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SOS - Summer of Sleuthing
YM - Family History Summer Challenges

(ages 12-18 years)

Do at least two (2) projects to earn your
Summer Of Sleuthing Challenges Award

Many of these challenges will also complete goals
for your Scouting Merit Badge
or Duty to God award.
You can work on them as an individual, 
or with your priesthood or scouting group.

IMPORTANT:  Call one of our ward FH Consultants to register for the
SOS Challenge.  We will check with you through the summer to give
encouragement and help.

We suggest you DO THIS ONE plus 2 more:

YM-1   Keep or start a journal.  If you are not currently keeping a journal, keep one daily during the course of the SOS Challenge, and write your feelings of what you have learned.  Bring your journal with you when you receive your certificate.   


 Pedigree and Family Group Sheets -- Fill out the pedigree chart on the back of the ‘How Do I Start…?’ form  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or ask a FH Consultant for a copy.  Complete a Family Group Record for each of these:  you,  your parents, and grandparents as children.  Find out the dates and names you don't know to fill in the blanks.  You can use PAF to create your family group sheets, then print, or you can use a paper form CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.  (fulfills requirements for Duty to God Award: Deacons Family Activities #4 and part of #7, Deacons Spiritual Development #7, Teachers Spiritual Development #6, or Scouting Genealogy Merit Badge #2 and #3 and possibly #5)

YM-3  Create a multimedia project about yourself, your family, or a grandparent. Here are ideas:

  • Create a home video

  • Create a DVD movie
  • Create a PowerPoint slideshow
  • Create a Family Blog
  • Create a Family website

Your project should illustrate something about you or your family. Share your completed project with your family. Write about this challenge in your journal and, if possible, include a picture of your finished project.  If possible, bring a finished project to show at the Ward Social.

YM-4  Do a service project for an older relative. Suggestions are clean their yard, fix something they need fixed, paint something, or clean a room in their home. Ask them what you can do to help them.  Treat them as you would the Savior. Write your feelings about this challenge in your journal.   (fulfills the following Duty to God requirements: Teachers Family Activities #9, Priests Spiritual Development part of #4 )

YM-5   Interview one of your parents or grandparents about their life.   Click on the links here to download the files you need to get started.  Write down, tape record or videotape their story and make copies for your family.  Be sure to write your feelings about this challenge in your journal.  

        INTERVIEW QUESTIONS            HOW TO WRITE IT               WHY DO IT NOW?


YM-6    One-Hour Life Story  - Enhanced!   This is a quick history which is expanded upon and enhanced with photos.   (fulfills the following Duty to God requirements: Priests Family Activities #9, and for Scouting Genealogy Merit Badge #5)   Click here for more details on this project.

YM-7    Look for death certificates of deceased relatives in the index to ‘Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956’ (with images).  The Utah death certificates can be searched through the ‘Record Search’ feature at: Print copies of any you find and put them with your family history records.  Write in your journal about this challenge and what you learned about your relative(s).

(Fulfills requirement for Scouting Genealogy Merit Badge #5)

YM-8   Find a historical book in the Family History Library about the history of a community where one of your ancestors lived.. Write at least a page about what you found interesting in the book.  Write about this book in your journal. 

YM-9    Go to a cemetery and help clean an area. If you have family members buried there, clean around their graves, and copy the information on their markers. Write your feelings about this challenge in your journal

YM-10  Stories of Faith.  Collect at least 3 stories of your relatives or others who have demonstrated faith.  You may also interview older relatives and write down their stories -- this can be combined with project YM-4 above.   (fulfills requirements for Duty to God Award: Deacons Spiritual Development #6 --if you report on it )  

YM-11     Online Indexing    Sign up for and do at least five hours of FamilySearch Indexing at  Call Carol Jones for instructions on how to get started. Write in your journal about this challenge.

YM-12     Census Search   Look for one of your grandparents or great-grandparents in the 1930 U.S. census. You can find the census on microfilm or on the Internet at the Family History Library. The best online source is This is a subscription website at home, but you can search them for free at the library. Make a transcript or a photocopy of the census entry for your grandparent and their family.

Next, search for the same family in the 1920 census. Compare the information between the two census records and write about the differences in your journal.

YM-13     Scavenger Hunt.  With your YM group or Scouting troop, have your leader call the Tremonton/Garland FH Library (257-7015) and schedule a "Scavenger Hunt" activity.  Prior to the activity date, your leader will need to pick up the detective notebook master and make copies for each of you to use during the scavenger hunt.   Attend this activity and participate with your group.

YM-14 & 15  GENEALOGY SCOUT MERIT BADGE  Earn your Scout genealogy merit badge; this counts as two projects. You can download the list of requirements HERE

YM-16  Sign up for a Family History Class at the local FH Center   Visit the Center (near BR Middle School) to see what classes (free) are available this summer, or call 257-7015 for more information.  Take a class this summer!

Remember to bring any projects you have to display, to the concluding ceremony at the Ward FALL Social. Your journal can be a lasting record of what you accomplished in your challenges

Certificate of Completion