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Lecture on Blue Jacket   (Karen Pfister's AOL Native American chat)

I am going to try and give you as much information tonight as I can on
BLUEJACKET .  I am happy that you could make it tonight . This is going
to be the first of a month long lectures on Our Great Men .
BLUEJACKET , the Shawnee name  appeared more than once in the Shawnee
Nation .  MARMADUKE VAN SWEARINGEN,  most think  was not the orginal
The name started out as two words and evloved into a surname after
MARMADUKE  was captured by the SHAWNEE NATION .    Historians have noted
that Bluejacket  was a white captive  and recived wide acceptance since
the publication of ALLEN W. ECKERTS  book  "THE FRONTIERSMAN" .
Bluejacket's  life is based on family stories and traditions from Kansas
in 1877 . 
Bluejacket was the recongnized chief of the Mequachake division of the
Shawnee in 1772 , while Marmaduke was but a youth at the time of his
capture in 1778.
A Shawnee named Blue Jacket is listed among John Owens early accounts of
our history .  As early as 1756  Bluejacket's name appearing along with
Ben Dickerson, and cousin Blue Shadow . Whom was also called the Earl Of
Hell . Along with the Rev David Jones who visited Blue Jackets town in
1772 .
When Marmaduke VanSwearingen was captured during the 1770's , he was
adopted and given the name of Blue Jacket . Perhaps he was to replace
the original Blue Jacket . But Blue Jacket's family may have given him
the same name , which was done at that time .
Blue Jacket was the second in command with Little Turttle ( when reading
about Little Turttle I find mentions of Bluejacket also ) ,during the
red victories at Harmar 's Defeat and St. Clairs defeat .  You can find
writtings of them both in many of the books  written about the fall of
Fallen Timbers . Ky.
Blue Jackets first wife was Clearwater , daughter of Deperon Baby and
his Shawnee wife .  His children included JAMES BLUEJACKET  b around
1790. BlueJacket had a second wife . Her name was PEGGY MOORE ,  a white
daughter  of James Moore who was adopted by the Shawnee. Their children
were  JOSEPH  who became the sub-chief under Tecumseh in the war of 1812
.Mary Jane Bluejacket , who married a French-Canadian Trader named
Lacelle and later lived in Detroit . James Bluejacket whom was the
father of Rev. Charles BlueJacket , and Nancy Bluejacket  who married
James Stewart and had four children  whom amoung them was Joseph Stewart
. Listed in the tracts of land in Ohio by the 1817 Treaty of the Miami
of Lake Erie was Thucuscu or Jim Bluejacket . I am not sure if this is
one of Van's children .
The Shawnee whom were on the muster roll of the Ohio Hog Creek and
Wapakonetta bands   shows Henry BlueJacket family of seven and James
Bluejacket family of four .  The Shawnees who fought the Seminoles in
Florida   were Henry, George and Jim Bluejacket . 
Charles Bluejacket was the son of James Bluejacket born on the Huron
River in Michigan  1816.  He attended a mission school near Fort Meigs .
James Bluejacket married a Wyandot and lived with her people . The 1843
Roll of the Wyandots from Sandusky shows his family consisting of 3
children.  Rev. Charles Bluejacket married Pa-we-see in 1833 , amoung
their children was Robert  born in 1840 , he was shot to death by
Villiam Fish in 1858 in Johnson County , Kansas .
Charles married again in 1843  to Julie Ann Daugherty member of the
Louis P Daugherty family . From this marriage came  Sally  1844 m
Jonathan Gore, David , b 1846, Price b 1854, Willis b 1860, Julia Ann b
1863 and Richard b 1866 . 
There is much written on the family of Charles Bluejacket which can be
Among the Shawnee who settled on the lands of the Cherokee Nation by
1869 was , Charles, Louisa , Price, Willis, Silas, Henry , Richard M ,
David, Eliza , Rosella, Katherine, Sally Martin , Joseph , Emma ,
Sally,(F.E.Bailey's divorced widow ) . All family members are listed in
JAIFR , vol lV, #2, pp 100-111 . Twenty -four members of the Bluejacket
family are listed among the Shawnee on the 1880 Cherrokee Nation Census
. . ..
And last but not forgoten is Dennis W. Bluejacket , he was among the
Shawnee who fought for America during WWII . He was killed in Europe.
I hope this lightens your search for BlueJackets family .  The following
books may help .
JAIFR, Journal of American Indian Family Research
HARVEY , Henry Harvey , History of the Shawnee Indians from 1681 - 1854,
E Morgan & Sons , Cincinnati ,1855

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