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SOS - Summer of Sleuthing
Pre-Schooler Family History Summer Challenges

(ages 2-5 years)

Do at least four (4) projects to earn your
Summer Of Sleuthing Challenges Award

Print this page then have your parents initial on the line
when you have completed a challenge. Have your parents
help you with the challenges if needed.

Put a copy of your finished projects in a folder or binder
and bring to the Ward Social at the end of the summer.

____ P-1 Draw a  picture of your Family. Write your name and the date on the picture.  

____ P-2 Print the pedigree chart.  Fill in names of yourself, your parents, and grandparents.  Color the picture.

                 PEDIGREE CHART #1                           PEDIGREE CHART #2

____ P-3 Draw a picture of your house. Draw you and your family and your pets standing in front of your house. Write your name and the names of your family and pets on the picture. Add the date. 

____ P-4 If a member of your family is going to do a service project for an older relative, help them do it.

____ P-5 Ask one of your grandparents what they were like when they were your age. Ask them what they remember most about their childhood. If your family has a tape-recorder or a digital recorder, have your parents record your conversation.

____ P-6 Place your hands, with your fingers spread, on a piece of construction paper. Have your Mom or your Dad trace around your hands. Write your name and the date below your hands. On each of your fingers, write a favorite thing. Examples are your favorite color, favorite food, favorite flavor of ice cream, favorite place to visit, favorite friend, and so on. [Or, have everyone in your family write their name on one of the fingers.] 

____ P-7 With your family, visit a cemetery and help clean an area. If you have family members buried there, clean around their graves. Have your parents take a picture of you in front of the monument or marker.

____ P-8 Talk to your family about any of your ancestors who moved to the United States because they wanted to be able to go to church where they wanted to go and not where someone else told them they had to go. Why did they feel it was important to come to the United States? How hard was it for them to come to the United States? What was life like in the country they came from?

____ P-9 Learn the song "Family History I Am Doing It" from the Primary Children's Songbook, and sing it at home evening.

      P-10 Watch Disney's "The Tigger Movie".   What was Tigger looking for?  Why do we want to know who our family and ancestors are?  What is a family tree?  How do we look for our family tree?

       P-11  Have your parents explain to you  what "ancestors" means.  Who are some of your ancestors?  Where did they come from?  Have your parents discuss this in a home evening.

Remember to bring your signed paper and your finished projects (in a binder or folder) to our Ward FALL Social to receive your "Summer of Sleuthing Challenges" award certificate.

Certificate of Completion