Libby, Lucy Ann, (10-5-3-4-7-1) (i28700), b.1825-
Libby, Lucy Ellen (i76724), b.1841-
Libby, Lucy Jane, (10-2-1-2-3-11-4) (i63619), b.1862-d.1865
Libby, Lucy M. (i28211), b.1810-d.1850
Libby, Lucy March (i29564), b.1800-d.1875
Libby, Lucy March (marriage to James Brown) (i29564), b.1800-d.1875
Libby, Lucy Tyler (i12179), b.1823-d.1901
Libby, Lucy, (10-2-1-1-10) (i64059), b.1795-d.1799
Libby, Lucy, (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-6) (i63714), b.1876-d.1878
Libby, Lucy, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-11) (i63823), b.1897-
Libby, Lucy, (10-2-4-1) (i28799), b.1747-d.1842
Libby, Lucy, (10-5-1-9) (i76677), b.1772-
Libby, Luke (i29630), b.1780-
Libby, Luke (i36120)
Libby, Luke (i46377), b.1796-d.1813
Libby, Luke, (10-5-6) (i12237), b.1738-d.1836
Libby, Lydia (i3638), b.1800-
Libby, Lydia (i10386), b.1713-
Libby, Lydia (i11853), b.1737-d.1782
Libby, Lydia (i11869), b.1790-
Libby, Lydia (i11936), b.1793-
Libby, Lydia (i12163), b.1765-
Libby, Lydia (i28943), b.1779-
Libby, Lydia (i29628), b.1775-
Libby, Lydia (i42809), b.1784-d.1827
Libby, Lydia (i76715), b.1832-
Libby, Lydia (marriage to Matthew Libby Jr) (i11853), b.1737-d.1782
Libby, Lydia C. (i12334), b.1810-d.1861
Libby, Lydia C. (marriage to James Staples) (i12334), b.1810-d.1861
Libby, Lydia Eleanor (i64896), b.1862-d.1900
Libby, Lydia Ellen, (10-5-3-4-8-3) (i28452), b.1838-
Libby, Lydia, (10-5-1-10-4) (i42835), b.1805-
Libby, Lydia, (10-5-1-10-4) (marriage to George Libby) (i42835), b.1805-
Libby, Lydia, (10-5-3-4-2) (i33437), b.1789-d.1834
Libby, Lydia, (10-5-4-10-10) (i65102), b.1827-
Libby, Mabel, (10-2-1-1-6-1-5-2) (i63710), b.1867-
Libby, Mabel, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-3) (i63815), b.1882-
Libby, Mahala, (10-2-1-2-6-2-6-1-3) (i79680)
Libby, Maj Edward Sweetsir (i3685), b.1852-
Libby, Margaret (i28957), b.1775-
Libby, Margaret (Peggy) (marriage to Joseph Stevens Tyler Jr) (i46324)
Libby, Margaret Helen, (10-5-4-16-4-1-1) (i78131), b.1863-
Libby, Margaret, (11-6-5-5-7) (i12097), b.1822-d.1898
Libby, Margery, (10-5-2-6) (i29614), b.1761-
Libby, Maria Frances (i30027), b.1857-
Libby, Marion, (10-2-1-2-3-11-10-2) (i63875), b.1902-
Libby, Mark (i76734), b.1810-
Libby, Mark, (10-5-2-1) (i29610), b.1751-d.1840
Libby, Mark, (10-5-3) (i4222), b.1731-d.1764
Libby, Mark, (10-5-3-4-1) (i33436), b.1787-d.1807
Libby, Mark, (10-5-4-7) (i12257), b.1765-d.1838
Libby, Mark, (10-5-4-7) (marriage to Anna Libby (10-5-1-7)) (i12257), b.1765-d.1838
Libby, Martha Eveline, (10-2-1-2-3-8-3-2) (i63829), b.1907-
Libby, Martha Jane (i76355), b.1838-
Libby, Martha T., (10-2-1-2-6-2- ) (i47050), b.1850-
Libby, Martha, (10-5-1-11) (i76683), b.1780-
Libby, Martha, (10-5-2-7) (i29615), b.1764-
Libby, Martha, (10-5-4-1-8-5) (i3743), b.1834-
Libby, Mary (i10369), b.1693-d.1774
Libby, Mary (i10390), b.1717-d.1756
Libby, Mary (i11870), b.1787-d.1798
Libby, Mary (i12208), b.1845-
Libby, Mary (i26039), b.1835-d.1910
Libby, Mary (i28811), b.1756-
Libby, Mary (i28944), b.1782-
Libby, Mary (i36094), b.1776-d.1850
Libby, Mary (Dolly) (Polly) (i29560), b.1788-
Libby, Mary (marriage to Allison Libby) (i12224), b.1749-d.1818
Libby, Mary (marriage to Edward Libby) (i12224), b.1749-d.1818
Libby, Mary (marriage to Moses Waterhouse) (i29389)
Libby, Mary (marriage to Richard Wilbur Dresser) (i76420)
Libby, Mary (Polly) (i12231), b.1765-d.1850
Libby, Mary (Polly) (i76711), b.1824-d.1826
Libby, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Andrew Plaisted) (i12231), b.1765-d.1850
Libby, Mary Alice (i30006), b.1865-
Libby, Mary Angeline, (10-2-1-2-3-11-6) (i63621), b.1866-d.1933
Libby, Mary Angeline, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-1) (i63866), b.1893-
Libby, Mary E. (i76712), b.1828-d.1828
Libby, Mary Eliza (i76313), b.1834-
Libby, Mary Elizabeth (i29904), b.1860-
Libby, Mary Elizabeth, (10-5-3-4-6-3) (i76307), b.1827-d.1828
Libby, Mary Ellen (i64932), b.1840-d.1902
Libby, Mary Ellen, (10-5-3-4-7-2-2) (i3706), b.1863-
Libby, Mary Eveline (i64639), b.1853-
Libby, Mary Frances (i29998), b.1833-
Libby, Mary Frances (i64893), b.1854-
Libby, Mary Frances, (10-5-3-4-2-6) (i76632), b.1841-d.1850
Libby, Mary Gage (i12234), b.1827-
Libby, Mary Gage (marriage to Major Plaisted) (i12234), b.1827-
Libby, Mary Jane, (10-2-1-2-6-2-1) (i47041), b.1841-
Libby, Mary Jane, (11-6-5-5-2) (i12088), b.1812-d.1851
Libby, Mary Lillian (i12112), b.1866-d.1866
Libby, Mary Louisa, (10-2-1-1-9-1-1-3) (i64070), b.1874-
Libby, Mary Louise (i63700), b.1852-
Libby, Mary R. E. (i76706), b.1847-d.1863
Libby, Mary Thompson, (11-7-11-8-6-4) (i42843), b.1870-
Libby, Mary, (10-5-1-10-1) (i76688), b.1799-d.1821
Libby, Mary, (10-5-1-10-1) (marriage to Parker Libby) (i76688), b.1799-d.1821
Libby, Mary, (11-1-3) (i28747), b.1727-
Libby, Mary, (11-11-6-3) (i11876), b.1779-d.1853
Libby, Mary, (11-11-9) (i11864), b.1756-
Libby, Mary, (11-2-3-4) (i36108), b.1776-d.1876
Libby, Mary, (11-7-1-7) (i29368), b.1769-d.1814
Libby, Mary, (11-7-1-7) (marriage to Samuel Waterhouse) (i29368), b.1769-d.1814
Libby, Mary, (11-9-12) (i28925), b.1751-
Libby, Mathias (i12162), b.1762-
Libby, Matthew (i36100)
Libby, Matthew (i36113), b.1780-d.1792
Libby, Matthew (marriage to Lois Hanscom) (i36100)
Libby, Matthew, (10-5-2) (i12217), b.1729-d.1804
Libby, Matthew, Jr (i10367), b.1690-d.1761
Libby, Matthew, Jr (i11838), b.1733-d.1761
Libby, Matthew, Jr (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i11838), b.1733-d.1761
Libby, Matthew, Sr (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i6390), b.1663-d.1741
Libby, Mattie, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-4) (i63816), b.1884-
Libby, Maud Marion (i46352), b.1874-
Libby, Maurice (i46347), b.1873-d.1873
Libby, Mehitable (i10384), b.1711-
Libby, Mehitable, (1-1-3-9-2-6) (i47718)
Libby, Mehitable, (1-1-3-9-2-6) (marriage to Demas Libby Jr (10-5-4-16-4)) (i47718)
Libby, Mehitable, (10-5-3-4-9) (i3692), b.1805-
Libby, Mehitable, (11-1-7) (i28751), b.1735-
Libby, Mercy Ann (i23704), b.1838-d.1905
Libby, Mercy Ann (marriage to Moses Benjamin McCausland) (i23704), b.1838-d.1905
Libby, Mercy, (1-1-3-9-10-2) (marriage to Aaron Libby) (i65107)
Libby, Miltimore (i64638), b.1851-
Libby, Milton, (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-1) (i63834), b.1872-d.1973
Libby, Minerva, (11-6-5-5-6) (i12096), b.1820-d.1879
Libby, Minnie Etta, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-2) (i63867), b.1896-
Libby, Minnie Eva, (10-5-3-4-7-5-2) (i3716), b.1877-
Libby, Miranda (i28906), b.1807-d.1881
Libby, Miriam (i29600), b.1819-
Libby, Miriam J. (i29602), b.1823-
Libby, Miriam, (11-9-3) (i11917), b.1735-
Libby, Morris, (10-5-4-13) (i29617), b.1780-
Libby, Moses (i29654), b.1805-
Libby, Moses, (10-5-1-2) (i36149), b.1756-
Libby, Moses, (10-5-1-2) (marriage to Anna Libby (11-7-1-2)) (i36149), b.1756-
Libby, Naomi (i29620), b.1789-d.1808
Libby, Nathan (marriage to Abigail Davis) (i28716), b.1766-d.1829
Libby, Nathan P., (10-5-4-7-7-1) (i47721)
Libby, Nathan, (10-5-3-4-6) (i33440), b.1797-d.1855
Libby, Nathaniel (i10377), b.1704-d.1761
Libby, Nathaniel (i11935)
Libby, Nathaniel (i13973)
Libby, Nathaniel, (10-5-5) (i12227), b.1735-d.1798
Libby, Nathaniel, (11-2-4-1) (i11846), b.1763-
Libby, Nathaniel, (11-9-1) (i36057), b.1731-
Libby, Nathaniel, III (i11926), b.1765-
Libby, Nathaniel, Jr (i11919), b.1738-
Libby, Nathaniel, Jr (i29629), b.1778-
Libby, Nehemiah (i36095), b.1783-
Libby, Nehemiah (marriage to Abigail Hunnewell) (i36063), b.1749-d.1827
Libby, Noah (i76360), b.1850-
Libby, Octavia (i29907), b.1788-
Libby, Olive (i10393), b.1719-
Libby, Olive (i13971)
Libby, Olive (i29914), b.1790-
Libby, Olive (i29919), b.1783-
Libby, Olive Adelaide, (10-5-4-1-8-2-1) (i3727), b.1852-
Libby, Olive M. (i78137), b.1845-d.1847
Libby, Olive, (10-2-4-5) (i28803), b.1757-
Libby, Olivia (i49009), b.1797-
Libby, Olivia M. (i29590), b.1826-
Libby, Oscar Franklin, (10-5-3-4-7-2-3) (i3707), b.1871-
Libby, Osgood, (10-5-1-10-6) (i76692), b.1810-
Libby, Parker (i76347), b.1795-
Libby, Parker (marriage to Hannah Libby) (i76347), b.1795-
Libby, Parker (marriage to Mary Libby (10-5-1-10-1)) (i76347), b.1795-
Libby, Patrick (i64930), b.1811-
Libby, Paulina (i3057), b.1805-
Libby, Peda Nima, (10-2-1-2-3-11-5) (i63620), b.1864-d.1865
Libby, Pelatiah, (11-6-2-10) (i28854), b.1782-d.1810
Libby, Pemela (i29908), b.1790-
Libby, Peter (i12073), b.1786-d.1876
Libby, Peter, (11-6-2) (i12049), b.1736-d.1822
Libby, Peter, (11-6-2) (marriage to Anna Lassell (Lazzel)) (i12049), b.1736-d.1822
Libby, Phebe Ellen (i30001), b.1859-
Libby, Phebe H. (i12197), b.1838-d.1853
Libby, Phebe, (10-5-2-1-1-3) (i12076), b.1816-d.1898
Libby, Phebe, (10-5-2-1-1-3) (marriage to Silas Jason Libby (11-6-5-5-1)) (i12076), b.1816-d.1898
Libby, Phineas (i63568), b.1806-
Libby, Phineas (marriage to Sarah Libby (10-2-4-4)) (i40945), b.1749-d.1798
Libby, Phyllis Alberta (i12155), b.1906-d.1977
Libby, Polly (i28959), b.1782-
Libby, Polly (i36122)
Libby, Polly (i46378), b.1798-d.1835
Libby, Polly (i76727), b.1797-d.1799
Libby, Priscilla Florilla (i76746), b.1845-
Libby, Priscilla Frances, Ward (marriage to Samuel Smith Waterhouse) (i29498)
Libby, Privateer Pelatiah, (11-6-2-2) (i28846), b.1762-
Libby, Pvt Allison, Jr (i12249), b.1757-d.1816
Libby, Pvt Allison, Jr (marriage to Sarah Dam) (i12249), b.1757-d.1816
Libby, Pvt Azariah (i28797), b.1740-d.1820
Libby, Pvt Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Hunnewell) (i36064), b.1762-d.1831
Libby, Pvt Edward (i12253), b.1759-d.1848
Libby, Pvt Edward (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i12253), b.1759-d.1848
Libby, Pvt Francis, (11-6-2-1) (i28845), b.1761-d.1847
Libby, Pvt Harvey (i29623), b.1763-d.1849
Libby, Pvt John Skillings (i19929), b.1761-d.1807
Libby, Pvt Josiah (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i42870), b.1745-d.1826
Libby, Pvt Noah, (11-1-2) (i28746), b.1725-
Libby, Pvt Samuel, III (i28812), b.1759-d.1819
Libby, Rachel, (10-7-1- - ) (i29652), b.1799-
Libby, Raymond Farrar (i30023), b.1890-
Libby, Raymond Loring, (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-1) (i76330), b.1903-d.1976
Libby, Rebecca (i28895), b.1823-
Libby, Rebecca (i29913), b.1787-
Libby, Rebecca (marriage to Joshua Brown) (i6388), b.1651-d.1732
Libby, Rebecca (Rebekah) (i11842), b.1694-
Libby, Rebecca C. (marriage to Almer Libby) (i18287)
Libby, Rebecca Jane (i76315), b.1837-
Libby, Rebecca, (11-7-1-6) (i36159), b.1767-
Libby, Relief (i41341), b.1783-
Libby, Reuben Crosby (i29999), b.1836-
Libby, Reuben Small (i12211), b.1850-d.1852
Libby, Reuben, (10-5-2-3) (i23725), b.1755-d.1825
Libby, Reuben, (11-9-11) (i28924), b.1749-
Libby, Rev James Knight, (10-2-1-2-6-2) (i47039), b.1817-d.1863
Libby, Rhoda (marriage to James Tyler) (i11621)
Libby, Rhoda Ann, (10-5-3-4-6-2) (i76306), b.1825-d.1828
Libby, Richard H. (i63591), b.1796-
Libby, Richard Hubbard (i28813), b.1763-
Libby, Richard Hubbard (i47106), b.1823-
Libby, Richard, (10-2-1-2-6-2-5) (i47049), b.1849-d.1849
Libby, Richard, (11-6-4) (i12054), b.1741-d.1814
Libby, Richard, (11-6-5-4) (i12067), b.1782-d.1833
Libby, Richard, Jr (11-6-5-4-5) (i29592), b.1830-
Libby, Robert, (10-5-5-1) (i11977), b.1761-d.1847
Libby, Robert, (10-5-5-1) (marriage to Elizabeth March) (i11977), b.1761-d.1847
Libby, Robert, (11-2-3-1) (i36102), b.1769-
Libby, Rodney (i28903), b.1805-
Libby, Rosanna (i28899), b.1802-
Libby, Roscoe Green (i78121), b.1848-
Libby, Roscoe, (10-2-1-2-3-9-2) (i63611), b.1845-d.1904
Libby, Rose Ann, (10-5-4-1-8-6) (i3745), b.1836-
Libby, Royal Sumner, (10-2-1-1-9-1-1-2) (i64069), b.1873-d.1874
Libby, Rufus (i46380), b.1806-d.1840
Libby, Rufus (i76680), b.1777-d.1854
Libby, Rufus (i76710), b.1823-d.1824
Libby, Rufus (marriage to Esther Libby) (i76680), b.1777-d.1854
Libby, Rufus King, (10-5-2-11) (i48932), b.1788-d.1867
Libby, Ruth (i12165), b.1773-d.1831
Libby, Ruth (i28810), b.1754-
Libby, Ruth (i63565), b.1771-
Libby, Ruth (i63593), b.1797-d.1870
Libby, Ruth (i63702), b.1829-
Libby, Ruth (marriage to Capt Joshua Libby Jr) (i12165), b.1773-d.1831
Libby, Ruth E., (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-1-1) (i64040), b.1911-d.1923
Libby, Ruth, (1-1-5-3) (marriage to Peter Libby (11-6-2)) (i12050), b.1740-d.1771
Libby, Ruth, (11-6-2-5) (i28849), b.1771-
Libby, Sally Hanscom (i29905), b.1782-
Libby, Sally, (1-1-2-2-3- ) (i77445), b.1785-
Libby, Sally, (10-5-5- ) (i29624), b.1767-
Libby, Sally, (11-11-6-5) (i11879), b.1785-d.1850
Libby, Sally, (11-2-3 ) (i36115), b.1787-d.1805
Libby, Salome (Saloma) (i29608), b.1778-
Libby, Samuel (i10382), b.1709-d.1789
Libby, Samuel (i63582), b.1772-
Libby, Samuel (marriage to Mary Libby) (i10351), b.1690-d.1754
Libby, Samuel Butterfield, (10-5-3-4-7-5) (i3710), b.1845-
Libby, Samuel Butterfield, III (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-2) (i76331), b.1917-
Libby, Samuel Butterfield, Jr (10-5-3-4-7-5-4) (i76328), b.1880-d.1917
Libby, Samuel Manson (i64892), b.1829-
Libby, Samuel Manson (marriage to Hannah Jane Fogg) (i64892), b.1829-
Libby, Samuel Marr (i29906), b.1785-
Libby, Samuel Small, (10-5-2-9) (i48928), b.1781-d.1839
Libby, Samuel W. (i30018), b.1852-
Libby, Samuel, (10-2-4-3-2) (i47691), b.1784-d.1853
Libby, Samuel, (10-2-4-9) (i28807), b.1767-
Libby, Samuel, (10-5-4-1- ) (i29916), b.1797-
Libby, Samuel, (11-11-1) (i11852), b.1736-
Libby, Samuel, III (11-11-5- ) (i11866), b.1782-d.1852
Libby, Samuel, Jr (i10388), b.1714-d.1787
Libby, Samuel, Jr (11-11-5) (i11858), b.1743-d.1813
Libby, Sands (i36123)
Libby, Sara Maria (i29995), b.1825-
Libby, Sarah (i10358), b.1702-d.1755
Libby, Sarah (i12161), b.1760-
Libby, Sarah (i12254), b.1761-d.1840
Libby, Sarah (i28834), b.1746-d.1746
Libby, Sarah (i29649), b.1794-
Libby, Sarah (i29918), b.1781-
Libby, Sarah (i47058), b.1854-
Libby, Sarah (i48937)
Libby, Sarah (i63589), b.1788-
Libby, Sarah (i76708), b.1820-
Libby, Sarah (marriage to John Jones) (i12264), b.1796-
Libby, Sarah (marriage to Josiah Skillings Libby) (i48937)
Libby, Sarah (marriage to Prentiss Mellen Waterhouse) (i29507)
Libby, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Marr Libby) (i64092)
Libby, Sarah (Sally) (i4278), b.1801-d.1872
Libby, Sarah (Sally) (i29562), b.1793-
Libby, Sarah Ann (i47104), b.1820-
Libby, Sarah Cordelia (i29603), b.1826-
Libby, Sarah Elizabeth, (10-2-1-2-3-11-3) (i63618), b.1860-d.1933
Libby, Sarah Frances (i30014), b.1844-
Libby, Sarah Frances (i65108), b.1845-
Libby, Sarah Jane (i29591), b.1828-
Libby, Sarah Louise, (11-7-11-8-6-3) (i42842), b.1866-
Libby, Sarah Maria, (10-5-3-4-8-1) (i28450), b.1828-
Libby, Sarah Maria, (10-5-3-4-8-1) (marriage to David Bailey Libby (10-5-3-4-6-1)) (i28450), b.1828-
Libby, Sarah, (1-1-6-5-2) (i49002), b.1774-
Libby, Sarah, (1-1-6-5-2) (marriage to Capt Sewall Libby (11-7-7-6)) (i49002), b.1774-
Libby, Sarah, (1-6-2- ) (i28956), b.1773-
Libby, Sarah, (10-2-4-4) (i28802), b.1754-d.1821
Libby, Sarah, (10-5-2-2) (i29611), b.1754-
Libby, Sarah, (11-1-8) (i28752), b.1737-d.1810
Libby, Sarah, (11-11-8) (i11863), b.1750-
Libby, Sarah, (11-9-8- ) (i28940), b.1767-
Libby, Sarah, (5-7-8-2-6) (i49016), b.1805-
Libby, Sarah, (5-7-8-2-6) (marriage to Thadeus Libby (10-2-4-3-10)) (i49016), b.1805-
Libby, Seth (i11860), b.1745-
Libby, Seth Norton (i63603), b.1853-d.1927
Libby, Seth, Jr (11-11-6-1) (i11871), b.1775-
Libby, Sewall (i23723), b.1797-d.1874
Libby, Sgt Dominicus (i28801), b.1751-d.1822
Libby, she (i3679), b.1870-d.1870
Libby, she (i12159), b.1756-d.1756
Libby, she (i46330), b.1856-d.1856
Libby, she (i76730), b.1803-d.1804
Libby, Sherborn (i63695)
Libby, Silas (i12065), b.1777-d.1801
Libby, Silas Jason, (11-6-5-5-1) (i12075), b.1811-d.1878
Libby, Silas Jason, (11-6-5-5-1) (marriage to Phebe Libby (10-5-2-1-1-3)) (i12075), b.1811-d.1878
Libby, Simeon (i28447), b.1822-d.1823
Libby, Simeon, (10-5-4-1) (i12239), b.1755-d.1830
Libby, Simeon, Jr (10-5-4-1-1) (i29911), b.1784-
Libby, Simon (i28836), b.1752-d.1826
Libby, Simon (i29631), b.1783-
Libby, Simon, (10-5-4-12) (i29616), b.1777-
Libby, Simon, (11-7-1-11) (i36163), b.1778-
Libby, Simon, Jr (i65087), b.1786-
Libby, Solomon (i78146), b.1855-
Libby, Solomon, (10-5-4-15) (i48944), b.1785-
Libby, Solomon, (10-5-4-6) (i12256), b.1764-
Libby, Sophronia Ellen, (11-6-5-5-12) (i12103), b.1833-d.1878
Libby, Sophronia, (10-2-1-2-6-2-3) (i47046), b.1845-d.1846
Libby, Squire Levi, Jr (10-2-1-2-3-8-3) (i63605), b.1858-d.1945
Libby, Statira (i4474), b.1804-
Libby, Statira (Satera), (10-5-3-4-7-3) (i28697), b.1831-d.1833
Libby, Stephen (i12248), b.1808-
Libby, Stephen (i36114), b.1783-d.1807
Libby, Stephen, (10-2-1-2-3-9) (i63608), b.1816-
Libby, Stephen, (10-2-1-2-3-9) (marriage to Dorcas Libby) (i63608), b.1816-
Libby, Stephen, (11-9-4) (i11918), b.1736-
Libby, Stephen, (11-9-7) (i28921), b.1741-d.1793
Libby, Storer (i28448), b.1824-d.1874
Libby, Susan (i11931), b.1774-
Libby, Susan (i63720), b.1841-
Libby, Susan Frances, (10-5-3-4-7-4) (i3708), b.1843-
Libby, Susannah (i28941), b.1770-
Libby, Susannah, (11-1-5) (i28749), b.1731-
Libby, Susannah, (11-9-10) (i28923), b.1747-
Libby, Susannah, (11-9-2) (i11916), b.1733-
Libby, Thaddeus, (11-6-2-12) (i28856), b.1787-
Libby, Thadeus, (10-2-4-3-10) (i49006)
Libby, Thadeus, (10-2-4-3-10) (marriage to Sarah Libby (5-7-8-2-6)) (i49006)
Libby, Thankful (i28951), b.1763-
Libby, Theodore (i28210), b.1819-d.1866
Libby, Theophilus (i28809), b.1749-d.1822
Libby, Theophilus Eathan (i47107), b.1825-
Libby, Theophilus, Jr (i47036), b.1784-d.1824
Libby, Thomas (i11872), b.1776-d.1852
Libby, Thomas (i12058), b.1743-d.1824
Libby, Thomas (i29922), b.1789-
Libby, Thomas Jason (i12082), b.1840-d.1894
Libby, Thomas Roby, (10-5-4-2-7-6) (i29935), b.1839-
Libby, Thomas, (10-5-3-4-5) (i33439), b.1795-d.1812
Libby, Thomas, Jr (11-6-5-5) (i12069), b.1784-d.1871
Libby, Tyler (i30002), b.1832-
Libby, Veranus Warren (i12142), b.1868-d.1940
Libby, Veranus, (11-6-5-5-4) (i12091), b.1816-d.1868
Libby, Walter Edgecomb, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2) (i63604), b.1855-d.1919
Libby, Washington (i12168), b.1829-
Libby, Washington, (10-2-4-3-2-2) (i47698), b.1812-
Libby, Wilborn (i12214), b.1854-
Libby, Wilder Mack (i28498), b.1825-d.1826
Libby, Wilder Mack, (10-5-4-1-8-2) (i28499), b.1827-
Libby, Wilder Mack, (10-5-4-1-8-2) (marriage to Betsey Cobb Libby (10-5-4-1-1-10)) (i28499), b.1827-
Libby, Wiley E., (10-2-1-2-3-9-1) (i63610), b.1843-
Libby, William (i10366), b.1688-
Libby, William (i18283), b.1800-d.1821
Libby, William (i28446), b.1820-d.1881
Libby, William (i28798), b.1749-d.1835
Libby, William (i33433), b.1792-d.1802
Libby, William (marriage to Hannah Stone) (i28446), b.1820-d.1881
Libby, William (marriage to Sarah Brown) (i10366), b.1688-
Libby, William Henry (i29933), b.1830-
Libby, William Henry (i47186), b.1828-
Libby, William Johnson, (10-5-3-4-8-2) (i28451), b.1832-
Libby, William K., (10-2-1-2-3-11) (i63612), b.1820-d.1894
Libby, William Loring (i64894), b.1855-
Libby, William, (1-1-2-2-11) (marriage to Keturah Hanscom) (i36169)
Libby, William, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-8) (i63820), b.1893-d.1975
Libby, William, (10-5-3-4-8) (i4280), b.1803-d.1845
Libby, William, (10-5-6-7) (i42944)
Libby, William, (11-1-9) (i28753), b.1740-
Libby, William, (11-6-2-13) (i28857), b.1789-
Libby, William, (11-7-1-4) (i36153), b.1763-
Libby, William, Jr (11-1-1) (i28745), b.1723-
Libby, Willie (i63727), b.1860-d.1862
Libby, Willie Marion, (10-2-1-2-3-11-8-4) (i63869), b.1901-d.1920
Libby, Willie Tufts (i65111), b.1859-
Libby, Willis E. (i76332), b.1883-
Libby, Willis Percy (i3678), b.1864-
Libby, Winfield, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-10) (i63822), b.1896-d.1963
Libby, Zachariah (i64049), b.1777-
Libby, Zebulon (i11841), b.1737-
Libby, Zebulon Tyler (i12181), b.1825-d.1864
Libby, Zebulon Tyler (marriage to Charlotte Libby) (i12181), b.1825-d.1864
Libby, Zebulon, (11-2-3-3) (i36106), b.1773-
Libby, Zebulon, (11-9-8) (i11921), b.1742-
Libby, Zelpha Anna (i63808), b.1909-
Libby, Zelpha Anna (marriage to William Robinson) (i63808), b.1909-
Libby, Zenas, (11-6-5-8) (i12106), b.1792-d.1848


Libson, Brandon Alan (i80549), b.1988-d.1988
Libson, Heather Leanne (i80550) (still alive)
Libson, Nastassja Jo (i80548) (still alive)
Libson, Nicholas John Patten (i80547) (still alive)


Lindsay, Deborah (marriage to Andrew Grant) (i22906), b.1813-


Littlefield, Abiel (i46929), b.1817-
Littlefield, Abigail (i46915), b.1838-
Littlefield, Albert (i46918), b.1845-
Littlefield, Albert S. (i46907), b.1852-
Littlefield, Alice (marriage to Joshua Murphy) (i11062)
Littlefield, Almira (i46892), b.1840-
Littlefield, Annie Sanborn (i46912), d.1918
Littlefield, Annie Sanborn (marriage to Samuel M. Littlefield) (i46912), d.1918
Littlefield, Bertie (i46905), b.1874-d.1876
Littlefield, C. N. (i46928), b.1854-
Littlefield, Catherine A. (i46916), b.1840-d.1922
Littlefield, Charles Henry (marriage to Florence Eugenia Chapman) (i45591), b.1848-d.1916
Littlefield, Charles W. (i46926), b.1846-d.1866
Littlefield, Davis (i46884), b.1811-d.1884
Littlefield, Davis (i46910)
Littlefield, Davis Atwood (i46899), b.1849-
Littlefield, Eliza (marriage to Jeremiah Miller) (i19251)
Littlefield, Emerson (i46888), b.1839-d.1905
Littlefield, Ernest T. (i46898), b.1873-d.1888
Littlefield, Eugene (i46902), b.1870-
Littlefield, Frederick E. (i46891), b.1873-
Littlefield, Frederick R. (i46904), b.1872-
Littlefield, Grayce Ernestine (i45599), b.1881-d.1969
Littlefield, Harry E. (i46890), b.1871-
Littlefield, Ina (i46921)
Littlefield, James H. (i46896), b.1845-d.1935
Littlefield, James Ithamar (marriage to Catherine Cousins) (i28968), b.1784-d.1867
Littlefield, John (marriage to Betsey Sawyer) (i79759)
Littlefield, John B. (i46917), b.1842-d.1918
Littlefield, Jonathan (i46922), b.1814-d.1880
Littlefield, Leonard (i46909)
Littlefield, Leta Grayce (i45594)
Littlefield, Lula M. (i46903), b.1868-
Littlefield, Maria (i46886), b.1835-d.1907
Littlefield, Maria (marriage to Davis Atwood Littlefield) (i46900), b.1854-
Littlefield, Mary A. (marriage to William Henry Libby) (i47187), b.1836-d.1910
Littlefield, Mary D. (i46906), b.1876-
Littlefield, Melissa Somes (i46924), b.1839-d.1866
Littlefield, Mildred Alta (i45592), b.1879-d.1960
Littlefield, Moses F. (marriage to Florence Eugenia Chapman) (i45601), b.1844-
Littlefield, Obadiah (i46931), b.1820-
Littlefield, Robert (i46913), b.1812-d.1888
Littlefield, Robert Frank (i46919), b.1854-d.1918
Littlefield, Robert W. (i46927), b.1852-d.1882
Littlefield, Samuel M. (i46911), b.1855-d.1918
Littlefield, Samuel M. (marriage to Annie Sanborn Littlefield) (i46911), b.1855-d.1918
Littlefield, Sidney E. (marriage to Mildred Alta Littlefield) (i45593), b.1878-d.1911
Littlefield, Susan (i46925), b.1843-d.1865


Loce, Mary (marriage to Samuel Harmon IV) (i76393)


Lofland, Earl K. (marriage to Martha Ella Merrill) (i12036), b.1890-


Lombard, Eunice (marriage to Arthur B. Sawyer) (i29108), b.1825-d.1899
Lombard, Harriet (marriage to Andrew Sawyer) (i79742), b.1807-
Lombard, Paul (marriage to Betsey Libby (10-5-4-8)) (i47155), b.1766-
Lombard, Sally (marriage to Simeon Libby Jr (10-5-4-1-1)) (i76334)


Long, Abraham Z. (marriage to Eliza Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-2)) (i63848), b.1851-d.1923
Long, Dora R. (i63849), b.1879-d.1949
Long, Emory W. (i63850), b.1891-d.1918
Long, Erica (i75923) (living status unknown)
Long, Kenneth George (marriage to June Gwendolyn Skillings) (i75917), b.1919-d.1981
Long, Michael (i75918) (living status unknown)
Long, Stacey Elaine (i75920) (living status unknown)
Long, Stephen (i75921) (living status unknown)


Lord, Benjamin, III (i24555), b.1789-d.1809
Lord, Benjamin, Jr (marriage to Amy (Emma) Lassell) (i10219), b.1749-d.1808
Lord, Capt Ivory (marriage to Louisa McCulloch) (i83551)
Lord, Emily M. (marriage to Benjamin U. McCausland) (i24562)
Lord, Jeremiah (i24554), b.1783-d.1858
Lord, Julia M. (marriage to Isaiah Hanscom) (i39412)
Lord, Mary (i24556), b.1785-
Lord, Nahum (marriage to Charlotte Waterhouse) (i29431)
Lord, Olive (marriage to Deacon Mark Libby) (i13969)
Lord, Ruth (i24557), b.1787-
Lord, Ruth (marriage to Ephraim Libby) (i63586)
Lord, William Huff (i45603), b.1821-


Loring, Alice Flora (i920), b.1877-d.1940
Loring, Catherine Lynn (i10790) (living status unknown)
Loring, Frank A. (i918), b.1874-d.1900
Loring, George Arey (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Brown) (i915), b.1854-d.1913
Loring, George F. (i919), b.1875-
Loring, Henrietta (i10731) (living status unknown)
Loring, Jacqueline Anne (i10793) (living status unknown)
Loring, Janet Carole (i10766) (living status unknown)
Loring, John Malcolm (i10729), b.1906-
Loring, John Malcolm, Jr (i10764) (living status unknown)
Loring, John Mason (i10724), b.1869-d.1949
Loring, John Mason (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Brown) (i900), b.1830-d.1877
Loring, Margaret Rose Stevenson (i10785) (living status unknown)
Loring, Mary Elizabeth (i10727), b.1898-
Loring, Milton Wallace (i10719), b.1895-d.1973
Loring, Priscilla Louise (i10762) (living status unknown)
Loring, Ralph W. (i11819), b.1907-d.1917
Loring, she (i11820)
Loring, she (i11822)
Loring, Walter A. (i921), b.1879-d.1949
Loring, Wellington (i912), b.1871-d.1940
Loring, William Trufant (i10718), b.1931-d.1953


Lossing, he (marriage to Dorothy Skillings) (i51788)


Loueys, John H. (marriage to Maude Ethel Erskine) (i47325)


Loura, Cali Rae (i4790) (still alive)
Loura, Reid Joseph (i697) (still alive)


Lovell, Amelia (marriage to Joseph Libby) (i12105), b.1800-


Lovering, Julia A. (marriage to Woodbury Skillin) (i51723)
Lovering, Mary Ann (marriage to Abram Tyler) (i11600), b.1822-


Lovett, Ruth (marriage to Jeremiah Lassell) (i10203), b.1720-d.1790


Lowell, Abigail (marriage to John Ayer) (i69710)
Lowell, Andrew (i85256)
Lowell, Aramede, Madison (i85259)
Lowell, Capt John H. (marriage to Louise A. Tarbox) (i85255)
Lowell, Edward (Edwin) (i85257)
Lowell, Helen Florence (marriage to Leslie Edmund Perry) (i79727), b.1900-d.1994
Lowell, John (i69717)
Lowell, John (i92841)
Lowell, Louise, Cooper (i85258)
Lowell, Samuel, Jr (marriage to Sarah Ayer) (i69716), b.1780-d.1854


Luce, Celia (marriage to Hiram Stackpole) (i47256)


MacDougall, Jeanette (marriage to Alfred Reuben Hart) (i40753), b.1855-d.1949


MacKenzie, Alison Cree (i10753) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, David Joseph (i10746) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, Delynn Poole (i10752) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, Elaina Lynn (i10757) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, Jacquelyn (i10744) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, John Loring (i10754) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, John Murdock (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Loring) (i10728), b.1887-d.1952
MacKenzie, John Robert (i10741) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, Mike (i10751) (living status unknown)
MacKenzie, William Alexander (i10743), b.1930-d.1930


MacMillan, Agnes Mary (marriage to Everett Carll Ladd) (i15780)


Maddox, Olive (marriage to John Cousins) (i46934), b.1808-d.1890


Madison, Katie (i4788) (still alive)


Main, Deborah, (Maine) (Mayne) (marriage to Samuel Brown) (i10080)


Mainwaring, Guy (marriage to Geneviève Skilling) (i37665)
Mainwaring, Guy A. (i37666)


Malone, Martha (Mary), (Maloney) (Melune) (marriage to Allison (Ellison) Lassell) (i10289), b.1727-


Manchester, Hulda W. (marriage to Andrew Burns Libby) (i18285)


Manning, Blake (i80604) (still alive)
Manning, Brooke (i80603) (still alive)
Manning, Christopher Arthur (i80594) (still alive)
Manning, Felecia (i80599) (still alive)
Manning, Gregory (i80601) (still alive)
Manning, Nicole (i80600) (still alive)
Manning, Theodore John (i80596) (still alive)


Manson, Eliza, Foss (marriage to Rev Joseph Edgecomb) (i87642)
Manson, Florence Ruth (marriage to Vaughn Henry Reed) (i51929)
Manson, George (marriage to Sarah Edgecomb) (i87633), b.1786-d.1863


Marble, Pearl Hannah (marriage to Erroll Bartlett Reed) (i51913)


March, Abigail Munson (i40813), b.1803-d.1856
March, Andrew Swift (i48524), b.1811-
March, Anna (i11974), b.1757-d.1857
March, Anna (i40811), b.1801-
March, Anson Eugene (i40746), b.1854-d.1923
March, Benjamin (i11972), b.1754-d.1763
March, Benjamin (i11980), b.1763-d.1770
March, Benjamin (i40802), b.1791-
March, Caroline Elizabeth (i40826), b.1822-
March, Charles Daniel (i40743), b.1846-d.1927
March, Charles Frederick (i48536), b.1809-
March, Christopher C. (i29983), b.1827-d.1906
March, Col James (i29584), b.1769-d.1823
March, Daniel (i29980), b.1819-d.1905
March, Elizabeth (i11976), b.1759-d.1838
March, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Libby (10-5-5-1)) (i11976), b.1759-d.1838
March, Elizabeth Murch (i11989), b.1838-d.1895
March, Elmore Judson (i40798), b.1864-d.1941
March, Emily Porter (i40824), b.1814-
March, Emma Ann (i40745), b.1852-d.1854
March, Eunice (i12004), b.1767-
March, Fifer Samuel, Jr (i11981), b.1763-d.1848
March, Frank Willard (i40800), b.1866-d.1930
March, Fredrick Clifton (i40775), b.1867-d.1959
March, Hannah (i40815), b.1804-
March, Hattie Eliza (i40777), b.1871-d.1880
March, Hazel (i40770), b.1893-
March, Herbert James (i40767), b.1860-d.1878
March, James (i11985), b.1789-d.1859
March, James Elmore (i29988), b.1839-d.1914
March, Jean (Jane) (i12002), b.1765-d.1827
March, Jesse W. (i40768), b.1862-d.1935
March, John (i11973), b.1755-
March, John (i29982), b.1824-d.1901
March, Keziah (i11970), b.1752-
March, Lois Monica (i40763), b.1856-d.1926
March, Lt Col Samuel, Sr (marriage to Anna Libby (11-6-1)) (i11969), b.1732-d.1804
March, Lucinda Page (i40822), b.1812-
March, Lucy (i29587), b.1782-d.1843
March, Lydia (i40805)
March, Mabel Olivia (i40773), b.1864-d.1953
March, Mary (i11978), b.1762-d.1794
March, Mary (i41023), b.1761-d.1762
March, Mary Ann (i29984), b.1828-d.1844
March, Mary Ann (i40741)
March, Mary Maria(h) (i40820), b.1809-
March, May Magdalene (i40797), b.1863-
March, Moses (i40808)
March, Nathaniel (i29586), b.1782-
March, Orpha Almeda (i40765), b.1857-d.1931
March, Phoebe (i29985), b.1823-d.1895
March, Polly Ann (i29986), b.1832-d.1875
March, Sally (i29981), b.1822-d.1842
March, Sally (i40809)
March, Salome (i40810)
March, Samuel (i40807)
March, Sarah (i29585), b.1771-d.1849
March, Sarah (Sally) Jose (i40817), b.1806-
March, Susan Jane (i29987), b.1835-d.1893


Mariner, Jabez (marriage to Rebecca Jane Libby) (i76316)


Marion, Mary Agnes (marriage to Willard William Skillings) (i76245)


Marr, Dennis (i76700), b.1808-d.1829
Marr, Foxwell C. (i76701), b.1809-d.1866
Marr, Henry (i76698), b.1802-d.1880
Marr, James (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i47398)
Marr, Lucy Ann (i76703), b.1818-d.1891
Marr, Lucy Ann (marriage to Cornelius Libby (10-5-1-10-7)) (i76703), b.1818-d.1891
Marr, Lydia Hill (i76702), b.1813-d.1874
Marr, Mary (i76696), b.1797-d.1798
Marr, Mary M. (i76699), b.1804-
Marr, Mercy (marriage to Reuben Libby (10-5-2-3)) (i23726), b.1759-d.1842
Marr, Rufus (marriage to Lucy March) (i30056), b.1774-d.1844
Marr, William March (i76697), b.1800-d.1874


Marrett, Charles Gorham (i46242), b.1861-
Marrett, Daniel (marriage to Abigail Munson March) (i40814), d.1875
Marrett, Edwin A. (i46234), b.1826-
Marrett, Elizabeth March (i46241), b.1856-
Marrett, James S. (i46238), b.1827-
Marrett, Orlando M. (i46243), b.1829-d.1870


Marshall, Amelia (Pamelia?) (marriage to James R. Brown) (i35586)
Marshall, Amelia (Pamelia?) (marriage to James R. Brown) (i35586)
Marshall, George (marriage to Abbie Eola Skillings) (i91713)
Marshall, she (marriage to Stephen Brown) (i35588)
Marshall, she (marriage to Stephen Brown) (i35588)


Marston, Comfort (marriage to Tristram Sawyer) (i29072), b.1794-d.1856
Marston, Lincoln W. (marriage to Ada L. Brown) (i931), b.1872-d.1947


Martin, Beverly Ann (i51886)
Martin, Ellen (marriage to Fredrick Clifton March) (i40776), b.1862-d.1946
Martin, Harry A. (marriage to Minnie Irene Skillings) (i51885)
Martin, Jeffrey Edwin (i23709) (still alive)
Martin, Milton Trussell (i23707) (still alive)
Martin, William Edward (marriage to May Estelle McCausland) (i23706), b.1874-d.1939


Martinez, Anita (marriage to Meldon Isaiah Hanscom) (i39424)


Mason, Annie (i51956)
Mason, Ansel Robert (marriage to Kate Douglas Libby) (i63958), b.1904-d.1970
Mason, Barbara Lee (i63962), b.1929-
Mason, Catherine (i51955)
Mason, Catherine Mabel (i51961)
Mason, Elmer Alonzo (i51958)
Mason, Elmer E. (i51960)
Mason, Everett (i51950)
Mason, George Henry (i51965)
Mason, Gertrude (i51967)
Mason, Harrison Alonzo (i51952)
Mason, Herbert (i51957)
Mason, Hiram (i51954)
Mason, Hiram A. (i51951)
Mason, Irving Carter (i51741)
Mason, Irving W. (marriage to Ula Ada Carter) (i51740)
Mason, John H. (marriage to Catherine P. Skillin) (i51722)
Mason, John H. (marriage to Elizabeth Emily Skillin) (i51722)
Mason, John Roscoe (i51863)
Mason, John Roscoe (marriage to Edith Skillings) (i51863)
Mason, John Roscoe Edwin (i51949)
Mason, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Miller) (i11145)
Mason, Mabel Louise (i51971)
Mason, Nancy Tolman (i63963), b.1933-
Mason, Rishworth (marriage to Charlotte Lassell) (i10230)
Mason, Simon (marriage to Sally Miller) (i19250)
Mason, Vincent Ivan (i63961), b.1927-


Mathews, Thomas Jefferson (marriage to Melinda W. Brown) (i882), b.1826-d.1876


Matthews, Albert Henry (i9246), b.1850-d.1851
Matthews, Albert Scott (i9251), b.1864-
Matthews, Alvin J. (i9250), b.1860-
Matthews, Blanche R. (marriage to Bernard L. Tarbox) (i85270), b.1889-
Matthews, Edgar T. (i9247), b.1852-d.1862
Matthews, Elizabeth A. (i9248), b.1854-d.1855
Matthews, Nellie M. (i9252), b.1867-
Matthews, Wilber E. (i9249), b.1856-d.1862


Maxwell, Ruth, Collins (marriage to Samuel Waterhouse) (i29369)
Maxwell, Sarah (marriage to Cyrus Libby) (i64094)
Maxwell, Vida N. (marriage to John Willis Hanscom) (i39520), b.1863-d.1939


Mayberry, Mary (marriage to Daniel Waterhouse) (i2161)
Mayberry, Sarah Wescott (marriage to Gardner Waterhouse) (i29501)


Mayhew, Eunice (marriage to William Averill) (i52318)


Maynard, he (marriage to Mary Susan Brown) (i69079)


Mayo, Emily J. (marriage to James P. Skillin) (i28710), b.1826-


McCarthy, Paula G. (marriage to Walter Alpheus Skillings Jr) (i75967) (living status unknown)


McCausland, Andrew (i29973), b.1793-
McCausland, Benjamin U. (i24561)
McCausland, Carrie Emily (i24563)
McCausland, Dexter Miller (i30033), b.1879-
McCausland, Edith A. (i30034), b.1881-
McCausland, Fred A. (i30032), b.1877-
McCausland, Hannah (i29970), b.1786-
McCausland, Henry (i29974), b.1794-
McCausland, Henry, III (i29971), b.1789-
McCausland, James (i29972), b.1791-
McCausland, John (i23702), b.1784-d.1885
McCausland, May Estelle (i23705), b.1874-d.1968
McCausland, Moses Benjamin (i23703), b.1837-d.1892
McCausland, Moses Benjamin (marriage to Mercy Ann Libby) (i23703), b.1837-d.1892
McCausland, Pvt Henry, Jr (marriage to Abiah (Abiel) Stackpole) (i23730), b.1759-d.1829
McCausland, Robert Emerson (i30031), b.1872-


McCormac, Isabella (marriage to Benjamin Miller) (i11128)


McCrady, George Franklin (marriage to Myrtle Harriet Crandall) (i11994), b.1867-d.1953
McCrady, Harold William (i30062), b.1905-d.1980
McCrady, John Franklin (i11999), b.1924-d.1966
McCrady, Lawrence Wayne (i12000), b.1923-d.1991
McCrady, Leland Marty (i11997), b.1897-d.1933
McCrady, Lois Marie (i12001), b.1926-d.1965
McCrady, Ruth Myrtle (i30058), b.1900-d.1977
McCrady, Sharon Lee (i42987) (still alive)


McCulloch, Adam (i24106), b.1801-
McCulloch, Adam, (McCullough) (marriage to Louisa Brown) (i10120), b.1743-d.1812
McCulloch, Alexander (i11082), b.1778-d.1797
McCulloch, Alexander (i83547), b.1801-d.1854
McCulloch, Capt Hugh (i11081), b.1773-
McCulloch, Elizabeth (i11085), b.1775-d.1810
McCulloch, Elizabeth (i83544), b.1804-
McCulloch, Elizabeth (i83545), b.1819-
McCulloch, he (i11087)
McCulloch, Isabella (i11084), b.1785-d.1804
McCulloch, Louisa (i24105), b.1801-
McCulloch, Louisa (i68757), b.1780-
McCulloch, Margaret (i11083), b.1771-
McCulloch, Roderic (i11086), b.1783-
McCulloch, Thomas (i24107), b.1801-
McCulloch, Thomas (i83550), b.1822-


McDaniel, John (marriage to Lucy Libby (10-5-1-9)) (i76679)


McDonald, Ruth Ada (i76419) (living status unknown)
McDonald, William R., Jr (marriage to Helen M. Dresser) (i76416), b.1900-d.1970


McDowell, George (marriage to Almeda Knight Sprague) (i63893)
McDowell, Matthew (i63894)


McDuffee, Myrtle Louisa (marriage to Alpheus Leon Hanscome) (i38831), b.1873-


McIlroy, Mabel m. (marriage to Augustus M. Stackpole) (i47240)


McIndoe, Mabel (marriage to Joseph Ferguson) (i35579), b.1881-d.1960


McIntosh, Ada Irene (i69114) (living status unknown)
McIntosh, Barbara Alice (i69111) (living status unknown)
McIntosh, Leon L. (Johnnie) (marriage to Myra Ella Brown) (i69110)
McIntosh, Rolvin Leon (i69113) (living status unknown)


McKecknie, Mary (marriage to James Stackpole Jr) (i47278)


McKeering, Mary (marriage to Carleton Allan Yates) (i51946)


McKenney, Dorothy (marriage to Dominicus Libby (10-5-6-2)) (i42937), b.1753-d.1817
McKenney, Dorothy (marriage to Luke Libby (10-5-6)) (i3413), b.1739-
McKenney, Hannah (marriage to William Libby (10-5-6-7)) (i42945)
McKenney, Hannah (marriage to William Waterhouse) (i29450)
McKenney, Moses, Jr (marriage to Salome (Saloma) Libby) (i42943)
McKenney, Norman Dennis (marriage to Pearl Annette Brown) (i63785)
McKenney, Randolph (marriage to Sarah Louise Skillings) (i4590)


McKusick, Anna (marriage to Abner Cousins) (i28970), b.1780-d.1816
McKusick, Olive (marriage to Nathaniel Cousins Jr) (i85965), b.1775-
McKusick, Salome (Sarah?) (marriage to Joshua Cousins) (i28966), b.1774-


McLaughlin, Betsey (i76402), b.1863-
McLaughlin, Catherine (i76401), b.1861-
McLaughlin, Mrs Hannah (marriage to Samuel Waterhouse) (i29306), d.1805
McLaughlin, Sarah (i76400), b.1859-
McLaughlin, William (marriage to Catherine Mitchell) (i76397), b.1829-d.1880


McLellan, Mary (marriage to Samuel Averill) (i70105), b.1739-d.1801


Meador, Eleanor (i12309), b.1819-d.1901
Meador, Thomas, (Meader) (marriage to Elizabeth Hanscomb) (i12306), b.1778-d.1840


Means, Grace Edith (marriage to Otto Losen Carter) (i51743)


Mears, Frank (marriage to Sarah Eliza Hodgins) (i47083), d.1915
Mears, Viola (i47084), b.1904-d.1953


Merrill, Ada (i12032), b.1867-
Merrill, Albert (i12033), b.1869-
Merrill, Amy Margaret (marriage to Charles H. Hanscom) (i39524), b.1873-
Merrill, Asa (marriage to Eva Maud Ladd) (i15722), b.1875-
Merrill, Capt Daniel (marriage to Sarah Miller) (i19314), d.1808
Merrill, Capt Humphrey (marriage to Isabella McCulloch) (i11008)
Merrill, Charles V. (marriage to Cata W. Staples) (i48159)
Merrill, Frank (i12030), b.1862-
Merrill, George (i12031), b.1865-
Merrill, Grace (marriage to Linwood Elmer Sawyer) (i79738), b.1885-
Merrill, Harry (i12037), b.1896-d.1896
Merrill, Henry (i12023), b.1856-
Merrill, Inez Elizabeth (i12042), b.1901-d.1980
Merrill, James Milton (i12024), b.1856-d.1937
Merrill, Jane (i19317), b.1798-d.1872
Merrill, Jenny (i24580), b.1803-
Merrill, John R. (marriage to Lydia March) (i40806)
Merrill, Joyce (marriage to Noah Staples) (i48161)
Merrill, Levi (marriage to Lucinda Staples) (i48171)
Merrill, Lucy E. (i12029), b.1861-
Merrill, Martha Ella (i12035), b.1894-d.1984
Merrill, Mary (i12028), b.1859-
Merrill, Minne May (i12038), b.1898-d.1980
Merrill, Samuel (marriage to Maraba Hawkes) (i12020), b.1823-d.1903
Merrill, she (i15734) (still alive)
Merrill, she (i15735) (still alive)
Merrill, Vera Virginia (i12040), b.1901-d.1974
Merrill, Walter Edmon (i12034), b.1891-d.1932


Merritt, Donna (i25848) (living status unknown)
Merritt, George (marriage to Ruth Frances Dixon) (i25847)


Meserve, Abigail (marriage to Elisha Libby (10-5-1)) (i3354), b.1735-d.1817
Meserve, Charles E. (marriage to Rose Ellen Skillings) (i90758)
Meserve, Daniel (i35981), b.1775-
Meserve, Esther (i42820), b.1802-
Meserve, Hannah (i35982), b.1777-
Meserve, Jennie L. (marriage to Fred E(llsworth) Skillings) (i64949), b.1875-d.1950
Meserve, John (marriage to Hannah L. Libby) (i40881), b.1768-
Meserve, Lucy (i35983), b.1780-
Meserve, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Libby (10-5-5)) (i12228), b.1742-d.1832
Meserve, Mehitable (i35987), b.1788-
Meserve, Moses (marriage to Mary Simpson Sawyer) (i79694), b.1786-
Meserve, Nathaniel, Jr (i35984), b.1782-
Meserve, Nathaniel, Sr (marriage to Anna Hunnewell) (i35827), b.1747-d.1825
Meserve, Olive M. (marriage to Edwin A. Skillings) (i64951), b.1871-d.1957
Meserve, Sarah A. (marriage to Deacon Joseph Libby) (i28916), b.1745-d.1822
Meserve, Silas (i35985), b.1785-d.1858


Messer, Earl Sawyer (i29129), b.1890-d.1980
Messer, Fred Sawyer (i29121), b.1875-d.1955
Messer, Joseph Henry Sawyer (i29123), b.1886-d.1972
Messer, Joseph Treat (marriage to Carrie Frances Sawyer) (i29111), b.1849-d.1901
Messer, Malcom Treat (i29149), b.1909-d.1982
Messer, Mary Frances (i29150), b.1912-d.1960
Messer, she (i29128) (still alive)
Messer, Walter Harry (i29119), b.1871-d.1937


Miles, Eliza G. (Lizzie Jean) (marriage to Wellington Loring) (i927), b.1867-d.1947


Miller, Alice Rose (marriage to Lewis Amos Brown) (i63752)
Miller, Alpheus (i19292), b.1803-d.1885
Miller, Amy (i11094), b.1781-
Miller, Andrew (i11089), b.1738-d.1812
Miller, Andrew (i11092), d.1812
Miller, Andrew (i24585)
Miller, Annie R. (marriage to Augustus M. Stackpole) (i47246), b.1866-
Miller, Asa (i11134), b.1781-d.1842
Miller, Augustus (marriage to Eliza Tyler) (i11605)
Miller, Benjamin (i11120)
Miller, Benjamin (i11127), b.1749-d.1817
Miller, Betsey (i11099)
Miller, Betsey (i11119)
Miller, Betsey (i11136), b.1785-
Miller, Charles (i19256), b.1836-
Miller, Clarissa (i19296), b.1812-
Miller, Cynthia (i19254), b.1832-
Miller, Cynthia (i19284), b.1796-
Miller, Daniel (i11112), b.1782-d.1804
Miller, Daniel (i19293), b.1805-d.1818
Miller, Deacon Jeremiah, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth Lassell) (i2532), b.1714-d.1789
Miller, Deborah (i11097), b.1776-
Miller, Deborah (marriage to James Miller) (i11097), b.1776-
Miller, Douglas (i92693) (living status unknown)
Miller, Elizabeth (i11102), b.1740-
Miller, Elizabeth (i11133), b.1777-
Miller, Elvira J. (i19261), b.1849-
Miller, Emma Katlin (i80587) (still alive)
Miller, Esther (i11110), b.1775-
Miller, Esther (i11113)
Miller, Eunice (i11132), b.1777-d.1842
Miller, Fred, Jr (marriage to Patricia Hermon) (i64023)
Miller, George (i19257), b.1840-
Miller, George Graigg (i11140), b.1799-d.1843
Miller, Hannah (i11095), b.1773-
Miller, Hannah (i11109), d.1796
Miller, Hannah (i11126)
Miller, Hannah (i11138)
Miller, Hannah (i11144), b.1760-
Miller, James (i11118)
Miller, James (i19253), b.1828-
Miller, James (marriage to Deborah Miller) (i11118)
Miller, James, Hermon (i64021)
Miller, Jason (i19255), b.1833-
Miller, Jason Richard (i92694) (living status unknown)
Miller, Jeremiah (i11124), d.1863
Miller, Jeremiah (i11129), d.1817
Miller, Jeremiah G., Esq (i19287), b.1798-d.1836
Miller, Jeremiah, Jr (i11104), b.1742-d.1796
Miller, John (i11116), b.1746-
Miller, John (i11122)
Miller, John (i19258), b.1843-
Miller, John (i24586)
Miller, John, Jr (i11106), b.1764-d.1849
Miller, Joseph (i11091), b.1778-d.1812
Miller, Joseph (i11143), b.1758-d.1760
Miller, Joseph Kingsbury (i19294), b.1807-
Miller, Joshua (i11141), d.1842
Miller, Joshua H. (i19259), b.1844-
Miller, Lemuel (i11142), b.1805-
Miller, Lt Lemuel (i11130), b.1751-d.1842
Miller, Lydia (i11146), b.1762-
Miller, Mary (i11114), b.1744-
Miller, Mary (i11125)
Miller, Mary (i19290), b.1800-
Miller, Mary (i24587)
Miller, Mary (Polly) (i11108), b.1769-
Miller, Mary Sophia (marriage to James Warren Harris) (i90309), b.1853-d.1929
Miller, Milbury Walker (i19295), b.1810-d.1831
Miller, Olive (i11121)
Miller, Olive F. (i19260), b.1846-
Miller, Oliver (i11139), d.1842
Miller, Sally (i11101)
Miller, Sally (i11123)
Miller, Sarah (i19310), b.1755-d.1840
Miller, Sarah (Sally) (i11107), b.1767-
Miller, Sarah (Sally) (i19282), b.1795-
Miller, Scott, Hermon (i64022)
Miller, she (i11093)
Miller, Susanna (i19309), b.1753-d.1760
Miller, Susannah (Susey) (i11111), b.1780-
Miller, Theodore Leland (i92695) (living status unknown)
Miller, Thomas (i19298), b.1765-d.1796
Miller, Toni Marie (i80586) (still alive)
Miller, William (i11135), b.1783-
Miller, William (i11137)


Milliken, Alice (marriage to Joshua Clement Libby) (i12171), b.1866-
Milliken, Allison (marriage to Jane Libby (11-6-2-8)) (i36143)
Milliken, Allison (marriage to Jane Libby (11-6-2-8)) (i36143)
Milliken, Asa (marriage to Meribah Waterhouse) (i29474)
Milliken, Benjamin (marriage to Charlotte (Lottie) Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-4)) (i63830), b.1838-d.1911
Milliken, Ira Melville (i64909), b.1910-
Milliken, Isaac (marriage to Mary Libby (11-2-3-4)) (i36109)
Milliken, Jane (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29385), d.1824
Milliken, Margaret (marriage to Isaac Waterhouse) (i29479)
Milliken, Margery E. (i64911), b.1917-
Milliken, Martha (marriage to James Waterhouse) (i29377)
Milliken, Oliver M. (marriage to Lida Ella Harmon) (i64908)
Milliken, Pauline (marriage to Daniel Harmon) (i76391)
Milliken, Rita F. (i64910), b.1913-
Milliken, Sarah (marriage to Zebulon Libby) (i36054), b.1747-


Mills, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Libby (11-6-5-4)) (i12068), b.1786-


Minick, Lydia May (marriage to Walter Bruce Skillings) (i51808)


Misener, Florence M. (marriage to Waldo C. Skilling) (i51774)


Mitchell, Adelia (marriage to Weston (Wes) H. Brown) (i63953)
Mitchell, Anne (marriage to Zerubbabel Hunnewell) (i36009)
Mitchell, Annie (i28821), b.1771-
Mitchell, Benjamin (i28816), b.1762-
Mitchell, Benjamin (marriage to Sarah Libby (10-5-2-2)) (i48922)
Mitchell, Catherine (i76395), b.1834-d.1905
Mitchell, Elizabeth (i28823), b.1775-
Mitchell, Hannah (i28817), b.1764-
Mitchell, Harriet Farrar (i12127), b.1923-d.1990
Mitchell, Heidi Rae (i12136) (still alive)
Mitchell, Jacob (marriage to Susanna Brown) (i63330)
Mitchell, James (i28815), b.1761-
Mitchell, Jeremiah (marriage to Sarah Brown) (i63325)
Mitchell, Jonathan (i28820), b.1769-
Mitchell, Jonathan (marriage to Keziah Libby (11-6-3)) (i12053), b.1735-d.1807
Mitchell, Joshua (i28824), b.1777-
Mitchell, Josiah (marriage to Betsey Libby) (i28902)
Mitchell, Julia (marriage to Richard (Dick) Brown) (i63949)
Mitchell, Julia (marriage to Theophilus Brown) (i63949)
Mitchell, Leonard Edward (i12135) (still alive)
Mitchell, Lucy (i28826), b.1783-
Mitchell, Mariam (i28822), b.1774-
Mitchell, Mary (i28819), b.1767-
Mitchell, Mary (i76396), b.1836-
Mitchell, Mary (marriage to Charles Brown) (i18376), b.1692-
Mitchell, Michael (i12138) (still alive)
Mitchell, Nancy Lee (i12134) (still alive)
Mitchell, Olive May (i12125), b.1921-d.1986
Mitchell, Raymond Vaughn (marriage to Elsie Farrer Plummer) (i12121), b.1897-d.1964
Mitchell, Raymond Vaughn, Jr (i12130) (still alive)
Mitchell, Rebecca Jane (i12137) (still alive)
Mitchell, Robert (i28818), b.1766-
Mitchell, Sarah (i28825), b.1780-
Mitchell, Sarah J. (marriage to Allison Libby (10-5-4-7-8)) (i47723)
Mitchell, Sarah J. (marriage to Allison Libby (10-5-4-7-8)) (i47723)
Mitchell, she (i12129) (still alive)


Monahan, Amandea Marie (i69176) (living status unknown)
Monahan, Courtney Montgomery (i69175) (living status unknown)
Monahan, Melissa Noelle (i69177) (living status unknown)


Monroe, Arthur W. (marriage to Emma Janet Hanson) (i12493), b.1874-


Montgomery, Charles (i63859), b.1891-
Montgomery, Electa (i63854), b.1880-
Montgomery, Frank (i63858), b.1889-
Montgomery, Henry (i63856), b.1885-
Montgomery, Mary (i63860), b.1893-
Montgomery, Millie (i63857), b.1887-
Montgomery, Ruth (i63861), b.1895-
Montgomery, Tillie (i63855), b.1883-
Montgomery, William Henry (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-3)) (i63851), d.1935


Moody, Edwin (marriage to Emily Jane Libby) (i76750)
Moody, Edwin (marriage to Emily Jane Libby) (i76750)
Moody, Elias (marriage to Letia (Lettice) Libby (10-5-2-8)) (i48927)
Moody, John L. (marriage to Charlotte Libby) (i46325)
Moody, Nellie May (marriage to Howard G. Skillings) (i90789)


Moore, Elias (marriage to Eva G. Brown) (i895), b.1881-d.1945
Moore, Gladys (marriage to Donald Bachelder) (i37648)
Moore, Hannah (marriage to William Hanscom) (i25658), b.1774-d.1852
Moore, Jane (marriage to Moses Ayer Jr) (i69730), b.1795-d.1871
Moore, Rachel (marriage to Harris G. Stackpole) (i47225), d.1893


Morgan, Hannah (marriage to Isaac Waterhouse) (i29435), d.1838


Morrell, Elizabeth (Betsey) (marriage to Simon H. Hanscom) (i25570), b.1774-d.1802
Morrell, Japhet (marriage to Elisabeth Plummer Hanscom) (i25815), b.1820-d.1854
Morrell, Japhet (marriage to Elisabeth Plummer Hanscom) (i25815), b.1820-d.1854


Morris, Charles E. (marriage to Mabel Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-3)) (i63991), d.1915
Morris, Clinton (i63996), b.1904-
Morris, Ernest R. (i63993), b.1899-
Morris, Margaret (marriage to John Harmon Scammon) (i17739), b.1907-
Morris, Martha A. (i63995), b.1902-
Morris, Nellie M. (i63994), b.1901-


Morrison, Ephraim (marriage to Eliza Libby) (i18291)
Morrison, Lucy Quinn (marriage to Vernon Beverage) (i87709)


Morse, Margaret Ann (marriage to Thomas P. Skillings) (i76208), b.1826-d.1900


Morton, Elizabeth (Eliza) (marriage to Nathan Skillings) (i4391), b.1810-d.1882


Moses, Frances (marriage to Tristram Ayer) (i69734), b.1801-d.1870
Moses, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Waterhouse) (i29304), d.1783


Mosley, Betty L. (marriage to Elmer A. Skillings) (i78160)


Moulton, Arthur (marriage to Mary Warren) (i12539), b.1820-
Moulton, Edward P. (i47311), b.1846-
Moulton, Josephine (i47312), b.1851-
Moulton, Julia E. (marriage to John Warren) (i12541), b.1829-d.1908
Moulton, Lucy (marriage to Pvt Francis Libby (11-6-2-1)) (i17921)
Moulton, Stephen (marriage to Jerusha Libby (11-2-3-2)) (i36105)
Moulton, William H. (i47313), b.1850-


Mourn, Clara (marriage to Leonard Frank Brown) (i63934), b.1868-


Mullen, Gertrude Mason (i51969)
Mullen, James J. (marriage to Gertrude Mason) (i51968)


Mumford, Allen Douglas (i12581) (living status unknown)
Mumford, Melissa Anne (i12582) (living status unknown)
Mumford, Rhonda Ruth (i12578) (still alive)
Mumford, Russell David (i12580) (living status unknown)
Mumford, she (i12583) (living status unknown)


Murch, Elizabeth (marriage to Fifer Samuel March Jr) (i40804)


Murphy, Amos (i24080), b.1796-
Murphy, Betsey (i11151)
Murphy, Daniel (i11159)
Murphy, Euphemia Louise (marriage to Perley Albert Ladd) (i15778), b.1898-
Murphy, George (i11155)
Murphy, George (i11175)
Murphy, Hannah (i11167)
Murphy, Hannah (i11177)
Murphy, Harrison (i11152)
Murphy, Israel (i11168)
Murphy, Israel (i11174)
Murphy, James (i11165)
Murphy, John (i11149), b.1750-
Murphy, John (i11153)
Murphy, John (i11171), b.1806-
Murphy, Joshua (i11063)
Murphy, Joshua (i11169)
Murphy, Lydia (i11158)
Murphy, Mary (i11157)
Murphy, Mary (i11166)
Murphy, Mary E. (marriage to Jacob Huff) (i11548), b.1804-
Murphy, Moses (i24089), b.1797-
Murphy, Pierce (i11154)
Murphy, Pierce (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i11036), d.1760
Murphy, Pierce, Jr (i11160)
Murphy, Sally (i11172)
Murphy, Samuel (i11170)
Murphy, Sarah (i11156)
Murphy, Susan (i11173), b.1802-


Murray, Eleanor (marriage to Everett Winfield Skillings) (i75848)


Mussett, Thomas (marriage to Rebecca (Rebekah) Libby) (i11843)


Nason, Capt William (marriage to Hannah Augusta Hanscom) (i39405)
Nason, Elizabeth (Betsey) (marriage to John Miller) (i11117)
Nason, Gladys (i89413)
Nason, Jesse Howard (marriage to Alice Flora Loring) (i923), b.1873-
Nason, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Waterhouse) (i29336), b.1783-d.1860
Nason, Mary (marriage to Matthew Libby Jr) (i10368), b.1706-d.1761
Nason, Ruby (i89411)
Nason, William (marriage to Laura E. Ladd) (i15707), b.1848-


Neal, Rhoda (marriage to William Goodwin Davis) (i47150), b.1828-d.1903


Neale, John (i24532), b.1712-
Neale, John (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i10076), b.1689-d.1747
Neale, Samuel (i24533), b.1716-


Nelson, he (i63745), b.1885-
Nelson, Mary Louisa (marriage to Edwin A. Marrett) (i46235)
Nelson, Nathan A. (marriage to Eliza S. Brown) (i63740), b.1861-d.1919
Nelson, Percy A. (i63744), b.1883-d.1941


Neveos, E. S. (marriage to she Loring) (i11823)


Newcomb, David L. (marriage to Priscilla Florilla Libby) (i76747)


Nichols, Lillian Elizabeth (marriage to Ernest Parlin Jose) (i46213), b.1866-


Niehoff, Diana (marriage to Ralph Wendell Skillings) (i91709)


Noble, Barlow (i47056)
Noble, Edna (i47055)
Noble, Frank (i47052)
Noble, Grace (i47053)
Noble, John (marriage to Martha T. Libby (10-2-1-2-6-2- )) (i47051)
Noble, Palmer (i47054)


Noel, Cecile (marriage to Edgar Belmont Brown) (i69097) (living status unknown)


Norrad, Darron (i75906) (living status unknown)
Norrad, Lisa Lyn (i75905) (living status unknown)
Norrad, Michael Robert (i75907) (living status unknown)


Norton, Beverly Mae (i87752) (living status unknown)
Norton, Carolyn Leslie (i76455) (living status unknown)
Norton, Edward Michael (i76444) (living status unknown)
Norton, Elder Seth (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i63590)
Norton, Henry (marriage to Lois Grant) (i22908)
Norton, Howard W. (marriage to Elsie Marion Beverage) (i87751)
Norton, James Henry (marriage to Frances Ellen Stone) (i76441), b.1904-d.1971
Norton, James Henry, III (i76454) (living status unknown)
Norton, James Henry, Jr (i76445) (living status unknown)
Norton, Kathleen Ann (i76449) (living status unknown)
Norton, Stephanie Lynn (i76450) (living status unknown)


Nutt, Alice (marriage to Carl Beverage) (i87727)


Nutting, Annie Louise (marriage to Robert Gibson Skillin) (i51764)


O'Brian, Gerald Tilman (i69167) (living status unknown)
O'Brian, Katie Ellen (i69166) (living status unknown)


O'Dea, Harriet (marriage to Walter A. Loring) (i922)


O'Neil, Mary (marriage to Ira Melville Milliken) (i64928)


Odell, Ansel Hurlbert (marriage to Susan Hanson) (i12463), b.1811-


Olds, Albertina V. (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby (10-5-3-4-7-5)) (i3711)


Orcutt, Jane (marriage to William Carr Fletcher) (i79891), b.1749-


Orne, Charlotte (marriage to Pvt Bartholomew Lassell) (i10228), b.1768-
Orne, Frances (marriage to Charles Davis Libby) (i47189)


Orvis, Paul, (Airs) (marriage to Eliza (Lida) H. Tarbox) (i84791)


Osborne, Evelyn M. (marriage to Leonard Wilson Libby) (i12146), b.1878-d.1959


Otis, Kate A. (marriage to Stephen Elmer Ladd) (i66643), b.1884-d.1967


Owen, Arlene May (i64035), b.1935-
Owen, Charles (marriage to Abigail H. (Abby) Tarbox) (i85252)
Owen, Dr Daniel H. (marriage to Lizzie Libby) (i63717)
Owen, George Williford (marriage to Ruth Abby Seavey) (i47074), b.1894-d.1980
Owen, Kenneth William (i64034), b.1922-
Owen, Norman Leigh (marriage to Lena May Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-3-1)) (i64028), d.1965


Oxford, Edward (marriage to Jane Libby (11-11-5- )) (i11868)


Packard, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Nason Waterhouse) (i29515)
Packard, Samuel (marriage to Ruth Libby) (i63703)


Palmer, Frank William (i29154) (still alive)
Palmer, Mary Ann (i29155) (still alive)
Palmer, William Pliny (marriage to Mary Frances Messer) (i29151), b.1886-d.1948


Pardee, Samuel Edgar (marriage to Angenette Peace Ramsdell) (i6430), b.1857-


Parker, Ann (marriage to Thomas A. Larrabee) (i65164), d.1843
Parker, Christa Monica (i79686) (still alive)
Parker, Lydia, Westcott (marriage to Joseph Waterhouse) (i29366), b.1776-d.1853
Parker, Mary Ann (marriage to Benjamin Libby) (i63696)
Parker, Maynard Harford (marriage to Gertrude Lena Jamison) (i79657), b.1900-
Parker, Wilfred Colin (i79682) (still alive)
Parker, William Colin (i79687) (still alive)


Parlin, Emma Eliza (marriage to Edwin Henry Jose) (i46206), b.1847-


Parsons, Albert Dow (i76645), b.1864-
Parsons, Charles Henry Dow (i76647), b.1871-
Parsons, Charlotte R. (i76644), b.1861-
Parsons, Ellen (marriage to Robert Beverage) (i87731)
Parsons, John (marriage to Mary Susan Ramsdell) (i6426), b.1865-
Parsons, Joseph B. (marriage to Elizabeth Ellen Libby (10-5-3-4-2-5)) (i76631)
Parsons, Joseph, III (Tertius) (marriage to Mary Brown) (i10130), b.1746-d.1810
Parsons, Josephine Beals (i76648), b.1873-
Parsons, Jotham (marriage to Mary Wakefield) (i47897), b.1782-d.1819
Parsons, Mary Ella (i76643), b.1860-d.1862
Parsons, Samuel N. (i76646), b.1866-d.1868
Parsons, Theodore (marriage to Ruth Wakefield) (i47900), b.1784-d.1860
Parsons, Timothy (i47908), b.1808-d.1853


Passow, Dr Tara Lynn (i35614) (living status unknown)
Passow, Faye Ellen (i35613) (living status unknown)
Passow, Glen Paul (i35615), b.1958-d.1976
Passow, Hugh Edward (i35612) (living status unknown)
Passow, Paul George (marriage to Lydia Helen Booker) (i35609), b.1928-d.1990


Patch, William G. (marriage to Susan Frances Libby (10-5-3-4-7-4)) (i3709)


Patraud, Joseph Riley (i75937) (living status unknown)


Patrick, Eleanor (Nell) (marriage to Samuel Libby (10-2-4-9)) (i64825), b.1784-
Patrick, Hattie M. (marriage to Lewelmer Libby Skillings) (i75945)


Pattee, Moses (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29509)


Patten, Abigail Lassell (i29656), b.1809-
Patten, Antoinette Marie (i80551) (still alive)
Patten, Capt John (marriage to Olive Lassell) (i10236)
Patten, Caroline A. (i29657), b.1811-
Patten, Charles Sigourney (i29655), b.1808-
Patten, Dale Thomas, II (i80558) (still alive)
Patten, Dale Thomas, III (i80561) (still alive)
Patten, Eleanor, Small (marriage to Samuel Smith Waterhouse) (i29497), d.1874
Patten, Flora May (marriage to Pearl E. Skillings) (i90374), b.1859-
Patten, Frances Isabella (i29659), b.1815-
Patten, Hayley Ann (i80559) (still alive)
Patten, John Eaton (i29658), b.1812-
Patten, Mary L. (i92982), b.1833-
Patten, Miranda A. (i92981), b.1830-
Patten, Olive Lassell (i29660), b.1817-
Patten, Robert, Jr (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Brown) (i87870), b.1800-d.1882
Patten, Tracey Lynn (i80545) (still alive)


Patterson, Dorcas Annie (marriage to Edwin Grant Ladd) (i15750)
Patterson, Dorcas Annie (marriage to Edwin Grant Ladd) (i15750)
Patterson, George A. (marriage to Eva Maud Ladd) (i15721), b.1875-
Patterson, Hannah (marriage to Henry H. Sawyer) (i79702), b.1808-
Patterson, Sarah (marriage to Elisha Libby (10-5-4-7-7)) (i47720)


Paul, Bathsheba (marriage to Samuel Hanscom) (i25691), d.1830
Paul, Capt John (marriage to Sally Hanscom) (i25580)
Paul, Doris (marriage to Robert Reynold Skillings) (i80565) (living status unknown)
Paul, Elizabeth (marriage to Pvt Azariah Libby) (i36055), d.1829
Paul, Olive Ann (marriage to Jonathan Hanscom) (i25574)


Pavano, Haley Marie (i5176) (still alive)
Pavano, Joshua Paul (i715) (still alive)
Pavano, Tyshawn Lee (i90245), b.2000-


Payne, Orilla (Orrie) F. (marriage to Clement Hutchins Jr) (i75999), b.1835-d.1908


Payson, Sarah (marriage to Jeremiah Lassell) (i10316)


Peabody, Abigail (i29871), b.1795-
Peabody, Betsey Gooch (i29688), b.1827-
Peabody, Dr William H. (marriage to Hannah March) (i40816)
Peabody, Eunice (i29876), b.1800-
Peabody, Eunice (i29879), b.1804-
Peabody, Hannah (i29874), b.1799-
Peabody, Hannah (i29877), b.1802-
Peabody, John (marriage to Elvira Wentworth) (i29687), b.1798-d.1878
Peabody, Joshua (i29870), b.1794-
Peabody, Louisa (i29872), b.1797-
Peabody, Lucia Ann (marriage to Jacob Osborne Jordan) (i84725), b.1830-d.1901
Peabody, Nancy (i29882), b.1807-
Peabody, Nancy (i29885), b.1810-
Peabody, Sarah (i29873), b.1798-
Peabody, Sarah (i29875), b.1800-
Peabody, Solomon (marriage to Lydia Alley) (i18169), b.1768-
Peabody, Stephen (i29880), b.1805-
Peabody, Stephen (i29883), b.1808-
Peabody, Tryphena (i29884), b.1809-
Peabody, William (i29878), b.1803-
Peabody, William (i29881), b.1806-


Pearl, Marguerite Elizabeth (marriage to Nelson Lorenzo Perry) (i79731), b.1900-
Pearl, Susannah (marriage to Joel Sawyer Jr) (i29056), b.1771-d.1838


Pease, Ruth Eva (marriage to Edgar Eugene Skillings) (i91689)


Pederson, Mary L. (marriage to Everette Haswell Skillings) (i90703) (living status unknown)


Pence, Diantha Jane, (Spence) Briggs (marriage to Seth A. Ramsdell) (i90255)


Perkins, Abiel (marriage to Capt Hugh McCulloch) (i22151), b.1774-d.1811
Perkins, Abigail (marriage to Israel Lassell) (i10238)
Perkins, Asa (i19272)
Perkins, Betsey (i19270)
Perkins, Hannah (i19268)
Perkins, Harriet (i19274)
Perkins, John, Sr (marriage to Mary (Molly) Lassell) (i10252), b.1760-
Perkins, Miranda (i19266)
Perkins, Olive C. (marriage to Horace Edgar Cousins) (i46939), b.1860-d.1916
Perkins, Rhoda Ann (marriage to Alexander Burnham) (i36618)
Perkins, Robert McClellan (marriage to Cora B. Sawyer) (i29133)
Perkins, Thomas, III (marriage to Deborah Lassell) (i10221), b.1754-
Perkins, Thomas, VI (marriage to Eunice Miller) (i19265)
Perkins, William (i19273)


Perry, Appolos (i48532), b.1806-
Perry, Barbara (marriage to Milton Beverage) (i87776)
Perry, Dimon Boker (marriage to Arrabine Alma Sawyer) (i79723), b.1875-d.1952
Perry, Edward Stetson (i48537), b.1811-
Perry, Hannah S. (marriage to Bernard Whitman Hanscom) (i25830), b.1840-d.1899
Perry, Hannah S. (marriage to Bernard Whitman Hanscom) (i25830), b.1840-d.1899
Perry, Israel (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (10-2-4-2-4)) (i42862)
Perry, Leslie Edmund (i79726), b.1899-d.1997
Perry, Mary (marriage to Alexander Jesse Alley Jr) (i83558)
Perry, Nelson Lorenzo (i79730), b.1902-d.1975
Perry, Nora Elsie (i79736), b.1906-d.1918
Perry, Oakes (i42863), b.1809-
Perry, Philip Stanley (marriage to Ethel Marie Skillings) (i90393)
Perry, Richard Nelson (i79732), b.1924-
Perry, Rita May (i79734), b.1930-
Perry, Robert Pearl (i79733), b.1926-
Perry, Roger Melvin (i79735), b.1934-


Persons, May (marriage to James Wellington Hart) (i40755)


Peters, Ethel M. (i23011)
Peters, Frank R. (E.?) (marriage to Mary E. Skillings) (i4602)
Peters, Rosannah (i23013)
Peters, Sewell (marriage to Lucy Jane Gray) (i23005), b.1865-d.1960


Peterson, Addie Mary (marriage to Harris G. Stackpole) (i47233), d.1940
Peterson, Alice Perle (i47192), b.1904-d.1983
Peterson, Charles Ernest (i47195), b.1906-d.1993
Peterson, Frederic Ernest (marriage to Grace Evelyn Libby) (i47191), b.1876-d.1958
Peterson, Jane Clemens (marriage to Samuel E. Ladd) (i15698)


Pettijon, Oliver (marriage to Inez M. Erskine) (i47327)


Phetteplace, Anna (marriage to William K. Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11)) (i63613), b.1832-d.1916


Philbrick, Eliza J. (marriage to Pierpont Hanscom) (i39440)


Philbrook, Alexander (i28981), b.1795-
Philbrook, Ambrose (i28980), b.1795-
Philbrook, Capt Joseph (marriage to Mary (Polly) Lassell) (i10305), b.1760-d.1841
Philbrook, Daniel (i28977), b.1788-
Philbrook, Elisha (i28974), b.1782-d.1880
Philbrook, Eliza Ann (i29005), b.1807-d.1881
Philbrook, Ella J. (i47201), b.1857-
Philbrook, Frank A. (i47202), b.1859-
Philbrook, George J. (i47199), b.1853-
Philbrook, Jabez (i28979), b.1793-d.1844
Philbrook, James Jackson (marriage to Lydia D. Philbrook) (i64128), b.1831-
Philbrook, Jonathan (marriage to Phebe Lassell) (i10320)
Philbrook, Joseph (i28976), b.1786-
Philbrook, Laura P. (i47200), b.1855-
Philbrook, Lydia D. (i47197), b.1833-
Philbrook, Mary (Molly) (marriage to Joshua Lassell) (i10307), b.1765-d.1847
Philbrook, Oliver (i28978), b.1791-
Philbrook, Ruhamah (marriage to William Lassell) (i10297), d.1861
Philbrook, Sylvina (marriage to Elisha Grant) (i22901), b.1805-
Philbrook, William, III (i28975), b.1784-
Philbrook, William, Jr (marriage to Diadama Lassell) (i10303), b.1757-


Phillips, Angeline (marriage to Peter S. Hanson) (i12468), b.1825-
Phillips, Huldah (marriage to Samuel Stackpole) (i47219), d.1881
Phillips, William Wallace (marriage to Caroline S. Deering) (i47388), b.1837-d.1866


Philpot, Isaac (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i10256)


Philsbury, Grace W. (marriage to Edwin Grant Ladd) (i15766), b.1892-


Pickering, Abigail B. (marriage to John Hanscom Jr) (i25810), b.1800-d.1877


Pier, Ellen (marriage to William Henry Hanson) (i12482), b.1851-


Pierce, Philena (Phylina) Ann (marriage to Samuel Tarbox Jr) (i84782), b.1843-d.1924


Pierpont, Elisabeth H. (marriage to Joel Hanscom) (i25578)


Pierson, Rose Emma (marriage to Orris Lyford Beverage) (i22963)


Pilbeam, Ross Archer (marriage to Catherine Stone Hanson) (i12498), b.1879-


Pilsbury, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Libby (10-2-4-6)) (i48919)


Pinkham, Capt Judson A. (marriage to Elvira Mitchell Huff) (i11685)


Pitts, Curtis (marriage to Minne May Merrill) (i12039), b.1894-


Plaisted, Andrew (i12232), b.1763-
Plaisted, Andrew (marriage to Mary (Polly) Libby) (i12232), b.1763-
Plaisted, Andrew, Jr (i33745), b.1794-
Plaisted, Edward Wentworth (i29940), b.1860-
Plaisted, Elisha (i36401), b.1755-
Plaisted, Esther (i36402), b.1757-
Plaisted, George Preble (i29939), b.1857-
Plaisted, Hannah (i33744), b.1809-
Plaisted, Hannah (i36400), b.1754-
Plaisted, Helen Atchison (i29937), b.1852-
Plaisted, John (i36403), b.1759-
Plaisted, John Milton (i29936), b.1850-
Plaisted, Louisa Mary (i29938), b.1854-
Plaisted, Major (i12233), b.1798-
Plaisted, Major (marriage to Mary Gage Libby) (i12233), b.1798-
Plaisted, Mary (i33743), b.1827-
Plaisted, Mary (i36406), b.1779-
Plaisted, Samuel (i36404), b.1761-
Plaisted, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i28913)
Plaisted, Sarah (i36405), b.1778-


Plank, Joseph (marriage to Jenny Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-12)) (i64024)


Plummer, Abraham (marriage to Martha Libby (10-5-1-11)) (i76684)
Plummer, Annie (marriage to Earl Leon Glidden) (i47965)
Plummer, Cecil H. (marriage to Lena May Skillings) (i75844)
Plummer, Charlotte (marriage to Rufus Libby) (i76681), d.1825
Plummer, Christopher (marriage to Rebecca Libby (11-7-1-6)) (i36160)
Plummer, Daniel (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i76716)
Plummer, Dorcas, Higgins (marriage to Pvt Francis Libby (11-6-2-1)) (i36140)
Plummer, Edward Clark (marriage to Isa May Libby) (i12114), b.1860-d.1941
Plummer, Eliza (marriage to Osgood Libby (10-5-1-10-6)) (i76693)
Plummer, Elizabeth (marriage to Enoch Libby) (i10396), b.1725-
Plummer, Elsie Farrer (i12120), b.1899-d.1955
Plummer, Hannah (i79238)
Plummer, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Libby) (i12059), b.1747-d.1789
Plummer, Harland (i64955), b.1911-d.1938
Plummer, Henry Storer (marriage to Alice May Skillings) (i64954)
Plummer, Isaac (marriage to Esther Libby (11-7-1-3)) (i36156)
Plummer, Lillie (marriage to Lewis F. Libby) (i3739)
Plummer, Lona (i75846), b.1930-
Plummer, Lucien (i75847), b.1932-
Plummer, Lucy (marriage to Samuel Waterhouse) (i29307), b.1746-
Plummer, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Thomas Libby Jr (11-6-5-5)) (i12070), b.1789-d.1841
Plummer, Norman A. (i12117), b.1889-d.1969
Plummer, Preston (i64956), b.1913-
Plummer, Richard (i75845), b.1928-


Polk, Charles (i47030), b.1888-
Polk, child (i69144) (living status unknown)
Polk, Eva Maude (i47034)
Polk, James Knox (marriage to Rachel Taylor Brown) (i47029), b.1838-d.1896
Polk, Maud (i79611), b.1885-d.1937
Polk, Maud (marriage to Chester Leon Jamison) (i79611), b.1885-d.1937
Polk, Ralph (i79610), b.1887-
Polk, Richard Charles (i47032)


Pollow, Hannah (marriage to Joshua Brown) (i35508), b.1721-d.1809


Pond, Lovinia (marriage to Abram Libby) (i63706)


Porter, Constance (marriage to Lyford Hurl Beverage) (i87761)
Porter, Gail (i75898) (living status unknown)
Porter, Jeromy John (i75911) (living status unknown)
Porter, Jessica (i75912) (living status unknown)
Porter, Joshua (i75913) (living status unknown)
Porter, Ronald (i75899) (living status unknown)
Porter, Shannon Lee (i75902) (living status unknown)
Porter, Tate Timothy (i75903) (living status unknown)
Porter, Timothy (i75897) (living status unknown)
Porter, Wendy (i75900) (living status unknown)


Potter, Judith Anne (marriage to Isaac Spencer Stackpole) (i47274)
Potter, Roy Willie (marriage to Marion Elizabeth Bean) (i12624)
Potter, Susan (marriage to James March) (i11986), b.1799-d.1885


Pray, Abigail (marriage to Isaac Hanscom) (i39304)
Pray, Lewis (marriage to Abbie Jane Libby) (i3719)


Preney, Virginia May (marriage to Edward Brown Jr) (i49), b.1921-d.1981


Prescott, James (marriage to Bathesheba Ezelphia Cheney) (i29042)


Prince, Hannah (marriage to Jededia Cobb Libby) (i18282)


Prior, Mary Adeline, (Pryor) (marriage to Turner Washington Brown) (i63927), b.1856-d.1917


Proctor, John C. (marriage to Lucinda Page March) (i40823)


Prosser, Dawn Lynn (i69178) (living status unknown)
Prosser, Frederick E. (marriage to Helen Louise Curtis) (i69169), b.1914-
Prosser, Harold Earle (i69170), b.1936-d.1978
Prosser, Kelly Ann (i69179) (living status unknown)
Prosser, Robin Lee (i69173) (living status unknown)


Prout, Mary Frances (marriage to John Skillings Libby (10-5-3-4-7-2)) (i3702)


Pryma, Madeline (marriage to John Herbert Hodgins Jr) (i47098)


Pugsley, John (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Libby) (i40878), b.1793-
Pugsley, John (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Libby) (i40878), b.1793-


Pulsifer, Charles L. (marriage to Rausalie Bemis) (i12362)


Quimby, Tamsen (marriage to Peter Libby) (i12074), b.1790-


Quinn, Madison (i80590) (still alive)
Quinn, Sophia Grace (i80591) (still alive)


Raby, Casey (i80584) (still alive)
Raby, Wendy (i80579) (still alive)


Rackliff, John (marriage to Lucy Libby (10-5-1-9)) (i76678)
Rackliff, Phebe (marriage to Benjamin Libby (10-5-1-4)) (i76673)


Rairden, Abbie Tarbox (i92924), b.1856-d.1886
Rairden, Albert Stuart (i92940), b.1898-d.1964
Rairden, Capt Bradstreet (marriage to Mary Brown Tarbox) (i92842), b.1813-d.1887
Rairden, Capt Bradstreet Stinson (i92925), b.1858-d.1944
Rairden, Catherine (i92939), b.1920-
Rairden, David Lawrence (i92937), b.1893-d.1956
Rairden, Elizabeth Lucy (i92942), b.1925-
Rairden, Frank (i92930), b.1888-d.1973
Rairden, Mamie Lowell (i92936), b.1891-d.1968
Rairden, Mary (Mamie) (i92923), b.1852-d.1882
Rairden, Percy Wallace, Sr (i92931), b.1889-d.1970


Ramsdell, Abby (i64253), b.1829-
Ramsdell, Alelaide Paulina (i6418), b.1855-d.1923
Ramsdell, Andrew F. (i64256), b.1837-
Ramsdell, Angenette Peace (i6421), b.1869-d.1962
Ramsdell, Arthur Addison (marriage to Lydia Ann Wright) (i79241), b.1881-d.1954
Ramsdell, Charles Barber (i6409), b.1827-d.1911
Ramsdell, Charles M. (i6422), b.1871-d.1871
Ramsdell, Charles W. (i64258), b.1842-
Ramsdell, child (i79242) (still alive)
Ramsdell, child (i79243) (still alive)
Ramsdell, Ebenezer C. (i6408), b.1825-d.1844
Ramsdell, Edward Elmer (i6417), b.1854-d.1899
Ramsdell, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Libby) (i28221)
Ramsdell, Henry R. (i6411), b.1840-d.1864
Ramsdell, John D. (i64259), b.1846-
Ramsdell, Joseph F. (i64254), b.1831-
Ramsdell, Julia Ann (i6407), b.1823-d.1912
Ramsdell, Julia Maria(h) (i6420), b.1867-d.1941
Ramsdell, Lucinda A. (i64257), b.1839-
Ramsdell, Maria (Mariad) (i6412), b.1845-
Ramsdell, Mary Elizabeth (i6410), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Mary Susan (i6419), b.1865-d.1946
Ramsdell, Peter (marriage to Esther P. Libby) (i28225), b.1799-
Ramsdell, Seth A. (i64255), b.1833-
Ramsdell, Soloman N. (marriage to Paulina Libby) (i3048), b.1798-d.1874


Ramsey, George W. (marriage to Hazel March) (i40771), b.1895-d.1973


Rankin, Grace Elinor (marriage to Merle Francis Brown) (i63782)


Rankins, Clarence J. (i35673), b.1856-
Rankins, Ernestine Isabelle (i35674), b.1860-d.1950
Rankins, Pvt Lucius (marriage to Sarah Libby Lake) (i35672), b.1825-d.1899


Rauntinen, Bertha (marriage to Richard Laurence Brown) (i92676)


Raup, Ethan Libby (i76369) (still alive)


Rawls, John D. (marriage to Alice Valletta Skillings) (i91705)


Raymond, Elizabeth (marriage to Earl Sawyer Messer) (i29131), b.1894-
Raymond, Elonia (marriage to Daniel Sawyer) (i29115), b.1824-d.1905


Raynes, Francis (marriage to Harriet C. Hanscom) (i39434)


Redman, Israel Augustus (marriage to Mary Eliza Libby) (i76314)


Reed, Agnes Sylvina (i51918)
Reed, Arline Lillian (i51930)
Reed, Erroll Bartlett (i51912)
Reed, Ethel Mae (i51932)
Reed, Eugene (i51908)
Reed, Everett Sherman (i51938)
Reed, Kenneth (i51917)
Reed, Lewis S. (marriage to Julia Ann Skillin) (i51721)
Reed, Lillian Ethel (i51935)
Reed, Marble (i51916)
Reed, Marguerite (i51915)
Reed, Mary Etta (i51934)
Reed, Myron (i51927)
Reed, Myron Leslie (i51924)
Reed, Reuel H. (i51926)
Reed, Reuel Henry (i51909)
Reed, Ronald (i51931)
Reed, Theo P. (i51911)
Reed, Vaughn Henry (i51928)
Reed, Victor (i51914)


Remick, Betsey (marriage to Simon H. Hanscom) (i25571), d.1861
Remick, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Hanscom) (i25684)
Remick, Olive (marriage to Simon Hanscom) (i39378)


Reynolds, Faye (marriage to Carl Herbert Brown Jr) (i69092)


Rhayer, Dorothy (marriage to Lawrence Beverage Sr) (i87783)


Rhoades, Chester Bartlett (marriage to Agnes Sylvina Reed) (i51919)
Rhoades, Gilbert Reed (i51921)
Rhoades, she (i51920)


Ribbontrop, Helen Freda (marriage to Linwood Gordon Curtis) (i69206)


Rice, Nathaniel (marriage to Ruth Libby (11-6-2-5)) (i36142)
Rice, Ruth (marriage to Thomas Fickett) (i64143), b.1781-d.1873


Rich, Ellen C. (marriage to John Tyler Libby) (i12191), b.1836-


Richards, Amanda (marriage to Granville Libby) (i12193), b.1838-d.1876
Richards, Sarah (marriage to James Jose) (i46110)


Richardson, David (marriage to Anna Tyler) (i46320)


Richmond, Flora Louisa (marriage to Edgar Allan Poe Yates) (i51940)


Rickard, Mehitable, (Pickard) (marriage to Asa Boynton) (i47925), b.1777-


Ricker, Grace Mabel (marriage to Elmer Ellsworth Cousins) (i46943), b.1864-d.1915
Ricker, Mehitable (marriage to Asa Lassell) (i10270)
Ricker, Olive (marriage to Nicholas W. Staples) (i48165), d.1781


Rideout, Lydia (marriage to Jeremiah Lord) (i45579), b.1788-


Rigel, Grace Gertrude (marriage to Harold Brace Hanson) (i12505), b.1899-


Riggs, Frances (Fannie) (marriage to John Hanscom) (i36173), b.1783-d.1823


Rines, Lydia A. (marriage to Clarence J. Rankins) (i35675)


Robbins, Ethel Elizabeth (marriage to Alpheus Leon Hanscome) (i38835), b.1880-


Roberts, Deborah, Sawyer (marriage to Osgood Libby (10-5-1-10-6)) (i76694)
Roberts, John (marriage to Lucy Libby) (i36090)
Roberts, Linda Grace (i76430) (living status unknown)
Roberts, Lucy (marriage to Emerson Littlefield) (i46889), b.1839-d.1899
Roberts, Martha A. (marriage to Joseph Preston Hanscom) (i39518), b.1865-d.1907
Roberts, Susan Eileen (i76429) (living status unknown)


Robichaud, Michael Stephen (i69102) (living status unknown)


Robinson, Burleigh (i63979), b.1903-
Robinson, Capt Increase (marriage to Jane Libby) (i63569)
Robinson, Charlotte Gene (i63975), b.1947-
Robinson, Christine (i63977), b.1896-
Robinson, Elizabeth (i63978), b.1898-
Robinson, Frank (marriage to Eliza Esther Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-1)) (i63968)
Robinson, Harriet (marriage to John Adams Libby) (i42837), b.1839-
Robinson, Harriet (marriage to John Adams Libby) (i42837), b.1839-
Robinson, John (i63981), b.1917-
Robinson, Marsha Jane (i63976), b.1949-
Robinson, Serene (marriage to Augustus M. Stackpole) (i47228), b.1843-d.1885
Robinson, Thomas Dudley (marriage to Louise Storer) (i45597)
Robinson, Walter Herbert (i63980), b.1911-
Robinson, William (i63967), b.1910-
Robinson, William (marriage to Zelpha Anna Libby) (i63967), b.1910-


Roby, Charles, (Robie) (marriage to Emily Porter March) (i40825)


Roehrig, he (marriage to Margaret Ella Winn) (i69126)


Rogers, Cindy (i92682)
Rogers, John H. (marriage to Adeline Proctor Hanscom) (i25814), b.1822-d.1895
Rogers, John H. (marriage to Adeline Proctor Hanscom) (i25814), b.1822-d.1895
Rogers, Margaret (marriage to Samuel Libby) (i10383), b.1713-d.1782
Rogers, Mary (Lydia) (marriage to Pvt Tobias Hanscom) (i25630)
Rogers, Sheri (i92683) (living status unknown)


Rollins, child (i29555) (still alive)
Rollins, Lenno Hamlin (marriage to Julia Arvilla Dunn) (i29552), b.1889-d.1967


Rose, Leon Dexter (marriage to Marjorie Lehave Beverage) (i87702)
Rose, Loretta J. (marriage to H. Plummer Ladd) (i15703), b.1853-


Ross, Agnes Mary (marriage to Norman Clifford Cilley) (i79884), b.1919-d.1991
Ross, Claudia Florence (i25835), b.1900-d.1986
Ross, Daisy (marriage to Edgar Belmont Brown) (i69096)
Ross, Rebecca, Borden (marriage to Samuel Small Libby (10-5-2-9)) (i48929), d.1843
Ross, William (marriage to Cora Hanscom Woodworth) (i25821)


Rounds, Sarah J. (marriage to Prentiss Mellen Waterhouse) (i29506), d.1869


Roundy, Hepsibah B. (marriage to Jonah Stackpole) (i47276)
Roundy, S. E. (marriage to Martin V. B. Deering) (i47392)


Rowe, Caroline (marriage to James H. Ladd) (i15701)


Rudd, Ray G. (marriage to Lois Marie McCrady) (i40795)


Rumery, Donald Paul (i51991)
Rumery, Doris May (i51996)
Rumery, Frederick Dow (i51992)
Rumery, Jonathan (marriage to Eunice Libby) (i64056)
Rumery, Linwood William (i51987)
Rumery, Linwood William, Jr (i51989)
Rumery, Mabel Jane (i51978)
Rumery, Richard Allen (i51994)
Rumery, Roger Arnold (i51995)
Rumery, Ruth Myrtle (i51990)
Rumery, William Allen (marriage to Laura Almay Skillings) (i51977)


Russell, Francis (marriage to Rowena Ella Booker) (i35608) (living status unknown)


Russo, Sally (marriage to Andrew Brown Jr) (i63333), b.1801-d.1884


Rust, Mesach (marriage to Sarah Waterhouse) (i29442)


Rutger, Alex J. (marriage to Myrle Margaret Fuller) (i51829)


Sahwartz, Sadie Virginia (marriage to Joseph Henry Sawyer Messer) (i29124), b.1888-d.1952


Sanborn, Florence (i15731), b.1888-
Sanborn, Frank M. (marriage to Nellie Frances Brown) (i63750), d.1966
Sanborn, Gordon Marshall (marriage to Barbara Louise Brown) (i63784)
Sanborn, Harold (i15730), b.1886-
Sanborn, Mary (marriage to Abiel Littlefield) (i46930), b.1820-
Sanborn, Mary, Roundy (marriage to David Waterhouse) (i29439)
Sanborn, Orrin C. (marriage to Amelia F. Skillings) (i76234), b.1838-
Sanborn, Wilmot R. (marriage to Clara E. Ladd) (i15711), b.1858-d.1940


Sands, Apphia (marriage to Zenas Waterhouse) (i29379)
Sands, Sarah (marriage to James Libby (11-2-4-6)) (i36119)


Santerre, Patricia (marriage to Philip Edward Dow) (i41320)


Sargeant, Jason Robert (i75916) (living status unknown)
Sargeant, Jennifer Lee (i75915) (living status unknown)


Savage, Maud Hallett (marriage to Isaiah Clifford Hanscom) (i39432)


Sawyer, Abner Flanders (i79700), b.1804-d.1806
Sawyer, Abraham (i79766), b.1812-d.1877
Sawyer, Abraham (marriage to Elizabeth Sawyer) (i79757), b.1785-
Sawyer, Allison (i79704), b.1811-
Sawyer, Alma M. (i77451)
Sawyer, Andrew (i29101), b.1812-
Sawyer, Andrew Stackpole (i29061), b.1779-
Sawyer, Anna (i79755), b.1783-
Sawyer, Anna A. (i79749), b.1853-
Sawyer, Apphia (i29094), b.1806-
Sawyer, Arrabine Alma (i79722), b.1882-d.1955
Sawyer, Arthur B. (i29107), b.1821-d.1910
Sawyer, Betsey (i79758), b.1881-
Sawyer, Carrie Frances (i29110), b.1852-d.1937
Sawyer, Charlotte (i79705), b.1813-d.1814
Sawyer, Cora B. (i29132), b.1861-d.1940
Sawyer, Daniel (i29068), b.1792-
Sawyer, Daniel (i29114), b.1825-
Sawyer, Edgington Lynn (i29134), b.1864-
Sawyer, Edith Frances (i29139), b.1871-d.1913
Sawyer, Edmund (i29097), b.1809-d.1894
Sawyer, Edmund Merritt (i79720), b.1845-d.1922
Sawyer, Eleanor (i29057), b.1774-d.1827
Sawyer, Elizabeth (i29064), b.1786-
Sawyer, Ellen (i79763), b.1808-d.1881
Sawyer, Emma (i29136), b.1867-
Sawyer, Emma (i79744), b.1843-
Sawyer, Emma F. (i79747), b.1851-
Sawyer, Ephraim Bryant (i79691), b.1800-
Sawyer, Francis (i79706), b.1816-
Sawyer, Fred (marriage to Lorna Mildred Ladd) (i15727), b.1886-
Sawyer, Frederick St. Clair (i29141), b.1875-d.1952
Sawyer, Freeman (i29102), b.1815-
Sawyer, Gertrude (i29135), b.1866-d.1939
Sawyer, Gorham (i29116), b.1829-
Sawyer, Gwendolyn (marriage to Elmer A. Skillings) (i78159)
Sawyer, Hannah (i29066), b.1788-d.1860
Sawyer, Hannah (i79745), b.1845-
Sawyer, Harriet L. (i79740), b.1884-
Sawyer, Harriet Newell (i79743), b.1841-
Sawyer, he (i15733) (still alive)
Sawyer, he (marriage to Abba Fickett) (i64155)
Sawyer, Henry H. (i79701), b.1806-
Sawyer, Hepzibah (i29059), b.1777-
Sawyer, Ira Francis (i29117), b.1831-d.1894
Sawyer, Isaac (i79689), b.1798-
Sawyer, James (marriage to Octavia Libby) (i48946)
Sawyer, Joel (i29095), b.1808-d.1895
Sawyer, Joel (marriage to Mary Stackpole) (i12313), b.1746-d.1825
Sawyer, Joel, Jr (i29055), b.1772-d.1852
Sawyer, Joseph D. (marriage to Phebe J. Davis) (i77450), b.1831-d.1894
Sawyer, Josiah Thomas (i29104), b.1816-d.1894
Sawyer, Katherine (i79764), b.1809-
Sawyer, Leason (i79760), b.1807-d.1879
Sawyer, Lillian Liadell (i29147), b.1915-d.1915
Sawyer, Linwood Elmer (i79737), b.1883-d.1944
Sawyer, Louise (i15732), b.1912-d.1990
Sawyer, Luther (i29099), b.1811-d.1900
Sawyer, Marshall (i79746), b.1823-d.1848
Sawyer, Marshall E. (i79741), b.1891-d.1893
Sawyer, Martha (marriage to Daniel Sawyer) (i29069)
Sawyer, Mary (i29054), b.1769-d.1800
Sawyer, Mary Simpson (i79693), b.1802-
Sawyer, Merritt W. (i79739), b.1905-d.1907
Sawyer, Nancy Ann (i29063), b.1781-
Sawyer, Otto Linwood (i29145), b.1901-
Sawyer, Polly (i79688), b.1796-
Sawyer, Ruth (i79752), b.1827-d.1899
Sawyer, Ruth Allen (marriage to John Waterhouse) (i29421)
Sawyer, Sarah (Sally) (i15687), b.1795-
Sawyer, Sarah (Sally) (marriage to Amos Jose) (i15687), b.1795-
Sawyer, Sarah E. (i79748), b.1852-
Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth (i15694), b.1819-d.1863
Sawyer, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Silas Ladd) (i15694), b.1819-d.1863
Sawyer, Susannah (i79703), b.1809-d.1825
Sawyer, Tristram (i29071), b.1795-d.1874


Scamman, Frank (marriage to Edna E. Ladd) (i15719), b.1873-
Scamman, Ralph Leroy (marriage to Lona Clair Ladd) (i15775), b.1889-


Scammon, Addie O. (i17928)
Scammon, Carrie Evelyn (i17737), b.1902-
Scammon, Charlotte G. (i17929)
Scammon, Francis D. (i17922)
Scammon, Freeman (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i76709)
Scammon, Freeman (marriage to Sarah Libby) (i76709)
Scammon, Hannah (marriage to Lt. Allison Brown) (i9297), b.1709-d.1731
Scammon, Herbert Leon (i17930), b.1884-
Scammon, Humphrey (marriage to Sarah Ann Harmon) (i17721), b.1822-d.1903
Scammon, James Peter (i17742) (living status unknown)
Scammon, John Harmon (i17738), b.1905-
Scammon, Martha Esther (marriage to Kenneth Zelma Ladd) (i15773), b.1892-d.1948
Scammon, Minnie L. (i17926)
Scammon, Ruth Elizabeth (i17740) (living status unknown)
Scammon, Ruth Ella (i17732), b.1862-d.1863
Scammon, Thomas Harmon (i17733), b.1867-d.1954
Scammon, Tristram (marriage to Anna Libby) (i17918), b.1803-


Scott, Lila May (marriage to Daniel Murray Kesterson) (i12577) (living status unknown)


Scribner, Ivory Hall (marriage to Lydia March Fogg) (i30057)
Scribner, Mehitable Jane (marriage to Lorenzo Dow Skillings) (i51973)


Seavey, Albert B. (marriage to Ella C. Ladd) (i15709), b.1851-
Seavey, Betty (i47079)
Seavey, Clara Maria (i29899), b.1850-
Seavey, Ebenezer (Eben) (marriage to Margaret Libby (11-6-5-5-7)) (i12098), b.1818-
Seavey, Edward Everett (marriage to Nina Hodgins) (i47072), b.1876-d.1921
Seavey, Elizabeth Ellen (i29900), b.1854-
Seavey, Eunice (marriage to Abraham Tyler) (i46314)
Seavey, Hannah (marriage to Capt Andrew Tyler) (i11372), b.1762-d.1838
Seavey, Joseph E. (marriage to Julia A. Walker) (i12601), b.1850-
Seavey, Marian Jane (i29902), b.1863-
Seavey, Marjorie (i47077)
Seavey, Robert Edward (i47075)
Seavey, Ruth Abby (i47073)
Seavey, Zenas Libby (i29901), b.1860-


Senter, Patricia Kelsey (marriage to William Warren Jr) (i47341), b.1790-d.1877


Seymour, Burton Michael (i69193), b.1942-d.1993
Seymour, Edith Inez (i69199), b.1946-d.1946
Seymour, Floyd (marriage to Edith Estelle Curtis) (i69192), b.1920-d.1990
Seymour, George Thomas (i69203) (living status unknown)
Seymour, Nancy Jean (i69200) (living status unknown)
Seymour, Paul Michael (i69195) (living status unknown)
Seymour, Paul Michael, Jr (i69197) (living status unknown)
Seymour, Peggy Sue (i69198) (living status unknown)


Shapleigh, Anna A. (i29946), b.1810-
Shapleigh, Caroline (i29943), b.1806-
Shapleigh, Content A. (i29945), b.1810-
Shapleigh, Elisabeth (i25647), b.1801-d.1852
Shapleigh, Elisabeth (marriage to Samuel Hanscom) (i25647), b.1801-d.1852
Shapleigh, James (marriage to Anne Hanscom) (i25562)
Shapleigh, James, Jr (i29941), b.1802-
Shapleigh, Jeremiah (i29947), b.1813-
Shapleigh, Jonathan (i29944), b.1808-
Shapleigh, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Hanscom) (i25633), d.1843
Shapleigh, Thomas (i29942), b.1804-


Sharp, George H. (marriage to Winifred Fuller) (i37641)
Sharp, George H., Jr (i51768)
Sharp, Lorraine (Elaine) (i37645)
Sharp, Norma (i37644)
Sharp, Phyllis (i37643)
Sharp, Ruth (marriage to Philip Yates Dow) (i41318)


Shaw, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Staples) (i48152)
Shaw, Edith Gertrude (marriage to William Edson Brown) (i63751)
Shaw, Elizabeth Ann (i64960), b.1913-d.1953
Shaw, John Reginald (marriage to Mildred Irene Skillings) (i64957), b.1889-d.1976


Shedd, Sophia (marriage to James Stackpole) (i47265)


Shepherd, Henrietta D. D. (marriage to Hiram Skillin) (i28729), b.1824-


Sheppard, Angel Marie (i80617) (still alive)
Sheppard, Ridge Eugene (i80618) (still alive)


Sherburne, Andrew (marriage to Betsey Miller) (i11100)


Sherman, Christiana G. (marriage to Valentine Cushman Tarbox) (i92838)
Sherman, Gertrude (Trudy) F. (marriage to Reynard Nelson Skillings) (i51785)


Sherrill, Ana Kathleen (i10776) (living status unknown)
Sherrill, Jana Lynn (i10777) (living status unknown)


Shields, Lizzie (marriage to Hiram Stackpole) (i47257)


Silly, William, (Silley) (Cilley) (marriage to Abigail (Nabby) Waterhouse) (i29402)


Simmons, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel March) (i40740), b.1824-d.1897


Sinnott, Charles (marriage to Ruth Sawyer) (i79753)
Sinnott, Samuel (marriage to Mary Libby Waterhouse) (i29476)


Sipher, he (marriage to Mary Ann March) (i40742)


Skillin, Albanus (i37687), b.1846-d.1846
Skillin, Almon L. (i37688), b.1840-
Skillin, Angelina (Angie) H. (marriage to Joseph Wesley Skillings) (i49743), b.1843-d.1873
Skillin, Catherine (Katie) Rachel (i51729)
Skillin, Catherine P. (i28441), b.1832-d.1866
Skillin, Charles Edwin (i51730)
Skillin, Charles Richardson (i51728)
Skillin, child (i76661), b.1880-d.1880
Skillin, Donald Silas (i51763)
Skillin, Edith A. (marriage to William W. Dresser) (i76412), d.1922
Skillin, Edwin Manson (i37689), b.1842-d.1858
Skillin, Edwin Wellen (i51727)
Skillin, Elizabeth Emily (i28444), b.1838-
Skillin, Emma Allison (i37667), d.1850
Skillin, Emma Almanza (i28732), b.1850-
Skillin, Ens Edward Deering (i51759)
Skillin, Eugene B. (i76658), b.1874-d.1943
Skillin, Frank (i51875)
Skillin, George Herbert (i51765)
Skillin, Gordon Frank (i51767)
Skillin, Hiram (i28435), b.1820-
Skillin, James P. (i28436), b.1822-
Skillin, Jennette N. (i28442), b.1834-
Skillin, John Edward (i76654), b.1866-
Skillin, Julia Ann (i28440), b.1828-
Skillin, Lewis B., (Skillings) (i76231), b.1839-d.1923
Skillin, Martha Hunt Whitehouse (i28730), b.1846-
Skillin, Mary Ellen (marriage to Joseph Wesley Skillings) (i73594), b.1850-d.1916
Skillin, Mildred Shirley (i51762)
Skillin, Moses D. (i28437), b.1823-
Skillin, Orrin (i28439), b.1826-d.1887
Skillin, Otis Edgar (i76657), b.1872-d.1872
Skillin, Raymond Lowell (i51761)
Skillin, Robert Gibson (i51731)
Skillin, Rose Ann (i25512), b.1830-
Skillin, Roy Nutting (i51766)
Skillin, Sarah Augusta Eugenia (i51726)
Skillin, she (i51777)
Skillin, Silas (i28434), b.1819-d.1882
Skillin, William Amos (i76656), b.1869-d.1869
Skillin, Willis B. (i76659), b.1877-
Skillin, Woodbury (i28438), b.1825-


Skilling, Alma (i37657)
Skilling, Ansel (i28711), b.1848-
Skilling, Arbutus Bonita (i37668), b.1916-
Skilling, Bessie (i37661)
Skilling, Charles Walter (i28731), b.1848-d.1939
Skilling, child (i51773)
Skilling, Clyde (i37663)
Skilling, Donald F. (i37635), b.1905-d.1982
Skilling, Dorothy (i37669)
Skilling, Edward (Ned) Laurel (i37636), b.1908-d.1975
Skilling, Elmira (Almira) (marriage to Isaiah Libby (10-5-3-4-7)) (i4269), b.1799-d.1834
Skilling, Esther (i37655)
Skilling, Geneviève (i37664)
Skilling, George Wilbert (i28733), b.1865-d.1941
Skilling, Georgia Eunice (i37628), b.1892-d.1964
Skilling, James E. (i51775)
Skilling, Leonard (i37662)
Skilling, Lt Ray (i37656)
Skilling, Mamie E. (i51776)
Skilling, Waldo C. (i37634), b.1903-
Skilling, Wilbert Washburn (i37630), b.1893-d.1969


Skillings, Abbie Eola (i91712), b.1875-
Skillings, Abigail (Nabby) (i4389), b.1814-d.1823
Skillings, Adam Eugene (i91697) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Albion C. (i78151), b.1882-d.1934
Skillings, Albion S. (i76235), b.1843-d.1875
Skillings, Alice (i4693)
Skillings, Alice Bessie (i51839)
Skillings, Alice May (i64947), b.1893-d.1932
Skillings, Alice Phoebe (i76249), b.1853-
Skillings, Alice Valletta (i91704), b.1877-
Skillings, Almeda (i76243), b.1854-
Skillings, Almira (i28670), b.1819-d.1885
Skillings, Alpheus Haswell (i64935), b.1863-d.1918
Skillings, Alvin (Alvan) Cobb (marriage to Lucy M. Libby) (i13702), b.1807-d.1850
Skillings, Amanda (i75961) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Amelia F. (i76233), b.1841-
Skillings, Amelia F. (i78156), b.1891-
Skillings, Amy Ada (i90710), b.1895-d.1970
Skillings, Andrew (i28666), b.1846-d.1846
Skillings, Annamela (Emily) (i4387), b.1810-
Skillings, Annie Belle (i19927), b.1869-
Skillings, Annie R(ebecca) (i28486), b.1841-
Skillings, Ashley Jeanne (i75941) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Avis Barbara (i51905)
Skillings, Beatrice Wade (i51903)
Skillings, Benjamin F. (i77941), b.1845-
Skillings, Bertha May (i90794), b.1904-
Skillings, Betsey Jo (i80610) (still alive)
Skillings, Blanche (i90751), b.1892-
Skillings, Blanche Belle (i51815)
Skillings, Brandon (i85136) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Caleb (marriage to Esther (Mary?) Irish) (i4340), b.1798-
Skillings, Catherine Jean (i80592) (still alive)
Skillings, Charles Edgar (i91695), b.1892-
Skillings, Charles Edward (i76255), b.1844-d.1862
Skillings, Charles Emerson (i28484), b.1837-d.1921
Skillings, Charles H. K. (i90670), b.1852-d.1917
Skillings, Charles O. (i76236), b.1844-d.1909
Skillings, Charlotte (i80566) (still alive)
Skillings, Charlotte (Lottie) Libby (i28487), b.1844-d.1906
Skillings, child (i28667), b.1848-d.1848
Skillings, Christina (i90778) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Clarence Colby (i51793)
Skillings, Claude Roland (i51841)
Skillings, Clayton Ellsworth (i90728) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Clayton Ellsworth, Jr (i90730) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Clifford E. (i78157), b.1896-d.1896
Skillings, Clifford Francis (i90761) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Clifford Leigh (i51842)
Skillings, Clyde (i51843)
Skillings, Colby Rich (i51791), b.1853-
Skillings, Cora Dell (i91706), b.1879-d.1897
Skillings, Cora May (i75806), b.1900-d.1900
Skillings, Cynthia (i90753), b.1897-d.1897
Skillings, Cyrus (i4587), b.1850-
Skillings, Dale (i80567) (still alive)
Skillings, Dalton Andrew (i75966) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Dana Charles (i90321), b.1864-
Skillings, Dasie May (i90322), b.1875-
Skillings, David A. (i75816), b.1938-
Skillings, David Haswell (i90696) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Davis (i51868)
Skillings, Davis Valentine (i51864)
Skillings, Deborah May (i90762) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Dennis M. (marriage to Hannah Libby) (i4379), b.1808-
Skillings, Donna (i75933) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Dorothy (i51787)
Skillings, Dorothy Evelyn (i51896)
Skillings, Dorothy Mabel (i51816)
Skillings, Dwight Mayo (i51800)
Skillings, E. Caroline (marriage to Libby Skillings) (i90672)
Skillings, Earl Frederick (i75950), b.1924-d.1969
Skillings, Edgar Eugene (i91688), b.1868-d.1951
Skillings, Edith (i51862)
Skillings, Edith (marriage to John Roscoe Mason) (i51862)
Skillings, Edith Jane (i51818)
Skillings, Edith Muriel (i51900)
Skillings, Edith Nancy (i75813), b.1929-
Skillings, Edward (Edmund) (marriage to Eunice Libby) (i4262), b.1784-d.1844
Skillings, Edward E. (i78152), b.1883-d.1963
Skillings, Edward Francis (i75953), b.1930-d.1930
Skillings, Edward, Jr (i28669), b.1817-d.1853
Skillings, Edwin (marriage to Annie R(ebecca) Skillings) (i28664)
Skillings, Edwin A. (i64939), b.1860-d.1935
Skillings, Edwin C. (i90743)
Skillings, Edwin Manson (i51865)
Skillings, Eleanor Pearl (i51907)
Skillings, Elizabeth Ethel (i51826)
Skillings, Elmer A. (i78158), b.1897-
Skillings, Elmer S. (i90386), b.1866-d.1937
Skillings, Elsie D. (i90750), b.1890-d.1908
Skillings, Emeline (Everline) H. (marriage to Ai Libby) (i4392), b.1823-
Skillings, Emeline A. (i76228), b.1837-d.1890
Skillings, Emily Caroline (i28482), b.1832-d.1911
Skillings, Emily Rose (i75951) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Emma S. (i15757), b.1862-d.1863
Skillings, Enoch (marriage to Elmira (Almira) Libby) (i4259), b.1778-d.1851
Skillings, Eric (i85135) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Esther C. (i90674), b.1828-d.1906
Skillings, Ethel (i90387), b.1868-
Skillings, Ethel Marie (i90392)
Skillings, Ethel May (i51879)
Skillings, Etta Evelyn (i51859)
Skillings, Eugene (i4692)
Skillings, Eugene Travis (i91699) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Eula Gladys (i51904)
Skillings, Eunice (marriage to Amos Libby) (i4267), b.1794-d.1838
Skillings, Eveline L. (i76246), b.1846-d.1930
Skillings, Evelyn Rose (i75959) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Everett (i75863) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Everett Frederick (i51858)
Skillings, Everett S. (i73613) (still alive)
Skillings, Everett Winfield (i73611), b.1916-d.1979
Skillings, Everette Haswell (i90688), b.1884-d.1946
Skillings, Ezra Herbert (i76242), b.1851-d.1923
Skillings, Florence Bessie (i91702), b.1873-d.1939
Skillings, Frances Mary (i75810), b.1920-
Skillings, Frank (i51867)
Skillings, Frank L. (i90740), b.1893-d.1947
Skillings, Frank Milton (i4601), b.1852-d.1937
Skillings, Fred E(llsworth) (i64936), b.1866-d.1947
Skillings, Fred E(llsworth), Jr (i75808), b.1907-d.1965
Skillings, Gardner M. (i90738), b.1858-d.1951
Skillings, Gary Doyle (i80611) (still alive)
Skillings, Gene Frederick, Jr (i90771) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Gene Frederick, Sr (i90768)
Skillings, George (i51871)
Skillings, George Franklin (i90790), b.1903-d.1968
Skillings, George Thomas (i80570) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Gertrude (i90754), b.1898-d.1957
Skillings, Gertrude Ermine (i51880)
Skillings, Gina L. (i90770) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Glen J. (i90781) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Glenn Howard (i51844)
Skillings, Gordon (i51848)
Skillings, Guy (i51870)
Skillings, Hannah (i90673), b.1827-
Skillings, Harold (i75865) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Harry Dudley, Jr (i90766) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Harry Dudley, Sr (i75948), b.1918-d.1977
Skillings, Harvey Kenneth (i51817)
Skillings, Haswell D. (i90712), b.1899-d.1922
Skillings, Haswell M. (i64934), b.1855-d.1898
Skillings, Hattie J. (i78153), b.1885-d.1930
Skillings, Hazel Eloise (i51899)
Skillings, he (i51783)
Skillings, he (i90733)
Skillings, Helen Bernice (i51893)
Skillings, Helen May (i75952) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Henry Willard (i91690), b.1891-
Skillings, Herbert A. (i90713), b.1905-d.1962
Skillings, Herbert Augustus (i90669), b.1848-d.1853
Skillings, Herbert J. (i64940), b.1873-d.1952
Skillings, Herbert Leon (i75805), b.1897-d.1964
Skillings, Hewitt Chandler (i76238), b.1848-d.1920
Skillings, Howard Colby (i92735), b.1927-d.1992
Skillings, Howard Eugene (i90792) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Howard G. (i64941), b.1877-d.1935
Skillings, Ian (i85137) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Irene Edith (i51813)
Skillings, Ivory (i4390), b.1815-d.1882
Skillings, James (i75934) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Janet Ruby (i51849)
Skillings, Jason Matthew (i80613) (still alive)
Skillings, Jennie D. (i75804), b.1895-d.1964
Skillings, JerriJean (i80572) (still alive)
Skillings, Jessica Lynn (i80614) (still alive)
Skillings, Jessie E. (i90784) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Jill M. (i90783) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Joan (i80563)
Skillings, John (i51874)
Skillings, John Hasty, Jr (marriage to Lucy Ann Ladd) (i15741), b.1837-d.1881
Skillings, John Walter (i75968) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Johnson Edward (i76248), b.1850-d.1930
Skillings, Jon P. (i90785) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Joseph Dee (i80605) (still alive)
Skillings, Joseph Wesley (i28483), b.1834-d.1895
Skillings, Josiah (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Libby) (i4266), b.1791-d.1868
Skillings, Judith Marion (i90731) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Judy (i90782) (living status unknown)
Skillings, June Gwendolyn (i75812), b.1925-d.1981
Skillings, Kate, (Skillin) (marriage to Theodore Deering) (i47395)
Skillings, Katherine (i90793) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Kathy Mae (i85132)
Skillings, Katie (i85138) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Kenneth (i91694), b.1918-
Skillings, Kenneth James (i75815), b.1932-
Skillings, Larry Harold (i90735) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Larry Stanford (i90732) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Laura Almay (i51976)
Skillings, Lena May (i75807), b.1905-d.1983
Skillings, Leon Herbert (i90723) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Leon Herbert, Jr (i90727) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Leonard (i4691)
Skillings, Lester (i75803), b.1892-d.1892
Skillings, Lewelmer Libby (i64937), b.1870-d.1941
Skillings, Libbe (i36409), b.1821-d.1822
Skillings, Libby (i4384), b.1824-d.1895
Skillings, Lillian Elsie (i75954) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Lloyd Haswell (i90690), b.1915-d.1965
Skillings, Lorenzo Dow (i28443), b.1837-d.1902
Skillings, Loring (i51847)
Skillings, Lucille (i51805)
Skillings, Lucinda L. (i28671), b.1822-d.1900
Skillings, Lucy E. (i28488), b.1853-
Skillings, Lucy Ellen (i19942), b.1842-
Skillings, Lucy T. (marriage to William Libby (10-5-3-4-8)) (i4268), b.1798-d.1871
Skillings, Lydia (marriage to Mark Libby (10-5-3)) (i4212), b.1736-d.1812
Skillings, Lydia May (i51809)
Skillings, Maggie Mabel (i51795)
Skillings, Mahala H. (i76237), b.1846-d.1863
Skillings, Marguerite Lena (i75811) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Marion (i80562)
Skillings, Marion Jane (i75809), b.1918-
Skillings, Martha (marriage to Ai Libby (10-5-4-1-8)) (i4343), b.1804-d.1831
Skillings, Martha P. (i78155), b.1889-
Skillings, Mary Carolyn (i91700) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Mary E. (i4600), b.1840-
Skillings, Mary J. (i47690), b.1840-
Skillings, Mary W. (i4385), b.1818-
Skillings, Marybelle (i91692), b.1913-
Skillings, Maude Hazel (i90752), b.1895-d.1910
Skillings, May (i90388), b.1872-d.1964
Skillings, May Belle (i51850)
Skillings, Melinda Ellen (i75849) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Mercedes E. (i75853) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Merton Frederick (i51786), b.1905-
Skillings, Michael R. (i90779) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Mildred (i51878)
Skillings, Mildred Irene (i64948), b.1895-d.1981
Skillings, Miles Ferris (i90749) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Milton Hallett (i51906)
Skillings, Minnie Irene (i51884)
Skillings, Nancy Mary (i61788) (still alive)
Skillings, Nathan (i4388), b.1812-d.1879
Skillings, Nathan L. (i4599), b.1838-
Skillings, Nelson Merrill (i51778), b.1848-
Skillings, Norman David (i51845)
Skillings, Norman Roscoe (i75955), b.1932-d.1958
Skillings, Norman Roscoe, III (i85134) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Norman Roscoe, IV (i85140) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Norman Roscoe, Jr (i85130) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Oletta (i90795), b.1906-
Skillings, Olive Evelyn (i51810)
Skillings, Olive Louise (i64946), b.1891-d.1976
Skillings, Olive Louise (i90756), b.1861-
Skillings, Olive Rosamond (i51802)
Skillings, Orrin Manson (i51974)
Skillings, Pamela Ann (i75958) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Pamela Jane (i90747) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Patricia (i75866) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Pearl E. (i90318), b.1872-
Skillings, Percy Glenn (i51806)
Skillings, Peter (marriage to Hannah Hanscom) (i39301)
Skillings, Philip (i51803)
Skillings, Rachel A. (i4386), b.1827-
Skillings, Ralph Clinton (i90741), b.1888-
Skillings, Ralph Gordon (i90744)
Skillings, Ralph Gordon, Jr (i90746) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Ralph Herbert (i51799)
Skillings, Ralph Herbert (i51876), b.1852-
Skillings, Ralph Herbert, Jr (i51902)
Skillings, Ralph Wendell (i91708), b.1886-
Skillings, Randall E. (i4589), b.1850-
Skillings, Raymond Allen (i90725) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Rebecca (Becki) Ann (i80615) (still alive)
Skillings, Reynard Merrill (i51812)
Skillings, Reynard Nelson (i51784), b.1878-
Skillings, Reynold Robert (i51840), b.1908-d.1979
Skillings, Ricky (i85142) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Ricky Dean (i85131) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Rita Lee (i90775) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Robert Howard (i92734) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Robert Leroy (i51837)
Skillings, Robert Reynold (i80564), b.1938-d.1993
Skillings, Ronald (i75864) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Rosco Libby (i64938), b.1874-d.1931
Skillings, Roscoe (i51846)
Skillings, Rose Ellen (i90757), b.1869-d.1955
Skillings, Roswell Blanchard, Jr (i51857), b.1921-d.1983
Skillings, Roswell Blanchard, Sr (i51855)
Skillings, Roswell Kenneth (i51789), b.1907-d.1946
Skillings, Roswell Reed (i51779), b.1853-
Skillings, Roswell Reed, Jr (i51782)
Skillings, Roswell W. (i52120), b.1876-
Skillings, Roy Lewis (i90776) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Ruby Maude (i51814)
Skillings, Ruby Nan (i90780) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Russell Elliott (i51860)
Skillings, Russell Lewelmer (i75947), b.1916-d.1983
Skillings, Russell Lewelmer, Jr (i90760) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Ruth Ann (i90772) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Ruth Elizabeth (i51790), b.1913-
Skillings, Ruth Emily (i51861)
Skillings, Ruth Genevieve (i51887)
Skillings, Sally (i80588) (still alive)
Skillings, Sandra (i90694) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Sarah (marriage to Allison Libby) (i4213), b.1738-d.1775
Skillings, Sarah E. (i28485), b.1840-d.1847
Skillings, Sarah E. (i76240), b.1850-
Skillings, Sarah Jean (i80608) (still alive)
Skillings, Sarah Louise (i4588), b.1846-
Skillings, Shannon (i90699) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Sharon Ann (i91886) (still alive)
Skillings, she (i51873)
Skillings, Sherry Dorine (i90767) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Shirley Ann (i75932) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Sidney Merton (i51801)
Skillings, Silas A. (marriage to Charlotte (Lottie) Libby Skillings) (i49771), b.1838-d.1907
Skillings, Simeon (i28668), b.1813-d.1887
Skillings, Simeon (marriage to Mary Ellen Libby) (i64933), b.1824-d.1889
Skillings, Stanley M. (i78154), b.1886-
Skillings, Stephen (i90698) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Stephen Craig (i90726) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Stephen F. (i66352), b.1879-
Skillings, Steven Roy (i90748) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Susan (i80577) (still alive)
Skillings, Susan (i90700) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Terry Scott (i90734) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Theresa E. (i76251), b.1856-d.1857
Skillings, Theresa E. (i76252), b.1861-d.1862
Skillings, Thomas Chester (i91707), b.1882-d.1912
Skillings, Thomas James (i75935) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Thomas Jefferson (i19925), b.1843-d.1895
Skillings, Thomas O. (marriage to Statira Libby) (i4471), b.1801-
Skillings, Thomas P. (i12178), b.1815-d.1895
Skillings, Thomas P. (marriage to Eliza Ann Libby) (i12178), b.1815-d.1895
Skillings, Violet Dorothea (i90706), b.1893-
Skillings, Walter Alpheus, Jr (i75957), b.1944-d.1995
Skillings, Walter Alpheus, Sr (i75949), b.1922-d.1996
Skillings, Walter Bruce (i51807)
Skillings, Walter Bruce, Jr (i51811)
Skillings, Warren Philip (i90722) (living status unknown)
Skillings, Willard William (i76244), b.1856-
Skillings, William (i80568) (still alive)
Skillings, William F. (i47688), b.1835-
Skillings, William Franklin (i75814), b.1930-d.1981
Skillings, Winfield Percy (i73610), b.1891-d.1967
Skillings, Zeta May (i91701), b.1872-d.1936


Slavin, Joyce Ann (i35603)


Sloan, Mrs she (marriage to John Hanscom) (i36174)


Small, Anna (i29569), b.1790-
Small, Benjamin (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i10212), b.1742-
Small, Daniel (i24552), b.1777-
Small, Demarius (marriage to George Libby) (i12199), b.1811-d.1879
Small, Dorothy (marriage to Sgt Dominicus Libby) (i35774), b.1762-d.1846
Small, Elizabeth (marriage to Simon Libby (11-7-1-11)) (i36164)
Small, Eunice (i29566), b.1784-
Small, Hattie Gladys (marriage to Fred Allison Brown) (i890), b.1864-d.1921
Small, Jane (i29572), b.1793-
Small, Jane (marriage to Benjamin March) (i40803)
Small, Jeremiah (i24551), b.1774-
Small, John (i24553), b.1779-
Small, John (marriage to Christiana Libby) (i28215)
Small, Louisa O. (marriage to Orlando M. Marrett) (i46244)
Small, Lucy (i29571), b.1793-
Small, Major Daniel (marriage to Sarah Dam) (i23955), b.1759-d.1844
Small, Martha (Marthy) (Patty) (i29568), b.1788-
Small, Mary (i29567), b.1786-
Small, Mary (marriage to Joshua Libby) (i12167), b.1793-
Small, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Capt Joseph Brown Jr) (i35540), b.1796-d.1838
Small, Nathaniel (marriage to Eliza Libby) (i18289)
Small, Nellie May (marriage to Roscoe Green Libby) (i78122), b.1863-
Small, Rachel (marriage to Sol Andrew Brown) (i36081), b.1760-d.1845
Small, Reuben (marriage to Huldah (Hulda) Lassell) (i10214), b.1746-
Small, Samuel (i29570), b.1792-
Small, Sarah (i29565), b.1782-
Small, Sarah (marriage to Pvt Harvey Libby) (i92033)
Small, Sarah (marriage to Timothy Waterhouse) (i29298), b.1746-
Small, Theodotia (Theodosia) (marriage to Hugh Libby (10-5-4-2-7)) (i23954), b.1801-d.1850
Small, William (marriage to Mary March) (i11979), b.1759-
Small, William (marriage to Sarah March) (i11979), b.1759-


Smalley, Betty (marriage to Thomas Rees Davies) (i47317)


Smart, Harold Augustine (i85749), b.1904-


Smith, Abbie Elizabeth (marriage to Horace Cousins) (i46937), b.1833-
Smith, Abigail (i75095), b.1779-
Smith, Abigail (marriage to Simeon Libby (10-5-4-1)) (i12240), b.1759-d.1802
Smith, Annah (i12443), b.1748-
Smith, Arthur (marriage to Amanda Ladd) (i29966)
Smith, Capt John (marriage to Sarah Stackpole) (i11833)
Smith, Carl E. (marriage to Alice Louise Brown) (i69116)
Smith, Carlene Joyce (i69120) (living status unknown)
Smith, Carrie B. (i76262), b.1860-
Smith, Charles (i87868), b.1857-
Smith, Daniel (i12449), b.1757-d.1824
Smith, Daniel (i75098), b.1789-
Smith, Delbert Thornton, Jr (i63771), b.1927-
Smith, Delbert Thornton, Sr (marriage to Ruth E. French) (i63764), b.1888-d.1935
Smith, Dorcas (i12447), b.1753-
Smith, Edith M., Carll (marriage to Hugh Belmont Brown) (i35590), b.1892-
Smith, Elizabeth (i12432), b.1742-d.1824
Smith, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Waterhouse) (i68090)
Smith, Emma M. (i76261), b.1855-
Smith, Esther (i41350), b.1812-
Smith, Eugene A. (i37671)
Smith, Eunice (marriage to Allison (Ellison) Lassell) (i10290)
Smith, Eunice Louisa (Lovisea) (i37672)
Smith, Frank B. (marriage to Etta Lucy Huff) (i11689)
Smith, Ichabod (i12446), b.1751-
Smith, Isabella (i75094), b.1797-d.1842
Smith, Ivory G. (marriage to Charlotte Spear) (i87866), b.1813-
Smith, James (i12430), b.1738-
Smith, James (marriage to Olive Miller) (i19249)
Smith, Jemima (marriage to Zebulon Libby (11-2-3-3)) (i36107)
Smith, Jeremiah E. (marriage to Lucinda L. Skillings) (i76210), b.1827-
Smith, John (i12433), b.1744-
Smith, John Darrell (Darryl) (i37674)
Smith, John, Jr (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i12426), b.1714-
Smith, Leander B. (marriage to Almeda Oroville Grant) (i22941), b.1844-
Smith, Louis (marriage to Rowena Ella Booker) (i35607) (living status unknown)
Smith, Luan Sarah (i12445), b.1750-
Smith, Lyle R. (i37670)
Smith, Margaret (i35617)
Smith, Marion (marriage to Asa Boynton) (i52248)
Smith, Marion Elizabeth (marriage to Herbert Howard Brown) (i63753), b.1895-d.1972
Smith, Marjorie Viola (marriage to Norman Roscoe Skillings) (i85128), b.1935-
Smith, Martha (i28949), b.1740-d.1820
Smith, Martha (marriage to Abraham Tyler) (i28949), b.1740-d.1820
Smith, Mary (i12429), b.1736-
Smith, Mary (i13637)
Smith, Mary (i75097), b.1786-
Smith, Moses (i12441), b.1809-d.1846
Smith, Moses (marriage to Relief Libby) (i41342)
Smith, Nancy Lee (i69119) (living status unknown)
Smith, Nellie (marriage to Andrew Valentine Tarbox) (i85271)
Smith, Olive (i75096), b.1781-
Smith, Peter (i12435), b.1769-d.1859
Smith, Phebe Ann (marriage to Orrin Skillin) (i51724), b.1830-
Smith, Pvt Joshua (i12451), b.1759-
Smith, Rosella (Rozella) (marriage to Wells Ezekiel Cheney) (i29037)
Smith, Samuel (i75099), b.1791-
Smith, Samuel Robert (marriage to Georgia Eunice Skilling) (i37629)
Smith, Sarah (marriage to Joshua Murphy) (i11164)
Smith, Sarah B. (marriage to Pvt William Harmon Waterhouse) (i29331), d.1843
Smith, Susannah (i12439), b.1792-d.1854
Smith, Theophilas, Jr (i21369), b.1753-
Smith, Theophilus (marriage to Olive Libby) (i10394)
Smith, Theophilus, III (i75100), b.1800-
Smith, William (marriage to Elizabeth Lassell) (i10195), b.1740-
Smith, William Franklin (i87867), b.1835-
Smith, Winifred Ellen (i63772), b.1929-


Smock, child (i40781)
Smock, David J. (marriage to Polly Ann March) (i40778)
Smock, Marion (i40779)
Smock, Stella (i40780)


Snow, Elisha (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i10210)
Snow, Lavinia (marriage to Edmund Sawyer) (i29098), b.1814-


Sokoloski, Frank (marriage to Claudia Florence Ross) (i25839)


Sonia, Mary Nannette (i10736) (living status unknown)


Soule, Donald (marriage to Beverly Marie Curtis) (i69158)
Soule, Lottie Jane (marriage to Elmer S. Skillings) (i90389), b.1865-d.1960
Soule, Roxanna (marriage to Mark L. Jose) (i29075), b.1814-


Spear, Annie Lucretia (i79872), b.1847-d.1936
Spear, Charlotte (i87865), b.1815-
Spear, James Reed (marriage to Betsey Boynton) (i79861), b.1793-d.1879
Spear, Oliver (i79869), b.1842-d.1925
Spear, Pearl H. (i79870), b.1845-d.1920
Spear, Rebecca (marriage to Pvt Andrew Brown Jr) (i76753), b.1788-
Spear, Sarah E. (i79871), b.1849-d.1910
Spear, William (marriage to Elizabeth (Betsey) Brown) (i87826), b.1792-d.1863


Spencer, Mary G. (marriage to Samuel Stackpole) (i47216), b.1762-d.1859


Spinney, Cpl George (marriage to Anne Libby (11-2-4-2)) (i11848)
Spinney, Jane L. (marriage to Daniel Garland Hanscom) (i25699)
Spinney, Miriam (marriage to Oliver Hanscom) (i25690)


Spires, Joshua (i25852) (living status unknown)


Sprague, Alden (i63646), b.1852-
Sprague, Almeda Knight (i63642), b.1837-d.1910
Sprague, Aurietta Rachel (marriage to Winslow Brown) (i63876)
Sprague, Daniel Webster (i63645), b.1849-d.1850
Sprague, Jane (i63643), b.1839-d.1907
Sprague, Maranda (i63639), b.1829-d.1890
Sprague, Martha (Patty) B. (marriage to Theophilus Libby Jr) (i47037), b.1797-d.1880
Sprague, Matthew Thornton (marriage to Mary B. Brown) (i63635), b.1798-d.1889
Sprague, Olive (i63638), b.1829-d.1884
Sprague, Ruth Libbie (i63640), b.1832-d.1895
Sprague, Samuel Brown (i63641), b.1835-d.1922
Sprague, Sophronia, Irish Roberts (marriage to James Staples) (i12335), b.1841-
Sprague, William Thornton (i63644), b.1847-


Sproul, Mary Ann (marriage to Silas Skillin) (i51720)


Staason, Marie (marriage to Davis Skillings) (i51869)


Stackpole, Abiah (Abiel) (i23731), b.1765-d.1843
Stackpole, Andrew (i10101), b.1715-d.1766
Stackpole, Andrew (i29051), b.1745-
Stackpole, Atwood B. (i47231), b.1865-d.1896
Stackpole, Augustus M. (i47227), b.1837-d.1918
Stackpole, Augustus M. (i47239), b.1881-
Stackpole, Betsey (i47251), b.1815-
Stackpole, Betsey (i47261), b.1787-d.1815
Stackpole, Capt James (i23732), b.1732-d.1824
Stackpole, Charlotte (i47253), b.1819-d.1859
Stackpole, child (i47280), b.1774-d.1774
Stackpole, Clara (i47244), b.1900-
Stackpole, Edith (i47234)
Stackpole, Elizabeth (i29053), b.1749-
Stackpole, Elizabeth (i29867), b.1776-d.1787
Stackpole, Emily (i47222), b.1809-d.1895
Stackpole, Emulus (i47220), b.1806-
Stackpole, Ethel (i47243), b.1898-
Stackpole, Eunice (i29863), b.1763-d.1851
Stackpole, Frank C. (i47241), b.1889-
Stackpole, Grace (i47242), b.1896-d.1897
Stackpole, Hannah (i29048), b.1736-
Stackpole, Hannah (i29859), b.1755-d.1791
Stackpole, Harris G. (i47224), b.1812-d.1897
Stackpole, Harris G. (i47232), b.1870-d.1945
Stackpole, he (i47245), b.1902-
Stackpole, Helen (i47260), b.1826-d.1862
Stackpole, Henry (i47226), b.1832-d.1833
Stackpole, Hiram (i47255), b.1821-
Stackpole, Hiram (i47269), b.1799-d.1821
Stackpole, Ida M. (i47229), b.1864-d.1889
Stackpole, Ida M. (i47235)
Stackpole, Isaac Spencer (i47273), b.1805-
Stackpole, James (i47264), b.1791-
Stackpole, James, Jr (i29865), b.1769-
Stackpole, John (i29868), b.1779-d.1864
Stackpole, John, Jr (i29049), b.1739-
Stackpole, Jonah (i47275), b.1808-
Stackpole, Joseph (i29860), b.1757-
Stackpole, Joseph (i47217), b.1784-d.1786
Stackpole, Joseph (i47262), b.1789-
Stackpole, Joseph Young (i29052), b.1747-
Stackpole, Jotham (i47270), b.1802-
Stackpole, Jotham Hill (i29869), b.1781-d.1836
Stackpole, Lt John (i10099), b.1708-d.1798
Stackpole, Lt John (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i9290), b.1680-d.1767
Stackpole, Margaret (i11579), b.1748-d.1766
Stackpole, Mary (i12312), b.1751-d.1829
Stackpole, Mary Ann (i29866), b.1772-
Stackpole, Mary E. (i47247), b.1840-d.1874
Stackpole, Mary Goodwin (i47272), b.1804-d.1897
Stackpole, Phoebe (i29047), b.1734-
Stackpole, Phoebe (i29861), b.1757-d.1851
Stackpole, Ralph (i47236), b.1894-
Stackpole, Roscoe H. (i47248), b.1846-d.1925
Stackpole, Samuel (i29862), b.1761-d.1846
Stackpole, Samuel (i47218), b.1785-d.1870
Stackpole, Sarah (i9291), b.1713-d.1786
Stackpole, Sarah (i29050), b.1741-d.1770
Stackpole, Sarah (i29864), b.1767-d.1801
Stackpole, Sarah Ann (i47258), b.1824-d.1876
Stackpole, Sophia (i47268), b.1796-d.1882
Stackpole, Thomas H. (i47250), b.1848-d.1849
Stackpole, William (i47266), b.1794-
Stackpole, William F. (i47238), b.1874-d.1895


Stacy, Benjamin (marriage to Lydia Libby) (i10387), b.1704-d.1758
Stacy, Ichabod (i28760), b.1731-
Stacy, Sarah (marriage to John Hanscom) (i25634), b.1763-d.1854
Stacy, Uranus, (Stacey) (marriage to Alberta Libby) (i3667)
Stacy, Uranus, (Stacey) (marriage to Alberta Libby) (i3667)


Standley, Sarah (marriage to Daniel Smith) (i12450), b.1761-


Stanford, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i35532), d.1828


Stanton, Polly (marriage to Simon Brown) (i64098), b.1787-d.1857
Stanton, Polly (marriage to Simon Brown) (i64098), b.1787-d.1857


Staples, Abigail (i48154), b.1778-
Staples, Albion Preston (i29968), b.1843-
Staples, Alexina (marriage to Aaron Burnham) (i36877)
Staples, Alice (i29648), b.1776-
Staples, Andrew (i28935), b.1745-
Staples, Asia (Roswell) (marriage to Clarissa Miller) (i19297)
Staples, Benjamin (i28932), b.1740-
Staples, Benjamin (marriage to Hannah Libby (11-11-4)) (i11857)
Staples, Cata W. (i48158), b.1804-
Staples, Cyrus Melville (i29967), b.1841-
Staples, David (i12331), b.1764-d.1820
Staples, David (i48168), b.1796-
Staples, David Clinton (i12348), b.1835-
Staples, Dorcas (i28929), b.1734-d.1815
Staples, Dorcas (marriage to Joseph Hanscom) (i28929), b.1734-d.1815
Staples, Elisha (i28930), b.1737-
Staples, Elizabeth (i28931), b.1739-
Staples, Elizabeth (i29641), b.1758-
Staples, Elizabeth (marriage to James Hanscom) (i39276), d.1767
Staples, Elizabeth Frances (i12343), b.1841-
Staples, Hannah (i29640), b.1756-
Staples, Hannah (i48166), b.1792-
Staples, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Hanscom Jr) (i25609)
Staples, Henry Augustus (i29969), b.1850-
Staples, Huldah Hobbs (i12341), b.1837-
Staples, Huldah Hobbs (i48172), b.1863-
Staples, James (i12333), b.1813-d.1880
Staples, James (i29643), b.1762-
Staples, James (i48155), b.1790-
Staples, James (marriage to Lydia C. Libby) (i12333), b.1813-d.1880
Staples, James F. (i12345), b.1847-
Staples, James, Jr (i28927), b.1729-
Staples, James, Jr (marriage to Dorcas Libby) (i10381), b.1704-
Staples, John (i28934), b.1743-
Staples, John (i48169), b.1798-d.1803
Staples, John (marriage to Betsey Larrabee) (i65179)
Staples, Joseph (i28928), b.1731-
Staples, Joseph (i29647), b.1773-
Staples, Joseph (i48167), b.1794-
Staples, Joshua (marriage to Hepsibah (Hipsabeth) Hanscom) (i25611)
Staples, Judith Ann (i12339), b.1833-d.1894
Staples, Lovina Manson (i12337), b.1832-d.1900
Staples, Lucinda (i48170), b.1800-
Staples, Lucy (i48173), b.1865-
Staples, Lucy (marriage to Nathaniel Hanscom) (i25683), b.1756-d.1836
Staples, Lydia Susan (i12347), b.1855-
Staples, Mary (i29645), b.1766-d.1806
Staples, Mary (marriage to Samuel Libby Jr (11-11-5)) (i11859)
Staples, Nahum (i29646), b.1770-d.1773
Staples, Nathaniel (i28936), b.1748-
Staples, Nicholas F. (i12342), b.1839-
Staples, Nicholas W. (i48164), b.1790-d.1849
Staples, Noah (i12329), b.1732-
Staples, Noah (i12346), b.1849-
Staples, Noah (i29642), b.1760-
Staples, Noah (i48160), b.1805-
Staples, Noah, Jr (i29644), b.1766-
Staples, Olive (i48153), b.1775-
Staples, Olive (i48162), b.1807-
Staples, Olive Jane (i12344), b.1844-
Staples, Perry (marriage to Jerusha Libby) (i11840)
Staples, Sally (i48157), b.1803-
Staples, Sarah (marriage to Richard Libby (11-6-4)) (i12057), b.1745-d.1797
Staples, Shuah (i28933), b.1740-d.1783
Staples, Susan Abigail (marriage to Alexander Burnham) (i36876), b.1828-d.1852


Steger, Theodore (marriage to Gertrude A. Bell) (i39885)


Stetson, Mary (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12186), b.1831-
Stetson, Mary (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12186), b.1831-


Stevens, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Libby (10-5-1-5)) (i76675)
Stevens, Lizzie (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12185), b.1831-
Stevens, Lizzie (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12185), b.1831-


Stevenson, Kim (i25850) (living status unknown)


Steward, Rebecca (marriage to Storer Libby) (i3681), d.1874


Stewart, Alexander Wood (marriage to Viola Mears) (i47085), b.1899-d.1956
Stewart, Mary (marriage to John Averill) (i70109)
Stewart, Mary Adeline (marriage to Edwin Llewelyn Ladd) (i29959)


Stoddard, Charles (marriage to Jane Waterhouse) (i29405), b.1786-
Stoddard, Curtis Charles (marriage to Mary Ann Hardy) (i29024)


Stone, Abbie (i35640), b.1846-
Stone, Ann (marriage to Asa Waterhouse) (i29453)
Stone, Catherine (i35636), b.1835-
Stone, Charles Henry (i35637), b.1838-d.1912
Stone, Dorcas (marriage to Enos Libby) (i76732)
Stone, Dorcas (marriage to Enos Libby) (i76732)
Stone, Edwin (i35641), b.1848-
Stone, Elizabeth R. (i35635), b.1832-
Stone, Flora Estell (marriage to Anson Eugene March) (i40747), b.1856-d.1929
Stone, Frances Ellen (i76440), b.1915-
Stone, George (i35638), b.1841-
Stone, Hannah (i3662), b.1826-d.1870
Stone, Hannah (marriage to William Libby) (i3662), b.1826-d.1870
Stone, Irving Edward (i76439), b.1912-
Stone, Isaac (marriage to Huldah Libby) (i64054)
Stone, Jane (marriage to William Hanson Jr) (i12465), b.1822-d.1886
Stone, Jonathan (marriage to Margaret McCulloch) (i83542)
Stone, Josiah (i35633), b.1824-
Stone, Lucinda (i35634), b.1828-
Stone, Lucy (i76435), b.1885-
Stone, Lucy Mary (marriage to Isaiah B. Libby (10-2-4-3-2-3)) (i47700)
Stone, Lydia (marriage to James Tyler) (i11368)
Stone, Shirley (i35639), b.1843-
Stone, Walter Irving (i76434), b.1883-
Stone, William (marriage to Margaret Harmon) (i3665), b.1798-


Storer, Leslie Howard (marriage to Mildred Alta Littlefield) (i45595), b.1876-d.1964
Storer, Louise (i45596)


Stover, Anna (marriage to Oliver Philbrook) (i29002)


Strangman, Christine (marriage to Samuel Willard Hanscom) (i25817)


Straw, Susanna (marriage to Peter Smith) (i12436), b.1771-


Strey, Barbara (marriage to Robert Reynold Skillings) (i80569)


Stronach, Irving N. (marriage to Grace Evelyn Cousins) (i85762)


Strout, Frank E. (marriage to Ethel Blanche Libby (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-2)) (i64041), b.1882-d.1967
Strout, he (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i10209)
Strout, Polly (marriage to Pvt Harvey Libby) (i92032)
Strout, Sewall Chester, (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-2-1) (i64042), b.1909-
Strout, Theresa Electa, (10-2-1-2-3-9-2-2-2) (i64043), b.1911-


Stuart, Jessie May (marriage to Leon Kendall Hanson) (i12495), b.1890-d.1974
Stuart, Joseph (marriage to Henrietta Ladd) (i29961)
Stuart, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Averill) (i52319)


Sucher, Anthony Chase (i69220) (living status unknown)
Sucher, Sarah Louise (i69219) (living status unknown)


Sulay, Juanita (i85969) (still alive)


Swain, Mary Ann (marriage to Morris Libby (10-5-4-13)) (i48940)


Swan, Charles (marriage to Ruth (Rutha) Lassell) (i10241)
Swan, Susan, Walker (marriage to Israel Lassell Esq) (i10233), d.1843


Sweetland, Sarah (marriage to Joshua Lassell) (i10314)


Swett, Israel, Jr (marriage to Olivia Libby) (i49011), b.1796-


Swift, Floyd Leland (i30064), b.1919-d.1944
Swift, Winfred Ralph (marriage to Ruth Myrtle McCrady) (i30059), b.1896-


Sylvester, Fanny (marriage to Solomon Libby (10-5-4-15)) (i48945)
Sylvester, Janice Ann (i69138) (living status unknown)
Sylvester, Jolene Elsie (i69142) (living status unknown)
Sylvester, Mildred (marriage to Carl Herbert Brown) (i69088), b.1907-
Sylvester, Richard (i69140) (living status unknown)
Sylvester, Roland (marriage to Ella Wilhelmena Brown) (i69137)


Tallman, Allen Donald (marriage to May Valentine Davies) (i12569), b.1925-


Tappan, Abigail (marriage to Andrew Libby (11-7-7- )) (i47196)


Tarbox, Abbie (i84786), b.1853-
Tarbox, Abigail H. (Abby) (i85250), b.1831-d.1903
Tarbox, Adelaide Randall (i33739), b.1817-
Tarbox, Alfred Lemont, Jr (i85281), b.1904-d.1935
Tarbox, Alfred Lemont, Sr (i85264), b.1868-d.1952
Tarbox, Andrew Valentine (i85260), b.1848-d.1910
Tarbox, Ann (Annie) Mary (i35066), b.1844-
Tarbox, Ann M. (i35026), b.1832-d.1834
Tarbox, Benjamin Franklin (i35068), b.1829-d.1897
Tarbox, Bernard L. (i85269), b.1883-
Tarbox, Byron (i92840), b.1850-
Tarbox, Capt Andrew (i33735), b.1807-d.1889
Tarbox, Capt Henry Clay (i85253), b.1836-d.1897
Tarbox, child (i35053)
Tarbox, Dorcus (i92805), b.1769-
Tarbox, E. Atwood (marriage to Ann (Annie) Mary Tarbox) (i84785)
Tarbox, Eliezer (Eleazer), Sr (marriage to Phoebe Stackpole) (i87123), b.1753-d.1831
Tarbox, Eliezer, Jr (i47211), b.1794-
Tarbox, Eliza (Lida) H. (i84790), b.1872-
Tarbox, Eliza Helen (i35046), b.1847-d.1849
Tarbox, Eliza Helen (i35047), b.1850-d.1852
Tarbox, Elizabeth (i92803), b.1763-
Tarbox, Ezekiel (Hezekiah) (marriage to Sarah Stackpole) (i87126), b.1745-d.1807
Tarbox, Ezekiel Atwood (marriage to Carrie May Webber) (i35048), b.1845-d.1906
Tarbox, Ezekiel, Jr (i92810), b.1774-
Tarbox, Frank S. (i85284), b.1864-d.1891
Tarbox, Harry Russell (i85265), b.1877-
Tarbox, Hattie G. (i84792), b.1873-d.1939
Tarbox, Herbert E. (i35051)
Tarbox, Hugh M. (i35028), b.1825-d.1825
Tarbox, James (i47207), b.1784-
Tarbox, James (i92804), b.1765-
Tarbox, John (i92809), b.1772-
Tarbox, John W. (i35027), b.1816-d.1816
Tarbox, John, III (i92807), b.1776-
Tarbox, John, Jr (marriage to Shuah Staples) (i87125), b.1744-d.1809
Tarbox, Joseph (i47206), b.1781-
Tarbox, Julia (i47213), b.1799-
Tarbox, Louisa McCulloch (i33736), b.1811-d.1855
Tarbox, Louise A. (i85254), b.1841-d.1893
Tarbox, Mary (i19955), b.1809-d.1888
Tarbox, Mary (i47212), b.1798-
Tarbox, Mary Brown (i85249), b.1830-d.1876
Tarbox, Mary Louise (i85268), b.1881-
Tarbox, Melinda Lemont (i85266), b.1879-
Tarbox, Molly (i92806), b.1770-
Tarbox, Nahun (i92808), b.1778-
Tarbox, Nathaniel (i47209), b.1788-
Tarbox, Olive Josephine (i35067), b.1848-d.1914
Tarbox, Ruth Pierce (i84787), b.1868-d.1917
Tarbox, Sally (i92811), b.1776-
Tarbox, Samuel Belcher (i47210), b.1791-
Tarbox, Samuel, Jr (i33737), b.1813-d.1875
Tarbox, Samuel, Sr, Esq (marriage to Mary (Polly) Brown) (i19954), b.1780-d.1861
Tarbox, Sarah (i87512), b.1767-d.1805
Tarbox, Sarah P. (i33741), b.1823-d.1859
Tarbox, she (i85274)
Tarbox, Shuah (i87501), b.1772-d.1805
Tarbox, Susan (i33740), b.1820-
Tarbox, Susanna (i87503), b.1774-
Tarbox, Thomas H. (i84795), b.1871-
Tarbox, Thomas Hodgdon (i35030), b.1839-d.1849
Tarbox, Valentine Cushman (i33742), b.1827-d.1893
Tarbox, Walter (i35052)
Tarbox, Wesley W. (i33738), b.1815-d.1895
Tarbox, Willard E. (i85285), b.1863-
Tarbox, William (i47215), b.1804-
Tarbox, William (marriage to Susan Tarbox) (i42369), b.1802-
Tarbox, William (Willie) (i84794), b.1870-
Tarbox, Zachariah (i47208), b.1786-


Taylor, Abigail (i63686), b.1849-
Taylor, Abigail (marriage to Joseph Brown) (i35533)
Taylor, Alden (i63692), b.1848-d.1855
Taylor, Andrew (marriage to Mehitable Libby (10-5-3-4-9)) (i3693)
Taylor, Anna (i63687), b.1834-
Taylor, Caroline (i63689), b.1839-
Taylor, Eben (marriage to Lucy Lassell) (i10277)
Taylor, Edith (marriage to John James Kercheval Libby) (i12111), b.1867-d.1954
Taylor, he (marriage to Harriet Libby (10-2-4-3-2-1)) (i47697)
Taylor, James (marriage to Rachel Brown) (i63685), b.1807-d.1856
Taylor, James Hill (i63694), b.1854-
Taylor, Jonathan (i63688), b.1837-
Taylor, Laura Jane (i63693), b.1852-
Taylor, Luther (marriage to Dorcas Ladd) (i15737)
Taylor, Martha E. (i63690), b.1842-d.1904
Taylor, Minnie Myrtle (i79568), b.1866-
Taylor, Stillman (i63691), b.1845-


Teed, Sarah (marriage to Enoch C. Brown) (i63647)


Thatcher, Mahlon Daniel (marriage to Luna Ada Jordan) (i84727)


Thayer, Judith (marriage to Jabez Philbrook) (i29003)
Thayer, Lettie (marriage to James N. Beverage) (i87689), b.1878-d.1949


Thomas, Abbie F. (i65197), b.1849-
Thomas, James (i65198), b.1855-
Thomas, Lucy (i65199), b.1860-
Thomas, Mary (marriage to John Lassell) (i10258)


Thomes, Abigail (marriage to Josiah Libby(1-1-6-5-3)) (i49005)
Thomes, Allison L. (i76350), b.1825-
Thomes, Charles T. (i65195), b.1823-d.1870
Thomes, James (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i65194), d.1865
Thomes, Sarah (i76351), b.1828-


Thompson, Alice Estelle (marriage to Charles Edwin Brown) (i63734), b.1861-d.1930
Thompson, Bonita M. (marriage to Wilbert Washburn Skilling) (i37631)
Thompson, Elizabeth (marriage to Simon Libby) (i28919)
Thompson, Harrietta (marriage to Hiram H. Hanson) (i12487), b.1856-d.1923
Thompson, he (marriage to Betsey Perkins) (i19271)
Thompson, Henry F. (marriage to Alice Phoebe Skillings) (i76250)
Thompson, Henry F. (marriage to Alice Phoebe Skillings) (i76250)


Thurlow, Martha (marriage to Peter Waterhouse) (i29348)
Thurlow, Martha (Patty) (marriage to Joseph Hanscom) (i39381), b.1792-d.1854


Thurston, Arthur E. (marriage to Ella Myrtle Ladd) (i15768), b.1880-
Thurston, he (i15781) (still alive)
Thurston, he (i15782) (still alive)
Thurston, Maria (marriage to Davis Littlefield) (i46885), b.1812-d.1895
Thurston, Martha M. (marriage to Francis Warren Ladd) (i29960)


Tibbets, Mary Carleton (marriage to Clement Huff) (i11545), b.1805-d.1884


Tim, Fred (marriage to Dr Mary Elizabeth Carter) (i51746)


Titus, Austin David (i92697), b.1990-
Titus, Chase (i92699) (still alive)
Titus, Lydia Nicole (i92698) (still alive)


Tobey, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel Libby) (i10379), b.1736-


Tobin, Rosa Belinda (marriage to Dr Orion Irving Bemis) (i12368)


Todd, Margaret (marriage to Andrew Libby (11-7-7- )) (i47185), d.1856


Tomkin, Maude (marriage to Leon Kendall Hanson) (i12496), b.1885-


Toule, Harold A. (marriage to Marion Palmer Walker) (i12616), b.1887-


Towne, Ephraim (marriage to Eunice Stackpole) (i37916), b.1754-d.1837
Towne, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Stackpole) (i47204)
Towne, Jeremiah (i24558), b.1791-
Towne, John (i22520), b.1792-
Towne, Joseph (i22518), b.1788-
Towne, Joseph (marriage to Mary Miller) (i19262)
Towne, Lt Amos (marriage to Sarah Miller) (i19311), d.1800
Towne, Lucy (i22521), b.1790-
Towne, Lydia (i22517), b.1785-
Towne, Susan (i22519), b.1786-
Towne, William (i22522), b.1784-


Townsend, Elsie May (marriage to Lewelmer Libby Skillings) (i64950)
Townsend, Mary (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12184)
Townsend, Mary (marriage to Horace B. Libby) (i12184)


Trafton, Abigail B. (marriage to Leonard Cross Libby) (i65188)
Trafton, Mary Ella (i29089), b.1881-d.1958
Trafton, Rev William Henry (marriage to Mary A. Jose) (i29086), b.1846-d.1917


Trefethen, Margaret Emily (marriage to John Forsyth Hanscom) (i25834), b.1843-d.1923
Trefethen, Margaret Emily (marriage to John Forsyth Hanscom) (i25834), b.1843-d.1923
Trefethen, Phyllis A. (marriage to Leon W. Dresser) (i76414)


Trickey, Harriet (Hattie) J. (marriage to Lewis B. Skillin (Skillings)) (i76232), b.1841-d.1912
Trickey, Lucy (marriage to John Smith Tyler) (i28387), b.1772-


Tripp, Mariah (marriage to Timothy Parsons) (i47909), b.1803-d.1890
Tripp, Susan (marriage to Davis Atwood Littlefield) (i46901)


Trufant, Helen (marriage to Milton Wallace Loring) (i10720), b.1901-d.1954


Tucker, Addie F., (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-2) (i63840), b.1877-
Tucker, Anna Ella, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-6) (i63844), b.1885-
Tucker, Benjamin (marriage to Lucy Hanson) (i12458), b.1807-
Tucker, Effie B., (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-3) (i63841), b.1879-
Tucker, Erma, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-9) (i63847), b.1897-
Tucker, Gladys Leonia, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-8) (i63846), b.1892-
Tucker, Harry, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-5) (i63843), b.1883-
Tucker, Iva T., (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-1) (i63839), b.1876-
Tucker, John Riley (marriage to Julia Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-1)) (i63836), b.1850-d.1943
Tucker, Nancy Ellen, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-7) (i63845), b.1890-
Tucker, Stella, (10-2-1-2-3-11-1-4) (i63842), b.1881-


Tuckerman, Priscilla (marriage to Ezekiel Averill) (i52320)


Tupper, Gideon O'Brien (marriage to Geneva Libby (10-5-3-4-7-5-1)) (i76325), b.1865-d.1954
Tupper, he Handy (marriage to Sarah Louise Libby (11-7-11-8-6-3)) (i64752), b.1864-
Tupper, L. E. (marriage to Enoch C. Brown) (i63651)
Tupper, L. E. (marriage to Mary Relief Brown) (i63902)


Turner, Abraham (marriage to Ida M. Stackpole) (i47230)
Turner, Arthur F. (marriage to Ruth Pierce Tarbox) (i84788)
Turner, Carrie (marriage to Herbert Leon Skillings) (i75843), b.1890-d.1960
Turner, Eleanor Pierce (i84789), b.1893-
Turner, Eunice L. (i47953), b.1854-
Turner, Hollis, Jr (marriage to Susan Boynton) (i47943), b.1822-
Turner, Lloyd Albion (marriage to Violet Dorothea Skillings) (i90707)
Turner, Lois (marriage to James Boynton) (i47930), b.1800-d.1844
Turner, Mary (i47954), b.1856-
Turner, Robert (marriage to Julia Maria(h) Ramsdell) (i6429), b.1867-
Turner, Robie J. (i47952), b.1852-
Turner, Susan (i47955), b.1867-d.1906


Tyler, Abigail (i12321), b.1795-d.1811
Tyler, Abigail (i46319), b.1795-
Tyler, Abraham (i10139), b.1754-d.1756
Tyler, Abraham (i11369), b.1749-d.1749
Tyler, Abraham (i11370), b.1762-
Tyler, Abraham (i29579), b.1798-
Tyler, Abraham (i46313), b.1793-
Tyler, Abraham (marriage to Martha Smith) (i11370), b.1762-
Tyler, Abram (i11599), b.1818-
Tyler, Allison (i11593), b.1785-
Tyler, Allison Brown (i10137), b.1745-
Tyler, Andrew (i46317), b.1822-
Tyler, Andrew, Jr (i12319), b.1793-d.1864
Tyler, Ann Elizabeth (i12322), b.1797-d.1849
Tyler, Ann, Richardson (marriage to Theophilus Waterhouse) (i29387)
Tyler, Anna (i29575), b.1788-
Tyler, Benjamin March, (11-6-1-9-2) (i29574), b.1787-
Tyler, Capt Abraham (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i11834), b.1712-d.1807
Tyler, Capt Andrew (i10142), b.1758-d.1844
Tyler, Clarissa (i12328), b.1805-d.1839
Tyler, Daniel (i11587), b.1780-
Tyler, Daniel (i29583), b.1806-
Tyler, David (i11583), b.1773-
Tyler, David (i46316), b.1820-
Tyler, Dean (i11585), b.1776-
Tyler, Edson (i11609)
Tyler, Eleanor (i11586), b.1778-
Tyler, Eliza (i11590), b.1780-
Tyler, Eliza (i11604), b.1850-
Tyler, Elizabeth (i10122), b.1752-d.1790
Tyler, Elizabeth (i11591), b.1782-
Tyler, Elizabeth (i29576), b.1791-
Tyler, Elizabeth (marriage to Allison Brown) (i10122), b.1752-d.1790
Tyler, Eveline (i12174), b.1798-d.1845
Tyler, Eveline (marriage to Johnson Libby) (i12174), b.1798-d.1845
Tyler, Franklin (i11614), b.1845-
Tyler, George (i11602), b.1846-
Tyler, Hannah (i10136), b.1744-
Tyler, Hannah (i11592), b.1784-
Tyler, he (i11584), b.1775-
Tyler, Humphrey (i10141), b.1755-d.1794
Tyler, James (i10138), b.1747-d.1813
Tyler, James (i11594), b.1787-d.1858
Tyler, James (i11601), b.1844-
Tyler, James (i11620), b.1851-
Tyler, James (i29581), b.1801-
Tyler, James (i46315), b.1815-
Tyler, James (i46353), b.1782-
Tyler, Jane (i29582), b.1802-
Tyler, John L. (i11607), b.1821-
Tyler, John Smith (i12175), b.1773-
Tyler, Joseph H. (i11616), b.1847-
Tyler, Joseph Stevens, (Taylor) (marriage to Jean (Jane) March) (i12003), b.1761-
Tyler, Joseph Stevens, Jr (i29577), b.1792-
Tyler, Louisa (i46312), b.1789-
Tyler, Lydia (i46318), b.1828-
Tyler, Lydia S. (i11622), b.1827-
Tyler, Martha (i11603), b.1848-
Tyler, Martha (i29578), b.1794-
Tyler, Mary (i12318), b.1784-
Tyler, Mary (Molly) (i10143), b.1759-d.1854
Tyler, Mary Stevens, (11-6-1-9-1) (i29573), b.1785-
Tyler, Mehitable (i11589), b.1779-
Tyler, Nellie J. (i11618), b.1849-
Tyler, Peter (i11598), b.1817-
Tyler, Rev Samuel (i29580), b.1800-d.1867
Tyler, Sally (i12323), b.1798-d.1839
Tyler, Wentworth (i11610), b.1823-


Underwood, Harriet (marriage to Benjamin Besse Jose) (i46202)


Vachon, Florida (marriage to William Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-8)) (i64009)


Valentine, Col Samuel L. (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Jose March) (i40818)


Vance, Maxine (marriage to Norman Roscoe Skillings) (i85129)


Varney, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Libby) (i36098)


Vernon, Emma (marriage to Charles Elmer Libby (10-2-1-2-3-11-10)) (i63873), d.1939


Verrill, Mary Medora (marriage to Lyford Beverage) (i87672), b.1848-


Vetter, Noah Michael (i68720) (still alive)


Viner, Carmel Sylvia (i22959) (living status unknown)
Viner, Elizabeth Muriel (i22954) (living status unknown)
Viner, Eric Elwin (i22958) (living status unknown)
Viner, James (i22955) (living status unknown)
Viner, James William (marriage to Evelyn Pearl Wooster) (i22946), b.1897-d.1972
Viner, Marguerite Evelyn (i22956) (living status unknown)
Viner, Norman Barbour (i22950), b.1921-d.1921
Viner, Patricia Marian (i22952) (living status unknown)
Viner, Virginia Alice (i22951) (living status unknown)

Von Weiding

Von Weiding, Adelaide F. (marriage to Samuel Butterfield Libby III (10-5-3-4-7-5-4-2)) (i76365), d.1975


Wade, Minnie Warren (marriage to Ralph Herbert Skillings) (i51877)


Wadlia, Mary Johnson, (Waldia) (marriage to Charles Barber Ramsdell) (i6416), b.1832-d.1918


Wakefield, Hazel Irene (marriage to Earl Sawyer Messer) (i29130), b.1894-
Wakefield, John, IV (i87844), b.1795-
Wakefield, Mary (i47806)
Wakefield, Pvt John, III (marriage to Mary Brown) (i10128), b.1752-
Wakefield, Ruth (i47899), b.1794-d.1888


Waldron, Delona Y. (marriage to Elver Avon Harmon) (i64921)
Waldron, Gladys (marriage to Leon Libby Harmon) (i64919)


Walker, Annette Elizabeth (i12598), b.1852-
Walker, Annette Wyman (i12613), b.1890-d.1941
Walker, Benjamin (marriage to Vilera Warren) (i47343)
Walker, Chester William (i12596), b.1850-d.1928
Walker, George (i12607), b.1877-d.1882
Walker, George L. (i12602), b.1856-d.1859
Walker, Harriette Elizabeth (i12609), b.1883-d.1957
Walker, Hiram (marriage to Angeline Warren) (i12545), b.1818-d.1860
Walker, Hiram Warren (i12617), b.1893-d.1920
Walker, Ida Arnel (i12595), b.1849-d.1906
Walker, Julia A. (i12600), b.1854-d.1876
Walker, Leonard B. (marriage to Ava Ethel Bemis) (i12360)
Walker, Luther (marriage to Hannah Ayer) (i69720), b.1790-d.1874
Walker, Marion Palmer (i12615), b.1891-d.1948
Walker, Mark B. (marriage to Marjorie Seavey) (i47078), b.1911-d.1978
Walker, Mary (marriage to Andrew Miller) (i11090)
Walker, Mary (Molly) (marriage to Jeremiah Miller Jr) (i11105), d.1826
Walker, Mary Jane (i12603), b.1858-d.1906
Walker, William Chester (i12611), b.1887-d.1955
Walker, Winnifred Mary (i12608), b.1879-d.1896


Wallace, Nora R. (marriage to Elijah R. Brown) (i63943), b.1869-d.1943


Walling, Ann Louise (marriage to Andrew Tyler Jr) (i12320), b.1811-d.1875


Walsh, Dorothy Ellen (i35684), b.1925-
Walsh, William Bedford (marriage to Mildred Bryant Cowan) (i35681), b.1890-d.1970


Ward, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Miller) (i19283)
Ward, Nellie (marriage to Jacob William Bemis) (i12358)


Warner, Fanny (marriage to William Chapman Drew) (i47332)
Warner, John William (i10789) (living status unknown)
Warner, Patricia Elynn (i10788) (living status unknown)


Warren, Angeline (i12544), b.1827-d.1893
Warren, Anna Maria (i47304), b.1838-
Warren, Anna T. (i12523), b.1789-d.1850
Warren, Anna T. (i12530), b.1805-d.1833
Warren, Betsy (i12517), b.1779-d.1865
Warren, Caroline (Carrie) H. (i12554), b.1859-d.1929
Warren, Charles E. (i47307), b.1849-
Warren, Charles N. (i12535), b.1812-
Warren, child (i47314), b.1851-
Warren, Cpl William Cotton (marriage to Dorcas Smith) (i12448), b.1752-d.1824
Warren, Daniel H. (i12536), b.1816-
Warren, Dolly (i12542), b.1823-
Warren, Dorcas (i12525), b.1790-
Warren, Edmund (marriage to Elizabeth Lassell) (i10262)
Warren, Edmund (marriage to Mary Porter Lassell) (i10262)
Warren, Elizabeth Senter (i47344), b.1822-
Warren, Ellen A. (i47309), b.1857-
Warren, Florence May (i12553), b.1850-d.1856
Warren, George (i47303), b.1835-
Warren, John (i12540), b.1824-d.1884
Warren, John M. (i12534), b.1809-
Warren, John Smith (i12522), b.1787-
Warren, Joseph Dryden (i47345), b.1824-
Warren, Kate (i47310), b.1860-
Warren, Louisa E. (i47306), b.1848-
Warren, Lydia (marriage to Ambrose Philbrook) (i29004)
Warren, Mary (i12538), b.1818-d.1915
Warren, Nabby (i12521), b.1784-d.1786
Warren, Nathaniel (i12528), b.1794-d.1799
Warren, Nathaniel (i12532), b.1807-
Warren, Nathaniel (marriage to Maria G. Drew) (i12532), b.1807-
Warren, Polly (i12515), b.1777-
Warren, Sarah (marriage to Richard Libby (11-6-4)) (i12056), b.1792-
Warren, Sarah (Sally) (marriage to Matthew Lassell) (i10260)
Warren, Sophia M. (i47308), b.1854-
Warren, Sophronia (i47305), b.1840-
Warren, Vilera (i47342), b.1816-d.1860
Warren, Walter (i12519), b.1782-d.1870
Warren, William (i12546), b.1830-d.1868
Warren, William, Jr (i12527), b.1792-d.1863


Washburn, Eunice Sarah (marriage to George Wilbert Skilling) (i37622), b.1867-d.1951
Washburn, Thomas (marriage to Mary Brown) (i10129)


Washburne, Joseph (marriage to Mary (Polly) Miller) (i19300)


Waterhouse, Abigail (i29349), b.1790-d.1855
Waterhouse, Abigail (Nabby) (i29401), b.1782-
Waterhouse, Abraham (i29482), b.1794-d.1867
Waterhouse, Ai (i29457), b.1792-d.1867
Waterhouse, Alice Charles (i29521), b.1829-d.1907
Waterhouse, Asa (i29452), b.1784-d.1849
Waterhouse, Benjamin (i29373), b.1775-d.1846
Waterhouse, Benjamin (i46376), b.1827-d.1850
Waterhouse, Betsey (i29432), b.1786-d.1853
Waterhouse, Catherine (Katy) (i29395), b.1777-d.1851
Waterhouse, Charlotte (i29403), b.1784-d.1848
Waterhouse, Charlotte (i29430), b.1783-d.1871
Waterhouse, Charlotte Ann (marriage to Humphrey Hanscome) (i38829), b.1843-d.1897
Waterhouse, child (i29390), b.1778-d.1778
Waterhouse, Col Zebulon (i29531), b.1798-
Waterhouse, Cpl John (i29310), b.1748-d.1833
Waterhouse, Cpl Josiah (i29339), b.1784-d.1816
Waterhouse, Daniel (i2166), b.1778-d.1846
Waterhouse, Daniel (i29490), b.1805-d.1807
Waterhouse, Daniel (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i2166), b.1778-d.1846
Waterhouse, David (i29437), b.1791-d.1866
Waterhouse, Elias (i29375), b.1778-d.1863
Waterhouse, Elias (i29391), b.1774-d.1848
Waterhouse, Elias (marriage to Mary Waterhouse) (i29375), b.1778-d.1863
Waterhouse, Elias Banks (i29422), b.1795-
Waterhouse, Elizabeth (i29485), b.1797-
Waterhouse, Elizabeth (Betsey) (i29335), b.1781-d.1863
Waterhouse, Elizabeth Abigail (i29519), b.1827-d.1920
Waterhouse, Elizabeth Banks (i29417), b.1788-
Waterhouse, Elizabeth Jane (i29504), b.1818-d.1853
Waterhouse, Ellen Sophronia (i29523), b.1831-d.1920
Waterhouse, Emma Chase (i29517), b.1825-d.1908
Waterhouse, Enoch (i29393), b.1776-d.1821
Waterhouse, Freeman (i29346), b.1812-d.1816
Waterhouse, Freeman (i29491), b.1807-d.1809
Waterhouse, Gardner (i29499), b.1814-d.1884
Waterhouse, George (i29428), b.1780-d.1854
Waterhouse, George (i29525), b.1840-
Waterhouse, Hannah (i29459), b.1796-
Waterhouse, Harriet (i29344), b.1810-
Waterhouse, Isaac (i29434), b.1789-d.1872
Waterhouse, Isaac (i29477), b.1789-d.1856
Waterhouse, James (i29376), b.1781-d.1846
Waterhouse, Jane (i29371), b.1773-
Waterhouse, Jane (i29404), b.1784-d.1831
Waterhouse, Jeremiah (i29412), b.1781-d.1856
Waterhouse, John (i29420), b.1793-d.1843
Waterhouse, John (i29461), b.1779-d.1858
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29296), b.1738-d.1754
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29353), b.1793-d.1869
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29364), b.1766-d.1844
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29424), b.1799-
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29427), b.1778-
Waterhouse, Joseph (i29480), b.1793-d.1853
Waterhouse, Joseph Nason (i29514), b.1823-
Waterhouse, Josiah (i29511), b.1821-d.1855
Waterhouse, Lafayette (i29526), b.1843-d.1914
Waterhouse, Lemuel (i46375), b.1829-d.1831
Waterhouse, Levi Haskell (i29492), b.1809-d.1879
Waterhouse, Louisa F. (marriage to Rodney Libby) (i28904)
Waterhouse, Louisa F. (marriage to Rodney Libby) (i28904)
Waterhouse, Lydia (i29326), b.1777-d.1865
Waterhouse, Lydia (i29471), b.1785-d.1863
Waterhouse, Lydia (Louisa) (i29528), b.1843-
Waterhouse, Martha (i29358), b.1796-d.1862
Waterhouse, Martha A. (marriage to Leonard Libby) (i28909)
Waterhouse, Martha A. (marriage to Leonard Libby) (i28909)
Waterhouse, Mary (i29301), b.1743-
Waterhouse, Mary (i29359), b.1799-d.1871
Waterhouse, Mary (i29411), b.1779-
Waterhouse, Mary (i29425), b.1776-d.1869
Waterhouse, Mary (i29445), b.1775-d.1776
Waterhouse, Mary (i29508), b.1818-d.1906
Waterhouse, Mary (marriage to Elias Waterhouse) (i29411), b.1779-
Waterhouse, Mary (Polly) (i29397), b.1779-d.1848
Waterhouse, Mary Libby (i29475), b.1788-d.1856
Waterhouse, Mehitable (i29410), b.1777-d.1778
Waterhouse, Meribah (i29473), b.1787-d.1864
Waterhouse, Montgomery (i29363), b.1801-d.1825
Waterhouse, Moses (i29388), b.1774-d.1814
Waterhouse, Moses (i29419), b.1789-d.1834
Waterhouse, Nathaniel (i29318), b.1756-d.1845
Waterhouse, Nathaniel (i29469), b.1783-d.1833
Waterhouse, Olive (i12885), b.1787-d.1863
Waterhouse, Olive (i13587), b.1739-d.1815
Waterhouse, Olive (i29370), b.1770-d.1789
Waterhouse, Olive (i29399), b.1780-
Waterhouse, Olive (marriage to Ai Waterhouse) (i29458)
Waterhouse, Patriot Joseph (marriage to Mary Libby) (i10391), b.1711-d.1796
Waterhouse, Peter (i29347), b.1817-d.1871
Waterhouse, Phebe Curtis (i29415), b.1786-d.1869
Waterhouse, Prentiss Mellen (i29505), b.1820-d.1871
Waterhouse, Pvt Enoch (i29308), b.1746-d.1817
Waterhouse, Pvt George (i29311), b.1750-d.1835
Waterhouse, Pvt William Harmon (i29330), b.1779-d.1867
Waterhouse, Rachel (i29465), b.1780-d.1864
Waterhouse, Rebecca (i29408), b.1799-d.1828
Waterhouse, Richard (i29414), b.1783-d.1836
Waterhouse, Richard (i29467), b.1782-d.1868
Waterhouse, Ruth (i29292), b.1736-d.1796
Waterhouse, Ruth (i29406), b.1791-d.1829
Waterhouse, Samuel (i29303), b.1744-d.1820
Waterhouse, Samuel (i29367), b.1768-d.1851
Waterhouse, Samuel (i29484), b.1795-d.1807
Waterhouse, Samuel (marriage to Mary Libby (11-7-1-7)) (i29367), b.1768-d.1851
Waterhouse, Samuel Smith (i29495), b.1811-d.1887
Waterhouse, Sarah (i29343), b.1808-d.1822
Waterhouse, Sarah (i29380)
Waterhouse, Sarah (i29441), b.1799-d.1881
Waterhouse, Sarah Dyer (i29535), b.1824-d.1909
Waterhouse, Sargent (i29443), b.1800-d.1856
Waterhouse, Sgt Joseph, Jr (i29317), b.1754-d.1837
Waterhouse, Silas (i29486), b.1801-d.1859
Waterhouse, Simon (i29440), b.1795-d.1866
Waterhouse, Stephen (marriage to Miranda Libby) (i28907)
Waterhouse, Stephen (marriage to Miranda Libby) (i28907)
Waterhouse, Stephen (marriage to Rosanna Libby) (i28900)
Waterhouse, Stephen (marriage to Rosanna Libby) (i28900)
Waterhouse, Stephen West (i29407), b.1794-d.1840
Waterhouse, Sumner (i29502), b.1816-d.1868
Waterhouse, Susanna (i29456), b.1791-d.1791
Waterhouse, Theophilus (i29315), b.1751-d.1826
Waterhouse, Theophilus (i29382), b.1772-d.1847
Waterhouse, Theophilus (i29451), b.1782-d.1788
Waterhouse, Theophilus (i29454), b.1788-d.1837
Waterhouse, Thomas (i29446), b.1777-d.1851
Waterhouse, Thomas Smith (i29488), b.1803-d.1889
Waterhouse, Timothy (i29297), b.1741-d.1812
Waterhouse, William (i29448), b.1779-d.1863
Waterhouse, Zenas (i29378), b.1785-d.1865


Watson, Mrs Jean, Sporher (marriage to Percy Wallace Rairden Sr) (i92933)


Watts, Elizabeth Smith (marriage to Levi Haskell Waterhouse) (i29493), d.1856
Watts, Robert Nelson (marriage to Bathesheba Ezelphia Cheney) (i29043)


Webb, Abraham (marriage to Lydia Waterhouse) (i29327)
Webb, James L. (marriage to Alice Emery Libby (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-7)) (i64005), b.1888-d.1975
Webb, Philmore, (10-2-1-2-3-8-2-7-1) (i64006), b.1921-


Webber, Blanche B. (i35042), b.1870-
Webber, Carrie May (i35040), b.1855-d.1912
Webber, Daniel Bartlett (marriage to Mary Tarbox) (i19956), b.1804-
Webber, Eugene B. (i87602), b.1838-
Webber, Eugene Prescott (i19959), b.1852-d.1911
Webber, Isabell H. (i87599), b.1830-
Webber, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Pvt Andrew Brown Jr) (i10131), b.1765-d.1835
Webber, Mary S. (i87603), b.1843-
Webber, Maud Eugenie (i19961)
Webber, Samuel F. (i87600), b.1834-
Webber, Stephen P. (i19957), b.1827-d.1897
Webber, William E. (i87601), b.1836-
Webber, William L. (i35041), b.1864-


Weber, Henry, III (i63774), b.1943-
Weber, Henry, Jr (marriage to Ruth E. French) (i63770)
Weber, Nedra Carlotta (i63773), b.1941-


Webster, child (i29093) (still alive)
Webster, Frank Johnson (marriage to Mary Ella Trafton) (i29091), b.1882-d.1955
Webster, he (marriage to Susanna (Susan) Cousins) (i45577), b.1770-d.1832


Weeks, Catherine (marriage to David Staples) (i12332), b.1769-d.1802


Weeman, Curtis Rodney, Jr (i64734) (living status unknown)


Weigard, Katherine P. (marriage to Jesse W. March) (i40772), b.1862-d.1937


Wellington, Mary Ann (marriage to Emulus Stackpole) (i47221)


Wentworth, Benjamin (marriage to Olive Cousins) (i28973), b.1771-d.1854
Wentworth, Elvira (i29686), b.1803-d.1893
Wentworth, Susie Etta (marriage to Walter S. Ladd) (i15754)
Wentworth, Susie Etta (marriage to Walter S. Ladd) (i15754)


Wescott, Anna (marriage to Richard Hunnewell Jr) (i19239), b.1765-
Wescott, Betsy (marriage to Joshua Alley) (i18195)
Wescott, Mary (marriage to John Hunnewell) (i19240), b.1768-


West, Abigail (Migat) (marriage to Pvt Enoch Waterhouse) (i29309)


Wetherby, Shadrach (marriage to Elizabeth Stackpole) (i47289)


Weymouth, Edmund (marriage to Annah Smith) (i12444), b.1744-
Weymouth, John (marriage to Dorcas Warren) (i12526), b.1785-d.1864


Whalen, Jennie (marriage to James E. Ladd) (i15716), b.1885-
Whalen, Matthew (marriage to Rachel Grant) (i22899)


Wheeler, John (marriage to Ruhama (Ruamy) (Jerusha) Grant) (i22903)


White, Dorcas (marriage to Pvt Caleb Lassell) (i10254), b.1760-d.1839
White, John (marriage to Hannah Miller) (i19276)


Whitehead, Martha M. (marriage to Otto Losen Carter) (i51744)


Whitehouse, Deacon he (marriage to Lydia Clark) (i45574)


Whitmore, Barbara Ann (marriage to Walter Alpheus Skillings Sr) (i75956)
Whitmore, Patience (marriage to Lemuel Libby) (i36088)


Whitney, Benjamin C. (marriage to Carrie Emily McCausland) (i24564)
Whitney, Eva (marriage to Elwin Rynell Bemis) (i12375)
Whitney, Harrison I. (marriage to Dr Mary Elizabeth Carter) (i51747)
Whitney, he (i12398) (still alive)
Whitney, Jessie Kathryn Tim (i51751)
Whitney, Marshall (marriage to Susan Libby) (i63721)
Whitney, Roy Leland (marriage to Elsie Amilia Currier) (i12394), b.1889-d.1966
Whitney, Rutha Emelia Tim (i51748)
Whitney, she (i12397) (still alive)


Whitten, Benjamin (i47656), b.1771-
Whitten, Hannah (i68746), b.1774-
Whitten, Humphrey (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i10250)
Whitten, Humphrey, Jr (i68745), b.1772-
Whitten, James (marriage to Sarah (Sally) Whitten) (i45572)
Whitten, John (i68747), b.1775-
Whitten, John (marriage to Hannah Lassell) (i10281)
Whitten, Louise (Louisa) (i10283)
Whitten, Louise (Louisa) (marriage to John Swinton Lassell) (i10283)
Whitten, Sarah (Sally) (i45571), b.1771-


Wiband, Annie (marriage to William F. Skillings) (i47689), b.1850-


Wigent, Nancy (marriage to John March) (i40761), b.1831-d.1909


Wiggin, Betsey E. (marriage to Joseph Stackpole) (i47263)


Wight, Almira (marriage to Lemuel Cushing) (i30041)


Wilbur, Charles Henry (i85728), b.1836-
Wilbur, George Wesley (i85731), b.1843-
Wilbur, Jacob (marriage to Anna Fickett) (i85723), b.1808-
Wilbur, Jacob Wesley (i85732), b.1847-d.1917
Wilbur, Martha (i85727), b.1834-d.1837
Wilbur, Martha Ann (i85733), b.1855-
Wilbur, Mary (i85726), b.1831-d.1899
Wilbur, Mary (marriage to Zachariah Fickett) (i85726), b.1831-d.1899
Wilbur, Ruth Rice (i85730), b.1842-
Wilbur, Thomas Fickett (i85729), b.1839-


Wilcox, Mary Jane (marriage to Joshua Hanson) (i12478), b.1838-


Wildes, Mary Howard (marriage to Walter Goodwin Davis Sr) (i47152), b.1859-d.1920


Willett, Michael (marriage to Phebe A. Brown) (i63926)


Willey, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Hanscom) (i25692), b.1804-d.1892


Williams, Harriet N. (marriage to Freeman Sawyer) (i29103), b.1812-d.1841
Williams, Kaia Marie (i80553) (still alive)
Williams, Keana Lee (i80555) (still alive)
Williams, Klyee Jordan (i80554) (still alive)
Williams, Percey (marriage to Gertrude Skillings) (i90755)
Williams, Samuel (marriage to Ruth Lassell) (i11832), b.1752-


Wilson, Albert M. (marriage to Harriet Sawyer Brown) (i69078)
Wilson, Ethnon Peter (i899), b.1875-
Wilson, Eunice (marriage to Nathaniel Cousins Jr) (i28964), b.1772-
Wilson, Ira J. (marriage to Edith Jane Skillings) (i51820)
Wilson, John Adams (marriage to Adalinda (Addie) M. Brown) (i896), b.1843-d.1894
Wilson, John H. (marriage to Annette Wyman Walker) (i12614), b.1886-d.1957
Wilson, John M. (i40739)
Wilson, Maj Nathaniel (marriage to Anna March) (i11975), b.1753-
Wilson, Newell (marriage to Lucy Ann Cheney) (i29046)


Winchester, J. Howard (marriage to Delia Mary Bemis) (i12373)


Wing, Lillian H. (marriage to Asa J. Hanscom) (i39526), b.1876-d.1933
Wing, William Frank (marriage to Alberta Edith Leick) (i12563), b.1898-d.1961


Winn, John Wallace (marriage to Margaret Brown) (i69122)
Winn, John Wallace, Jr (i69128) (living status unknown)
Winn, Lynda Lee (i69130) (living status unknown)
Winn, Margaret Ella (i69125), b.1935-d.1957


Winninghoff, Mary Ellen (i94010) (still alive)


Winslow, Vaughndella (marriage to Roland Chase Curtis) (i69216)


Winthrop, Frost (marriage to Drucilla Ladd) (i29965)
Winthrop, Watson (marriage to Laura E. Ladd) (i29962)


Wise, Elizabeth (marriage to Alexander McCulloch) (i83548), b.1806-d.1846


Wish, Fred D. (marriage to Annie Louise Libby) (i12148), b.1870-


Witham, Carrie Eldora (marriage to Seth Norton Libby) (i63804), b.1846-d.1914
Witham, Doretha (marriage to Elisha Philbrook) (i29000), b.1784-


Withers, Clara (marriage to William Dewey Cheney) (i29040)


Wolcott, Charles (marriage to Harriet Babb Libby) (i76318)


Wolhaupter, Hanford (marriage to Emily Stackpole) (i47223)


Wood, he (marriage to Mary Lassell) (i18911)
Wood, John Wayne (i75851) (living status unknown)
Wood, Melissa Marlene (i75852) (living status unknown)


Woodbridge, Chandler J. (i29543), b.1875-
Woodbridge, Edward (i29544), b.1877-
Woodbridge, Grace (i29542), b.1873-
Woodbridge, Ward (marriage to Emma E. Jordan) (i29541), b.1848-


Woodman, Benjamin (marriage to Eunice Hanscom) (i25591)
Woodman, Emily C. (marriage to Joel Sawyer) (i29096), b.1815-d.1896
Woodman, John (i87507), b.1800-
Woodman, Nathan (i87508), b.1802-
Woodman, Nathan (i87510), b.1806-
Woodman, Olive (i87506), b.1799-d.1801
Woodman, Sewall (i87509), b.1805-
Woodman, Shuah (i87511), b.1807-d.1808
Woodman, Shubael (marriage to Shuah Tarbox) (i87500)
Woodman, Shubael (marriage to Susanna Tarbox) (i87500)


Woods, Charlotte (marriage to Gardner M. Skillings) (i90739)


Woodworth, Charles H., Jr (marriage to Ellen A. (Nellie) Hanscom) (i25819), b.1854-
Woodworth, Cora Hanscom (i25820)


Wooster, Arthur (i22942), b.1870-
Wooster, child (i22949) (still alive)
Wooster, Elwin Emmerton (i22943), b.1872-d.1914
Wooster, Emma Alice (marriage to Elwin Emmerton Wooster) (i22944), b.1875-
Wooster, Evelyn Pearl (i22945), b.1898-d.1952
Wooster, Nathaniel D. (marriage to Almeda Oroville Grant) (i22938), b.1847-d.1907


Work, Ruth Pearl (marriage to Alfred Lemont Tarbox Sr) (i85278), b.1877-d.1968


Worlton, Flora (marriage to Elisha Philbrook Hardy) (i29017)


Worthen, Christine (marriage to George Franklin Currier) (i12400), b.1875-


Wright, Anna Marion (i64925), b.1923-
Wright, Ezra R. (marriage to Lucy Ellen Libby) (i76725)
Wright, Ezra R. (marriage to Lucy Ellen Libby) (i76725)
Wright, Herbert (marriage to Hannah Plummer) (i79239)
Wright, Horace A. (marriage to Drusilla Libby) (i76718)
Wright, Horace A. (marriage to Drusilla Libby) (i76718)
Wright, Lydia Ann (i79240), b.1886-d.1934
Wright, Margaret Frances (i64927), b.1936-
Wright, Mary Elinor (i64926), b.1925-
Wright, Percy J. (marriage to Elinor Frances Harmon) (i64924)


Wyman, Frank (marriage to Annette Elizabeth Walker) (i12599), b.1848-
Wyman, Timothy (marriage to Sarah Stackpole) (i47277)


Yates, Addie D. (i79600), b.1866-
Yates, Addie D. (marriage to James Leslie Jamison) (i79600), b.1866-
Yates, Beldin A. (i63909), b.1878-
Yates, Carleton Allan (i51945)
Yates, Carrie Amanda (i63910), b.1880-
Yates, Charles (i47044)
Yates, Charles H. (i41345), b.1834-
Yates, Charles H. (marriage to Sarah J. Brown) (i41345), b.1834-
Yates, Charles Ross (i63906), b.1871-
Yates, Dollie (i63898), b.1866-
Yates, Edgar Allan Poe (i25514), b.1856-d.1929
Yates, Edith A. (i63903), b.1865-
Yates, Edward Millwood (i51941)
Yates, Edward Millwood (marriage to Rose Ann Skillin) (i25513), b.1830-
Yates, Elizabeth (i92718), b.1850-
Yates, Ethel (i63911), b.1881-
Yates, Fannie Brown (i41314), b.1860-
Yates, Fidelia (i63896), b.1862-d.1880
Yates, George (i63908), b.1875-
Yates, George Denning (W.) (marriage to Mary Relief Brown) (i63901), b.1813-d.1895
Yates, George W. (i79554), b.1832-
Yates, George W. (marriage to Mary Jane Brown) (i79554), b.1832-
Yates, Isobel (i47043)
Yates, Ivor (i63900), b.1878-
Yates, John E. (i79558), b.1844-
Yates, Martha (i92717), b.1852-
Yates, Mary J. (i79557), b.1841-
Yates, Minnie (i63897), b.1864-
Yates, Oscar (i79602), b.1862-d.1899
Yates, Oscar (marriage to Flora R. Jamison) (i79602), b.1862-d.1899
Yates, Oscar Hubert (i51943)
Yates, Osgood (i63899), b.1837-d.1888
Yates, Osgood (marriage to Susan Deborah Brown) (i63899), b.1837-d.1888
Yates, Priscilla M. (i63907), b.1873-
Yates, Relief (i79560), b.1850-
Yates, Samuel (marriage to Esther Smith) (i41349), b.1802-d.1881
Yates, Samuel C. J. (i79555), b.1837-
Yates, Sophronia (i63904), b.1867-
Yates, Stanley Paul (i51948)
Yates, Stephen Gregory (i79559), b.1847-
Yates, Thomas H. B. (marriage to Mary Jane Libby (10-2-1-2-6-2-1)) (i47042)
Yates, Thomas H. L. (i79556), b.1839-
Yates, Virginia (i51947)
Yates, Wallace W. (i63905), b.1869-
Yates, William (i79601), b.1860-
Yates, William (i92716), b.1830-d.1850
Yates, Willie Clarence (i51942)


York, Helen Eliza (marriage to Linwood William Rumery) (i51988)


Young, Andrew J. (i29850), b.1825-
Young, Angela (i29856), b.1835-
Young, Bethiah (marriage to Lt John Stackpole) (i10100), b.1709-d.1785
Young, Catherine (i29852), b.1828-
Young, Ebenezer (marriage to Lydia Grant) (i22895)
Young, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Libby (11-9-7)) (i36060), b.1750-d.1829
Young, James H. (i29853), b.1830-
Young, Jane M. (i29849), b.1823-
Young, John (i29855), b.1833-
Young, Leah M. (marriage to Ray Beverage) (i87714)
Young, Lorenzo Robbins (i29858), b.1840-
Young, Maria (i29854), b.1831-
Young, Mary E. (marriage to Joseph H. Tyler) (i11617)
Young, Mary J. (i29847), b.1821-
Young, Miranda (i29857), b.1838-
Young, William G. (i29851), b.1826-
Young, William H. (i29848), b.1822-


Zarrella, Amie Lynn (i61) (still alive)


Zlatunich, Michael (i92680) (living status unknown)
Zlatunich, Nicole (i92679) (living status unknown)

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