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Tombstone of Rev Richard Smith 5 March 1771 to 28 November 1836
Tombstone of Rev Richard Smith, Old Smith Graveyard, Troublesome Creek, Ary, Perry Co., KY
Tombstone of Elitia Combs Smith 20 June 1772 to 11 March 1858
Tombstone of Elitia Combs Smith, Wife of Rev Richard Smith, Old Smith Graveyard, Troublesome Creek, Ary, Perry Co., KY

Rev Richard Smith
and Aletia Combs

Rev Richard Smith was born 5 March 1771 in Virginia and died 28 November, 1836. Quoting The Combs Family Website) "His birth and death dates are taken from his cemetery marker and his nuncupative will confirms his date of death".

Rev Richard Smith's grave is located in the Old Smith Graveyard, Troublesome Creek, Ary, Perry, KY. Rev Richard was the son of William Smith and Elizabeth Betty Eunice Ritchie. 

Rev Richard Smith married about 1794 to Elitia Combs. Elitia Combs was born 20 June 1772 in Virginia and died 11 March 1858 in Ary, Perry, KY. Elitia was also buried in the Old Smith Graveyard, Troublesome Creek, Ary, Perry Co., KY. Elitia was the daughter of Nicholas "Danger Nick" Combs and Nancy Grigsby. Children of Rev Richard and Eletia Combs Smith;

  William Smith born 1791/1795 in Sullivan Co., TN and died 15 Febrdary, 1875 in Floyd Co., KY. William married 20 April 1816 in Floyd Co., KY to Millie "Nellie" Combs. Millie was born 20 April 1802 and died 21 May 1876. Millie was the daughter of John "Soldier John" Combs and Margaret "Biddy" Nantz.

  Thomas Smith was born 4 August 1804 in Sullivan, TN and died 28 February 1881 in Breathitt Co., KY. Thomas married on 25 July 1826 in Perry Co., KY to Sarah Clemmons. Sarah was born in 1804 and died after 1834 in Breathitt Co., KY. Sarah was the daughter of Francis William Clemmons and Rebecca Fleming.

  Martha Patsy "Dinah" Smith was born 17 June 1798 in Lotts Creek, Knott Co., KY and died after 1886 in Perry Co., KY. She married on 10 November 1817 in Clay Co., KY to John C "Jackson" Campbell. Jackson was born 20 August 1795 in Buncombe Co., NC and died 10 May 1883 in Breathitt Co., KY. Jackson was the son of John Zachariah Campbell and Mary "Polly" Couch.

  Nancy Julia Smith was born about 1802 in Kentucky. Nancy married (1st) John P Martin. Nancy married (2nd) on 25 December 1821 in Perry Co., Kentucky to George Combs. George was born about 1798 in TN. George Combs was the son of Henry Harrison Combs and Rachel Clemmons or Clements.

  James Smith was born 1805 in TN. James married on 25 November 1822 in Perry Co., KY to Rhoda Owens. Rhoda was born 1804 in Virginia. She was the daughter of Reece Owens and Virginia Lee.

  Nicholas Smith was born 1803 in Clay Co., KY and died in 1870. Nicholas married 3 August 1830 in Perry Co. KY to Nancy Arta Johnson. Nancy Arta Johnson was the daughter of Thomas Johnson and Delphia Carter. She was born about 1817 and died before 1870.

  Samuel Smith was born 5 January 1809 in Clay Co., KY and died 2 April 1863 in Perry Co., KY. Samuel married 6 November 1832 in Perry Co KY to Nancy Jones. Nancy Jones was born about 1812.

  Kesiah "Kizzie" Smith was born 1812 in Clay Co., KY and died in 1892. Kizzie married on 8 August 1830 in Perry Co., KY to Thomas Grigsby Ritchie. Thomas was born in 1805 in Russell Co VA and died in 1879 in Clear Creek, Perry Co., KY. Thomas Grigsby Ritchie was the son of Alexander Crockett Ritchie and Susan Elizabeth "Betsy" Grigsby.

  Mary "Polly" Smith was born 13 February 1814 in Clay Co., KY and died 28 June 1900. Mary married in 1832 to Zachariah "Ball Creek Zack" Fugate. Zack was born in 1817 and died in 1864. Zack was the son of Martin Fugate and Mary Ritchie.

  Lorenzo Dow "Anze" Smith was born 16 November 1816 in Clay Co. KY and died 8 December 1903 in Knott Co KY. Anse married (1st) on 12 July 1838 in Knott Co. KY to Sarah Fugate. Sarah Fugate was the daughter of Jonathon Fugate. Anse Smith married on 7 October 1881 to (2nd) Frankie Stacy.

  Joshua Smith was born 24 October 1818 in Clay Co. KY and died 11 August 1889 Ary, Perry Co. KY.  Joshua married on 24 October 1850 in Perry Co. KY to Jemima Amy Holliday.  Jemima Amy was the daughter of John H D Holliday and Allie Justice.  Amy Holliday was born 14 February 1830 in Virginia and died 12 July 1874 in Perry Co KY.  Joshua and Amy Smith are buried in the Old Smith Graveyard,  Ary, KY.

  Isaac Smith was born 18 December 1820 and died 21 May 1878. Isaac married 12 January 1843 in Perry Co KY to Cynthia "Sithy" Stacy. Sithy was born in 1825 in KY and died in 1878.

  Cynthia Smith was born in 1826 in KY and died 3 February 1892 in Perry Co KY. Cynthia married 7 March 1844 in Perry Co KY to John Stacy. John Stacy was the son of James Downey Stacy and Mary Polly (Combs) Owens. John Stacy was born in 1824 in KY and died 12 March 1912 in Perry Co KY.

  Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith was born 1 April 1822. Elizabeth married 8 October 1840 in Perry Co KY to Martin Fugate. Martin was born 1820 in TN and died in 1880. Martin was the son of Levi Fugate and Haney Noble.

The Following Information Comes From Darrell Smith's Website Regarding the early life of Rev Richard Smith and his wife, Aletia Combs. Rev. Richard Smith was born March 6, 1771 died November 28, 1836. He was a primitive Baptist Preacher for 45 years.

Sam Smith family has his bible with Smith Births and Death records dating back to 1816. He was said to have delivered hell fire sermons and after the service was over would be seen sneaking out back and taking a swig of his whiskey.

According to County Court Records of Owsley Co. Ky. His brother John was appointed guardianship of him there early. He is believed to have first lived in Owsley Co. before going to Perry Co. An estate auction in Owsley shows that Richard Smith purchased the Family Bible of John's.

Richard was married to Nancy Alicia Combs, daughter of Nicholas "Danger Nick" Combs. Nancy Aletia Combs was born on June 20,1772 and died March 11,1858 in Ary, Kentucky.

Rev. Richard Smith was the Great Grandfather of Bad Tom Smith who terrorized Breathitt and Letcher Co.'s. Richard and Alicia had 14 children. Richard Smith and his brother John Smith were the only surviving children of William Smith and Betty "Eunice" Ritchie.

After the death of their father, William Smith, Richard Smith and John Smith moved to the unsettled land of Kentucky. They left their mother, Betty "Eunice" Ritchie, in Virginia to handle the plantations which were left by their father. Some say Richard Smith came to Perry Co. Ky by way of Pound Gap, about 1792.

Richard Smith first settled in Lotts Creek (Kentucky) area before moving to Pigeon Roost on Troublesome Creek at Ary (Kentucky). According to Henry P. Scalf in his book, "Kentucky, Last Frontier," Richard Smith owned 38.577 acres of land in 1796 through Eastern Land Titles.

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