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SOS - Summer of Sleuthing
Adult's Family History Summer Challenges

(ages18 +)

Complete project A-1 plus at least one other project below
to earn your
Summer Of Sleuthing Challenges Award

We hope you will:

  • Enjoy completing these Summer of Sleuthing challenges.

  • Gain knowledge and improved skills for doing and documenting research and for writing history.

  • Come to love your ancestors as you get to know them better.

  • Gain a desire to continue with similar projects in the future.

IMPORTANT:  Call one of our ward FH Consultants to register for the
SOS Challenge.  We will check with you through the summer to give
encouragement and help.

then click on any links for the one you choose,
to get all the details and help you will need.


We suggest you do this one plus one (or more) others:

A-1   Keep or start a journal.  Write in it about how the challenges you are choosing to work on.   


A-2      Write your life’s story. This may seem like a big task, but we will help you break it down into accomplishable pieces. You will be able to complete a history of your life which will be a treasure for you to give to your children, grandchildren and future generations.      

A-2b    If the complete "Write Your Life's History" goal seems unattainable to you, do this alternative
One-Hour Life Story  - Enhanced project.


A-3    Research the Life of a Chosen Ancestor or Ancestral Family. Focusing on just one person and their family will give you good experience in researching and writing history and perhaps you will want to move from there to writing a larger family history.  


A-4    Create a record that is complete and "worthy of all acceptation." If your records are like those of a lot of people, they are far from ‘"worthy of all acceptation.’"  You will select a portion of your family records and over the course of the summer you will work to find missing data and source documentation. The methods you learn and good practices you develop will help you move on to other portions of your records so you may complete and document them also.

A-5    Pick the Low-hanging Fruit”—Create a Descendancy Family History. You have likely seen a family history that contains information on all the descendants of a particular person or couple. In this challenge you will learn how to do descendancy research. You will choose one of your ancestors and research their descendants.  You may find it is easy to gather names that have been missed for temple work.

Read this article "Branching Out On Your Family Tree"  

A-6     Create a Family Heritage Scrapbook.  If you have at home a shoebox, or more than one, full of  family pictures, then this may be the challenge for you. It’s time to get those pictures organized, labeled, and documented. By the end of this challenge you will have a lovely family history scrapbook to share with family members.


A-7     Create a Home Video or DVD Movie or Family Website About Your Family History.  Your project should illustrate something about you or your family. Share your completed project with your family.  ( help on this one!  You are on your own.)

A-8    Interview one of your parents or grandparents about their life. Click on the links here to download the files you need to get started.  Write down or tape-record their story and make copies to share with your family. Be sure to write your feelings about this challenge in your journal.


A-9 New FamilySearch . Learn to use   Correct family files, connect with other researchers, prepare a name for the temple.  Click here for additional instructions.

A-10      Online Indexing    Sign up for and do at least ten (10) hours of FamilySearch Indexing at  Call Carol Jones for instructions on how to get started.
Write in your journal about this challenge.   Click here for a step-by-step plan.


         A-11    Create a Website for your Family History   Create a website ( offers
        free hosting) on which you put your family history (nothing about living people). Upload photos, histories,
        pedigrees and family groups.  Your PAF or other genealogy software can help you do it. Call Lana 257-7715
        for additional help.
     A-12   Sign up for a Family History Class at the local FH Center   Visit the Center (near BR Middle
       School) to see what classes are available this summer, or call 257-7015 for more information.  Take a class
       this summer!

Remember to bring any project that can be displayed to the concluding ceremony at the Ward FALL Social. Your journal will be a lasting record of what you accomplished in your challenges.

Certificate of Completion