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Joe Pendleton
by Lee Nash

There was a neighbor in Bud,WVa. by the name of Joe Pendleton.  Now Joe had only one arm and worked in the coal mines for the Gaston Coal Company at Bud.  He had several children one of whom was killed in WWI.  Elizabeth was his daughter.  Mrs. Pendleton was a very nice lady and helped her neighbors. 

They were a fine family.  We lived next to him and our back yards was along the railroad siding awaiting the coal cars to be filled at the tipple.  Our outdoor "johns" were over the walled creek that ran by our house.

Now Joe was mischievous, meaning he always "stirred up" the local young folks, especially Willis Hash.  Willis would be going home along the tracks after "fascinating the girls" and about this time he would be "feeling his oats" after visiting a local beer hall.  Willis would occasionally use our john on his merry way home.

As I say, Joe played "practical" jokes and on one occasion when Willis disappeared in our john, Joe Pendleton grabbed an old worn out broom he was saving and slipped up by the John and stepped on the creek bed.  He jabbed Willis as he set there and the whole world exploded.  Willis emerged knocking the door off the john and with his trousers being yanked up started running away.  He stopped when he heard Joe laughing loudly, and turning there were names banded about, some I had never heard before.  Everyone ran to see what the commotion was about but Joe disbursed them and in a short while he and Willis were the best of buddies.

Hope you had a grin on this true story.


Lee Hash


It was just before people had radios in the camp and several men would gather at my fathers house and set around the fireplace telling stories. I believed every word that Joe Pendleton said listened to his yarns.  Ghost tales were favorites and Joe told of one who "resided" up Kayro Holler just above our house.  One moonlight night some of the men with Joe, "met" this ghost and surround it in a circle trying to catch the thing.  It was when Joe said they all held hands so the ghost couldn't get lose that I realized that Joe Pendleton was not always truthefull as he had only on arm.  The many evenings and the stories told have long been forgotten.  

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