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William Bates and
Margaret Young

William Bates was born 2 February 1737 in Wythe Co., VA and died 3 February 1811 in VA. William was the son of Joseph Bates and Mary King. (Joseph Bates was born 6 May 1714 in Seven Mile Ford, VA). William Bates married 15 January 1765 to Margaret Young.

Margaret Young was the daughter of Robert Young and Mary. (Robert Young was the son of Israel Young born in Scotland). Mary Young was born in Rockbridge Co., VA and died 11 July 1793 in Montgomery Co., VA. Children of William Bates and Margaret Young;

  John Wallis Bates was born 17 May 1779 in Broadford, VA and died May 1843 in Letcher Co., KY. John Wallis Bates married 22 April 1812 to Sarah Walthrop. Sarah was born 1793 in NC and died in 1853 in Letcher Co., KY. Sarah and John Wallis Bates are buried in the Bates Cemetery, Kona, KY.

  James Alexander Bates was born 1 December 1760 in Prince Edward Co., VA and died in 1814. James married 10 August 1786 to Mary Maurphy (Murphy?). Child of James and Mary Maurphy Bates.

  Robert Bates was born 30 January 1766 at Prince Edward, VA and died 11 December 1840 at Madison Co., IL. He married 9 July 1795 in Washington Co., VA to Sallye Bates.  Children of Robert and Sallye Bates.

  Joseph Bates was born 5 June 1777 and died in 1849 in Batesville, Overton, TN. Joseph married 10 Mar 1808 to Mary K Gentry. Mary K Gentry was born 1790.

  Elijah A Bates was born 20 February 1768 in Wythe Co., VA and died 11 April 1811. Elijah married 15 September 1789 to Priscilla Patrick. Priscilla Patrick was born in 1767 in VA and died in Bates Co. MO. Children of Elijah and Priscilla Bates.

  Henderson Wesley Bates was born 1779 in Montgomery VA and died in 1845 in Batesville, Overton, TN. Henderson married March 1810 to Sarah Gentry. Child of Henderson Wesley and Sarah Bates.

  Mary Bates was born in 1783. Mary married in 1806 to Jacob Beeson.

  Thomas Fletcher Bates was born 15 April 1784 and died 4 August 1835 in Audrain MO. Thomas married on 5 April 1820 to Nancy McCarty. Nancy McCarty was born 29 September 1791 and died 2 September 1838. Children of Thomas and Nancy Bates.

  Jane Bates was born in 1781 and died in 1807. Jane married William Talbert.

  Charles Bates was born 6 MAY 1787. Charles married 4 February 1806 to Eda McCollan. Children of Charles and Eda Bates.

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