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Alexander Spottswood, born in 1676, at Tangier, then an English Colony, in Africa, his father being the resident surgeon. He was thoroughly trained soldier, serving on the continent under the Duke of Marlborough. He was dangerously wounded at the battle of Blenheim, in 1704, when as quartermaster-general, with the rank of Colonel. He arrived in Virginia in 1710, as Lieutenant-Governor under George Hamilton,the earl of Orkney, and his administration was the most able of all the Colonial rulers. He was connected with Robert Carry of England, established the first iron furnace in North America. In 1730, he was duputy Postmaster-General for the American Colonies, and it was he who promoted Benjamin Franklin to the position of Postmaster for the province of Pennsylvania. He rose to the rank of Major -General and,when on the eve of embarking with troops destined for Carthagena, died at Annapolis, Maryland, June 7th 1740. He owned the house in which Lord Cornwallis afterward signed the articles of capitulation at Yorktown.


Lady Spottswood, who became the wife of Governor Spottswood in 1724, was Anna Butler, daughter of Richard Brayne of Westminister, England. She derived her middle name from James Butler, Duke of Ormond, her Godfather. There are many descendants of the issue of this marriage in Virginia and West Virginia.


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