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Hank Family History Scrapbook
Last updated: September 2016

Welcome to the Hank Family history web pages.

   These pages summarize my research into the Hank family genealogy. The main focus is the Hank Family ancestors and descendants, but also includes information on families connected through marriage. 

   You can see my research results by clicking on the Histories, Pedigrees, or Tidbits tabs above.

   This is a work in progress and is updated periodically. Click on the What's New tab to see a summary of recent updates.

   These pages include photographs and links to documents. All such records have been reduced in size to fit the page style. It is possible to view the larger version by right-clicking on the record, then selecting
View Image on the pop up menu. You can then use the Ctrl and + keys in the new view to further enlarge the image.

Privacy Statement:

   This website protects the privacy of living family members by not publishing their names and birthdays. The exceptions are as follows:

   Some living individuals are named as contributors of family history information. These persons have agreed to their name being identified in these acknowledgments.

   If you are a living individual and you are concerned with your name appearing on this web site, please contact me so that I may take corrective action. Most corrections can be made overnight.
Contact me using the email address at the lower left.

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