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          The Lost Colony


January 7, 1587, 150 people arrived on what is called Roanoke Island in what is today's North Carolina.

More than 2/3 of these remained behind. While actual numbers is subject to disagreement where is 115 names we feel certain were among those that remained behind.



John White (governor)                                      John Spendlove                             Grifen Jones(welch)

Roger Bailie (assistant)                                      John Hemmington                         John Burden

Annanias Dare (assistant)                                 Edward Powell                               John Cheven

Christopher Cooper ( assistant)                       Humfrey Newton                           Thomas Smith

Thomas Stevens ( assisatant                            Thomas Gramme/Graham             William Willes

John Samson ( assistant)                                   John Gibbs                                      John Brooke

Dyonis Harvie ( assistant)                                Richard Shaberdge/Shabedge      Cuthbert White

Roger Pratt (assistant)                                       John Tydway/Tideway                  John Bright

George Howe ( assistant)                                  Michael Myllet                               Clement Tayler

Simon Fernando ( assistant)                             William Browne                              William Sole/Soul

Nicholas Johnson ( assistant)                          Thomas Butler                                John Cotsmur

Thomas Warner ( assistant)                              Hugh Patterson                              John Jones (welch)

Antoney Cage ( assistant)                                 John Bridger                                  Ambrose Viccars

Edmund English                                                  Thomas Topan                              William Lucas

John Wright                                                         William Dutton                               John Chapman

Hugh Tayler                                                         Michael Bishop                              Richard Tompkins

Henry Mylton                                                      William Nichols                              John Nichols

Morris Allen                                                        William Clement                              Richard Wildye/Wilde

Richard Kemme                                                   Richard Tavener                             Arnold Archard

John Wyles                                                          George Martyn/Martin                  Martyn Sutton

Mark Bennett                                                       James Hynde                                   James Lucy

William Berde/Baird                                            John Earnest                                   Thomas Harris

Thomas Hewit                                                      Thomas Ellis                                    John Stilman

John Farre                                                             Brian Wyles/Wills                         Peter Little

Richard Berry                                                       Henry Berry                                     Henry Johnson

John Start                                                              Richard Darige                                William Waters

Robert Little                                                          Lewes   Wotten                               Henry Rufoote

Thomas Harris                                                      Charles Florrie                                Thomas Scott

Henry Browne                                                      Henry Payne                                    John Borden





Elanyer Dare ( wife of Annanias)

Agnes Wood( probably single)

Jane Woods

Elizabeth Glane (maybe wife of Derby Glane who deserted to Puerto Rico)

Alis Chapman ( wife of John)

Elizabeth Viccars

Margery Harvie

Joyce Archard

Jane Pierce ( probably single)

Audrey Tappan ( wife of Thomas)

Margaret Lawrence (probably single)

Joan Warren (probably single)

Jane Mannering (probably single)

Rose Payne (probably single)


Emme Merrimouth (probably single)




Virginia Dare ( daughter of Annanias & Eleanor)




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