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Langlade County Register of Deeds Online Indexes


In 2012 the Register of Deeds removed the online death and marriage index search pages and made very restrictive in-person appointment and genealogy research rules in her office.
The only remaining online index search is for births before 1908.

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Death Index Search 1882-2006
Taken Offline by ROD

The State of Wisconsin did not make death certificates mandatory before 1907. They were optional before then. Therefore, there are no death certificates for many people who died in Langlade County before 1907. Since those persons are not found in the R.O.D. Death Index the only records of their deaths are found in newspaper obituaries, news items, or church records. Also, from my personal experience of indexing Antigo newspaper obituaries, I have found many people whose obituary say they died in Langlade County but when I look for them in the R.O.D. Death Index they are not listed. So, be aware, if you cannot find someone in the R.O.D. Death Index, that does not mean they did not die in Langlade County. It only means for some unknown reason they might not have been indexed and you will need to look at the original death certificate books in the court house, or at other types of death records.

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Birth Index Search 1882-1907
Still Online
Delayed Pre-1908 Births can be found here on the Langlade County GenWeb site.

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Marriage Index Search 1881-1907
Taken Offline by ROD

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