William "Old Buckery" Combs and Nell Cloud
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"Old Buckery" Combs
and Nell Cloud

William "Old Buckery" Combs was born September 1757 in VA and died 8 March 1840 in Fayette Co KY. He was the son of John Combs Sr and Nancy Harding.  William married before 1780 in VA to Nell Cloud. Nell was born about 1759 and died in Fayette Co KY.  Children of William "Old Buckery" Combs and Nell Cloud;

  Willmoth Combs was born about 1776 in VA. She married 6 August 1798 in Lincoln Co KY to Henry Banta. Henry was born about 1775.

  Richard Combs was born 1777/1784 in VA. Child of Richard; William Wallace Combs.

  Lettice Combs was born about 1778 in VA. She married 3 July 1798 in Lincoln Co KY to Ebenezer Blackiston. Ebenezer was born about 1778.

  Nancy Combs was born about 1780. She married 13 November 1800 in Lincoln Co KY to William Jones. William was born about 1780.

  William Combs Jr was born before 1784 in VA. He married 24 December 1805 in Lincoln Co KY to Nancy Davis. Nancy was born about 1785.

  Mary Polly Combs was born before 1785 in VA and died 3 May 1842 in Cooper Co MO. She married 5 April 1803 in Lincoln Co KY to Henry Duncan, the son of Charles Duncan.  Henry Duncan was born in 1777 in Culpepper Co VA and died 8 December 1852 in Cooper Co MO.

  Margaret Combs was born before 1805 in KY. She married 13 June 1820 in Madison Co KY to James B Heatherly. James was born 1775 and 1800.

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