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275. Hannah5 Brown (Andrew4, Lt. Allison3, Lt Andrew2, Andrew1) (#10123) was born in Arundel, York, ME 1753/60.(1861) poss b Cape Porpoise, ME Hannah died by 26 Nov 1826 in Belfast, Waldo, ME, at 72 years of age.(1862)

She married twice. She married Cpl Joshua Alley in Cape Porpoise, Arundel, York, ME, 1777.(1863) (Cpl Joshua Alley is #10124.) Joshua was born 4 Apr 1756 Boothbay, Lincoln, ME.(1864) Joshua was the son of Job (John?) Alley and Martha Stevens. Joshua died bef 1 Sep 1817 in Penobscot, Hancock, ME.(1865) Joshua served in the military 12 Jul 1775 - 15 Sep 1776.(1866) Joshua was listed as the head of a family on the 1790 Census Boothbay, Lincoln, ME.(1867) From Penobscot Pioneers, V1 p 2: last entry in Boothbay Town with family consisting of one male over 16, two males under 16, and four females

Joshua was listed as the head of a family on the 1800 Census in Penobscot, Hancock, ME.(1868) Joshua's will was probated in Penobscot, Hancock, ME, 24 Feb 1818.(1869) Abstract from Penobscot Pioneers by Philip Howard Gray, pp 1-4:

Cpl. Joshua Alley of Penobscot - Little has been published on the ancestors and descendants of Joshua Alley who came to the town of Penobscot in Hancock county ME before the 1800 federal census was taken. Part of the Hancock form for that census had a place to state "from whence emigrated". To that question for Joshua Alley, the enumerator wrote the answer "Marblehead" (NEHGR 1951 p 211). There is no evidence seen that our Joshua Alley ever had anything to do with this town. Walter Goodwin Davis, in his article on Halliburton's portion of the 1800 census, noted a variety of answers to the emigration question (ibid p 204). Thomas1 Alley, indentured fisherman from the Channel Islands, came with a group settling at Marblehead MA, thus our Joshua Alley likely interpreted the question to be a query about his agnate immigrant ancestor.

It is not possible to relate the Penobscot Alley family with the Mount Desert hotel keepers who are said, no doubt correctly, to be from the Lynn MA family. NOr can it be seen how the like-named settlers on Alley's Island can be placed in the family of our Penobscot settler.

Since Joshua Alley of Penobscot ME was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, attaining the rank of corporal, there may be more than the usual amount of interest in his family. However, there is one bit of bad news. The line from Joshua Alley through his son John which was approved in 1950 by the Daughters of the American Revolution turns out to be faulty, due to the error in a freuently cited history book making this son out to be the John Alley who married Mary, daughter of Amos Gray, in the Boothbay region (F.B. Greene History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine 1623-1905 1906 p 491). Knowing that John Alley, son of the Revolutionary soldier, came with his father to Penobscot, we can guess that the John Alley who married Mary Gray of Boothbay was the son of the John Alley who married Chana Ripley and is thus a nephew, not son, of the Revolutionary veteran Joshua Alley. Since the DAR is loath to admit that a member might be ersatz, a true descendant of the John Alley who reared his children on Great Wass Island ME might have trouble joining the DAR on the correct line, but a descendant wishing to join the SAR should have no problem.

Joshua4 Alley was born at Boothbay 4 Apr 1756 (ibid p 490). He would have been sixteen years old when the petition he signed with other members of his family, affirming loyalty to King George, was administratively accepted on 23 Apr 1772 (J.P. Baxter Documentary History of the State of Maine 1910 v 14 p 166-171). During the Revolution he served in the seacoast defense of the Boothbay area. He enlisted 12 July 1775 and served six months and four days in Capt. Timothy Langdon's company as a private. As corporal, he enlisted 2 Apr 1776 in Capt. Israel Davis's company and served until 15 Sept 1776 (Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War 1896 v 1 p 196; C.E. Fisher & S.G. Fisher Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War - Maine 1982 p 12).

Joshua Alley marred at a date unrecorded, probably about 177, Hannah5 Brown of Cape Porpoise in what is now Kennebunkport ME (C. Bradbury History of Kennebunk Port 1602 to 1837 1837 p 229). She was born probably in Kennebunkport probably around 1760, since she had her first child in 1778 and was age over 45 in C/1810. Joshua Alley is seen as a yeoman in Edgecomb ME selling a tract of 40 acres, deed dated 13 Sept 1782 (Lincoln Deeds v 16 p 39-40). In the 1790 census of Maine he is the last entry in Boothbay Town with family consisting of one male over 16, two males under 16, and four females (Maine Heads of Families 1790 1908 p 34). When he moved to Penobscot is not clear; he was there in the 1800 census when his family array was males 1-0-2-0-1 and females 1-2-1-0-1. Enumerator Halliburton put one, likely both, parents in the wrong age column, although either could have interpreted the age question to refer to the next birthday (microfilm C/1800 Penobscot ME). The only land transaction in Penobscot seen for Joshua Alley was when he bought of Sparks Perkins and Jeremiah Wardwell for 100 dollars a tract of land at head of a creek on the shore beign lot 90, dated 4 May 1805 (Hancock Deeds v 16 p 442-443). This property would be on the Bagaduce River at the upper end of Northern Bay in the present town of Penobscot. In 1810 his family is one male 10-16, one male 45 or over, one female 16-26, and one female 45 or over (C/1810 Penobscot ME).

The date of death for Joshua Alley is not known, but it was before 1 Sept 1817 when Mrs. Hannah Alley of Penobscot married "William Hinney", also of Penobscot (microfilm Penobscot ME vital records). On 24 Feb 1818 William Haney and Hannah his wife give an account of the estate of Joshua Alley late of Penobscot (Hancock Probate v 6 p 376). Hannah was allowed $15 for the cost of six journeys to Penobscot (evidently from Belfast). Joshua Alley owed $595 but had an estate worth only $339 so the court decided that creditors would be paid 57 cents on the dollar. Of the latter, two are of interest. Henry Bakeman was a creditor for $29.78. He was the son-in-law who was married to daughter Lucy. Ephraim Alley was a creditor for $23.40. Joshua's son Ephraim does not seem as likely to be this creditor as a brother of that name who was also a Revolutionary War soldier who died in Boothbay in 1842 (Boston Advertiser & Patriot 26 Mar 1842). That brother, however, does not appear to be the father of another Ephraim Alley who died 15 Apr 1845 at age 63 and is buried in Leland's Cove Cemetery on Mount Desert Island (gravestone). Hannah (Brown) Alley Haney was dead, evidently in Belfast, by 26 Nov 1826 when Ebenezer Wardwell of Penobscot was appointed administrator de bonis non by the probate court (Hancock Probate v 6 p 376). The children of Joshua and Hannah ALley, all but the last three born in Boothbay and listed with birthdates in Greene, were:

i. Lydia5 Alley was born 14 July 1778 and is thought by a descendant to have married Solomon Peabody of Warren ME (Velton Peabody personal communication).

ii. Elizabeth5 Alley was born 12 July 1780. Greene says that she married Samuel Gray of Boothbay but this is certainly wrong. A Betsy Alley of Penobscot with the birthdate of 12 July 1780 was married 17 Dec 1801 to Nathaniel Cushing, and according to the records of Rev. Jonathan Fisher there were the following children (surname Cushing): John b 17 Mar 1802; Louisa b 18 Aug 1804; Nathaniel b 10 Aug 1807; Leander b 24 Aug 1809; Lemuel b 31 Aug 1812; Betsy Alley b 17 Oct 1816; Andrew Peters b 6 Mar 1820; and Franklin Spofford b 14 Dec 1822 (J. Fisher Family Register of Blue Hill, Maine. Original ledger at Fisher Memorial, Blue Hill ME).

iii. John5 Alley was born 22 Jan 1782. He filed his marriage intentions with Triphena Heath 10 June 1804 and they were married 27 June 1804 (microfilm Penobscot vital records). This family moved to Great Wass Island in the town of Beals ME where descendants and legends are many (D. Simpson The Maine Islands 1960 p 212). The names of the children were Eldad6; John6; Joshua6; Zebediah6; Joseph6; Lucy Ann6; Betsy6; Andrew6; George Washington6; Levi6; and Alexander6 (Velton Peabody personal communication).

iv. Andrew5 Alley was born 10 May 1785. He does not seem to occupy a census slot; however, an Andrew Alley was a store customer of Joseph Wescott of North Castine in 1805 (Elizabeth Wescott personal communication, referring to the Wescott account book kept at the Castine Scientific Society in nearly total secrecy).

v. Lucy5 Alley was born 18 Sept 1787. She is said by Greene to have married William Currier in 1826 when she would have been 39; yet on page 471 Greene says that William Currier married Patience Smith in 1801 and their son William was born in 1805; if this latter William Currier married a Lucy Alley it surely was not this one who would have been nearly twice his age. Actually, Lucy Alley was no more than 13 years old when her family moved to the Penobscot region where she married Henry5 Bakeman of Cape Rosier (A.A. Gray & W.A. Snow The Gray Family of Hancock County, Maine 1976 p 155). Documentary proof of this marriage is the State of Maine record of a death for Hannah N. Grindle, died 11 June 1909, which gives father as Henry Bakeman and mother as Lucy Alley. Their children are given in the Bakeman file infra.

vi. Joshua5 Alley was born 22 June 1790. He was published to Betsy Wescott of Penobscot 25 June 1809 (microfilm Penobscot vital records).

vii. Abigail5 Alley was probably born about 1794 since she married 16 Aug 1812 Amos Davis (ibid).

viii. Alexander5 Alley was born about 1797. He filed intentions of marriage with Betsy Bowden in March 1817 (ibid). The Orland vital records (microfilm) list four children of Alexander Alley and his first wife Betsy Bowden: Mary6; Louisa6; Joshua6; and Alexander6. These children except Joshua are presumed to have died as did the mother. The father then married as his second wife Mary Gray, the daughter of Christopher Gray and his first wife Margaret Howard (Gray Family of Hancock County p 141). Orland vital records list the children of Alexander and Mary Alley as Deborah6; Nathaniel6; Jesse A.6; Alexander6; Louisa6; Andrew Martin6; Margaret Harriman6; and Sarah6. Census returns indicate there were also Abigail6; James6; Ruth6; and Joseph6. The second wife died and he married at least once more (Elizabeth Wescott, Dorothy Miller, and Carolyn Hanson personal communications).

ix. Ephraim5 Alley was born, as a guess, soon after the 1800 census. He does not show in C/1810, but should be in the under 10 column. He must have been taken to Belfast by his mother after she married William Haney. The Belfast vital records have the following children for Ephraim Alley and Sarah K. his wife, all born in that town: Joshua Franklin6 Alley b 9 Mar 1824; Caroline Chandler6 Alley b 3 Oct 1825; John Wesley6 Alley b 1 Feb 1827; and Sarah Ann6 Alley b 20 Sept 1828 (Belfast Vital Records v 2 p 23).

See Also Penobscot Pioneers V1 pp 24-28 for more information on the Thomas Alley family.

Abstract from Penobscot Pioneers by Philip Howard Gray, Penobscot Press, page 126 (Addenda & Corrections):

"Volume One (Alley Bakeman Smart)

Joshua Alley: When I gave the circumstantial evidence that Lucy(5) Alley married Henry(5) Bakeman I overlooked the marriage intention in the Penobscot vital records which reads (no pagination in original records on LDS film 0011752): "Intentions of marriage by and between Mr. Henry Bakeman of Castine andMiss Lucy Alley of Penobscot published June 22 1806." This is not the marriage record, although I've seen several authors refer to it as such.

Ina Harris Day has recently published a compilation that included the Alley family which compilation has more errors that I could possibly deal with, including the assertion that formerly the new year began on March 26th (I.H. Day William Day and Dorothy Littlefield 1989 p 143). Among the homiletic exercises an Alley descendant should be careful about is the one on page 144 where Mrs. Day informs us that theJoshua Alley at Boothbay and the Joshua Alley from Marblehead are different persons whose families were mixed together by Francis B. Green [sic] in his History of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport [sic] and by the authors of Early Families of Jonesport, Maine [not having seen this reference I'll assume Mrs. Day got it correct]. On page 145 of her book, Mrs. Day has the wife of Joshua Alley as being Hannah(5) Brown, a daughter of Andrew(4) Brown on the line of Andrew(3), Joshua(2), John(1) which is the wrong line (see W.G. Davis The Ancestry of Sarah Miller 1939 p 60 for the correct lineage which is Hannah (5), Andrew(4), Allison(3), Andrew(2), and Andrew(1) Brown of Scarborough). Mrs. Day insisted that Lucy Alley married Henry Bakeman in 1806 then married in 1826 William Currier which dubiety can be answered with the inscription from a Cape Rosier gravestone: "Lucy, wife of Henry Bakeman died February 18, 1856, 68 yrs and 9 mos." Mrs. Day also firmly believed that "Many who descend from early New Englanders have Indian ancestry" (p 139). I doubt it. Baron de Castin evidently had an Indian wife and it is fairly certain that Father Rasle also had one, but these New Englanders were about as far outside Puritan writ as it was possible to get."

She married William Haney (Hinney) in Penobscot, Hancock, ME, 1 Sep 1817.(1870) (William Haney (Hinney) is #18167.) Extract from Penobscot Pioneers by Philip Howard Gray, pp 36-38:

Hannah5 Brown was born in Kennebunkport (Old Arundel) perhaps around 1760 since her first child was born in 1778 (F.B. Greene, History of Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine 1623-1905, 1906 p 490). She married Joshua4 Alley (W.G. Davis, The Ancestry of Sarah Miller, p 60). They were Penobscot Pioneers.

Extract from MMF by W.G. Davis, V 1, p 236:

3. Hannah; m Joshua Alley

Hannah Brown and Cpl Joshua Alley had the following children:

child + 866 i. Lydia6 Alley was born 14 Jul 1778.

child + 867 ii. Elizabeth (Betsy) Alley was born 12 Jul 1780.

child + 868 iii. John Alley was born 22 Jan 1782.

child 869 iv. Andrew W. Alley (#18193) was born Boothbay, Lincoln, ME 10 May 1785.(1871)

child + 870 v. Lucy Alley was born 18 Sep 1787.

child 871 vi. Joshua Alley (#18194) was born Boothbay, Lincoln, ME 22 Jun 1790.(1872) He married Betsy Wescott 25 Jun 1809.(1873) published (Betsy Wescott is #18195.)

Betsy was born in of Penobscot, ME.(1874)

child + 872 vii. Alexander Jesse Alley Sr was born 1792/7.

child 873 viii. Abigail Alley (#18196) was born 1794.(1875) She married Amos Davis 16 Aug 1812.(1876) (Amos Davis is #18197.)

child + 874 ix. Ephraim Alley was born 1800.

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