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ADULT SOS Challenge  A-6   

Create a Family Heritage Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a popular pastime these days and there are great materials available to help you create a heritage scrapbook that will be a lasting treasure for you and your family and for generations to come.

Here are the tasks for you to accomplish for this challenge.  (If you get a week behind in the schedule -- No Worries!  -- just pick up where you left off and continue on!)

Week 1—Preparing:

  1. Collect your loose family pictures, documents, and other memorabilia to one location for sorting. You may also want to include pictures from photo albums as long as they can be removed without damage.

  2. Sort your family pictures, documents and memorabilia. Here are some possible sort options:

    1. Sort by family

    2. Sort in chronological order

    3. Sort by special event such as holidays, family events, or memorable vacations.

  3. Talk to family members and tell them what you are doing. They may be able to provide background information and stories to go along with some of your pictures etc. They may also have pictures you don’t.

Week 2—Planning:

  1. Decide on a size and format for your heritage scrapbook.

    1. Two of the most popular sizes are 8x10 and 12x12. Keep in mind: You will be scanning or color copying the pages of your scrapbook to give to family members so you may wish to choose a size convenient for this.

    2. You may use purpose-made bound scrapbooks or you may wish to use three-rings binders.

    3. Make sure all your materials including binder, papers, pens, stickers, ink, and adhesives are acid free.

  2. Decide on a theme for your scrapbook. Here are some suggestions:

    1. Family reunions through the years.

    2. Family holidays or vacations through the years.

    3. A tribute to family members who have served in the military.

    4. The life of a particular person, family, or branch of the family.

    5. Life on the old family farm.

3. If necessary, further sort your pictures, documents and memorabilia based on your theme.

Week 3—Getting Started:

  1. Begin to plan the layouts of the pages of your heritage scrapbook.

    1. Group together pictures, documents, memorabilia and stories that go together.

    2. Do not over-load the pages. Three or four pictures or items per page is good. You want to leave room for the stories and identification that goes with them.

    3. Decide what color scheme you would like for the pages, which may be chosen to match your theme or to compliment the pictures. Make notes on each page which you can take with you to the store to buy supplies.

    4. You may wish to make rough sketches of the layouts of each page to follow when you are actually putting them together. These will help assembly go more quickly.

  2. As you select pictures to go on your pages, choose the best of the lot and set aside those you will not be using—especially if there are pictures of similar pose taken at the same time or occasion. Duplicates or pictures of lesser quality can be thrown away or at least passed on to family members who may want them. Some may also be saved for another heritage scrapbook. Copies of a family picture might go in the scrapbooks of each person in the picture.

Weeks 4 & 5—Put your pages together:

  1. With your notes in hand, go to a store that sells scrapbooking supplies and buy the supplies you need. Again, make sure all your supplies are acid free.

  2. Following your layouts, begin putting your pages together.

Week 6:

  1. When you have finished assembling your pages, either scan them and print them in color, or take them to a photocopying center and make color copies of them.

  2. Slip your pages, and copies of pages, into archive-safe clear page covers. These can be purchased at scrapbook or office supply stores.

  3. Assemble your covered pages into your selected binders for distribution to your family members. You may want to distribute them at a special occasion such as a family birthday, anniversary, reunion, or wait until Christmas.


At our ward summer social, bring your completed heritage scrapbook, or one of the copies,  to the concluding ceremony to show as evidence of finishing your challenge in order to receive your award of completion.